Word Bird®

4.7 (326)
65.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Bird®

4.73 out of 5
326 Ratings
8 years ago, heatherdoesntreview
Love it.
This game is fantastic. The gameplay is great, and the challenge increases at just the right pace. The power-ups were well-planned and are extremely helpful. Is it strange to say that my absolute favorite part of the game is the owl's expressions as you play? I love when he's happy that you got a good word. I love that when you hit "shuffle" he does a little dance. I love that when you're thinking of a word, he also has a pensive look on his face. I even love that if you start a word and then back out, he looks slightly annoyed for a moment. If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to make the music somehow loop into itself so that it could be an ongoing track. It's a little distracting that the song plays through, stops, then starts again. I really like the music, but I've turned the sound off because when a song has a beginning and an end, it seems to give my brain more of a sense of just how long I've been playing, and it makes me anxious. I'd rather just while away the hours with this addictive game without being reminded that I have other things to do. In short, I love this game!! And if that cute owl makes an appearance in another app, or say, on a T-Shirt, you just let me know! :)
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11 years ago, little bits 92
Best word game!!
I don't know how they do it, but ALL of their games are super fun and highly addictive!!!! They manage to take ordinary games--including Klondike--and take it to the next level. I can't think of ANYTHING this game is missing. Once I re-found out how to get the definitions, this went straight to the top of all the other word games I play (and that is quite a few!!). I encourage anyone to play this--even if you found other word games boring. Kudos for making it kid friendly as well.
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11 years ago, Avid3gsfan
Word search on steroids! Challenging word search game. It has fun powerups and a daily puzzle if you feel competitive. If I have a negative, it's that you cannot finish a board until you make use of every letter, and for a handful of letters, you need some very obscure words to complete the puzzle. Fortunately, in addition to hints, you can shuffle the board to get you unstuck. Also, the powerups help. It is not as glossy as some other games, but it is nicely done, and a lot of fun to play, and that's what counts.
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8 years ago, Dictionary fowl
Fun little game
This game is great. It is fun and challenging. It's really satisfying when you manage to create a really long word. With multiple modes of gameplay, including daily challenges, it's never boring. You can even pause a game if you need to come back to it later. Plus, the little owl is so cute! Even when he furrows his brow if you make a mistake.
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11 years ago, harveysangel
Good but needs some tweaking
My 8 yr old, my husband and I all enjoy playing this game. Wonderful concept would like to make multiple skilled levels maybe less or more letters depending on skill level. Also randomly music starts playing really loud even tho my volume on my phone is off. Since I play this while laying in bed to help me fall asleep at night this is very bad considering I'm laying next to my husband and 7mo old son who are startled awake and I can not adjust the volume. This needs to be fixed! Overall I love it!
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12 years ago, stegil56
I normally don't write reviews, BUT...
Excluding Words With Friends, (once its repaired), Word Bird is the greatest Word game online period! It's challenging, rewarding, and a great educational game to keep your vocabulary strong. Even at 46, I never miss a chance to keep my spelling strong. WB is usually the last thing I do at the end of my day. Just as equivalent as going to bed with a good book.
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11 years ago, Frogisgreen
One of my two favorite games!
I love word bird supreme- is very addictive and challenging! I play it on my computer most of the time and on my phone to kill time away from home. The only other game as addictive and challenging is Bookworm, but they each have their own special features that set them apart from each other. The phone app version to me is not as fulfilling as the computer version but still great! I wish there was a way to sync up the two- that would be awesome! Long time player, and still not bored!! A+ in my opinion!
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6 years ago, Minky27
One of my faves!
I love this game and play it pretty much every day. I especially enjoy the Daily Challenge feature — it gives me the incentive to keep my vocabulary skills sharp as well as my abilities to see word patterns and strategize for higher scores and extra turns.
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10 years ago, Twitch1968
Word bird
This by far is a great game for almost any age. I say almost because u do need to know how to spell (at least a lil lol) to get further using the least amount of words. I gives you a daily challenge you can play. Love this game.
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11 years ago, Fryeday828
Fun game
I've really enjoyed this word game. I like that it rewards with extra turns instead of a timed type game. The "extras" are a little unclear - I appreciate the "exploding tiles", bonus points, etc., but I can't find an explanation of how to utilize them all properly as strategies during play. Overall very friendly & fun, but with overly-busy options.
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11 years ago, Indoquilter
Fun Game
Lots of Fun. Lots of Variation. Remains challenging. My only problem is that if I get too high a score the next level is all one color on top and another color below the line - thus nothing to match - nothing to do - no way to move forward. Please fix and then I will be glad to give you 5 stars plus.
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11 years ago, Spring213
Fun app
This is a fun app . The only thing i would improve is to ask for a shortened version of the game. This would make it easier to play short games quickly when you are waiting fir an appt , etc.
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11 years ago, Amomwithtwins
Very addictive
This is an awesome game that really makes you stop and think about big long words. If you don't get to where you want to be, though, you may stay up all night till you do!
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7 years ago, Shootamonkey
Please update
Have been playing this for years. I always start my day with the challenge. When the new update was installed I have not been able to use. Please update , I really love this app. Thank you, Mimi
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11 years ago, Aterrien
Nice Timer-Free Word Game
I really like that this is single player and un-timed. It makes it more relaxing than other word games. I'd buy a better dictionary if they ever made that for in-app purchase but at this price the dictionary is just fine.
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11 years ago, Mesquitemom3
Word Bird Supreme-love it!
This is a very fun game. It is interesting and challenging. I love that you can access definitions for any unfamiliar words. It's easy to keep it fresh because you can switch out power ups as you unlock them. Great game!
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11 years ago, Waazal
Word bird
Great game! So far there have been no charges or them asking me to buy the "ultimate" edition. Love that I can play and not have to worry about accidentally buying something! So much fun too!!! Keeps you playing and playing!!!
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6 months ago, WonderfulMemories
Word Bird
This game has been a daily pleasure for many years! It challenges my mind… and amuses me with the changing background! It is the first game i play each day! Thank you for designing this game!
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11 years ago, Bunny fatm
Love this game!
This is a fun game that I play almost daily. Difficulty level and time it takes to play a game (about 15 minutes) is just right. Would recommend if you like word games.
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11 years ago, Southern Mo
Very Fun!!
I don't usually write reviews, but this is a great game which keeps me entertained. I find myself coming back to this game many times during the day. My usual problem with games is that I get bored.....not so with this game!
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8 years ago, Finger Arts Fan
Fun and Relaxing
I love playing this game - I go back to it again and again! It's fun, it challenges me and keeps my brain working, word-wise. It's also relaxing - I don't feel like I have to rush with it. Thank you, Word Bird Supreme!
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11 years ago, Marvelousmarble
Better than Ruzzle!
Challenging individual play word game. Plus, No pressure to buy anything! Supreme & Daily challenge modes are my favorites. TBH, cannot find rules, so I'm not really clear on how I'm earning badges, coins or extra turns.
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12 years ago, Gottaluvck
Great game!!
Another amazing game from Funkitron!! Been waiting awhile for them to come out with another game! very cute graphics! Love Word Bird! I enjoy doing the daily challenge! This ranks at the top with Slingo Supreme and Solitaire Kingdom! Thanks Funkitron!!
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7 years ago, Dog1-luver
More u play, more u like!
Have played this game for years. Hope you keep updating for new systems. Fun for about everyone. Just got a 7 & 12 yr old playing!
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11 years ago, AirEarthWindFire
Can't put it down. Saying that, it would be nice to have a little documentation to see what all the extras (keys, stars, etc.) are about. As it stands, experimentation is necessary.
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11 years ago, TexasRanger1919
Fun to play.
Good game, fun to play. Gets you thinking. Maybe add more words to the dictionary in a future update such as names. Some common names don't count while others do. Overall I would recommend playing.
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12 years ago, jriehm737
I don't have one bad thing to say about this game. It's so much fun and I love how you can turn it off and come back to it and it saves your place.
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11 years ago, Phyllis Stevens
Word bird supreme
I love it just wish the challenges were not so hard sometimes. I can never seem to get ahead of anyone on the leader board !!!!!
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11 years ago, Jimmy Jam 4
Lots of fun!
Different modes have different power ups. I like how you don't need to go back to the game every few minutes.
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8 years ago, Jorge Abbenhaus
Please update this so iOS 10 users can play on the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. I love and respect Funkitron for there amazing games for the iPhone.
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11 years ago, MO6kids
Very addictive game!
Love all the daily challenges! I am not usually a game player, but this perfect for me. I can come back to my puzzle at anytime to finish. Challenging! Great ap!
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7 years ago, dancingheart67
No langer works on my new iPhone 8
I was playing it on all my devices. I just upgraded to the new iPhone 8 and it doesn't work. I used to rate it 5 stars, now I can't play it. Been addicted to it ever since it came out! Had to delete and I know since I had to delete that I have surely lost all badges if it does get fixed, very disappointed!
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11 years ago, Fosfeffe
Best Word Game
This is by far the best word game I've found this year. Never boring as some word games get. The Daily Challenge keeps it fresh.
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11 years ago, Whymamatoo
Word Bird Supreme
Love this game, even at over 1/2 hundred , I am terrible at spelling and this has really sharpened my skills. Great game to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.
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12 years ago, Chupi's New iPod
Good app
Passes the time without being a mindless game. The challenge to make the best word makes it fun and keeps the game from becoming boring.
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12 years ago, ScottieOBX
Word Bird Addiction
I really enjoy playing and trying to beat my last score. It's such a challenge!
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11 years ago, Dolphindebb13
I really enjoy this game!! It's addictive and can really pass the time. Glad I found it!!!! A little slow loading onto my iPod though.
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12 years ago, Emeraldeyes44
Curious because of all the good reviews but mediocre in my opinion. Scramble with friends and Ruzzle are way more fun. The buttons on this game are very small making it very easy to hit the wrong letters. So glad I waited and tried this game when it was free, I would have been mad if I had payed for it.
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12 years ago, TMOC58
Addicting App
I have IPHONE 4S....no problems with app at all.....fun, challenging word game...once you start playing it's hard to stop...
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12 years ago, Loveydoveylovey
Word Bird
This game is very similar to Slingo. I really enjoy playing. It challenges you to come up with enough words.
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11 years ago, ybielu
Cool game
Love Slingo Supreme and this is even more fun. Get tired of waiting for DAYS for people to play their turn on other popular word games !
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12 years ago, Fyhbogess
Love this game! It popped up as a recommendation when I was playing Slingo n I'm glad I took the time to check it out!
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11 years ago, Andybnc
Word bird
Love the game. Have become addicted to it. Can't wait to play each time. User friendly.
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12 years ago, Grindkrusher
Enjoy it, but not five star
I like the premise, but only find myself interested in tackling the daily challenge. But that is definitely worth the money.
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10 years ago, The dash of puzzles
Current favorite word game
Fun and challenging. And no annoying need to connect to a social network.
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11 years ago, Bufftbone
Very fun and addicting. The daily challenge is my favorite. For some reason it doesn't accept "sex" as a word.
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11 years ago, Steph Bev
Great game!
Great game that keeps you playing for hours! The daily challenge is a nice feature.
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12 years ago, texasmommy21
Extremely Addictive, Creative, fun!
This is one of the very few games that I play. Every game is different!
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11 years ago, Shandoria
Sweet word game
This game is so much fun! Love the daily challenge, the power-ups you unlock, and the look of the game. I'm hooked!
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12 years ago, Ltw1132
Word Bird
Fun and challenging!! Takes a bit to get the hang of it...but keep going...it does get better!!
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