Woman's Day Magazine US

4.5 (330)
44.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Communications, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Woman's Day Magazine US

4.52 out of 5
330 Ratings
9 years ago, JustJullie
Missed WD!
I haven't been physically able to get to a store in so long to buy a Woman's Day magazine and I love the whole magazine - from the Bible verse on the contents page to the thoughts and quotes on the last page. I look forward to the monthly menu and all the recipes to keep me out of the hamburger in a bag rut. Love the decorating tips, organizing ideas, crafts, finds, and everything else. So glad to catch up with an 'old friend' again.
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5 years ago, Llabine1
Great magazine if you can access it
Every month it says I need to purchase it even though I am an active subscriber...I put in my email and password and they say I’m wrong....but they don’t give you a way to retrieve that info because after I write to them with their in house email they say the email addy I have used for years is not a real email address...I am so done....
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11 months ago, Girlskiier
For the last few months the pages are not loading correctly and I can’t find a help feature to contact someone to help me. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled but that doesn’t help. Please let me know how to proceed. Sorry to make this public but I feel I have no other option
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6 years ago, trapperswife80
Not happy
I ordered this magazine and another from Girl Scouts and I wanted paperbacks. And now they send e-mail that I got digital and when I logged in it shut off and said I have no subscription. Never do this EVER again.
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5 years ago, kimames
Not happy
I ordered this from my niece for Girl Scouts and I can’t even get the log in to work. I put in my information a couple times and had someone else do it for me and nothing. A waste of money
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6 years ago, Waldette73
App hasn’t worked right since update
At least before I could suffer thru; now I can’t turn past the cover page of the March issue. If I didn’t cancel before, I'm cancelling now. App stinks.
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10 years ago, Mitzi's Voice
Love It!
Until recently I was receiving hard copies of Woman's Day. I recently upgraded my hardcopy subscription to online subscription. I love it! The index, which you can tap and it takes you right to the article. Once in the article you can tap on links to take you further into the article.
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12 years ago, Just Cuz too
Utter Thievery
I cannot understand how you you'll think I would pay for a subscription twice. I already pay for a print subscription. Rest assured that when my subscription runs out in a few months that I will not be renewing. I will instead subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens or Martha Stewart or any one of the many other publications that do not treat their subscribers so poorly. Good luck WD as your subscriber base shrinks as more of us go digital and refuse to come back to you. There are too many options out there to stand for being ripped off like this.
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10 years ago, RJMcD6
Great magazine
I like the different things I can learn from this magazine and I love the ease of reading it on my tablet or my phone instead of having to keep track of physical magazines and worry about someone accidentally losing it or throwing it away etc. Great magazine, no complaints so far.
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10 years ago, Cindi R
Love to read on tablet but want paper too
I subscribed for years because I love Woman's Day but have been adding digital to all my subscriptions as I get more chances to read them that way. I hate that with WD I get one or the other unless I pay for both which is why I gave this just 3 stars. App works great except latest update which won't load at all on my tablet and keeps u from anymore issues!
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11 years ago, Ted's mom in VT
you shouldn't have to pay for digital versions when you already subscribe to the print version. shame on you, Woman's Day!
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12 years ago, Idea # 4568
No offer to go paperless
Woman's Day was a gift to my wife from a friend. This iPad is a gift from me. It makes sense to combine the two. But unfortunately this app requires that I pay an additional subscription to my.... existing subscription. An offer to convert from paper to app would be a nice thing. It seems like that would be easy to implement and would have, at least, kept this app on my iPad for more than 5 minutes.
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12 years ago, irishsbo
Not free to print subscribers
I'm currently a print subscriber. Thought I could toss old issues and have online access to articles and recipes I would have clipped and saved from the print version but no: Hurst won't give current print subscribers free access to online version! I won't be paying for an online subscription until mil stops giving me gifts of print subscriptions. That will be a long time from now. Ugh!
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11 years ago, Goofyhead
Don't Get Suckered
You have to buy a "half price" additional subscription to get issues via this app. What a rip-off, even National Geographic lets me download issues to my ipad with my subscription. Get with the times Hearst. Not renewing my paper subscription when it comes up. I like being able to take my mags with me on my ipad when I travel. Like others have said, I rated one star so I could post review, otherwise it would have been minus 2 stars!
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12 years ago, Tegehle
Paperless offer...
I currently have subscriptions to several magazines. I have found that some of them have free iPad offers with a print subscription. Woman's Day along with other mags from Hearst Corp does not, therefore I will not be continuing my subscription with those magazines. I'm surprised that your company is not current on saving paper and going green. I also cannot believe you are letting your competition beat you out on things like this. Your magazine is great...paperless is greater!
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11 years ago, Mthuckleberry
More access
I enjoy reading the magazine on my IPad. However, it really needs an update. I would like links to advertisers, featured products, etc.. Also there is no way to use the puzzles. Could we at least be able to print them and use the paper copy. I love the recipes but with the electronic version you can't bookmark, copy, print, or keep them for future reference.
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12 years ago, DixieKat2
Disappointment Part II
Again, same as with Good Housekeeping, your paid subscription does not give you access to the iPad version. This is a major rip-off to faithful customers who have subscribed for years. I only hope within the coming months, Hearst decides to get on board with other periodicals and grant access to the digital issues with a paid print subscription. Otherwise, I will not be renewing.
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11 years ago, kimbo010
Confusing as Hell!
I thought because I'm with a print subscription I could use this app on my iPad & just log in but the directions are confusing. Whoever developed the app probably doesn't have an iPad. They should explain that their app only works if you subscribe through iTunes. YOU CAN'T USE THIS APP IF YOU GET THE PRINT VERSION IN THE MAIL. I was going to see if the app was worth renewing the subscription. Guess not. BEFORE YOU WASTE TIME ON THIS APP GO TO APP SUPPORT AND THEY WILL EXPLAIN THAT THIS APP IS NOT FOR FOLKS WHO GET THE MAGAZINE IN THE MAIL.
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11 years ago, Valcat528
Lost Issues
I am being asked to buy issues that were previously downloaded. Hoping this gets resolved soon. I don't like being asked to buy what I already paid for. The print used to be way too small but thankfully that has been fixed.
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10 years ago, Carol Cahill
Great magazine
I have always loved Woman's Day magazine and having it in digital form is even better! It is easy to navigate and always at my fingertips when needed.
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9 years ago, Boochie 2
Love Love Love
I've been buying and reading WD since the 1960's when I was in my late teens. I always found it very informative. Now I can read on my phone and I love it.
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11 years ago, jgsooner412
Shame, shame, sham!
How horrible that with all the magazines I get Women's Day is my favorite one but the ONLY one you have to pay for twice!!! I have had this magazine for years and would love to look at a digital version when I don't have a print version with me but NO! They want more of my hard earned money! I guess magazines like People and Self are more people pleasing and less selfish!
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9 years ago, jishee88
I like it!
Initially I hesitated on the digital format, but I enjoy and read more of the magazine now that it is readily available. Good for all that now I'm no throwing out paper magazines.
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12 years ago, bear8683
Paid for paper, want E-Version
I paid for a paper subscription but I would prefer not to waste all that paper. If the publishers aren't going to offer a free online subscription with my paper version, at least they should let me replace my paper subscription with the electronic one. Better for everyone!
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11 years ago, sasseemom
Love it
Have only downloaded 1 issue, but it worked beautifully. Read it from cover to cover. So far so good .
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12 years ago, golfnbike48
A rip off
Why do they call this free when they do nothing but rip off woman who already have a print subscription. I tried to download this for my wife and what a joke. Since my golf and cycling magazines allow me to download magazines I am a print subscriber, why can't they? Ok I do know, they are just doing it for the money and not the customer. same on them
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9 years ago, duckie48
Free issue
I have read Woman's Day for years. I love the magazine, the stories, he ideas. I'm just previewing this free issue until my renewal issue arrives. Thanks Woman's Day!!
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12 years ago, Tepfe005
I subscribe to the print version, I would rather have the digital version but I have to purchase both I guess? Stupid when so many other magazines will allow you to have both. I hope they figure this one out soon, if they don't, I'll be canceling my subscription.
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8 years ago, KBitt66
Love Women's Day!
I love the article topics in WD magazine. The visual pictures are inviting and I think the magazine is laid out very well. I find the content of the magazine to be very thoughtful and purposeful.
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12 years ago, Jamiesueb
Love it
I love having this with me everywhere I go. I cant alway take the hard copy with me and my iPad is always with me.
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12 years ago, PJFarley
Faithful Subscribers
I do not think that we should have to pay for a iPad subscription If I am already paying for the print copy. I will not renew my print copy if this issue is not resolved, other magazines are giving me the iPad version free with my paid subscription.
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12 years ago, Fletp
Do You really expect me to pay twice?
Completely disappointed that you expect me to pay for my subscription twice. I already paid for a 3 yr paper subscription and you think I'm going to pay for a subscription on the iPad too?
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11 years ago, RxMama2
Paying twice??
I just received an iPad for Christmas and looked forward to reading Woman's Day here. I don't believe they won't allow free access to online magazines if you have a subscription! I downloaded the app, looked at their page and immediately deleted the app. Greedy.....
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12 years ago, Tarlton
Tarlton Mom
Like the magazine, but would like to be able to email the recipes and articles to myself to print out.
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11 years ago, Tn grl
I was able to get one digital issue, but the system does not allow any other issues. Wants me to pay again. Not going to happen. Too bad they do not have a technical department that knows how to provide better service.
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10 years ago, Ohayrefamily
In App purchase false advertising
I like the magazine and thought I'd try the app version. An ad in the app said try the January issue for $0.99, but I was charged $2.99.
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12 years ago, discouraged'
I cancelled my paper subscription
When I learned that the iPad subscription was not included. It is just ridiculous to not include a the iPad issues with the mail order subscription. They expect you to buy a separate subscription if you want iPad access. Ludacris!
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11 years ago, Drklever
Talk about turning your back on those who've supported you for years. I'm tired of Magazine Publishers not showing some respect to the people that kept them going when print was your only choice. I'm canceling all my print magazines and NOT subscribing to the digital.
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11 years ago, Ltgreen13
I am very disappointed that I cannot access my subscription to WD on my iPad. I have subscribed for years and looked forward to reading on my iPad and not lugging my paper version around. Will not renew my subscription if this doesn't change.
Show more
11 years ago, Flovas
You need to get another subscription!!
A print subscription does not include free access to the iPad issues. Really bootleg that they try to double tap you with another subscription for the iPad. I will not be renewing and deleted the app. Total waste of time.
Show more
12 years ago, Nancys-mom
No Link to Paper Copy
Unfortunately, it appears that if you are a paper subscriber, you must pay for the digital subscription. Guess I'll delete this app now :-(
Show more
12 years ago, Yoga advocate
Subscription tied to iPad
I too have a paper subscription and the acct info is not speaking to this app so I am not going to buy the magazine again just to have it on my iPad. Pls get your developers to work on this, other magazines do this!!!
Show more
11 years ago, Whytie6
Pay twice!
If you aren't willing to offer digital copies of your magazine to those that pay for a subscription, then too bad for you because at end of my subscription, I will not renew it at all.
Show more
12 years ago, Jayne Morley
Too Bad So Sad
As a paid print subscriber I cannot view or convert my current subscription to be viewable with this app. Too bad so sad, I thought Hearst would be on top of this. The app is useless unless you want to over pay for a digital subscription.
Show more
11 years ago, BacaMama
Shame on you!
Misleading app. States it is free until downloaded at which point you are asked to pay. Removed app immediately. Apple, you should remove this from your App Store until Woman's Day becomes honest and straightforward
Show more
11 years ago, D_from_AZ
Does not work
I purchased the year subscription but no magazine shows in my library. I've deleted the app and reinstalled with no luck. Never had any problems with my other magazines. Very disappointing!!
Show more
12 years ago, Shirlee Lewis
Completely ridiculous that you expect paper subscribers to pay for issues on iPad. I will not renew unless this changes.
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9 years ago, Crmjmdm
Crashed after update
Apparently there is a problem since the 8.1 update. The magazine now crashes immediately after opening it.
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11 years ago, Mariacc2
Thank you BUT not until my regular subscription ends
If I have to pay twice, I will wait until my regular subscription ends --- which isn't for months and months.
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11 years ago, jenp727307
Can't access iPad version
Disappointed that I cannot download current and past WD issues as a print subscriber. I probably will not renew my current subscription because of this.
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