Word Battle: unscramble words

4.4 (421)
58.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fufla SIA
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Battle: unscramble words

4.41 out of 5
421 Ratings
4 years ago, songbirdmc
Desperately needs updating
This could easily be one of the best word games out there, but it desperately needs some updates for iPhone. It could also use a few added features. I would love the ability to turn my phone and play in landscape mode. Unfortunately, there is no way that I can see to switch to landscape. Also, a way to shuffle the tiles would be AMAZING!!! Another thing that would really help speed up the game would be for everyone to be able to click “done” “ready” or “final” anything so that we don’t have to sit there 20 seconds waiting for the round to time out. Most of the time all four players (or however many) are finished making their word and we have to wait for the timer. 😒 A way to lock in your answer would really help this game. I’m not even sure if the creators of the game have any plans to improve or are even reading reviews. I haven’t seen an update in a very long time. It’s such a shame because this game is such a gem! It’s educational, interactive, challenging, competitive, and original. There are a lot of word games out there, but this one is my favorite. Overall it’s a great game that can use some improvements. I love making words and competing and it’s a lot of fun playing with other people in real time.
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2 years ago, mangisty
Fun, but would like some changes
I agree with some reviews regarding the words allowed or not. There have been words that I know are words but then something like gooses is allowed? Isn’t the plural of goose geese? And, some racist words are allowed as well🤔. Also, when a “friend” invites us to play in a tournament and I accept, we could never connect? Only one time I made it to the tournament lobby, but no one was there? Not sure how to get there? I also agree that the regular game should be less than 40sec.
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5 years ago, Frenchie***
Great game! I’ve been playing for years now. Just hate that they tell you you’ll get extra coins for inviting friends, I never got the extra coins. You guys should offer more coins!! If I play everyday I only get 11 coins for the day and if I miss a day or two they lower the coins. Being a long time player I would think I’d get more coins. This is my opinion and it’s bothered me for years, finally decided to write the review about it. Other than that Word Battle is my all time favorite game, Love it!
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5 years ago, JanetJ1
It’s good but....
I’m curious about your source for words. There are words that are not uncommon in English that you rule illegal. And then there’s this weird practice you have of allowing just about any word when an “s” is added. That’s crazy. I just finished a game where a player got big points for “cosierS.” Is that really a word, cause I can’t find any record of it being a word. Anyway, I love the game. Think it could us a few tweaks, and agree with the writer who says :40 is too much time.
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8 years ago, 1SunLover
Word Battle
I play the game now and them. There are a lot of players who have clocked in many hours playing. Since I don't play often, I guess I'm not as fast coming up with words so I don't overwhelmingly win every round. I'm ok with that and hope we are all playing to have fun and I hope everyone is playing fairly.
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5 years ago, Gordobud
Love Word Battle
Long time player of word battle. Play it daily. Would love to see time to create word shortened 40 seconds is too long. Also please eliminate the ability to add another 20 seconds to a round. If you can’t get a word from the letters given in 40 seconds it’s ok. It happens. But don’t drag it out for the rest of the players. Great game for those who like to expand vocabulary. Thanks
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8 years ago, HarleyQuinn_xoxo
Fun but it needs to be fixed so badly
Everytime I play I always end up last and I never have won a game. You need to add a lot of new words like the word zen, oh apparently that isn't a word? Well guess what? It is a word and you need to put it in your game and also whenever I accidentally put the wrong letter up, for example if I put rummer and I meant to put bummer I have to take the entire word down just to switch one letter, you need to make it where you can just switch the letter because I am fixing to delete this app because it's bad. If you fix it just a bit then it will be a great game.
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9 years ago, Louwilcoo
Word Battle
I love this game! I've learned so much! Words that I don't know I write down and then look them up! I've expanded my vocabulary so much! The thing I don't like is that I think word battle should not allow apps or software programs! It should just be based on what you not what a computer program knows! These people could be blocked easily!
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5 years ago, wthisgoingonwiththisapp
Love the game but for 3 weeks now has a small screen in top left corner of my phone! iPhone , driving me crazy! Anybody else have this problem? Or know how to fix it? Still no fix for this ? I am really annoyed, this is my favorite game to play, but the size is making it so hard to see and can’t zoom in on screen!
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4 years ago, Gigantous_Guy
“Word Battle App Review”
I’ve been a huge fan of this game for a long time now, first through Facebook and now through the app. The app functions quite well. Therefore, combining such a great game with such a wonderful app makes giving a five-star rating to it an ABSOLUTE no-brainer. Thank you EVER SO MUCH for making such a wonderful game app!!! Please keep up the outstanding work!
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3 years ago, MouseMirkin
This is a fun game—used to be great to play on my iPad too. They have decided that users no longer want to see clean, functional design, and they don’t want to use this on their iPads—which stand up in landscape. Redesign looks like they made this game to look good on a motorola flip phone from the 1990s (maybe?) and the screen doesn’t rotate anymore. Bring back the old design, fire whomever it was that convinced you they were good at Communication Design, hire a real designer, then see about updating. So sad that you made this game unusable.
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4 years ago, TheLuckyDozen
Absolutely love the game...
Wish developers would fix the left corner, small screen issue on the iPhone. It’s been like that for months and months. Also, there used to be a feature to shuffle the your letters. Please bring that back. This is my favorite word game but now it’s become a little bit frustrating playing in a small box in the corner. But still, the game and concept are great.
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4 years ago, Binkiedinks
Love it
Game is great. Could have better features. Maybe sound when some body adds extra letters, and a better way to swap letters?! I use to play Puzzly words, but it takes too long. I like that you have the chat feature too and can easily add buddies. Overall, love the game😊
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7 years ago, ChannyP
App gets stuck
I’ve been playing the game on my laptop and never have any problems, so when I saw the app I was excited to download it. The first game went fine; although, it took a few seconds to get acquainted with how to play. The second game about round 3 the app gets stuck. No way out. I had to uninstall and try again. I thought that would fix it. The second install, first game went good, second game got stuck at round 3 again.
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5 years ago, Mypastime
Fun Times
Word Battle is my "go to" game. Doesn't matter if I am waiting at Dr's office or a passenger in a car; having free time at work, it's quick and easy to get to and if something comes up in RL I can abandon game with no repercussions. This is my forever game that will keep me occupied. Big thumbs up for Word Battle.
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8 years ago, Patteebee
Word Battle
This is the only game that I play with other live opponents. It is fun and relatively fast. I would like to see a couple of improvements. I would like to have a definition function. And I would like the computer to show what the best word could have been at the end of each round.
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8 years ago, Teddywilly
The best ever!!
Word battle is unarguably the best word game ever!! Sure it's a game but I have learnt so much and improved my vocabulary just from playing? Made so many friends? It's addicting though but in a good way😂!! It's officially THE ONLY GAME I PLAY! Hard to find one that just has everything you love but I did? Awesome game? Just awesome!
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8 years ago, Hpw163
Word battle
I agree with patteebee. Love that it is live players. Would like definitions, list of possible longest, sometimes doesn't accept known words. That really penalizes you for whole game. Do like check feature but doesn't last for very many words.
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5 years ago, Morvika
What’s going on?
I’ve played this game for a few years now but I recently updated my iPhone and the screen is tiny. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that doesn’t work. It’s about the size of my thumb sitting in the upper left hand corner of my screen. I want to continue with this game but struggling to see it is irritating. Once I can play on a full size screen I’ll happily change those stars to 5
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5 years ago, ShoCheOBX
Absolutely LOVE this game ... but I play on my cell phone and since update , it went from full screen to a fraction into to left of screen and I can BARELY see... makes game disappointing Other than that glitch that I cannot figure out how to rectify, absolutely love the challenge
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4 years ago, Sacogun
New version
I was finally able to reconnect and play. I have been playing for a long time. This version has taken a step backwards. The layout is amateurish. I think the previous version was much better, plus you could play with your tablet in the horizontal position. I probably won’t play much.
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7 years ago, mariedono
Great game
I play this game every day but I agree with the person who said they did not like the cheat in which others could look at your word. What is the sense of allowing that when you are in competition? Remove that from the game!
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5 years ago, esperanzagarza
I love this game. I’ve been playing for a long time now but recently I updated my phone and now my screen is tiny!! 😡 How can I get it back to its original size and does anyone else have the same problem??
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4 years ago, Aye Bebs
Proper nouns
Some proper nouns were accepted while others Are not, like Indian- not accepted and Alaska was accepted . How come? I am disappointed that you change the setting of the game. I like the old one better than the new one. The old one is a friendly game. I could see my sister and friends and their score. Please put it back to the old setting. Please send me on how to go back to the old setting. I hate the new one.
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8 months ago, Lynnifred
Love this game
Love playing but it freezes up frequently and it also refuses to load. It is the only game on my device that does that, so I assume it is a problem with the app. I also find that it’s a bit stingy with the coins earned to play. I can only play one or two rounds a day.
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5 years ago, 1Reality!
Screen: UPDATE
I am upset with the recent update, my screen is TINY 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️....UPDATE: thank you to the developer of Word Battle for prompt response... The developers are looking into the tiny screen issue and suggest using safari or Firefox browser in the meanwhile. This game is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE from the beginning, so give them time. Maybe we will get an update on the game after 4 years!! 🤞🏽.... Keep requesting for an update you guys, I LOVE THIS GAME, would love to spend an entire day just playing!!!
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5 years ago, April Hair
Up until the iOS 13 update it was great!
The rating should be 5 stars and will be after an update to correct current issue. Love nearly every thing about this game/app but after I updated today the playing screen is 2 ½”h x 1 ½”w and hangs out in the upper left corner of my screen. I cannot play the game at all. Super disappointment after playing this nearly every day for YEARS. Crossing fingers for a speedy update!
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4 years ago, Nin312!@
Small screen?
I just updated my iPhone operating software to iOS 13.3 and this app doesn’t fill the screen anymore. It’s about 1/4th the size. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, to no avail. Anybody else experiencing this problem?
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3 weeks ago, KtUtah
Fun game!
Although some of the words accepted seem wrong. Please explain the “skill points needed . I have played for years and can”t figure that out.
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3 years ago, CDNewSM6071
Will no longer permit unfriending persons
Before last update to application I was able to unfriend a person when necessary but now that is not an option! It seems as if I should be able to click the check mark off on the persons stat page that I am wanting to unfriend but no it is not that easy. Please fix this ASAP!!!!!
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5 years ago, lmr321
I play on my cell phone most of the time. The app is too small since my IPhone updated, less than half the screen size. Wish I could shuffle letters. Also, 30 seconds would be better, IMO. It is addictive!
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5 years ago, Nikalryahpark
Mixed feelings
I’m a word smith and love the challenge, just sick of the cheaters, and so many words that are not in your dictionary that are words. Tonight it was Bimini, it’s so frustrating. And the people that cheat is getting overwhelming. Why play if you have to cheat. Shorten the time! And fix the program so that algorithms block the programs.
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4 years ago, Statpat123
I’ve been playing for quite a while and enjoyed it immensely, but all of a sudden I no longer get a daily bonus of coins. I guess when I run out, I’ll stop playing. ☹️
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9 years ago, Malibu82
Love this game!!
I absolutely love this game but since I got my new iPhone it is freezing like crazy!! Hope someone fixes this issue soon cause not worth playing at the moment.
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10 months ago, Agingstoner
Where Do These Words Come From?
Okay, I get slang, commonly used foreign words, variant spellings, foreign currency, blah, blah, blah, but in the entire history of the English language NO ONE has EVER used the word “Warmen” except for the name of a Finnish heavy metal band! It pisses me off to lose a game to a STUPID NON-EXISTENT WORD!
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8 years ago, 1granny52
Word Battle
Good fun I spell more words right the first time. If I'm unsure there's always the spell check prompt to help. Like this game. Every time I log on there's someone new to play with. I like that.
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3 years ago, alpaca37
Interrupted by ads
Sometime when I start a new game the iPhone app goes directly to an ad instead of the game. It just started doing this a couple of days ago. I only have 12 seconds left to find a word. It only does it on round 1 of 4. Why?
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4 years ago, lauratheprofessor
I updated my ipad for the newest version and the orientation is portrait, instead of landscape! I also cannot replace a letter without redoing the whole word. Please fix!! have been playing for 5 years and feel fortunate to have learned so many new words.
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5 years ago, vargas tina
Word Battle
This is one of the games that I enjoy playing most. It is challenging and I get to expand on my vocabulary so thank you for creating this game.
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7 years ago, Iphone5c user
Need Upgrade on App
The game itself is ok, but timer too slow and cannot log out too enter another until the current game your in is over? Upgrade app and on my mobile cannot play game the "landscape" formatting why is that?
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4 years ago, Mom 2+3
You ruined it.
I played this game every morning, until this week. You updated and ruined it. Now I have to find another game. Other players feel the same way. I will check back to see if you fix it, until then, I’m out. (Screen rotation is a big deal too)
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5 years ago, Grancycle
People calling me a cheat
Is there really an app to cheat on Word Battle? I have been playing different word games for ten years and therefore have memorized a lot of words, but when I use words that someone does not know, they say I am using a cheat app. Is there a rule against people being just plain rude? How to address this?
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7 years ago, Flwrfixer
Who decides what is a good word
I enjoy this game very much, but I would like to know why so many legitimate words are disallowed. I have even had a word disallowed and the SAME WORD has been counted for one of the others in the round.
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4 years ago, Roblow1
Great game can't stop playing. I'm hooked This is my favorite game. Have been playing for years. Always come back and it’s like I never left.
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10 months ago, Redbarn61
Losing levels
I have enjoyed this game for many years. Overnight I am back to level one and have lost all my battle coins. Why?
Show more
4 years ago, MzBJ55
Awesome and Addicting
I totally enjoy playing WB, so much that I play at least 3 games a day. I would like to see more word selections, with more value on the letters. Other than that; I LOVE THIS GAME.!!!!
Show more
8 years ago, SupaStah-C
Geek Bulletin ..
Fun and extremely addicting .. My only wish is that they take away the ability so see other players tiles. I get tired of people counting tiles. Fun fun fun for word people!
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9 years ago, wjmccrary
Very fun game, seems to hang and crash, tho.
This is a very fun game, but when playing on your iPhone it will hang out crash about 15% of the time. Happens more at night, for some reason...
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5 years ago, tj3810
Love that I can clock in any time of a sleepless night and find at least one other player.
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7 years ago, sew-sy
Word Battle
Love the game. Wish it had the "spy" option and the "shuffle" option, like on my laptop.
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