Word Cookies!®

4.6 (158.5K)
301.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
BitMango, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Cookies!®

4.6 out of 5
158.5K Ratings
5 years ago, luxe_22
Hello! I love this game but think that there should be easier words to pick. I also believe that the developers of this game could and would add easier words to pick if they knew that people playing this game really want them. Now this game is amazing and I have been playing for over a year. It’s perfect for all ages and helps with spelling and adds new words to your everyday life. The only thing is that when your playing, some of the words that you try to do ARE real and that the words the game picks are NOT real words that your everyday person would know. So yeah, in the end I do really think that this game is amazing, all I’m asking is that the words that this game has are more guessable to me and everyone else. Sometimes by the time I’m out of coins trying to guess one of the 4, 3 lettered words and then IF I do end up finding the word it’s not a real word that you would use, know, and understand. Yes I do know that there's a dictionary for you to understand the words but most of them don’t really make sense after you read the definition. Anyways, I love this game and if you don’t have it or are looking for a fun game to play to kill time, or you’re on a plane/long car ride, this is the game for you. It’s free and I’ve never really felt the need to buy coins although you can if you wish. There is a wheel that you can spin daily for coins and other prizes so you don’t have to buy them. Anyways enough of my rambling, goodbye!
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3 years ago, its_powla
Take long breaks but never get bored of this game
This is the game I’ve played the longest out of the type. I really love word puzzles and learning new terms. It’s not perfect but the ads are not as bad as other games. Once you get to the 7-letter words, it doesn’t get better than that through the levels but there’s always new words here and there. There’s a dictionary that opens once you click on a word: I’d like to see words in a sentence sometimes. The themes freeze the game, so I just use the original with no problem. The game has a weekend “bake off” where you have to find words and it’s timed, this is really cool and you earn a bunch of coins depending on your progress. The wheel of fortune doesn’t have a constant speed and sometimes it slows down a lot after you stop it. The league is entertaining but I’m not sure you’re competing against actual people. Also, depending on what you played last in the home tab, the league can be stuck in a setting where you never earn any points bc you have to guess a specific word first. So you have to go back home, play the regular game, and then play the league. The home renovation is boring. Overall, I find this game to be very relaxing, I even got my bf on the game and we compete to see who gets the bake-off first and switch phones sometimes and finish each other’s words we’re stuck on.
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5 years ago, Be4tiful Disaster
Overall, solid 4...Can use more features
I really like it & love for my kids to play it! It can help them brush up &/or learn more vocab & just keep their brains moving. I like the categories, special levels, & daily puzzle. The themes are cute too. The sales are wonderful! There are many different pkg. choices for buying coins! The available words are not too hard or too easy. I believe it is supposed to get tougher as you move up the list. So they do good in that area! (& yes, all of the words are real) :) There are tough words to spell, that’s life. They cannot make it TOO easy or there would be no challenge! The only negative in my opinion is: Like many apps, I think it needs a bit more. In order to consider it “fun” though, it could def. use a timed mode & even a competitive mode would be great! Similar apps I have used are usually one mode or the other.(either timed OR relaxed OR competitive) I love it when an app merges all 3 (or more) & allows you to chose! It keeps it interesting & keeps people from getting bored as quick. Our fam does come back if we stop playing/ delete but I know my kids would play more, as would I, if it had more features. Oh & I love the cookie jar w/extra words! I wish all word games would have it! :) Since playing this & having it, I do not like playing word games that do not have it! Like an added bonus you did not realize you were missing until you have it! As usual, thank you to the developers for their work on a great app!
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5 years ago, AliPear
Wooooooooooooooow amazing!!!
I was playing a second ago and I loved the game soooooooo much I couldn’t stop playing it . And it like it never stops. I also like the features in the game when you hit a new level you get coins and I like that I can keep my track by level marks in the game. There is so much to do! I am so pumped and please do another one. I love the game so much that I can’t stop playing it I am never going to stop playing it because it’s so much fun and I hope you love it too. This might be a long sentence but I’m telling you it is amazing! I can’t believe you made this creators make another one please please please do this. The one part of it is the coins I don’t know what the coins do yet but I just love the way that they look and that each level is kind of a cookie right now I’m on the oatmeal stage it’s amazing I feel like I’m writing in the game from all the features it has and if there’s another one I’m definitely playing it! There’s so much you can do and I love it so if the creator sees this tell him that I really want a Word Cookies 2 that would be so fun. I also am wondering about one part the only part is I wonder if the coins do anything please tell me creators because I really don’t know.
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4 years ago, Bunnyrancher
I have played this game for a few years now and enjoy it. I have a large vocabulary and this game challenges it and I have picked up new words. Fun. Over the course of this year, they have decreased the coins you can accumulate from watching ads. Actually, the extra coin feature disappeared completely. Ok, I understand. They want you to spend real money to get their coins to play, which I will never do. Also, the wheel spin for each day is rigged to stop only on 10 or 15, with the occasional free hint thrown in. Designers, if you're going to do that, reconfigure the wheel with the numbers you're willing to give out and stop frustrating your hopeful customers. One last thing, which another customer mentioned, is that when trying to collect coins after watching an ad, the screen frequently freezes and no coins are awarded. You have to get out of the app and clear it from your screen to be able to access the game again. And, of course, you lose the coins you worked for by completing the daily puzzle. I haven't kept close accounting because it's only a game and I have time but not money in it, but I know the game owes me well over 2000 coins. I have contacted the managers who have sent me 200 coins over a month ago but I haven't been able to get them to load to my app. I'll have to try again. With all that said, it's an enjoyable game and I play it frequently, but be aware of the downfalls of this game because it will spike your frustration levels.
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3 years ago, 23 Chelsea
WAS a Great Game 🤥🥴🤢
I played this game religiously, looking forward to each daily puzzle. To myself I enjoy a game of challenges, which this does offer! However, after NOT contributing financially to this specific company, they “block you out of official wins”! I had enjoyed the fact you use your brain to figure out the correct words as they are listed alphabetically, making it a game challenging! To sweeten the pot they added Holiday puzzles which once all 16 puzzles are completed (4 puzzles per quarter piece) you receive a “photo” in your game album. It will sound shallow to most of you, but I spent time and effort to complete all 16 puzzles on Easter Day, and I was NOT given the photo for the game album. I wrote and inquired as to why I am NOT being treated fairly, only to have my requests fall on deaf ears. They won’t explain why they won’t provide the photo (as they did on Valentines Day). I have been alerted to the fact this is the same company as one I (HAD) past tense spent hundreds of dollars only to lose. I can accept that as Bingo is a “game of chance” their words, however, at least 20 others stated to me they’d experienced the same issue and they ALL stopped playing and deleted the app! I’ve stopped playing but haven’t yet deleted the apps for theses company related games. Just, please be aware! There is a small glimmer of hope they’ll revert back to the wholesome version they once were. Until then, I won’t be participating 😪🤔.
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4 years ago, Ellianabug
Word Cookies
The reason I rate it four stars is because the levels are challenging… Not so challenging but challenging enough to make me feel like “oh maybe I should just take a break!” I love how word cookies is run. It’s a very awesome game. I would have rated it five stars but I am currently on a level that has a lot of words for me to solve. I have about five. There are about 10... maybe more. But the graphics and all the themes are awesome!!! Sorry… I tried to keep this professional but I couldn’t. :-( Anyway... yeah… I like Word Cookies because also I like that there are different sections like cinnamon, oatmeal, Banana, and a level I’m currently on… Strawberry. I’m trying to make this a long review but I have nothing to say. *sigh* I also like word cookies cause you can spin the daily wheel in the beginning of every day. For example, let’s say it’s Tuesday, January 5 and I haven’t played Word Cookies yet but I want to. Then when I click the app it will say spin the daily wheel. So you do. And you can get coins! And the coins can get you hints so the levels are easier. I don’t really get any coins though. I don’t know why. I think it’s because I spend them on hints right away... anyway… In conclusion I think word cookies is a great app and you should check it out! (Especially if you like a challenge!). - ELLIEBUGGYGIRL
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1 year ago, d.j.n.s
Just a few flaws…
Word Cookies™️ is an amazing game, and I am here to share the few things creating the deduction in my rating, hence why I have given it three stars. First issue, the daily spinner is rigged. It oftentimes lands on fifty coins or something good and then BACKS UP. This is unacceptable. If you are wishing to create a popular, fun, and respectable game, not to mention trustworthy, you cannot rig the game. Second off, the hints and boosts cost way too much. With the small amount of coins earned for each level, it is hard to gather enough coins to purchase a hint and still have plenty of coins, and it is rare for the daily spinner to give you a boost or hint. Lastly, there are WAY too many ads. There is an ad after every level you beat, after you click a button, or even when you just open the app. Ten thousand pop ups open after the daily spinner, and it is rude and obnoxious. Developers, no offense, and not to be rude, but you need to get it together. You cannot put too many ads, hoping to force people into spending money to make it stop. Don’t be greedy. And readers, I do recommend this game, but do not expect too much from it. It is a low quality time passer. You can use it to stretch your brain, or just contain boredom, but there are much better games. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the game 🙂
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6 years ago, UsherMocha
Spend a couple of bucks and get rid of the ads
I gladly paid the $2 to remove the ads when it became obvious what a great deal it was going to be based on the time I spent playing. I don't find it terribly difficult but it's challenging enough to be fun and not frustrating. Update January 2018: Not a big fan of the new 8-letter words. They make it easy to miss letters, at least on iPhone 7. Might be okay on iPad. Also wondering why none of the last two updates have included star words or special levels. Seems like some experimentation is going on at BitMango Update February 2018: The games is fantastic up until the eight letter words. But now each release of new levels is quite frustrating for me. I used to be able to zip through words pretty quickly but now the letters are too close together. I have to slow right down to make sure I hit the right one. And the eight letter words are, more often than not, either a compound word or a gerund so they aren’t crazy challenging to find. Add to that the lack of star words and bonus levels (I’ve been stuck on the last quest for three releases now) and I suspect I won’t keep this too much longer. Which is fine. I’ve definitely got more than enough enjoyment out of it for the $2 it takes to remove the ads.
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2 months ago, Would like you guys to fix
(If you’re a mom out there and your kids want this game read this it’s very helpful😉)
Word Cookies is a fun family friendly game. Me and my family play it all the time and have so much fun. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that there is lots of ads normally an ad pops up right after you play a level but other than that I recommend this to all kids at least 5+ it will really help will vocabulary 😉. For moms out there you might want your kids to read a little more but they don’t want to or, you might want to help them in English but they don’t want to which is a big problem this will not only help them with vocabulary but it family fun, free, and your child will want to play a round or two once a day! This might not seem like a vocabulary game but, if your child guess a word and don’t know what it means all they have to do is to click AZ book and they’ll get the word and, you can unscramble new words and, make new words. It’s all of that in one game! That’s what a typical mom wants with there kids. Right? BY THE WAYYYY: Shout out to the developer/developers who created this game 😉😉😉
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5 years ago, Lindsay Kilarski
Word Cookies ROCKS!
Word Cookies ROCKS! I love his game. When I am bored I love to just get out my iPad and play this game. This game also helps me learn new words. It is fun to learn words that come out of other words. The hard part is finding the main word. Who would have known that there are SO many words that have a lot of other words you can make out of it. It's fun when you find a few words but you can't think of the others but when you do your mind explodes because it is so obvious. I'm just glad they have helpers like the pick one or the first letter of a word or even he fairy wand. This game can be a little challenging but I sometime us google and look up "What words can I make out of the word." Google is very helpful. One other hint that can be really had is the daily challenge. I guess that is why it is called challenge. I also like changing the theme of the game. I personally like the Halloween theme. But over all this game is the BEST game I have ever played and I am only ten. So if you are looking for something to play. I would definitely recommend this game for adults and children. After all I am ten.
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4 years ago, TillyBird Forever
Great game!
I’ve played this game for quite awhile, and it’s really fun. It’s really cool that the function to change the themes is there, so you can accustom your Word Cookies fun with what time of year it is! I just recently downloaded it again after changing devices, and even though I had to start over it’s still super fun! Though one complaint...the extra words are fun, and they give you good rewards, but once you get farther into the levels they become a pain because since there are more letters and more words, you might spend forever on one of the levels (though spending forever on a level isn’t that bad, unless you just sit there and grill your brain on that one word that you just can’t think of for the life of you), and when you FINALLY find a word that’s actually viable, it could say that it’s an extra word and it’s REALLY annoying. Especially since there are so many. And it’s harder to get the amount of them you need once you get into a higher level and you reach the max limit of 100. I think that’s a little TOO much. 50 probably would’ve been best, in my personal opinion. Besides that, I love the game! I hope you benefit and improve the game from this review.
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7 years ago, HorribleSpider
Game is ok, super disruptive ads
The game itself is ok. It starts out very easy and kind of boring but gets better. I like the special levels and cookie jar for extra words. Unfortunately the ads are beyond normal annoying ads in that there are a lot of interactive ads and ads that interrupt sound from background apps, even when game sound and ad sounds are off (I play music for my baby’s nap while I’m on my phone sometimes and the ads can stop/override the songs). But the WORST thing, the thing I’m starting to think is unforgivable, is that it gives you an ad each time you are interrupted or exit briefly from the game. Like if I get a low battery pop up, I get an ad after. If I pop out of the game for a second to answer a text, I get an ad when I go back. If i get a phone call, I get an ad when i return to playing. And this is in addition to ads between levels. Even if I’ve JUST watched an ad and then have to go answer a text real quick, it does its few seconds of loading and then gives another ad. It’s pretty obnoxious and makes me want to stubbornly never buy the game rather than pay to have ads removed. Ads are ok in general but don’t make me deal with two interactive ads in a row that screw up my background music.
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5 years ago, waclements
What dictionary are they using?
First of all, I love this game—I really do. I like that it can actually be played for free and makes me think. What drives me up the wall (and I don’t have a license for that, so we’re venturing into dangerous territory) is some times perfectly normal words like “ail” come up as non-words. I discovered just how many vague words count when I was stuck and just sticking consonants and vowels randomly together and they were going into the free words jar, and, very occasionally, the word that was being looked for. Example—I just randomly picked “sel” and it went into the word jar. I looked it up. A Scottish variant of ‘self.’ Or abbreviation for selection, etc. But other abbreviations don’t seem to count, so is it really the Scottish variant? I found one that I don’t remember that was the singular of part of the intestines. Really. On the one hand, it’s pretty entertaining because it’s bizarre what can be found by just messing around in desperation. On the other, there’s no rhyme or reason to what words are chosen. It’s just an observation. I do really like the game and recommend it, and if you’re out of hints, just start making words up, because you never know—they may really be words.
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6 years ago, Charlotte Lindsor
Excellent word game for all ages
Similar in goal to Whirly Word. THAT app has a dictionary option where you can look up any new words you find by accident. THIS app gives you extra CREDIT points for finding new words, and an advanced bonus level when you qualify, which adds a letter to a finished puzzle so you can see all the new words that new letter just helps create. Very organized game, nicely considered, from the scramble feature for fresh eyes, to the literal tracing out of the spellings with your fingertip. And definitely a contest! The lure I like best is that the words are in alphabetical order. There comes a point in every round when I don't see any more words, but I'm missing two for a clean sweep. One is a four letter word that must start with a 'T' and maybe the other is a five letter word that starts with 'fi'. There are ways you and your kids can detect what's missing, and this game is rated "G" so don't expect vulgarities to be worth any points. It's my automatic go-to game when I'm waiting for something. Test yourself, and see how many words you can find.
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11 months ago, DBN2
Burnt cookies lately
7/6/23 Another report here of the spinner crashing after latest update making the game unplayable. As another user noticed, it resumes working if WiFi is turned off. I’ve been playing daily for several years, and as of a few months ago, I would have rated the game 5 *****. However, the last two events (at least) have gone completely off the rails. Not only are half the words so obscure that I imagine no more than a dozen people in the English speaking world have ever used them, but now the devs seem to be simply inventing words. As others have mentioned, the spinner is rigged, and i’ve gotten so sick of the measly 10 coin reward that i literally close my eyes until the spinning and delivery is over. It’s just too aggravating getting my hopes up and then being repeatedly disappointed. Another gripe: the odd choice of banned words. Why is “s-x” banned but not dozens of alcohol related words? What are they thinking? Despite these flaws, I keep playing because it feels like it’s good for my brain. My advice for the events: when stumped, just keep throwing letters together until they make a so-called word. The main puzzles are usually more reasonable.
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4 years ago, pdg66
A Subtly Addictive Word Game
This game is simple enough ... to start off, as it simply asks one to rearrange a few letters into words of proscribed length. But the complexity elevates as one is presented with 7 letters and then vowels start to become fewer and less common. You can get hints but if you're not careful you can run out of clues and then the option to buy more clues starts to become attractive. I recommend using your clue points sparingly and when you get stumped just put the game down for hours or overnight and invariably you will see solutions quickly after you turn it back on. One caution ... the free version with ads will quickly drive you crazy so buying the ad-free version for $1.99 is well worth the cost (IMHO). However, the fun and challenge with this game has eroded recently as they have upped the challenge with words that even my crossword puzzle addict wife has never heard of. To top it off one used to be able to time the spins to get one of the better prizes, but now the spins are not based on skill and one almost always gets 10 coins no matter where you choose to stop the spinner. Time for a new game methinks.
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5 years ago, Littles Ones Helper
Word Cookies amazement!
Hello! I just wanna tell you guys your game is really helping me get better at stuff, like , reading, spelling and knowing some words.. I was just gonna ask please never quit this business it’s a amazing! The words just need harder but.. that doesn’t mean your horribly bad! You still have lots of good stuff. I just started playing this game a week ago! Just a week ago, and I’m already mastering these easy/hard skill words . I’m in 5th grade I’m very good at spelling but I bet some Pre Schoolers—3rd graders really would need this. I was very surprised when the app was 4+ I was very happy, so now kids can spell maybe on a I pad phone.. maybe even a guardians phone. But I play this game every single day each week and month.. it’s crazy I know. This is just bunches and bunches of fun to play every day! WOW. Thanks this is just LOADS of FUN this can get little ones to be a better reader maybe by the age 8.. I became good at reading and words when I was 6!! This is very amazing! Thanks for all the help for me and the little ones❤️ THANK YOU!!
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7 years ago, SMLayne
I’ve finished the game twice!
I really like the game for many reasons. It’s challenging enough, the words to discover are in alphabetical order (very helpful when stuck), swiping from letter to letter then releasing to deposit the word (such better design than other games out there), also there are many levels to play, and extra coins for various activities, etc. That which I think needs work: the ads, they certainly are a pain, but there are work arounds. But most in need of work is at the end of the game, it just ends. I don’t know, I feel like I want to be congratulated for finishing the game that I’ve spent several weeks completing. Very minor thing here, I know. Also, when opening the game for the first time after midnight each day, one gets the opportunity to play the shell game for points... I almost always picked the one coin that only offered one hour for discounted hints. I prefer the coins straight up; most often I would not be playing for an hour to take advantage of the discount. The last thing, the points (not coins) that are accumulated really don’t mean anything, do they?
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1 year ago, Angry Big Strong Man
This game stole my wife and kids from me, let me see them Jessica it’s been 2 years at least let them have there gifts stop sending them back it’s not ok. Also I did not sleep with your sister and even if I supposedly did u forgave her you should also forgive the father of your seven children. But knowing you there probably not all mine especially Garty because no one in my family has naturally blonde hair and I know you lied to me about your moms hair, how do I know? SHES 89 HOW WHOULD SHE STILL HAVE COLOR IN HER HAIR. And magically everyone has blonde hair in our neighbor’s family? I don’t think soooo, also I know your both slingers isn’t that a coincidence? Another I don’t think sooooo. Also I know it has nothing to do with my micro shlong so you can stop saying that it has everything to do with this game. Also you never gave me back my hover vacuum. (I don’t have a family, I’m not married, I’m not a man, I don’t own a vacuum and I never have, and I’m only on the second level I think idk)
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3 years ago, Arliena
Developers got greedy 2
Edit: I wrote the review below a couple of years ago. I rarely open Word Cookies anymore (see review) but today I decided to give it another shot. Nothing has been done to improve the app, the glitches, or the experience for the players who purchased the ad-free version. What’s more, the hint icons now flash at you incessantly while you are playing in an attempt to get you to use your saved hints. It’s distracting and annoying. I paid for the ad-free version a couple of years ago and used to love playing this game. I could choose to watch ads to earn extra points for hints and that’s gone now. The daily spin for points is obviously now set to rarely earn you anything more than 10 points and half the time I watch an ad for an extra spin the app freezes and I have to relaunch and lose the spin. It’s clear the developers have gotten greedy and want to force players to use all their saved up points and then push them to buy more. It’s the world we live in I guess. Too bad, because for a long while Word Cookies seemed like it was run by a few of the decent guys. No longer. I won’t recommend this to friends anymore.
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3 years ago, DB822
Great game til the cookie jar and UPDATE : the updates make the game crash
Update: this is the second time I’ve done an update that causes the game to crash when I try to open it. I promised myself I wouldn’t do another update after this happened the last time but against my better judgment I did . Now I can’t open it at all. AGAIN! Please put out an update to fix this bug . Won’t update again after this one but this needs to be fixed ! I’ve read the responses to the other reviews regarding the cookie jar but you DEFINITELY DO NOT get all of your points at the end of the level. At the end of the 20 boards in the level you get TEN POINTS TOTAL added to your bank. You used to get points after each level and this amounts to a half of a point for each level so the points you’re gaining on each individual board ABSOLUTELY 100% are going into the cookie jar that one must pay for now. As you advance on boards you need to used points for hints more and more so you go through those paltry earnings quickly . Bad decision to do that for people who’ve been playing this game for a long time and know it’s a rip off
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2 months ago, A_Mac99
Lost all progress
I really used to like this game, the levels only just started getting actually decent, but lame words like “the” & “and” are used way too often. I’ve been playing for 8 years and the game started to bug out, so I had to delete and redownload it and all of my progress was gone. I tried contacting support and none of them would hear my issue, they just kept asking for the player ID in the settings menu (which wasn’t the right one for the game I was trying to restore), and I kept telling them I didn’t have it and I gave as much other information as I could. I finally just gave in and sent them the ID and all they did was send me coins. I don’t have my game or my 8 years of progress back. I just have a level one game with 500 coins. This is probably the end of my time with this game. I don’t know on which end it malfunctioned, but this happened before a couple years ago and I was able to just restore it via icloud. This time, icloud acted like it had nothing on it. What I don’t like is that they claim they can get your game back and then they don’t.
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4 years ago, kaylen tiggers
I saw something that I wasn’t happy about
After what I saw I wish could rate your game zero stars! So I was just on my phone when got this notification from Word Cookies the notification said and I quote, “ Ya know VIOLIN is one of the answers!” I was not pleased when I saw this notification because you were just randomly giving me the answer just so I could play on your game! That is just down right rude and absolutely dumb. First off I already knew that violin was one of the words but anyways that’s rude that you think giving me the answers will make me play your game. I want to find the answers out myself not get notification from your game just randomly giving me the answers! I was very disappointed when I saw this notification because I love this game so much it’s really but as I said before giving me one the answers is just mean. I know I might be overreacting but when I saw this notification I was very shocked and angry because I’ve never played a game that gave me the answers! Another thing to is the ads they are so annoying once I complete a word an ad pop’s up and it’s very frustrating because the ads are so long. I hope you never show a notification like that again but other than the things I said the game is great.
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5 years ago, Mfl03
Word Cookies But It Crashes Often
Love Word Cookies but it crashes very often. I powered off my iPad 4 several times, but the crashes are still happening. I deleted the game and then downloaded again from the App Store and when it came on, all my previous completed games were gone. Had to start on level 1 again, even though both my iPad Word Cookies and iPhone Word Cookies are connected to Facebook. iPhone shows Level Taro 19 but iPad shows Level 1. I also do not like watching the ads to earn clue points. I’d rather pay a one time fee and have clues available at no charge. Some of the words in the higher levels are very obscure and clues are needed to continue the game. If it weren’t for these issues, I would give the game 5 stars. Update: Word Cookies has not been crashing since I deleted and re-downloaded. Starting from level one again was still fun. The developers answered my complaint and said they are working on the crashing problem. I enjoy the game.
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3 years ago, J's apple thingie
Too glitchy
I love this game and this is the second phone I’ve downloaded it on, but this time around it’s extra buggy. There is one ad (some stupid dragon thing) that you can’t tap the X to go back to the game because no matter where you tap, it takes you to Safari or the App Store to get the game - you have to exit the game completely and go back in to keep playing. Also, as others have mentioned, sometimes after playing a level the game freezes up and won’t move on to the next level (loading wheel just keeps spinning…). I have to exit the game and go back into it to move on, which also means sometimes losing the coins I just collected in the previous level. This happens frequently enough that I end up having to do this multiple times each time I play. I really do like this game, but it’s too glitchy right now to enjoy it. It worked better on my LG, but not so well on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Please fix these issues. I’m not likely to keep playing until the bugs are worked out. And I’m definitely not paying money for an ad free experience.
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5 years ago, Figgly Wiggly
The bad and goods of word cookies
Word cookies is a game to improve your knowledge. It did so for me. How? You may ask well it helps you by, seeing and discovering new words. How does that improve your knowledge well when you find a new word that you don’t know you might want to search it up and once you know the definition you know the word which improves your vocabulary. The more words in your vocabulary the smarter you are this is why you should consider downloading word cookies With good there is bad as we all know. But in this case there aren’t that much bad things. The main issue is that they don’t give you that much coins. So say you just beat a level you worked hard on and you didn’t get anything. In this case if you beat a level you worked hard on you should get bonus coins the next time you get a puzzle right. I’d personally prefer if you get good out of your work especially if you got the puzzle all right. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider downloading word cookies this is just some things I would personally consider changing.
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5 years ago, Saychae
Ripped me off
I had to reset my iPhone and thus reinstall all of my apps. Once I reinstalled this game I realized that I was missing my 7k+ coins. I emailed support about and didn’t get a response! I was really enjoying the game but knowing that I purchased most of the coins and now I cannot get them back is tamely frustrating, hence, the one star rating. Find a way to get me my coins back and I’ll update my rating and comments. Same thing happened with their other word game (Word Farm)! UPDATE: I’ve already contacted you through your in-game app and gave you all the details. Your response was unacceptable as you only wanted to refund me the past (30) days of 7k+ coins. I purchased many of the coins over a period of time not just the last (30) days. As I told you in my email response, you “have” my money from the past 6+ months and I should receive “all” coins I’ve purchased or a refund of each of my purchases for those coins. I also stated that you should update your description in the App Store so customer are aware that if they have to download your app again for reasons outside of their control that they will “lose” all of the coins they purchased. Then we know “not” to make purchases or not to download your app.
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3 years ago, lovehorses❤️
A Great Way to Relax!
I tend to be working a lot and don’t get many breaks. When I finally do get to kick back and relax I start to get bored. This game is an amazing way to keep me busy and relaxed, so that I don’t have to feel bored or feel like something needs to be done. This app has many good things about it, including the icing on some of the cookies. I think it is so cute and creative when I get to see the specially designed cookies around winter time, and near the start of spring. The only reason I gave this a 4 star instead of five is because I don’t feel that this game is as fulfilling as I want it to be. I think it would be cool if you added mini levels, like side quests to earn cookie stars. And once you earned enough cookie stars you could use them to get a reward, like coins or a special hint on the levels of your choice. Of course, this is not my game and you guys have done an amazing job! I love this game and would never be able to remove it from my phone.❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Foxy_Angel23
Fun and addicting
I love this game! It makes your brain work harder and not give up. This also teaches you some crazy words like “coy.” The only thing that bothers me is that I never have enough money to help me out. Only after a whole lot of levels you get 40 coins. And I could only afford the 25 coin help ONCE. I think that there should be a little more money included at the end of 4-5 levels. The cookie jar helps but the words are crazy. Vyn is not a word and would probably go in there. It’s really hard to find but that’s the challenge. In conclusion, this game is amazing and teaches you but needs a little improvement. If there is no improvement, I will personally still love the game! I highly recommend it to people who enter spelling bees or like puzzles. It’s also fun when you’re waiting for someone and you have no idea what to do. I’m pretty sure this game works offline, and anywhere. I love it and there is no reason to not give it a 5 star.
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2 years ago, hjdee
This game is so much fun! As you progress into further levels, it becomes more of a challenge and makes you think more. It has helped me learn new words and has provided hours of entertainment for me. If you’re tired of the same old games or are just looking for a new game, I highly recommend this. My only complaint is how many extra mini side games there are now and all the things that pop up for you to spend money on in the game. It never used to be like that. You’d have you’re free spin and after that pick up where you left off. Now, 5 things pop up before I can continue, not to mention rewards that used to be earned, you now earn them but to have access you have to pay. Not everyone can and it was really nice to have a game where none of that nonsense existed. But now, it’s all different and I play the game less and less because of it. You guys used to be my fave. I’d spend HOURS in your app and now I’m lucky if I make it 15 minutes before getting frustrated that I have to pay for almost EVERYTHING.
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6 years ago, RAIN.BLANQUITZ.52
Awesome: WORD🍪🍪🍪!!!!
Awesome... I love word cookies!!! This game is soooooo calming and relaxing. Word cookies is a nice game you would want to play just after you get out of school, of get done with homework. At first, I was like, this game sounds so silly, or even dumb. Who would want to play it? But now, I regret taking so long to get this game! I found out about this game on an ad on another game. I saw it a couple of times, I really didn't think much of it. Then I saw it on the App Store and was like, I'll just try it. And now I love it!!! This game has a tiny bit of challenge. It is not totally easy, but not so hard at the same time. And you will especially love this game if you are like me and like to think! Every thing about this game awesome and cool except for one thing... THE ADS!!!!!! I absolutely hate the ads. They are so annoying and everywhere!!! That is the only thing that I have a problem with. But other than that, GET THIS GAME!!!! Please fix the ads, whoever made this game........
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6 years ago, Littlelo2002
Cute & Fun
This is a good, fun pastime. I haven’t encountered any glitches or annoyances, which makes the game an enjoyable experience. The style, music, and theme make the game “cute,” too, which makes it even more fun. I’ve seen a lot of people downgrade their ratings and reviews of this game because of the ads. Honestly, the ads aren’t a big deal for me. Unlike normal 15-30 second ads, Word Cookies gives the option to close after five seconds. Besides, the IAP isn’t a large price to pay for removing ads. If it really disrupts your gameplay, I don’t know what to tell you. Free games will always have ads. It’s their way of making money. Plus, coins are really easy to get. You achieve some every few levels or so, you win some every day when you first open the game, you get some after watching a video... I think this makes up for the excessive ads. You may get bored on the first few levels since they mainly include 2-4 letter words, but you’ll be challenged soon after that. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews regarding this... play the game some before you give it a negative review. It wants to get you familiar with the controls. Overall, I think you should get this game. It’s a free, fun passtime that’ll get you hooked quickly and make you think. It certainly made me think!
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3 years ago, SnailBuddy
Fun Game!
I love Word Cookies! It is just challenging enough. Also, I love that it is not timed, because it is more relaxing for me. Another reviewer suggested the option to have it timed. That would be good for those who like that, but I know I wouldn’t choose a game that is timed. I also like that you can leave the game and not lose your progress when you return. Sometimes a fresh perspective helps when you are stuck. Plus, my husband works on it with me. I wrote that first part awhile ago. While I still love the game, I’ve noticed that it has become stingy with coins. Everyday the wheel stops at 10 and some days there is not an option to watch a video for another spin. Also, the levels I have been playing only have one special event instead of two and sometimes you only earn 5 coins. Now you have added the piggy bank, but I refuse to pay for coins I’ve already earned. Fortunately, I had purchased some coins awhile ago and still have a good amount. If I run out I’ll leave the game.
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5 years ago, BWKWJreader
App “sticks”
The game has promise to be entertaining. However the app has issues with freezing on the ads. I’ve tried installing it on 2 iPads hoping it would work on one of them. (iPad Air 2 & iPad 5th generation.) Nope. It will work for a while, then it becomes frozen at an ad. When this happens it just won’t go back to the game. Leaving the game and then returning doesn’t break the freeze. It’s not always on the same ad, but in 2 days, 2 devices it has allowed very little actual game time. The only thing that works is to remove it from the device and re-install. I understand the need for ads to generate some profit, and I don’t usually mind watching them. I do get annoyed when the ad goes to a screen that offers the chance to install a new game—-and then freezes there with no option to say, “No thanks. Return to my already installed game now, please.” I see from other reviews that attempting to contact the developer is fruitless, so I won’t waste my time trying that. I also don’t plan to waste any more time on Word Cookies. Not worth the trouble. I’m avoiding anything from BitMango.
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6 years ago, french_teacher
I’ve been playing this game for a while, and yes, the ads were annoying, but I figured I enjoyed it enough that it was worth paying for no ads. I’ve had it working fine with no ads for maybe a few months now, with no problems. Today, while playing (in the middle of a round!), an ad starts for National Geographic!! What’s up with that???! My first thought was that maybe they did an update and messed something up. Evidently, an update was posted this morning, but nothing about ads that I can see. Next thought: maybe the developers didn’t realize they introduced a new bug, and I figured I would contact them. But if you click on “App support” within the App Store, it takes you to Facebook. I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO GO TO FACEBOOK TO GET SUPPORT!!!!! Next thought: I will go to the developers’ website to let them know about this problem, but AGAIN IT TAKES YOU TO FACEBOOK!!!!! GRRR, GRRR, GRRRRRRRR!!!! I used to really like this game, but I am ticked off that the only way to log a problem outside of Facebook (for a paid user, even more so!) is to write a review like this.
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3 years ago, ijsdmom
Good game, could be better
I enjoy playing this game but at the moment I’m somewhat frustrated. If you enjoy playing the game you’ll find that the developers are not adding enough new levels so that you can continue playing. I have emailed them about this and they respond by saying that they have added new games but they might only add 20 new games . If you are playing the game every day 20 new levels does not take that long to complete. They used to add more levels than they are currently adding and it makes me wonder if they are focusing on other apps instead of this one. As you can see from my frustration, I do enjoy playing this game. I also do find that there are some words that are too far fetched to be recognized when playing which adds some frustration and some of the words are spelled differently than they are in the United States. Please add new levels more often!
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5 years ago, VioletM82
Fun, but frustrating
I enjoy the game and play it almost nightly to relax me before sleep, but there are some things about it that annoy me. I have to keep my thumb positioned to hide the hint button when thinking, because it flashes itself every few seconds and is irritatingly distracting. The game acts like we aren’t already aware the button is there and it’s an obnoxious way to try to get people to use coins. Also the “no 3 letter words” message. It’s obvious from looking at a puzzle whether it has 3 letter words or not, the pop up is unnecessary and seems like a way to try to stop people from getting “extra words”, since it won’t even count the first one you swipe until you swipe it again after the pop up is closed. Common words are too often “extra words”, while puzzle words are often obscure. And they go overboard with the sensitivity by not letting several common words count as words, because they’re “bad”, and not just swear words. But generally, it’s a fun game.
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2 years ago, Kassi P
Complaint and the response from “support” was inadequate
The system won’t let you leave zero stars so you to leave a review I had to give it at least one star. The game itself is fine. However I objected to an advertisement on Word Cookies for another game called Words of Wonder. That ad has a series of tiles on a grid with four letter words to unscramble. Consistently, the placement of the tiles has a pair next to each other that spelled the f bomb. So the f bomb is not in a single tile to unscramble but in the scrambled letters of two tiles next to each other. No screenshot or explanation seemed to help support personnel figure out that the word was there. I wasn’t trying to make a big deal about it just let them know I preferred not to see it in a game I was playing for entertainment. But their response seemed deliberately worded as if they couldn’t see the word in the screenshot, I didn’t provide enough info, I needed to do more to help them understand my issue, etc. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me but their responses were more unpleasant than the f word itself!
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3 years ago, TiggerGTO
Wheel is rigged and today’s daily game is bad
For the last 2-3 weeks, the wheel is always giving me one of the two lowest prizes. This is regardless of how long I let it spin or which space the wheel is on when I press the button. It definitely feels rigged which makes no sense since the coins are basically meaningless at this point — I have almost 60k built up. I’ve obviously been playing the game for a long time, but having the wheel suddenly seem rigged is REALLY irritating. Also, today’s daily game had WEEPING as the longest word (sorry if I spoiled anybody’s game today). It only had 1 three letter word which ended up being WEE (again, sorry for the spoiler). Why only 1 three letter word, and why such an obscure one at that? I can think of 6-7 much more commonly used words off the top of my head that could be made with these letters. ————— Update: Now, several months after I wrote my original review, I am convinced that the daily bonus wheel is rigged. I have tried many different things, including closing my eyes and waiting for a random period of time before pressing the button. Well over 75% of the time, the wheel stops on 10 or 15. Either make the wheel actually random, or get rid of it. Rigging it to pay out one of the two lowest values most of the time is totally bogus. Another update... Now the wheel gives me 10 or 15 almost all the time. Get rid of the wheel or make it random. ————— Update: Get rid of the wheel. I’m so tired of getting only 10 or 15.
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7 months ago, TGB0220
Fun But Ads Are Annoying
Fun game with lots of options. Provides good challenges not boring like similar word puzzles. I really like the variety of challenges like the daily games and that you can win helpers. I would have rated this higher except for three things. 1. Ads are too frequent. I get that ads are necessary. But if you leave game even for a few seconds to check a text you have to watch an ad to resume where you left off. Ads are also SO repetitive. You can only watch the same ad for an app you don’t want (or already have) so many times. And some of the ads are just so inane and tacky. 2. The game could benefit from additional instructions on how to play some of the challenges such as the mission. 3. Too many “buying” options constantly being thrown at you. Overall, though, it’s a great game and I would highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, Katolo- January 20, 2016
Word Cookies
Educational and very addictive! It is so much fun even though it makes your brain think and it’s hard it is fun I like how they give you hints and give you hard questions I still can’t figure out words but if your trip going to download this game I say yes yes yes One bad thing is it has a lot of commercials and you have to watch videos to get hints I like how you can change the background from spring to fall to winter to 🐣 parents or children who are going to get this I say you learn more vocabulary words and it helps you spell or write whatever thing you aren’t going to do you will love this game to pieces I tell you I want stayed up all night playing this game I woke up and I was really tired in the morning but it was worth it this game is awesome awesome awesome awesome you have to get this game.🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️😼😼😽😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
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4 years ago, hoodrat91910
They Deleted My Review About Lawsuit!
The developer of this game deleted my review when I mentioned that my attorney told me to videotape every time the bonus spin does not award the coins that were promised. Maybe if they would spend more time fixing their game and not rigging it to rip off customers, they wouldn’t have to worry about such reviews. Anyway, my review is going up again but I’m sure it will be deleted. I’ll post it again. And then I’ll post it again once they delete that one. And all this is being documented on video. Class action lawsuit coming soon! Tired of this rip-off business culture. It’s running rampant and needs to be stopped. Just noticed on their other game called “Bubble Pop”, people have left many reviews saying they paid for the ad free version of the game but are still forced to watch ads. Will be passing this info along to my attorney tomorrow morning. Man, this company is quite brazen in how they rip off their paying customers. Unbelievable! Just do the right thing and stop ripping people off. What’s so hard about that? Is Donald Trump running this company?
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5 years ago, ii_Blu_ii🐋
Word Cookies Is Excellent!🐋
Word Cookies is a great game, full of word puzzles and levels! I enjoy playing this game whenever I’m bored, or when I’m sitting in the car on a trip! The themes are cute and colorful and I’d recommend this game to those who enjoy word puzzles with colors. I rate this game a fat 5 stars. There is the ads that additionally come in, but in the end you can pay for no ads so... it’s fine. I like this fun little game, and I think others should give it a chance! To those of you who disliked word puzzles or thought it was too frustrating, why’d you get it? What did you expect??? Please don’t rate this amazing game a 1 or 2 because you can’t get past some level, because it’s okay to ask for help! Used up your coins? BUY SOME. Or simply head over to your local internet browser and search words that include those letters. - ii_Blu_ii
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2 years ago, jjhnfndjjg
I really enjoy this game, it’s my go to for killing time and I play it often which is probably why this bothers me so much but it’s mostly a monotonous group of the same words over and over again, especially the levels that include 3 letter words, which are most. Maybe I just play it too much but I think there’s just really no challenge there and wish there was less of these. The “hard” levels do a pretty decent job of switching it up with more “out of the norm” words but still mostly include the same repetitive 3 & 4 letter words as nearly every other level. It would be nice to see it progress in complexity, like the higher up you go the less you see of 3 & 4 letter words altogether and are only left to find 5+ then 6+ instead of virtually the same thing the whole way through. But that’s just my opinion, it’s still an enjoyable game when I find myself with nothing to do.
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2 years ago, J8D111
Fun and cool
This game is really fun and can be challenging sometimes. The only thing that is challenging is that some of the words I did not know were words. But maybe it is just because I am young. But other then that tiny thing this game is awesome! I love this game. I really like the theme of baking cookies and if you are doing well they use baking words. For example they said to me a few times “ Freshly baked!” It is super cool 😎. I also like that you buy a hint with your coins in the game and for no coins it can get rearranged so you can see it in a different way. Also it is not super easy. Again I’m young so some of these words might be easier for people older than me but I really like challenge with words!! I hope this game can get even more awesome! Thanks for reading my review!!🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪🤪 Wrote by, JD
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3 years ago, absinthequill
Great game, small issue
I love this game. It really helps me wake up my brain and expand my vocabulary and it’s visually very pleasing too. I enjoy the special challenges as they shake things up a bit so it doesn’t get boring. My only complaint would be that it’s far too easy to accidentally hit the hint or wand button, using up coins unnecessarily (and often I’ve paid for them). Just putting my phone down for example often seems to do this. Perhaps a confirmation pop-up would help? It’s also a little strange and arbitrary which words are banned or not - for example, certain ‘bad words’ are banned but their plurals are not. I’ve also had one game where a complete nonsense word was one of the main required words, ‘nnet’, but this has only happened once. Solid 4-stars and still probably the best word-building app on the App Store.
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4 years ago, harborgirl
Fun but Frustrating!!
Easy to understand how to play. Shuffle button helps me to "see" words and make progress. Nice to get credit for extra words but would be better if more and more extra words weren't required before a few coins given. Not a big reward! Game progress should be tracked regardless of what device is used to play. Logging into Facebook does not keep progress on multiple devices. Really dislike having to play same puzzles again on another device to keep progressing on each device. Ads requiring interaction are excessive when shown after ever puzzle, every pause, every game start, etc. Nice to have "free" game but forcing ads to frustrate users for $1.99 removal fee unnecessary. Getting rid of ads requires paying on each device, too. Not right!!! Just charge for the game up front. Makes me want to stop playing rather than pay to play.
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2 years ago, Toni1!
Update…No rewards
I play this game every day and have been for a while. I really love playing it but when I watch the video to get free coins the game doesn’t respond after the video and I don’t get the rewards. I watch the whole video and wait to respond and wait but nothing so I end up closing out the game and completely closed out off my phone. I can goner back to the game same place I was just no free coins. This has been happening for months now I just never thought to leave a review. I just got very frustrated with this because hey I need those coins some of the words are difficult! 🧐 I really love playing this game the only issue I have is that when you play a video to get the rewards the game doesn’t reconnect. Then I have to close it out and open it again and it never gives me the coins…very frustrating!!
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3 years ago, fhhdkyfyhlohoyoy
I like it simple
Before you read this, please don’t be offended or take any of this personally, I’m just stating my opinion and (possibly) help someone that decides to download thy is after a while understand that the game has indeed changed a lot. I used to have this game as a kid, and I loved it. The device that it was on broke after a while. When I got a new device, I forgot about it, then remembered it years later. I decided to download it again, and I must say that the concept has become at least slightly more complex. I would just like to say to the producers of this game that there is no need to make it any farther complicated than it already is. Please don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the game, but I prefer the simple levels instead of tons of events, ads for games and starter packs. Thank you for listening to my opinion.
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