Wise (ex TransferWise)

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Wise Payments Ltd
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Wise (ex TransferWise)

4.72 out of 5
64.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Kobbyasare45
Convenient and Transparent International Banking with the Wise Bank App
One of the key benefits of using the Wise bank app is its transparent fee structure. Unlike traditional banks and money transfer services that may charge hidden fees and exchange rate markups, Wise displays the exact exchange rate and fees upfront. This helps users save money and avoid surprises when sending or receiving money. The app is also easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly navigate and perform transactions. Users can easily create a multi-currency account, transfer money, track their transactions, and manage their balances in real-time. Another advantage of the Wise bank app is its security features. The app uses strong encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure that users' personal and financial information is protected. Additionally, Wise is regulated by financial authorities in various countries, providing users with additional peace of mind. Overall, the Wise bank app is a reliable and convenient solution for international money transfers and banking. Its transparent fees, easy-to-use interface, and robust security features make it a popular choice among users. However, as with any financial app or service, it's important to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions before using it.
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5 years ago, Dr. Alec Harvey
Exceptionally effective way to manage funds internationally
I did quite a bit of research into money transfer apps and platforms and TransferWise seemed to meet all my needs. I opened a Borderless account and have now used it to make several transactions—moving funds between various onshore accounts and converting between currencies. Unless I’m missing something, the platform, the process and the app all work flawlessly. With just a few clicks my money is moved into my Borderless account in one country, converted from one currency to another, and moved into an external account in a different country. The fees are low and I get the forex spot rate not some 5 or 6 pt spread between buying and selling that pays criminally high broker fees; I’ve saved literally hundreds of USD on one transaction alone. With some platforms you pay more to get an easy process; with others the cost is low but you have to jump through a lot of hoops. TransferWise is that rare situation where the process is easy AND the cost structure is low. I love it, easiest 5-stars I’ve given in a long while.
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2 years ago, Demingfan1
Good app but Not As Intuitive for US Customers
Currently I am using this account for personal finances, not business. First of all, let me say that I, as a US customer, love having the ability to have an account where I can convert USD to GBP & Euros. AND to now have a debit card for traveling is fantastic. My husband & I are planning to move to the UK part time in retirement and using Wise will provide me the ability to manage our finances wherever we are. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that because this app is designed by UK banking, the app is not as intuitive as my regular US banking app. For some reason, it’s difficult to navigate and find the transaction that i want to make even if I’ve done it before. I find myself going to the help section a lot. In addition, there is no way to create a joint account- I am able to add my husband as a “helper” but he doesn’t have full joint privileges. He will have full inheritance rites and the ability to use the account, however, I’m not certain what his limits in using the account are. I had to contact Wise Banking through the help number and they e-mail the form & directions because actual signatures are required - which is fine as these are regulatory safety steps. I do highly recommend Wise and Wise was recommended to me my dear friend in the UK. I’m sure I will learn how to negotiate the app better with time.
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5 years ago, Lanni88
Efficiency of TransferWise
I’ve availed TransferWise service for several years now and had great results. Although recently I had an unusually untimely transfer (4 days). In addition I was a bit confused by the overly long estimated time conveyed by TransferWise on a subsequent transfer (6 days) but after submitting the transfer and to my surprise I received the funds in less than two hours, which is about the speed in which I normally receive the funds. I want to clarify my previously poor feedback toward TransferWise. The service I have received is for the most part Great! My only complaint is the recent estimate for the completed transfer. I understand your companies position that it would be better to over estimate the transfer timeframe and deliver the funds earlier than proposed, and I’m trying to wrap my head around that logic because that works great for most people I’m sure. But... in my situation an estimate of 6 days for a Debit/ACH transfer leaves me wanting to initiate my transfer 5 days early, but If the transfer completes in only a few hours it then creates another issue with my billing cycle at my bank and fees. Overall I rate your service as highly recommended. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope the funds arrive as they have in the past. Thank you, Lon
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5 years ago, Tomaszy
App works well, needs a couple features
I have very few complaints with TransferWise and this app. It generally works as advertised and I have used it for a number of months now with few problems. One glitch is TransferWise’s interface with banks (U.S., at least), which sometimes does not recognize your account has been verified and asks to reverify it by confirming a couple of micro-deposits - a process which can take several days. However, if you cancel the transfer which prompted the request to reverify, then try it again, this has always resulted in a successful transfer on the second attempt for me. Both the app and desktop version of TransferWise also have trouble sometimes dealing with verification questions used by many banks. One additional feature which would be useful for the app (essential, in my opinion, for a 5-star rating) is the ability to download a pdf receipt for a transfer, showing all relevant account information and date/time of the transfer events, as you can from the desktop web site. Despite the above issues, I’m satisfied with my experience and TransferWise is an excellent alternative to international bank wires, especially for smaller amounts.
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3 years ago, Badbluesman
Good service, horrible app!
I spent hours over the weekend trying to add a new recipient. However the app would never accept the person’s street address. After trying 8 or 9 versions of the address, I finally closed the app and reopened and started all over (a very time consuming process). I finally was about to set up my new recipient. The next roadblock came when I tried to send money to that recipient. I already had a bank account linked to another recipient, but apparently you have to set up your own bank all over again with each new recipient. I did this. The transfer appeared to be underway, but was flagged. An email said that it “needed attention.” When I tried to go to that transfer, I got stuck in an endless merry-go-round in which it would say you must go to TransferWise online to solve the problem. When I did, it just sent me back where I started. After repeating this 5 or 6 times, I tried closing the app and reopening it to no avail: the merry-go-round continued. And of course THERE IS NO PHONE SUPPORT ON WEEKENDS, so you are completely out of luck. I still don’t know the status of my last attempted transfer. I don’t even know if the money was debited from my account or not! In the future I will be taking my money transfer business elsewhere. I would NOT recommend TransferWise to anyone. There are plenty of other services to choose from.
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2 years ago, fijiwateryum
App quality and results have declined significantly!
I’ve used this app many times over the few years to internationally send money to family- it has always been great until recently. The “mandatory form” required to sign yearly and to every new recipient is from a 3rd party “Exchange4Free,” which takes forever to actually email the form and this results in complications with the transfer, which of late, has resulted in having to cancel transfers. I don’t think these “Wise” and “Exchange4Free” are in proper communication, which makes me think that wise (to maintain its credibility) has no idea how long the forms really take to reach recipients. When contacting wise, their customer service has always been awfully bad- no real interest in assisting clients and no real help whatsoever, leaving you with no option but to cancel transactions. I really enjoyed using this app in the past and hope that major improvements are made as I am very tempted to find a different company for my international transfers. It is supposed to be a “quick and easy” way to send money but has taken weeks, which makes one consider using your actual bank- even their steep fees would be worth the hassle.
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11 months ago, Pavlo Dunaiev
About customer service
Costumer service is bad. When you run into trouble, don't expect costumer service to help you with your problem. It has been almost a month since I got into a loop with them - they blocked my money transfers, and ask me to confirm the old address, which cannot be changed in the application settings and where I dont live for a long time. Numerous calls to the costumer service don’t work. They apparently didn’t open the documents, confirming the current address, because the next day after I sent them my utility bills I received an answer : this document is not on our list, send is the utility bill. this is nonsense! And after I called them a couple of times and explained that my current address has been changed, and in the app it cant be changed in the settings, they asked me to send a bank statement with a new address, and after i did that - they responded me that cant confirm my current address, because it doesn’t match with the address in my account, which os old one. Of course it cant! Besides that, the answers come in different languages - sometimes in Ukrainian, sometimes in Russian. It is also impossible to delete the account, since you must first confirm the address. Absurd!
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1 year ago, storksj
what service will degrade next month?
I am getting ready to cancel my Transferwize account. as time passes the obvious corporate pressure has caused the system to succumb to degradation after degradation. it started with slowing down the transfers. Direct bank account transfers started to take extra days. wire transfers were instantaneous… then they started to slow down wire transfers but that’s not all. I was delayed additional time because they begin to add fees to US dollar to US dollar transfers. again… The corporate pressure to show increased earnings every quarter but potentially without being able to add customers. so I checked again today two days later the wire transfer has not gone through because the amount was incorrect. I sense this is because they blocked my transfer from completing because they deducted a little money from the transfer and now the transfer amount was wrong! Again this is from US dollars to US dollars. and contacting tech-support went from a breeze to almost impossible. The transfer wise glacier is starting to melt I would jump off before you jump on. with this type of customer service it’s very unlikely they will see the increasing customers needed to justify not charging something else next quarter to pad their earnings.
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3 years ago, DaMarCas
I used wise for over a year, worked good for me. Until two weeks ago when I received a payment with the concept “Payment Venezuela” and they just shutted down my account and retained all my money because no transaction can be made related to Venezuela. And it’s ok that policy, I get it. But didn’t even ask me for an explanation… I am not doing business related to that country, I work as a freelancer currently living in Italy and the transfer was made from a guy in Spain that has a Instagram page about that country. So I don’t know how am I breaking the rules. But as I said, no explanation was asked. So my account was closed and didn’t even receive an email or a call… nothing. None contacted me to inform me that my balance was closed. I had to call and received the notice that was closed and that I can’t appeal to reopen the balance. At that point I just wanted my money back. But, when I tried to fulfill the file to request my money, it wouldn’t let me. So I sent my info via email two weeks ago and the costumer service lady said that the info (my bank account details) would be forwarded to the proper team and up to date nothing has happened. I’ve sent several emails and no answer has been made. I need my money back and it’s impossible…
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3 years ago, GT-Marenti
Excellent if you have bank accounts in different currencies
I’ll speak solely with what I have used Wise for. In my case, I found this app looking for an efficient method to transfer money between my USD and EUR accounts. I live in Spain, but I used to live in the US. I constantly need to transfer USD to EUR for my everyday expenditures here in Spain, but I also need to transfer EUR to USD because of stuff that I still pay with my US credit cards. Wise has been my solution for that. And how magnificent has it been. The interface is great and easy to understand. The pairing with my Bank Accounts was fast and easy. It remembers the previous transactions that I’ve made in case I want to repeat the same amounts, I can do it with just 2 taps. And it ALWAYS gives me the best rates. I often check the current official price of USD to EUR (or viceversa), and Wise’s exchange rate is always extremely close to it. Which is great. It means you save more money. I’ve also had to contact Customer Support once in the 6 months I’ve used Wise, and my experience was great. I really have no complaints in regards to the customer service experience. I called with a problem, and they gave me a solution on the spot in just 15 minutes. Good stuff! I’m very much looking forward to recommend and keep using Wise for currency exchange between my accounts in the foreseeable future! If what you were looking for is a service that allows you to do exactly this, then look no further 👍🏼
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2 months ago, cfgybbjpdv
Don’t use for international non SEPA
In general Wise is great for Wise to Wise transfers and for using a debit card all over the world. However they are terrible when it comes to inter bank transfers especially when it’s non SEPA - ie international. We recently moved our business account to Wise and have had nothing but problems. The app gives a supposed track of your money - when it leaves the Wise account and when it arrives at the recipient bank. However the latter is not true. This is when it arrives at Wise’s partner bank who then make a decision whether there is a security flag or not. They takes days to even ask questions in the case of a flag and even when they have all the information they need, they still block the money for days and also block future transfers with the same criteria. My issue is not that security checks take place as these are a very necessary evil but the fact that the Wise app is very misleading as it implicitly says the funds are with the receiver when they are not. My second issue is the length of time it takes to even ask questions for security flags causing long and unnecessary delays.
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3 years ago, AndreaD_house_hunter
Slow transfer, but was ultimately resolved
In the last few years I had no problems at all transferring many larger amounts than this. Two transfers from the US in earlier April went smoothly in about two days — to 2 separate accounts in Turkey. But then the 3rd transfer took forever and is still in limbo today. The app said on April 19 the money would be transferred (no time mentioned). But the Safari web page on my iPhone said 2 pm local time and then later it said 5 pm that it would be done. The link to my recipient says yet another time — early this morning! I discovered who the culprit was. It was the Turkish bank. They didn’t like one of the words used in my note about the transaction — yet they never contacted the recipient of the money about why they were putting a freeze on the funds. As a result we had to spend another 5 days in the hotel. Trying to close on a property purchase was impossible until we went to one of their branches and explained the transaction. Then they unlocked the funds.
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2 years ago, Kat aka Katherine
Money transfer internationally
Moving money around usually brings with it a list of difficulties that you couldn’t appreciate until you were neck deep into the transaction. It seems that the easier they are the more expensive they get. Wise has made a real effort to cut away a lot of difficulty and the cost of transferring money to another country. They are very upfront and transparent about their fee’s and offer a selection of options to complete your transaction. Believe me, I looked into quite a few different companies and although Wise wasn’t the least expensive they were pretty close. There were a few things that made them worth the price, which turned out to be less than I expected. You probably want to ask me what the one thing was that led me to write this positive review? It was when the recipient told me that they received the money almost three days before the approximate delivery date. I was completely satisfied with my experience with Wise and I think you will be too.
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5 years ago, MPS71717373
Quick and easy
I’ve used the app 6 times over the last 5 months the send money from the US to Thailand. 5 of the 6 times the money was sent within hours of them notifying me they had transferred the money to my account. On the 6th time there was a delay of about 24 hours which is still quite fast. I would like to add that the notification/receipt they send is based on their bank setting up the transfer. However, that bank my still take some time to actually transfer the money. In my case the first 5 transfers happened within an hour or so of the notifications being sent. The delay on the 6th transfer had me initially concerned. I contacted my bank and the transferring bank and both said the transfer could take up to 7 days based on the banks policies. If you don’t see the money right away after you get the notification/receipt it might take a day or two for the transfer to complete. Best regards.
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5 months ago, Ricky1066
Unpredictable and unreliable
I have used Wise for the past 18 months, and its utility has dropped in the past six months or so. Previously, a transfer from the United States to Thailand would be accomplished within hours, and sometimes within minutes. But now, even the most minor transfer takes days. That is so despite the fact that at each step of the transfer process, the Wise app tells me my money should arrive “in seconds.“ But when all the inputs have been made and you actually hit submit, suddenly you are advised that your money will not arrive for two or three days. It’s like a bait and switch. Moreover, for many of us living in other countries, it is important that the money be received as a “foreign funds transfer“ for immigration or visa purposes. But using wise you never know whether the money will be received as a foreign funds transfer or a domestic intra-bank transfer. For both of these reasons, I have tended to use a normal wire transfer from my American bank to send money to Thailand because I just cannot rely on Wise anymore.
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2 years ago, Navyman21
When you call their phone number, you get a rep in a foreign country that has very limited ability to do anything !! Basically, they’re just incompetent script readers. They’re technology doesn’t work !! I can’t even get simple “push notifications” on my phone and their own reps confirmed my notifications are set up correctly. And I have a BRAND NEW IPHONE 13 !! So it’s not like I have outdated technology or something ?? Called 3 times over a week and 1/2 requesting their I.T. department reach out to me for help and nothing !! No follow up, no email, and no phone call !! One of their reps didn’t even know that “push notifications” was an option ?!?! Seriously Wise ??? If I can’t get something as SIMPLE as a push notification to work, do you REALLY think I’m going to trust you to hold my money ?? Receive my paycheck ?? Or allow you to transfer money to my bank account overseas ??? DEAR WISE, YOU’RE A JOKE AND A SCAM !!! And no, I’m not going to reach out for help on the app or social media…. I tried that 3 times and YOU FAILED !!! I’m closing my account and making sure that NOBODY opens an account with you !!! 😡😡 You should NOT be in business !!! You need to be shut down !!!
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6 months ago, Caciquer
Almost great
The Wise concept is awesome and they are on the way to something wonderful BUT, be prepared to ask for the bank, account, email and street address for all the people you will send money to. AND know that popular apps will NOT let you copy just the email or address part of a message. ALSO, know that your potential recipients will want to know why you are asking for this information and they will do this while you are copying their information from one app on one screen and pasting into another app on another screen. ALL of this can take an hour if you do it yourself. The recipient could do this in person in a few minutes. Once the recipient is in your app, you can send to them easily and cheaply BUT if you send too many transfers too soon, WISE will quit for several DAYS while it waits for transactions to complete, leaving you with few payment options for the duration of the timeout. WISE will send you a survey about their process. Ask them if they actually use their app on a smartphone with two thumbs.
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4 months ago, Antiapplecommunism
So far so good!
I downloaded the app a few months ago and I gave up trying to use it or understand it the same day. I didn’t like the ID pic, the SSN, and selfie pic, and trusting what it was all being used for, with scams in 2024. It seemed confusing to me. I recently ended up in a situation where I needed to transfer money and WU, MG, and PP were not working for me. I came back to Wise to figure it out. It was actually a lot more simple that I first thought, but I’m still getting familiar with the app and all that it does. Still working on trusting it, with sending small amounts at first to see what happens. It’s much better than I first thought. Hopefully Wise is my longterm solution for getting money from my homeland to the countries I’m visiting. I sent $3,000 and Wise told me it would take a few hours. It then changed to 2 days, and then changed to 6 days. Misleading informed in my opinion. I would have paid a higher fee for a faster option if I knew that it was going to take 6 days.
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3 months ago, USA-based debit card user
Good, should/could be better
I’m a USA-based customer of Wise, have been now for 3 or 4 years, something like that. I have a physical Wise green debit card, and I use it almost exclusively outside the USA, thus far in UK and Australia. I love the Borderless account, I have “buckets” of GBP, AUD, NZD and EUR (in addition to my “home” “bucket” of USD (which is the “bucket” I add funds into from my other USA USD accounts)). Anyway, I’ll rank Wise in general as 7 out of 10, I want to love it 10/10, but it isn’t quite there, I feel I need to carry a “grown up credit card” with me when I travel in case Wise lets me down. In the UK nor in Australia has “chip and PIN” worked. Ever. The transaction goes through, so that’s fine, but it has never asked for a PIN. At best it says “check signature”, but the place of business almost never do, or get so confused with that action that the entire thing gets complicated and embarrassing. I’d like the security of it asking for PIN. Using the “tap” feature worked OK, but seemed hit and miss. But now consistently fails. Apparently I’ve hit a limit. But the app’s “check limits” feature doesn’t work (“oops, something went wrong”), so I’m left a bit disadvantaged here in Australia where the culture is to tap. And in a couple of places the card was denied (“oh, that sometimes happens, especially with overseas cards” — but the entire point is to have a card that seems local, right?). Anyway, seems good, but could/should be better.
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4 years ago, sanbr87
Problem to verify my account.
So I have this account for a long time. I got married and I don’t have my marriage name on my passaport a couple monthly ago they asked me to verify that. A send my drive licenses with my my actual married name on it after that a got my account working... a couple of days ago I needed send money to my family in another country and for my surprise I couldn’t get it done because they were asking for me to verify my account again. I call them and send my marriege certificate and other documents. So they send me a email telling image quality wasn’t good enough. Ok! I call them AGAIN! and send the files, the person that was in the call told me that the files was good quality and it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Couple of hours later I got another email saying that they could not verify my account and I should send my documents AGAIN!. Look a don’t know what is going on! It looks you guys are holding the accounts for us not to send money right now. It’s is pretty bad! I need to send money for my family that are in need because what’s going on with this Coronavirus. I don’t see this company is helping us customers go though this. I’m very disappointed.
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6 years ago, SlickVick82
Invaluable Tool for Anyone Moving Money Internationally
I waited for nearly 6 months before writing this review to be sure I was 100% satisfied with Transferwise. I move money from London to Mexico, and from London to USA on a monthly basis. I’m a remote worker who lives between Mexico and the US but work for a London-based company and therefore am paid from London. I use Transferwise (and the London-based account that I’ve setup via Transferwise) to accept my direct deposit and then move my money to my accounts in Mexico or the US, depending on where I am at any given time. This app works rather flawlessly and it has insanely fast times - faster than a normal bank-to-bank transfer at a very, VERY reasonable cost. This app allows me to send money to any of my accounts to ensure I have money to spend, money in savings, and money in other accounts which I use for bill-pay. This is an excellent tool that I cannot recommend enough. I’ve had no problems whatsoever and when I called customer service once to inquire about certain types of transfers, they were extremely transparent and down-to-earth. If you need to transfer money between countries - whether to yourself or others, this is a must-have app. Thanks again, your service is cost-effective and highly valuable to me. A great tool that I cannot say enough about.
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2 years ago, Blacky mammbi
Mistakenly entered wrong email in creating account.
Hi team, I am facing a very strange situation I created Wise account and when I was signing up I missed one digit in my email and completed the whole process. The strange thing is wise don’t ask me at that moment which he had to that I had to verify the email before completing the signup process but anyhow app doesn’t required but when I was again trying to sign in on laptop with my actual email then it didn’t let me through because email address is wrong with wise perspective because I registered with wrong email at that point I realised and check in my wise app setting my email address is different and when I tried to correct it or want to change to my actual email it required verification from previous wrong email address which ofcoarse I can’t do that. So this is a bug you guys have to remove if anyone starts signing up you have to verify their email address before creating their account. Kindly help me ASAP. Thank You
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3 years ago, nujabeat
where do I even begin with this app? I used them for almost 3 years with no issues until recently. Somehow my information got leaked and so I asked to close my account. I was in the middle of a transfer so obviously that didn’t go through so what would you expect next? To get your money refunded back to you, however it has now been almost a week and I have not received my money. I chatted with their “customer service” multiple times, sent many different forms of Identification to prove it was me as well as the statements from my bank showing that they sent the transfer to Wise and yet it’s not enough for them? They also take forever to respond if you send them an email. Their phone service hours are impossible if you live in a different country so you can’t call them. I ask for them to call me and they can’t even give me a specific time on when they will. Absolutely horrendous customer service. I threatened to bring my lawyer into this because it’s a huge sum of money. Once I get it back I’m NEVER using this app again and I have told all my friends abroad who were using it to quit ASAP.
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4 years ago, TonyShear
The apple app glitched and charged my first card
So I clicked Apple Pay and the screen glitched and it literally charged my first card which was a credit card. I did notify a representative and he told me it’s possible that I could incur a fee but why should I. The fee is from a US bank but not them. I am disputing this as this wasn’t the card I wanted and it never let me scroll my cards. Charges have been incurred due to a cash advance fee. I refuse to pay the cash advance fee. I would get someone to look at the Apple app feature even thou I would never ever use it again. Other than that everything else seems to work fine. I just connect my card directly now. Now for the app and the service of TransferWise I think it’s great and even thou It started on the wrong foot, I think the idea and the service is wonderful. I spoke to Alan and he walked me through everything and made feel very comfortable. Don’t take my three stars as for the service which is 5 stars but take the 3 stars for app. The Apple Pay option made me real nervous.
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2 months ago, NewCompany
Unexplained delay
I have used Transferwise (Wise) many times to transfer money. It always took just a few minutes to complete a transfer. This time, however, it took 3 days. I initiated the transfer on the morning of 1 April. Within a few minutes, Wise contacted my bank and my account was debited the transfer amount. Yet Wise kept saying “money is on the way, not received”. This is an electronic transfer initiated by Wise. My bank did not assemble the cash, put it in an envelope, and dispatch it via steamship to the UK. Electronic transfers are virtually instantaneous. I can think of no legitimate reason for Wise to sit on the money for so long before completing the transfer. If Wise indeed did not receive the funds immediately when it was deducted from my bank account, where was the money for 3 days? This calls into question both the utility and security of your website. If you cannot explain where my money was between the time my account was debited with funds sent to Wise (1 April) and the time you completed the transfer (4 April) then you clearly are not in control of this process.
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4 days ago, Tired of bad app
Worst service in the world!
Worst transfer service! Disconnected my bank account so money couldn’t be transferred. Reaching out for help is a joke! And then their website doesn’t work and there’s no help there either!! A waste of time and energy! They used to be okay. Now they’re not worth it. Updates ruined everything. They want you to give them complete access to your bank account information, not only your account balance but who you write checks to and for how much and complete access to your bank statements for the last twelve months which shows not only how much you spend but how much you deposit and where it all comes from and who and where it goes! They want access to you complete financial life. That has nothing to do with security! It has to do with them trying to get you to authorize them hacking into your account. And they not only require access to all your financial information, they require access to your contacts and contacts information. These people have turned into a scamming outfit! Don’t use this app. Go somewhere else!
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2 months ago, Delpero120
Beware long lead time for large amounts
Mostly good, but I tried a larger amount and the process is very lengthy and confusing. It shows on the App my transfer is completed when in reality is completed to the Wise’s local partner, and not to the final destination. This is a complete inaccurate status reporting, why would I care if its completed to their local partner? Its only completed when is on my destination account. The local partner has many verification items which they ask one by one, instead of altogether. Adding that they have 3 BUSINESS DAYS (absurd lead time) to answer, then you’re looking at a 1-2 weeks of exchanging emails in a very confusing process. Wise’s call support personnel are far from knowledgeable of how this process works, and keep stating the transfer is completed from Wise’s side. No, it isnt. Protip: for large amounts by now I would have gotten my money transferred by going via normal bank international wire, so I dont plan to use this App again for large amounts, which might be mu exit criteria overall.
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5 years ago, Mileme11
Good fx rates but poor functionality
For a card that advertises good fx rates, the app is very disappointing: aside from being slow to top up, it also defaults the payment currency to be the same as the currency that one wants to top up, so that if I am topping up my EUR balance, the payment currency is also EUR. A better way to go would be to (a) default to the currency of the country where the card was issued, (b) allow users to set their default currency, or (c) have no default currency, so that the user is always prompted to select the payment currency. The current design is such that, if one does not change the default, one ends up paying a commission to TW for a EUR to EUR top up and a commission to one’s own bank, if their bank account’s currency is not EUR. Very annoying. I reported this as a bug and got nowhere with TW’s customer service.
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2 weeks ago, Seville Traveller
Not Suitable for Business Use
I started using this app more than 5 years ago when I moved from the US to Europe. Initially it was great, but sadly the customer support and user experience have significantly degraded in 2023 and 2024. I use the app for my law practice and for international payments — I work with a handful of international clients, live in Spain and am paid in US dollars — and even though I have a stable client base and mostly regular transfers Wise has started to freeze my account without warning and blocking or cancelling transfers without explanation. When I am able to speak to a Wise rep they have no explanation or information. They offer no apology. The last rep hung up on me when I complained about this problem. Even though the exchange rates are great and transfers (when permitted) are low cost, this app is no longer predictable enough or well-supported enough to be used for business purposes. For small personal transfers, or as a first money app for children, it should still be fine.
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4 years ago, Fadious
This company took $10k USD from my account and then closed my account without any explanation and customer service does not answer anything on deactivated accounts according to their joke of a customer service line. Don’t get fooled. This is just a scam company. So now they reply to this review by saying that they will refund my money once they do their ´due diligence’. Why did they not do this due diligence before they took my money. The fact is they did do their due diligence and stole the money. Then you go to their website and it says that they can take up to 90 days to refund the money. So basically, instead of wiring my own money from my account to my other account, they get to keep my cash for three months and I am lucky if I get it back. This is what they have done to all their customers. It is a systematic way. This is the system. This company is the biggest fraud I have personally encountered and hope that people read this review and never use them. I also wish Apple would take this seriously and investigate this fraudulent company.
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3 years ago, Brbarlow
Half of my family lives in Switzerland so as banking services leapt ahead with technology, it was frustrating to see international money transfers stay in the 1990s during the Age of Venmo. $35 wire transfer fees? No thanks. Visiting a branch? Yeah, how about no. Paying crazy fees for currency conversion when sending money? Outrageous. Downloaded Wise and holy cow, my wishes were granted. It’s easy! It saves your info. The transfers are fast. It notifies you all along the process. The fees are a fraction of my old wire transfer days… usually under $10. It was actually so easy that I legit thought I was doing something wrong and sent a small amount as a test and was surprised it actually showed up. Since then, I’ve transferred to various accounts for my family overseas in small amounts and larger amounts and it’s never been anything besides great.
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2 years ago, EPayTheft
Used to be Excellent, Now Unreliable
I’ve been using Wise for transfers to Mexico for a couple of years and until recently have been very pleased with them. Transfer usually take a few seconds from clicking send to seeing the deposit in the the Mexican bank account. Until a month ago, I would have rated them 6 out of 5 stars, and I have recommended them to many of my colleagues and friends (a couple of them were even considerate enough to use the link I sent them so I’d get credit). Recently, however, some transfers have taken several days. I’m currently waiting for a deposit that I transferred 10 days ago. Things happen, I understand, but the customer service people at Wise, though friendly, are completely unhelpful. They give me no info on the delayed transfer, and they promise to email me soon with an update, but I never hear from them. I’m switching to a different currency exchange company.
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2 years ago, Newbiethedog
Incompetent customer service
They do not provide the basic level of customer service one would expect of a financial institution. They do things like repeatedly request the same KYC over and over. You provide it, they accept it and soon thereafter they request it again. This is for the principals, for the same monthly payments, etc. It has potential but they need to fix their basic service levels. To be clear this isn’t an unwillingness or inability to provide proper documentation. It is having to provide the exact same documentation over and over and to be treated poorly each time by the their team. Until they fix these basic steps, it’s not viable as a business account. You are never confident you can receive or make payments in a reasonably timely fashion. Update: wise has opted to responded with a standard response around KYC requirements, which highlights my point of their customer service. There is no issue with requiring KYC (it’s a good thing), the issue is repeatedly requesting the same documentation over short periods of time.
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11 months ago, bgrhm12345
Wise is one of the worst companies for accessing one’s acct information
The only way you will be able to access some of your acct information is by talking to a Wise customer representative. One example: you cannot tell whether your acct is set up for monthly payments from your app site. You must contact customer service. I spoke for more than 1.5 hours with 4 reps trying to resolve this basic acct issue. You cannot assume your payment has been made without verifying the transactions every month. Because I failed to do so one month, I have had to tie up 25k for an additional nine months. Just try to figure out how to change the date you want to do a monthly transaction! Generally speaking, Wise customer reps are poorly trained. One example of that is they are not trained to SHUT UP and LISTEN when you need to interrupt their explanations. It’s not uncommon for them to continue their explanation after you’ve interrupted. It’s like they are answering from their troubleshooting manual and can’t stop until they’ve finished the manuals explanation.
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10 months ago, mpCAL
Fees, Fees, Fees!
Update: I had to update my review from a few weeks ago since the fees just kept coming. Apparently when you use a credit card, it’s considered a “cash advance”, so on top of the multiple Wise fees, there’s the $10 transaction fee, plus a “cash advance”. I would have saved money just doing an international wire transfer with a flat rate! (Plus it would have been more trustworthy) Please excuse me while I delete this app for good. Original: The interface is a bit weird as you can’t just select the amount you need to send the recipient. There are a lot of fees on the first page, but when you go to the next page, the method of payment will add another percentage. I chose a credit card for added security, which was the highest percentage at around 1.85%. Additionally my credit card, which is very international- friendly, charged me an additional $10 USD transaction fee for each transaction, regardless of the sent amount. I will continue to look for other methods that are not so costly in the future.
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2 years ago, fred monk
Great app
I use this application to pay my rent in Europe. I am currently living abroad with my family and we have to convert the American dollar to euro. The conversion does it really fast and it uses the current market of the day. Not only does it convert the euro it does all other currencies throughout Europe very easy and fast like converting it to a different bank on the same app. Sometimes when I pay my rent the transfer will take about four business days to clear my bank sometimes it will do it the same day. You can load up currency into euro and keep it there and pay quickly that way I just transfer when I need to depending on if we go vacation to a certain country then I will transfer money to that currency. You can do three ATM withdrawals a month for free. Rad job credit wise!!!!
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7 months ago, bibo_zizo
5 days to transfer
At first, your transfers will be fast and same day. Later on, it will consistently take at least 5 days. The money will be out of your bank account on the same day, and will not show up at the end transfer point until after 5 days, even if you are transferring money locally between your local bank and your wise account. Make a transfer from your local bank to your wise account, and that will take at least 5 days, irrespective of when you initiate the transfer (Monday to Friday). During this time window, the money is held at Wise. App is ok if you are a planner, however, it is not practical for instantaneous-needed-to-pay transfers. Note that during your first two/three months of using the app, everything will be lightning fast.
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2 years ago, nickname_nicknamerson
Zero transparency, useless money transfer service
If you need to send money abroad, especially to someone in Ukraine who is a war refugee and desperately needs funds to cover basic needs, do not bother to do business with this company. You input all the info, they initiate the transfer, then they decide to verify you without giving any specific reason why, instruct you to look for that info + how to fix it in an email that never arrives, give you unreliable estimates for how long it may take to verify you and then, after a few days of keeping you waiting, they simply cancel the transfer. No reason given whatsoever. Meanwhile your money has been taken out of your account and it will take several business days for it to be returned. Oh, and don’t bother calling because you will grow old waiting on the line. You may be luckier via chat but the representatives will be absolutely useless and will only give you standard answers that they probably copy and paste from some communication manual they’re given. Absolute garbage.
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6 years ago, steller man
Just keeps getting better and faster!
My son goes to to uni in Scotland and I need to regularly send money to him from the States. This service is awesome. I've been using it for about a year and a half and transfers used to take about three days to complete which was quite acceptable but recently they are just taking about 8-12 hours to complete which it wonderful. Thanks so much for the best money transfer service out there!! Some people claim Bitcoin is better for such money transfers. I totally disagree. TransferWise shows you exactly how much it costs and the other side gets exactly the amount you wanted to send. The small service charge is cheap for the peace of mind you have. Also transfers can be easily proved to the IRS if needed and since I'm transferring money for legitimate reasons from legitimate sources, this is a big plus.
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3 years ago, I Dont Like Wise Anymore
2nd Time, Still Not The Charm
TL;DR: Don’t use this app, you’ll simply waste your time. 0 stars if possible So I opened a TransferWise account a few month ago to send myself money from my USA account to my Thailand bank accounts. I made the mistake to use apple’s hide my email feature during sign up. Wise deactivate my account without sending me an email. So when I need to send money I wasn’t aware my account wasn’t working until it was too late and I ended up look like an idiot. I might be so who know. Anyways I left a comment and Wise responded saying, I should appeal my account deactivation. Which I did and they kept it shut. So months later, I’m opening an account with OpenCollective, a site where my company can publicly receive donations and contractors can request payments from set donations. Turns out that they use Wise to transfer the funds from my company account to my contractors account. I begrudgingly opened a Business account knowing how last time went…. And guess what? My business’ account has been shut down and I don’t know why and I needed to pay my contractors today. Also no email. I’ll go back to using Remitly. They have helped me for the past few months and I haven’t had any issue with them. I’m not endorsing Remitly and this is not a paid add, just look at the review on App Store, Remitly has more downloads and 5 stars, wise is slowing loosing the 5 stars. All in all I’m done, gotta go pay some hardworking men and women. Good day.
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10 months ago, Rosemond0608
App itself 5 stars Customer Service 1 Star
I do love the wise app and the transparency of the fees and conversions. But i’ve had my card info compromised in Indonesia and I am simply trying to get a new card shipped to me and I am having the hardest time getting help! I get american bank restrictions are tough but I was thinking I could hopefully work with a representative to get a new card sent to me or atleast come up with a solution like getting a new virtual card as I’ve trusted wise and put most my money into this account. But it doesn’t seem like much of an issue to come up with a solutions to the reps. I’ve emailed with 3 different people and they’re all giving me bot like answers. I have real money in this account and I want to talk to a real person about my real problem. All I need is a new card sent out to me so this person stops trying my card and so I don’t have to loose sleep freezing/unfreezing my card. I will come back and change my review if I get the simple assistance I am yearning to receive.
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1 month ago, namoNet
The Gold Standard of Currency Exchange
Honestly, there is no better company and service than Wise (formerly Transferwise, for those original old school users) Companies like Western Union and your local exchange cannot compare to their exchange rates, quick service, and convenience from your phone. Even your major international bank cannot compete and in fact, give you a worse exchange rate to make money off of your transfers or purchases. And don't get me started on the ATM experience with their card. Absolutely amazing as it automatically chooses the best rate among ALL the currencies in your account and withdraws money from there or a combination of currencies if one currency account doesn't have enough. Bravo and finally, a company and service that is legitimately SUPERB. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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7 years ago, omorillon
Better exchange rates and cheaper fees.
I first started using TransferWise a year ago and the experience was ok to say the least. It was difficult to setup a recipient’s account number (my bank is in Mexico, it will be different for your country) and it asked for all kinds of numbers. I finally gave up and stopped using the app. A year later I decided to give it another try and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. I was able to setup the account with a single number. The money was deposited sooner than the original estimated 3 days. I have compared this service to a few others and this is by far the best and cheapest way to send money overseas. I’ve already saved about 25 USD in my first 2 transactions. It might not seem like a lot but over time it does make a difference. The app is so much fun to use, I love that I can use Apple Pay to send money and I only see what I need to see, no more, no less. One thing to keep in mind is that money doesn’t get to your account right away, that’s not an issue for me. If you’re having emergency you may want to use a different service. Again, this will depend on which country you’re sending money to. Kudos to you guys for making TransferWise such a joy to use.
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9 months ago, Bum smaaaaaack
Extremely slow transfer
I started the transfer of my USD to Euros last Monday, it is now the following week in Tuesday and I’ve been in Europe since last Thursday night without having any money in my wise bank account because it’s still in the process of transferring. Luckily I brought an extra bank card that I’m sure I’m getting absolutely destroyed in conversion fees on because I have no choice but to use it since I still can’t use my wise card. With only just a few days left in my trip I’m extremely unsatisfied with this whole process. I would’ve transferred my money a month ago had I known it would take this long and even then I would’ve been unsatisfied with the long process. I’m sure the card is nice to use when the exchange process is complete and you can see how much you’re accurately spending in Euros in each transaction but BEWARE and start your transaction currency exchange several weeks before your trip to avoid what I’m currently going through.
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2 years ago, Krasivayashpiyonka
Great customer service
Due to some miscommunication with the people in the other country, my money didn’t come through. And then I was a big slacker and waited about half a year to investigate. But once I contacted customer service at Wise, they responded quickly with very clear instructions. Once I presented the documents, they found my money and got it to me quickly with no issues or hassle. Honestly, some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Also it’s pretty easy to do the transfers yourself on the app if you don’t miscommunicate with your people. I highly recommend this service. It’s fast and affordable and the staff is very kind and helpful. Shout out to my main rep Ataro, who was very prompt and kind. The other staff was good too.
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5 years ago, 83craig
Proceed with caution
Be careful. I tried transferring funds internationally with the ach bank wire transfer option. I was repeatedly denied as it said my bank account wouldn’t allow this transfer, though I had transferred before. So, I decided to use the debit card option and the transfer went through immediately after verification with my bank. So, problem solved right? Wrong! Just got a notification today that my bank account is over drawn over $400. Hmm.. well apparently the transfer went through even though it repeatedly told me it was impossible, which is why I used the debit card option! So now there is a double transfer and I have r to wait weeks before getting my money back from over seas. I’m just lucky I trust the other person who is receiving the money, but it’s still going to take time to get my money back.. Oh but whats even better is that transferwise notified me telling me I need to cover the overdrawn balance soon because if they bank recalls the Payment from transferwise then I’m on the hook for the money from transferwise..?. Oh but at least they gave me a free transfer up to £500 on my next transfer... yeah right!! Transferwise Just really screwed up a lot of stuff with their app and really sent a lot of things I had going on now out of place and now I’m going backwards with other things because I have to cover this over drawn amount. why don’t they get their app right??? Be careful with trusting them..
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8 months ago, Bob Chillin'
Wise is in closed loop and repeating transfers
Wise worked fine until a transfer was mistakenly link to an incorrect bank account. I immediately wired funds to Wise. A day later the transfer was "fixed" and I received email from Wise the transfer was fixed. I removed the link to incorrect bank account from Wise. Then a day later I received notice from my bank that Wise again attempted to debit bank account. Wise then deposited US funds to my Wise account saying since I didn't initiate transfer to my foreign euro account, they deposited funds to my Wise account. Then I received notice the transfer (the one I didn't initiate) needs to be fixed by funding the transfer. Wise put the funds into my Wise account. Customer support is missing in action. Phone line waiting is too long. Emails are answered with automated responses telling me to "fix" transfer. And around and around we go... Meanwhile I can't use Wise because the transfer I didn't initiate needs to be "fixed."
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5 years ago, Tom Bonneau
Best money transfer app and A+ business practices
I use this for my US business to pay non-US vendors plus to send money to my non-US fiance and it is by far the best. Fast transfers and great rates. And the verification process isn't torture like for many other financial services platforms. How great are they? You can check to see how their rates compare before transferring. Before my last transfer to my fiance they show me Xoom actually has a better rate and up front say "Hey we like to be honest and right now it seems you can get a better rate elsewhere." I almost just finished the transfer with them on principle, but I happened to already have Xoom set up and had been wanting to try them out. Process was easy with them and i deed I was saving like $40. Cut to a few days later the morning my Xoom transfer was supposed to hit. I get an email from Xoom saying compliance flagged this transaction and cancelled it. Email so-and-so if I've think it's in error. No explanation. No we need to validate XYZ. Horrible customer service. So I pop back over to Transferwire, enter in the transaction and my fiance gets the money SAME DAY. I was blown away. These guys rock. I'll never use any play from again regardless of rates.
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2 months ago, MaximusMIV
Funds take 3-9 days to arrive
If you are sending funds to a friend and it’s not urgent this is a cost efficient and easy to use option with a competitive exchange rate. If you are paying team members or need funds to arrive in a timely or consistent manner this is a BAD option. I’ve used for business purposes for several years and put up with occasional technical issues and a lack of customer service and came to expect funds would arrive to my intended recipient in 4-7 days even though they draw on my account same business day. I currently have three transactions that have been held by Wise for 8 days (all coming from same US bank accounts and to people I have paid for over 2 years) that are still unpaid and no status update other than to say it’s taking them longer than expected to receive the funds. Can’t wait for crypto adoption by my team so companies like this will discontinue these practices or be out of business.
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