Word Search - Puzzles Games

4.7 (2.3K)
224.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
琳 陶
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Search - Puzzles Games

4.67 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
6 years ago, nnana cool 384
Word search -puzzle games
I love this game but I’ve gotten to puzzle number 796 and it will NOT load. I’ve tried everything. I can’t skip this puzzle nor can I redo the prior ones hoping that whatever the problem is, redoing the 5 prior puzzles will allow me to get to 796. Is 795 the last puzzle in the game or are there more? HELP
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6 years ago, Sheba38
The first time I play the game I found it entertaining. Keeps your mind active and that’s what I need at the moment. When you get older you need games that will stimulate the mind. Thank you. WordSearch is an alright game then at level 44 they introduce you to Word Connect. This game at first was an interesting game then I saw their strategy in taking your points away. They give you five to six letters in a circle then above are boxes made of four to six letters word that you have to figure out. They have a hint button that you could press but it will cost you 120 points for one hint or first letter of the word. The trick is that you might already had given them the correct word but they rejected it anyway in order to get you to spend your points by pressing the hint button. Once it gives you the first letter of the word, you find yourself entering the word that they originally rejected and now it’s accepted. If you want a game that will cheat you out of your points, this game is it. ☹️ What a disappointment.
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1 year ago, arnowitzlaw
Enjoyable and useful
Gets my brain cells working even at weird hours of the day, like asking up at 3AM! Still getting use to moving around the app and finding things.
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6 years ago, Tolana
Pretty good until the ads overran it
In the last 24 hours, this app has started showing an ad between every puzzle. This did NOT happen for the first few days. Some ads can’t be closed — I have to close the app entirely and restart. They already have a banner ad at the bottom of every puzzle. Previous review: Like having two kinds of word search in one app. Wish you could trace words in the traditional word search from the end of the word - it only lets you trace from the beginning of the word. Still fun!
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2 months ago, i love scary stories
Too many ads
Absolutely too many ads! I understand, the games are okay overall. While I appreciate the need for ads, the excessive amount can be frustrating. It becomes an issue when you end up spending more time watching ads than actually playing. It's quite disappointing to encounter an ad every time you finish a game.
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4 years ago, 123unicorn46
Good game is really fun
Really great game it helps pass time it helped on my 7 hour trip go try this game now if you think time takes so long to pass or go get right now if you are looking at this game! Have a good day or night!
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3 years ago, Krischel1
Great Game!
I love playing this game. It keeps my mind off other things. I completed 795. Nothing else will load so I guess it doesn’t have anymore. Wish it would tell me if I finished it all. Overall it is nice to play.
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4 years ago, Natacia Dash
I love this game
I downloaded this game to my phone just to try it out & ended up becoming addicted to it. I sit at least an hour or more each day playing it. I love the fact that it challenges you....
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6 years ago, supper gorl
Word connects
I love word connects and regular word Shea has but the thing about the word connect is that they give you clues and you guys might like clues but I hate absolutely hate clues it like gives away the whole entire game that is so stupid so non taken but you need to fix that thank you ☺️🤩
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6 years ago, Bella.dawn
Great while on long car rides
It's a quick game that keeps your mind looking for simple words. It helps the time pass a little quicker while on long car rides.
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4 years ago, Katrina 47
Word search puzzle games
I enjoy the challenges of trying to figure out the various words that can be made from the letters given!
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3 years ago, jrl5816
Keeps crashing
Love the actual game but it keeps crashing and while sometimes it comes back after shutting down and restarting my phone, at the 700 level it doesn’t and I have to delete the app and start over. I’ve done this twice and it happened again. Won’t be playing again
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6 years ago, camel 22
You should be better awarded
You seem to be punished the further you progress. They stop putting words in alphabetical order and do not give you credit for some bonus words. Also, I think the further you progress you should get higher amounts in the free daily “spin”!!! I’m at level 796 and I am only getting a blank screen .???
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4 years ago, Lilexpress
I love these types of games. The only thing I don’t really care for is the timer and the stars, I could actually do without that. Other than that the game is great.
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5 years ago, Debi756
Great puzzles just keep them coming!
If you would put new puzzles out on a regular basis, instead of when you feel like it! There have been no new ones in over a month!
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7 years ago, Prclassic
Word search
I love it, it help me a lot to keep my mind sharp at 75 years young. And the fact that it doesn't have " in app purchases " is also beautiful.
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6 years ago, Adrian G. Carr
Word Search is great!
I have been playing Word Search since I was youth and loved it. This digital version is wonderful and captures the spirit of the old pen and paper beautifully.
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5 years ago, Nebs01
I understand that free games generate funds from ads, but why doesn’t the timer stop when the ad is playing? I am getting less stars because of the ad killing my time at the start of the new puzzle. Please rectify, otherwise it’s a very nice game.
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7 years ago, YouuuuuuseeeMe
A must!
Love this app and the quality it brings. So many puzzles to choose from. Plus, it'll help you stay mentally charged. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, jp33!
I am in level 792 with thousands and thousands of points for hints. The game just locked up and I can’t get anywhere - no letters come up. Can anybody help me?
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3 years ago, McShredly
This game is so boring and not helpful at all plz make a settings button so I can change to a different mini game on your game cuz I have to log out when I want to change mini games -Another Person
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5 years ago, Lyynnnzzz
Great game
Great game for when you don’t have wifi. Levels get progressively more challenging. I enjoy having a game that takes some brain use.
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6 years ago, #SportsMom
Fun game
The game keeps me entertained and it is simple enough to learn. The thing that bugs me the most is the advertisements that pop up after every game.
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6 years ago, patpoe
Do pick it unless you are sure on what you want
You can’t make a change to what you desire to play, if you accidentally push wrong game, you have to play game to get out of it.
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6 years ago, Leapin Lena
Mrs Brower
How come you don’t give credits for extra help on these words ,these puzzles get harder & harder and I don’t have the money to buy rewards or anything?!
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6 years ago, Private Lady
Word Search Five Stars
Enjoy playing word search. I find it challenging. Keeps me active and thinking. It is always good to challenge yourself mentally.
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7 years ago, ShellieJoB
Love it!!!
This is an awesome program that my husband stumbled upon and I have spent MANY relaxing hours playing since that time. It's a must-have, in my opinion!
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4 years ago, 52jg
Word Search
This is a great game which challenges the player to find multiple words with combinations of letters.
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6 years ago, unclegj
Great game
Fun to play very addictive, good luck with putting it down once you start, some are hard but don’t give up you’ll get it!’
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10 months ago, Sandrapellet
Wonderful for appointments you have to wait your turn for. Ok
I love this. No book or pencil required.
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6 years ago, Alexholmes27
Great game but needs bug fixed
I made it to level 786 and it froze on me. No puzzle would show up. I could power down my phone and shut the app down and reopen but it would not work. Other than that, fun game.
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6 years ago, Johnny Tunetone
Just my speed!
I love that it is a game that plays more or less at my pace. Since I play to enjoy myself, and not to stress, this game fits the bill.
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6 years ago, PB&J 12
PB&J 12
I love this game. It's not always predictable. Some words are easy and then you get to use you’re brain cells to figure some words out. It’s additive and a lot of fun.
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6 years ago, Au'Lise B.
Like game
I like this game because you have a option of 2 games in one and it challenges you
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6 years ago, Carlsbad Carol
Quick Moving
Fun to challenge your eyes and brain to move quickly
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5 years ago, herkamerk
Word search
Interesting, chance to learn and stay alert. Sometimes frustrating.
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7 months ago, Purple/Blue1012
Wonderful Game
Very relaxing for the mind. Also helps past the time Fat.
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7 years ago, settsu
Destroyed by the new update/UI
Utter bollocks of an update. It wasn’t fancy pre-update, but at least it wasn’t the train-wreck that it is now. This update was an insult... All those searches I did with my kids are now gone, locked behind some forced, artificial gamification BS? I would have paid to leave it just as it was: a simple, casual, fun collection of word searches.
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6 years ago, ARJ1028
Higher levels stop putting words in alpha order. Also it has stopped recognizing words as bonus words when they are not in the puzzle. Higher levels should get more coins on the daily spin.
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3 years ago, Kid's Wife
a race against yourself.
No clock to beat, just you against your own skill to solve the words.
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3 years ago, Candace65
I am really enjoying this game. Working my brain for sure since I don’t have interaction with people.
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6 years ago, katy wildchild wylie
Fun game
I like it you look for the simple words and really have to remember the hard words
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5 years ago, Ramblinrocker
Lots of ads but they are super quick to load and close
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4 years ago, RoxieJake
Enjoying the games
Haven’t played Word search. in a while. So I’m really enjoying it.
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6 years ago, amgsunshine
Super Fun
Quick game that is fun and tricky. You don’t have to wait for the ads to play you can just X out of them. Awesome game!
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5 years ago, BossLele
Entertainment for hours
It’s a wonderful little app that’s stimulates your mind and challenges your capabilities.
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6 years ago, Aub1985
Pretty addictive, ads are fairly quick to get through
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6 years ago, rodgoog
Missing words in game
Many words are not credited though they are valid and acceptable in many other games. Frustrating enough it will end my game use
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7 years ago, Moo glow
Like it
I like the app to keep my mind fresh. I don't like the adds that you have. Some of them will not go away it is very annoying.
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6 years ago, randalz
Great until over 10,000 points then nonsense type words. Screen freezes as well.
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