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Word Search Games
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Word Search ·

4.65 out of 5
92.5K Ratings
8 months ago, Abigail the seeker
Word search
I think that the WordSearch app is a really good app and that it is five stars because I love word searching my opinion I love how it’s all organized and easy when you start off and then gets harder and then like you become a champion basically and it’s like so cool and really awesome and I just think that it deserves five stars and it’s really good and it’s really cool and I just think that it deserves five stars because it’s awesome and deserves five stars so I just want other people to have a chance to like it and write another review about how their opinion is with it and I just want reaction to keep going and I like it so for the WordSearch app, let’s go also, I love WordSearch, but I also like how the words are in different colors after you find them.
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2 years ago, GeorgP1888
Excellent Program to Destress to
I use this program to destress and take my mind off the hum-drum stresses of life. Some people write, some paint, others crossword puzzles, for me it is search a word puzzles. I do get upset at myself if I pick a word for example cross but also crossword is one of the words so if I select cross and not word I can’t select the other cross. But I must reselect cross and word to complete the puzzle. That’s when I get on myself and tell myself focus on what your doing. Actual right now I’m laying in bed and finishing a few puzzles so I can fall asleep. I try to always finish so I have completed a sequence to reach the next zero. Regards and thanks for the help distressing.
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3 years ago, n#jxjiiskzmz
Woohoo peeps
Hi people! I really enjoy using this app, especially when I am bored. I am glad that you highlight the words you have found, instead of drawing a random line across the words. The different colored highlights make the words easier to see. There are a few of the words I have never heard of in my life. I wonder if the creators of this app make some of the words up. What do you think? Anyway, this app is a perfect form of entertainment wherever you are. You do not need internet to play! I like completing these word searches with me friends and family, and I hope you all enjoy it too!
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5 years ago, Spazzquake
Awesome so far!!! :D
I have this on my new iPad 6 and I’m loving it! I don’t mind the adds even if I have to interact with some of them. There’s not too many adds either! I hope there are unlimited levels because this is really fun! I can also play it without internet which is a plus and it’s what I was looking for. :) I don’t have to make an account and I jumped right in! I also like that it saves your progress and any words you found if you have to close it which is really cool! I will update review if I have any problems. :D
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2 years ago, Galadien
Well . . .
I’ve really enjoyed this game. I like that thee aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, as it were. I even let the ads play in between levels to support the developer, but the ads on the bottom are too annoying, so I cover them with my hand. I just can’t handle flashing. The bug problem though is that the words chosen need far more screening. Racial slurs simply should never be in a word search. I’m taking off two stars simply for that. Hopefully, they’ll listen an remove inappropriate words. I wonder how many people came to that word and simply deleted the app; I know I was tempted to. It’s completely inappropriate.
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4 years ago, DopiBAS
This is a REAL word search game
With past word search app experiences, they made you guess the words for the word search with a clue. They also would time you and if you didn’t complete the word search in a certain amount of time you would fail the level. But.... In this word search game, it’s really fun and you take your time. Also there aren’t many ads in this game so that makes it even better! In my opinion, this is the best word search game out of all of them!
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2 years ago, UsersNamesAreAllTaken
Color Update Disappointment
Not sure when an update happened (I haven’t played in a while), but I used to find it soothing to use all shades of one color while doing my word searches. I would literally start highlighting a found word but not finish it unless it was a shade of whatever color I was on. This could take multiple highlight starts until a desired color began. I realize this is petty and probably a bit OCD, but it was the best thing of this game for me and it’s gone. Now there’s just a mess of colors, and to me that is very distracting during a word search. I will likely delete this app after 186 levels. Highly disappointed.
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2 years ago, job 1111
I hate and love this game (ALOT)
This game killed my wife then I won the lottery a day later then my dog died then I got the cutest dog in the world for only $25 then I lost my house by a hurricane and then the radio in the car said I won a free mansion then a day later I got stage 4 cancer then another day later the radio said the were giving away free girlfriends then I got one then ANOTHER day later I lost my cancer the I deleted the game and now my life is finally normal (btw this was a joke)!
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4 years ago, happygirlygamer
Great game!
Not to many ads I don’t think ! It’s not to hard but is a challenge, overall fun game! Now when I go restaurants I don’t have to ask the waiter or waitress to bring me a word search paper because they usually don’t bring me one cuz it’s “for younger kids” they think but there’s bothering “younger kids” about word search ! Or coloring.. or tic -tac -to ... exept for maybe the kids menu but sometimes people even need a smaller serving ya know! But I’m now... I can go virtual!
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2 years ago, Rachel.Aubree.G.
I’m addicted!
Can’t stop playing this, I’ve had it for a while now and anytime I’m bored or just need something to keep my hands and mind busy this is my go to. There are ads after each level, but they’re not long and obnoxious. The only thing that I don’t love is that some of the puzzles are repeaters. If you don’t play for hours on end It’s probably not noticeable.. but I binged a couple times and I just hoped for it to get more challenging as it progressed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Diddly Diddlefiddler
I love playing the word search game! I do have a question I get a message saying that my friend played so many hours sometimes then a a message saying he beat my highest level. Then I play hard and hear nothing about the player till I must get ahead of them. I would love to know who I am playing. How do I find that out? Please and thank you, Sandra
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5 years ago, Idorableluver
Close to unplayable because of this
I want to preface this by saying that if you want to play silently, this app is perfectly fine. The problem arises when you try to listen to music while the app is running. I have ADHD, and need the background noise while I am doing things, and every time I try to open this app while listening to music without headphones, the volume of my music gets cut in half and cannot get raised any higher, and sounds extremely tinny for some reason. It is only this app, and I have no idea why the developers thought this was a good idea, but it desperately needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, mpdms28215
Was a five star
I loved this app when I first downloaded. With most recent upgrade my review is two star instead of old five star rating. Seems like puzzles are to easy now and ads are ridiculous. I understand the idea of ads pay for free games but old version was a few puzzles then an ad but now it’s one puzzle, ad, another puzzle ad, and so on. Because puzzles are easier I have to view more ads than playing puzzles. Ads are a little long. This was the word game I wanted after looking at all of them but not sure I want to use it anymore.
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4 years ago, AshD2020SE
Just what I was looking for.
I had a game similar to this on my other phone but I don’t have it anymore and didn’t remember the name. This one doesn’t have a stupid timer on it like other word search games do. This is why it’s so relaxing. I often times play it to take a break from fast paced life so I really like that it has no timer. I downloaded like 5 games before this one and they all had a timer. Wish the colors would be more vibrant and not gloomy.
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1 year ago, naughtygram
Keeps My Mind Awake!
I’ve always liked word search puzzles, helps pass the day. Sometimes if I’m having trouble finding a word, I’ll go back the next day & there it is. I really enjoy word search. 3/6/23 I’m still love playing word search. I’ve enjoyed it for many years. I’ll only stop playing one way.
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4 years ago, Amanda Haberstroh
Nonsense words
The game does as it is advertised; however, several words to find are nonsense words or are misspelled entirely. I have also seen words in the puzzle that are sexually explicit and inappropriate—this indicates that the puzzles are not properly edited. The levels are meaningless, both in theme and in difficulty—the words are unrelated to one another, and there is no difference between Level 1 and Level 20. Music and sound do not work. This game gets boring quickly, and certainly has the capacity to offend users with words that have not been properly edited.
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5 years ago, Lbgraz
Good Application
This is a good word search game. I am so tired of the in app purchases most all games force feed you. I also dislike timers so this one does not have them. Nice graphic set up including colored highlighting of found words using touchscreen, and easy to read letters. I do wish they had two features. 1) a grouping of games easy, medium and hard. Not terribly important. 2) a theme to each game. This is important to me and why I did not give five stars
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4 years ago, doublebaconcheeseburger
Too many ads
I don’t mind this app when you’re actually playing the word search part. However, every two levels or so there are some fairly aggressive ads that go so far as to having you interact with him before you can move on or make you watch 30 seconds of something that you can care less about… I looked for an in app purchase to get rid of the ads but did not see it… The amount and type of ads in this game are ridiculous. I will be looking at other options
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2 years ago, Jericapars
This app is amazing! Great way to pass up time, and you rarely ever get adds! I got my first add on level 12. I shared this app with my sister, and I think she likes it. I literally had the app for like 20 minutes and I already love it. It’s also good for road trips! Great source of entertainment that is no internet and WiFi free!
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2 years ago, katielynnarmitage
No ad free available
2 weeks ago this game said it had an ad free option with the new update, I have the latest version on my phone and iPad and there is no where in the game to choose ad free. This game is very relaxing and I could play all day but it gets frustrating that there is an Ad after ever word search, it just makes me want to stop playing after a few minutes. Is there a reason why I’m not seeing an ad free option anywhere? If it wasn’t for this Issue I would rate this game with 5 stars
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5 years ago, jesslynn01
So far so good!
I'm liking this app so far. I had downloaded a few other word search games but they all had timers so I deleted them. I'm so glad this one doesn't have them. (It gives me anxiety) The only thing I would like to see is a magnifier for the letters so see where the last letter is as your running your finger across the screen.
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4 years ago, kimmie3109
REAL wordsearch
I like this WordSearch! It’s the only one I can find that is just like a REAL WordSearch, instead of having to guess words that are in a puzzle, I tried and deleted at least 5 other apps, thank you for making a normal wordsearch lol it’s really easy, but hopefully the higher the level the more difficult it’ll be.
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4 years ago, partnerincrime
Love this!
I always like to have little brain teasers on road trips and plane rides. This one was the best! There are so many levels that I don’t have to worry about running out, the ads are low, and the levels are pretty easy! You dont have to have WiFi or data to play so that’s awesome. Highly recommend this game!
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5 years ago, Panda201love
Word search I’m in fourth grade and nine years old
Hi I love this word search I play sports and this keeps me calm when I’m in the car about to go to my game it makes me think I’m going to when this game gives me courage and if any of you guys play sports I think you should use this word search this is why I am giving it a five star rating
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1 year ago, marvelepicfan123
Great game! Ads are only problem!
I downloaded this game like a hour and a half ago, I’m already addicted. The ads are the only problem. I recommend to any one over the age of 7. The ads, are a little annoying here and there. But I’m happy there is no fee, a little plan, or charge to anything. Thanks for creating a great game.
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7 months ago, sampson663
I love it
It’s five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I love it so much and I can’t wait for the next day to come to play it again and see it again in my dreams of being the first person to play it again and again and again and again til forever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, VanillaSunset
Good app
My tiny suggestions would be: 1) Widen the font of the words at the bottom just a bit because they’re kind of hard to read with the letters so close together. 2) It would be kind of nice to have a theme. 3) Allow ability to play this at the same time as listening to music. Right now you can’t do both at once.
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3 years ago, prettyfunnyapp
Love it
It’s goes from small to big with lots of variety and the ads aren’t extremely overwhelming. Sometimes you have to watch one after every puzzle but other times I can go ten without watching an ad. Definitely my favorite word search game on the App Store 👍🏻
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4 years ago, jmklmk
Word Search
I was on my 2nd WordSearch and for some reason when I got to my last 3 words, when I found them it wouldn’t mark them. I had to go back and forth to figure out what was wrong to get it to mark it. There was no rhyme or reason.
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5 years ago, jazzthegod
Great Game
this game is great, it helps you with your spelling also with your mind. I only had one problem and it was that i did not hear any music and when i tried to fix it with the settings it wouldn’t work but so far i did not have any other issues.
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4 years ago, My Life on Wheels
App Is the greatest!
I have loved word searches for years it’s just hard to always bring them with you if you need to go somewhere. This app is very cool for me because I can do word searches anywhere I would recommend it to anyone it is the best! Whoever made it thank you very much! Wendy Patterson
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1 year ago, pretty flowers love
This game is really fun
So, I think this game is really fun because I find it really easy to find the words in the word search, however I think you should make it a little bit harder to find the words. But I like this game and I think it will be very fun to play and hopefully people enjoy it. 😊
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2 years ago, bhraina
My review
Okay I like it but it gives me so easy words and when I looked in the AppStore the picture had a timer so I just think that your trying to let people think that there is a timer but there isn’t so everything else is good but it’s just that timer and the photo
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5 years ago, Tommie O
I like word searches, especially ones that use different colors, however the colors of the balloons on this one are so pale that they might as well all be the same color. I can use my iPad while it’s charging when I want to take a break from work, but if a program doesn’t rotate on my screen, it eventually damages my charger cord. That makes it a rather expensive little program.
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4 years ago, Carolyn Batten
I’m going nuts!
Please, please help me. I am going nuts! What is my problem that the game locks up and I have to close it and start all over. I obviously love the game. I play it for hours. I am almost at # 1,400 game. I do not know what is wrong but it has locked up on me all morning long and I have not completed a single game. When I quit, I had 1:39 seconds left .
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5 years ago, A12446
It super addictive!!
This game is amazingly addictive and fun. The words do change every round and start to become harder. Although this game is super fun I wish it was better quality, and didn’t glitch. It is kinda plain and for some reason can sometimes make the game seem boring. But I would totally recommend downloading this game!
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3 years ago, emily berry1234
The valuable knowledge word search game
This game is very great for everyone to o have on their phone or any decice to have it lets your Brian pops up and let’s your knowledge brain pops up for success that is all I can about this game it is valuable for me to have as a game
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3 years ago, gibsongirl215
Nice Change
It’s so refreshing to actually find a game that is exactly what it says it is. A straightforward word search. No having to buy coins or whatever to play. Like a breath of fresh air. I have never written a review, but just had to praise this.
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4 years ago, Nero6014
Good for road trips or car rides
I like this game because it is good for road trips or car rides. It keeps me busy. I don’t really mind the ads though. I wanna say thank you to the developers for making this awesome game. - A very satisfied player
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5 years ago, PandaGirl17260
Great wordsearch, don’t let kids play it...
I really have enjoyed this wordsearch, the calming pastel colors and the variety of words are great! However, in the 3 days I have been playing this game, I have had two words that I would consider inappropriate. One was a bodily fluid associated with men, and the other was a term that is associated with African Americans. I do really like this game, just maybe don’t let any younger children get it.
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5 years ago, Raoul Lorenzo
Word Search
Just downloaded yesterday and so far I love it. Its fun, relaxing, and like the fact that you can go at your own pace. Some of the balloon colors could be brighter. The ads after each are so far are tolerable. Definitely fun and beats watching the news!
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12 months ago, Kay skye
Word search note
I love word search I have a volume 9 word search book and I never seen this app in my life never ever you can make a app of whatever titles that they want to do this game is Fantastic I love your app
Show more
4 years ago, britglan
I recommend changing the colors to a more defined color when finding the words...this I feel like would make it overall more pleasing to the eye and the player. Overall though a good game. I like how there is no timer so you can go at your own pace and not be in competition with someone else.
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4 years ago, A.T.#1
Word search
The letters are too small for my fingers on iPhone. I had one game & got to level 52 or 53. The word on the far right would “immigrant” would not color in. I did that puzzle a few times without luck. So I deleted it. It was a good game too
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12 months ago, yonthedonn
Nice game but concerned by word selection
Enjoyed the word search. Simple and gamified. I ended up removing the app as I worked through a “crime and law” category and was disturbed by “lynch” being a word selection. I felt quite uncomfortable with this, especially since we’re in the 21st century
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5 years ago, Livefree1987
It’s shirt that you choose between begin or intermediate an expert
It would be nice if they had a choice of different levels of difficulty levels I mean. If it does have it I could not find it in the Settings anywhere
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1 year ago, xbloodgs4lifex
Ads are annoying and long
The game is great, levels are easily completed but every 2 or 3 levels you’re forced to watch ads for other games and it’s takes a very long time for the X to appear to get back your your game. At times I just end up closing the app.
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4 years ago, Scooterholic1
Not terribly complex. Mostly requires patience.
A simple tactic solves every puzzle. 1) Pick a word 2) look at every first letter 3) check every second letter around it. If you don’t find one start again on 2.
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4 years ago, brxken_camren
It’s fun!
I just got this game and started playing it’s so fun and when I gat headaches o play this game to relax my mind although it is pretty hard and that the only problem I absolutely loveee this game I hope you feel the same bye and thanks for reading✨
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5 years ago, DonnaNichols
Very enjoyable, gives the mind and eyes a rest from the larger pages but still challenging.
Easy to focus, gives the brain a rest from the larger and more difficult pages. Still stimulates without struggling...
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