Wonka's World of Candy Match 3

4.8 (83.4K)
205.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wonka's World of Candy Match 3

4.76 out of 5
83.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Qwerty56712
Best game of this type I have found!
I have played many iterations of this matching type game, and this is by far my favorite. The music is great, the graphics are good and the puzzles are FUN. The game is very thoughtfully designed to STAY fun and introduces new, fun elements as you move through the levels. The collecting of stars and rebuilding of the factory is satisfying because of the graphics, but I have played games of this type where the actual puzzles themselves became a boring grind just to collect enough stars or $ or points to continue to world build. The most important differentiator of this game is that, unlike the others I have played, it is quite possible to have fun and play this game without spending money. Unlike the other games, I don’t feel that they hook you in and then eventually make it so difficult that you HAVE to spend money to advance. I am approaching level 600, and the only money I have spent is to treat myself to something fun in the game to support the developers, not because I had to buy more tools to advance in the game. And.... THEY SUPPORT LANDSCAPE MODE. I have decided to nope out of games that don’t support landscape mode on my ipad, so this is a big plus for me.
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3 years ago, CLBII
Wonka’s World of Candy
This is a terrific game. It has all the whistles and bells that one might love in playing. It’s one of those games where you have to match three items together, kind of like candy crush sure, well you know there’s hundreds of them out there. And there’s another special attraction to this game where are your building the chocolate factory with each win as you move forward and up. Also, there’s other special prizes or gifts with each new conquest. The real problem with this game is that it’s driven buy money. I had played this game probably for about two years and it was challenging at times but I managed to get through. One incentive for you coming back every day was that you would get special prizes but would help you to accomplish or conquer certain levels. That feature was changed and now there is no way to get certain key gifts like the gobstopper and without special gifts you cannot finish the levels. That is of course unless you pay for the premium to get those special gifts. Shame on you guys. You took a fun game and made it into your monetary requirements. I highly recommend are you not to get involved with this game only to be frustrated
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5 years ago, Happy—shoppers
Thankful for improvements
So I decided to give the game a second chance. There have been good changes that allows you to play the game longer if you don’t have the extra money to spend to get a head. However, lately I’ve noticed there have been some glitches to this game. I’m not sure if this is temporary or maybe the programmer is not aware? All that aside, game is way better and I’m thankful for the changes because I really do love this game. Thank you for making it so fun and nostalgic to play and enjoy!! This is a really great game. I’ve really enjoyed playing it. However, some levels are impossible to beat unless you spend money out your own pocket to win. This fact annoys me because this game is a fun escape but I will never be committed to spending money to get a head in the game. Also it doesn’t give you the option to buy power ups with the coins you collect. Again, you have to spend money out of your own pocket. So this game leaves me annoyed...
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3 years ago, Salmojoe
Used to be great, now glitchy & full of ads.
I used to love this game and the reviews from earlier are right - the 'plot' is fun, graphics are good, and the levels are challenging enough. But lately the game is chock full of ads for zombie games (ie Survival) and other things I wouldn't want my small kids to see, so parents be careful if you're letting young ones play on your device. Also the game is frustratingly glitchy. Ex: you can opt to watch an ad to get extra lives, but after the ad it frequently has an error and fails to load the extra lives. Or occasionally it will freeze at the end of a level, so you have to restart the game. Finally, it used to be a game you could play mostly offline but now every ~5 levels there's a challenge you HAVE to be online to play, and the challenge lasts multiple days. So if on a road trip or plane without great cell service too bad, you can't play it at all. This used to be my go-to game but they've kinda ruined it with the constant zombie ads, glitches, & this new online requirement. Just a note for those saying the game forces you to spend $: I'm on level 2114 and have never spent a dime in the game. You don't HAVE to buy lives or coins to beat the levels, but some are really difficult & take numerous tries.
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6 years ago, TheStayatHomeMom
Too long for heart revivals 🙄
My two favorite phone games are Willy Wonka’s World of Candy and Disney Blitz. And honestly I love the Willy Wonka game more because of the detail the artwork the ability to create your own factory, it’s fun. But because of this issue I’m sorry to say Disney Blitz is still better than the Willy Wonka game. Why? Because they use the same live system as well, play a match and you use a heart you only have 5 hearts max once you’re done using those you have to wait for a respawn of those hearts. In Disney Blitz it only takes 10 minutes to get another heart plus you have a spin the wheel for a chance at three and once a day watch an AD for another three hearts. In Willy Wonka you lose a game and you lose a heart and it takes 30 MINUTES for another heart to come back annnnnnd other than using real money to buy more lives there is no other way of getting more lives. I think that’s the suckiest thing ever. I have to wait a long period of time to play again which honestly makes me not want to play due to me being impatient. I love this game however I highly recommend but I can’t really play it all the time when I have to wait so long for a life to come back 🙄
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5 years ago, Qeenhelene
Love the Game, But having same issues as other reviewers
So many cute and colorful graphics. I like the story and I especially Love the music! Clear almost orchestral and very true to what I recall from the movie. The levels are fun and challenging. I’m not fond of the worms, the marshmallows and chocolate chips are the bain of my existence but I enjoy it all. I lost a few hard fought and bought levels with a freeze/crash too, ANNOYING! High scores should provide additional stars, no matter how well yo play a level one star is all your ever going to get. My BIGGEST Issue with the Wonka’s game is the cost to continue play if you don’t want to quit a level. Almost 1000 coins to play on once and up from there, it’s crazy expensive! Why not have a flat fee to continue play like 70 coins - 100 coins. It would allow people to play longer which is a win win for everyone. After this last batch of coins which I could not resist buying I’m off to a game that may not be as good but will be better value for my time and money. I don’t mind spending money on a game but this game is a money grabber. It’s to bad because but for that I would give it 5 stars and telling all of my friends.
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4 years ago, Nae41974Nae
Fun to play but it's a Scam!
I believe the wonka game wants players to spend all their money on this game. I have gotten to level 5 on the golden event, was down to my last move, so I spent money for 5 more moves, so that I can win level 5, which I did win, then the game stalled before giving me the reward for winning level 5. So, I got out of the game and reopened only to have to re-play and re-win level 5 of the golden ticket game. The game did this to me 3 times! The third time the game did it, the game wouldn't give me the reward prize after I won level 5 of the golden ticket game, twice. After that, I decided just to play and not put money into this game anymore. I'm at level 1511 of the regular game and even though I played level 1511 about 20 times, but some of the time I had 1 move left, before winning the level, I decided not to put anymore money into this game. So, I'm stuck at level 1511 and I'm just going to build up my coins with the daily rewards the game gives and use my coins that way to win. No more wasting my real money on Wonka. I could've been finished all the levels in this game a year ago, if they weren't stealing my real money. The developers think they slick with this tactic. I guess I will never finish the last zone at this rate. Your not making anymore money off this player again! Bye game scammers!!
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5 years ago, AbbieRose cat
Frustrations exceed joy
All the reviews discussing how beautiful the graphics are and the nostalgia is wonderful are spot on. However, that is where the joy ends. This game will not work if it isn’t connected to the internet. It is constantly fetching data, taking forever to load and burning up my limited data connection. It seems to require a new update more frequently than necessary further being annoying. Running on a late model iPad Air it hangs, freezes, and require restarts. I have had multiple occasions where all progress from a session is lost and I have to replay however many levels were completed. This is infuriating when I have spent days getting passed a difficult level and resort to using the very limited coins. I began playing this game when my daughter asked for help. It quickly became too difficult for her so we would play together and she would read the story to me and decorate the factory. The amount of time it takes for me to store up enough stars for her is beyond the benefit we get as time together. Today requires yet another big update to be able to play. This is probably going to be the end of playing this game. It’s a bummer b/c the game really is a great concept and beautiful graphics.
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3 days ago, LavenderRose!
Great Theme and Graphics But Unfair and Rigged
As many reviews have stated, the graphics are wonderful, the story is a favorite, and I enjoy the candy theme. But I’m frustrated because the game will actively prevent you from winning levels. For example, I had seven turns left and only needed to collect three more boxes, having collected all that were on the board. But the game stopped putting boxes on the board, making the level unwinnable. Another frustrating example is the rockets. They often ignore high-value targets to hit useless or low-value ones. For example, I may only need one or two more items to win a level, so I activate a bunch of rockets: they avoid the necessary items completely, so I lose the level. Or the rockets will hit a candy in the color I need, but they will ignore one that’s been multiplied 8X or 9X and hit one that is only worth one. The levels are hard enough, the game should be fair. I think the forced losing is an attempt to push you to spend money on in-game boosters. This annoyance is starting to overwhelm my original delight in the game. I ended up deleting my other Zynga game, Wizard of Oz Magic Match, for the same reason, not sure if I will do the same with this one.
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5 years ago, Itsssssssmeeee
I have completed all the levels and have been playing the bonus Valentine Box levels. It gives you a candy to build by completing levels, but that candy is only available for a certain amount of time, about 3-4 days, maybe. I beat the first 5 bonus levels, then had to wait 8 hours to play the next set of bonus levels for that candy. Beat those, then had to wait a bunch of hours again. By the time I had waited, the candy was no longer available, and I had to start over with a new candy. Now I can’t even pass the first level of the current candy. You have to break a ton of cookies, but several times when cascading matches are made next to cookies they don’t break. And once you finish all the levels you can’t go back and play previous levels, you can only play the bonus Valentine Box levels, but I can’t get past the very first level now. It’s stupid. Obviously they are trying to put out a small number of bonus levels to tide folks over, but when you can’t pass the first one it’s useless to play. Starting to lose interest in the game. Close to deleting, even though I have complete 650 something levels.
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5 years ago, megnugs
Great except..
The game is lots of fun and I’ve been nonstop playing for a couple days. But the past two days something keeps happening that is really frustrating. I’m stuck on level 110 and the first time I beat this level it took all day, I even bought the extra 5 moves and used power ups just to get past it. So I make the well with that one star I earned and go to start the next level and the game just freezes and is stuck loading into the next level. I restarted my game and I have to beat 110 again, I got my 950 coins back, have to rebuild the well, but I don’t have any of the lives I had before I started on that level. It’s really frustrating because this has happened MULTIPLE times now. Even towards the first time playing I would jump back on the app only to find i shot back 5-10 levels. The issue stopped when I connected with Facebook, but I don’t know what to do about this level 110 issue. Overall it’s a super fun game and really addictive! I love playing it! It’s just this one issue that’s becoming really frustrating :(
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5 years ago, cmiskell
Willie Wonka’s
This game is easy for older children, but more than entertaining for adults that are looking for something a little more relaxing. Having Gene Wilder and others on board brings about a feeling of nostalgia. And now I realize just how creepy Gene was, so I just turn down the volume, since the songs and sounds are “pure imagination.” My one complaint is the instructions for the moves and what they do move by far to fast to read, so you are left figuring it out for yourself, which can really slow you down. Over all, an enjoyable game, but level 73(I may be wrong on that, but it is in the 70’s, which seems to be the standard on match three games. You are tootling alone when “BAM” you hit a wall that requires cold hard cash! At this point, after a few tries, I just move along to another game from the endless supply of apps. I tried cash once, and almost got a divorce. It’s too easy to pour out the cash, and not realize until you get your statement. For the number of games available, there is really no need to purchase in-app aide.
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5 years ago, JiaJaneDoe
Just okay
I’ve spent more money on this game than most games I enjoy playing, yet am often disappointed in it. I guess that’s a good thing to realize before I spend any more real life cash on it than I already have, but if the game wasn’t so rigged to stick you at the same level over and over, therefore the only way to win IS TO PAY REAL CASH, than it would be a lot more fun. But I’m over it. And for sure not paying another dime to be stuck on the same level for days on end. The factory itself has so many levels to beat apparently, but unless you want to pay for it, good luck in getting past factory level 2 or 3 before you’re burnt out. Greedy developers. And many more concerns... too long to generate lives! Too expensive! Some levels are IMPOSSIBLE without spending real cash! I’m on the farm level... ugh. And really addicted. But disappointed. Don’t think I will be playing much longer at this point... :(. Edited to add= And FYI- the newest “updates” are complete bogus! They make no sense as fancy as you try to make them sound! They have no REAL benefit in the game as far as I can tell from playing every single day the last 2 months.
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4 years ago, Prometheus27
Great but one thing
This game is awesome hands down I got a bunch of my family to start playing it with me since we Love Willy Wonka the original movie and this is exactly like that ... We’ve been playing this game since November 2018 and it’s May 2020 ... Everything is great the extra games and puzzle games to win prizes are nice . This game is constantly putting some little neat extra games for extra prizes like wonka bars , Gobstoppers etc ... They also sell good coin packages and bundle packs with coins and items you need at times to beat levels ... MY ONLY thing I wish they had was packages you can buy for just items like wonka bars , Gobstoppers etc ... Sometimes I just need a item instead of coins but you have to buy coins and item packages together to get the item ... Please make bundles for items only please !!! Keep up the good work I’m at Zone 14 level 1351 I’m gonna be sad once I clear this zone and 15 and it’s all over 😢😢
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5 years ago, Pinball_D_Judge
GREAT GAME! But one problem. Please read...
This game is GREAT! The detail is really good and the gameplay is VERY addicting but their is one major flaw. I quit playing the game a while ago and I just got it back. I really wanted to get a fresh start and delete my data. But they made me go through all of this dumb stuff and I’ll have to wait up to30 DAYS just to restart. That’s pretty ridiculous. I am a pretty patient person but seriously, 30 DAYS to delete some data. They even make us take a survey! Please PlEaSe, PLEASE FIXXXXX! You don’t need the survey and we don’t want to wait 30 days. Usually when I right a message like this, I would always think in the back of my head that I don’t understand and they no more about the game than me, but I’ve played games that are WAY more “high tech” than this and I could delete my data with the press of a button. This game isn’t very complex so deleting data shouldn’t be either. NO BOT MESSAGES! Just fix it...
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5 years ago, Beantown Babe12345
Over it
I initially loved this game, because the premise was nostalgic and the factory graphics are stunning. I now find the game more frustrating than anything else, and I feel like I’m getting ripped off. It takes too long to accumulate enough coins to be of any real benefit without shelling out cash for the overpriced power up packages. Once you do buy an overpriced package, continuation of game play or restoration of lives use up so many of those overpriced or hard-earned coins that your supply quickly is depleted. Furthermore, some levels logistically are impossible to beat WITHOUT using those overpriced coins for more moves. The game doesn’t provide enough moves to allow completion of these levels without expending thousands of coins. I don’t like feeling like I’m being taken advantage of and bled dry, and that’s how this game makes me feel. I’m deleting it. (Also, when a player earns an Everlasting Gobstopper on the board, it should be affected by other special pieces/power ups. It’s so frustrating to earn a Gobstopper only to have it disappear from a bubble piece or similar.)
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5 years ago, AlaskaEllie
Great premise but too many issues.
I am disappointed in the developer on this one. The game is beautiful and I love their use of aspects from the original movie as well as the music. However that’s where my enjoyment ends. The puzzles are fun with the exception that they are unnecessarily hard on too many levels, thus requiring you to buy lives or power ups to move on. This gets annoying quick and I’d love to see this fixed. Also if you get an everlasting gobstopper and another power up goes off anywhere near it, you loose the everlasting gobstopper power up without getting any benefit. Also, the rocket power ups are much too random. If you have one spot left to hit, and set off three rockets, you may still be left with that one spot untouched! All together the game gets so annoying that I simply choose to play a game that is still challenging but doesn’t find me screaming at my tablet in frustration. I would really love it if the developer would fix these issues and find other ways to entice our money. Say, offer limited time special items?
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5 years ago, Dixielineer
A special occasion is coming!
I just love it so much! I like how you can decorate Wonka’s factory. I like the little guys (and girls) with the green hair. They are so cute! Whoever reads this I think you should buy it. It’s awesome. I also wanna say that I think Wonka looks really cool. The people that made it seem talented! There’s different places to go, games to play, decorations just waiting for you! Well, Wonka needs help! He needs help with his factory! He shut down the factory a little while ago, to explore the world. But now, he wants to start it up again! So help him! Please! After you finally get the first place to go started, the little guys (and girls) will come out, but don’t know your name! Wonka forgot to put a name tag on you. But he will put it on! Put your name in, and get started working with Wonka! Check it out! From, ABC News team
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6 years ago, Jason P.M.
Needs vast improvement.
It takes too long to get lives. It would be more helpful if more moves were added for the most difficult levels. After completing a level, players are not rewarded enough coins. Add to that, the amount of coins needed to either replay a level, refill lives or buy more power-ups is preposterous. I mean, sixteen thousand coins to refill lives and seven-thousand two hundred for a power-up is ridiculous. It should be the reverse. More coins after completing levels and less coins to replay a level, refill lives and buy power-ups. Plus, players should be rewarded with power-ups after clearing a level. It would make this game more enjoyable. Honestly, why do match three games have to have moves in the first place instead of just giving us a match 3 game with unlimited moves?
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1 year ago, VisableHen70223
I like when a friend can help you thru a hard lvl
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now with my mom on her phone and me on mine. It’s kinda like our bonding thing, anyway…. You USED to be able to have a “friend “ help you with a hard level SAY LIKE AFTER 10 times of failing. Truth be told she’s way better than I am at this game, but who cares it’s fun. Heck I started playing it only bc she begged me to so we could send each other a life here and there, and I ended up LOVING it mostly bc of the beloved movie original with Gene Wilder. Having loved this movie my whole 42 yrs of life, this game kinda makes me relive the movie again slowly while doing FUN puzzles. HOWEVER…. BRING BACK FRIEND HELP ON A BOARD YOU CANT PASS. I’ve been playing sadly less and less bc I’ll get stuck on a board for a month and that’s just crazy to me and sad bc I NEED to see the ending. Ok rant over, great game, just wish I could bring back THAT FEATURE I’d sure play as many hrs as I used to. IJS
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6 years ago, the queen of pugs
Some annoying things
Willy Wonka’s is very fun but has some annoying things. First of all, why do we have lives? Why can’t we just play as much as we want instead of having to wait so long to get more lives? One thing I think Willy Wonka’s should have is that you should be able to create a character for yourself and see yourself work on things while you are playing. It is a little annoying that Oompa Loompas keep getting stuck and I have to use stars to get them out. The Oompa Loompas should have learned their lesson the first time they got stuck and stop going into mines and things that look like they might break down. The last thing I think there should be is a way to be able to hold your phone upright and play instead of having to keep it sideways. I like to play Willy Wonka’s factory but it makes it difficult when I have to reposition my hands and hold the phone differently. This is all I have found, other than these things, Willy Wonka’s factory is a very fun game and I think it is very entertaining.
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3 years ago, dhzygww
Make the games fair
The game is fun and very addicting but you guys make us not be able to win. When I was on level 78 each time you made me not be able to have pairs it always said that there were no matches but whenever there was they weren’t even useful. I passed it using my stuff to make blocks disappear like the punching glove. Now I am at the part where you have to make the bees safe. When I started the first one was very easy but when level 3 happened you made it Very difficult by not putting pairs to get the honey. I am on the final level and you put the pars on the far side of the game. I’m supposed to break ice, make matches, break boxes, and make the honey come down. But every single time you always put it on the far side of the map and it’s very annoying. You expect us to use our extra gadgets even tho we have none. I hope this makes you fix things and if they are random blocks spawning, then I hope you guys can try and fix it.
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5 years ago, AngieOakley
More like World of waste
The idea behind it is solid, and who doesn’t love Willy Wonka? I love the idea of the game and the chance to build the factory with decorations. BUT...life regeneration takes too long to be back at the full 5 hearts. Either increase the number of lives or decrease the regeneration time. The levels past 65 are difficult. Challenge is good, but when I have to replay the level multiple times because the games algorithms for solutions are near impossible to solve due to severely limited number of moves then it’s maddening and no one enjoys that. I should not have to buy coins with real money to get the “power ups” that are over priced for the 2-3 given. To keep the players engaged or addicted if you will, you need to loosen the chances to win/earn more power ups, increase moves available to solve puzzles in all levels, and allow sugar to be earned at every level past 65. Geez, I’ve been stuck in the same goal for 2 days. I’ve deleted the game and decided to do something else. Thanks for the Wonka’s World of Waste: time waste, money waste, and electricity waste.
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5 years ago, Warriorprincess27
Was excited in the beginning but losing interest
I was extremely excited when I saw the Willy Wonka game. As I began playing I truly enjoyed it and it was super fun. The graphics are spot on and very colorful, and extremely fun picking how you want to build your factory. Even though it began as an enjoyment, as I passed levels they became more difficult to the point of almost impossible to pass. And when you were so close to getting it you were able to use coins to get additional moves. The frustrating part is the first time you request extra moves it’s 950 coins but then the next time you request it the amount of coins is an incredible increase of difference and yet still only gives you five moves I find that to be extremely ridiculous. So it gives you the impression that they push you to spend money on extra coins and bundles more than they do focusing on making this an enjoyment and this is where I’m losing interest to the point of deleting the game from my apps even though I have passed over 200 levels. Still on the fence.
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5 years ago, mrscmholm
Observe the gameplay
Just like any matching puzzle game similar to this one, it’s greedy and rigged in EVERY way possible. I expected that but downloaded it anyway because I love Willy Wonka so I knew what I was getting myself into. I’m on level 189 after spending 3+ days and a few dollars on 188. On the terrible reviews regarding having to spend money, the developers say “every level is passable without spending real money” which is technically true. But only after the game makes you spend days on a level and only lets you pass it when you have one life left to lose and it’s immediately lost on the next level. It doesn’t matter what strategy you use or if you carefully plan out each move. Once you get past a certain level and progressed a little ways in the game, the levels don’t get more “difficult”, they get more greedy and more rigged. You have to wait and hope the time it takes the game to realize you aren't going to give up real money isn’t a week before it lets you pass.
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5 years ago, kelly0022
I love this game...BUT....
This game is very engaging and you can find yourself spending an enjoyable amount of time rebuilding the chocolate factory after winning some challenging but fair match/puzzle games. It’s my favorite way to unwind. However, recently the game changed and the amount of coins the user wins after winning a game took a nose dive from about 35 to about 23. This makes the game much less enjoyable because coins are needed (and a whole lot of them) to extend game play when you need a few lore moves or lives. You’re being asked for at least 900+ coins to get 5 extra moves, and 1200+ to get 5 extra lives, but the time it takes to earn them is entirely too long. So my wish is - either raise (restore) the earnings per winning game or reduce the costs to extend moves or lives to be in more scalable alignment. By the way, 5 extra moves shouldn’t cost nearly as much as 5 extra lives .... I’d adjust that too. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Janice2348
I really wanted to love this game.....but
When I found this game I thought, what a cool idea! Willy Wonka was a favorite movie as a kid and still is. I thought the graphics and gameplay were great. The storyline was cute. At first; I was able to play without having to buy coins. But as the levels progressed, I found myself unable to complete levels without spending money. I would be one or two goals short repeatedly. I fell into the trap of buying coins so I could progress. On one hard level, I bought 250 coins to complete it. I used that up only to have just one remaining marshmallow. Ughhhhh!! I had to buy more coins. Not long after this, I deleted the game. I believe it to be, like other similar games, rigged so that it’s impossible to get to higher levels without spending money. I wish that the developers of these games would quit this money grubbing. I would rather pay a small fee once, than being nickeled and dimed constantly. I wish I could have kept playing.
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3 years ago, saal0704
The game is fun, colorful and engaging. However, serious drawbacks are the short number of turns per level, and the ever so common level where the first move or two are essentially required. If the game is random chance of what sort of colors are going to drop to make potential matches, you can literally play the same level dozens of times because the “random” drop never drops the required matches. Levels with predetermined moves required before further progression on a level are ridiculous waste of turns when there is already a short number of turns. Other annoyances are the annoying pop-ups that plague the Home Screen. You will always have to close and close and close and close and close and close pop-up adds every single time you go the Home Screen. Nearly 50% I just immediately exit the game after opening because it is irritating to have to engage all of those ads.
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5 years ago, Bingo O72
Greedy game-makers
Greedy game-developers have sucked the fun right out of this game. The game has great graphics and love the character power-ups, but a few drastic things make this NOT enjoyable to play. Lately, many of the rockets go to random spots that are not helpful. The thing that really gets me so disappointed is their greed when you get to the Master Chocolatier challenge...you must fill a box of chocolates and, of course, you have to win like 5 times just to make one part of one candy (the candy shell). Then you get to the candy filling, which you have to win 10 times, oh but that’s not all, they give the most ridiculous time limit to fill the entire box - I made like 1 after playing hours and it said I have a day left. What?!?! Oh, but it’s worse...before I can get to those 10 games it stops the game for SEVEN HOURS for factory cleaning. And it wants 2400 coins to skip it. I enjoyed this game and used to pay a few bucks here and there to continue but after this I have stopped doing that. ZERO money from me now. This is dumbfounding and sad. Your greed worked against you.
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3 years ago, GINAMARIE'S FARM
Has everything going for it but...
This game has awesome graphics, and Willy Wonka, but I’ve never really become overly excited about it, even though I’ve played it for years. The reason is that, it doesn’t have a strategy that I can figure out to beat levels. It is so random; I can get lucky and match two gobstoppers, but still not beat a level. Sometimes, I’ll be playing along in a level for weeks, then all of a sudden, a bunch of bubbles pop, and I beat it. I never spend money, so that’s cool, but the reason I don’t is because the number of moves and the goal don’t match up, and the way the game is designed, it’s just confusing. I’ve never been impressed with any of the events, either. I wish they’d make it a little more user friendly and straight forward. Allowing players to win once and a while usually gets them excited to play more (at least that’s my opinion!) 🍭
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5 years ago, b0bbiekalei
By far my favorite match game 👍🏽
The details, the level of difficulty, side events & boosters... it’s all fun & appealing to look at. I enjoy this the most out of all the others. Question for the maker, not really pertaining to this game I particular. But would you want to make a Wonka Bingo game? Something similar to this, in a sense where instead of winning just collectible items on select bingo cards like all the other bingo games, players would instead be rewarded with machines, decorations, oompa loompas, etc. to have and place in their factory like in this match game. Each chapter moving on would be to a different themed section of the factory. Just a thought! Cuz I miss bingo games being attractive & fun. So I figured the looks & the function of something like this match game would make bingo games that much greater to play.
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5 years ago, Oompa loopah
Needs improvement
The game is highly addictive and very entertaining but some of the bubbles that blow up don’t really help because they blow up around other candy that’s not necessarily going to help you so it’s a waste. The rockets hits blocked candies but don’t break it completely and sometimes are so random they hit places you don’t need it to hit- there is no control where they are going to hit plus they don’t break anything except the shell the funniest bears are in. When I play I get stuck on one level for weeks not days because like I said they only give 5 hearts to play and little turns to really enjoy the level and move on, besides the rockets are useless as well as the bombs at times the game overall is fun and I do enjoy it but I feel it needs more options and control to where you don’t feel stuck and can move on to continue playing instead of stressing the player out to where it’s not fun anymore!
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6 years ago, feliciah3
I’m sorry...I have to say one because I’ve been trying to get passed this one level....grant it... it’s a hard level I understand...but I’ve been trying for the passed 2 to 3 weeks to get the same level....I even uninstalled it for a couple of days...because I was so mad...I downloaded it again because it’s a great game....and I wanted to try again....even when I got the boosts that I needed it still didn’t work...it doesn’t even give you enough moves to get anywhere...and when you get a little ways your down to one move...and not enough money to get anymore...and even when you do it still doesn’t work....so sorry but the rating will not change until something else changes...I’m already thinking about uninstalling it again....
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3 years ago, CeCesway
It’s great so long as you don’t have any issues!
I’ve played this game for over three years and recommend it to everyone. Unfortunately I did an upgrade and now it’s all messed up. Ive contacted customer support many times only to be told they have passed it off to another department. It’s been over a month and I’ve sent screen shots and long descriptions of my issues. Still no fix or even an answer other than they are sending it to another department. I enjoyed playing this game except that when you get to high levels you have to build chocolate boxes. You get no stars and have to wait about a week before you can get back to the regular levels and then you get 10 levels then you are back to making chocolate boxes again. Due to my problems I cannot play wonka bar and have been completely demoted. I know it’s just a game, but when your put some much into it and then it just stops working and get no help it’s time to move on.
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5 years ago, Sports Lady
I play a lot of games. This has nice graphics BUT THAT IS IT!!!! There is sooooo many things wrong and things set up for failure so you buy tokens. And your daily moves don't accumulate and save if you want to use them to pass a more difficult level. I saved for almost two weeks only to find out I only got the current day. So I didn’t get to keep all MY rewards. Their customer service provides standard, prewritten responses and keep saying they are working on it or they pass it along. All I needed was a yes or no answer OR will my rewards be returned to me. Nothing! I’ve had a ton or problems with connectivity and losing progress after completing a difficult level and they don’t return that either. I’m so disgusted at their lack of GENUINE (there is none) concern for customer service and support. NEVER another Zynga game for me. And I was a customer who spent plenty of money but they DID NOT CARE! Don’t bother. There are lots of beautiful and fun games out there that come with great AND FAIR customer service. Don’t do it!!!!!
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5 years ago, Sammy I am 109976
If you can’t beat ‘em...
Another Candy Crush knock off..it’s fun and largely easier than most of the other games. I don’t mind that there are so many copies of the same game because when I reach a level that’s unnecessarily difficult, I typically delete the game and find one of the dozens of copies. (Why waste more of my time?) This one’s a bit annoying because it cheats...for example: rockets, when launched, should always go after a necessary, useful target (something you need to complete the level) but I recently spent hours on a level and got to the last three patches of candy. With two moves left, I made side-by-side rockets and then launched them (which creates three, exactly what I needed to finally complete the level!) and only one hit a target. Oh well. You got me from advancing and being a zombie for another four hours on your game. Time to delete it and find another knock off...
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4 years ago, sgroovez
Continues to be a lot of fun and no more prompts for Facebook!
**Update** The prompts are gone, and I am able to play this game. This game is the only game that I has kept my attention. It’s fun, its frustrating (tough levels) it brings you back to the original movie from 1971. This is a very fun game! This is a fun game, and quite honestly, the only game I play now. I am not a fan of the advertisements, but I can get through that. With this latest update, I am asked to connect to Facebook. I do not use, and do not plan to use that app in the future. I can not play this game because of the continued interruptions to connect the app to Facebook. If that is the future of this game, I will no longer be playing this which is a shame. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Swim0393
Fun but can be frustrating
This game is really fun to play but it does glitch out occasionally or it will take away some of your “gold ticket that you can find”- I was playing yesterday and I had 7 but after I opened some of the chocolate bars I was down to 5 :/. Another great thing about this game is the progress that you can see about rebuilding the chocolate factor with every level that you can completely and even minimally customize it. Down side, it is VERY frustrating getting to a machine and you have you use up multiple rounds of stars (a star for every level completed). This could be 4 stars for cleaning up, then 3 for building, then another 4 for cleaning the sticky gum off the machine, before and other 3 just to install the shoot. AND THIS IS JUST ONE MACHINE!!!
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4 years ago, Best SBA =)
What is happening?
I would have given five stars because there are a lot of good points to this game .......however......after playing for so long and being on level 1,414..... why am I allll of a sudden unable to access allllll your little videos to receive the boosters? When I go into your support page? You want my email?! Ummm NO! You don’t need my email to fix your glitches! You have another glitch as well... my boyfriend cannot even receive his Wonka bars! Why is that? And do not even say restart your device.... I have done numerous things falling short of totally deleting your game! But I keep plugging along because I don’t want to lose everything! All we ask is that you please fix your glitches.... other than YOUR glitches? It is a fun game with great graphics and at times challenging so if I can win a silly level after playing it for a week? Then you can certainly fix your bugs and glitches!
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6 years ago, Prettyhatefulmachine
Do not connect to Facebook
They will offer you a reward to connect to Facebook, but you will never receive it. Upon contacting support I was asked for a screenshot to prove I did indeed connect to Facebook. After I replied with the screenshot this is the message I received; “Thanks for the attached screenshot, Jenn. I've double checked your account and was able to verify that your game has now been successfully connected to Facebook. Please connect your game successfully in order to claim the reward coin! Thank you for playing and have a nice day!” When I asked what they meant by asking me to successfully connect again they told me it was a known issue that people were not receiving their reward and that’s it. They never credited it and seems like they have no intention in doing so, they just wanted access to my Facebook account, friend’s list, and personal info. I would never make a purchase with this app as they have proven to be unreliable with basically no support. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, Kspada
Really Disappointed
I loved this game! I enjoyed playing it almost every day, I even made it to level 480! I bought some coins, and then all of a sudden my app crashes every time I try to open it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and nothing helps. Others I know who also play this game are still able to open the game on their phone, but I cannot for some reason. I think it’s really suspicious that once I decided to make an in app purchase it all of a sudden stops working. I’m very disappointed in this. I hope it gets fixed. I do use an iphone11, and don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Please fix it! Or give me my money back!
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5 years ago, yuhcutie
Love it but there are some bugs.
I’ve never been into games like this and candy crush or anything but I love Willy Wonka and this certainly caught my eye. I’ve reached the 200 level point and still love it. All the details are great, the options to choose from to create your candy world are really creative and you don’t even have to buy every option, just the special cool item. It’s hard for me to put this game down, it’s that good. But, there are a few bugs, Around level 50 my sound stop working, and with the last update it got more pixelated and not as clear for some reason. Fix that for me and I’ll be happy. And just an idea to consider, it takes a while to build up coins, so maybe make it a little easier to accumulate coins. Keep up the great work guys. Wonka would be proud!
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5 years ago, GCMA friend
Charged me for something without telling me
I like the game but while playing a meant to click the button that said watch video for one free life but apparently I clicked pay $1.99 for infinite lives for the next two hours. I didn’t know that’s what I pressed and I got no notification that verified the purchase or asked me to confirm or even needed my fingerprint to continue. I didn’t know it charged me until it let me keep playing despite having used my last life. I have no idea what the price of the purchase was but I remember it saying $1.99 so I can only hope it was just that. The game needs to add a precaution like a verification like “are you sure you want to spend x amount on this?” Especially since this game is targeted towards kids that most likely are using their parents phones and aren’t allowed to buy things on their games.
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5 years ago, silkyd89
Great Game concept but...
I like the game a lot! It really follows the original Willy Wonka movie. And you actually get to build the factory. The problem is you have to spend money in order to keep playing and the only way you can build the factory is through game play and receive stars. It would be a much better game if you didn’t have to pay so much to play the game. It is 950 tokens to continue a board if you don’t solve a puzzle to continue so you don’t lose your progress. That is way to many tokens and then you don’t get full life to try and finish the puzzle which is wrong. You only get 2-5 more moves for 950 tokens. Come on game team fix that! Also make it possible to be able to get stars else where for game play. Great game like I said not for kids cost to much money. Make it more playable and you could have a hit game!
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6 years ago, Ha1ryPl8er
Needs work!!
I’ve really enjoyed this new game, but it can be pretty flawed! As you progress, the levels get more difficult. I understand the reasons behind this, but why should we still have to make games that have levels get more difficult? Every once in a while, a level is labeled “hard”, but for whatever reason, some of the levels not labeled “hard” are more difficult than the ones that are. Even the ones that are labeled “hard” take me just one try to complete the level. Where’s the logic in that? I’m stuck on level 57, and it’s been the hardest level I’ve been on so far, and it’s not one labeled “hard”. A few times I have been so close to complete the level, but the way this game plays doesn’t feel fair. The only thing I’m asking for in a future update is to make levels better designed and easier to complete. I don’t want to have to spend money, which I have done once already, to get infinite lives for 12 hours just to get through a level. So developers, please fix the level design and make them easier to complete! If you want to make money from app games, allow ads! Just don’t have them be so obnoxious! I for one don’t mind banner ads, as long as they don’t obscure the screen.
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6 years ago, CoffeeTime_yum
My New 1st choice Go-To game
I’ve been playing this game for about 3 weeks and it has become my first choice to play when I want to just chill for a while or am winding down at the end of the day. I have 5 or 6 other games on my phone that I play once my lives are used up on this one. Fun matching levels that earn you stars & you get to help Willy Wonka fix up the factory with the stars you earn. They give you choices of what benches, trees, bridges, etc to put in place to make the factory “your kind of beautiful”. The music from the original movie plays in the background and there are plenty of Oompa Loompa’s around and are included in the storyline . If you liked the movie you will enjoy this game.
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5 years ago, awksaw
Nostalgia, Amazing Game!
I was really excited to download this game because I knew it’d bring back memories. you can tell a lot of love and effort was put into the game. the music, the animation for the characters of the movie, even the music was on point. decorating the candy room was absolutely a blast. i slightly get annoyed at some levels because they’re so difficult and it makes you want to spend real money just so you don’t have to start your game over (the candy mission not the entire game itself), other than that it’s honestly an amazing game and i’m on it so often. to me it relaxes me and not only does it do that, i get to enjoy some nostalgic emotions while creating the factory... love it!
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6 years ago, gfdggshjydcbkk
Normal levels are harder than the hard levels
I’ve come to the conclusion that Level 80 has been designed to be unfair, extremely frustrating and a way to get you to buy more lives or more helps. And it’s not marked as a Hard level. The goal is to clear 44 cookies and 84 boxes BUT first you have to get 44 caps to clear the liquid which covers half the puzzle (where the boxes are and where half the cookies are) and there’s only 33 moves to complete all this. You end up wasting almost half or all the moves trying to get the caps to release so you can clear the liquid. I’ve spent days working on Level 80, I’m very close to quitting it entirely and uninstalling the game. I like this game the graphics are good but being stuck on one level after a multiple amount of attempts is just not worth the trouble.
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6 years ago, Ppurreshuz
Willy Wonka... A spectacular and addictive game!
This game is one of the games which is in my critical evaluation. May be considered as one of those high profile games. I am thankful to the creators of this game because it doesn’t only entertain you, but the Nostalgic effect on those adult players who used to be young when Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory was shown on movie theatres when I was still very young had left a special imprint on my mind. I’d say that this game a work produced by ingenuity and incomparable with any other puzzle games! Congratulations and thank you for providing us (young once) to be able to participate in recreating the Wonka Chocolate Factory and experience to create beauty even in an animated way. Good luck and more power!
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5 years ago, Lola526blue
Loved at first but hen gets really really difficult
I didn’t exactly whiz through any level or factory room, but for how many levels there are, you spend about an average of 10 lives on each one just to move up a level past the 100’s! Can’t imagine anything being more difficult than that and I think they need to give more lives and make sure that, for instance, the arrows you can activate actually HIT items you need hit instead of some of them just hitting a blank space as if the system is delayed or missing target. Lastly many of the machines you win aren’t as exciting and there is a lot of speech and waiting time you can’t skip through. Still a fun game and very cool theme. I especially loved the first two “rooms” on the map. Just needs some improvements!
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