Word Collage

Photo & Video
4.3 (135)
4.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexey Tataurov
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Collage

4.31 out of 5
135 Ratings
11 years ago, 9287334087374
Woordle pros/cons
Good app however, once I had all of my words in, it took a long time to load which was very annoying. Also, when I finally got my finished product and I saved it to my photos, it cut off some of the words. On the upside, there were a large variety of color choices which I liked. I've used it for a school presentation as a fun way to display information and it was great for that. Personally I think it's worth $1 for its use.
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3 years ago, Guacaipuro
Good for what it does…
I find this app very good for what it does. Don’t expect super detailed ability to edit individual words. It’s one most glaring missing feature is to create the graphic with a transparent background (.png format). Hope the developers address this deficiency soon, it will make the app that much more useful.
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12 years ago, Wolfe with an e
Are your words art?
Fascinating little app that takes pasted text or words from a web page and turns them into an artsy word cloud. Useless? Actually I've found it a funky way to examine writing. Add a writing masterpiece (maybe one of your own) to create a collage. Your word choice is a lot more obvious when you see them disconnected from sentences this way. I used Shakespeare's soliloquy from Hamlet. It's a whole new way to analyze writing. + 2 dozen distinctive themes and 20 unique fonts + use pasted text or a URL + option to remove The, Is and other common words in 16 languages + send by email, Facebook, Twitter and copy to Camera Roll or clipboard - could use words enlarged based on number of times used instead of repeating them
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3 years ago, DuckOfPrey
Cannot edit
It does what it is supposed to when you input a URL, however after that if you pick a palette, font change or any of the other options none take effect. There is no button to apply the changes. All you can do is go back which takes you to the original import. THIS complain was entered two years ago via a review and still not fixed. App abandoned?
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7 years ago, Vi19 ma'am
Love it!
I love this app! The other reviews I’ve seen may have been done before some of the updates, because it works great for my 30 students. Lots of color choices and fonts.
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9 years ago, krcarson
Super Tiny Text
I downloaded this to test for a classroom set of iPads but definitely won't be recommending it to the teachers. The text is extraordinarily tiny and when I attempt to save them to the photo library, they are incredibly low resolution and blurry. I have seen screenshots of great collages on the iPads, so I don't understand why it doesn't work for me. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, Vhire
Colors locked
The app offers ‘color palettes’ which are actually nice... but there is no way to change to background color or change the colors of individual words within the collage.
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3 years ago, Fgoodmanjr
Awesome app
This app has so much potential. Thank you for inspiring me to do more with words graphically.
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3 years ago, E.Beagle
Nice but limited overall shape
Nice app but limited that the shape of your results is always roughly a square. Would be much more useful/unique to have shape options, forming your words into a variety of images.
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10 years ago, Bleumel
Don't waste your money!
When I searched for Wordle in the App Store, this was the only choice. However, it does not have the ability to use short phrases, nor does it have any sort of directions or FAQ in the app. A waste of $0.99. Don't waste your time or money!
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10 years ago, ChrisP927
Does not work.
I'm only giving it one star because it wouldn't let me leave a review without giving a star. Doesn't even show text once you've entered it, never mind anything else.
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10 years ago, sophouo
Okay app
This is an okay app, however, it REALLY needs more fonts. I'd rather have a classy font than a Harry Potter themed font.
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9 years ago, maddiecrew
Waste of Money!!!!
I would give it a lower star but I can only put one. Otherwise I would not give it a positive number. Terrible app! Do not buy!!!
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2 years ago, Señor Wright
Not a Fan 🫣
I took a risk for .99-I was disappointed while trying to use this app….
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6 years ago, northvirus
Needs update
Update this app
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9 years ago, adriank060
Just update it to fix it that the words won't be cut off
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12 years ago, cesanford418
This app is awesome! But one thing to recommend, is to choose your own colors like everyone else said in the reviews. This app is just wordle online. But online you can choose your own colors. To make this app top notch is to add the feature of choosing your own colors. I hope to see an update soon with this feature. But otherwise this app is awesome! :)
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12 years ago, Lindalucine
As stated before this is like wordle. I also, would very much like to be able to make my own color pallet. If you are not familiar with wordle, this works the same, the more times you type in one word the bigger it is in your finished set. Add color choices and this will be top notch.
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12 years ago, specialappssk
A good start, but I wish it would allow for special characters
Darn! It doesn't recognize commas and you can't use underscores to connect two words together i.e. Special_Apps,_Special_Kids to display as "Special Apps, Special Kids" Instead it just displays "Special Apps Kids" in different colors and sizes. This is still good for other fun word images, but it could be improved to make it even more flexible.
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12 years ago, Algf714391
Pretty good
It's very similar to the real Wordle online, except you aren't able to pick your own color palette or re-arrange the words as much as you want to get the pattern you want. The only thing I don't like is the colors.
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11 years ago, az TLC
I like it...
I think this is a fun app. If people would look at the settings; they might have an easier time. It would be nice to make shapes... but... overall? I'm happy.
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12 years ago, A Beason
This is a wonderful app!
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12 years ago, Katerra2
It won't show a collage of all my words just a few
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12 years ago, iCaliT
Doesn't work!
The few times the app has worked, I've liked it. But the norm is that it doesn't work. Two days ago, I created a couple of collages, and then it inexplicably quit making them! I have re-installed it three times, as well as re-booted my iPad. Yet nothing! What a rip off.
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12 years ago, Cannibal
Out. Standing.
It's an outstanding app that allows you to make amazing word clouds. Out. Standing.
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12 years ago, Kreiff0824
What's wrong?
Is there something wrong with the ap? My words don't all show up....I would like my $0.99 back please or fix the problem....definitely can't do what was shown in the example.
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11 years ago, PhotoLabLady
No directions
There are no directions and when you one several words, only one or two of them show up. It also prints weird. Don't waste your $.
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12 years ago, nataly 123
You can't pick your own color pallet and it limits how many words you can use
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12 years ago, Nonomysss
Can't choose colors! And words are missing
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11 years ago, CatCopeland
Not worth $0.99
It doesn't show all my words even if I type 5 words not all of them show this makes me extremely angry
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11 years ago, (/-_-)/
Not worth $
It should be free if you can use all the words and pick your colors
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11 years ago, Mrs Laws
Don't waste your time on this app. It is dull. I wanted an app to make word collages in different recognizable shapes. You can not do that here. Dissatisfied and disappointed :(
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12 years ago, Abc123abc123def456def456
I made it and it only showed half of my words and tryed to change it but it made it worse!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, ATIZE
Crappy app
Don't dwnld. Waste of time and money. Prints weird.
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11 years ago, mj8096
It doesn't even show all my words
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