Word Scramble™

3.4 (1.8K)
47.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Storm8 Studios
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Scramble™

3.4 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Progressin
Volume issues
Since my iPhone upgrade, the sound is off on the game. The volume will get softer and the get louder again. It seems like the volume controller get stuck - left on the screen so that when you are swiping it thinks you want to change the volume. I usually have to pause the play, go to settings, turn the volume button off then on again to reset it. Is this a bug? Annoying but I haven’t needed to uninstall and then reinstall the game. Still love the game though. Sometimes it crashes when playing - usually when It is in blitz mode or the beginning of marathon mode. It is a good game, but this up-grade 2 days ago, has the screen with a big gap on the top. (If you turn off the wi-fi, I don’t get ads.) I hope I won’t have to uninstall and reinstall the game to get it to look right. That usually resets all your trophies and scores to 0.
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6 years ago, trailnut
Fave game, when it works right
**Update. Still love this game and it worked pretty well for a while. Now we’re back to it crashing with ads. It freezes such that it has to be deleted and reinstalled. Last time it last two plays before it froze and had to be deleted. (It had averaged 30-50 plays the last week.) And it is a permanent freeze these days. I’ve let it sit for a day and it was still irretrievable without reinstall. Can’t get past the stuck ads.** Love, love this word game when it's responsive. But it gets bogged down at times, probably due to the unwieldy ads that sometimes appear. they're suppose to show up after but sometimes they interrupt the game. Happens more often when I'm using data than wifi. And some locations, like airports, are the worst. Will try the airplane mode suggestion stated by other reviewer. Thought connection was required but maybe not. Like many others, I'd pay to avoid the ads. That said, if the ads didn't cause the game to malfunction and freeze sometimes --I've had to reload this 4 times in the last couple months -- they'd be okay to endure. One has actually been informative but it's local to Michigan, so it's not one many will see. And some ads I fear are for scam apps.
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3 years ago, LlamaScarf
Driving me away with ads
I wouldn’t even call these ads, this feels like nagware. Just programmed to nag at you to pay the money to get rid of ads. I hate hate hate that business model and it actively makes me NOT want to use this app. UPDATE: you can’t even pay to remove them. Which is like. The worst parts of nagware without that final hook. Even worse business model than I thought. This is an almost decent game put on the App Store as an Ad Farm. It’s bad. Literally full 30 sec ads between EVERY game. After like 3 rounds this game feels unplayable. Downgrading from 2 stars to 1 because the ads just get more annoying the more I play and makes me hate this game and it’s devs for doing this even more. You have a halfway decent game, if you added some multiplayer and global leaderboards and tidied up the ads this would not be a bad game. You completely ruined it with all the ads though. I can’t stress enough how when I like a game I will WILLINGLY click “watch ad for a reward” buttons in games. Ha, this one? Ha. Didn’t even give me the chance to grow fond. Just shoved the ads right down my throat.
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6 years ago, iPhone Game Maniac
Great (but buggy) game
I have played many of the Boggle-like games, and this one has some great features. However, it crashes - a lot (especially on iPhone X). The crashing seems mostly related to ads. When an ad pops over the screen, there’s about a 50% chance the app will crash when you close the ad. Normally not too big of a deal, but sometimes it will pop up an ad in the middle of a game, and god forbid you’re having a great round, because it’s going to crash. And better keep your fingers away from the banner ad at the bottom. If it opens a page, you will need to force kill the app to get it to go away - the Done button won’t remove it. And it occasionally crashes in the middle of a game, especially when you’re giving it a lot of fast input (which is kind of the point of the game). Make a commercial, ad free version and I’ll give you my $!
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9 months ago, YazJazz
Doesn’t credit points for last word before time expires
Since the update many months ago, the timer has been out of sync with the words found count. In many games have I found a word before time expires that reaches a total of either 80, 90, 100, 110 words etc (clearly displayed in the word count on screen) for which additional points should be added, only for the calculators not to recognize the final word, instead crediting me points for only 79, 89, 99, 109 etc. This has cost me many Platinum trophies that I clearly earned according to the word count showing on screen. I have screen shots to illustrate it. Please fix this glitch. Thank you.
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4 years ago, CmdrWinters
Just a few things...
Excellent premise. Almost flawlessly executed. My only complaint is the advertisements and how frequently they cover the in-game content and UIs. Please, developers, give us an option to pay to remove ads! Also, when you earn a trophy for a round, you can’t see the stats for that round and there is no way to find it anywhere else. You can see your totals and averages, but I would really like to know what my best and longest words were for that each round I finish, as well as the time I took, my total score, etc. Finally, there should be a personal dictionary that logs every word you’ve played, in each singular round, as well as collectively. This can be a way to help remember what words you’ve collected already in a round, as well as to expand your vocabulary. Thanks for this neat game! It just needs a few small touches!
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6 years ago, maria12345
Hardcore porn ad interrupted game
I have played this game for a couple years at least. As others have said, the ads have gotten increasingly more intrusive and often interrupts (& then crashes) the game. However the ads were always for shopping or other games and while super annoying, easily tolerated. Tonight though, scenes from a very hardcore porn started playing mid-game with a banner option to “go to video”. Nothing was blurred or left to the imagination. Just boom, p..... & v..... in my face. After about 30 seconds, the ad ended and the game resumed. Then, during the next game, it happened again. This time for a hardcore porn featuring a donut. (I’ll let you figure that one out!) Since my young nephew plays this game on my phone when he visits me, I’ll be deleting it. So sad because this game is my absolute favorite! I would definitely buy it for an ad free version if that was an option.
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2 years ago, fitemilk
Fun game, but ads ruin experience
This is one of my favorite mobile games and I can play for hours — when it works right. However, most of the ads make the game glitch out now, and makes tallying the score after a round near-impossible. It didn’t used to be this bad. I only ranked this as high because I love the game, but if I was rating this on how many times it bugs out alone, my score would probably be a 2/5. I would love for these bugs to be patched, as well as adding an ad-free experience for a low, one-time cost. I have been enjoying this game for years and would like to continue doing so, but these glitches. Wow. Please fix this :(
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4 years ago, Emilymildredmorris
Not a bad game
I haven’t experienced a crash yet so I am assuming they fixed that issue from 2 yrs ago. Their ads are short and easy to get out of. They don’t ruin the game you are in which is really nice. When you download this game, know it is the simplest form of boggle. You don’t really get to see how well you did but it gives you your highest stats. It also has 3 versions of the game but I’ve played the marathon one over and over again. It helps me sleep. I don’t highly recommend this one but I also believe that if you are looking for a word game like this- you are just looking to play a simple word game and this is kinda it. It’s not exciting but it does the job and scratches the itch.
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4 years ago, Emi_333
Love the Game But Needs a Pay Option to Get Rid of Ads
I think this game is excellent and there’s nothing else like it out there. I could play it for hours, it is so addicting. The only issue I have is with the ads at the end. They are long and block my screen when the score is being calculated, you also have to be careful when trying to close the ads, the x to close ads are often put in a hard to find place. I know this is a free game but I always wanted the option to pay to get rid of the ads. This game would easily be 5 stars all day it had a pay option to get rid of the ads. Please add this option! Great game otherwise.
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3 years ago, KshdWL4
Good game, but WAY too many ads
This is a good game and fun to play. However, there are many ads between games and even after you have watched the full add and it looks like you can X out allows you to ask out, it either takes you to the app for the game,Or takes you to another game, which one you try ex out of that one it either takes you back to the first game or to the website for the new game and each time you try to go back to scramble it takes you back to the games. This does not always happen, but it very often happens and it becomes almost impossible to get back to scramble. I have so frustrated with this that I’m going to delete it from my apps
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2 years ago, Zilla62
Hate this Game
Love the game for when I am waiting somewhere and need something to do. MOST IRRITATING IS THE TEDIOUS AND USELESS COMMERCIALS, I HATEcTHEM and I have deleted the game yet again. I play it until the ads start coming (this current case they were wanting to be nbuying more games). This time the ads started after a few games, really quick. So I deleted it yet again. This is disappointing. All I want to do is play the game, not buy others. I would happily pay a modest amount for the game without all the nonsense, but NO ONE is listening so out it goes (again), I am not trying it again. What a disappointing I hate the commercials for other adds. I can barely play a couple of games when I am besieged with playing other games. I have deleted this thing yet sgain. Please stop!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, BWKWJreader
Would like to keep sound, not music
I generally like the game. I’ve only had it for a day and I haven’t left the basic mode yet - so this review is limited. I like the sound of keys as the player “hits” the letters and the bell when a usable word is found, but after a few rounds, the game turns on some very annoying music. I see a way to turn off ALL sounds, but not just the music. So far the only way to deal with this issue that I can find is to restart the round. This would probably not be a problem for most players, though, so it can hardly be called a flaw to the game.
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5 years ago, Daughterofapilot
Great game but........
I really like this game and I would give it 4 stars if it didn’t have these issues and I hope to see them fixed soon. I play it every day and I really enjoy it but there are a few issues, every now and then the app will crash and I have to start the game over which isn’t that big of a deal but the app shouldn’t be crashing so much. The other issue is the ads and the pop ups. It would be nice to be able to get rid of them. It’s annoying and distracting to see ads when I am trying to play the game. These are the only issues I’ve experienced and while they are annoying they won’t stop me from playing.
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3 years ago, CinDMath
Placement/Timing of ads
This is a great game, but the placement of ads (when they pop up) is ridiculous — I like to see each section of my score. The ads pop up as soon as the timer runs out, which interferes with being able to see the scoring. Some are so long that I miss the scoring altogether. This happened when I finally exceeded my high score — but i didn’t even know it because by the time the ad finished, my gold cup/trophy was already up, blocking the score page. Can the ads be moved to after the scoring, as they used to be and are on most games?
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6 years ago, B Girl in Baltimore
I love this game... when it works correctly
I am so sick of the ads and constant crashing. It didn’t used to be this way! Otherwise, I love the actual game. It also annoys me that the ads play noise even when I have the sound off. I also wish they had an easier way to see what your score is at the end. Once they total it up the stupid trophy appears abs you can’t see the total anymore. I wish it kept a list of your top scores and the scores of your last five games or something. Just give me the option to pay for an ad-free version with enhancements and I will be happy.
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5 years ago, dcostaroberts
Good Start—Now Let Us Pay to Remove Ads
This is a fun, well-designed—although maybe not from a graphic design standpoint—app that will please fans of classic Boggle. I have two main complaints, though, one major and one minor. 1. The ads in the app are very intrusive and make it annoying to play multiple games on a row. The developers should definitely add an option allowing users to pay for an ad-free experience; I’d pay up to $3.00, maybe more. 2. It’d be great to be able to change the size of the letter matrix. 5x5 is the only option currently available. And while having so many options can be fun, it’s also considerably easier in some ways than a 4x4 matrix (as Boggle uses). That said, gameplay is intuitive and comfortable, and I really appreciate the use of an expansive dictionary. I’ve used similar apps whose dictionaries don’t include a lot of standard English words (“yon,” and “morn,” e.g.).
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7 years ago, ScottFromUtah
Love the game, hate the ads
I used to think this was the perfect game for me, but then more and more ads started showing up, breaking the rhythm of the game, and generally being annoying. When are you going to come out with an ad-free version? I’ll gladly pay the money. One other annoyance. On my iPad, the statistic page cuts off the right side of the data on the number of platinum wins. I have won over 120 games at the platinum level, but the final digit doesn’t show up. Only the 12 appears. Please, I beg of you, fix these problems so that we can throughly enjoy your wonderful game!
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7 years ago, Jen if er
Ads come at the worst possible time
I really like the game, word games are awesome, but the ads pop up right in the middle of a game. Sometimes several times over and over and over. I've had games where the ads don't show up at all, but it's rare. When I'm on a roll and being timed, having an ad suddenly pop me out of the game causes me to lose my momentum and sometimes I'll lose my place. I have to hurry up and cancel the ad, go back to the main page and then press resume to continue my game. Wouldn't be so bad if that ads came in between games only.
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2 years ago, Labarge
Annoying ads and constant glitches
What a shame. This game could be a favorite, but the game designers don’t offer any avenue to buy your way out of their noisy, LONG ads after two or three plays. Moreover, many of those ads cause the screen to either hang up or go black. The only way to get out of the glitch is to reboot my iPhone. Many of the ads drone on for more than a minute, and if you’re lucky enough to have an X appear to conclude the ad, half the time clicking the X doesn’t do anything. It’s obvious the game designers either have abandoned this app or just don’t give a rip about players’ bad experiences. Why bother to offer it at all.
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4 years ago, Brain-Dead USA
New update is buggy
I like the game. After the most recent update, it sounds like the app is constantly trying to access the speaker on my iPhone causing static which is really annoying. Imagine trying to tune in a radio station but all you receive is static that cuts in and out. That’s what I hear while playing this game. It doesn’t matter whether I have the app sound turned on or off. It still happens with my phone volume on or off as well. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, SuccessAlways4U
Fun! But ....
Really thought I’d found a new, fun, fast-paced game, but man - TOO MANY ads! BAD ENOUGH, their timing is terrible! The ads come right when your points are being added up, so you can’t really see how you did!! By the time they’re over, all you really see if what little trophy you earned ... bronze, silver, etc. PLUS, there are more “captive ads,” the kind that count down 30 or more seconds until they’re over whether you like it or not (most people do not); and there are more ads AND timed ads in this app than other apps. I’m about to delete it. Too frustrating. Too bad. It was fun while it lasted.
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6 months ago, Sable4me
Great Game - But. . .
I’ve played and enjoyed this game for years. Unfortunately, the ads are ridiculously intrusive and often interrupt in the middle of single game. Worse, sometimes they “freeze” the app so you can’t return to the game. I’ve had to exit the app til the next day or hours later to access the actual game. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times. Let’s hope it”takes” this time (I’m reinstalling once again).
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4 years ago, EmmetJacob
Personal Stats
Hoping the developers will add archiving to Word Scramble features. i.e. add a thumbnail of each game and its outcomes- found words and missed words. Not so much emphasis on trophies. Explain Tile points: The tile chosen for extra points doesn’t always lead to a viable word. Same for double and triple words. Do the tiles have to begin a word or just be incorporated within the word. Allowing access to the history of moves and outcomes of each scramble leaves the ads free to monopolize the screen and not impede the player from having fun looking back.
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5 years ago, mglvj1108
See all the reviews yet do nothing about the ADS!!
Played this game for years, now the ridiculous ads. The App Store sees all the negative reviews regarding the ads...some are 30 seconds and then wait another 10-15 seconds for the x cancel button to pop up, sometimes it doesn’t even do that! Question, why have a “write a review” if clearly do nothing about the complaint or bad reviews? Apparently it’s a waste of time. Perhaps if enough people deleting the app, then will you do something about it? That’s how WE the players win and stop playing corporate, psychological mind games..the ole bait and switch?
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2 years ago, DT9876543
Ads make it freeze up. Glitchy
I love the game but it goes to an ad before showing your score and after ads it often then doesn’t give you the score anyway. It ruins the experience and the glitches get worse as you play. I delete and reload this numerous times every time I play. Can’t figure out why this isn’t updated to work better with the ads they are running or why someone else doesn’t replicate this game with smoother functionality. There is no option to have ad free play which I would purchase.
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7 months ago, Beanie023
Too many ads
This used to be a fun game . It’s great for creativity and to see how your brain is working that day. However, the time limit is 2 minutes. Then you must wait for 30 seconds minimum plus their 10 second countdown ads for your results. The same ads over and over. The ads feel as long as the game and extremely aggravating. There is no way to avoid the ads.
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3 years ago, Daffodil girl
As a teacher I like to know how my "test" (game) was scored. When I get a bonus for 90% correct words sometimes the bar moves waaay to the right. But, sometimes it barely moves. If I find 20 words, same thing. I've gotten over 50 words before and only earned the bronze trophy. It makes it frustrating and less fun to play when there's no consistency in the scoring. Can you please fix this? Would love to change my review to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, AschweinS
Ads much worse
Many have complained that the new feature to play longer ads at the end of a round is obnoxious. We miss our scores, number of words, etc. I play against myself and have no means by which to measure my progress. Ideal solution is to put ads at half screen so we can see our score or for mucus shorter duration so we don’t miss it. Another option might be to make the end trophy smaller so it doesn’t block the entire screen so scores can be visible. The second option doesn’t change the fact that ads are excessive.
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4 years ago, L-to-the-M-to-the-A
This is my favorite guilty pleasure. It is fun and satisfying to play. I play every day and have done so for quite some time. To the developers- please fix the ads!!! If you watch the ad, you can no longer see your score or your longest word played. I like to see my score being tallied up, which you cannot do if you watch the ad. I try to close the ad at the soonest possible moment, so I can see some of it. The score in Marathon mode is always covered completely up by the time I can close the ad. Therefore, I rarely play in Marathon mode anymore because it is too frustrating. I think the advertisers would like for me to see their ad and click on it to learn more about their product. Please fix it so I can do that and also see my score.
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6 years ago, Mr_Hellcat
Wish trophy didn’t cover up score
This game is addictive - have been playing it for years, and haven’t found a better find a word game. A few versions ago, they changed the graphics to when a trophy appears (silver , gold, or platinum) it obscures the score of the game you just finished. So if you blink, you miss how well you did. Keep waiting for them to fix this. Would be much better to be able to see the score.
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2 years ago, Stpetevega
Chick Fil-a??
I loved your app. Used when I travelled all the time and to evade work. Recently getting ads that interrupt my podcasts including -ahem- chick fil a- …? I’m going to be honest. I don’t know the ins and outs of app advertising but I hope to, one day. Candy crush? Don’t care. Zombie brain game or Makeover challenge, very graphic but don’t care. Maybe that was a huge score for you. I get it. But I literally can’t even drive by one without wanting spit. Spit I tell you. This may have all sounded sarcastic (and it mostly was) but I’m actually pretty annoyed…
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4 years ago, Blues Junkie
One major flaw
I like this game, but it’s very frustrating that just as your time runs out a 30 second ad pops up, preventing you from seeing your score. Once you close the ad (if you are patient enough to wait 30 seconds), you can’t see your score. I enjoyed racing against my best score before this ad issue arose. This is so annoying, I’m considering uninstalling the game. Also, there are a few common words that it does not recognize. But once you play it enough, you begin to remember those words and can avoid them.
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4 years ago, TekuGai
Visit the developer website and post!
To have your voice heard you should visit the developers website, join the forum and post your concerns there, where they’re more directly visible. It looks like the Devs are actively posting announcements and updates there for other games they develop. Violent ads: Not for 4, 5, 6yr olds. The ads incorporated in this game are violent and should not be seen by children. Some are rated 17+. There is no need to see that kind of content in an otherwise peaceful word game. Please let us remove the ads. Parental guidance highly recommended! Also, after a few weeks of playing I’m noticing that at times the Ads cover post game result tallying, only revealed when the ads and tally is done. The boards are repeating, which makes the game feel predictable and not as much of a challenge. Seems a little soon compared to how infrequently I play this game.
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5 years ago, 64152
Really Dislike the noisy ads
I enjoy playing this game, but I really dislike the noisy ads. I play the game when I have a few quiet minutes - between meetings or sitting in a public space waiting for someone - places where I have no desire to call attention to myself. When my phone starts blaring loudly it’s annoying and embarrassing. I don’t know why anyone thinks that embarrassing me in public would make me want to buy something. Why don’t you offer an ad-free version of the game?
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1 year ago, Nutsin33037
Great idea - Too many bugs!!
I have to turn the App off several times daily for it to work!! Slow to react & Hesitant. Eventually won’t operate all - I must delete the App and then search it so I can download it AGAIN!!! And I have to do this several times everyday! Disgusting after a while! Especially since it takes so long to delete and then bring back! Can’t you fix the bugs??? Of course, none of my scores are ever retained! And it’s getting worse!! I wouldn’t keep doing the games if it wasn’t good…. BUT it really really needs fixed!!!
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3 years ago, Sharonsmith616
Good game but needs a recap/words found list with the score
I like the game but at the end of the time it switches to an ad and then gives a trophy page. Often I don’t get to see what my score was. Also, an earlier version of this game gave a list of the words available, highlighting the words you found and showing the ones you missed. I really miss that version.
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4 years ago, Solcat70
I have literally played this game for years and love the game play itself but my god, the bugs! It crashes in the middle of games,it freezes in games, the ads make it difficult to even see your scores. I would gladly pay for this app if they just made it work and removed the ads. Oh, and it doesn’t keep stats very well. It rarely records or counts my games and trophies. I love the game itself when it works but since the new update, it crashes constantly if I’m really playing at a fast rate. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, bskanjellslq
Fun game but...
So I downloaded this game mostly because I was bored. And it’s pretty fun. Simple, but fun. The modes are cool and I’ve been really enjoying blitz and classic. But I swear, whenever I have a great run, like high score run, it glitches out. It exits out of the game, and when you open the app again, the round is gone. All of the words you found and the letter layout are all gone. And that’s happened to me three times on my first day. So just beware.
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3 years ago, betsy lanz
Ads ruin game
This game used to be fun to play and try to beat your high score, etc. Now they have injected a super long annoying ad after EVERY single round and the worst thing is, the ads pop us immediately and actually block your scores so you can’t see your score details ever! They show for a fraction of a second before you are forced to endure a 30 second monotonous droning ad for something you don’t want. Not worth it- run away! I would gladly pay for an ad free version, but as it stands the game has become unplayable and unenjoyable.
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7 years ago, SeaHen17
Love the game, hate the ads
Hey developers, please consider selling an ad free version of this game. The game itself is great but after a couple of weeks of play I start getting ads saying I've got malware that I can't figure out how to close without clicking on a link. I've had to delete and reinstall several times, losing all high scores each time. I'm about 1 reinstall away from finding another game by a different developer if you can't/won't solve this!
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6 years ago, aclhannahfan
I’ve kept this one forever
Love this game, I’ve had it on my phone for years and always go back to it. The only thing that bugs me is that if I don’t pay attention to my score or get distracted while it’s tallying then the trophy gets in the way and then I have no way of knowing what I got for sure. Lately it’s been glitching so the music of the ads won’t turn off, but I just mute my phone. Still a fun game.
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1 year ago, lissaunique
I’m iInstantly my fav word game app
I just got this app a couple of hours ago and It’s already the best word game app I have, (and I have downloaded more than I’ll ever tell anyone, trying to find a handful of great apps that I’d actually enjoy playing & wanted to keep). If you like mobile word game apps, go ahead and download it. You WON’T regret it!
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2 years ago, marelind
Bad Update
Loved this game until the last update. Before the ads were at the bottom of the screen and I could see them and decide if it was something I wanted to check out. Now they force you to watch a long ad before you can see your score and start a new game. Honestly, I now play this game far less and will find other games that don’t sidetrack you for as long.
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2 years ago, 2xnit
Frustrating and Waste of Time Due to Ads
I used to enjoy this app. But now the ads have made this unbearably frustrating. The ads are too long and prevent you from seeing your stats generate. Most of the time you can’t even see your stats. The ads also make it difficult to get back to your game. When to touch the screen it takes you to another game or ad to download. The app also crashes in the middle of the game sometimes. I don’t recommend until these issues are resolved.
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2 years ago, MindfulMess
Love the game, BUT… ADS and limits on time
The ads cut off the last second of the play. Then you can’t see your score. I get so tired of the constant ads, that I just quit playing. Also there used to be a setting that would let you adjust the time so you could see how many words you could find; please bring that back; maybe without scores. It would make it more versatile.
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4 years ago, 7xel8
Crashes too much
Great game and one of the few I actually play but it crashes way too much mid-game. I literally just had 4 games in a row crash. I’ve never had more than 2 in a row and had never had 2 in a row until recently. Whatever you all have done recently has made it worse. I’ll give you a chance to fix it before I delete it and find a new word game to play. The 2 star rating was only because I do enjoy the game so much. Otherwise, it would’ve been 1 star and immediate deletion.
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5 years ago, CornerstoneMike
Soooo addictive, buuuutttt.........
I am getting annoyed that the high value letters get buried in the perimeter of the grid (10 point Z in the corner surrounded by L, S and P????). I almost never see an X, and maybe ONCE, a Q. But I’m sure I wouldn’t score any points with them anyway,the way they get buried. How about moving them into the main field and start giving us a chance to get some serious points with some serious words? Amazingly, ergonomically, marginalization. How about words like that?
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4 years ago, SnowInKs
Could be great
Unfortunately they have chosen for it to not be great. An unnecessary problem that has been a part of the game for a long time is the amount of time you have to wait to see your score after the game ends. What a waste of time - plus you have to watch as the score tallies up or you don't even get to see your score because the trophy covers it up. Why? I lived with that for a long time, but now with the longer ads and the increasingly frequent crashing, it's time to say goodbye.
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7 years ago, G'ma Rosey
Play it often
I like this game but I have one problem. It seems to me the scoring is irregular. Maybe it's just me, but if I have some seven letter words and 34 words total and at least one word that is 2,3, 4, 5, and six letters and no mistakes, I expect a silver. But I don't always get it. Also, it seems like sometimes I get more time to play. Is that true, or is it me?
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