Wolf Casino 2023 Slots Games

4.6 (18.3K)
284.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Synsidium Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wolf Casino 2023 Slots Games

4.59 out of 5
18.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Bullittgal
Nice. Easy to win. Good mix.
A nice mix of wins and losses. Fair enough to keep me spinning. Ultimately, it is slots. All are pretty much the same in the end. Spin until I get bored or run out of coins. Probably will be the first option as there are so many ways to win more coins! Nice game. Still enjoying the game. Like all the different machines. Level ups are pretty quick. I keep expecting them to start taking longer, but next one creeps up on me before I know it and so many ways to get coins it is hard to run out completely. So far I have been pretty impressed. Great job, developers! A few months in and still love it. Great for shutting off brain and relaxing before sleep. I like the side challenges. Rewards are small, but it makes spinning less boring with something manageable to work toward. I have noticed an increase in number if ads but still not an annoying amount and have been able to mute and exit after a few seconds. Have played plenty of games with far more disruptive ads. Thank you for keeping them to a minimum! Looks like I’ll be playing this game for a while.
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4 years ago, tnuzi
Advertisements at the bottom of the screen
I don’t like the fact that you have the advertising bar at the bottom of the screen. It makes it so that you can’t see the whole game. How do you remove that. Some games don’t have it but mostly they do. Is there any way I can remove that lower bar of advertisements. I love the games without that and I hate the games that have it. I won’t play the games that have that extra bar at the bottom!
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6 years ago, Crazy Tetris Lady
Read the reviews thought I would try it can always delete if need. Top rating from folks in many games but they prove wrong and so play coins out and delete thinking what is wrong with folks when they are horrible slots. This slot surprised me at first had to question ratings again, slots have good graphics and now am at a big 14 level with close to 2billion coins so obviously haven’t played long if it keeps playing like this I can believe the ratings if start losing it all then will be very disappointed and of course will have to delete but at this time you are definitely a four star😍😍😍
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6 years ago, Jhoeyvee
Best free online slots ever!!!!
This is the one and only free slots that I have ever downloaded that gives so much free games and the winnings are unbelievable!!!! I have this app on my iPad Pro and every time I play it will give me free game after free games. So far I have 17 billion coins that’s right 17 billion coins without costing me a penny!!!! Keep up the good work guys. 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 Thanks for giving us a wonderful enjoyable best game design here on App Store!!!
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6 years ago, Texasgopher57
Nice Game
So this game asks for no money but just to watch ads. Normally I would have dumped a game like this but this ones different. For as much as I win the ads are really not that big of a deal. And you can watch the ads to increase spins and winnings. Not even sure how much you start at but in 10 days I’m over 50,000,000,000 in winnings. Yes that’s 50 billion. So good job to the app developers, wish more games were either pay one time or never pay and watch an ad.
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6 years ago, Oicu8onetoo
I would love to rate higher but...
Two thirds of the time when I click on the items to double my winnings or the chests in the games once the video plays the game either freezes or crashes, either way causing me to turn off my device. You need to either fix the problems or remove them all together to get higher ratings, I think this game could be worthy of five stars! Just not as it stands!
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1 year ago, Tennion
Wolf Casino2
This is a fun game. I play it almost every night. The bonuses and jackpots are fair and happen often enough to keep you interested and wanting to return. There are a variety of games that each have their own graphics and win sequences. I recommend Wolf Casino 2
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4 years ago, Wdav
They must write their own reviews!
They must write their own reviews! No one in their right mind could rate this piece of JUNK more than -10 stars. ALL THIS APP DOES IS WASTE YOUR TIME!! Every spin brings up an add for some other trash app. Then the app crashes waiting for the App Store to try to automatically load the advertised app. You have to unload the app and restart it and repeat above steps. I have purchased more than 300 apps. This junk is the worst I have ever downloaded. Please don’t waste your time... it is just way too frustrating to try do do more than 2 spins in a row!!! JUNK JUNK JUNK JUNK!
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1 year ago, Cvcfgbb
Wolf casino
Great game too many advertisements it gets kind of nerve-racking after a while just too many advertisements specially, when you’re playing and then it goes to an advertisement it’s really not working and frustrating
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3 years ago, mezzir110756
Game keeps freezing
I try to be patient it’s enough that you get to watch a video to get extra space and I W spans a hurry up and level up but then they keep putting ads up there that makes you run out of time and then when you say no add a add comes up and away interrupting your games and interrupting the time that you have before your extra two times is it please fix the freezing it has froze on me today six times
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2 years ago, Cheapskate don't pay very good
Could ever Tyzine when I’m playing a game it’s in knowing
I wish you would stop advertising at the bottom of the game it’s annoying can’t concentrate on the game and try to read your message dumb 500 billion from my account this morning why
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1 year ago, Rating one star
Great bonuses
I was actually shocked that after playing several days that I gained chips rather than the app bleeding me for money to buy chips! The bonuses/free games seem to be less as the days go bye but as long as I stay above…great! I’d give five stars if it was the Wolf Slots that I actually downloaded…I got slots with cats; lions, tigers, panthers, but no wolves!
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3 years ago, Frustrated Marsha
Keeps stalling
Why has this game started to stall??? It has been great to play but after just a few minutes it locks up and kicks you out of the game. What’s going on? It isn’t just me either. My husband plays this game and it’s happening to him too.
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5 years ago, Montana0332
Take to long to get another game
The game is fun but it takes too long to get another game and when you try to get more spins and you watch an ad it don’t give you the spins I hate that and sometimes when you in the bonus it cheats you out of your spins
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6 years ago, Davenden
Not too bad
First off, I don’t like the pop ups every 15-20 seconds directing me to watch videos to get more money!!! It does it continually even if I have already clicked it. Come on people, that darn thing pops up waaaaay to much for me!!! Next too stingy getting advanced in each level. Come on way too stingy!! The games are fun but quit being sooooo stingy. It otherwise it’s fun.
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2 years ago, szpe
This is a great game I’m was why it hasn’t had a update on it the game keeps getting stuck and I haven’t GOTTON any notifications which I always do but not in a few days that how much I play this game love it it great if you could check it out LOVE THIS GAME
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4 months ago, Rey/ mar
I’ll e to play this game as well as in casino ?. But I slow down because the free play is not enough and to get a bonus is very hard as if you’re playing in real casino slots. Thanks.
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5 years ago, KikiLeeT
It's good to win!!
It is great to win in the beginning, middle and throughout the weeks and months in playing without paying real money for coins! I would much rather watch a few ads than pay money. Thank you!
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3 years ago, yaoigirlhp7
I Love Wolf Slots!
These slots don’t keep you in one set of slots, they let you know when you are ready to move on to another slot if you want to or stay at the one you’re on! They are not boring like some slots I’ve downloaded!
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6 years ago, Dalilaml
Very fun!
Very good graphics and not boring like others, sometimes it takes most of the money away and then it gives you more to keep playing. A lot of adds but I can live with that.
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6 years ago, erlindasue
Awesome slots
The variety of games is great. Free spins are awesome. Special offers are free like 2x winning just by watching a short 30 video. I play all night. Leveling up goes quick up to 30 but the offer for 2x for 20 mins is great. Auto spin comes in handy then.
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2 years ago, janet christy
Best Game ever
I have over twenty games downloaded....but this is the only one l play. I love to bet big and this games lets me bet big and win. The graphics are great too. I play the games for hours at a time..
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5 years ago, Ciesu
You do win big; but after awhile it VERY BORING; because you are limited to how much you can bet and the excitement goes away. Should allow you to bet what you want...just saying! However, if you like free spins — this game’s loaded with ‘em!!!
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1 year ago, Genef805
Have enjoyed playing this slot machine and have managed to earned over 225 billion points on it.
Easy to earn a lot of points unlike so many other machines.
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4 years ago, juliaflem
The ONLY slots you can WIN!
Ads are not intrusive, but you can watch them to increase winnings. This is the only casino you can play and not keep being pushed into buying coins.
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3 years ago, Wollfman711
It is very apparent that you still haven’t fixed scoring problem in this game. I don’t understand what is so difficult to fix the problem.
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2 years ago, Crzylilmama2
Like being at the casino
Whenever I have the urge to go to the casino but can’t, I play this to tie me over u til I can go to the casino. It’s the next best thing to the real thing.
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2 years ago, CreedCR
Is something wrong? The game freezes up during spins. Is it time to pause the game and do some maintenance on the servers? Please fix the problem soon. Thanks.
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4 years ago, known 101
Awesome game
I’ve played lots of games , all they give you a short time to play and swipe your credit away in a heart beat. This game keeps giving credit and winnings for long long time. Awesome
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5 years ago, the grestone
Wolf slots jackpot casino
I just started this slot but it is so much fun. You get a lot of bonuses and you get to win. On the other slots I’ve played, they seem to take and take. I recommend this site.
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7 months ago, Mother of the babies
I love it!!
Years ago when I first started playing this game, I couldn’t believe just how much fun it was playing it! What a great way to pass the time, 👍!
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1 year ago, Macey Girl
Wolf Casino
I accidentally erased Wolf Casino a couple days ago and I am starting over again. Love the game. Wish I could get my credits back. I like the first game a lot!! Thanks!!
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5 years ago, Berngh
Rate this site
Like the slots I have played, Have found this site to be very generous with free spins and bonuses. If you are looking for a fun site I think you would be happy with wolf games. Give them a try !!!
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6 years ago, Vwipod
I don’t go broke every other day...
I’m not looking for giant payouts, but other games just take all my coins right away, or within a couple of days, and I just T delete them. This one gives and takes, wins more than loses. Nice change.
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1 year ago, caseygolfin
Why did you change it?
I enjoy playing the game, but they changed too much when they did the last update. They took away the four hour bonus in the lobby, as well as the in-game achievements. Now all I get is pop ups after every big win.
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5 years ago, cindyhead1
Lovin’ this game!
Finally a game that my husband and I will not delete! We play this game every chance we get! We really enjoy it! Definitely the only one now on my phone, and this is not a paid endorsement!!!👍🏽👍🏽💯😍
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5 years ago, povket#1
The best slot game I’ve ever downloaded!! It actually allows you to hit often and stay in the game!! I have no complaints at this time. Try it!! If I like it, you will love it!! I recommend you try it.
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6 years ago, KN6UV
It is very nice to play slots that do not want your money! Yes you have to watch ads for coins. But for free coins, I don’t mind. Good quality and fun. I have tried all the others. I enjoy these more than most.
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6 years ago, Norbert 10
Wolf Slots Jackpot Casino
This is a great little casino. Games are awesome. Free spins and bonuses hit very often. Level up bonuses are fantastic. I recommend this casino to everyone that loves slots. You won’t be disappointed !
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5 years ago, RoxburyRoache
Game variations
I so enjoy the unique differences each game provides. I am intrigued with the the selection and choices in the payouts methods. The artistic graphics are a plus and not getting bored is never an issue.
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2 years ago, 87 years old grandma
88 years old grandma I’m
Thank give me this coins, I can’t buy anymore because this iPad belong my Boston city’s grandso without any money card in it.. Why alway check. My age like above 16?
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5 years ago, sltlvr
This game was for sure my top favorite until they added ads on the bottom of the slot. Now I can barely see what comes out on the top line. I used to play it everyday, now maybe once a week if I’m reallyyyyy bored. I don’t mind watching the ads but not if it’s in the way!
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4 months ago, Noonies4life
Ads too long especially Royal Match
Ads too darn long. Especially this Royal Match. Then you have to wait for the ad to start. Too many interruptions while playing. I like the games but hard to win decent
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10 months ago, Kid4life331
Great games and huge wins
I’ve been playing these slots for several months and so hooked.
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4 years ago, Jodyscloud
Hello, doesn’t anybody work at tech or the help desk or the support emails? Why do you keep adding random high score to the top 3-4? For the past month you have added 2-3 random high scores. This is not fair to the real players. Those numbers should be taken down and the real players given a proper chance.
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3 years ago, Immargie
Boring Games Just Different Characters!
This game may not cost money, but it is boring and each of its games are the same except for different characters and ad banners at bottom. You get points for watching their sponsors’ ads, but why accumulate points if the games bore the heck out of you. This app is about as mindless and unexciting as it gets! Sometimes free is not good.
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2 years ago, walksontot
Wolf Casino 2022 Slots Games is the Best slots I’ve ever played !!
I really get the most real life casino action spinning the reels with this online casino. Thank you Wolf Casino Slots!! Your friend, Dawn Vaughn Wolfe 🥰🤗
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3 years ago, BAMRetired
Review needed!
Your level up process is very frustrating!! It’s not only very slow but it only serves to disrupt the play!
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10 months ago, Road runner Granny
I have enjoyed the different games and you win enough to keep playing
Show more
2 years ago, Maine Country Gal
Good so far ……
Just started playing yesterday so far it’s great. Hopefully it continues only time will tell. Definitely worth downloading. Good luck !!!!!!
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