Woodforest Mobile Banking

3.1 (1.2K)
235 MB
Age rating
Current version
Woodforest National Bank
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Woodforest Mobile Banking

3.11 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Golfbreak18
Been a Woodforest customer since 2005
Love this Bank, the employees are very kind and helpful regardless of t the bank branch i stop at. I’m in Toledo,Oregon and Holland all located in Ohio. Also travel and have always had a great experience in the branch working with People instead of computer operations moble or nonmomble. I find the computer to be very buggy myself. Can be a little on the frustrating side which is why I gave the bank three stars 10 which is not available so I would’ve given it to 5 here. One other thing that would be helpful and convenient is to have someone available on the weekends and can talk to a customer if they have a problem especially with the computer. That’s usually when things break down is on the weekend. Otherwise have a very good experience with Woodforest I’ll recommend them. And my dad was a baker for Huntington the Huntington bank stinks. Nothing but trouble in the branch and via computer with Huntington don’t think there.
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2 years ago, 10bek01
Updated review
Updated: Seems Woodforest updated the app. Honestly, it’s about time, but I don’t want to speak to soon. I’m adjusting my 1 star to a 4 star simply because they finally took action and that’s how important a streamlined process is for users. I haven’t received any crash reports since the update (yet), and it’s improved. That’s all I can say for now. Previous review: Seriously, Woodforest- what a pitiful standard of products you offer your customers that keep your bank alive. Your app constantly, constantly crashes. Every single time I log in- the app crashes and has to reboot and I have to send a crash report all before I can even login again just to check my balance. What should be a 1min task, turns out to be 5-7min- and this is just to get into the app. Such a lag in every aspect. Not, by any means, a streamlined process nor is it user friendly or up to date with banking standards mobile compatibilities. Woodforest must be going bankrupt if they can’t even afford a better app for its customers. If that’s the case, many of us may want to consider pulling all your money out and going to a different bank before they drop out. Other banks that have plenty of money coming in, have a far more streamlined process for its customers when it comes to its app and mobile capabilities. Either Woodforest clearly doesn’t care about providing good products to its customers or it’s going bankrupt. 100% guarantee you.
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5 years ago, LindseySimo
Mobile deposit just stop working
I used to love this app but out of nowhere, the mobile deposit stopped working for me. When I go to choose an account, nothing is there to choose. I recently closed one account and reopened another one and that’s when all the trouble started. I was able to deposit something once into the new account and now it no longer shows up. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. But if there is a way to fix this, I would appreciate any help.
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6 months ago, Iimrsshadow
Worst bank ever
I was with Woodforest for over 10 years and now they are putting in these ridiculous fees charging almost $40 for every time something is being processed while there are multiple things pending (including deposit transfers) so, while everything is taking over two days to process on a week day, they are continuously charging fees while everything is in the air, being processed. My account has been in the negatives 3 times due to the fees they kept charging! Not because of me not having enough money in my account, but because the amount of time things were catching up to their system while being charged overdraft fees right away after every single item that was slowly being updated. This week I am done. I have already called them to do that certification thing on their website to get some of the fees reversed the first time but this keeps happening. Closing my account and going elsewhere. I’m glad I didn’t use my business account with them.
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6 years ago, WNB customer & employee
Great feature!!!
Great update! I love the Debit Card tile in the new location. From a customer stand point it is a lot easier to manage my debit cards especially when in panic mode after misplacing a debit card, no searching or “thinking” required. From an employee standpoint it is so much easier and quicker when educating and assisting our customers with all that the Woodforest App has to offer. I’ve had to use the debit card management service a few times personally and I was stress free knowing my account wasn't at risk because I was able to “pause” my card until I could locate it. Not only do I tell my customers about how convenient it is, but how it can save them time, money and a whole lot of stress just with a click of a button. Thank you Woodforest!
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5 months ago, Cameron Chisholm
Works fine, just not many features
I really only use this for mobile deposit and checking my balance, it works perfectly fine for that. A lot of the support stuff you would want through your bank really isn’t there, they just direct you to contact your local branch or their phone support service. Like if you need to initiate a chargeback for a fraudulent transaction, you can’t really fill out that form yourself on the app, you have to call your bank or visit your bank, even though it’s just a form they submit from their computer. Lot of little stuff like that. Part of me is kinda ok with that though, the benefit of Woodforest is convenience and simplicity, I feel their app reflects that even if it’s a bit lackluster as a result.
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5 years ago, rmenlow
Mobile Deposit
I have been using the Woodforest app for about 6 years. It has been fantastic, until the new IOS update came out. Woodforest failed to keep their app up to date and fix any bugs that may occur, so naturally the app has become extremely buggy. The mobile deposit has become so glitchy, I’ve had to delete and redownload the app several times because it wouldn’t even let me click to take pictures of my checks. The last time I redownloaded the app, it sent each of my mobile deposits through multiple times. As someone who heavily relies on mobile deposits, if this is not fixed I will be switching banks. I think it is also worth noting that I have sent an email to the Woodforest support about this matter and never received a response.
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5 months ago, Dgarcia4909
Worst online and mobile banking experience.
While I have no issues with brick and mortar locations, the online and mobile banking experience is absolutely disgusting. The app will work 10% of time with extremely unacceptable loading time. After a 15-20 minute loading time you instantly hit with the notification “your session has timed out”. After retrying to log in this process will repeat another 5-15 times, making you waste an hour just to check your balance. If by some miracle you are able to log in their is a high probability that and unexpected error or couldn’t connect with Woodforest severs failed. It’s completely mind blowing that small local credit unions can make and run a banking app when they have nowhere near the resources that Woodforest has.
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4 weeks ago, silkyAngel
On line banking app
I’ve had this bank for over 5 years I’ve always loved it the lady’s there are always friendly and helpful the bank manager Steve on the other hand leaves something to leave desired no smile and very unfriendly if he’s there I’ll wait until I can deal with someone else but that’s not my problem it’s your on line banking app here lately I’ve had to uninstall it and reinstall it to get it to work this last time I had to uninstall it now it won’t let me put it back which makes me worry is my money even safe in this bank anymore and maybe I should just close my account what’s going on with this bank that this is happening like I said I have always liked this bank but I don’t like that I can get to my on line banking when I need to?
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2 years ago, cshockley32
The worst
Out of the few banks I have been through I have to say this one was the worst it is a second chance bank meaning where your denied everywhere else wood forest would except you with that explained the app it low budget very slow and every time I have gotten on in the last year it’s had to send a crash report as soon as I click on the app there has been many times where I had to bum money off a friend because I would go to the app and it wouldn’t be working the reason I would go to it is because I like to leave my card off less risk of money being hacked glad to say that this is just with this banking app hope you wake up and realize if you can go to a better bank DO IT
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5 months ago, Gamegamegame1
Updated to improve the app
I like Woodforest as my bank, but the mobile banking app is lacking. I think there should be a widget or a way to quickly see your bank account balance right away. I also think there needs to be a communication option to allow you to get a daily text of how much your balance is, and also an option to receive a text after every purchase with the updated account balance. Other banks have implemented these changes and I think they would really help improve the app. I miss getting a text with how much money I have in my account because I always forget to check the app.
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5 years ago, Longtime Woodforest Customer
So far so good
I get paid from different source which can sometimes trigger a delay in the funds clearing, that combined with the number of checks I write to people who sometimes sit on them makes me often second guess my account balance. I find it super convenient to open the app and log on with just a fingerprint and instantly be able to see up to the minute account activity. I haven’t tried the mobile deposit yet, so hopefully they’ve got all the bugs worked out.
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6 years ago, Venus434
Loved until recently
I was using the app and didn’t have any complaints until recently. I have been unable to access online banking using a computer for months because it keeps asking me to verify my identity using an old number and won’t allow me to change the number or answer a different question! It wasn’t a major problem until this recent update that is now doing the exact same thing. I understand it’s in place to help me but it has only complicated my situation. Trying to get someone on the phone has been impossible and so now I can only call ad check my account but I can’t transfer money between accounts.
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4 years ago, anissalovesedward
Bad Deposit Feature
I’ve used this app for a good while now and just recently started having to use the deposit feature. I’ve tried uploading photos of my check over 40 times now and it keeps getting denied. Called customer service and they were incapable of listening/understanding me. All four corners are present, dark background present, endorsement present, so why does it keep getting denied? Considering switching banks because living in a state without a Woodforest bank has been a living nightmare (can’t trust this app to work properly).
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5 years ago, tampalew2
Must provide question for question and answer pair. What?
Losing my mind with this latest updateI haven’t been able to access my account for 24 hours now. I finally got the app to update after trying all day. Now there is some new multi-factor authorization set up that I am unable to complete. It seems to be asking me for both a question and answer? I really don’t know but I have tried to navigate it in every conceivable manner in both the app and online but it appears that the formatting is awry. I need my bank to make my life easier, not be a persistent thorn in my side on a day when I am anticipating multiple deposits. This day has definitely been a big fail for Woodforest.
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9 months ago, TsukiOokami
Unreliable App
I’ve been with Woodforest a fairly long time, and I have no complaints on their service outside of the app. The app, over the past six or so updates, has gotten incrementally worse. The FaceID may trigger, it may not. The app may finish loading, it may not. Want to see your account balance? Gotta click the account and hope you don’t get stuck in a loading circle of doom. Deposit? Same thing. Savings? Same thing. At this point I’m surprised they haven’t released a Battle Pass to let you skip the gamble of this app working. iPhone 13 user. Please fix this.
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8 months ago, kaydence1752
App usually doesn’t even work
I get paid every other monday and I like to look at my check in the morning today I can’t even do that. Every time i open the app it says system error please try again later. and i’ve opened and closed the app multiple times and restarted my phone. i’ve had a couple of problems with the app not working since I got it but this is the first time it’s not even letting me open my account…
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1 year ago, skyali13
Great app
I’ve been using Woodforest bank n the app since July 2018. I’ve nvr experienced any issues w the app. W the bank I have had a couple issues but they mostly all been resolved favorably. I nvr had any problems w the mobile banking. I used it for a while while working for this business part time they didn’t do direct deposit. It always seemed to have cleared in a reasonable time.
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1 year ago, Mr. Keytar
Works well
It sure why so many complaints about the app. It has worked well for me 99% of the time for years. I would love to be able to see the memo notes that I add to transfers. They may show up via the website on a desktop. But I never use the website. If I can enter memo notes in the app, I should be able to read them back at a later time.
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5 years ago, D'Xire
Finally working again! New Touch ID feature.
The new update was a pain but it comes with a new Touch ID feature.. The app wouldn’t allow me to verify my identity so I had to go online to do the questions and answers. Then I tried to send a pin to my phone via the app but I kept getting the error that it was invalid. Frustrated, I deleted the app and downloaded it again, repeated the verification, and finally... It’s working again! Hope this helps someone.
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3 years ago, jdunc87
Can’t hardly log in, always shows an error and to contact customer service. If you do get in nothing loads. Just a blank screen and nothing works. Can’t do anything and I’m miles away from a location to go in and deposit a check. And NO I’m not sending you and e-mail about my issues. They’re right here. Pretty simple. The same complaints as the last 20 reviews!!! FIX IT! Many of us don’t have the time to call let alone visit in person to do our banking! That’s why we HAVE AN APP! If it wasn’t so difficult to switch all my stuff over I’d have changed banks years ago.
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1 week ago, BADBOIBABY
In this day and age, you would assume that every UI for a bank-like entity would include a feature where the user is notified for the daily use instances like transactions that are processed. I think recently they added the feature where we get notifications when we drop below a certain threshold on our accounts, but adding a feature that notify the user for deposits, withdrawals, and transactions would be SUPER helpful.
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3 years ago, dragonlighting@&$!
So the app is good but for some reason when I wanted to check how much money is in my account it literally keeps popping up with an system error. And then it says that I’m logged out and need to log back in. But like when I try to log in it will not give me the chance like I press out and not even a second after it pops up saying the same thing??? And it’s not my WiFi because I have very fast wifi connection.
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5 years ago, Kitty McTaco
I love you, but..
This is by far my favorite bank out of any I’ve ever tried. The only bank that has never screwed me over. The only bank that has never rearranged my charges to try to swindle over draft fees and 100 other wonderful things. BUT I will have to find a new bank soon as I really need a ‘keep the change’ feature for savings and don’t see one available.
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1 year ago, jmbsromcdth
Needs new features
You need to add options for people to be able to deposit money. Otherwise just a mobile check like through other cards from other places like cash app, PayPal, Venmo, something like that it would be a lot easier if I could transfer money from cash app to my Woodforest account via debit card without having to go to an ATM and pay a fee twice just to deposit money.
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6 years ago, B2daisa
Way outdated. How hard is it to add Face ID? Heck even Touch ID. You’re lagging behind. I lowered this to 1 star. I’ll raise it to at least 3 when one of those features is added. 4.0 Version: How about getting rid of closed accounts on the "Accounts" section? or at the very least make them NOT be on the top. Classic example of trying to fix what isn't broken, and making it worse. Originial Review: How about adding in a check register I have been using another app and it would be much more convenient to be able to do this inside the Woodforest app itself. Other than that it gets the job done.
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8 months ago, Yaya203355
Very slow
This app needs a serious update. It’s so difficult to do anything in the app. Even with the best internet connection, the app is still very slow. You can press one button, next thing you know you’re looking at a spinning circle that says loading for 5 minutes.
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6 years ago, Zonklemy
Barely Decent Banking App
This is my first review of an app. The app is fine for checking balances, switching on/off debit cards, and viewing transactions. Nothing special — just like any other banking app. But this app stands out from the rest of my banking apps in a very bad way — it still doesn’t support logging in with Touch or Face ID. It’s really inexcusable. They’ve had years to implement this and it still hasn’t happened. Add this very basic feature and I’ll up the rating to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Nursegirl306
EDIT TRES- so now it’s been so long waiting for Touch ID that i upgraded my phone to the X. I’m sure Face ID is never gonna happen so i won’t even ask. Y’all need to do better. EDIT DOS-we are now almost into February of 2018 and STILL NO TOUCH ID. I know y’all have to be seeing these reviews. I’m beginning to think you’re toying with us. EDIT....this review was initially posted A YEAR AGO and still no Touch ID. Ridiculous. We want Touch ID. y'all need to get with the times plz!!
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5 years ago, The T U See
Can’t connect bank account to apps, Verification text never received
I had a couple of apps connected to the my bank account. Never was an issue until the update yesterday. Now the apps have a message saying I need to reconnect my account. I go thru the steps and it says I will get a verification text from the bank. Two hours later no text after several attempts. Please fix. Tried both from my app to get the verification text and online and still no text from the bank to verify my account.
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6 years ago, WildTitza
Needs to catch up
Take a look at most other banking apps, this one still has many features that it needs to implement. First and foremost TOUCH ID, I recall them saying it would be implemented AGES ago and it’s still not here?? Also having the option to see your account balance without having to sign in immediately would be nice, as long as you couldn’t make any changes to the account whatsoever from that screen. Similar to how Chase Bank does theirs. Just needs a quality of life update fast.
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3 months ago, Lara RFL
App is really easy to use never really had any issues. Only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t let you receive push notifications to your phone in regards to things like deposits, withdrawals, and transactions. It would be more convenient than having to go into your email every so often to check if you got a notification.
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6 years ago, Therhiannonperkins
The app has improved but...
I’ve had this app forever and it keeps improving but the one thing it still doesn’t have I’d the Touch ID capability. For a while the app kept saying “coming soon” every time you updated and now it doesn’t. Super sad. That being said, the app has improved majorly since I started banking with them in 2014! Keep up the good work, guys. Just give me the darn fingerprint option. Lol
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5 months ago, staffc
Literally the worst app and website.
For the past 6+ months the app has been completely terrible. Try to log in get a error message for something went wrong please try again later. Have to close repeatedly close the app a good 25 30 times then it finally will log in. Website is no better. Takes forever to load anything no matter what browser you use. And if it does manage to load anything still can’t get anything done it is buggy and basically useless.
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5 years ago, Hayhay270
Bad Bad Bad
Used to have no issue with app until past couple of days , haven’t been able to open app just keeps saying “unexpected error” which usually just means I need to update the app to the latest version. But my app is up to date , also tried calling using the toll free number to get my account info and they won’t accept my passcode which I know is correct , even online website says unexpected error when I use my info which has always been the same ! Have to go to atm or nearest bank to even check my account . Very annoying !!!
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1 year ago, Junior U Ruiz
No notifications at all
I just joined Woodforest and i had to download the app, only thing I don't like is the app doesn't send you no notifications for no type of transactions. For clients using the app it is important to know when a transaction is taking place and how much is spent, unauthorized/ authorized. I also checked and I have my notifications on for the app. Other than that, the app is good.
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2 years ago, Yakima11
Terribly inconsistent
I initially downloaded the app was used it just fine using my thumbprint to log in. Now, after a couple of months, even with a secondary authentication app, I cannot log into the mobile app. It wouldn’t be an issue if it were possible to make a deposit on the website but it’s not possible. The poor girl trying to help me at the help desk wasn’t equipped to help me either. Your app should be able to function as a stand-alone app with security to maintain authentication without the need for a secondary app.
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6 years ago, RockGod333
Where's the TouchID?
This is a decent app but you seriously need the TouchID to make it better. All of the other financial institutions apps have it. Why don't you? Come on. Get with the program. Update: We are still waiting for the Touch ID update. What is taking so long? Seriously? Update 2: Now you’re just dragging your feet. Why is it so hard for you to get Touch ID working. Come on! This is ridiculous!
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2 years ago, dudgfufizgshjdjshdj
app could be better same with service
it’s OK when it works but if you try to buy things randomly they will decide to cancel your card randomly because they think it’s fraudulent purchases they need to have an option to say that it’s not fraudulent instead of having to waste time out of my day to call them to fix it or go to them at the bank you either use PayPal they think it’s fraudulent or you try to buy off of iTunes etc they kill your card,it’s bull
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6 years ago, Nanahas_8
Finger print
I have a iPhone 6splus....I love this app I just wish there were fingerprint capability! I found out that I can store passwords on apps that don’t have this option on my phone.....you can go into settings there’s an option to store your passwords put the password in....next time you go to this app you will be able to use your finger print I hope this will help!
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4 years ago, Tia_Hawkins
Won’t send me text verification
I usually have no problems with this app. But recently I got a new phone and downloaded the app and it asked for text verification. I never got the text messages and I tried multiple times. But It’s the same with the website too. Neither is working for me right now and it’s very inconvenient.
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2 weeks ago, Make it Another Upset customer
App troubles
All of a sudden can’t access my account, had it set up for Face ID and that apparently no longer exists can’t remember my password , try to change my password and the security questions I answered which I know the answer I give is correct but obviously is not and it locks me out of my account. Have had this account at Woodforest for a really long time but think it may be time to close the account.
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4 years ago, ayecece2002
I recently opened a checking account with them (MY FIRST EVER BANK ACCOUNT) and couldn’t be more happy. The staff at my local branch are very welcoming and friendly. The app works great, I love how I can turn off my debit card with the click of one button - while other banks don’t even have that option available. 5 stars ⭐️
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11 months ago, KDalton3384
It isn’t all bad but I’m definitely switching banks after I made a mobile deposit I desperately needed and had to want over 24 hours to get my money. When I used to bank with bb&t they money was available the same day within a few hours. That alone lost my business along with all the service charges you have to pay for simply using your bank account
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4 months ago, trev936
Fix the app!
Half of the time I casually go to check my balance, the app is throwing error codes and telling me I can’t log in and ti try again later. What if I don’t need to check later but I need to know how much money I OWN, but the app refuses to let me check. Oh let’s not mention the fact that I get hacked at least once a year and they steal my money and woodforest tells me it’ll take weeks to get the money back. Seriously thinking about switching banks. You guys can go better
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3 years ago, Sportster Chick 66
This app has gone straight down the tubes
Since the last update I’m having issues with making a mobile deposit and have been for about a month. I’m getting ready to close all my accounts here and go somewhere else. They keep saying it’s not their app and it most certainly is. I have to hit the submit button several times before it will take the check, then it errors out. I’m tired of dealing with this.
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6 years ago, SavvyFonseca
Worst bank ever
I applied for a loan and before it was approved they gave me the funds. I was unaware I hadn’t been approved because the money was in my account. Now they are taking 500 from disability, claiming I was denied so I’m responsible to pay back the cash. That’s not to mention over 100 in NSF fees. I never would have used it if I had known it was a glitch in their system. Supervisor claimed that this has been known to happen and yet they don’t make their clients aware of it. Sounds like a form of robbery and I’m definitely going to find out if this is legal. 😡
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6 years ago, J_Pearl
The ease of use of the mobile app is superb. The daily email reminders help me keep a check on my activity. The tellers at the bank or warm and friendly. Locations galore. And as a senior having all of my service is free as a blessing. As a former “credit union only” member, I recommend this bank to everyone.
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2 years ago, South25
Not very good
Probably the worst banking app I ever use there always some kind of problems with the app it glitches or something not working correctly. Like now the face sign in feature isn’t working and now I would have redo it once again and when I do sign up for it again it make it that I can’t change nothing for 24 hours which really messed me up
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4 years ago, Zardoz 0
Can’t mobile deposit
I just tried to use mobile deposit, and everything was fine until I got the the second check picture, which your app changed from landscape to portrait after I took it. Then when I tried to submit it, the app told me to enter a deposit amount, even though I had already done this and the correct amount was showing in the box. And that’s as far as I get, even if I re-enter the amount again. I’m using an iPhone 11.
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