Wisconsin Bank & Trust

2.3 (17)
28.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Heartland Financial USA, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wisconsin Bank & Trust

2.29 out of 5
17 Ratings
8 years ago, lain.
Hardly ever works
This app is great in theory. However, about 75% of the time when I open it and sign in, it crashes and closes. When I am actually able to use it, it's awesome to have! Can we fix this crashing please?
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3 years ago, BabySav
Can’t mobile deposit checks anymore
I take the 2 images of the check, then I get a mostly white page and can’t go further…every single time. The App is updated and my phone is updated. It has been happening for months.
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2 years ago, daywalker216
Downloaded to do mobile deposit
After endless errors and things not working just quit and gave up. I wonder if they’ve ever actually tried to use them all themselves to deposit a mobile check…
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10 months ago, AMC-60
Seldom works
This is a great app when it works! I have to delete and reinstall almost daily.
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5 months ago, Larry______
What year is it? The app look and functionality are stuck in 2010.
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8 years ago, Sdbwi
Force closes
ALWAYS force closes on iPhone. Even on my new one.
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7 years ago, tera r.
Saying to update but no update
Keeps asking to update with no update available.....
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6 years ago, Edward Brey
Buggy and slow
Even something as basic as entering a check number or dollar amount doesn’t work. The phone can perform billions of calculations per second, yet this app still sant keep up with a human finger. I don't know why the makers of this app think it's "savvy" to have "a unified look across all devices" when I, like most people, only have one anyway. The "look" is bland, unintuitive, and hard to navigate. Apple has excellent UI patterns, if you just stick with their native interface rather than back-porting a website into an app. Using native controls would fix the performance problems that cause input drop-out. On top of it all, the one phone-specific feature, check deposit, doesn't always work. If you enable the feature and wade through the 20 screens full of legalese, you still don't see the deposit option in any menu, such as the one shown in the App Store screenshot (which ironically doesn't match the "unified look" anyway). On a good day, the menu appears. If it doesn't prompt for your credentials and hang, you get a screen for entering the check amount that is too large for the phone screen - by just enough to give you a full sense that you're using write-once, be-far-from-compelling-everywhere software. As you continue, you may hit plain old bugs, such as a blank appearing if you retake a photo of a side of a check. Update: If you try to deposit a check while you’re on a phone call the app mistakenly thinks it’s in split screen mode (even though you’re on an iPhone not an iPad) and get stuck in a state where you can’t navigate and have to force quit, even if you end the phone call. Savvy, please don’t cheap out on development. Write a quality, native Android app and iOS app we all can enjoy.
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