Women’s Bible Devotional by iBelieve

3.5 (136)
11.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Salem Communications
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Women’s Bible Devotional by iBelieve

3.47 out of 5
136 Ratings
7 years ago, Artieclydefrog
The Message is good, but the app still has bugs...
I really enjoy the daily Message that I receive and I'm always excited to open the app to see what He has to say to me today, but the app itself physically has flaws. I can never watch the daily video bc it always crashes the app when I try, and my lesson on Grow Your Faith hasn't updated since I've had the app despite me clicking "done", "love", "save it" multiple times. I still enjoy the daily bible verses though.
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6 years ago, ELizzyA
Don’t waste your time
Sorry, this app is terrible. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the app content and the giant adds that take up the entire screen. Once you close an ad, the same one is at the bottom of the page. It’s beyond distracting. In fact I signed up for a free trial of pure Flix before I even looked at the app content. When I first tried to log in I received errors several times. Once I was able to get to the content, I wasn’t able to “favorite” a verse and the article I clicked on had no content. It just showed a header and an ad and wouldn’t scroll to the actual article. After I sat baffled at this page, the app froze. That’s when I came here to give my review and now I’m going to delete the app and buy a devotional book. Don’t waste your time.
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7 years ago, JazztheLibra
Account Issue Has Been Fixed!
How has the sign-in issue not been fixed yet? Reading from the reviews, it's been an issue for months. I can't create an account and the app keeps crashing. Content seems great but these bugs are a real bummer and I actually avoid the app now. -- UPDATE: The issue has been fixed and I'm able to really enjoy the app! Lots of quality content geared towards women. Thanks! :)
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7 years ago, 2011Pisgah
Hyperlinks and video not working
I love the devotions on this app. I feel like I'm talking to a friend instead of being "taught". I have noticed a few things that need fixing though. The app closes itself when I click on the video of the day. Also, I haven't found any of the hyperlinks ("click here", "download this free book", etc.) to work. They don't do anything at all. If those were fixed I'd give this app 5 stars for sure.
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7 years ago, KM-RN3
Not able to make this app work
Looked great, but couldn't get it to work. App keeps closing out when I tried to login via Facebook. So I tried signing up through my email and error messages kept coming up. Didn't work for me. Hope it gets fixed, looks like it could be a great resource.
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6 years ago, 1208hays
Closes app & Favorites don’t save
. I Love the content of the daily devotional, however when I try to watch the videos it closes the app. Also when I try to favorite a devotional that sticks out to me is like to have to reference or re-read later it says it has been favorited but then when I go to favorites it’s not there 😞. Wish these two parts would work. I Gave two stars because of app failure but the devotional content is good
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4 years ago, kss.stricker
Little to no functionality
I love the iBelieve emails and daily devotional and website and I just cannot seem to get to as much content from the app. A lot of times the articles don’t load, I can’t find a whole list of related stuff to read. I would love if all of the functionality of the website and easy access to content was in an app. Just not super user friendly in my opinion.
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5 years ago, vpowell21
Used to read daily
I used to read this devotional daily then it suddenly crashed and I can’t get it back. Also could not get to some of the articles. I really hate that can’t get to these messages any more. Therefore I rate it a 3.
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6 years ago, Kalea Alexis
Closing out and won’t let me access features
I can’t watch “Grow your faith”. It just takes me to “archive” and I can’t read them. It also closes the app out on me. I have the most current version of iOS. It’s really frustrating when I’m trying to read and it closes or I can’t access all the apps features nor open any of my favorites.
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5 years ago, adsmith28
The content in the app is amazing. I love each day’s devotional. However, the app has suddenly started crashing and now I can’t even pull it up. I would give 5 stars, but I can’t even use the app at all now. I need this fixed ASAP!!
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7 years ago, Bbagoniab
Great content
I love this app. The content is wonderful and the devotionals are great. Everything is long enough to have meaning but short enough that a busy mom has time to read it. Excellent
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7 years ago, Gina 5389
App closes
Like the devotions. But the app closes when I try to view the video of the day. Also, I went to the website looking for a laminated card full of encouraging words. This card was not found. Very discouraging and misleading.
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6 years ago, Southofmost
Accessing content and sharing
The grow your faith only has a headline for me. No article! I’m also unable to share. When I message or share on Facebook, only the headline appears without a link.
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5 years ago, sherry 1974
This app is not working, girlfriend and GodWhat is wrongWith theApp it does not come in it is saying there is an ErrorSomeone,Needs to fix itThere is something with in the app it’s self please fix the problemAre used to loveThe appUntil I stoppedWorkingWhat has goneWrongWith this app?And needs to beFaxed!
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5 years ago, Texample
Not good
I tried several times to install the app it came into my screen but nothing loaded on the main page. I get the email but noticed recently there is something wrong with their scripture quotes. They are putting in writings from another type of Bible and it’s something that we need to be aware of.
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5 years ago, RANIJ5
IBelieve app
I absolutely loved this app! Unfortunately, it quit working and I get an alert:error every time I try to open it. I’ve reinstalled the app twice and it still won’t work.
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7 years ago, softball420
Great examples and stories
Love how most stories are genuine and written by authors who have actually experienced what I've gone through.
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6 years ago, jismith
I start my day with this. This simple app has enhanced my life. Every lady should have this on their phone.
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7 years ago, Zzxvfreh
Doesn’t work
Same messages ever day??? Are they to only change weekly It also crashes. Verse of the day has been the same all week also all messages are the same nothing different Can’t go back and read your favorites screen goes black it crashes
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7 months ago, Miss Kimberry
When the app is opened, it will have to places for today’s devotional and that’s all. When you click on it the screen is blank. Giving 1 star is being too generous. Don’t waste your time on getting this app!!!
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5 years ago, mojotheinfluencer
Love content but app is awful and has gotten worse
I love the content but I am going to the website. Seems like maybe there are too many pop up ads. I wish you would fix it.
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7 years ago, Dispatch91
Love this App
I am so enjoying the devotionals and content that is offered every day. An excellent way to start the day.
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4 years ago, spmmross
Absolutely love content but too many app fails
I absolutely love every piece of this app. I had to stop using because of the flaws and failed attempts when I opened the app. ☹️
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7 years ago, Mamablake
Quick read
This is a perfect morning start up with great insight.
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4 years ago, MadiJB
I used to love this app
This used to be my favorite app and I read my devotions every day. However every time I click on the app it closes and doesn’t work anymore.
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7 years ago, NaturaIIyMe
Love it minus the crashing
Love the content but the app crashes if you try to open videos or your favorites. Please fix this!
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5 years ago, RobbinE6
Error message
I can’t really give a good rating yet for the app because I haven’t actually gotten to use it. Each time I try to open it I get a message that says there’s an error? I’m not sure the problem.
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4 years ago, PassingtimeSc
Won’t Open
I receive the emails, but it would be easier to open the app. I see other reviews that are having the same issue. Please Fix this.
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6 years ago, Toribelle28
I like it
Simple and easy to use. Yes there are ads but the app is free. I like the content that is shared. I lovebirds the writers.
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1 year ago, Stephanie7733
Good heart.
Poorly executed as a study tool.
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5 years ago, PageOne96Three
Errors & Crashing
Receive an error message when signing up, but then exit and go back to the app and it crashes and shuts down. Looks like some updates/work is needed.
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5 years ago, dryg. vtw
Wouldn’t even download!
I tried 3 separate times to download the app, and every time I received pop ups for others apps, a constant loading wheel, and error pop ups. I was really disappointed.
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5 years ago, Missmej
I was excited to use this app. Now not so much. I can’t even get the app to load, it keeps crashing. I gave it 2 stars cause I hope this can be fixed.
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5 years ago, Teachermom43
Desperately needs updating
I loved this app...when it worked. It no longer opens and crashes every time I attempt to close out the pop up ads. So disappointed..
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5 years ago, KDShup
Help.... S.O.S.
🤪 I recently purchased the new iPhone 11.... cannot even open the app anymore! My screen flashes and goes back to my home screen! It has to be the app - it’s the only one I have this happen with.... Thank you
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6 years ago, Huntingfishingcountrygirl
Doesn’t work
Sorry but this app doesn’t work! Couldn’t sign up. Couldn’t read the devotional either. Only took 5 minutes to realize his wasn’t going to work.
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4 years ago, motherqoeosjxbeuahshfhe
I installed the app and signed up. When I sign in it opens then rapidly crashes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it various times and still does it. It’s a shame. I was really interested.
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6 years ago, ThisKristie
Difficult to use
I can’t get to the articles on here, it freezes up or something. I’ll likely delete it and try a different one.
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5 years ago, Deltagirl12345
It won’t do anything. It gives error. Deserves 0 stars
All I tried to do was sign in and it won’t let me. Seems worthless. I guess delete for another one. Wasted my time.
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4 years ago, sfamador1122
App keeps crashing
Looks like a fun and easy platform, the little I saw of it anyways. Had to delete it because it kept crashing.
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5 years ago, latoya gabriel
Not happy
Thus far, I’m not impressed at all!This app is not user friendly whatsoever‼️Its frustrating me, however I’m gonna give it another chance and that’s it!! I will update!!
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4 years ago, Very upset teacher
Won’t open
I was so excited to get this started. I downloaded the app and signed up but it keeps kicking me out. :( super sad this doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Girltrouble85
Every time I tried opening it the app crash in less than a minute.
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7 years ago, Scmaf
App crashes every time I try to watch the video.
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7 years ago, Rashayshay
Great app!
This devotion app is great! I use it daily :)
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4 years ago, christydwinstead
App Errors
The app will not open. I log in and it immediately shuts down.
Show more
4 years ago, Anthony11111122226586
Won’t let me start
The app keeps kicking me off.
Show more
7 years ago, ATTheaquarius
Needs update
App crashes
Show more
7 years ago, ctrockytop
Love this app!!
Show more
7 years ago, CozyDog814
Love the devotional!
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