Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm

4.8 (80.3K)
242.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Metamoki Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm

4.83 out of 5
80.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Gdigidydog
I like it
I’ve been playing for about an hour and I’ve got to say I like this farming/income app a lot better than others. It gives you the option to spend money but in reality you really don’t have to progress far in the game, which I like. Additionally, you can subscribe to the diamond membership which I really don’t think it that worth it, but if you do, you get a free 3 day trial and it even gives you the option to unsubscribe though the app which I think is the best PtE out there. A lot of other apps don’t actually tell you how to unsubscribe to things and I love how this game lets you know. You get a free car out of it as well which is a lot more than other games give you. While I’m sure it will eventually get boring as all games do, it’s a good time filler if you really have nothing better to do. I’m also a big fan of Wiz which may make this post biased but I think it’s the best farming game out there atm. Happy blazing!
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7 years ago, LovinKai
I’ve been playing the game for at least a month, maybe more, and I haven’t been able to accumulate enough coins for that last plot. I try to be active with turning on the lamp every four hours and playing the music every now and then, but it doesn’t seem to help. I spend the coins for watering and upgrading in hopes that it’ll increase the intake, but I’m not even putting a dent in it. There’s not much more going on outside that which makes the game simply a “in and out” process. I go in, collect the coins and leave. Maybe you should implement side games to earn prices instead of making people watch these videos that force stop the game. And what’s the real purpose of the cash after we harvest. I would rather use the cash towards up grades or opening plots early. At this point I became bored with the game since week two and have decided to delete it. You should look into similar games and see where you all could make room for improvements. Graphics are nice but I wish we could see more of Wiz, like on some come completing missions type stuff. Or just seeing some of anybody would be great. Put some workers in there or something.
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5 years ago, StMaNNS
Don’t play this app
I’ve been playing for a little over 6 months know and all of a sudden I wasn’t allowed to play in the tournaments. I wrote to apps support and they told me I was flagged for cheating from their filter system. I wrote them back saying I definitely wasn’t cheating. I won’t even know how to. They wrote me back saying how did I spend 155k gems without making a purchase. It then being obvious to me that do to the fact of me constantly playing the game and crate challenges is how I did achieve that many gems but to them the fact that I could with out a purchase wasn’t good for them. So I explained I’m a obsessed game player and challenges in a short period of time is what I’m good at. And also gave them a chance to look over my gameplay and monitor it. So they said that they got the ok to restore my tournament play. It wasn’t even 2 whole days when I was almost to the top position of the tournament and it kicked me again. I wrote them thinking they never restored me back in completely again and they wrote back saying I was flagged again by the filter system. So basically if you play a lot and win with out spending your cash then you are going to get flagged. What bull$h/t! Wiz that’s garbage
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3 years ago, bewdawg
We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.
This Is The Greatest Game That Has Ever Been Made. It’s For Everybody. It Never Gets Boring. It Is A Constant Companion In My Life. This Game Has So Much More To Give Than It Will Get. I Use It As A Spiritual Tool To Expand, Evolve, And Ascend My Consciousness And It Always Has The Next Answer I’m Looking For, Usually Right After I Start Looking For It And Also Depending On How Much Balance And Clarity I Have At The Moment. And I’m Just One Guy. My Infinite Gratitude For Whatever Created This Mega-Game. Thank You, Metamoki. I Have Never Had Anything Push Me To Be Better And The Best Of The Best Or Whatever Like This Game. You’ve Got One Happy Customer. Thank You, Again. Many Thanks, Many Well Wish Returns. God Bless You All. I’ll Keep Chipping Away At It, Because This Is The Art Game And There’s Still So Much I’ve Yet To Learn About Art. But Like They Say, To Be The Greatest...
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4 years ago, KellzGeorge
Awesome! Just one thing though...
Amazing Game, i love this game and I played a couple of years ago and just decided to Get back into it and so Glad I did! There’s just one thing, the friends/gift system. I wish there was another way I could Gain friends other than connecting through Facebook, in which I’ve done already but none of my friends on Facebook play this Game and I’ve sent tons of Invites lol...I just want to send/receive gifts, that would make this Game soooooo much better even though I already Give it 5 Stars! Please if there’s anyway the developers could come up with another Friend system that would be awesome!
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7 years ago, Lazorath
Needs help
App crashes like crazy. Poor design on some strains so you can't see if the background changed so if it is duplicating or not. Need a list of the cost of upgrades in cash per level if you click on the strain and what each level in coins does for each strain. Create far more grow goals as they recycle too easy. The Vegas event is a good idea but the goals were just too large but it actually made staying in the game worthwhile. The ads are forced a bit too much and force crashes. Edit: there is one video that keeps coming up when trying to do any action that requires video viewing and it crashes the game and sets your grow light and gains from plants back to the last time you closed the game removing hours of profit during idle time. That has killed just about any desire to even open the app to where I just might delete the game. Still crashes removing any progress you made in coins building. Way too boring. Crap game for a crap musician. Deleting this crap game so I can put good music, classic rock, on my device.
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6 years ago, BRaVoIVgangsta
Great time killer and fun game but......
I’m not really interested in watching 40 second long ads every time I try to extend the light timer, play the DJ to multiply my coins, or harvest the crops... I understand the point of the ads are to be able to make the app free and pay for the developers, but when I click on a button and it says the video will be 20 seconds and it is twice as long, it’s frustrating. The game is kinda bland, however it is addictive. It needs more dimension as far as what you can do with your income and who you sell to. Also the special events are too few and far between and are always so hard to get the strains. Not everyone can be on their phone 14 hours out of the day and devote it to playing pot farmer. I’m giving it 3 stars based on those few things and other than this, it would have gone 5 stars. I’m hoping the devs do something about this because it’s getting boring to me.
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6 years ago, carli__yeah
Read This!
It’s a fun game and all, and i’ve played it for about a week now, but i’m considering deleting it because there are just so so many ads. i get u need the ads on mobile games for profit, but it’s just too much. for everything you do basically u need to watch a 30 second ad which i’m getting tired of.. not sure if i’m going to delete it yet or not, but i would recommend slowing it down on the amount of ads, or higher outcomes by watching them. for example watching a thirty second ad wouldn’t just give you 4 hours for the lights, it would give you 8 for example. or when you’re trying to get rewards it watching the ad doesn’t just skip 1/3 of the way until the next one (2hours) but instead half of the way for example. so it is a fun game, but if ur not into many ads, as of right now i would not recommend downloading.
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6 years ago, bbyhai
Favorite game but.....
I have been playing this game since a few weeks after it launched, and it has been my favorite game the entire time. I have never deleted the game except for many months ago when it crashed. I absolutely love this game and I love every update, but recently it has become so extremely laggy that I don’t even bother playing it anymore. Every 2 seconds it’s lags and every time I touch the screen it lags again. Along side the EXTREME lagging, they removed the 10x watering feature, which was my favorite update, and it’s just slightly annoying because I have to specifically count out all of my watering. Anyways, best game for me, but thinking about deleting due to the lagging which is really sad because I’ve gotten so far in the game... :(
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7 years ago, Meeee ,!.
Would have gotten 5 starts but....
The regular game play is great to a certain extent. However the grow goals during competitions tend to be wooden crates way more often than any of the others. I understand making the gold few and far between however it is about 5 in 20 new goals that you get a bronze or silver, making it hard to enjoy the tournaments. They also tend to cycle back to the same thing way too often. Secondly, the holiday events are terrible. Way too hard to collect any money and buy new plants unless you can sit on your phone for 23 hours a day. If you make the events a little easier that would be cool. Putting in the work and not getting any reward is definitely a downfall of the game.
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5 years ago, Hayboo💘
Was fun while it lasted
Game was fun while I was able to play the game, which was only for a week and a half, before all of a sudden me and a friend, could no longer connect to the game server. (another friend of ours, the person who got us into playing this game, his game was still working properly) All of the game timers for the plants/lights would go on halt unless the game was open. Tried reinstalling the game and lost all of my progress even though I connected my account to Facebook🤷‍♀️. Tried reaching out to support as a last result and they were useless, never directly answered my questions. Although I emailed them several times trying to explain the problem every time they just told me to do everything that I already told them I had done. Buggy game, that also has a crashing issue with the ads, and also has a terrible support.
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1 year ago, livingdeadgirldes
absolutely love this game, it’s simple but keeps your attention and having chronic health issues I need a game that I can get lost in and that isn’t complicated. I’ve spent 0 money but the fact I can enjoy the game just as much without spending makes me more open to buying things at some point because it’s not forced like other apps. I also love that we don’t get random ads, it’s only when we are doing a particular action and that’s amazing. I’ve been loving the tournaments and events and all the new features and can’t wait for more updates in the future!
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4 years ago, MzIncredible
I really love this game! However, the videos are too long and I strongly recommend that once game is downloaded there should be an option to sign in and retrieve previous data progress prior to the tutorial of the game. Games do glitch and most first few steps in troubleshooting is restart the game and/or remove the game and add it back, not to mention people purchasing new electronics constantly. Having to go through a tutorial before you can retrieve your previous progress becomes frustrating. Also being able to sync your progress over multiple electronics should be a must.
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11 months ago, SlowMoCrash
One of the best idle games I’ve ever played. Love growing a farm alongside Wiz Khalifa himself, and it’s awesome when he comes in and checks on me to see how my profit bonus is going or when we travel to a new area to discover new types of strains. I love tapping the various different strains and seeing them bounce as I get XP and coins. I haven’t encountered any bugs so far in my troubles, which sorta goes to show how much Wiz and the team care for their game. I have got a lot of my friends addicted to this game. (Ads are optional but I choose to watch a ton of ads for this game to get my profit lookin right.)
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5 years ago, Teromil
Suddenly changed during an event
I’ve been playing the game for a while, and in general I really enjoy it. I spend a little money, but not too much, and yet I’m able to compete in all events at decent level. In general, the game is fairly generous resources and a true free player could participate in everything and not feel like they are missing out. BUT, the developers changed how much the plots were producing in the middle of the latest “Palm Desert” event. That is really a terrible decision and blatantly unfair. Reducing the numbers so drastically means that there is literally no point to me playing in that event anymore. Very disappointing!! I guess I’ll just quit until this event is over. If this sort of thing continues to happen it will be time to quit permanently. What a shame...
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6 years ago, Maddogs28
Fun way to pass the time
I really do love the game. The bright colors and simplicity really drew me into it. However, the game feels like it’s laking some depth at the same time. Right now, the game is more simple than complex. I think that ratio needs to be balanced out more. Maybe adding more things to do when you harvest, like selling to specific people or filling out orders that certain people want for bonuses or boxes. This simple addition could give the game another meaningful angle that it so desperately needs to keep players interested. While I love the game now, I worry that I will get bored in a month or two when I’m still just sitting here tapping and waiting. The game just needs a little more depth to it, then it will be perfect in my eyes.
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5 years ago, Trav51603
Love this game sm
Ight so to start this my go to game at all times bored in class...weed farm, watching tv...weed farm, smoking up...weed farm, in the car...weed farm so I just hit Toronto and I had an idea what if u add one more multiplier that only works when your swiping to collect the coins and when if u stop it goes away so like the minimum multiplier would be for example 2 but no video boosts cuz that would be OP but if u make the multipliers max hard to upgrade (in coins. No gold bars or gems) then it would be a hella good goal to set for saving up to get a x3 multiplier and etc but yea love the game and just had an idea w/ it thank wiz you the man🤘🏼
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6 years ago, Debwewin
It’s ok
Fun thing to pass the time. Some goals to achieve for bonuses and stuff. I have had some trouble with serious lagging, but it appears to be interference between my WiFi and phone service. If I shut off either one, the app works much smoother. Only thing to watch out for is the advertising scams. Several of the games advertised in...advertisements are “cube cube”, “solitaire something” and a few others. They have almost identical scripts, down to when they smile, say they were skeptical, and say that it’s ACTUALLY legit. and then all of these different games advertise the same photos of the same winners for the same amounts of checks for each of them.
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5 years ago, Day dude boos
Always crashing
I really enjoy this game , but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had problems. I’ve been playing this game for atleast 2-3 months. My bad broke so I couldn’t play it for like a week and a half, when I got back I couldn’t collect any tournaments rewards and couldn’t harvest the main plots. Every-time I tried to do so the game would clash. I was frustrated but decided to just start fresh. Everything was going fine with this fresh start until about a week ago. Now the game just crashes randomly , I can not collect tournaments awards again (it crashes when I try ), and anytime I try to watch a ad for the boosters or to harvest the game crashes mid ad or right after the ad is over.
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1 year ago, WeebWaver
I’ve had this game on my phone for about a month and half and was just grinding and a couple days ago one of the new events came and I couldn’t collect the first day gift. Kept closing it out and opening it and still couldn’t get it. It didn’t even let me load the ads so i could extend the hours, so I just deleted it and downloaded again. It’s working now but it still shows as if it’s going to mess up again. I really like this game I gave it some of money so I would like to continue it
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6 years ago, AN 🌀
“Unoriginal and boring”
I stumbled across this game on the AppStore this evening, and out of boredom and being a fan of Wiz Khalifa and cannabis, I decided “why not” and gave it a go. With this being a cannabis-related game, I didn’t really expect much to begin with, but from the start you learn very quickly that you’ll be doing the same thing over and over again from start to finish. Water plants and wait on them to grow to collect money. With your money you can buy more plots to grow more plants, each a different strain and value. This gets very old, fast. Soon you’ll realize there is very little to do... Why not give players more stuff to spend money on, like customization options of the operation, or maybe a character to dress up, maybe with some friends and social features. I’m not sure, but this app needs to have something else to do besides water plants, collect money and buy more plots, rinse and repeat. I forgot to mention there is a collection feature where it tracks the different strains you have grown, but it is unlocked after unlocking the final plot to grow on. I couldn’t imagine grinding in the game that long to unlock it. 1/5 - Unoriginal, and boring. Sorry, Wiz.
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6 years ago, Zengoddess20
Crashes within 10 seconds
I LOVE the concept of this game. It has good depth and ability to level up. It is fun to see how fast you can make money as you go through the game. However, the app crashes EVERY TIME I play it. If I want to actually accomplish anything, like just watering plants, I have to reopen the game at least 5 times. This is not an exaggeration. I can't watch ads to double my coins in any way, every ad crashes before it can play the whole 15-30 seconds. No hope of harvesting my buds either, almost every tap makes the game crash. I don't want to delete and re download because I'll loose my progress, but I'll probably eventually delete all together when I've had enough of the bugs. Sorry wiz, love the game but HATE the bugs.
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6 years ago, SilverbackSon1
Very fun, compelling for long time periods..
The last several weeks since the Valentines event I’ve not been able to receive any of the coins I accumulate while I’m away. I watch the ads and double the amount and then when I tap “Grow Weed” it doesn’t give me anything more than what I had when I left. So as I said it’s been going on for quite some time and has consequently caused me to stop playing as much as I did. I used to make sure my lights stayed on the maximum amount of time in case I couldn’t get to it in 4 hrs and spent literally all my down time at work playing this game. Now it seems that this issue has caused me to lose interest greatly. Hope nobody else is having this issue!
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1 year ago, SillySilicon
Really fun game but no option to play without ads
I’m really enjoying the game, but watching ads all the time is really annoying and you need to do it for important parts of the game. I’ve searched everywhere for an option to pay some money to remove ads from the game but they do not have any such option. Really great games offer you the ability to pay some amount of money to remove the ads from the game. I get that they make money from the advertisers but it’s a huge annoyance and I’m never going to respond to these ads or download these horrible games from them. I just want the ability to get rid of them entirely.
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2 years ago, Kiingakee
I just started playing 25 minutes ago!
So far I’m enjoying the game, I can’t say too much because I haven’t been able to fully accumulate my goals in it rather than just play the game to play it. Long review short, I’d support giving it a shot if you’ve tried any other weed farm. It’s very hands on learning from the jump, all you do is follow along. Thanks Wiz! You da man. Thanks also to the developers that helped, build coordinate, test this game for us consumers to review and play it. Or the other way around.
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3 years ago, PLEASE READ THIS !!!!!!!
This game is so fun
This game is really fun but there are a few issues, the watering of the plants, once you start to get really advanced and better at the game watering your plants is almost impossible, it costs so much that it takes days and hours to simply just upgrade one plant. I think the water should cost less or maybe the profits should improve, other than that it’s a great game very fun and interactive with many things to achieve, I’ve been playing for about a year or more and it’s honestly always been a fun game especially at the start.
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3 years ago, tiemyshoe1
Pretty cool game if ya ask me
Like every idle game it tends to have its bugs but Wes and his team always get together and figure out what they need to do to fix them, and it’s really nice that they are so nice to their app users to let them play in tournaments for different things they need for the grow house this is one of the best games I’ve seen in my entire life! I don’t know how well this is typed out but I just wanted to give my sincere gratitude to the team who made this and everyone involved, thank you!
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6 years ago, ev1213
Would be good if it didn't constantly crash
I have been playing this for a while and would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for the crashing. It didn't use to crash like this. It mostly crashes during ads but not only during ads. It also erases everything you just recently did when it crashes. I was about 10 seconds to late during the tournament and lost 100 gems due to the app crashing like 500 times during the last hour. If you watch multiple ads and it crashes you have to watch them all over again and the game takes forever to reload. I will never play this again unless I find out this problem has been fixed. It's a shame because I was really enjoying this game before.
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6 years ago, Rawrrritskarrr
Fun game!
I play every tournament, and I love the special events in other cities. They are usually a little too short for me, though. I wish they were just a little longer. I came here specifically to comment on the new drones! Why wasn’t there an announcement in the game about them? I just got the black one for the first time, and I’ve been seeing the red one a lot today. Are there going to be other new drones? I can’t wait for even more features. It’s a great time waster, since I spend a lot of my time in a hospital bed. 👌🏻
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4 years ago, iget that neck
This app tried to lure me into a scam
I think this is a fun app but it tried to lure me into a scam by offering me 208 I thought since this app looked pretty legitimate that if I actually followed the steps it told me to follow that I’d get the 208 gems it promised but no not at all this app literally has scams in it I don’t understand how such a big app can lead into me giving out my personal information to a scam website that I thought was real I admit it was stupid of me to put out my personal information but I was brainwashed into thinking I would get the 208 gems now I don’t even know what sort of danger I’m in because of this I’m incredibly infuriated why is this in the game no gems are given your literally just scammed
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7 years ago, katdel2
My favorite game
Wiz khalifas weed farm is my absolute favorite game. But the past week or so the app has been crashing like crazy. When i open the app I’ll watch an add to double my profit and then it will crash when the video is over and then I lose my coins. Being that I’ve spent $15+ on this game for various upgrades I’m extremely disappointed by this. It is making it extremely difficult to move up in the game when I keep losing my money. Hope you guys fix this soon!
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2 years ago, my insta is sleepy.jayy3
It’s great at first but it loses its interest
The game is great at first the farming aspect of it is great but they really need to take out the duplication feature whenever you open jars because I’ve wasted lots of money on opening jars just to get duplicates what time I saved my jars up to about 33 I only opened up seven they weren't duplicatesIf they took out that feature I really feel like it would improve the game by a long shot,And if they don’t then they need to add more gems you receive whenever you open up a duplicate card
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6 years ago, coolflowers1
Great.... but I’m the dummy here!
Heard about it breakfast, thought it’d be a pretty cool and interesting. And It’s that and then some. The layout and visual is and presentation is very captivating and beautifully orchestrated. Only thing is, this is prolly the furtherest I’ve came to growing bud. 420 friendly, above all. I’m pretty ignorant to the whole “harvest” process and learning strains. I wish there was a way to be more informal or educational in a way.... sorry I’m not the best at getting to the point and a bit more transparent. Above all, I’m still harvesting and making a pretty penny. Thanks wiz. Keep up the good work. Good vibes here! ❤️🌳🌳💨💨😘💋
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4 years ago, xxXZxx claps
Love this game 🥳
I love this game when I first started playing it I realized that I was getting addicted. The game is super fun I would play this when I’m on a road trip or etc. But the cool thing is you don’t need to be on WiFi. But one thing I wish it had was online matches. You would challenge the people how much money you can make and the money you make in the Match the winner take all in my opinion that would me the game even funner. With new people, I also feel like the game is kinda repetitive BUT overall I like the game 😎🔥
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2 years ago, Obama_yomama04
The Dankest Game
Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm saved me from my crippling depression. Before this game life had no meaning but now I have purpose again. This truly is the dankest idle game out there. The first time I opened it the beauty of it all brought tears to my eyes. I love growing that zaza with ma boy Wiz. There's nothing in the world like smoking it strong while listening to Wiz Khalifa rapping about smoking weed while playing Wiz Khalifa's weed farm while growing actual weed all at the same time. It's a feeling I can't even begin to describe.
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4 years ago, GATOMANDIZZLE91190
I’ve been playing this game for a solid week now and It’s still loads of fun. This game rewards players for their hard work and dedication by giving them bonuses to their weedy farms so that they can win all kinds of awesome bonuses like different weed strains. This game is also really easy to play and understand, but is extremely competitive also. An obvious 5 star game rating right here ladies and gentlemen, this game will yank your attention for hours!!!
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7 years ago, MoeeMarie
Dope Sauce #TGOD
Really cool game for something that works on real time. Similar to other investment type games but these are some of my favorite types. Was kind of lost when I first started off, but I was looking for a new weed game because weed firm 2 isn't updated nearly as frequently. As a huge Wiz fan, it's pretty dope to be able to play this game and hear his voice every time I level up. It's like he's right there with me. The game is so him if u know what I mean and I can tell he had a lot to do with it. The ads are annoying of course but understand he's gotta get this bread.
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5 years ago, sherimamagg3
Loaded with trackers and drags you to app store repeatedly
This game had potential yet has so many trackers and ads to watch even after one has accumulated gold bars to purchase boosters and perks. I started playing it a few months ago and deleted it tonight after being dragged to the app store repeatedly instead of getting the booster as has becomes it’s ever increasingly annoying pattern. Made it to level 67 and through several updates. Found out recently the trackers are government/military, too. Rather paint or draw than burn up a fake farm while climate change rages on anyways. Good riddance. Nice distraction if you are a bot. If not, do not bother with it, imho.
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4 years ago, dgreenbemmn
Fix this update(edited bug fixed 😁)
Thank you to the developers for fixing whatever bug was going on and making the game no fun. Just went and collected without any issues like before. Very nice to see a game listen and fix issues fairly quickly! I'm with everyone else here. I've been playing this game for a while and the new update makes the game pointless. Getting ads to run from your lights doesn't work, swiping to collect coins doesn't work and it's crashed on me. Please go back
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6 years ago, TheNightReaper
Needs work but good game
I have had this game for a good while and I have 2 major issues with it. 1 I lost my account that I had been working on for about a year that had almost all the strains unlocked which did not sit well with me and when I finally decided to say screw it and start over (still annoyed by that) now, 2 I can’t even activate my lights,dj, or sped up my grow goals with videos without it freezing the game so bad I have to reload the game. It needs to. Be fixed it is such bull I can’t use my lights or DJ booth
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5 years ago, Rushour3
Fun and addicting, events need a little rework though.
Many of the events are the same exact events but with different names, which gets boring when you have two or more of them in a row. Plus, some of them are impossible to get the last couple of prizes even after using gems on all the boosts. Events are probably the best part of the game, and I hope they get reworked and the developers add more in the future. Otherwise, the game is really fun and I have no complaints.
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7 years ago, Russty_spoon
Needs more dimension
This game is a bit repetitive and easy. I've had it for less than a week and I've already completed all of the casino goals and currently have over $1b in the regular game mode. Although the game is fun, some more features would be nice. Being able to buy other farms would be a good start. I just think the game needs a little more dimension to add to the difficulty and make it seem like Youre not doing the same thing over and over again.
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2 years ago, GrimReaperGurl
I really like this game…. It’s a great idle time killer and I really do like the way the events are set up…. I had uninstalled for a while … re-downloaded yesterday…. And started watching ads for the extra money and some of the ads bug out and freeze up …. So you have to close and reopen the game and then you don’t get the extra cash ….that is the only reason for 4 and not 5 stars …. Other than the ads freezing up it’s great .
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6 years ago, dc. weed
This game is so fun I can’t wait until the Christmas version comes out I love the Halloween one guys girls anybody that light gray this game I love it it’s so fun to grow the stuff I don’t like it in real life but it’s so fun I like the game is fun because I have patients and I like it well I am not typing this out I am speaking this so it’s really fun and I love the game thank you oh you can put him an easier way to get to those things like a video or something to skip one plant so yeah
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6 years ago, Angiesdandy
Wiz khalifa is a Mf G.O.A.T
Wiz khalifa is such an amazing human being he not only makes beeest music and makes my playlist so fire . He has made a game teaching us that we can make money too, not only does he teach us to go beautiful bright green fluffy weed he’s also helping us by teaching us the way a business in growing Cannabis can make you millions but that it is time investing and that you need to devote yourself to weed in order to get rich . Man I love my dad so much isn’t he Amazing
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6 years ago, Adria923
Best game keeps getting better!
I’ve played this game since day one! It’s had a few issues along the way but the developers listen to feedback and make necessary fixes and have improved the game immensely. If you are bored with this game you’re either not doing it right or haven’t gotten high enough (lol) in levels to unlock features like tournaments, jars, special events etc. Way to go Wiz and the whole team at Weed Farm, love this game!
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6 years ago, Social_Greg
Great Time Waster...
No, literally! If you have 10 seconds or 20 minutes, this game is both a fun andaddictive way to make that time disappear. Overall the game has zero complexity, so if youre looking for something to intrigue your mind, look elsewhere! At its base, this game is a button masher, with zero story. The could rename it, Wiz Kalifa's the Long Grind, because thats literally what youll be doing. But if thats what youre looking for, this game very much so serves that purpose.
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6 years ago, Taynkbot
“Free stars” are a scam
This game has “gems” that you use to buy chests. They have a page called “free gems” where you do various tasks like download other apps and use them to earn these gems. Tried to get free gems by signing up for a week subscription of smule magic piano. Clicked the link, downloaded, followed instructions and signed up. Finished and came back only to find it had vanished from the offers and I was awarded nothing even though I followed instructions perfectly. What a bunch of bs. Really pisses me off. This game is fun but I can’t stand whatever garbage system you’re using to verify the completion of tasks. 1 star for crap mechanics and for wasting my time.
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3 years ago, Tia794
Litty!! 🔥
I’ve Been Playing This Game Since It First Started And I’ve Recently Got Back Into Playing It In Hopes One Day Wiz, Snoop & I Can Partake In Some Khalifa Kush 🥺 But I Love All The Graphics And Challenges In This Game. Also, I Can’t Wait To Finally Have All The Strands!! And What’s Up With The Dark Grey Drone🤔? It’s Very Hard To Fill The Tap Meter On That One.... Oh. Another Thing. I Love You WiZZzzzzz!!! This Is The Best Growth Game EVER!! Uhmm... Can We Get New Dogs As Well As Custom Ones?? Maybe Even Custom The Whole Thing?? Idk... Maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️
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6 years ago, Lady Wynter
Not worth your time
I waste more time trying to get bonuses from the ads. I have the update and still only 20% of the time...and I am being generous. They claim the ads will be 20 seconds, however, IF they load you wait at least a minute. Too many times you finally get to the end of the ad and get a white screen. At that point you have to close the app and reopen it , of course you get no credit for watching the ad. Other times you watch the add and manage to return to the game only to find you are getting no credit for watching the ad. This awful game is being deleted. Please do not waste your valuable time.
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