WOOP app

3.6 (58)
51.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gabriele Oettingen
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for WOOP app

3.57 out of 5
58 Ratings
6 years ago, dwmke
Really helpful...plus suggestions for f features
The app is very helpful for structuring a woop process. It is pretty easy to use and using it is very effective in building new habits. There are a couple of features that would make it even better! One is to be able to go back and edit your responses in each sectionso that the grammar is correct in the final summary. Another is the ability to add notes on how you did with that obstacle, this would really help learning from the experience for the future. All in all, thanks for a good app!
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4 years ago, outdoorsyone
Editing Capability
I like this app because I like the philosophy behind its creation. I had listened to a podcast in which Gabriele Oettingen was interviewed and I was sold on the ideas and the practice of WOOP. One thing I would love for the app to have is an editing feature to the outcome, obstacle and plan sections, as it is now, what you write is final. Also, it would be nice to have a comment section for the % scale that measures progress, where a user can write down what steps they had taken to get to the percentage they record on their journey to accomplishing their outcome.
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3 years ago, NaanSt0p
They should add an “S” step, for “self-transcending purpose
I dunno why they haven’t integrated the research from Their colleague David Yeager, which showed that people need a ‘self transcendent purpose’ to tie together all the tasks of life and to push us through the boring parts of the journey. Without this part, users will not benefit from the app or from self-regulation techniques generally. I wouldn’t given this app 5 stars but it’s lacking that key ingredient: the ‘north star’ of purpose that guides us.
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2 years ago, Heather*02
The concept is so helpful. What would improve the app is to 1. Add a little more room to type, especially in the planning phase. 2. Allow edits once complete. I know for myself I need to look at the plan throughout the day and may find a revision of the plan very helpful, but the app requires you to rewrite the whole thing instead of being able to make any changes.
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5 years ago, Testu2
Everything is deleted
I loved this app, it was working really well for me.. One day i opened it & all my goals had disappeared. Each time I would rewrite my goals they would be gone the next day. Not sure what happened???? I would love to continue using it if it worked & if I could edit what I wrote. I never was able to go back and edit anything.
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3 years ago, Alexa R
I love the idea of WOOP! I wish there was a way to have the app remind you of your WOOPs and a better way to track your progress. For example if my WOOP is a month long, it would be nice to get a notification once a day for a month to work on that goal. I could then check off that I worked on it that day in the app and the app would automatically measure my progress based on how many days I actually worked towards it.
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5 years ago, R.A. Williams
This app is genius in its simplicity. I can show it’s effectiveness at stripping away all the BS and making you examine external and internal roadblocks in a singular way incredibly challenging if someone has never done it but it gets easier after a few times and has the most profound impact upon my clarity of mind and success on a daily basis. Soooo good
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4 years ago, Minty...
Helpful app
I agree with other reviewers that it would be much better if we could edit previous entries to correct or adjust them.
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5 years ago, Flayra
Great concept, but no saving
This is a great concept, quite powerful. I watched the TED talk and checked out the research. The problem is that nothing seems to save - after not using the app awhile, my previous WOOPs are deleted. Also, when making a new WOOP and I hit the back button (after seeing how my input was put together), my text is deleted as well (I often just want to make a small edit).
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4 years ago, SMORRIS55
Excellent for following through
If I have a task I’m avoiding or just not doing consistently, I go through the WOOP process. It’s so simple but powerful. Last night I even used it before going out with friends to make sure I didn’t overeat. Highly recommended app.
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7 years ago, Licalsinj
I use it everyday
I never write reviews for apps, or anything for that mater, but I absolutely love this app. I use it every morning and it helps me set up my day for success. Additionally the app is always improving and getting even better!
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1 year ago, 80south
Edit responses? Why not?
The way it is set up, one is more than likely to create a woop that is a gobbledygook of words because it doesn’t tell you how to phrase it. Easy to fix. Give an example or show how it will be set up. Plus allow it to be edited so it makes sense instead of always ending up a word salad.
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4 years ago, gyozagirl
A very good start but could use a lot of other features.
Super excited about learning about WOOP. Liked that there was an app to track goals/ habits/ wishes. A very good start but could use a lot of other features that could really make this a powerful tool.
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5 years ago, Tikapa
Valuable tool
In a matter of minutes I am able to identify the issue, proceed to articulating the obstacles then create actionable steps and solutions. I am impressed at how easily it helps reduce the mental clutter and encourage me to execute on the plan.
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4 months ago, vivasober
Great app!
This is a wonderful app. I use it when I need to set a goal and feel I need a clear path. Science backed!! App is in my hands so I can’t misplace my focus and goal,
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7 years ago, Bluelens
Simple and powerful
Like the simple format. Please expand the domains (health, interpersonal, professional) are too narrow. Would like to label my own domains. Financial, learning, growth, environment, spiritual.
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7 years ago, guycooper
Wonderful app
Found this on an NPR podcast. The advice came at just the right time. This app will help you develop a system to overcome your obstacles.
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3 years ago, JJW7
Works well, easy to use, I like it
It’s got everything you need to do WOOPs. It’s easy and works flawlessly. It saves your WOOPs so you can review them. Love it.
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6 years ago, LeeMFarmerMD
Doesn't work on my iPhone 7
Sent a report in a month ago. No reply. No fixes. I choose professional then I get a screen telling me to choose my most important goal for the day and that's it. Graphics are very poor on this phone. Love the idea and can't wait to see it executed.
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9 years ago, ValEnF
Excellent tool - don't be discouraged to use this tool
I want to encourage you to still practice this technique despite the bugs in the app. The App has a few bugs, which make it difficult or impossible to use. Don't write anymore bad reviews, it'll discourage others from using it.
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3 years ago, dtoyd
Recurring reminders?
I'd love to be able to set recurring reminders so I don't forget about my WOOPs (or the app itself!)
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6 years ago, Moiré
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work on iOS. No menu, no navigation and one blank page. Too bad because I enjoyed the book.
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1 year ago, coconut25
App keeps crashing
The app keeps crashing partway through my WOOP process.
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6 years ago, jobobon
Pop psychology
This is a joke. The developers really can’t be taken seriously. An embarrassment to the profession
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5 years ago, dmcoopknx
A very annoying app. I didn’t like it and it’s a waste of time IMO.
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7 years ago, rue2lku
Could use multiple fill in boxes
I heard about this app through the Hidden Brain podcast. I love the idea of WOOP, and I worked out a few WOOP goals on paper. I wanted to give the app a try, but it feels a little too watered down for the concept. Just a suggestion, but I think the app would get more at the spirit of goal setting and internal obstacle identifying if there were the option to fill multiple boxes during the process. When identifying a wish or goal that's dear to me there are several things I would like to include and keep in mind as to what the ideal outcome and the internal obstacles I need to be aware of and plan for. Only having one box for each of the identifying stages simplifies the process but it simplifies it too much. I'll stick to pen and paper for my WOOP-ing for now, but I'd like to see a few more options for this app in the future.
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8 years ago, LalaurenTee
Keeps me whole
As the other reviewer mentioned this app works with full efficacy by listening to a podcast first. I was able to find an NPR podcast called "WOOP there it is" by NPR. This podcast lead me to the app, which I was able to get more background on prior to downloading. The app itself is nice, simple and helps to keep you centered when you have a slurry of thoughts and goals in your head. The only suggestion I would have would be allowing longer character limit when typing my outcomes and etc. It's hard to specifically pinpoint my outcome in only 6 words. Otherwise I love the app for its simplicity and ability to keep me calm when overwhelmed.
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9 years ago, Justletmereviewthis
Great idea, mediocre execution
Obviously it's great in theory, it's backed by cold hard research. My primary issues are, firstly, the audio playback will suddenly stop midway through playing due to my screen sleeping and then when I wake up my screen I find that the audio has actually kept playing and I've missed the past 10 or so seconds. So I have to drag my thumb around my screen for 5 minutes during the audio playback to prevent that. And secondly, why do I have to make an account? Why can't these just be notes stored locally. I don't really want to share my goals with the world and I have no idea how you secure my data. So really the audio is the only way I can use the app without sharing my data. Great idea, mediocre execution.
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8 years ago, Mmmmik643
Listen to a podcast/read how it works first
I, too, found out about woop & Oettingen on a podcast (a different one). I've been using woop as my visualization for one of the miracle morning savers. It's a fantastic technique. As for the app, it's really a 4.5 star but it has negative reviews from past buggy versions, so I wanted to bring it up a bit. They are working on it & already made big changes twice. The latest version is great & doesn't crash anymore for me (except when looking at past woops for some reason) and it's beautiful and super-clear. The only thing I don't like is the 35-character limit. I understand a limitation, but that is so short! Also, I'm not sure if the guided recordings are available anymore, but that was very useful to me in the beginning. Super useful when I really want something to happen. I've used it to get myself to bedtime earlier, to release stress & anxiety, to work extremely hard on days before deadlines.
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9 years ago, Paul Ruos
Very good app based on amazing research
This app is based on amazing research done by one of the great psychology researchers of today. There are some bugs in the app that must be fixed and a Mac and web based versions should also be made. I am not aware of their existence yet. But this is a powerful app because it can literally change your life. It is wonderful that this research results have been made available in such a helpful way.
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9 years ago, M-the-B
There! That's better!
A very helpful daily ritual. The goal-setting process is terrifically wise and I'm having great fun combining the imagining parts with AmbiSci's binaurals and a little EFT. At first I couldn't seem to save my Woops to the List so I could refer to them later which it'll be really helpful to do in the coming days/weeks/months but they're all there now. Found them somehow by working through the Quick button.
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9 years ago, WoopFan
This is a fantastic app and they have worked out the technical kinks now. I have been using it every day to set a goal and have been successful each day except once when I didn't follow the game plan to overcome my obstacle. But that was a good learning experience. The process is based on strong research and it really works. The app is simple but extremely powerful. Use it!!!
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7 years ago, GottaRun4Evah
Too streamlined?
Find myself needing another WOOP category for personal projects that do not have anything to do with health or relationships. Would like to enter more than one obstacle for each wish - there are usually many obstacles that could come up. The WOOP approach seems very promising, but the app feels limiting. In the end, I may just use paper and pencil to record my responses to the app prompts, which are quite good.
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8 years ago, rutatoot
Great concept ...
I heard about WOOP on the Hidden Brain podcast. It's an easy to remember acronym to associate an excellent goal achievement process. The app however, is too simplistic to be helpful. There are only three main category choices, and either 24 hours or one month time frame options. The character limit for descriptors is helpful for keeping thoughts concise but too restrictive. An option to customize all these features would be great. Even better would be some awesome graphics and tracking capabilities.
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9 years ago, FortBacon
Good idea - rough implementation
The concept and intent behind the app is fantastic, which is why I give it two stars instead of one (or zero). The author of the book behind the app is trying to help with behavior modification and habit formation. The app is almost unresponsive to our button-pushes after a while of use… like it doesn’t register any kind of feedback… until the 10th attempt - and that’s on pretty much every button. Very rough little app.
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8 years ago, Smolleran
Good not great
Couldn't quite figure out how to see past entries. But creating new entries is easy and intuitive. Would be nice if there was a feedback feature...did you complete the goal you set for yourself?
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8 years ago, Dan77$$777
Wow this is awesome
Crazy I almost didn't download this app because of the negative reviews from several months ago. The app works great and I love the simplicity of it. Very excited to see what happens as I use this tool to keep me focused towards my goals in life.
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9 years ago, Maxinator99
Great app!
This is crazy! This app, which is based on scientific findings, really works in helping me achieve my goals. I use the app on a daily basis to organize my plans and to get what I need to do done. I 100% recommend!
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8 years ago, Kathleen FR
needs more work
As part of Mind in the Making training I offered this app to staff. It has many bugs that need to be worked out. The keyboard does not pop up easily when needed, the text one is typing is not visible, and the entire app seems films and undeveloped. Time for a WOOP of this app! If this app is developed further, I will offer it to staff.
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9 years ago, Goodthingsfromtexas
Hard to find
Just read Oettingen's book which mentions this app. This app is not indexed ... Searching on woop does not find it in the Apple Store. Got the download link from webpage mentioned in book.
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8 years ago, msderr
Still has bugs
I like the concept but couldn't read the text on my old iPhone. Looking forward to an updated version
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8 years ago, aekmn
Good intentions - far too limited
This is a great idea, the intention is good. BUT. Why should my goals, obstacles and actions be limited to 3-6 words??? Less, if they're long words. Not helpful, for most situations. I could much more easily do this in a notebook, and so I shall. Props for trying to encourage good habits - but practically, this feels more limiting than encouraging.
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8 years ago, rpd444
Elegant and effective
After listening to the author on the PBS's Hidden Brain podcast, I downloaded the app. It is an simple and clean app to employ the WOOP techniques to achieve your goals. I recommend it!
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9 years ago, R-O-Y
Loading.... 2 hours later
Great app when it loads. A solid 4.5 star app But when it's stuck in LOAD it's worthless from a star rating system. 1 Star until it gets fixed. Ironically the developer should have seen this obstacle and planned for it. Faster reaction time to fix this. ( I'm not the first to comment on the the same issue.) Fan of WOOP
Show more
9 years ago, Bri_Nev
Great idea but....
I really like the concepts outline here and I will give the a try but I don't think this app is going to be in the mix. It's just too buggy. It freezes often. Is slow to respond most the time. It's not complicated so I may see what I can do within some of other apps.
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9 years ago, CarrieinVt
Great idea - Lousy app
Wish this app could load. A user can register, even attempt training, but then everything freezes up and refuses to load. What a shame, was hoping to recommend it to young people with whom I work. But nope, just going to delete it.
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8 years ago, Sam herberttd
I like it.
Makes you really look at your goals.
Show more
9 years ago, Clydethebear
Useless useless useless app
The screen gets stuck loading. Complete waste of time. Too bad it is free, otherwise I would try to get my money back. Since it truly does not function this app is as useless as possible. Skip it and save yourself the stress. I wish I had.
Show more
9 years ago, Pauln34
Please please fix this
I have done woops without the app and have come to appreciate what a great tool it is for overcoming obstacles. I would love to use the app, but I never get past the "loading" notice. Please fix this! It is an awesome idea!
Show more
9 years ago, Femchemeng
App freezes
I was able to go through one WOOP exercise and it is excellent BUT the app then freezes and says LOADING. I deleted and reinstalled with the identical outcome...one successful use followed by the app freezing. Too bad...I hope the app developer fixes the issue.
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