Word Master - Classic

4.8 (11.6K)
52.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Luis Gualandi
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Master - Classic

4.77 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
1 year ago, summer_shark
Literally the Best!!
I’ve had this game for a few months now and cannot stop playing it! It’s the best scrabble app I’ve seen available. It’s just a straight forward basic scrabble game. You don’t have to purchase coins or gems and there’s no distracting ads or special effects. You also get the option to select several different board layouts at no extra charge. There is a pro version that allows you more layout options if you prefer. You also have the option to play and pass to a friend. But most importantly…. There are NO ANNOYING ADS every 2 seconds! You get one short one after you finish a game and it’s literally 5 seconds long. I have no complaints and definitely recommend! I just want to thank the developers for providing a game that isn’t money hungry and offers a classic game of scrabble! ❤️
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3 years ago, OtisTCampbell
A Very Solid Alternative to Scrabble GO
This app is a very solid alternative to the horrendous Scrabble GO - the decimated successor to EA’s former Scrabble. Players will once again enjoy the straight-forward classic approach to Scrabble without the onslaught of cheap, amateurish, annoying, and childish revenue-enhancing ploys associated with Scrabble GO. The challenge levels between easy, medium, and hard reasonably reflect beginner to more seasoned player capabilities and the player-friendly options are simple to navigate. The few drawbacks are fairly obvious - online competition with other scrabble enthusiasts is not possible, at least for now. Hopefully the developer will resolve this in the not too distant future. A deficiency at the “Master,” level of play, while subtle, quite likely exists. Players will find that the developer has apparently substituted random tile selection with a bias favoring the computer’s higher-value, word-forming ability. As the tile bag decreases, players are often left with low value tiles that make it improbable to formulate competitive words. All of this said, satisfaction at the easy, medium, and hard levels will delight players looking to free themselves from the insidious constraints of Scrabble GO.
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4 years ago, Cpstmom
Straight to the point
I went through two word game apps before this, both of which were utterly insistent on “connect to the internet! Play with your friends! Connect this to your social media!” I deleted both, because what neither of them got is that I just wanted to play word games. That’s it. I don’t need to connect the app to my Snapchat. I don’t WANT to have to connect with friends over Facebook to play a game. This app is straight to the point, and has good customization options. You can play against a computer, play locally against someone, or try and rack up a high score. And honestly, that is all that I want, and it is everything that I want. If you want to play word games, then this app is great for doing that. If you want to add a ‘word games’ feature to your social media, then there are plenty of other apps for that.
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1 year ago, sh dyhcthuimvdrvbjtxgd
No issues :)
I really like this app because the features are very simple and I can just play the game the same way I’d play a board game, without worrying about extra in-game events or things like that (there may be in game events but I haven’t come across them in the few days since I downloaded this app, which is just fine with me!). It also has several different difficulty levels for playing against the computer, including a setting to make sure that the computer only uses words a regular human would know, thank goodness 😅 I also really like that the games and turns aren’t timed, so I can play against the computer a little at a time throughout the day. Also, there are very few ads and they’re really short!
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4 years ago, tvartist
The Best There Is
Being incredibly late to the party, I decided to get words with friends thinking it would be like my old scrabble app. Boy what a surprise I was in for. I’m not a gamer. I don’t care for prizes and badges, and certainly don’t have any interest in using game currency or real money to purchase extra “features”. This game is wonderful. Cuts out all the garbage and lets you enjoy a game for what it is. The ads aren’t intrusive and video ones only play after each game (not after each move). Would I like to play with my family? Of course. But for all the benefits this app has its worth losing that feature. Besides, this has a pass and play mode so I can see them in person to play and spend more quality time with them, just like using the old fashion board game.
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4 years ago, rfabs
Excellent version of Scrabble
Given the train wreck that the new Scrabble Go is, it’s nice to have this very clean and well-implemented version to play. The computer player is tough enough, too, to keep the game interesting. One minor quibble is that the colors of the bonus squares are different than Scrabble, so it can take a moment to get used to. I suppose this was necessary for legal reasons. However, given that they offer alternate boards (which I haven’t tried yet but which looks interesting), they should allow the user to create a custom board using any colors and square values. That would let us build a board that looks like traditional Scrabble without any copyright problems. Otherwise, great game, and one that is well worth the $2.99 for the no-ad version.
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3 years ago, jackwue
My go to stress killer
Over four years, I think, I have played scrabble with this app. It is my go to when I need to unwind and relax! Great mental excessive for vocabulary building and recall. It's Simple to use and straight forward. I can add board designs and change the letter scores and quantities to make the game more challenging. The setting choices are pretty good. I like the option to play on or off line as well. The dictionary is good but the only area that I get frustrated in. Not a major ordeal or I wouldn't stick with the game but I do run into conflicts now and then with words not recognized, a need to update the common current vocabulary and some abbreviations that shouldn't be allowed. Over all I give this app 5 stars
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10 months ago, Kwkr
LOVE this app!
Played Scrabble (the board game)since I was 6. Love anything with words. I’ve tried probably 6-7 scrabble apps. From the “brand name” to knock-offs. This is #1. First NO ads,just small banner at top,you hardly notice it. You can rearrange letters in your tray your self,not just the computer shuffle randomly. Can play the computer on “hard” or “expert” & win! So many just give you crappy letters, it’s impossible to win. There’s no “points or lives” to have to earn. Others don’t allow words that are definitely in the dictionary. Easy to pick up letters & place. This is just pure, straight Scrabble. I’m addicted. Oh, it’s free. There’s a Pro version idk what could be any better. Thanks for a great game!
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1 year ago, Game thrillers
Word Master Review
I was playing other word game but removed the app due to chats which were probing and too personal. I was able to block the chats for only a short period of time. Happily married and a senior, I was only interested in playing the word game not read personal communications from not so nice men hitting on me! This app gives me what I am looking for in a word game. And that is to simply play a word game! This game allows me to choose a level of difficulty. It’s challenging and hard to put down and it’s without chats! Face it many people can be vulgar in language and chats! Not for me. I love that Incan play anytime day or night. My skills are strengthening! I best word was 75 points! I beat the computer!
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4 years ago, Patuie Bavoz
One door closes...
...and then came WORD MASTER! My beloved Scrabble sold out and I’ve been playing with the same player for weeks! (Getting out soon - working on my Elo rating for personal satisfaction.) Seemingly, the alternative was ScrabbleGo, but everything about it turned me off! Somehow I stumbled upon Word Master and simply love it! Here’s why ~ #1 - you can play an entire game without ads, black outs, distractions! #2 - Super swift! #3 - the clock time shows. #4 - word swipe gives you the definition. I am sure there are loads of other things that are wonderful, but for now I’m keeping life simple. So love it! One thought for the designer ~ Are you contemplating a landscape format for us iPad users?
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3 years ago, NRH!
I love the game Scrabble but what you have done to this classic frustrates me to no end. Not only do you give out either all vowels or consonants you will not always allow words that's in the English Webster dictionary. An even bigger frustration is because, I play solo I don't want to hunt down a live person to play when I have the time. With your game I found out when I play against the computer (you) your main goal is to block any ability to branch out when we get stuck on one side or a corner as well as killing the triples. When I try using a word to get us out even though I get lesser points every time you use short words on the the letter in the middle that block the other letters or use letters that are difficult to build on, why? I end up ending the game more times then finish because I get tired of being cornered hence FRUSTRATION! A live person that is not out to kill for the mighty win they just want the enjoyment of having a relaxing fun time playing a GAME! Your mind set is to obliterate your competitor so as I see it you have hurt this Classic game Scrabble for what is known for, shame on you! Maybe If you look up the definition for game it is a competition but no where does it say to destroy your competitor to win you just need to be in the lead that can be done with a smile not a smirk!
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4 years ago, Biggggmannnnn
Just like Scrabble
After playing the disaster Scrabble Go, I was pretty desperate to find a good replacement. My wife found this game, and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Gameplay is clean and simple, the AI moves quickly, unlike in Scrabble Go where the AI takes forever - you know, to make you believe it’s “thinking” about its move! 😂 This game really fills the empty Scrabble hole in my life lol! It’s not perfect and the price to upgrade is a little steep for me, but this version will do nicely until I do upgrade. Just gotta wait a bit! So those of you struggling with Scrabble Go’s joke of a game, delete that one and get this one - you’ll love it! 😁 UPDATE: I lowered the rating to 2 stars because of the ads. The ads are LOUD and even though the ads are brief, it’s still annoying and frustrating! But it’s not worth $3.99 to buy out of the ads, so I guess I’m stuck. Change your ads, or let us mute them!
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3 years ago, Ejbleen
Free game of outstanding quality. Levels of difficulty for all abilities. Many thanks to the creators! It does appear to me to be a battery hog (old iPad mini running latest OS). I have a new iPad mini on the way and will update this review after it arrives. UPDATE: No battery problems with the new iPad Mini 6. Still love the game. My only wish is for a level of difficulty between Hard and Master. I can beat it on Hard because it leaves triple word openings. The Master setting makes no such mistakes and usually beats me. I bought the Pro version to say thanks to the developer - none of its extra features are tempting to me.
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2 years ago, boo2uu
Best free scrabble
Love playing this game. I'm learning lots of new words by playing the computer and doing the master challenge. Ads are limited, but for the price, worth paying to remove them. Update - I still think this game is hands down better than any other scrabble game on the app store, my only complaint is that even though I select “protection” against getting multiple same letter draws, there are times when I get 3-4 of the same letter, forcing me to trade in and skip a turn or play them out for lower scores. I purchased the ad free version and it’s totally worth the one-time fee, as many similar games require monthly subscription. It’s still a great, simple scrabble game and well designed.
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4 years ago, elyrinea
LOVE 😍This Game!
Was a huge proponent of Words With Friends when it first came but all of the “updates” turned me off and I quit playing the game altogether years ago. This is the first game I’ve found that comes close to the true original WWF. Yeahs, there are ads between games but they’re not annoying nor terribly long, and you can pay for the pro version (no ads) for a very small price. Simple game, no fancy badges or graphics that distract from the game. I’m a solo player most of the time and find the different solo levels to be perfect for the skill of the player (beginner, intermediate, challenging). Highly recommended giving this a try!
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3 years ago, Avie3
Solitaire Scrabble
Adequate but still missing the current lexicon NWL. And even playing highest level the computer doesn’t come up with the best word or play. Biggest draw you can only play computer. Graphics and board are good. Ads not as annoying with some games. I would buy if you could play other players using the NWL I really think this could be great! I'd be willing to pay a monthly subscription if you could play other people and use an updated word list. I'm a Scrabble player and want the list of updated words to be incorporated into an app where I can play other people. I know a lot of people that hate Scrabble Go and want an app like Scrabble EA.
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2 years ago, Ovevs
Mostly Good
My only comparable experience is with the original Scrabble HD which I still have. Scrabble HD at its top setting was HARD even when I cheated with anagram finders. After five games against Word Master Classic, three at its highest setting, I’ve yet to lose. I think at least part of the problem is that it doesn’t play positionally. That is, it’ll play a low score word that sets up a possible edge board triple score for me, when it could have made the same score elsewhere. Or it’ll use a blank tile to score less than twenty, instead of saving it for a later higher score. Decent game with no other annoyances, but should be more difficult to beat.
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4 months ago, weekendgamewarrior
My go to
Scrabble games are always fun and this one is no exception. It’s relaxing and gets your brain thinking. After finishing a word on the board, you can choose the master icon at the bottom to see what could have been a better choice and that helps you with dictionary words you didn’t think of or even know before. The only thing I would want different is to be able to see if a word is a good word before you put it on the board and then have to take it off the board to try another word again. But as far as scrabble games go, I do love this one.
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3 years ago, willandreason
Good Alternative With Some Extra Features
If you like scrabble but don’t like the new replacement (scrabble go which is one of the worst apps in the App Store), this is a good alternative. It plays like scrabble but allows you to choose various board layouts. It doesn’t have the option to have the computer help choose a word or look up words in a game dictionary which I actually like better. It also allows you to swipe on a word to get its definition which is interesting when the computer or player puts down an unfamiliar word. All in all it’s a great alternative to Scrabble with some good extra features
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1 year ago, m.e.arch
Love it!
Wordmaster is the closest thing to classic Scrabble you can get. The only thing that would make it better is if you could play with friends online. Right now the only option is Pass’n’Play - your opponent has to be in the room with you. If you don't mind playing alone against the computer, it’s the next best thing to classic Scrabble. Note that the board, scoring and dictionary are slightly different from Scrabble, likely due to licensing issues, but if you’re flexible, you can easily overlook those minor differences. Definitely recommend for fans of classic Scrabble who gave up the game when it became bells-and-whistles Scrabble Go.
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1 year ago, Darby.mcc
Perfect for your Scrabble fix
I’ve recently been itching to brush up my Scrabble skills and I downloaded ScrabbleGo, Words with Friends, and this app. The others were so buggy but this one has worked like a dream. I like everything about it but I wish it had explained how to get the definition of a word: you just have to swipe along the word in question. I love the Master feature that lets you see moves you could have made in the previous round. It’s really helping me to be a better player! I definitely recommend this app.
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4 years ago, scabbylipps
Master Challenge too self contained
Word Master Challenge seems to be set to likely produce a bonus opportunity on each new tile refill. Is this consistent with the random games played on physical board/tile play? The same % of bonus score opportunity should be similar to the actual board play to improve a players skill level. It’s seems the only way to score above 90% on the Challenge is never use less than all seven tiles with average point scores above 750. The International words accepted leave the computer with an an almost endless choice of obscure bonus word options forcing the game into chance or knowledge even Masters of word play games cannot attain. To put it bluntly the game is playing against itself not the player.
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4 years ago, Inkpot&Quill
Almost Scrabble
I love to play Scrabble. I have a Scrabble game and I enjoy playing with friends and family. I always enjoyed playing Scrabble on my iPad and I don’t know what happened and why it’s not on anymore. I looked on the App Store trying to find something like it, something comparable. I tried a few, they all seemed silly. Then I found this one. Some things I don’t like about it, I wish there was a dictionary, and I don’t know why it has to ask is this what you really want to do after you play a word. That seems superfluous and silly to me. Regardless, it’s almost Scrabble.
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4 years ago, softwarenut
If this game had a new dictionary
This would be perfect if they would implement a choice of dictionaries. I do not like having to use Wikipedia for my dictionary. There are words it has in it that are ridiculous, then there are words that it won’t let you play that you know darn well that they are correct. So I would prefer Webster’s Dictionary as it uses words that are “real” words, slang isn’t aloud in the real Scrabble game. Neither are capitol letters, apostrophe’s, or contractions. It’s much more challenging that way. To be able to choose a dictionary would make this game perfect! I’ve played this game regularly for a long time and it’s the best , other than the dictionary! :)
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6 months ago, GerardWayyy47
PERFECT with no ads!!!
I got this game after downloading Scrabble and Words With Friends, only to find out that there’s an ad after each turn. I deleted those immediately and then found Word Master, which has filled me with my scrabble fix. I love how I can change the difficulty of the AI, I feel like I’m perfectly challenged with each game. I also love the master feature, as well as the dictionary. I’m learning as I play, too! Totally addicted, I wish it was the top scrabble game in the App Store, this app deserves that top spot.
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4 years ago, Anetzzz
Transfer progress to new device?
The contact form won't open so I have to make my request here. I had to take the app off my iPhone so I downloaded it to my iPad2. I'm logged into the same AppleID on both devices. How can I get the settings to transfer over? I've made a lot of progress in beating the AI and would like to keep that if possible. Otherwise it's a great game. I haven't tried playing with friends so I can't rate on that. I was able to customize the board and letter distribution so it's basically a Scrabble game for me. Giving us those options is brilliant! Thanks! It's a satisfying game for when I need to unwind from work.
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4 years ago, Franswazzi
Great. Perfect if we could play with remote friends
Fun, nicely designed little scrabble-like game for young at heart non-children, without the annoying bells, whistles and power ups that have destroyed scrabble apps. I would buy it and give it 5 stars if I could play with friends and maybe even chat - NOT via Facebook or any other group, but just via email, like Upwords, for instance. Then it would be perfection and my daily brain fitness habit, plus social connection! Hope that’s in the works. I’ll come back and re-review! Would also love to know how to get word definitions. I don’t see any instructions. Thanks for a well designed game.
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1 year ago, Dave can win - well sometimes
Saved (or at least helped) a marriage
My wife and I played scrabble nearly every day the old fashioned way - you know, an actual board and little wooden squares with letters! Unfortunately, my wife can bluff far better Than I ever could which meant that she would make up words, then make up definitions, then challenge me to prove that it wasn’t a real word! Now, she is appropriately greeted with those wonderful words “Invalid Attempt”. I still don’t win most of the time but at least I know that I lost honestly.
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6 years ago, KaraBlaise
Excellent straightforward game
This game is great. It works well, it has several different options for board set up and for difficulty, and I quite like the feature where it shows you the best scoring words you could have played. I love that it's really just a high quality simple scrabble game; no obnoxious extraneous pop-up events like so many other games add on. The ads are only between games, not every word, so they're also refreshingly unobtrusive. I also really appreciate that it includes both English scrabble dictionaries as options.
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1 year ago, Jbtyner
Great app!
I was searching for a classic no frills scrabble app, but there seemed to be none. Finally, I ran across Word Master and read a favorable review. I’m so glad I did. There are hardly any ads, it gives definitions if you want them, there are different levels of play and you aren’t penalized for wrong answers. Tutelage comes from the Word Master if you want it and provides as many potential word options for an answer as most players would want. I highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, petrajosephineX
Pros and Cons
I have a history with this app where I keep downloading it on my device and then taking it off again. I really think it is a better version of Scrabble, that is a plus. I mostly play the easy level against a computer. I think the vocabulary/dictionary could be expanded, there are definitely words that should be in there. Or if there is a word that we think should be included in the dictionary, there could be a way to annotate it so that you as the developers might want to consider adding it to the dictionary. The main reason that I get frustrated with this version is that it seems like the algorithm when I play against the computer is to block paths and block the DW and TW fields. Even though I win most of the time in the easy mode, it’s really frustrating.I care less about the fact that I want to win against the computer each time, but being blocked all the time is frustrating . I just deleted it again. :(
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1 year ago, dR56hd3
BEWARE Advertisers can be fraudulent ripoffs
An innocuous Scrabble clone, this can be fun to play. But unless you pay for ad-free version, you risk falling prey to unscrupulous advertisers. One recently popped up after a game with a strongly worded “warning” that all storage on my device was used up and unless I took action within two minutes, all my photos, documents and my SIM card would be destroyed. I love how they try to scare you into “acting” with the ticking time bomb scenario. I have seen enough of this crap not to fall for it, but I’m sure some others are more gullible. I suppose that “acting” involves giving them a credit card number. So I ignored the warning and everything is fine, only 25% of storage in use. Deleted the app.
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2 years ago, txtrlghbt
Better than scrabble go
Since I’m only interested in playing the computer and not playing with other people, I really prefer this app. Scrabble go was fun but the endless advertisements between each play made me crazy. Every single play, you’d have to watch some dumb video for some other game. This is not only ad free during the course of the game, but it’s faster, and even playing against an easy opponent really forces you to stretch a little. I’m happy I found it
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2 weeks ago, Pinxit987654321
classic scrabble love it
I really like that you can play against the computer and that you don’t have to play against other players. I don’t really know anybody that plays this game and I don’t really feel like playing strangers. Anyway, I love this classic game works really well. I think the computer is a very good competitor without being overly perfect so I will continue to play this game as long as I don’t get too annoyed by all the ads. So far it’s been great.
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6 months ago, tatina t
Good alternative to Scrabble
I’d have given it 5 stars except for the fact that it sometimes gives too many vowels or consonants in one turn, for example, the computer gave me 3 u’s along with a z, p, a, and an m at the end of a game with no place to fit any of them in. But I do like the options to customize the board and letter frequency, distribution and value of each letter and the fact that it keeps a running total of your wins and challenges you from easy to master levels. This game does not need the internet to play.
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2 years ago, patrirat
Great game
This is the game to replace that awful Scrabble Go! Can’t say enough good things. Put simply, it’s great. Update: After playing a while I really still enjoy it but it could be improved. Unless you put the ‘avoid hard draws’ to medium you’ll get vowels mostly. It does seem to have a bias toward the computer getting better letters but maybe that’s me. I also found it allows that are not recognized by Scrabble, like ‘yu’. I would suggest to know how many tiles the computer’s rack has left after all tiles have been drawn.
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5 years ago, BSTL98
Excellent game!
I love this version of a “scrabble “ game. I like to play against the computer when I have time,... ok, might be an addiction at this point.....but I can play anytime I want with no annoying ad interruptions and no pressure to share it with another social media site. And no push to play against someone else. I want to play when I want to play. Ads show up between games and above the playing screen but not obtrusive and therefore doesn’t hinder my play time. This is by far the best word game out there.
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4 years ago, ILoveOpieTaylor
Could be 5 star with a few changes
This is a great alternative to the awful Scrabble Go. Improvements could be that opponent does not see the tiles that their opponent returned to bag when exchanging tiles, which happens currently. It would also be fun to get a 50 point bonus for using all tiles in one turn, like the Bingo bonus on traditional Scrabble. Also, I would like to see my master play without being able to see opponent’s tiles. Other than this I love this app and thanks for creating it. If you make these changes I would move to paid version.
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1 month ago, Veranna1
Sooooo Much Better Than Scrabble Go
I was very disappointed when Hasbro sold Scrabble. Thank goodness someone wrote about Word Master. This developer understands what Scrabble players love about Scrabble. At first I missed the dictionary but then I realized you can place the tiles on the board to see if you have spelled the word correctly. It would be nice to have the 2 letter word cheat sheet but having played Scrabble so long I think I have them memorized. Great game!. Update, I found there is a 2 letter cheat sheet
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4 years ago, enrobertie
Covid lifesaver
As a senior who lives alone and doesn’t watch tv, this has been a long few months. I found Word Master and love it! No bells going off, music playing, etc. Very straightforward with varied difficulty levels. Keeps stats and provides definitions. I thought I could play against someone online but can’t. My only criticism, but I sent an Email to ask about it from the “help” section and received a prompt and personal reply which was much appreciated. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, t00dle00
I loved this game until an obnoxious ad appeared
I love playing the original-styled Scrabble, until today, when a stupid ad suddenly appeared in the middle of a game, and I can’t get rid of it. Has this app been hacked, is it a glitch, or do I just delete the game? Playing Scrabble with the computer is perfect for me, and I do wish whoever thought it would be cool to commandeer the game with an ad that won’t quit would wise up and realize people don’t like such things.
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4 years ago, MAHARBA 14D
Scrabble facsimile
Since they canceled and replaced my beloved original scrabble with their kiddie city version I was devastated being a older person contained to the house. Then I stumbled upon this game which is almost as good as scrabble ( without violating copyrights) and viola’ we are back in business. I can’t thank you enough I will spread it around to everyone I know that there’s a company that cares about the people. Especially when the makers of original scrabble didn’t care at all. I thank you from my heart.
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12 months ago, Eclipseclaw17
Best Scrabble App!
I’ve gotten really into scrabble recently, but looking for an app that isn’t purely corporatized or bombarded with ads has been more difficult than expected. I don’t generally write reviews for apps but I’ve had so much fun using this app both on and offline. There are plenty of options that come with the free version and no annoying ads! If you want basic scrabble but on your phone, this is the app for you :)
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4 years ago, kayren!
Learning made fun
This game is wonderful for learning languages. I still can’t write this review in Dutch but I keep playing! I’m not used to the computer placing a word instantly without having to think like a human but it’s challenging and I’m learning. I couldn’t find directions and had to learn things like word look up myself. I enjoy this more than the English version and I don’t have to go to the Netherlands to play now! Next I’ll play French Scrabble to brush up on that!
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3 years ago, 338magnum
Computer cheats
The computer consistently uses words that nobody in the western hemisphere has ever heard of before, and ones that every day Americans use all the time are not found in their prehistoric dictionary. Its amazing how many times three e’s or u’s will show up at the tail end of the game, not on their slate of letters but on mine. I dont know how it could be but it seems rigged. I can be ahead towards the end of the game and all of a sudden I end up with a crapload of the same vowels and the computer pulls out the win. I’ve complained in the past and nothing is ever done about it. They could at least use a dictionary that is not the original dictionary from the 1800’s.
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7 years ago, terrlaw
Good game
Like it because annoying ads seem to be gone when I play off line. But, same complaint as others .....refuses words like que and ok, yet it uses the word ok in the directions. Admittedly OK might not be okay to use but the developer uses it in the pop ups. When playing the harder games it seem like 'my opponent " comes up with some pretty high scoring longer words awfully quick. Cheating ? I wonder why we cannot see his rack of letters. I am sure he is aware of ours. He is too clever ! Please include words such as; Zen, QUE, etc.
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4 years ago, #1 wordie
Good game
I am been a longtime solo scrabble player on line against the computer but their game changed and I don’t like the new version. I played the SKILLED level. I play HARD on this new game with iPad as my opponent and find it pretty comparable. I find it distributes the letters more fairly than scrabble, not trading all vowels for all vowels time after time. I could do without the distracting ads during play but nothing is perfect and after all it’s free.
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4 months ago, JIL (JESUS IS LORD)
Love this game
If you like scrabble or word games you’ll love this game. It’s fun, fast pace and educational. You’ll find new words that you’re opponent plays that you probably never existed. That’s what I mean about educational. I truly enjoy it. The only thing I don’t like is when you place a tile the board enlarges and I have to minimize it to put all my tiles or see all the squares on the edges. Other than that it’s a lot of fun.
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4 years ago, stuck too long
It’s a great game, but it seems I get multiple vowels consistently. Several times in one game I had all vowels with only one consonant. Meanwhile the computer makes huge words. I rarely win but I try to challenge myself. I have come within 5-10 points several times but the computer always comes out with an amazing word just as I am about to win - lol. It’s like playing with a genius, which frustrates many and takes the fun out of it sometimes!
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1 year ago, 3rrør
Kind of Odd
Solid app, the gameplay is good and the ads aren’t invasive which is a HUGE plus. My only complaint is that some words that should be valid are not. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to play ‘Saturn’, I can’t even begin to understand why that would be invalid. My best guess is that the game uses a different word ‘database’ if you will, but with how obscure the allowed words get, it’s kind of ridiculous that some simple ones were overlooked.
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