Wooly for Ravelry

3.7 (19)
45.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
CraftingBase, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wooly for Ravelry

3.68 out of 5
19 Ratings
2 years ago, janieronk
Helps me make good use of my time
I can plan projects while on the go, allowing me to jump right in when I’m ready to sit down and start. Still waiting for better search filters, so 4 stars for now.
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2 years ago, TruSilky
My go-to mobile app for Ravelry
I love Wooly. I mainly use it for adding and updating my stash. Yes, there might not be every single feature that’s on Ravelry, but you can easily get to the webpage in Ravelry from within Wooly, plus it’s easier than the full browser Ravelry on my phone. Image editing is only available from the paid version, and that’s about right to me. It’s only $9.99 a year, people, which for the convenience, is so reasonable. I like to support the developer(s) who created it. I am a Web developer, myself, and I know the work that goes into programming. Way to go, Wooly people!
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1 year ago, Chickfood
Good, but needs more features
Would like more features like to be able to search more specifically or for free patterns.
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4 years ago, Elyse147
Wooly is great
I love this app. It’s my go to when I want to see beautiful work. It functions great and there is plenty of eye candy to give me new ideas and keep me motivated to try new projects.
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6 years ago, Wordsandmelodies
The app is pretty, but the functionality isn’t as robust as I would like. 1. You can upload photos, but if you want to edit them, you need the pay version. 2. You can’t get more information on the patterns in the Discovery tab without paying, either. 3. The pattern search has been advertising that filters are “Coming soon!” since I downloaded the app... and they still haven’t come. That means that, since I don’t knit, I can’t make 75% of what the pattern search tab shows me. Verdict: I’m unimpressed.
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12 years ago, 2Pugs1Cup
Awesome now, can't wait to see what's next!
I currently own nearly every iPhone knitting app available since I check every month or so for the new knitting app that will change my life. I use exactly none of these knitting apps since I am always mad at the data entry required for info I already put on Ravelry! Today was the day I see my wish has come true! Finally an app that can pull my Ravelry data! I don't want to sit on my phone and key in all the details, I just want to either show off a project on the fly, or check my stash on the go. This does it. I would love to be able to do the following with this app in the future: upload pictures of my WIP/new stash yarn, add new Ravelry contacts, view forums and search for patterns. Also, I'd like to view my library to avoid buying books I already have. (I'm dumb and have gotten excited and done this...)
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2 years ago, 6timeboymom
Love this app!
I love being able to access my projects and find patterns easily.
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3 years ago, mjhovey
Not for crochet folks
Great if you knit, but still difficult to get around all the areas of Ravelry. I crochet and don't knit, but appreciate how pretty and well laid out the app is. Just for a certain segment of the yarn folk.
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2 years ago, Anamaelee
Patterns, patterns and more patterns
I have found lots of cute projects here. Just so much fun to explore.
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4 years ago, Readandrunmom
Can’t login anymore
I don’t knit a super lot, but liked having the app to access Ravelry when I was out and about. But now I just can’t login anymore. I do have a new iPhone 11 with all the latest updates. So I’m wondering if Wooly has kept up with the iOS updates???
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12 years ago, Seren^
Get it!
As this is a new app, with much planned. I went ahead and gave 5 stars solely on the basis that what it does do, it does well, and the authors are activelye adding more and more features. It does not crash, the app is clean in format, intuitive, and does just what it says - allows you to view most of your notebook in a nice, clean, mobile format as well as (now) allowing stash and project page photo updates (including options to balance the picture, add text to it, crop, re-orient, stickers and more). The designers have a list of things to add, and are putting out updates quickly - this app will only get better (they are also active in their Ravlery group - so you can find out what's coming and what's 'on the list').. I bought it, told others, and bought again for my daughter. I can not wait to see what all it can do in 6 months, but happy with the abilities it has now. If you're on Ravelry and use your notebook for your projects/stash, etc - Get it :)
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8 years ago, Lydgirl
I bought this app which I considered to be pricey a few years ago to upload pictures on my Ravelry account. There have been updates, but the new features added are limited and the existing problems are not fixed. When I pull up a project it says "needles used" or "yarn used"....which ones? Why has the camera never been updated? I see now there is a premium package for an annual fee, which really offers no worthy purpose other than to upgrade the one thing I bought this for in the first place. What I have been hoping for all along was ease of access to my projects and queue, better pattern searching abilities and an upgraded camera. I believe it's heading in the right direction, however the fact that an annual fee is charged for something I already paid for, for features that should already be offered, is disappointing. I will continue to use this app for pictures and keep the Ravelry website pulled up on my browser for everything else. This app at this price, should offer more value.
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12 years ago, Woolandchocolate
Finally! A Ravelry app for me! :)
I have long been waiting for this and bought the moment I was notified of its availability. It is great. Easy to use, and nice to look at, it is perfect at what it does - which is allow you to view your Rav project page, your stash, your queue, and your friends projects. However, it is only for viewing your Rav stuff, and not for any inputting or changing. Also, there is no access to the project database, the yarn database, or the forums - three very good things about Rav that I don't like to live without. I knew this when purchasing, but still wish... :) This is the reason that I give four stars. Otherwise, an excellent app and worth the price if you are looking for a way to view your Rav info. Well done, Wooly people!
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12 years ago, chari53
Another winner!
I just updated to version 1.4 and decided I'd start fresh instead of adding to an already-too-long missive. The thing I like best about Wooly is the developers' attitudes. This app was good the day it was first released. Now it includes the features actual users asked for. My stash is now sorted by family. It could be sorted by weight or brand just as easily - a simple choice. I'm not at a point to upload a picture for any of my projects today but when I am it will be easy. Right in the app, either before or after I edit my notes, I can take a picture, balance the colors, include arrows, text, funny stickers (or arrows) and upload to Ravelry. Now, with this update that picture will be the first in line and show up when my friends browse my projects.
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12 years ago, ppmnt
Too expensive for such few features
App allows you to: View your existing projects and change some features of them, like progress, add photos, notes, etc. You cannot however create new projects or even finish one (I can mark it as 100% and even add a completion date, but that doesn't mark it as finished) View your queue (but not start a project based on a queued pattern) View your stash (but not update it) View your needles (but not add or remove any) View your friends. $2.99? For basically a way to browse your already finished or in progress projects, with no actual pattern detail? That's a joke. I wish I haden't taken the risk. I wanted something with a mobile interface to Ravelry, since it has no mobile web site version, but should have dealt with using it in the browser with a lot of zooming. If this app was free it would at least encourage people to download it and provide good feedback on changes, as opposed to getting annoyed at the lack of features and just leaving bad reviews. Now, since the devs asked for constructive criticism and suggestions, here we go: Provide access to ravelry pattern search! Allow access to patterns in general, even the ones in the queue don't show the pattern. Allow access to patterns in *library*, not just queue. Allow creation of projects, based on pattern in library or queue or just free-form.
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10 years ago, Zeegirl602
Good App, Has potential!
I'm so happy to have found an app that syncs with my Ravelry account!! I've been using KnitMinder for a couple years now, and while I like it, I hated having to enter my projects in two different places. This app solves that problem nicely! That said, the app has crashed on me a number of times, which is why it only gets 3 stars from me at this time. I'd like to see that fixed, and then there are a couple things I'd love to see added: 1) Row/repeat counters. KnitMinder has the ability to add multiple row and/or repeat counters for each project. Would be cool to incorporate that feature into this app; not sure if it's possible with Ravelry's APIs, but it's the only thing I'm keeping KnitMinder around for at this point. 2) Ability to see more details of the yarn, needles and patterns being used - either in your own projects lists or that of a friend's. Currently you can't get any more info unless you go to the Ravelry home page. 3) Ability to add new items to your yarn stash or needle inventory from the app. Currently you can edit existing items, but would be great to be able to add new ones too! 4) Ability to edit your "queue" list - or at least delete items you'd like to remove. Again, I'm excited about this app, and hoping it continues to improve!
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12 years ago, Jettquilts
Great App with Fantastic Customer Service!
I was using this app this weekend, finally able to easily and seamlessly add beautiful pictures to my Ravelry page. My projects and stash now have lovely photos attached to each. It was all so easy to do. And best of all the app was Free!! I sent a question/comment to the powers that be at the app. I only expected to maybe get a note saying they received it and thanks. But no, I got a response from the developer today, in less than 24 hours. I really like that I can have this app on my iPhone and use the stash section while in my LYS. No more buying and re-buying the same items, forgetting that I already own that particular color. Great App!! Give this one a try!
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12 years ago, lemoonface
Smooth interface with room for expansion.
I have waited SO long for an easy way to access my Ravelry account on the go. While Wooly gives a limited amount of access & ability edit, I will say this: what it does, it does well. Just from the way they designed the app, it's clear they plan on increasing capabilities. Also, the top reason for wanting a Ravelry app was having access to pattern requirements on me at all times. If you are actively working a project, or have added it to your queue, you have access to pattern requirements. I do hope they will build in more accessibility, and am more than happy to pay the small fee of $2.99 if it means they will continue developing!
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11 years ago, lafalot12
Great app! Could use some other features...
Overall, I am very happy with this app. I love that you can take pictures and add them to ravelry projects, plus update how far you are and project notes. However, the queue could use some work... For instance, being able to start a project from the app would be great, and being able to see or download a pattern would be a big help. Also, there are some notes I know are on the project page which don't show up. Some of these are important, like different project sizes. A tiny bug fix would be to be able to classify a project as "done" instead of just "100% complete" because it would move the project out of the WIP area.
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12 years ago, Magpiebard
About Time Someone Got There!
An app that works hand in hand with the amazing knitting & crocheting site Ravelry has been needed for a long time now, and Wooly is proving to be definitely worth the wait to get. Quickly access your Ravelry account, update projects, as well as making it easy to 'fancy up' photos of projects as you go. This is an excellent app and I've already started harrassing all my knitting friends with smart phones to hurry up and purchase it. Wooly is quickly becoming just as important to keep in my Grab & Knit kit as spare stitch markers and a good darning needle. I never leave home without my Iphone and my knitting, so this is a perfect marriage of the two.
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9 years ago, NopeNotMyChoice
What the &!$%! happened to this app?
Don’t believe the raving, positive reviews you see here. None of it is true. I updated this app in November 2014, and a few weeks later, found myself in my LYS, checked this app to check what was in my needle stash (so I don’t buy things needlessly), and it was no longer accessible. So I was back to old days of hoping that I had the correct needles because I don’t want to buy something I don’t need. Later, when checking to see if I had just missed that feature, I found that NOPE, it was the app. And camera feature? What camera feature? Upload photos? You’re kidding. Also, I no longer have the ability to view what type and amount of yarn, needles, etc. are needed for a particular item in my queue. And, there are some weird typos in there. “Send us AND email?” Also, “New Project and “New Stash” still flash the message “Coming Soon”. Yes, I’m running the most updated version for iPhone. Yes, all these features were available before the crazy November 2014 “update". Did the developers sell this app to some big Yahoo!-type company whose main goal is to take what was a wonderfully-developed app and turn it into garbage??!! Can we "upgrade" to the old version? It was far more useful.
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11 years ago, Skylark7
Nice, could do with a little improvement
I like this app for the photo editor. It makes posting quick photos really easy. The needle list is also good to have at the store. As another user mentioned, I wish it would show yardage in the stash list. The number of skeins isn't enough and I have to go to Ravelry in my browser which defeats the purpose of the app. Unfortunately the app quits sometimes and has lost photos I was posting. I wrote the developer but there have been no updates and the app is still crashing periodically.
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9 years ago, LV Knitter
Quit promising and deliver
For a long time this app functioned well for me. Especially since I primarily used it for uploading iPhone photos of my projects and stash. November 2014 an update removed that functionality and provided nothing of substance other than an updated GUI. Now following resounding denouncements, we get an update that promises to fix what was ruined by the November update and what do we get? Random crashes. My project listing also includes those of my friends, more maddening misspellings (come on, guys!). No photo upload (don't believe the planted reviews here -- there is no photo upload!) and more lies about functionality in the sales description. I honestly don't know what was updated in this version because it is the same as the November "update". I'll reiterate what has been stated by so many. Please bring back the original, un-updated app!
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10 years ago, RolloTreadway
Very handy, glad to have it
I wanted an easy way to upload photos of my yarn for my online stash, and this app did just that. It even has some photo editing functions, which is nice. It's exactly what I wanted and I can see how I will be using it frequently for it's other functions too. It would be nice to be able to add new yarns or projects, but it's still very useful without that function. It's great to have a quickly-accessible reference when you're out and about, and they ease of uploading stash photos alone is worth every penny to me (even if it was only 99 of them...).
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10 years ago, lsg1
The "improved" version is worse than before
My phone just updated to the latest version and to say that I am disappointed does not even begin to cover it. Sure, I can order projects more efficiently and do some editing of them, but one of the big features before was the ability to easily edit and upload a photo, without worrying about it being upside down when it shows up on ravelry. For some unknown reason, they have completely removed that part of the app (or at least made it hidden), which basically makes the app now useless to me. Also, they need some major editing. The number of spelling errors (including the "dashborad" is appalling and speaks poorly of their overall quality control.
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11 years ago, SparklyShiny
Excellent for managing projects
This is one of the most useful apps on my phone. Wooly allows me to create new projects, update them, and add photos - all on the fly from my phone. I love that I can take a few photos of WIPs or FOs and upload them right away. I, too, am confused by the negative reviews. The app is stable, easy to use, and does exactly what the description says. This is a well-designed tool to manage projets and it works great. I'm also really enjoying the ability to edit my photos before uploading them to Ravelry - the effects are fun and I love that I can crop images.
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12 years ago, lindakaydb
Performs as described!
Wooly provides a convenient one-way interface to view projects, friends, stash, etc. that you have in your ravelry library. I use it on my iPad. The wooly graphics are not very good at 2x (but look great at 1x); the uploaded pictures typically look great at 2x. The interface is very intuitive. The download speed was excellent on both networks that I used. It doesn't work at all without a connection to Ravelry (as you would expect) which greatly limits my use of the app since my LYS doesn't have wireless - but the places my knitting group meets does have wireless. I really liked the friend interface -- it encouraged me to look at my friends' projects, which I rarely do. Seeing a friend's ravatar made me want to click on it and there were her projects! I am normally very cheap about buying apps, but supporting the knitting app community is important to me. I hope to see improvements soon to allow 2-way ravelry interaction.
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12 years ago, expetesso
Incredibly Disappointed
I've been eagerly anticipating this app for months, and am super disappointed to find it nothing like what was advertised. $2.99 for read-only access to those components of the Ravelry Notebook that are only useful because of their interactivity? That feels like a rip-off and worse -- a breach of trust. Comments from the developers on Twitter indicate that there's "more to come". If the ultimate goal is to have an interactive app with the ability to upload a photo, add a yarn to one's stash, access and add to one's library on the go, or queue up/cast on from an LYS -- it would have been far better to actually build those features in advance of launching. If you're looking for an app that provides a useful gateway to Ravelry from a mobile device, you won't find it in version Wooly 1.0.
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12 years ago, bonitinha1
Worth it!
I just got an iPhone and debated whether or not to go with Wooly since I have a generous data plan. The photo feature is what made me decide to go for it, and I am THRILLED! It's just so easy! Snap a picture and it zooms right into ravelry for you! Well worth the price right there. But additionally, it is also a lot easier to look through my queue and my projects than going to ravelry to do it. You know, that tiny screen, and all. So if you are wondering whether or not to buy Wooly, my advice is to go for it. It is great right now, and only going to get better!
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11 years ago, Musiquefille
Not useful
From reading some of the good reviews, I thought the app would be more useful than it is. I thought I would at least be able to read patterns in my queue. Instead I can just see a list of items in my queue and a handful of details about it, but not the actual important details. The library is not present at all, so I guess I'll continue to put my pattern PDFs on my phone to look at while I'm crocheting. As others have said, this app really needs to incorporate pattern searching. For some reason the hook/needle area is very prominent and yet you can't add any to your list. I like that I can add pictures straight from my phone camera, but I don't like that I can't seem at edit the yarn in a project. Having the friends area prominent is a nice idea, but I'd much rather be able to search or see my library, or any other aspects of my account or the site. I was hopeful that this app would give me an easier window to the site to use, but it turns out everything I want to do, I can't seem to do on the app. Sad that I wasted the money even after reading the bad reviews. I hope they add more features soon.
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8 years ago, SammehD
Old features now locked behind a subscription
I went ahead with the Facebook login to see the changes in this update, and boy was I disappointed. They made the decision to take away the in-app photo editing and place that behind the subscription as well. Instead of being brought directly to the dash, you're now brought to the Discovery page of new patterns, a redundancy of Featured Patterns. The first one you can see for free, after that, you need to a premium account. But you can share them on Facebook! /sarcasm It is not worth $9.99 a year to see patterns that are on other websites like a knock off Pinterest. Or to upload photos from the app when I can already do it directly through the Rav site or through the #ravelry hashtag on Instagram.
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11 years ago, raeannvandeputte
I'm in love!
I always have two items in my possession: my knitting and my phone. The Wooly app has brought the two together! I've had an account on Ravelry for four years but have never entered my projects online. I like it, but when I'm at my computer I never think about knitting. I've been waiting for a Ravelry companion, and after reading Ravelry's blog update recommending Wooly I'm convinced they are here to stay! My only regret is wishing I had it years ago so I could see all my projects from my phone. Love, love, love this app!
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7 years ago, Militarymom9
Very unhappy with this app. It crashes every single time I try to search. Please fix this. I should've spent that $3.99 on yarn instead. Update on my previous review: my contact with wooly support fixed the crash problem and also helped me with uploading pictures on my iPhone. I wish I would have contacted them before I wrote my previous review. It is a fun and helpful app! Another review update: I love Wooly 3.3. Very user friendly! Excellent customer service for questions—very good response time.
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10 years ago, EmeraldCityWA
Not very helpful
There's really not much you can do with this app. The main thing I would like to be able to do with it is add to my stash. You can't do that. You can only edit existing yarn in your stash, not add anything additional. Not only that, but my stash is not updating properly. Yarn I added yesterday online is not showing up on my app, even though it does show up online. I was hoping to be able to add a photo of the yarn in my stash but I can't even do that since it's not updating properly. About the only thing I can see that it is really good for is to have access without going online, but that doesn't help much if it's not updating properly.
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12 years ago, rubytuesdayl
Ravelry has become my yarn addiction enabler
This app is going to be hazardous to my wallet. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into my LYS for no good reason, found yarn I cannot live without and surreptitiously pulled out my phone to find a Ravelry pattern in my queue I could justify buying the yarn for. This app just cuts down on the load time. Can't wait to see how it gets developed further! If I can use Wooly to eventually search for patterns like in the website I'm going to be at the yarn shop a LOT more!
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12 years ago, johan es la puerta
Already love it - looking forward to updates!
This app is a great little tool already, and I understand the developers are working on further capabilities. I love having the ability to see my projects and queue from my phone - no wifi at the yarn shop? No problem! The look is very nice. The project/queue photos look great. Right now it is read-only, which for me is fine, but being able to update from the app would be fabulous. Hope that is coming.
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12 years ago, Aelcee
A great start. . .
and it's just going to get better from here. I'm another of the Ravelry fiends who have been stalking this app since it was announced. Wooly has pretty limited functionality at this point, but a) the developers have made clear that there's a lot more to come, b) they're super receptive to user feedback and guidance, and c) this app is already quite elegant and well-thought-out. I am so excited to have my projects and queue available offine. Can't wait to see what comes next!
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8 years ago, Elliottjb1
Just use the Ravelry site
After loving Wooly 1.0, and supporting a huge Kickstarter effort to fund the 2.0 development, then waiting nearly a year after it was supposed to be delivered, this app was the biggest disappointment in the iOS realm. Nothing worked and it was terrible. Now, after 2 years, I've returned to the app to see if it has finally at least been brought back to the previous versions functionality and sadly it has not. What this most recent update touts as fixed isn't and the very best thing anyone can say for this app AFTER 2 YEARS is that, "it's pretty...". In the meantime, Casey at Ravelry has provided excellent mobile support. So, just use the website...
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8 years ago, Serious Knitter
OK and getting better
I was asked whether I love Wooly and was given two choices for an answer - no or yes. There needs to be a third choice - at least. I love the idea, I use it to upload photos, the execution is improving, the search function works better (but I still can't select a project after finding in search (maybe others can)). It's getting there an improvements over the last several weeks are noticeable. It is getting better, but needs a bit more improvement before I can really say I love it.
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7 years ago, Greenherrin
Won't even let me login.
What is this whole Facebook nonsense. I go through the time consuming process of activating some Facebook link via my email so that i can log into the app. But .... It only circles back to the same process over and over. "oh you want to log in? Let us send you an email link to link you to face book. Go to your email, open page in Safari, link your email to Facebook, go back to Wooly app, attempt to login, attempt to find the right place to login because you are still on the same screen telling you to enter your email so that you can activate Facebook, waste some more time ....REPEAT the time wasting!!!!
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12 years ago, Clrussell
A suggestion
This is a great app, and is great in that it allows me to quickly access my stash and needles. I have a suggestion though. There isn't any option to view the patterns of projects that are in progress! I can view the pattern if I save it to my queue, and then click on it from there, but not by clicking on the project within the project tab. It would be great to be able to access the pattern within the project tab because I have to scroll down a long list of projects in my queue just to see the pattern.
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12 years ago, j.erin
Wooly - An awesome WIP
Wooly has become my favorite way to use ravelry when I just don't feel like using my computer. While Wooly is still in the early phases and has limited functions, I know that the creators are working hard to on version updates that will transform this simple app into an exceptional app. This app is so simple to use and works so well. I can't wait to see how much better it can get in future versions!
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12 years ago, Knitting Addict
Just not functional enough...
I bought this, thinking I could edit projects while on the go. While some editing functionality exists, you cannot add new projects. Worse, when I added the new project via Safari I couldn't see the new project in Wooly. A similar problem exists with the queue. You can't search patterns. If you do the search in Safari and add something to your queue, it doesn't show up in Wooly. The product has great potential but just isn't ready for prime time. This is the first time I've got to say that the Droid world is farther ahead in developing Ravelry apps.
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12 years ago, Brightshadowsky
The best is yet to come - but it's building on something gret to start with
I love these guys. :) They keep adding awesomeness to Wooly. The developers are always working on it, and feedback via the Ravelry forums is darn quick. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! As for the program itself - ADORE having my stash and projects in my pocket. Ever since the first basic version of this app it's been golden. :)
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8 years ago, Rawrawrrawr231123
Why wooly, WHY?
Like everyone else, would use wooly to upload pictures to Rav. Projects. My mac is so old and slow, it's so much easier to do on the iPhone. The best thing about this new update is the mammoth in the app's icon. And that's about it. Unsure why on earth they'd consider fb sign in AND you have to have a subscription to do the most basic of tasks. I get the idea that it would be easier to share projects and stuff on fb, but, I don't see Ravelers doing that unless they have a shop. So, basically, I get to remove this from my phone and I can use the new space for something better, like pictures of my awesome stuff...
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10 years ago, NHCatLady
Had promise, but failed
A total waste of money and time! Do not get this app if you have a large stash. I've had this app for probably a year now. When I first got it I loved it...but as updates were implemented and my stash grew larger, it hardly functions. If it does open my stash, it doesn't open all the stash, but opens only 2/3 of the stash. Upon trying to open the rest, it crashes. I can't load pics for any yarn after that. It crashes all the time regardless of what i try to do with it. I've patiently waited for updates since their successful kickstarter campaign, but haven't seen any improvements.
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12 years ago, oncofreak
Very useful
This app is worth the money just for the new photo feature. It allows you to take a picture, edit and then gets uploaded to your ravelry project or stash page. The developers are very responsive to the users and each update will get better and better. Don't just buy this app for what it does, buy it for the potential too.
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9 years ago, Silvamint
Update the update, pronto!
Agree with the other reviewers: I used to love (and recommend) this app because I could quickly look at my Ravelry stash, queue, etc. when I was out and about. I paid for it mainly because of the photo-upload feature, which has now completely disappeared! Why?? Also, I can now see only a small percentage of my stash: the stuff that starts with “A” or “B”! I can only hope another update is coming soon, because this one wasn’t ready to be released and renders the app pretty useless.
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9 years ago, rlc75
I have an iPhone 6 plus running iOS 8.1.3 and after installing the update the app constantly crashed while trying to just open it. I deleted, restarted and reinstalled and then I could at least open the app. But now the app continually crashes and closes whenever I attempt to just view my stash. I can enter a new stash okay but then I can never view it. I had really hoped this version would at least make the app iPhone 6+ compatible and resolve the previous photo upload issues. Back to the mobile Ravelry site via Safari.
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10 years ago, KathleenSKP
Removed features-why??
One of the main features I used on Wooly before the update was to see which needles I have without searching through drawers and jars of needles. Why would they take this feature away?? I haven't been able to use/try any other features yet because the app crashes every time I try to do anything. This happened with the old version when I tried to edit a pic, but now it happens all the time! And I don't even know what to say about the typo. I mean, REALLY??!! Lazy! Please please fix this or put it back to the old version. It's useless to me now.
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