Wizard of Oz Slots Games

4.7 (60K)
178.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wizard of Oz Slots Games

4.68 out of 5
60K Ratings
6 months ago, Justluvme_1974
Been Playing since 2016!!
I love this game and have been playing for years. There is always a challenge to win extra money. There is always a sale going on where you can get the billions, however it goes fast when playing in the “high roller world”. I like to play in there because when they have the “Happy Hour”, it is possible to get a bigger win. There are 1520 levels on here and i am not in the 600 club, and I been trying to level up to get the better lucky cards to help fill the picture to win money also (these are challenging to get). Again overall I definitely enjoy playing and getting my daily bonus, I just wish I could get the game to sync on Iphone like it is on my iPad. It looks like on my iPhone the hourly bonuses is not the same as the IPad. I would like to see not all the pop-ups, meaning when you click the “x” on the special, then another one pop up showing a different special. When you click the “x” the on that then another one pop up. Is it possible to have a tabs that offers all special buys, and ways to get free coins. Also offer ways to play without having to join facebook or switch your account not logging in with facebook, and still keep your levels and bonuses. Keep on coming with the new ways to win. I will say I am not a fan of Glinda, because spending 250,000 a spin does not go far to fill up three hearts. If you do fill up the three hears, you usually lose 2 of the hearts, and not a big winnning.
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5 years ago, Boggle Queen Gail
Awesome slot game!!!
This game is so great that I had to write a review. I don’t even really like playing slot apps all that much, I prefer games of skill like poker and Boggle with Friends. But I love The Wizard of Oz so I decided to download this app and I’m sure glad I did. They give you bonus coins all the time and it’s so easy to level up I that don’t understand how anybody runs out of money and has to buy coins. And each new slot is more adorable than the one before it! I even waited three months before writing this review because I did try a few other slot apps in the past and they would start you off with tons of coins and then the algorithm would change and suddenly you couldn’t win anything. WARNING: stay away from Hearts of Vegas (I think the company behind that app is called product madness and apparently all their games are ripoffs although I haven’t tried any others). If you want to play a great slot game I couldn’t imagine anything that fits the bill more than the Wizard of Oz!
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3 weeks ago, Jaxsonsmommy!
You lose way more than you win
After playing for 2 months, I can now give a decent review of this app. The app has no qualms in taking your actual money very quickly. I have bought several packages of coins over the past 2 months and they go just as quick as you get them. 10 minutes ago, I purchased $4.99 worth, hoping I could build up from that, enough credits to play for a while. Needless to say, it’s already gone. Then every time you go to another screen, they bombard you with options to buy more coins. I honestly do not get what the developers are thinking. This is not real casino gambling. We get nothing but entertainment from it. You could at least have the chance to win actual money at a casino. This game doesn’t even give you a day or two of play time on your own money. It’s so sad in my opinion because the games are so fun and well designed. The graphics and music are awesome. I’ve played Hay Day since 2017 and have spent a ton of money on that game and it’s worth it because I actually can enjoy it, but not this game. So I guess from here on, I’ll not spend another dime of real money and let the game slowly supply me with free coins to play. Not very smart business on their part if you ask me. I’d play way longer and buy more from time to time if only it wouldn’t go straight down the drain in mere moments. Don’t waste your money on the coin packages, is my advice for anyone about to play this app.
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2 years ago, spotted65
Good days/ bad days
Been a player since 2016. I periodically buy credits. The games are fun with a large variety. Graphics are great. I’ve won jackpots about 4-5 times in 3-4 years. Don’t expect to win those frequently. Lucky cards are kinda a joke- win the same frickin card hundreds of times and very difficult to complete an album. Seems like you have bet billions per spin to really win much. Still playing but typically bet between 10 million and 250 million per spin. The clubs seem liked they’re rigged. Members with no profile and no history show up with all sorts of points and jump way ahead of you. Something is phony there. The only other complaint I have is when your betting billions, get free spins, and after 10-20 free spins win less than you bet. My wife played and went through 140 billion points in 2 nights- couldn’t win on any machine. It’s gambling so if your not willing to lose- don’t play! Recently they upped the credits you have to bet. Now you hardly ever get any free spins or bonus rounds when you bet 250 mill per spin- just takes your credits and runs you out of points but keeps asking you to purchase more credits. After years of playing this slot game, it becomes obvious what they are doing. Have fun playing but don’t expect to win anything big. Maybe it’s different for those betting 1 billion or more per spin but I never have hundreds of billions of credits.
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5 years ago, WoO Junkie
Free coins???
I have been playing this game off and on for a few years now. I absolutely love the Wizard Of Oz and I love that this game is in perfect sync with the movie. What I don't love is that even with the hourly coins and completing challenges I still end up buying coins with real money. (My choice I know) I really WANT to play this game but it literally took me 8 months to complete a set of card stars after playing almost everyday!! I lose so much more than I win. I hate that. There is no fun in that. If I wanted to lose real money I would go to Vegas and order a drink to spin my paycheck away. Also, I would like to know how in the world the same 3 people seem to continue to hit the jackpot around 3-4 times an hour after a few years???? Come on!! At least change the supposed winners names so it at least looks realistic to us that are wishing that we were the ones hitting the jackpot when in reality we can't even afford to bet anywhere near the minimum bet to even have a chance at winning it. But really, I have played every penny I had for days (after buying coins) and never even got a chance to spin the "bonus wheel" or hit even the minor jackpot.... Up your winnings! Plain and simple. This is a game, not Vegas. Me and my bank account will thank you. Maybe I'll have enough cash to pay for some Wizard Of Oz Slots anonymous!
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6 months ago, 23Kme
Used to be fun - now a money grabbing app
This game is well designed: however, what used to fun, with some opportunities to purchase credits, it is now mainly a money grabber with EVERY event designed to “encourage” purchases. As always doing this is a choice, but in this game it used to be that you could play almost any game in the “lands” with no or meager purchase of credits. NOW EVERY game and event is designed to entice you into purchases. For, instance, the mini game introduced yesterday, the first two parts of a 10 part (I believe) event are in the “regular” worlds. This 3rd step is in “high roller world” which means a minimum bet of $500,000. I do realize this is a choice and they are there to make money……but it used to be fun, now it just seems designed to entice more and more and more purchase of credits. Since the beginning of the game, they doubled and doubled the credit your earn, but of course, it doubled and doubled the bets you need to place to continue to play, thus doubled and doubled the “opportunity” to purchase credits. It really is designed to addict you and take money. I want to delete, but I also want to play as I find it an easy stress reliever. It is a conundrum for me. I just would caution new players, especially those easily enticed to make purchases to complete play.
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6 years ago, JustJuls25
Not very happy
I have been attempting to collect my "Rise and Shine" bonus in the mornings and I am getting an error once the game opens that states something similar to "Oops. Something went wrong. Try again later." This has been happening for the last 7 calendar days. So I have been unable to collect my bonus. Also, when collecting my streak bonus, the little icon in the bottom right corner says "Collect Bonus 1,740,000 streak bonus Day ## +550,000" when I click on it to collect it shows "Daily Bonus 1,450,000 + Streak Bonus 550,000 + VIP Bonus 290,000 = 2,290,000" Which does not add up. If my Daily Bonus shows me 1,740,000 and my streak bonus is 550,000 and I am eligible for a VIP Bonus of 290,000 then that equals 2,580,000. Not the 2,290,000 that I have been getting. I have done all updates when offered. If this is not the case then it should not show I am eligible for a Daily Bonus of 1,740,000 AND a Streak Bonus of 550,000. It should just show Daily Bonus of 1,450,000. This has been going on for a while. Which I initially thought I missed an update so when I was offered the next update I took it. This did not resolve the issue. I have screen shots of everything. Contemplating deleting the game. I have stopped purchasing from the game because I feel why should I spend my money if I'm being cheated out of daily bonuses offered. One unhappy customer.
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5 years ago, Fusat7510
Do not play this game - they change the rules in the middle of the game!
I have been playing this slot for over three years. Never won much, but recently decided to play big and win the yellow brick road competition because if you came in first, the prize was huge. I was betting one BILLION coins a pull, yes BILLION. I won almost every road completion from road one to road 61, but then at road 62, the payout for winning the most bricks dropped dramatically. The customer service person said at first it was an error they we were working on and the when I followed up again looking for the coins I was shorted, they admitted they lowered the payout in the middle of the game! Terrible! They owe me over 350 BILLION coins and I sent them photographic proof of the 23 levels I won which the payout had been reduced. That sounds like a lot of coins, but I lost 250 BILLION coins winning those roads. The game should honor the payout THEY establishing when kicking off the game and pay me my coins. until then, boycott the game. These aren’t real coins anyway and there is only one winner per road so they should be honorable and pay what is due to me. Again, I sent them photos of every level that I won first place. There last email was thanks for your feedback. Terrible. If I could give zero or negative stars, I would. Do not play this game as they lack honor.
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3 months ago, SemperFi#1
Wizard of Lose
You’ll Be Sorry! Great concept, Great games, Great graphics, but the opportunities to win are brutal. Could easily cost $100 a day if you’re wealthy and willing to continue to waste your money here. Ruthless APP! They’ll take back $100 in credits in less than 1/2 hour. FUBAR Lost 80 billion in 1/2 hour without any wins. Once they want you to buy again, you won’t win squat! Don’t waste a dime on this despicable APP. Would be a fun APP if they didn’t have their losing streaks where they clean you out of all your chips. The “Developer” claims they want to make it similar to the odds at an actual casino. There, you could actually win real money but here you can’t! Who is still spending real money to buy fake chips to lose all of them almost immediately? Almost every spin is a losing spin regardless of your bet. You’d have more fun burning your money on your front lawn. If you love losing, this is the slot for you. The “High Roller World” should be renamed the “High Loser World!” Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose
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3 years ago, Labruner01
Ive been playing this game for 6 years. I love it and play everyday. I dont play other slot machines only this one. I am on level 593. I love the daily bonuses, teams, xtra games and weekly golden level. There is 1 problem. I recently got a new phone and it did sync my progress and levels but it didnt send my 55 billion credits. That was a huge bummer that i had to start from scratch at a high level. Dozens of people have told me they quit playing because of that. Huge glitch there. Im adding to my old review and changing my ratings: Today playing 1 of my 3 favorite games,"Who killed my sister?" On a boonus game i won 300,000,000 X3= 900,000,000. It didnt pay! Im very disappointed. You have also changed alot of the game. NOBODY likes the rainbow rush. And collecting cards from 100 to 160? And no 1st place weekly winners in the teams? Why do we have teams? Cant even communicate with them. I can go on more but im disappointed that im not slways getting my winnings. Not the 1st time! And have had it take double for my bet. Please check my scoring for saturday feb. 27 at around 2:50pm. Why am i still playing after almost 8 years????
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5 years ago, CPRNCSS
USED To Be A Good App
I used to really enjoy this app, but there are too many negative aspects now. 1. They rolled out clubs, but wins that are supposed to be added to my club board are not appearing so my club mates can not gain bonuses from them. I have written to customer support for two months and all I get back is, “we’re working on it.” Hint: don’t release a huge new feature without making sure it works! 2. Supposedly, a new machine becomes available every time a player levels up 10 times. Naturally, the higher the level, the harder it is to reach. I just hit level 960 and got NOTHING as a bonus since there are no new machines (and there haven’t been for awhile). I didn’t even receive the bonus I usually get for each level up. 3. Another feature is the Lucky Card Collections, which would be great if players did not keep getting the same cards over and over, thus making it impossible to complete collections. I have spent a good amount of money on this app, but I will not spend one single cent more until these issues are resolved. I would be happy to update this review if they are. But until then, I would recommend skipping this game. There are so many other slots available without any problems.
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2 months ago, xwinchestergalx
Impossible to win without paying
There was a time when I could stop playing for awhile (usually when I start losing everything in the first 3 minutes every time I opened the all)- and when I’d come back I’d have a good streak where I’d start enjoying it for awhile. At least then it was occasionally fun. But no matter how many coins I get—- even if I had the stupid impulse to pay for coins- they have all gone no matter which game I have played every time. I’ve tried different story games from all levels— even tried the first again. Doesn’t matter if I bet low or high. Does it matter? Not really. Cause nothing changes. It’s colorful though. A lot of fun graphics. And I really want to enjoy it. It’s good for a once in a blue moon streak but it doesn’t last long and it’s completely random. Wish they’d let people win more often so it’s actually fun for more than two minute intervals. At least let me win for a bit before you take it all back. I haven’t won a free spin or bonus in days and it’s just not fun right now. If I wanted a real casino I’d go to one.
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5 years ago, Prairie senior
Love Wizard of Oz
This was the first slot game after trying many that I liked all the features in the game. And I’ve been playing it better than 2 1/2 years. I second everything the person above me had said. The movie has always been my favorite since childhood. I am a senior citizen. Before I ever become bored with the game they have added some more new features. So give it a try and I think you’ll enjoy it. And they’re continuing to add more and more new features in there are so many levels. I’m way up in the 1160s after Playing regularly for over two years. Your bonuses increase as you climb the levels. Compared to other ones that I tried I would say I enjoy this one the most. Black Diamond was introduced to me through Wizard of Oz and is also a Zynga game. Black Diamond is different as it has many slots all different themes It works the same way. Kay
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2 years ago, dsosb
Always a bad day!
Don’t expect to be able to win anything in this game! I occasionally buy some coins and have discovered it is a complete waste of money. I win more often at a real casino than I win here. The prices for a few coins are ridiculous when you finally realize that in 15 minutes they are gone! Lucky cards are a joke! I have never been able to complete more than 4 cards. And now i have 99 gifts from friends that are sitting in my account now for a week and I can’t get. Support tells me I have to check after 24 hours to receive them. “Only so many each 24 hours.” How many 24 hours are in a week? Still, 99 gifts I can’t get. If you use an iOS device hold on to your hat! There are so many bugs you will constantly be starting over! Don’t believe it if they tell you that a Fortune card will be part of your purchase if you purchase X amount of coins! You will never see it! And jackpots? What the heck is a jackpot? Don’t expect to win one of those. Maybe the billion coins players are the only ones who are allowed to win jackpots. The only positive thing I can say for this game right now is that the graphics are really great.
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6 years ago, 1945aim
*free IF you’re new to the game*
I really used to enjoy this game. However, once you’ve played-and not paid-the “free gifts”, and “Mega Wins”, become less and less with time/effort. If you’re prompted to answer whether or not you’re “Liking the Game, Yet?”, and you answer ‘Not Yet’, you receive a larger sum of free coins. If you answer that you are indeed happy with it, you receive $100,000. That’s a difference of $900k, if you say you’re pleased with the game-as opposed to not. And-it also makes a difference in how many Bonus Rounds/Free Spins/Gifts-that they give you. They only seem concerned with reeling you in-but not keeping you. They spend more money on marketing-than they do customer service. Ever successfully reached a customer service ANYone/thing? I sure haven’t. I’ve played this game for a few years now. So, I’m prone to notice their shady ways, these days. This truly is one of their better games. However, if loyalty and customer appreciation is your thing-I wouldn’t play this game. Not once you’ve hit the 3rd world of levels. You’ll be disappointed in the levels and rewards (or lack thereof).
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2 years ago, Bizzenji
Buy stuff and win!! For 2 seconds!
This game is 100% based on how much you’re willing to spend. I mean I guess I can’t get them wrong Zynga always wins like Vegas. I’ve gone through and spent money on this game like an idiot, cause I think its one of the better visually pleasing slots games. But if you like to play more than 5 minutes at a time I don’t recommend it. I bounce from world to world including the high roller world and it just goes through clear phases. Hey here 50 billion credits. Then for weeks you won’t win anything no matter how much you spend. So if the stars were based of the realistic life of playing slots in Vegas then this is 5 stars, but I’m just trying to have fun. They challenge you to get a certain number of “characters” on a level, but they’ll let you lose 5 billion credits while you pursue that. I mean if you’re pushing a specific level at least let me walk out with my starting credits. This game is the most insane money grab and is targeting habitual gamblers on an unhealthy level. Luckily I’m not one of them and done pay for more than what gets me through my breaks. Total trash. Probably one of the most targeted and negative apps that exist.
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1 year ago, challah nibler
Good Fun Game.
I am up to level 1270 over the past few years. When I do play this game I only play it for a week or two because of this game is expensive to play. I have very great fun and love playing these slots and I have to budget it into my entertainment budget for the year. They now have a prestige club which initially costs $100 to play and $100 a week to sustain a membership. For the $100 membership you get 122,000,000,000 coins and daily gifts which gets you thru the week. And if one uses a bit of strategy, one can get a rainbow rush promotion. If you want to spend less than $100 and opt out of the prestige club a person can get by on about $30 to $60 a week to break even. For myself I will generate a budget over a four month period to play these slots a couple of weeks. I have to take one star away because of the cost of playing. All of my positive suggestions for improvement have been answered but none have been implemented thus far, so I have to take another star away. This leaves a three star rating.
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5 years ago, UrEvilNightmare
Best Slot Game BUT......
The game is stingy. This is really a fun game to play. Iv been playing for a few years if not longer. My level is in the low 600’s. The problem is this...You have better odds of going to a casino and winning big than this game. Don’t get me wrong I have won a lot of credits and spent a lot of credits. The game eventually makes you spend more credits to progress further down to the next slot machine you eventually unlock (Every 10 levels unlocks a new machine). The higher you go the more credits you have to spend. Therefore when you get to higher levels you must spend billions to progress. Here’s the big kicker the more you bet the less you win. For example: you bet 100 million credits u have a big chance to win 500 thousand. Free spins half the time will not reward you anything or give you less than your betting at that time. It’s a shame. I understand you have to make money but I don’t see a lot of people spending money on a fake slot with no return. I would give this a 5 star review if the game would let you build credits instead of giving and then taking it all away. Such a shame.
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2 years ago, danstunes
Found Another Game
As much as I’ve loved the OZ slots - you continue to say developers are working diligently to make the game better. In fact if you look at the last couple of years responses, it’s the same canned answer when people get tired of spending money for nothing. No matter what you do, how much you spend here, you lose. Diligently: n a way that shows care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties. No one is working diligently to improve winning odds. This game is a wrecking ball for peoples wallets. Those saying it is a blast, how much money are you spending? What am I doing wrong. I found another game that cost me nothing, although I sent a very small amount their way and I win on a much regular basis and after a week and 1/2 still have a ton of credits. I know the company became filthy rich, should be ashamed of how you operate. My last review never posted so anxious to see if this one makes the grade. Note: you can play the first Oz level forever - last week it was handing out 10k credits when I continued to use mine up. Good luck all - they are diligently working to improve the game for you!
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2 years ago, Bb brain
I love the game but not the company!
This is a great series of slot machines. They have a feature called super spin. Once in every 7 hourly bonuses you get to spin the wheel and win big money. I hit the lowest amount on the wheel 75% of the time. The is just a rigged game and it takes the fun out of playing the game. My main problem is that the company keeps raising your bet to 5 billion credits or more simply to hope you don’t catch the change and spin the slot machine. I have lost over 60 billion credits in 10 spins in the last week alone. This type of behavior only seems to try to take your credits and get you to buy more. I’m feed up with the way they try to cheat players out of credits every time you change slot machines. I just lost 35 billion today as it changed my bet from 50,000,000 to 2,500,000,000. The only reason to do this is to cheat you and take your earned points. Over the last year I have lost trillions of dollars due to this unscrupulous gaming. Just be aware that this action takes the joy out of playing the game. Stay on top of the game and watch for this problem.
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1 year ago, Slimedawg
Used to be Great
This used to be a great, fun game. But has been going downhill for the last several months. Now, there are as many as 7-8 pop-ups, trying to get you to buy something, before you can even start playing. Very irritating. And customer support, while once was pretty good is now lackluster at best. A constant problem of being signed out of my Apple ID after connecting has their support agents clueless. And if it’s not in their “manual’ to copy and paste, clueless again. But the constant bombardment of pop-ups is enough now to make me move on, not worth my time for this greed. *EDIT* Ok im officially done. The constant pop-ups are beyond ridiculous, but this Pride crap has done it! Where is heterosexual month? This garbage of promoting and glorifying one’s sexual orientation is SICK. ADIOS! ***EDIT*** Give this app another chance? How does a bombardment of pop-ups improve gameplay? How does glorifying one’s sexual orientation improve gameplay? Not a chance, I’m done and app is deleted.
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4 years ago, samamanyha marie
Could be better
This is suppose to be a free game!, it is, BUT when you run out of credits, they try to get you to buy credits, don’t do it, it can run up a lot of money if you do, it also doesn’t let you win very often for a free game can be fun but very frustrating too. It’s hard to win the scratcher for the daily challenges because of all the credits needed to complete the daily challenges and you can be given gifts, but they only let you accept a certain amount of gifts per day, which is ridiculous, if you play this, don’t buy credits, it will be your down fall if you do!some of the games, have such high credits you have to play, your credits don’t last, then boxes come up all the time for you to buy more credits believe me, they run out very fast! Don’t buy credits, you’ll get hooked!, for a fun free game!, this isn’t free to be on top or win any games or challenges, I’m going to play the really free games, like solitaire and the golf fish games and read, much better for me and when you spin for the big spin, all you ever spin are the small amounts, you don’t get the big spins if you try this? BEWARE
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1 year ago, HeyMisterSoulMister
Amazing Digital imagery true to the 1939 film.
I play this app because it fun and rewarding. I swore I’d never buy credits to continue paying an app game, but this one is the exception. If my purchases have helped support and advance the development of this app then I’ve done something good as I’m sure other players must appreciate this game app as much as I do. If I could ask for anything more, it’s simple: More Wicked Witch of the West! I wish she had her own kingdom or rather The Land of The Winkies. The free credits on the hour and being able to accept and share credits is a great feature. I wouldn’t mind a social platform built into the the app. A way to chat with other players would be a great way to share secrets of the game. I’ve discovered that I can go back to the 1st brick in world one and play for free; with zero balance rewarded credits. Great app!
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5 years ago, Jaggs01
Be Prepared to Spend a Lot of Money if You Want to Play
Zynga definitely makes sure the house wins . . .and wins . . .and wins. As soon as you get close to reaching a goal, you will find that you suddenly start losing. I literally lost over 5 billion game tokens and never had one win - not even one that was lower than my bet. The games are buggy and conveniently freeze just as you get a jackpot. Several times I have had a machine hit on a big win, only to freeze for a second and then start up again and move off the win. I put up with all of it because I enjoyed playing the games until I had spent quite a bit of money trying to complete a challenge only to have it freeze and not issue a payout to me. I submitted a ticket, but the company refused to offer any assistance. They told me I should have taken a screen shot to prove I didn’t get money. First, I didn’t know I had to, and, second, how can you take screen shot of not getting paid. They refused to help and wrote me off with a “thank you for playing.” I only wish I had seen a review like this before I downloaded the game.
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3 years ago, kdwulff
Just begun the Yellow Brick Road!
While I am not one to hype games (time sinks) to friends, in this time of diversions that keep us safely ensconced in our homes, Zynga’s Wizard of Oz fits a need: joyfully wasting time and feeling good about it without spending any money. As the Spanish proverb goes, “How lovely to do nothing, then rest afterwards.” Friends, please ignore this message if you have things to do and places to go! And forgive my interrupting your schedule of events. I alone have nothing to do but enjoy the sunshine and the passing of time, if time actually exists. Full retirement does exist at the end of the seemingly endless treadmill and now I can devote all my energies to dawdling, daydreaming, imagining new alternative nows, pursuing joy, bliss, and the art of doing nothing. To borrow from Robert Bly, I can see sleepers joining hands in a possible future where we all see that we are one. Imagine!
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2 years ago, fergie33334
Love the game BUT!!!
I have been playing this game for years and it seems like with every update you guys put out it is harder and harder to win credits. I wait an hr for the credits to be gone in 2 minutes. Not to mention how hard it is to get the lucky cards completed.. I also hate how at a certain level you stop receiving loyalty lounge points how are you supposed to level up oh wait you have to buy coins that are gone in a matter of a few minutes.. I don’t know how to fix these issues I have contacted customer support and I get told oh well it’s a game of chance.. I have lost out of trillions of coins because as soon as I win the app closes told customer support about that and they say they can’t justify giving them back to be because I don’t have proof… Games are supposed to be fun and relaxing but here lately this game has only given me anxiety and frustration.. I do love the game and the different slots but how can we enjoy the game if only to play for a min or two every hour…
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11 months ago, DisappointedSpender
It's become crap
I used to love this game years ago but it's gone down hill. I've spent money on coins only to lose it all within minutes. This recent update has made the game way worse to where now the minimum bet in high roller world is 250b instead of 100b and so far every event since the update requires you to play the high roller slots. The past week I've rarely been able to play due to not having enough coins for even the lowest slots. It would be way more enjoyable if the bonuses gave you billions of coins and if the lucky cards gave you new cards instead of always giving you the same cards hundreds of times. You literally have to have at minimum tens of billions of coins to be able to play and enjoy it. If it doesn't get fixed to make it easier to get coins without spending large amounts of money then i will have no choice but to delete the game. I wish it was the way it used to be 5+years ago when i played and was able to win a lot easier!
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6 years ago, Barney1942
I have been playing for months and haven't spent a penny yet, the daily gifts, being in on trials etc gets me plenty of credits. Now about 317 million after playing 30 minutes. I have tried several of the other offerings within the brown and white what's her name and toto, sometimes I lose, then just quit til several hours later, remember slot games are NOT meant to make you Rich, even on the internet. These are for enjoyment and when one game seems to just want money, I find another game and dump the money one. BUT you will still have to watch small ads, but that's true almost everywhere today and will get a lot worse before it gets better. Government can't pass an opportunity to control things and find a way to make money from it. Just wait, you'll see soon enough.
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3 years ago, TrishSuzAZ
PopUps and Coins
I’m on day 115 of playing on the Wizard of Oz. The games are cute, graphics good, and overall fun. The pop-ups to buy coins or packs of scratchers or fill-in-the-blank are annoying. As an example, you are allotted some free coins every hour if you log in to get them. You are unable to just push the button to retrieve. Instead you get to go through anywhere from 3-8 pop-up windows to purchase, see the current game promos and more. Also, Zynga as a whole has definitely made changes to the ability to win since the economy downturn. I play three of their slots and all three are running similar. I realize it’s a company that wants people to pay for development however when people aren’t working and stuck at home I would hope there would be something more creative devised than setting the dials to winning<5% and expecting people to pay, pay, pay. It’s unfortunate. All may be deleted soon.
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4 months ago, Dora2345
Why no Huge Bonus via Email ???
I love this game and have played for years. I also spend a lot for this entertainment….. I used to receive a 20,000,000,000 bonus from Zynga every month and it was definitely a motivator to continue my weekly purchases for credits. I haven’t received that perk of a bonus in several months….. Reconsider this Perk Bonus via Email and I’ll reconsider definitely making my weekly purchases 😀👍 Thanks. I wrote this a year ago, Still NO VIP emails with big credit bonuses, 20,000,000,000 free bonus credits should be given a couple times a month when the customer is spending ALOT of $$$$$ to play and enjoy. It’s time to get some freebies. Seriously considering just uninstalling the game and finding a new one with bonus awards worth something!
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5 years ago, Loribea
Five stars !! I love the game but lost my progress when I switched phones. Starting over and a little disappointed how long it's taking me to move to the next level. That said I love the game and can't wait to get as far as I did on my old phone. Giving me options to mix the games up when I become bored . I have made progress on my new phone but find they must have updated the game or something, my free tokens only last a short time compared to other slot games. I have bought some tokens or whatever you call them to play longer, but I can’t spend a fortune to play a game with pretend money. If I am going to spend real cash I am going on line where I can also win real money. Disappointed in the length of play on the free tokens compare to other slot games
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10 months ago, TwiztidRatKing
Use to be a fun game.
Ever since they updated everything and decided to raise minimum bets this game is just slowly turning into a money grab game. The only way you can keep playing now is to purchase coins and rest assured I will NOT give in to that. I understand you need to make profits off this but don't make it so blatantly obvious you are just forcing people to have to pay to play now. Greed has taken over this company's vision just like every thing else does at some point. Seriously what logical reason was there in raising minimum bets higher. Don't bother waiting for them to fix it, they state they listen to everyone's feedback and take it in consideration. Blah blah blah. Tell you what developers save your breath and don't respond to this cause I could careless about your feedback. They sound like bots half the time anyways. Oh well I played this game for a long time but guess because it's turning into a desperate greedy money grabber time to delete it.
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2 years ago, Ericalenee
It’s rigged
I have played this game for years - spent a little bit of money here and there for some extra credits. Any time I get any significant amount of coins built up I lose them within a few hours. Then spend days and days collecting and winning tiny amounts - just to lose it all again. Emerald City Jackpot is the worst it’s ever been. It never really paid out a lot on normal spins - not even 10% of your bet - but the stick and win would get you a big win now and then. But once you complete the road and earn your bonus spins you’d expect a large payout. NOPE. 4x in a row now I’ve completed a section of the road and the “bonus” that’s supposed to appear to increase your payout has not appeared at all TWICE and only appeared once the other 2 times. Five Fortunes is the same. Made it all the way to completing Dorothy’s page in the book and she never appeared on the free spins. Zynga is all about taking your money and offering nothing in return.
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4 years ago, Grandpa405
My Daily Challenge
I have been a “Wizard of Oz” player for several years and overall really enjoy the “daily” challenge it affords. I’m not a “high risk” player so the higher “bets” and “payoffs” are not something I encourage especially if a player does not want to spend any “real” money. Slow steady “credit Growth” has been my motto. I do get disappointed when playing “high Roller” games and when you get a “free Spin” betting a minimum of $100 Mil and you get minimum to nothing seems a bit disheartening. Most of the games are entertaining to play but some for me are pretty lame. But ther’s lots of choice options to explore over time. I look forward to the “Daily Challenge” but not so much for “Lucky Cards” ( which are never lucky for me). But overall I would recommend this Slot Game for most folks like me who need to satiate the need for Scott gaming without losing your shirt!
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1 year ago, Nikkie Finn63
It’s fun but you’ll get better odds in Vegas
It’s a cute game, the graphics are great. However, if you pump a lot of money in to play, I’m afraid you’ll be very disappointed. First, the game is loaded with bugs. Your 7th bonus wheel spin will snap from a larger win to a smaller win. Lucky cards are the same ones, over and over. Some days you’ll get a ton of them, other days you can spend billions of coins just trying to get enough to complete your daily challenge. Trying to complete a “picture” for bigger prizes is a lesson in futility. Payouts are sporadic-again, you think you won but get no pay out. Bonus and free spins are beyond disappointing. You’ll spend billions of coins to win a free “scratcher” and you’ll win next to nothing on it. Like I said, if you’re looking just to spend free time, it’s a cute game. However, before you spend your money, go to Vegas where the odds are exponentially better and you’ll walk away with cash.
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4 months ago, Favplayer
Don’t buy credits
I LOVE this game and have been playing for years. Recently I started paying for extra credits because it’s so much fun but I’ve noticed now that I pay for credits, I don’t win anywhere near as frequently. It’s like now that they know I’m willing to give them money, they just let me run out of credits all the time. I don’t know if that’s how it works but I won’t be paying for any more. It’s a huge bummer because I love to play and I just wish it was fair. Also having the same sync issue as other users. It syncs my progress in terms of levels, but nothing else. My coins very from device to device and if I pay for the extra seasonal packet on one device it only works on one and bother the other. Is this intentional Zynga? Is there a way to make the devices sync all data?
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2 years ago, 1 Hot Gram
Problem not solved
I had been playing Wizard Of Oz slots for a couple of years and had so much fun. Great graphics and fun selection of games. Almost 4 months ago I ran into a problem where I was not able to retrieve from my inbox and accept the 30 allowed every 24 hours. I contacted support right away and nothing got done. I had over 200 gifts in my inbox and every day it only let me accept up to 12 or 14 but most of the time it was only 4. Everyday I wrote support but nothing got done. Sooooo after just short of 4 months of them just sending me the auto response I told them that if they couldn’t fix this issue(they kept telling me to please have patience) and my warning them that I was going to delete the game if it was not fixed I finally deleted the game yesterday. It is a shame that they were not able to fix my issue. Maybe they didn’t care since I am not able to purchase credits or anything else, I am on a restricted income.
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6 years ago, LowdaM
Total Rip Off
This game is designed strictly to make money, and provide whatever entertainment that's necessary to achieve that goal. As other reviewer's have said, all of the bonus games are fake and are designed to take points. After three months of play, I have only seen the bonus wheel a few times, winning the lowest amount possible, and the scratcher cards are a joke where you get tiny bonuses. The jackpots are nonexistent, I know of no one that has ever won one, and when you play for a while you see the same names come up, bogus names. I have never hit a large bonus, nothing over a few hundred million and that was when I was playing $10 to $20 million single spins. Everyone I know that has played this game, has had to buy point to even play at the higher levels, what this is designed to do. The minimum bets get higher and the payouts lower. This game is designed for compulsive gamblers who think there is something to get at the higher levels, there's nothing but losing ahead. Do not start.
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1 year ago, Bitosi
Constant pop ups!!
I’ve been playing this game for years and I’ve noticed the pop ups and game interruptions have gotten more and more over time! There are about 15 pop-ups before you can even play the game. Once you play the game, they have some stupid little intergame interruptions like the little yellow bricks that stack up that delay you being able to play. Now they are putting pop-ups in the middle of the game constantly! I had to shut it down today because I just couldn’t even play the game anymore with all the pop-up interruptions!! It could be a fun game if they stopped the little yellow bricks game collection and stop the continual pop-ups!! Honestly this is one of the last games I play because it’s just such a long road to actually get in to play the game and now they’re interrupting the game while you’re trying to play it.
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4 years ago, Jadlas
Zynga does not care about customer loyalty
I have been a loyal fan and customer for many years, and am so disappointed in how Zynga could care less. Be careful. No matter how much you spend, they will trick you into receiving scratchers, cards and XP bonuses, etc., and take it away so you keep spending more. I had over 30 scratchers saved up for when my balance was low, and one day they disappeared. I contacted Zynga customer service, and they said, ”Sorry, but they expired”. What? Without any notice? They did nothing, and after contacting them numerous times about alerting customers about expiration dates of acquired ‘rewards’, they still have not updated the alerts. I lost another 5 this week. My favorite slot app, and I will never spend another dime with Zynga!
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3 years ago, ArleenC64
Colorful and Fun Slots App
This slots app is very much like the Wizard of Oz machines found in casinos. The graphics are wonderful and there are the added challenges that help get your coins up — something the casino machines don’t offer. The music is done well using some of the more popular songs from the movie. I have so much fun when playing this slots app. The developers provide you with a sufficient amount of coins to get you started and then offer hours coins — free of charge. If you manage your playing time well, you can build up enough coins so that you never have to make any in-app purchases. But if you are like me who goes rogue and max bets to see if I can get a major jackpot, at least the coins are reasonably priced if you don’t get the jackpot. 😂 Enjoy!!!
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9 months ago, yolie/a
Very unhappy
I wrote a review that seems to have been deleted by the developers. I’ve been playing this game for many years and today had money stolen. I purchased the elite pass and with the $1.99 credit for coins and $9.99 for the extra credit bonus spin wheel and everything is gone. Even every single lucky card I had collected is gone. Not only that my process in one of the high roller games is gone along with my ruby status. I’m so upset my head could spin if it were humanly possible. From reading reviews I seem to not be the only one they’ve stolen from. If you purchase credits or the elite pass beware they may steal from you and make it look like you didn’t buy anything at all! It’s not right for these developers to do this, I work hard for my money for you people to think that stealing from me is okay to do. I’m considering a filing a lawsuit and reporting them to the consumer protection agency. Absolutely ridiculous and appalling!!!!
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2 years ago, Wyllow61
Why not let players win?
I love this game and have played it since it started. However, it is very frustrating because you just don’t win. I haven’t purchased any coins in years because if you do you won’t win. So I have to collect coins for about a week to get enough to just play—and I don’t win. So I basically am only play once a week. And the developers keep adding silly and meaningless side quests and gimmicks to get people to play more—but we would play more if we could win now and then!! This game basically begs you for money: All. The. Time. Pop ups constantly begging you to buy coins. And you don’t win when you do buy coins! So I don’t buy. A smart developer would let people win often enough to keep them playing—then I’d be more inclined to buy coins because I would know I have a chance to win. It’s frustrating.
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6 years ago, GamecockFan1955
Starts out fun but rapidly outgrows its britches.
You follow the yellow brick road opening Slots and building your status. But the higher games rapidly require huge bets to qualify for the bonuses and jackpots and the free chips don’t begin to cover these bets. Also, don’t count on Customer Service if you ever have a problem. My name has flashed on the screen numerous times that I have won the jackpot, but I have not been awarded the coins. They have not awarded me the coins once. And the screens are not like other slots that stop the screen when you win so that you can take a screenshot. Here, it flashes and then it is gone. So, you have no recourse. Now, I am having another problem and I cannot even access Customer Service. The normal access is missing. So, I came to the Apple store. No access through here. Nothing. So, start the game at your own risk. You go so far and it is no fun anymore.
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11 months ago, Clive3883
Rigged Scam -Crooks!
First of all a 9 year old can figure out this whole concept is a complete scam. If these common crooks can rig apples app rating and review system (4.7) that’s a huge red flag this is a dishonest scheme designed to steal money. After 4 years I’ve deleted this app due to their latest software update turning this into a huge time waster. Sorry I’m not desperate or stupid enough to spend $ on something this moronic. Ignore the fake reviews and canned responses and read the real negative reviews that will tell you the true story that if you spend money on this (that you will never get back)consider yourself warned. Also keep in mind that your user account is tracked and manipulated at their discretion, that is highly unethical and the definition of scam. These developers are no better that those criminals you see on the news ripping off stores or robbing people blind. It’s disgusting people have leveraged their talent and creativity to develop something to harm people, beyond disgusting! What this should be but is not, is a reasonable paid form of entertainment not a huckster side show disguised as a game app designed to manipulate the reward system in you brain preying on addicts or those who don’t understand they are being bilked. Use this latest software update as your excuse to delete this app and cleanse your life of this insidious poison you really have no use for.
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3 years ago, WA pool
Don’t waste your money buying coins!!
I’ve been playing this game for several years. I started because my nephew literally sent it to me on the day he died, so I play it for sentimental reasons. I don’t expect that when I buy coins I should win a jackpot or 20, but it literally appears to ice the machines when you actually spend real dollars to buy fake coins. I literally have spent over $100 in the last month. And gotten less than 30 minutes combined worth of play off the purchase coins. I don’t max out my bets, but do bet a little higher, as would be expected when you have 9 billion coins. Only cashing in 50 million to spend. Within 15 minutes 9 billion gone. Will this stop me from playing the game? No. But only because of the sentimental value it now holds for me. But I promise you I will never spend another dime on this game. Not so great Great way to get people to invest in the company to spend on future developments. Just sayin’
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3 years ago, Chrisdjon
Wizard of not
I’ve been playing this game since it’s inception. I have always enjoyed it. True to the story and movie ,it is enjoyable. However, in the past few months it has disintegrated into a game of buy everything to get ahead. Initially, I would play and win and lose, as in any casino game but usually I had an edge. Now, if you don’t buy, You don’t get ahead. The new corporate has made it a buy or lose game. I never had so many advertisements to buy as I have recently. This didn’t exist in the beginning. It used to be fun playing this game, now it’s trying and deleting it it is a better option. I’m not one to put money into a simple game to line ones pockets. I play for fun.
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6 years ago, 2callmemom
Disappointed is an understatement
I’ve been playing this game for a long time. Recent changes have made it almost unplayable and completely unenjoyable. Bonus amounts used to be enough to play, but with the increases in bet amounts the 8 mil after a week with gold vip status is nothing but a joke. Bet amounts are so high in almost all the games now that it lasts all of 30 seconds. Now with the lucky cards you can’t even hope to get a 15th copy of miss gulch without betting a minimum of 10 million. I just spun through all 120 mil of my credits betting 5 mil a bet in 3 minutes. Only spun 60 spins out of my 200 spun goal and one 1 lucky card pack... with 3 1 Star repeat cards. Not fun at all!! And since I made the mistake of spending 1.99 on credits a few days ago not once has an ad popped up offering free credits. What gives? I’m done. If I’m going to waste my time playing fake slots I’ll find a less greedy company to support than zynga, who apparently has no idea what loyalty actually means.
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3 years ago, jwhite-71
Persistent, Pushy, and Annoying
I don’t mind occasionally watching an advertisement for benefit of receiving a bonus in some of the games I play. The ad is usually about 30 seconds, as it stated when this popped up to watch. However, it would continuously stop in the middle whereas I had to literally click on it 9 times, no exaggeration, to get through a thirty second ad took about two minutes. Annoying, pushy, aggressive marketing not giving you a choice to simply watch the advertisement. So, in order to write a review, I had no choice but to download it, and will immediately be uninstalling this. If I could have rated negative five stars I would have. If a game has to push so much in the first place, then it’s probably not very good. On the other hand, if it were a good game, the thirty second advertisement would have been enough to convince someone. Thanks for wasting my time. I promise I’ll never download it or watch your ad again. Not worth the little benefit.
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4 years ago, A Wizard addict
Be careful, this game is very addicting.
I love this game but I spent over a thousand dollars two months in a row. It was taking all the room out of my I-Pad so yesterday I had to buy a new I-Pad so I could keep on playing. You have to buy points if you want to get a head otherwise it is very boring. I’m a gambler but at the casino I can win real money. This game just keeps on taking and taking. It is lots of fun and I have won lots of points but I lose it very fast. I belong to Big Fish games and I have over a thousand games but I hardly ever play them anymore because I can’t stop The Wizard of Oz slots. I’m 79 years old and sometimes I play all night or during the day and neglect my husband and my housework. I decided I’m not going to let this game take control of my life. That is my New Years Resolution. This will probably last about a day. Please don’t let this game control you. Just try and have fun and Be Strong.
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