Word Hunt ·

4.6 (41.6K)
148.5 MB
Age rating
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Word Search Games
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Word Hunt ·

4.57 out of 5
41.6K Ratings
3 years ago, AU Tailgate Mom
One of my favorite!
Sometimes it's easy inorder to allow your brain to rest! Most of the time it makes you work hard! I will “happen”on the accepted word and I think it is NOT a word! Look it up--it is legit!! Only sometimes when I access the definition button on the game, it will display “defition not available at this time” AND it is not in the dictionary!! What's up with that???
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5 years ago, KaeeElle
Awesome BUT!
This game is VERY addictive BUT for some odd reason, if I leave the app (with or without closing it out entirely) I lose my progress. Meaning if I’m on level 30, I’m still on level 30 but I would have to make create the words all over again. It never did that before! I’d even close the app out entirely and was still able to finish my game whereas I have to start over all over again each time I leave the app and I’m afraid of deleting it because I would really lose my progress of levels.
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5 years ago, Puppy / Wilsonpuppy
This word game is awesome. And I’m pretty sure anyone who has played it can admit. Funny how I’m just trying to get robux through OPRewards (don’t ask. new alt account) and ended up finding this astonishing game! You make easy words like “cat” on the first.. oh, let’s say A LOT. It’s a brain warm-up for me. Then you get to a few harder ones, then the IMPOSSIBLE ONES! The big ones are my favorite because I love a challenge.
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3 years ago, kaf1227
WAY too many adds!
Downloaded this APP today, am just on level 36. At the end of each level I now have the ‘option’ to collect 5 coins and skip adds or collect 10 coins an view adds. It makes no difference which I check, I automatically am directed to the add. So collecting the 5 coin option and requesting to skip the add is a feature that does not work! As these levels are fairly quick-adds are frequent taking the fun right out of this game for me:( So, sadly I’m done and will delete this one.
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5 years ago, Flash rain
Bail Out
If I get stuck on one last word to complete a level, I would like the option to pass to the next level with a reasonable penalty. Say 125 credits? Again; Only on the last word. 250 for a hint is a big hit & takes 1 to 2 hrs to recover the loss🤓
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1 year ago, DCUTD
Better in lower levels
Interesting game but only at first. Once you get into the really high levels (1300+) there are lots of glitches. The game recently did not recognize truth, rust, lost, lot as words, for example. In another level, the words like, ill, icy, ice, cell, kill and a few other words weren’t recognized as words. And I don’t mean they weren’t recognized as the words the game was looking for as the answer, but rather, the game didn’t recognize them as legitimate words at all. After 3-4 years, I will finally stop playing this game.
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7 months ago, Dante Pharoah
Frustrating Game
You have to have a lot of patience when playing this game, because it’s super ANNOYING that after every win you have to sit and watch some stupid ad!!! Can’t even really enjoy the game because you will eventually close the game out of frustration after being forced to watch one ad after another. I recommend just looking for a different word search game that will not annoy you with a million ads!
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5 years ago, Aarrrghhhhhh
Bad Dictionary
This game is terrible. It is supposed to recognize words of the same number of letters and, if they aren’t target words in the puzzle, give you points for getting these “non puzzle” words (if you haven’t played the game yet, suffice to say that there are multiple “right” answers; the “right” answer that will advance you to the next level is arbitrary). But the game doesn’t recognize most plurals (though plurals will often be “right” answers), and fails to recognize such words as “fond.” Just makes the game too annoying to play.
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3 months ago, le-louie
The awakening
I truly believe that this game has awakened my brain cells. I have to thank you guys for giving me a push to use my brain. I have to admit,It’s hard to stop when you start 😁
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4 years ago, $$@&"
Word hunt
This game is so bogus!! It only allows words that has been pre-determined and will not accept viable words regardless. Most of the usable words are turned away with an explanation that it’s an extra word. After the player has reached a higher level in the game, the designer of the game uses the players word(s) they previously used in the set to make it a correct word after having been turned down. What is the purpose of designing an otherwise enjoyable to only discourage the players from playing by cheating? Bad design!
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4 years ago, Lemonade Mochi :3
Great game but
I like this game and it helps my brain be flexible. However the ad for another app similar really annoys me. It shows the same ad every game I finish. Then, they will have an X after a few seconds. Nice right? Well it just loads the app image and when you go back, it restarts the ad. It’s super annoying. I know this app needs a way to find themselves but it’s more tacky than IbisPaint X.
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4 years ago, Steve in Fort Worth
Love it - till it crashes
Love this game but, 400 something games into it, it stopped taking words or giving me credit for extra ones. I deleted it and started again. This time it made it about 150 games in before it started doing the same thing. That’s it. I’m done. Deleted and gone. I’m outta here. Too many games to mess with a broken one. Fun while it lasted.
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4 years ago, LearninginTC
My screen has locked!
I’ve been playing for years but it has frozen! I can’t input anything!
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2 years ago, BekahSometimes
Wayyyyy too many ads!
Fun game i played till level 54. But holy wow! The amount of ads is ridiculous, sure you can watch an ad to get a hint but even when you complete a level it makes you watch another ad! Kept me from wanting to keep playing. Deleted it. Next
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3 years ago, bluerose81
Angry about the ads
While I enjoy playing the game and respect that ads are a requirement to fund the game, it is unacceptable to show ads to install a game of lust. I would expect that the game ratings and advertisement would be in alignment so that I can allow my child to also figure out words with me. The age rating for this game is 4+ and the ads are well beyond what I’d even like my teenager to engage in let alone a child.
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5 years ago, kayladances2460
Hello! This game is great. But it’s not that I think the hints are too expensive, I was just thinking maybe people could bet some coins for every extra words they get. But u don’t have to do 50 coins but maybe like 10 would be nice. Thank you for hearing me out.
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5 star!
I think that this game is really good because it really helps you think. This game is good for spring, summer. And winter break. You are probably lazy in those breaks, so this app is fun and will let you think, even in a break.
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3 years ago, smrdka
Rife with non-words and misses real ones
After playing this game for many hundreds of levels, I’ve developed a profile of the developer: a religious 12 year old, with a spotty public school education in a US farming community. So many non-words, total misses of real words, and deliberate avoidance of anything related to death or sexuality.
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4 years ago, kassie-playzlol
THIS GAME is addicting
I just can’t stop playing this game to find watch word is hard but I think you should get its no rip off game it can help with spelling play and see how you like it
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3 months ago, Brain power up
Love this
I love the way it helps your brain and gives your brain more energy .so it should be a professional game!
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5 years ago, duifje1
Not accurate.
I was playing this game for about two weeks, in a pretty advanced level 336, the word “elf” was about the first ones I had in mind, I was pretty sure, right? There are words that doesn’t exist in a dictionary, back to elf, no, marked in red, like it doesn’t exist?... whatever. After using my “hint” all the sudden seemed “elf” was ok, this algorithm had a glitch..
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5 years ago, Parked@59
Brain Teaser
I love the hard challenge of small words. Big words are easy but small words are funny brain teaser to me. The cost of a clue at 240 is way to high especially since no Daily gifts are offered. Change that you’d get a 5 from me
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4 years ago, Rrbud
Not enough reward
You can play a challenging game and end up with two points for your trouble! Your daily rewards are not enough either. Odd words too! If you want to play for no reward fine otherwise play something else !
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5 years ago, Miss Teacher Ma'am
Fun. Fun. Fun.
My honey and I enjoy playing this game together during “down time “...awaiting appointments, at the airport, etc. I look forward to more challenging puzzles as we reach higher levels in the game. ☺️
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5 years ago, ms honey child
Favorite game
For hours of fun play this my husband and I play together when he can’t guess the word he has to take a article of clothing off I just love this game.........
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7 months ago, MMoody55
Good at first but…
I liked this at first, but started to het annoyed by the moving hint button that they want you to click on to buy hints! Its the only thing moving so i found it distracting, then they added an ad banner at the bottom so after that i was out! Deleted.
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4 years ago, Madison.fentriss
Keep losing points
I agree with many of the reviews in that there are any small issues and also the cost of hint is ridiculous but I keep losing my Points, one day I have 100 or more next day I have 60, not sure how this happens.
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5 years ago, ytTfue1346boiii?
The game is so fun I’ve been playing for a Day and I love it thank you for making the game.
The game is kinda hard but fun and I thank you for making the game like I like Fortnite but this game is more fun.
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3 years ago, minecraft and fnaf is the best
Nice game
I approve this game to be in 1st place in the App Store word games like this are educational and good for your brain if I would to reward you developers I would pay you 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars
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5 years ago, Aprilcandi
I like the game but there are ads almost after every game. I believe that we get a free hint when we find exceptional common words.
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5 years ago, Juris D
Level 829
This game is a nice distraction while studying. I am up to level 829. This level is not giving credit for a plethora of five letter words I found.
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1 year ago, coybird
I think it makes my mind sharper. But the words are too hard sometimes. Although I usually do get them.
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5 years ago, wiodoleox
Word game
This game is nice for kids to play and learn from it And it’s good for adult to play it with their children And let them learn and it’s free if you want to install and play it
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12 months ago, songwritergirl
Too many ads
Good game but you have to wait through a 30 second add after every single game. I don’t subscribe to this sort of stuff preferring to use my money for learning apps like chess. It’s just a big waste of time
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5 years ago, Tajerra
5 star ⭐️ job
Love this game so much it helps kids and it helps adults I was never good at reading but this could really help me
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3 years ago, Smithcej
Warning! Has Sexually explicit cartoon ads.
I enjoy playing this game, but in between plays there are sexually explicit videos that you are forced to watch for minimum time periods before you are able to stop them. They are disgusting and suggestive and immoral. Beware if you have young kids who play this.
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6 years ago, Linz96
Needs Improvement
Good concept but doesn’t accept many common words such as ONE, HEN etc. Also there needs to be a setting to do only three-letter words and up instead of two-letters and up. And reduce the frequency of ads.
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3 years ago, justyoshiok
The best game
I love this game so much and I just started playing. Everyone should play the game. This makes me feel smart.
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5 years ago, rangerodee
To many ads
Ads pop up after every level gets old fast
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2 months ago, firstclassbobby
Mrs Berger
I love this game and played on my old phone for months but had to start over on new phone Mrs Berger
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4 years ago, infjcathy
Too simple
So simple it is boring. Ads pop up and are hard to find how to get them off the screen. You can turn sound off but sound on ads still comes on. Not good when playing in a quiet place.
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5 years ago, CPINVA
Please modify the program.
The game does not save the progress. Starting over with 3 letter words is aggravating. I recommend to change the game and allow the user to choose the level of play. Cheers!
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6 years ago, pdxdoboo
All theses word games with hundreds or thousands of levels use the same limited number of words, often using the same word more than once. Why? Too few points given and too many used for hints.
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4 years ago, yarnajoj
Does not capture many existing words
Limited words available with the game. Looks like the game doesn't know many words. Very immature and compulsory advertisements. This is forcing someone to view those sic games & products i am not interested. I am irritated
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3 years ago, Breyuinna
Word hunt
I really love this game keep it up stay safe keep bring successful
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1 year ago, Whiskey man
Need to give more points for solving puzzles takes time to figure out and not enough points given in rewards
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5 years ago, fjxjxkckclc
Hints cost too much
The hint cost 240 coins! You only like 2-17 coins per level. If you are a walking dictionary, then you will love this game. Otherwise, I suggest you get word cookies. I’m on level 310! Lol
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10 months ago, AuntieJLC
Like the game
Way too many ads!! One plays between each game!
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4 years ago, MollyElizabethK
This app is outstanding!!
This game is so addicting!! I know that most game ads are fake and everything but this app got me hooked!!👌🏻
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11 months ago, Lena99
Ads issue
Ads are not finishing therefore not able to receive coins.
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