WNIR 100 FM-The Talk of Akron

4.7 (393)
29.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
WNIR Radio
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for WNIR 100 FM-The Talk of Akron

4.66 out of 5
393 Ratings
8 months ago, D Mitchen
Great show
I listen to this show everyday & love the morning show with Phil Ferguson he makes me laugh & gets my day started in the right direction. I would listen more during the day but don’t like all the negativity & the host cuts people off and talks over them & hangs up on them. I do like the Bob Golic he keeps it real. I just heard Mark Richard’s will be returning soon he will be missed what a great job he has done over the years very knowledgeable about many topics. I try to stay positive about things but on the downside yesterday a guy called the morning show & called Mark Richards on the 3:00 show & Mark asked him that you normally call the morning show & the caller said he didn’t call the morning show today. Not sure if there’s a way to keep callers to one call a day but this happens often. Mr Game Changer
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3 years ago, "Cold Dead Hands" !
Booshman, I’m your favorite caller !
I’m the Booshman caller ! Everyone loves my commentary. I was Jim Izzaballa’s mentor. I got him to do the show in the evening 7-11pm. He’s doing a great job. I coached Bob Golic for the Cleveland Browns, then got him into radio, as a host here 3-7pm. I got Couch Burner John Denning to do the 10am to 3pm show, after I fixed him up with my ex wife. Their happily married now. We are all informative and entertaining. It’s real people, who can call and talk about whatever we want, political, sports, family issues, current events etc, or be humorous. Your First Ammendment Right exercised daily. It’s mostly local N.E. Ohio callers, within the 100.1 FM radio listening limits, but also people from all over the United States or other countries. It’s even better if your a daily caller like I am. Looking forward to hearing from you too !
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3 years ago, olddawg68
Open formats
No matter you view on life and all that go’s with it the open format of this station definitely give you a place to voice your opinion . It also gives all people the ability to show the world how stupid you are !! LOL in all seriousness this station and format is amazing !!! It is by far the best station and has the best radio hosts in the world !!!
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4 years ago, OH/FL listeners
OH/FL listeners
We love this radio station! We are snowbirds and listen on the App in Florida. I get all my news and information for Ohio from your station. We listen to WNIR in the car on the way to and from Florida. We have installed the App on our TV. All of your announcers are very informative and entertaining. I especially like to listen to Jim Isabella.
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3 years ago, quilterx
Have been a fan since about the late 80’s. Have it on almost all the time. Have used the app for years, in South Carolina, and now in Columbus. I get bent out of shape when I can’t get the audio, sometimes all day, doesn’t happen often.
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4 years ago, tusuckbigdonkeys
Just an innocent observation
Sad downer pessimism constantly from French will never sustain or support any kind of good ratings unfortunately does not fit in what’s so ever with the morning crew especially, got to put him in another place.. the rest of the crew is so nice , kind, so caring and considerate in every way it is just sad that you have to even listen to the inconsistent rants and annoying raves of this out of place radio personality
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3 years ago, Hartville Bluestreaks
Talk show host needs to be more informative
I’ve listen to the 10-3 show and it seems the talk show host doesn’t try to make the topics interesting I’ve noticed he will let the call in guest do all the talking and he’s not really educated on the topics at hand. A lot of times the guest will want him to engage in the conversation and he doesn’t say anything.
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3 years ago, jimkri3333
Great talk
Interesting and relaxing to listen to. Both sides get time to air their views. No baseball games to bore you just good talk. Give it a try and listen a bit. I use the app when I travel
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5 years ago, gray pat
I love WNIR
I have a radio in my bathroom and turn on WNIR when getting ready for the day. I turn it on when I go downstairs. It is also on in my car.
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4 years ago, MPM1965**
Love this radio station.. have listened for years. Was very difficult to get in with the radio. Very accessible by the internet Love couch and the whole gang
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5 years ago, ilovehaggis
App stops playing randomly, it’s annoying!
The app will just stop randomly and say it can’t get station information. I have full signal, sometimes I’m on WiFi and it happens. Talk about annoying. Love the station but the app needs lots of work for iPhone users.
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6 years ago, R.j.5.
Great shows! App has glitches
The shows are wonderful! The app will randomly stop playing. It also doesn't always open on the first attempt. Still recommend it!
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3 years ago, Speechhelp
Love this app
We love listening to Jim Isabella at night. With this app, we are able to listen wherever we travel.
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3 years ago, Beerhound71
I love the app they just need to get rid of ABC news. It’s the same thing all day🤬
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4 years ago, Betsyjrn
Love this station
Thank goodness I have the app so I can listen in South Carolina. Really enjoy Jim Isabella, Couchburner and Bob. I’m from Akron/Canton so it’s a taste of “home”.
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2 years ago, J.A. Frank
Excellent Radio
These guys talk about everything. With no fear.
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5 years ago, MAGA IN 2020
Honest talk
I love WNIR. I listen all day. At work, in the car, working in the yard. The gang in the morning, John till 3 then Golic and Jim later on
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3 years ago, KY homebuyer
35 Year Listener
I moved out of the state, but still listen on-line every day. This is the best in the nation.
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5 years ago, Mrbeaz
Stream breaks
Love wnir it’s fantastic for local northern Ohio news but the stream keeps cutting out.
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3 years ago, kfjrirjdh
The station is great!
Since I moved from Ohio to Arizona I listen on the app. And the app is not stable. Cuts out often and not the best.
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6 years ago, Brownmath
Love the local newscasts. Best newscasters around!
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5 years ago, QAkat
The one talk program that I listen to at home and at work. I like the local views that are reflected in the callers.
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2 years ago, Stow Ron
Why is this guy on your sight?
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4 years ago, mohioh
Good station
Common sense factual talk radio
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5 years ago, SAM K-9
Best in the USA!!! Thanks Steve
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5 years ago, Tltroggy
It’s great when it’s working.
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5 years ago, angel-A809
Love wnir, app stinks
I love WNIR , but this app stinks . It constantly cuts off on my iPhone . Hopefully this can get fixed !
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3 years ago, eggneckface
Crazy Trump People!
i have been listening to WNIR since 1990. always loved that i could hear BOTH sides. Howie + Joe that is no longer true. WNIR is far right radicals and that makes me sick. i removed WNIR from my daily radio listening. 🇺🇸God Bless America ♥️🤍💙
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4 years ago, chilloften
App not working
I miss listening on iPhone.
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11 years ago, Bruce50010
Best iphone app you can get
I have never been to Akron or heard a WNIR broadcast. But when I was told about this radio station I tried it out. It is by far the best talk radio I have ever heard and now I listen online whenever I can. Howie Chizek says all the things I would say if I had a radio show. Which I should. But until I do, everyone should listen to Howie.
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12 years ago, Shircliff
The Greatest
Grew up with Howie. Now I listen from Iowa. I've been all over the world and Howie is the best talk radio anywhere. I've even converted people that have never been to Akron! Cheers WNIR
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6 years ago, Jbenn10
Works fine but I sure miss the link to the station website
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13 years ago, WNIR Atlanta listener
Best App In The Universe
Howie Chizek rules! And now the rest of the world can listen to the greatest station in the nation!
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6 years ago, ocwankenobi
Happy Boy
Great way to get my radio station in Akron, Ohio!
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9 years ago, The best T2
Crappy streaming app
Don't bother. The stream is unreliable, and you'll just get frustrated trying to follow a conversation or the news. I've clicked on the Support link and filed at least 12 support tickets, and have NEVER gotten a response.
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13 years ago, 1Randy1
A true Akron classic!
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8 years ago, UnAmericanPlant
He offended refugees and hates the Browns, extremely racist guy!!! Don't get it unless you need something to help your schizophrenic loneliness. Please don't get it!!!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Dan from Hartville
Great app.
Listening to the " Timeless " Howie Chizek is a must. This app. Is way more reliable than their online stream. "Be careful the men in the dark sunglasses may be watching you" ( A famous Howie-ism)
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13 years ago, Roscombodie
Now I can listen anywhere. Can't wait to go to the Bahamas and listen to Howie while I'm on the beach!
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13 years ago, Estero Chuck
Works Great
No problem connecting. Good to get the station while in Florida.
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13 years ago, Beagles:)
Fixed. Thanks
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13 years ago, Tbone299
The best!
Hurry up and give couch burner his own show!!!
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13 years ago, petes_meats
How Lame!! Was up for 1/2 a day today, now cant connet to server. This streaming company under-estimated the bandwidth WNIR fans can burn.
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13 years ago, Frustrated59
Never works
Hasn't work ever!
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13 years ago, Bjackcity
Is this supposed to do something?
Installed the app. Found after a couple hours it was still running in the background and drained my battery. Never once heard any type of sound. Figured it would be fixed after 5 days. Wow another Akron joke. Kent too.
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13 years ago, Honestreview325
A complete joke!
Terrible. Why create an app that doesn't work? Even worse, if you don't stop the stream, it drains your battery. Come on WNIR. Get with the program.
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13 years ago, 1234161
Hasn't worked for me yet. I can listen to it through the Tune-In Radio app though.
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13 years ago, Longtime listener in Canton,Oh
Please fix soon!!
As in another review, It worked the first time, but now all I hear is a high pitched squeal! Howie keep up the great work!!
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