Wood Magazine

4.8 (71)
82.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Meredith Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wood Magazine

4.77 out of 5
71 Ratings
3 years ago, Geneorama
Great app but some bumps
This is really a very well designed and easy to use app. The articles look just like the magazine, and this is my favorite magazine for woodworking. It’s focused on sophisticated woodworking but not too advanced. Complaints: linking my subscription was unnecessarily complicated. It didn’t work at first.I reached customer service easily but they abruptly dumped my case and gave me an email for different customer service halfway through resolution. (Have you ever heard of the forward button?) The second leg (Zineo) quickly linked my account. Another complaint, I wish it was easier to search and purchase plans. You can search old issues and buy those, but you can’t buy plans which would be great. I think it’s possible on the website but not here that I can find. Normally these flaws would be a big downgrade, but the content and app is perfect.
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1 year ago, Wolf of mississippi
Magazine is great - the reader app, not so much
Reading a mag online should be a pleasurable experience. After all, one can scroll, zoom on details, easily flip around to any desired content - well, that’s what one would “like” to do - but not so smooth with this reader. I suppose I’m spoiled with the current PDF readers and how smooth and seamless they work - Wood Magazine is great and the writers are top notch - wish this app was up to par.
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4 years ago, todd567384
Won,t let me read my subscription
Things used to be better, had access to all the issues I bought, but now the app won’t open properly. All it does is sit and spin. I am only able to get it to open by deleting (which deletes all of my local content) and reloading the app from the App Store. I have gotten adept at logging back in which seems to work for a very short time for one issue viewing only which barely downloads. I queue up downloads of previous issues to be able to reference them, but they never download. When I return to the app for later viewing, all it does is sit and spin. Big mistake to switch from print to digital. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, GeezerOlds
Terrible App and Customer Service
Save your money. I subscribed over a week ago and nothing shows up under my subscriptions. I tried purchasing an older magazine separately and I can’t read that one either. When I try to download or restore purchases the app throws error messages. Wood Magazines’s poor excuse for customer service refuses to help resolve the issue. I get generic responses saying it’s not their problem. What a complete waste of time and money. UPDATE: Zinio’s customer service resolved my issue after I posted this review, and I’ve change the rating from 1 to 3 stars to reflect that. To others having problems I would recommend contacting them through the email address they leave in response to reviews, not the support email address in the app. I still have trouble rating any higher than 3 due to the initial problems and the pass-the-buck responses I received, especially since if I hadn’t taken the time to leave a negative review the issue wouldn’t have been resolved.
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4 years ago, Marinejoe
Login problem
So I download the app, go to set up a login in the app but you can’t, so I went to the website and set up a profile. I go back to the login in the app and it asks for my email and that’s it. I press next and it email or password incorrect. Well no way?!?! There isn’t a place to put the password in the app. Also I subscribe to the 1 year deal but it doesn’t get me access to anything because I can’t login to the app or anything. Please fix!
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1 year ago, RH2S
The app works on my phone but won’t let me sign in on my iPad. I kinda like to read it on my iPad cause it’s bigger. Was working fine before but keeps stating I’m not a subscriber on the iPad while my Apple Pay subscription is good until September. What gives?
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5 years ago, Sgtdvldog91
As an ITunes subscriber for multiple years, I am unable to restore my library. Followed the instructions as specified, ensuring log in information was correct. Still no access to my past or new issues of the magazine. Sure the new app looks pretty but as an ITunes subscriber completely unfunctional. Do developers even debug their apps anymore, this is my second run in with a digital subscription that they updated the app and it didn’t sync with the iTunes subscription. At least I received a refund for all my purchases for the entire 3 years I had their subscription, what is going to be your resolution? ADDENDUM I wanted to update my initial review. After responding back to the developers initial response and some back and forth emails with support, I am pleased to report that my library has been recovered and is working fine. Now after playing with the app and what not as well as the fairly quick response to the issues from the developer I will be changing my initial review of 1 star to 4. Granted it was frustrating the library didn’t sync as expected after installing the update, the developer did address and resolved the issue for me, just in time for my yearly renewal.
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5 years ago, ay-nonimous
Won’t restore Library after update
UPDATE: after leaving my review, I was contacted by the developer in 2 days. They were more than helpful in getting my account working. The new app looks and works great. 1 Star to 5 Stars After being an iTunes subscriber for a few years, I go to download the latest issue and discover the app has been updated. However, I have lost all access to previously downloaded issues and can neither restore them nor download new issues. I have followed all of the instructions given, but I have no access now. It would be nice to get a refund for the past issues I’ve lost and the subscription I just renewed and can no longer use....
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5 years ago, RockyStud
Can’t get new app to restore purchases
I have had a Wood magazine subscription but finally started a digital subscription. It worked fine on the old app but the new app won’t let me restore old purchases or recognize my email or password. It’s very frustrating!
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5 years ago, colday
Email support, to get in
After weeks of not getting anywhere, and just about to delete the app and cancel my subscription, I’m in! If you are having the same problems as just about all of us, do give their support email a try. I’ve received several emails from them, and now I have all my magazines back! They will work with you to fix the problems. I knocked one star off, as it should not take this much effort.
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8 years ago, EyeBallChief
Sign in does not work
I just subscribed to the digital version of Wood Magazine to view in my iPad. First it wanted to verify my login by either using billing address which I entered correctly but saying it was invalid. I then switched to verify the login using my account number, did the same thing! - invalid account number. Of course being Saturday today, customer service is closed! I have been a loyal subscriber for the last 15 or so years.
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4 years ago, Blubearie
App not supported!
It looks like this version of the app for Wood magazine is no longer supported. I have an iTunes subscription, but there is no way to get new magazines or restore old ones. No information on where to go next either. Wood Magazine, Zinio and Meredith support have no clue or information either. Yet, they continue to take my money. Complete waste of my time. Avoid this app and get Wood from some other source. Or, read another woodworking magazine. Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking magazine apps work fine.
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5 years ago, Twistsol
Tired of calling support and re downloading everything
Every two or three months I've had to call support to have something fixed with my account so I could download the magazines in my subscription. Restoring itunes purchases never worked for some reason and then I would eventually have to download everything again. This is the only magazine subscription I hav this issue with and it simply isn't worth the hassle anymore.
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8 years ago, Kukuidoc
Not fair mag
Love this magazine, however when I signed up for it doing the account setup was not very friendly. Then to top it off they start sending you two year deals cheaper then I got for one. Why was this not an option when I first signed up. I will continue to enjoy this informative magazine need to make app more friendly.
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5 years ago, kvanwey
Unable to Access Content
I have had zero luck being able to get access to my subscription through the app. I have attempted to sign in, purchase a new subscription, and even try to get my old copies uploaded using the subscription number on my magazine cover. The app is in serious need of an update to resolve these issues. I was very disappointed that I could not gain access to my account.
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5 years ago, rollinspc
Restoring my subscription
I can not restore my purchases. Please help!
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5 years ago, BEYC376
Unable to use
I have reached out several time trying to get app is resolved but no luck, customer certainly doesn’t seem interested in service. This has been going on for months, I was hoping that with time it would be corrected since it seems to be a common problem. Terrible app and terrible “service “.
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5 years ago, idchap
New app update Breaks iTunes subscriptions
Love Wood magazine. Hate this app update. Confusing process. ITunes restore will not work. No past issues I paid for. No new issues to download. Saw the newest issue in a store today. I’m a subscriber and should have it already. These reviews make it obvious that the publisher has no clue how to fix this. “Rest assured,” you will lose subscribers.
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9 years ago, gary551
Pip off.
This magazine is a rip off. Very little of use in its pages and they have an auto renew that is difficult the cancel. When you try all you get is a page asking for your email address so they can send you junk mail. I will never buy a third party APP again that has a in APP perches with it.
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9 years ago, ajwagner
Why is print dying? Here's another example....
Pay for a print subscription but if you want to finis reading an article you started in the magazine over breakfast on your iPad or iPhone while on the bus or even on the throne during a break at work .... You have to buy it again. Get with it, it's 2015.
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5 years ago, Quality guy from queens
Does not work, do not download.
I was an iTunes subscriber. App won’t restore purchases or let me view new issues of the magazine. What a ripoff. New app should have been tested before release. Please fix and don’t tell us to email customer service. Provide phone support!
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6 years ago, /tdw/
Good Magazine, substandard app
Love the magazine but I sure hope you folks didn’t actually pay someone to build that app for you. I’ll be deleting the app. Would not recognize my address for my subscription even though I typed it EXACTLY as it is on the magazine wrapper.
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5 years ago, Redwolf
No restore for me either
Not happy with your new app that requires me to give you my account email, and then won’t restore. I’ve tried for several days, nothing words. Restore failed. Cancelling my just-renewed account.
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5 years ago, Lancespear
Restore FAIL
Like a LOT of people here. Trying to get the access I paid for is very frustrating. I used to like this magazine very much. Tried the fixes from other frustrated reviews to no avail. Little help please.
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6 years ago, dtraut6
Was good...now bad
It was good when there were updates and such. So glad i wasted money on a digital subscription when you didn’t even support the app as the iOS progressed. What a rip-off!
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5 years ago, RedBeardWoodworking
Unable to download magazine
I just purchased the annual subscription and I’m unable to download any content. Very frustrated. Will be canceling and getting a refund unless resolved quickly.
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5 years ago, bill3380
Restoring my subscription!!
It won’t let me restore my subscription. I’ve even tried to start a new free trial and it says I am already subscribed but I can’t read any issues. PLEASE HELP!
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5 years ago, tddv1220
Will not Restore
Can no longer view my library. Followed the instructions for Apple subscribers, but it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, TK Wood
iTunes subscription fails to restore.
I love this magazine but can not get it to restore and all my previous issues are lost.....
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8 years ago, Feral40
Past issues are overpriced for eMagazine.
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6 years ago, Txflyercp
Old customer
Unhappy with how Wood Magazine seems to be way behind on technology. The app is basically useless
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5 years ago, F Handyman
Not worth it
This app quit working months a go lost all my mags
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5 years ago, Grayrider2500
Cannot believe the low quality of this app!
I have been a print magazine subscriber with Wood Magazine since it debuted. About a year ago I decided to buy the USB with the entire library of Wood magazine on it and change my subscription to digital. This was in an effort to minimize the amount of magazines that I have in my shop. It has been less than I year and this is the second time that I can’t access my digital magazines. Every time the app updates I have to contact the company that prints Wood magazine to reset my access to my digital magazines. Combine that with the fact that during the change over from print to digital there was an edition of the magazine issued that is not on the USB and not offered to me digitally. I did receive the print version of that issue, but if I wanted the digital version I was told I needed to purchase it. Now I once again cannot access my digital magazines, current or past. I have cancelled my subscription to Wood magazine. Life is too short to continue with a seemingly constant battle to enjoy a once great hobby woodworker’s magazine. With the easy access to material on the internet and YouTube, I’ve decided enough is enough.
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