Word Stacks

4.9 (178.1K)
229.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
PeopleFun, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Stacks

4.89 out of 5
178.1K Ratings
5 years ago, gov'ment retiree
Word Stack Are A # 1!
I’ve only been playing this game for about 5 days now and I cannot believe how easy it is to get ahead in each level! I’m not sure how I got as far as I did but I’m glad I did! It’s just plain fun. I’m I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to have a good time! I know that I do! 23 February Update ... Still rating it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s for what is to me a no-brainer! I have just 1 thing I’d like to suggest on acceptable words. Please add ROO to the list of OK words! Roo is a commonly used word for the young ones of kangaroos! Notice the last three letters are roo short for kanga roos! See what I mean? They are also called joeys and more familiarity referred to as roos! I confirmed this with the Columbus Zoo in Ohio earlier this month of February. I’m hoping that this helps your developers clear up this word addition request! Thanks for listening to me rant about this game that I really enjoy so much on a daily basis sometimes playing for quite a while each day. Especially like today when it’s a tournament day like it is right now! Great fun for me and I’m sure many others as well! Yea for us players just like me! This app makes me a happy camper! So for players like us, thanks again!
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2 years ago, ErnieGJr
They eliminated a major incentive!
I used to enjoy this app, and would open it whenever I had a bit of idle time to keep my mind occupied. It had some of the annoying characteristics typical of a free game- mostly ads for other games that you have to sit through regularly. The worst of these appears frequently upon opening the app. The game will flash briefly on the screen and then is quickly replaced by a link to try a different game- with no way to close it and return to the app! At that point there is nothing to do but close the app completely and reopen it. Despite all this, I continued to play through level 2,347. Then they inexplicably eliminated one of the motivations that kept me playing. Previously, you could earn additional coins by finding words that were not on the official word list. This was a fun side hustle and a rewarding mental challenge. I enjoyed finding as many unofficial words as I could along the way and watching my coffers grow. For reasons I can’t explain this feature has disappeared. You can still find the “secret” words, but there is no longer any reward for it. Did they feel they were giving out too many fake coins??? I don’t get it, but that was the tipping point for me and I’ve stopped playing the game.
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4 weeks ago, The FanWing WoF
Exceeded My Expectations 😍
So, I’ve written reviews for three word games by the developer PeopleFun. And they are all amazing!! The games, I mean. This game was especially satisfying for me because of the smooth graphics and the noise once you get a word and break the blocks. I recommend it because like I said, it’s very satisfying and also good for exercising your mind’s vocabulary. Same as the other games, it’s ads are minimal and 80% of the time you are just finding words. I love how the developers really understood that no one wants a cheap, ads stuffed game, so I’m glad that they made it as ad-less as possible and also fun and satisfying. It, of course, depends on your personality like for example, if you are an impatient person who does not enjoy long puzzles, then this game is probably not for you, but if you are the opposite for instance you enjoy solving problems and have a good mindset, then absolutely try this app out. If my information is incorrect then please leave a comment so I can fix my words but first please download this game and try it out. It’s worth your time, I promise! Thanks! God bless you and Peace!
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4 years ago, lol-inater
Awesome Game but Minor Problem
I really love that you guys are taking the time to read this review! :D This game is awesome!!! It doesn't glitch up, which is a real time saver. It also is very addicting. You never get tired of the levels. There is always something new and millions of possibilities. But there is one minor issue. It drains your battery quickly. I never saw anything like this on other reviews, but I checked all my other apps and this never happened. A few days ago, I was texting a friend when she had to go, so I decided to play Word Stacks. My battery was at 32% ( I know, should've charged my phone ) when I started playing. After two or three minutes I got up to get a snack, dropping my phone. The battery sign popped up from hitting the carpet, saying my phone was at 6%. My brightness was all the way down and so was the sound and wifi. How could it have gone down that quickly?!? I really hope this problem gets solved so I can enjoy this game without a charger. THANKS SO MUCH!!! 😄😄😄
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4 months ago, Goldenmom12
Moving backgrounds again
Would you please provide a few backgrounds that do not have something moving in it? Perfectly still solid background. Or a way to customize the background. I like the game alot but the always moving objects in the background are awful to me. It is nauseating and distracting and irritating to me-maybe not everyone but to me. Please do something or I am going to have to quit playing. Thanks * UPDATE* I received an email about my comment and was ask if I would like to update my previous comment. I would like to be able to update because that would mean something had changed and a non moving background had been added but it has not. I think this is a great game, as I stated before, but when you are looking at all of these letters and the moving background is going at the same time, it is not a good thing. Just a background addition of something not moving is not to much to mask. If that is added, I will update my comment. There are lots of people with issues that this could be a real problem so Im surprised it hasn't already been done. Thanks
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5 years ago, SexySakima
Very balanced gameplay
I rarely rate a game as 5 stars. It’s really got to have it all and this is a rare game that does. It’s fun and mentally challenging at the same time. And I really like the fact the broke the mold and didn’t use the “cookie pan” method. They got creative. I also really like the currency system in this game. Compared to other games out there, the developers make it very easy to rack up coins and the hint system is not price gouging. The backgrounds are tastefully done and they go the extra effort to do more than slap a nice background up. They change the colors for everything to match. And if you want to switch the theme, it’s free to do so. I also really like the fact that the menu options are easy to find and easy to use. And the daily puzzle is icing on the cake. Overall, I really like this game and recommend it to anyone who wants a fun and mentally stimulating new approach to word searches.
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4 years ago, Agemamad
Love the game but.......
I love this game! Have recently started playing it and am quite addicted to it. I would give it 5 stars except for one really really really annoying thing that for me takes it down to 3 stars. The hint buttons are way way way too close to the playing area! It’s incredibly easy to accidentally brush against the hints as you’re swiping and lose up to 100 points when you didn’t need the hint, and there’s not even a button to confirm if you want to use the hint. I’m new to the game and had earned a mere 925 points but was super excited to get to 1000, but when I accidentally brushed a hint button, it took me down to 840 and I was super frustrated. And this is not the first time. I find myself making sure I don’t hit the hint area instead of just enjoying playing the game. Please fix this issue! I don’t know if this is a problem for anyone else, but I will read other reviews and I’m sure this an issue others probably feel pretty strongly about as well. If this problem is fixed I would certainly then give this game 5 stars!!!
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2 years ago, Wrdgrl57
Great Game BUT...
I really love this game but I’m on a limited budget and can’t afford to buy points on the regular to rearrange the letters. You can watch videos to get 25 points per video and hints cost 100 points or rearrange for 50 points. I always rearrange because usually I can see a word but there is something in the way. BUT lately a lot of the videos you watch but then do not receive points or there are no videos available or you watch the video then get the circle logo until you clear your phone etc. Most word games you can eventually solve without points if you are persistent. This one works differently, which is why it is fun for now. But often there is no way to progress without rearranging the letters and when you spend twice as much time watching videos as playing it gets annoying. And I will NEVER buy Allstate or TMobile because they are the worst about not giving points or making you exit on 8 different screens and 3 minutes before giving points.
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5 years ago, KIMohTwo
Back and Forth
I want to like this game. I love this game but I very much struggle in liking it when I’ve completed offers which, on more than one occasion, has involved spending from our real life bank account toward a product that I do want/want to try...but largely shaded by the fact that I’ll receive “x” amount of in-game credit on top of said offer. Only for the few transactions that have involved actual monetary transactions to not end up EVER getting paid out, regardless the “evidence” or “proof” you provide. Provide every single bit of information they could ever ask for ...and then it’s just closed without so much as a reply. Or in one particular case just left hanging open...indefinitely. Incredibly frustrating. So incredibly frustrating. While I’m on a roll here...it should not cost in-game credits to SHUFFLE TILES! This is the only game I’ve ever come across to charge for a simple shuffle. That’s so greedy! It’s just definitely not a give/take relationship we’ve got going here and you can only take/take from someone for so long before being ditched. I’m not quite there yet, and my wee one status means I/my words will probably never see the light of day or be even a modicum of a reason something is (probably not) ever changed for the better, but ask for my review, you did...and now- you shall have it. Come on guys. Get it together. Stop with the stinginess...try some give/take here for those of us contributing toward your paycheck. Please??!
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4 years ago, Toogood88
Great game, addictingly simple! But...
I really enjoy playing this game, it’s a lot of fun and very simple. Definitely worth the download if you have not already. With that being said, I only have one suggestion to make the game better. There should be a skill-based matchmaking on the tournaments. For the past three weeks on the weekends the tournaments have been one by people who have solved 8000+ words with second and third taking between 8000 and 5000 words. I understand some people are better at the game than others but not everyone has a full 48 hours to dedicate to this game. The people that win by that much should be bracketed into a different tournament than just normal players. That way those people can feel the challenge when winning the tournaments and all of us normal players can also feel that they have a chance to win rewards. Like I said, great game but this is something that I think would make it that much better!
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5 years ago, miminpsc
Good game BUT..........
I love this game, but unfortunately if you don’t give us a way to make points for hints, etc. I am deleting it. I know everyday you give away 25 points but that’s just not enough to play the game. Also I am tired of asking for videos for points and bonus words which don’t add up to much. You’re just not giving us enough. It’s very frustrating especially with a good game like this. You have a great game here but if you can’t do something about this im deleting and I will really miss it. Nancy I previously wrote this ad about 2weeks ago. The above review was from playing on my tablet, then I started playing on my phone. The game works perfectly on my phone but still does the same as above on my tablet. How could this be? Has it been updated somehow or can I update it to work the same on my tablet as my phone? On my phone I can easily find applicable words without shuffling on my phone but my tablet is totally different. I can’t do anything without watching many, many ads. It is totally frustrating. How can I fix this? Can you answer me ASAP please. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You fixed it! After what you fixed I can actually play the game! I hope everybody reads this and tries again. This is awesome! Giving you five stars now! Thanks, Nancy
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5 years ago, bry2011 bry31211
Best app on my phone!
This is a really good app!!! On the first day I got into level 68! This is a mind game and I love it so please make another game like this that is harder for the experienced people that want more like this. I also have a suggestion to make another game called rocket launcher! , where you can customize your rocket and then launch it into space. Sometimes you get a medal for doing challenges or get skins from challenges. Also, please don’t make in app purchases because some people don’t have the money for the purchases, and some people might want to do things on that app to get the items for free with no money. Try not to make it cost money. One in app purchase could be a membership for a year or two, but anyways, make sure you can still get every item for free! Hope you have a good day! - your word stacks loving app girl, Bryleigh
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5 years ago, Owensj2
Lots of fun
I really enjoy this app. There are many in the comments that complain about not being able to get enough coins to be able to play..to shuffle it costs 50 coins, to get a hint it costs 75 coins, and to reveal a letter that will lead you to a word in the group of letters it costs 100 coins. You can gain coins by watching advertisements, by finding extra words, by completing ten of the word puzzles, by completing the daily puzzles, and they give you a daily gift. There are plenty of ways to get coins for free, you just have to be patient and earn them. Overall it is a fun game to play and one of the only games I play now! I have a lot of fun with it, and yes the words get a little repetitive, but they are still fun and hard to find. It is a great game if you want to work your brain a little bit and you want a free game to play!
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5 years ago, 😕Disappointed
Where’s my rewards?
I love this game and hate it. I get nothing when I finish getting the words. Says chapter award and shows 25 coins but I nEver get anything. Just complete aggregation and frustration. The only way I’m seeing my coins go up is by watching the video ads. I have to watch it twice just to get 50 coins and can only unscramble the letters once. I don’t see anything being added to what I don’t have . Coins. I’m wasting so much time when I could be getting tips but than have to watch three video game ads and four times get one friggen letter to a word. Word swipe is very similar to this but the words are so easy and you never need all the coins and goodies to guess words. And get nothing here. So I’m more aggravated but hang in there because I love trying to guess the words which are very hard higher up you get. I’m only on 93 and could use the tips that I’m broke and can’t get.
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5 years ago, PotatoChipLays
Relaxing and SO much fun!!
I really love this game! If you want to just Relax, you should DEFINITELY play this! I really like how you can shuffle the letters or words if you are stuck. You can also get hints. I really enjoy just laying back and playing this game! I like how all the words relate to only one category. You don’t have to find random words. This game definitely will help improve your brain by increasing it’s ability with words and puzzles. It is a calming, relaxing game that can teach you. Very good for a rainy day or for when you are just BORED. I definitely suggest this game to people who like words or puzzles. Or to people who just wanna relax. I have another word game from the same people. It is called Wordscapes! It is the same review from me! Five stars! I really love this game and hope you will too! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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6 years ago, ToriTootsieroll
Shuffling and Battery Draining
while this game is fun and addictive, there’s also a ton of things wrong with it. for one, even if there’s no words left in the stacks you have to watch video ads just to get the coins to shuffle the stacks around. it’s obnoxious because the game should be able to shuffle on its own when there’s no options left. it doesn’t really matter what the developers need to do to make their money, this isn’t the way to do it. this pushes people away from the game, not draws them to it. this game, just like its sibling, wordscapes, drain the hell out of my phones battery. at first i thought it was just that my phone was old but that’s not the case. i just recently got a new phone and when i checked my battery usage, this app used the most of my battery life out of all the apps i have and i didn’t even spend much time on it at all. this is all super frustrating and it’s pushing me to just get rid of this game all together.
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4 years ago, Colibreeze
Love the Game, but the Ads...
I love playing this game with my elementary school children. I’m always looking for ways to engage them in reading and spelling. We are on level 387. This game was a creative way to wrap them into learning and something we can play together. 👩‍👧‍👦 Ads before were just a short annoyance, but over quickly. I get it, it’s a free game & ads keep it that way. However, the recent ads are R rated and very uncomfortable to sit through with my children. Pregnancy, death, cheating lovers etc... I hate avoiding my children’s questions, but conversations about unwanted pregnancy and multiple lovers with my young children is actually NOT why we downloaded this game. We rarely play this together anymore. I’m holding out hope things ads change for the better. Maybe WordScapes will cross advertise with similar intellect games or children’s apps. We will see. Otherwise it may be time to see what else is in the App Store.
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5 years ago, Beetlebailey1983
I normally HATE word games
Normally, I hate word games. They make me feel stupid. I’m 36 y/o. I have always had issues with spelling. I’ve learned to hide it in my professional life with the help of tools like auto-correct. I love puzzle games and I wanted to like word games but they always frustrated me. I’ve also had brain sugery in 2014 and that only made words harder for me to spell and use the right words for what I wanted to say. I’ve only played 20 levels on this game so far but the words are simple yet scrambled enough for my brain to have to work it out. I hope that I can continue to enjoy the game without having to spend a lot of money. I am willing to pay to go ad free if I continue to like it. I don’t like games that require you to buy lives or hints. That annoyed me. We shall see.
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5 years ago, 4Eerie
A thoroughly satisfying game at last!! This game is really hard once you get to level 5 or so, but completely winnable. Getting to the next level brings a real sense of accomplishment. I’ve been playing all sorts of games for at least two years, and I really mean that this is the best as far as being a beautiful challenge. The game itself is perfect. The only thing I can find that might make it more enjoyable would be a little more attention to the art - but I’m not even sure if that would improve it or not. Well done, game creators!!! (And I’ve never said this to any other people before! Like the game, my praise is really difficult to gain, because I want games to be difficult enough to bring a sense of accomplishment, but not to be needlessly impossible to win.)
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5 years ago, SamHumph
My Addiction
I find this game to be addicting. It could also be relaxing. However, I can find no way to turn off the background music. The music annoys me. I play the game on my phone. I also monitor my surveillance system on my phone. So I do not want to turn down the volume, because I don’t want to miss any alerts from my system. So please give us the option to remove the music. I also agree with others that shuffles should be free. I have trained myself to abstain from using it excessively. But it should be free. I also do not understand how to retrieve coins from watching offers and doing surveys. I have done many surveys and have received no coins. I’m assuming that you only get coins from offers if you accept them. I don’t mind paying for searches and clues. But at least make shuffles free. In conclusion, please make the background music an option.
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4 years ago, Missss Yvonne
Wonderful Game!
I want to thank the developers of this game for not being greedy and overwhelming players with ads. The ads are much less frequent than in most games, and they never interrupt you with an ad mid-game. The ads only play between games, and not even every time, and the pop-ups for buying coins are also infrequent. In addition, it’s a very relaxing and fun game, with nice music and backgrounds. They vary the difficulty from game to game, which keeps it interesting, as do the occasional tournaments. Some of the words are more challenging than others, but they never use obscure words or syllables, like many other games often do. All in all, a solid five stars!! And, again, my sincere appreciation for providing a nice game without over-the-top ads!
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5 years ago, Frustrated ex-Word player
Madder than hell...
I love the game but I am going to delete it because I am fed up with ads that last LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES!!! I am not even going to give it a single star because of this maddening misuse of my leisure time. The game was great and playing it was very enjoyable but then I started getting ads that went on and on and on...I stopped playing and went to another game thinking that when I came back the ad would be finished but no luck. When I pulled the game back up the ad started up again and WOULD NOT STOP!! I understand that ads are what keep these games free and I don’t mind a 10 second ad before each game because that’s the price I am willing to pay to get the game for free. But I will NOT allow myself to be subjected to pain relief ads and 30 second ads for any game. I expect that a television ad will last 30 seconds or more but I don’t expect to have to be subjected to that on my tablet. Good-bye Word, I will miss you but not the baggage that I have to put up with to play the game.
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10 months ago, 4GJGaming
Outstanding and NO POLITICS! Fun fun fun!!!!
I’ve been playing 2 years and never spent a dime. Ads have improved significantly with the new 3-5 second rule. Most you can mute at the bottom left of ad. Daily puzzles are a must to build points. And weekend crown games can build points and crowns. The games during the week will give you avatars! Now, for the person who said on September 6, 2023 that the category number 2552 Things that can be stolen has word ELECTION must not have played that round as this isn’t true! The words are data, gold, show, photo, watch, camera, glance, antique, handbag, luggage, hierloom, identity and appliance!!!!! I even replayed that leverl to write down words!!!! PLAY, RELAX, learn new words, no need to spend real $$, and HAVE FUN!!!
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5 years ago, 1stCeye
A bit too easy, but...
I’m only in the third section. I got caught in a mean trick, though...as I was tapping into the next level, just before my stylus touched bang...appearing right under my stylus that was already moving to touch ...a buy this ad popped in. Of course my stylus hit the d**n thing, so I had to cancel it. Bad thing to do....1) I’m playing your game, 2) my mind is IN the game, some people will continue with the sale JUST TO GET BACK TO THE GAME!!! Shame on you!!😠 Other than that! The game is fun! A cheerful demeanor, great backgrounds. Once you find the KEY WORD, you’re in great shape, the other words are there with a little eye work. Have fun, but be aware of this trick...maybe someone needs to refer this to your advertising Department (before someone else reports this to an agency?) THE ADS ARE MOSTLY 5 seconds long....mostly! Good, nice of someone....
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6 years ago, JP in Corvallis, OR
Changing my previous review
At level 70 I reviewed this game and gave it only one star. I really like the game but I was having to use coins to shuffle etc. and then still could not find words. After reading the same negative reviews and noticing the comments from the developers that you do NOT need to buy hints or shuffles, I went back in and tried again. I am now on level 154 and have brought my coin base back up from 25 coins to over 600! There certainly are times where the word just does not stick out to you, but don’t give up! The words are there! This is a very addicting game and I do love the challenge, especially knowing that the puzzle can be “won”! Ps...I don’t let the ads bother me. They are there for a reason I get that.
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5 years ago, Hayden#1$$
Word Stacks is awesome
I love word stacks so so so much it is excellent !!! I always play it before I go to school, it is so calming!!I love word search games it is way better than word cookies!!!It is just so fun to play and the last level I did was Things in Paris I love love Paris!!And I love how we can just pick the theme we want for our background!!!!!🥳😍😍😍🥳🥳😋😋😋😉😉😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️It is a very awesome game !!!! I think it just needs an update so it can be a bit better!!!! But don’t worry I love the game I was just reading some reviews and a lot of people hated the game they said it had to much adds and they had to pay a rip off!!!I usually don’t get any adds at all and I am smart I don’t waste my money on taking away adds!!! Any way I love the game Bye 👋🏻!!! Sincerely, Hayden
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4 years ago, Bea....page
This is the best game ever
Hey what are y’all going on for this weekend do y’all have a salad for lunch or salad bar salad sandwich and then come get me a hamburger or hamburger sandwich and I pick up some chicken noodle bowl salad and salad sandwich or something like to that I would have a sandwich and then go to get to the coffee and get some coffee and I will I have got some money 💴 I have got a couple things that can be sent in and the price for you can pick you off if I have it for free tomorrow I will I need a new job thank goodness 😅 has to stop 🛑 it so much fun I have got some ice 🧊 was that a big bowl 🍲 I love 💕 we got chicken 🍗 I love 💕 you’re not gonna was your last name I sent it you sent it and you send me the picture and you sent it and it looks so cute and it
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3 years ago, TimeDucky1234
So much fun!
I think it’s fun with the events, backgrounds, and the levels. On one of the events, you have to try to find as many words as you can on each level to try to get in 1st place. In one event, you also can swipe each word that is chosen there, and compass things appear above the words to let you earn themed portraits such as Animals or Stargazing. Plus you can also choose your own name and portrait, plus your own background. Your brain 🧠gets a good workout🏋🏻‍♀️ too, which is great. And there are at least, I believe 2,000 levels which is so cool, plus daily puzzles where you can earn money throughout the month, and then at the end, a background.
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5 years ago, KittenKat87
It’s okay...
It’s an ok game.. it’s stimulating and relaxing.. not too difficult, even my boyfriend who has a low reading level can get through the levels.. only thing I’ve found is that they reuse some of the levels, for example level 116 & level 131 are exactly the same (describes a mountain)... I mean there wasn’t even that many levels in between before it was repeated so it was still fresh in my mind.. kinda lame but it’s a free game so whatever.. also, they could award more than just 10-25coins for completing 10 levels, especially as you get to the higher more difficult levels.. the game does freeze once in awhile and closes itself but you don’t lose the words you’ve already found so not a big deal, just a little annoying, kinda breaks my focus 🧐 It’s definitely worth a try if your into these types of games
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3 years ago, jamval55
As good as it gets?
Update: I gave this another chance and found it had not improved. Still repetitive. Egregiously so. Too many ads, which would be more tolerable if they were at the end of a round, rather than constant. Too simplistic, with few challenges in the upper rounds. Fine, probably, for younger children. My ongoing complaint about these word games is their lack of challenge. At the 500 level, there should be no more three-letter words. There should be a lot fewer repetitive puzzles. How many times do we have outlook or casino? I have an overflowing piggy bank of no use, and a stagnant prize box at the end of each section that should also be bigger once you've reached the 500 level. Less filler, more challenge, please. And I don't need 50 different icons popping or bulging or telling me about some tourney I am not playing in or care to.
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4 years ago, Qu33nMimi
I’ve been playing this game for a long time, so much so that it has become apart of my daily/nightly routine. My favorite parts of the game are the tournaments, being able to find more words that listed for extra points, the new themes that can be obtained, the dictionary for the words found, & the relaxing factor - the fact that the game is not timed. This game is the best word game & a great de-stressor. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a calming word game that helps expand their vocabulary. The only suggestion I have to make game better is to have a way for the game progress to be saved and accessed from multiple devices. I have several devices with this game on it, but each of them are at different progress points.
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5 years ago, Yorkie Mama
Great Game
Ok , so before I start about the game, let’s talk about the points. I have the new iPhone and thought that by hooking up to Facebook that everything would transfer. Did not happen. Did one of the recommended tips, Nope. Sent an email and points were restored. Now even though I missed all the September daily games I would rather the points as they are hard to get as we all know. So, send the email. May take a few days but they give them back to you. I really enjoy the game and yes, I believe there are repeats but that’s ok. I am in the 400’s and the repeated games are fewer. I really like the games where they are make words with the letters provided as well as the other ones, breaks up the monotony.
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6 years ago, D Frey
Awesome Game, BUT...
Love the game. It’s very well designed, challenging, and fun. The problem, just like the other two word games I have by this developer, (Wordscapes and Uncrossed) is redundancy. The same words get used in the puzzles entirely too often. And this game has a subject or theme for each puzzle, and those seem to be getting recycled a lot, too, with maybe a hint of variation but nothing substantial. For example (I’m making this up, it’s not an actual example), you might see a puzzle called “on the farm”, and not long after, you’ll see another puzzle called “in the barn” or something similar, and it uses a lot of the same words. Come on, guys, there are millions of words yet it feels like you’ve selected about a hundred to be used over and over in your games. Why??? Expand you dictionary- please!!! Other than that, this game is fantastic.
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5 years ago, JAM1966
Decent game, not enough DIFFERENT puzzles
I got this game about a week ago. I’ve played through the first 260 levels now. Overall, I like the game. It’s fun, and is a decent way to pass my time. Also, over the past weekend, there was a tournament, which was enjoyable overall and I finished in 5th place. HOWEVER...although the game claims to have over 5,000 levels, this is simply not true. In the 260 levels I have played, I have done quite a few (I would say at LEAST 25 or 30) over. They are the next puzzle in the list, but they are EXACTLY the same puzzle that I played 50 levels ago or so. There are still new ones, but they seem to have “beefed up” their numbers by including the same puzzle multiple times. I’m wondering how many times I’m going to see these same puzzles down the road. It’s disappointing, as I’ve played several other word games with many levels and not come across this issue with them. This is why I docked it one star. The backgrounds are well animated and nice, and you earn new ones as you go, so you’re not always staring at the same screen. All in all a good game, just could use some improvement in the actual puzzles.
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6 years ago, ktkt0412
I never leave reviews on games but this one is really good. I haven’t spent real life money yet and hardly use the coins that I get from winning rounds and getting bonus words. The puzzle will shuffle automatically for you if you have no moves left, it may just take a minute to find the word before it shuffles. My only downfall with the game isn’t the ads as they’re not too bad. I’ve had worse on games. However, it is the fact that I’m 300ish levels deep into the game and I’ve had a few repeated rounds where the level was the same as a previous one I’ve had before. I don’t mind having the same category but at least switch up the words in if you use the same one again. Other than that. Definitely recommend the game! 👌🏻
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5 years ago, Six Flags 🤩🤪
Word stacks ❤️🔥
It allows ur mind to really think it makes u use a lot of skills and it trains ur brain I personally love this game bc it’s challenging but it’s really fun I also like that in gets more challenging as u get more puzzles 🧩 done but it also throws in some easy puzzles too to help ur mind relax. Overall Word Stacks is a relaxing but challenging game and I would recommend to anyone. I have a addiction to this game😃 and that’s a good thing. Another thing I forgot to address is that it helps u escape bc it takes ur mind away and u just focus on the words u need to find. In my opinion I think parents should get this game if they are stressed. I play this game when I am stressed and I escape and relax. I rate it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.😁
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5 years ago, mypuppyissocute234
Very Nice Game
This game is educational, fun, and entertaining to play. I highly recommend this game to everyone ages 4+. Thank you, developers, for making this game. Again, this game will be amazing for almost everyone. It’s educational for small kids who don’t know a lot of words yet, and this game will help them learn more words. It’s fun to play for older kids like me and adults. I have just downloaded this game 10 minutes ago and I’m already on Level 20. The game starts you off pretty easily, about 3-5 words a puzzle, and then it gets harder as you level up, say about 10 words a puzzle. Out of 5 stars, this game gets a 6. I encourage you to download it. Again, thank you, developers.
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5 years ago, mkk1950
Great game!
This is one of the best app games I’ve played! It’s challenging, fun and relaxing at the same time. Having the words grouped into categories makes the game even more interesting. I love how the words which can be found at the moment are circled, whether it’s a three, four, five, etc. letter word. That’s very helpful, yet doesn’t take away from the difficulty of finding the words since they’re in any direction. The ads are a bit of a pain, but can be eliminated for a small fee. Thanks for a wonderful game!! Highly recommend! Well, I’m changing my review from 5 to 2 stars. You’ve changed the game up, and I’m not happy. The current words to be found are no longer all circled, only some are. And the automatic shuffle of letters is gone...guess one has to buy shuffles to continue. I’m about done with the game. It started off wonderful but is now sliding downhill. See ya later!
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5 years ago, Less Mush
Hours of Fun
This game is quite a challenge. Think word search but with falling letters. I have a hard time seeing where letters will fall in order to anticipate moves and create the needed word. In my opinion, the challenge factor is increased because you don’t know what word you’re even looking for! You simply know a theme and have to guess the words hidden in the puzzle... I’ve played more than 200 levels. The only thing I think would make it better is if you earned more coins in more frequent events. For example, you may only win 20 coins after completing 30 levels, but one shuffle costs 50 coins so it’s hard to balance the in and out of coins...
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5 years ago, Lime, Lotion, Whatever!!
I ❤️ Word Stacks!!!!!
Word Stacks is the perfect combination of fun and challenging. There are barely any ads, and the challenge is always fun. At first, I had just seen a bunch of ads about Word Stacks, and I thought it would be fun. So, I bought it. The best part is, IT IS FREE!!!!! I love how you have to earn coins, and the only way of doing that is effort. It is a great break after and long day in school, and you will know that you cannot stop playing once you start!!!!!! I just love Word Stacks so much I do not even know what to say. It is just amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much for the people who created this game, because it is just amazing!!!!! I hope everybody else enjoys it the same amount I do!!! I am so here for you!!!!!
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4 years ago, Xs4Aiz
Great Game for Words
I’ve played this game for about 2 months now and it’s quite fun. Every now and then I’ll get stumped on a few words but for the most part the game is not difficult. I think observation is your greatest weapon in solving the puzzles. The clue phrase for each set is straight forward and is key for finding all the words. I wish the rewards were larger in value. Hints are expensive in my opinion, so I opt for shuffles since they are lower in cost. Otherwise, it’s a good game. I have made no coin purchases since I haven’t really needed them. Yes, they would speed up progression but I pay for enough stuff as is. Definitely worth a try.
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3 years ago, Elle Spelle
Great game but greedy
I’ve recently discovered Word Stacks and like most people, find it fun and addicting. My problem with it is that it is very stingy in giving points and getting clues is relatively very expensive. I bought the starter pack early on, and expected that if I was halfway good at the game I wouldn’t need to keep spending money. That’s how it is with my other favorite games. I can tell my skills are improving, but no matter what I do, I can’t keep my points up and will soon have to either fork over $3.99 or quit playing. At the current rate, I’ll be handing over several dollars on a regular basis. This game is free. I’d rather have paid a bit for it and not feel it is being so skin flinty and greedy with me. Much as I want to keep enjoying it, I think I’m going to abandon it rather than keep paying.
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5 years ago, GodsGrace2017
Love this game
Can’t get enough of this game. Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it! Okay my first impression was what a great game. This is two weeks later. My husband and I play together so it is a competitive challenge while relaxing and keeping that brain active. This game is very stimulating but it’s so frustrating to see the ‘almost’ words and not be able to get to them unless you shuffle and shuffling of course comes at a cost. I would much rather pay for a game from the beginning then to be gorged at every corner. I’m good at this game but sometimes you just can’t go any further until you shuffle. The bonuses are very stingy. One free shuffle a day - and that’s maybe you’ll get a free shuffle - is ludicrous. I hope something changes soon - if not this will be another money grubbing game that I have to retire!
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5 years ago, Antique Teacher
I like it, but have one complaint!
I have played Wordscapes for a while and enjoyed it. This popped up and is by the same company, so I decided to try it. I like it, but I don’t like the fact that you have to pay more to shuffle the letters once than you earn after completing 10 levels. One shuffle costs 50 coins. You earn only 25 coins after completing 10 levels! Not sure how long I will play. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLEFUN for being so money hungry! This one may go in the trash. I’m adding a star to my review. I do enjoy this game. I still think shuffles are too expensive, but have come to realize, they don’t have to be used often. My main complaint is that support doesn’t respond to their customers. That’s just common courtesy.
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6 years ago, 😡😡😡😱😭😨😥😰
The ads
I really like this game but we you want to shuffle the letters you have to watch an ad to get coins if you don’t want to pay for it. And there’s this one ad Toon Blast or something and first of all it’s the longest ad ever and second of all when it’s over the X comes up but it’s almost like it freezes up and it’s so small that when you touch it takes you to the App Store and when you hit done it doesn’t work you have to go out of the app and go back in in and guess what you have no coins This game would be so much more enjoyable if you got rid of this ad or give everyone so many coins a day and I don’t mean the one free thing a day I mean like actual coins at least like 100 coins a day or preferably more
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5 years ago, Bai's owner
Higher Levels crash constantly, sound on ads despite game mute
I enjoyed playing this game at first. I’m over level 1000 and it constantly crashes several times on each level. This seriously interferes with any enjoyment. Each time I restart the game after a crash, I have to watch an ad. Even though I have muted the sound and music for the game, it is loud and obnoxious for the ads. I’m not sure if it’s trying to get me to pay to remove the ads, but it won’t work. I’ve read that over 700 others have complained similarly which leads me to believe they are not trying to fix the problem. Like others have said, I can quit playing it and move on to similar games. I’m seriously tired of watching 5 ads to finish a level. If this a marketing ploy to bolster views for ad prices, it will backfire when I delete the game. I hope the companies paying for the ads see this.
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3 years ago, Difficulte
Frustrated by cheating
I have been playing this game for months..and have loved it. Especially the tourneys. Over the last few weeks I have noticed some very funny things going on. I don’t know if somehow bots have a way to play. Today in first place by a couple thousand points I got kicked out. Game was frozen with two words left. I could see the solution and use points to get the correct answers on my board but my scramble was locked. I rebooted the game 3 times. The game remained frozen. I had no way to move forward. I had to reboot my device a couple of times, no change. In the end, I had to delete and reload the app. When I reloaded, I was given the option to restore my game as I had logged in with FB. My level restored. I was out of that contest and the close to 6000 coins I had saved went down to 900. I will not play games that allow this kind of cheating!
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5 years ago, SearaV
Great game too many ads
Great game, makes you think and I find myself addicted to the game. I’m on level 100 and wanted to wait until I leveled up in the game before writing a review. Although it is a great game, it’s also 2019 and with that means WAY TOO MANY ADS. There is an ad if I start a new level, there is an ad if I check the main menu, there is an ad if my screen goes black and I re-unlock it. It would be one thing if it was only a 5 second ad but they’re a minimum of 15 seconds. I’ve gotten close to deleting it and leaving a 1-2 star review because of how many ads but that would be unreasonable because of how smooth and graphically beautiful the game is. If the developers would cut back on the ads or make them shorter I would change my review to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, didn't burn grill
It’s good overall
Fun game overall, but too demanding to keep up with the daily game. I play Word Scapes and I love it but I wish Word Stacks had a similar daily incentive. I get busy and can’t play every day but if I miss ONE day I have to use 25 coins to do a make-up day. It’s only a 300 coin incentive and you MUST do every day in a month to get that or you start losing 25 coins each missed. Change it more like Word Scapes where you can miss a couple days but still earn the incentive (which is a LOT more than 300, I think it’s over 600). I mean this is fairly minor but it makes me not want to play because I have to rush through if I get busy and it frustrates me that I’ll give up 25 coins out of an already measly 300. First world problems.
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4 years ago, LlamaLe
Could be better
I love this game it is so fun! But I really do wish I could give this five stars. The only reason is because of the way you get coins... Its just the piggy bank it totally taunts me every SECOND!! I have about 5k in that stupid bank yet I only have 45 coins. So it’s basically just the creators want us to buy the stupid piggy bank it’s a waste of money and time. Just paying the app. Yet also a waste of time watching adds just to get the coins I need to help me solve the puzzle!!! But if you are okay with the taunting of the app and don’t mind watching pointless adds then this may be the word app for you. Other than that small flaw I really do love the game. So I would consider it if you are okay with those few mishaps. 🙂 I hope this review helps. 🤗
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