Word Trip - Word Puzzles Games

4.7 (506.9K)
221.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Trip - Word Puzzles Games

4.66 out of 5
506.9K Ratings
1 week ago, Dirkbarbara
All that I have done
Challenging but fun; frustrating at times but very satisfying to complete each oneI I really enjoy this game. Sometimes the challenge gets to me, but I’ve discovered that if I keep trying, I can figure things out I am hooked. As a graduate of The University of Texas in Austin (the real UT) with an English major, I love words so playing this game gives me an opportunity to learn new ones, practice old ones, and just spend time using what few brain cells I have left. Love playing this more and more. It’s getting harder, but even though I get frustrated, I enjoy the challenges. 5/8/23. I can’t give it up. And I go from gold to bronze back to silver so I’m not the sharpest player, but the more I play the better I get. When I haven’t had time to play, I bottom out. Love this game. some weird words Enticing. Sometimes there are words that seem to have come out of nowhere and have no meaning. But I love to play I have learned some words that are so new they are not on the internet’s dictionary!YES! Addicted to playing This is the only game I play, and I really enjoy it. I just wish there was consideration given to those of us who can’t play as often as you want for us to move up. I would love to play more games every day, but there are only so many hours in a day, and I have a number of responsibilities. Consider this, please.
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2 weeks ago, sueh1018
Very enjoyable!!
I have enjoyed Word Trip for several years but I can’t remember exactly when I started playing it. I got one of my sons to play and he liked the challenge of coming up with the words. I am giving a four star review only because I don’t like being rated myself from good to bad and back to good again at different levels. But I allow it because I am addicted to the game and the enjoyment I get when I complete the puzzle. I do need hints to different levels of the game when my brain doesn’t kick in and having the first letter of the words is the biggest help which I guess some may call cheating but I’m not competing with anyone so it’s more enjoyable that way. When my brain does kick in and I can get thru one game after another and end up completing several I feel a bit proud of myself. I think this is why I’m addicted and play almost every day. I find it better than crossword puzzles and I love word games but have not found any that I like as much as this one.
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4 years ago, Golf Di
Great game but....
This is a truly fun game and I just noticed the dictionary which adds to the fun. There have been a few words that I thought were names and I wished I had found the dictionary sooner. I love getting credit for bonus words which make me work harder to find the “right” that they want you to find. However, only rated it four stars because the ads are overly frequent and obnoxiously long! I would buy the game but it’s ridiculously expensive. I will just put up with them until I tire of the game. But I will admit there hasn’t been a game that captured my interest like this one for quite some time. It is very addictive but again $50 a year is ludicrous for a game. I can put up with the ads for that price. Addendum: I’ve been playing this game since February now and got my husband on to it as well. He’s a bigger game but than I am. However, I’ve now had an ad lock up my game totally 2-3 times now which is very annoying and bothersome. I’ve been troubled the number of ads at times but aside from that they didn’t bother me. Until they lock up the game! This most recent one is the McLaren of Palm Beach ad. It’s a video that doesn’t play and I now can’t make it go away either!! So no more game! It’s infuriating to say the least. I’ve enjoyed the game but could make better use of my time if it’s going to keep locking up. What can I do?
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3 years ago, Mountairy
Too frustrating
As an older adult I often look for new word games to keep the brain going, and the ad for this one seemed to have a different twist. i downloaded it, and just as with many apps before, the ad for the game is misleading because it does not play as advertised. I decided to try it anyway. Initially the game was okay, but then the ads began. Do not get me wrong...I get the ads and why they are used. You need money and it keeps the game free. We all have heard this before. But for a game that only costs a buck to clear the ads, you certainly use a lot of ads to cover that dollar. As a rule I do not pay for games unless I find it to be a classic, well designed, true to the game app. Once it is full of prizes and gimmicks, I am rarely interested. This game lost me with its ads interrupting me every other level and the prizes that constantly showed up. The ads often would not go away; just lead to yet another screen to watch and try to close. Sometimes I could not close out. I had to respond to screen to make it clear. This is not going to happen. The app is not as it was advertised, it has way too many ads to cover its cost, and it has too many gimmicks, prizes, and fluff. I just want a simple, challenging word game that plays as advertised. I can take the ads as long as they are incorporated responsibly. This one did not....so it has been deleted.
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4 years ago, Sidnis
Love and Hate
I went and looked up this game to read the reviews because I love this game, er I love the concept. I hate this specific game. I don’t think it was developed well at all. Some levels are fair, the words not included in the puzzle are put in the word bank for you which fills up and you can “empty” it to get more coins. It is still challenging but fair, most of the words are typical and it makes it addicting like why didn’t I see that!? If you are stuck on one word at least you can try to add words to the word bank. The other levels don’t recognize words to put in the word bank and have obscure words in the puzzle. Its like they didn’t do any quality review or maybe some of the puzzle designers aren’t native english speakers? Idk but its frustrating, who would spend money on this!? Its bad. But addicting. Also, it takes forever to get more coins. The words in stars on the puzzle will only earn you 2 or 3 coins, no matter how strange and difficult the word is. The levels vary in difficulty but not the coins you earn after completion. It will only give you 3 coins, no matter the difficult or number of words. The wheel isn’t fair either. There has to be a similar game designed better than this.
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1 year ago, mandyd🙂25
Fun but some criticisms..
One criticism I have is 10 coins for if I watch an ad so u cn get a hint or help, but a hint is 25 coins, so u have to watch multiple ads just to get that and then u end up using all ur coins, so frustrating…when u win a level only like 3 coins u get ugh… I had to use a word site I found off google just to get past levels cuz some words they have I didn’t even know was a word or had trouble otherwise if I didn’t do that. I feel like u have to be really good with words to know how to play this, some levels are very challenging. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s fun that way, but sometimes it’s hard cuz u don’t get too many coins if u want a letter. Also the ad is falsely advertised for this game, when u actually get this game it doesn’t play as it’s advertised… u are going to loose players if u keep showing lies with ur ads.. i will never get this game until u make as it’s advertised…. It’s stupid to advertise it as one thing and then when people download it they find out it’s nothing like as the ad showed.. for example it shows questions like honest is the blank policy and ur supposed too put the answer in.. sorry but Im completely disappointed in this game
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8 months ago, wordtrip999
Rating for word trip
Overall I rate this highly,with a few things that I would alter…. I like the concept a lot and it provides enough challenges to sharpen my memory skills. The competitions are fun and the extras such as Jigsaw and Wisdom are fun but the time allowed to finish them has been shortened far too much! They’ve become almost impossible to accomplish now and not even fun anymore,especially with not having each puzzle have a word to find to help in finishing them. I live on a fixed income and can’t afford to buy the coins,so my personal satisfaction has been declining. It’s too bad because I used to love the satisfaction of solving the games and enjoyed the competition.I’ll probably keep playing but less oftenSome of my friends that I’ve recommended Word to have also been disappointed and cut back on the amount of time playing it. Thanks for reading this and I would love to see some adjustments, as it has been a lot of fun!
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3 weeks ago, JillyPalermo
Freezes too often lately
Loved the game for the most part but lately it freezes too often and is impossible to play. Also uses words that are not always in a dictionary and then penalizes you for words that are in the dictionary that they don’t allow. Update: Many hours later, still no change, still freezes. Pretty much not functioning at all. Too frustrating to even try to play a game. Says updated six days ago so I know I have the latest version. It’s been several hours. Still no improvement. Tried going through their system to contact them and it won’t even function long enough to contact them and the previous windows to contact them are no longer available at this time. I would not suggest paying for this game. I get that technology happens but eight hours is quite a long time to not be functionable. **Update -it’s been fixed and it’s working great again!
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4 years ago, ambspirit
Word Trip
I very much enjoy this game. I can play for a few minutes or a few hours. The tournaments are interesting and, as well as I feel like I do with the game, I don’t do as well on the tournaments. I honestly would like to know what a person is doing to get several thousand more points (more than I am) is doing to get them! Well, not just me, than everyone! There is no way to communicate with other players sooo.... I’m 65+ and have been developing dementia for the past 20 yrs. (undiagnosed) and I enjoy my vocabulary increasing by playing. If you are strangely wonderful as I am, give it a try!! Wha ha ha. I thought of a problem I’ve had; sometimes I get a bonus of a word, however it shows as a free hint so I only get one letter instead of one word. The bonus’s repeat the same thing which is not usual. Those need to be checked.
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2 years ago, Morbosr
Ok time-killer
Update 2: still playing still not sure why. Same issues. Guess I just want to see what happens at the end. UPDATE 1: Still feel the same as my original post. It’s an okay game. Nothing more. Not exactly special and can be rather boring. Words are constantly-and I do mean constantly-repeated in every single game. Every. Single. Game. As if “ate, est, and tea” or “are,era, est” are the only 3-letter words in existence. Ugh! And way too many valid words are not accepted though you do get “credit” for finding words not actually in the puzzle. Too often a valid word isn’t recognized at all which is frustrating. I play this when I’m bored with my usual faves and just want to play something that is only minimally challenging. Have considered deleting several times but haven’t yet. Kind of want to see where it goes though I’m not seeing any improvement in the higher levels (if that’s what you want to call them?). Can’t recommend downloading but can’t give a total thumbs down either. Perfect 1-word description? Meh.
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4 years ago, Love the birds!
Mostly fun, I guess
It’s fun and I figure it's better for my mind than other games. But they had an update recently where I get less free spins for bonuses. I don’t like updates that make it worse for the user. It’s just greed because now we have to pay money or watch an advertisement to get spins sooner. They also have these gold rush tournaments - sometimes it’s fun, but you get just as many gold leafs (points, per say) for guessing a 3 letter word than you do a 7 letter word, and higher levels have less 3-letter words so it’s harder to get leaves (points) if you’ve worked hard to get to higher levels. Also, I am thankful for the dictionary (after you’ve guessed a word), but some of these words I have literally never heard of. Some of these words make me think they’re working from some Old English dictionary. Not a glowing review, but I really have played 50 days in a row - I just don’t like the recent update (and I don’t like in-app purchases so 1/2 my hard work on this isn’t rewarded at all since my “piggy bank” has been full for a month).
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1 year ago, Earthburr
Word trip
I enjoy the challenge of finding the words in the letters, particularly without time pressure so I can come and go at my pace. I didn’t know how long I would stay with it, but I have continued to enjoy it. I have now gotten far enough that I’m solving puzzles that less than 0.1% of players get to. The letter hints are helpful, letting me know where to start unscrambling. For a long time, out of pride and truculence, I resisted paying for them and just played using a separate word-unscrambler app. After a while, though, that felt like too much help; I wanted to look for the word myself. I have a few complaints. One, there are a lot of words they don’t use that they could use, that are more interesting than the common words the app allows. The same small words show up all the time, so they can get boring. If I’ve been playing the game for too long, it can be frustrating and annoying when I can’t see even the common words. One other complaint is that the words of encouragement that come up when you finish a puzzle are pretty limited. I expected more variety and more interesting unusual words. One early on was misspelled — that was pretty funny for a word-based app. All in all, if you like messing about with words, this is an engrossing game, without too many errors. When the dumb ads come on, you can just put the phone down.
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2 months ago, Fuzzy1dr
I do like this game…only one flaw
I think this game is awesome. The best I have ever played. Incredibly affordable, and if you don’t really need to buy the piggy bank it actually tells you to spend some of your coins before it will let you shell out money. That’s fabulous and so nice to not have the pressure to spend real cash or lose all of your treasures earned if you don’t buy up. Thank you so much!…I am struggling to complete the puzzles on the side and word blanks, and sometimes the fill in the scenes with letters discovered because every time I get so far in each, the less often puzzle pieces are available in the puzzle. I have sometimes worked clear up to finding the very last piece or letter of a puzzle, and that last piece is never dropped before time runs out…that’s a bit frustrating because I used to complete them all of the time and now it’s not happening anymore. Bummer.
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1 year ago, Zb1963
The last update doesn't work. Ads are freezing all the time. On a general note: the repetition of words over and over again are killing me and boring me. Not only that a certain limited number of words are used but even the same group of words are reused and recycled. Same 6-7 letter words over and over again. Not to mention 3-letter words. Am sick of the same 20-ish words used. The above is what I wrote last year. Now it's even worse. Your app blocks my phone. Freezes all the time. Doesn't allow me to usr other aps because it remains frozen for a quite some time. It won't allow a phone call to come to my screen although I hear it ring. It takes 15-20 min before it "releases" my phone so I can switch it off and on. Something is very off with your latest, and a few before latest versions of your app. When I press the option to seek help, the app took me to a web page that is blocked by my browser. The worst is that nobody reads these reviews and tries to fix the app.
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3 years ago, kittyfancy pants
Fun distraction, but word allowance can be annoying
I’ve now reached a part at the end of Gabon where I have to wait for more levels. Think my last level is 4060 or 4030 or something like it. It’s been a fun distraction to use and tire my brain to go to sleep instead of thinking of other stuff. I never thought I would enjoy this game as much as I’ve had, however there are a few times where the allowable words are annoying as sometimes those I think should be allowed such as Raccoon didn’t work which is an animal on the American continent, but the word Dingo was allowed which is only on the Australian continent. Other times the games allow ancient or old spellings of words and other times not. What I have liked is the usage of obscure words are limited. There are some used here and there, but it is not ubiquitous.
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3 years ago, sso dark arrow
This game is the best!! This game hash great graphics, no glitches, never one lag, and great for kids!!!! :;;;..Activity’s:;:;:;: There are activities as well. There is: Gold rush, treasure hunt, puzzle, and I think that’s it... it’s not like a game game it’s like you play your word puzzle, fine bonus words and get the big word first. There are prizes as well!!!! .-=Avatar=-. For the first time you get the game you will start with the panda 🐼 avatar, and a random name. If you click on it I think the avatar or Something else I don’t know..... what you do then is, Just click the box with the Pen and you can do a dog, cat, or a panda. Then your gonna wanna do your name, you can type your own. Last pick your gender. .-=ages=-. This game get very hard- well it will for younger kiddos right now I’m on Turky. But the good thing is if they don’t use hints, bullet words, and more there brain will grow. So this goes for thoughts parents out there who want there child’s brain to go, get the smarts in then your gonna make sure they don’t use it. I mean, like why do this game for the kids... maybe do a diff learning game. Well the my review, I hope that was enough information!!! Goodbye hope you enjoy the game! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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4 years ago, Trixie Dix
Fun Game - Ad Service is Invasive
Fun game- some levels can be pretty challenging. i like the mini games. don't like that it can use contractions and some foreign words, but not proper nouns or most slang. Ad rate is what it is- but the most annoying thing is its intrusion- 50% of ads automatically redirects to its own ad space, then opens my app store too- pretty invasive. it cant buy the app unless you click of course, but the 30 second ad becomes 40 seconds by the time you click back and close all the windows. not real sure this is in tune with privacy laws, but i guess there’s probably a line about in the T&C’s. the other thing is ad removal at $4.99 a WEEK? don't know who’s counting, but that’s a lofty $20 x 12 annually. with volume of players, there’s no way they’re not raking in cash hand over fist. at that cost, i’ll suffer the ads, thanks- just stop the continuous redirects, please.
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4 weeks ago, av8tor55
Fun Game
Interesting trip around the "world" through word puzzles. Good source of new vocabulary words, as well as testing those words already known. Spelling Bee, Gold Rush and Jigsaw Puzzle games keep it from getting boring. In all fairness, it is fun and educational. I feel like I am getting a lot out of it, mentally. I gave this game four stars for one reason: 1. There are many actual English words that the game doesn't recognize as REAL words - they would need to be added by the company. There is a "suggestions" area where a player can request them to be added, I've yet to see any of them added to the puzzle. I find it somewhat frustrating to enter a word which I know exists, only to have it not be recognized by the program. That is my one issue with what is otherwise a very good game that has great graphics.
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2 years ago, Blue Line Gal
Great! But I agree that spin the wheel is very selfish with winning words.
Good way to keep up with vocabulary... as good as or better than crosswords! Spin the wheel is unfair. I spin 2’s constantly! Never get a word!! I was cheated out of my two spins twice!! Definitely an addicting but fun game... get tired of so many “2’s” when I spin though. Build one’s vocabulary with this game There is definitely a trend with getting low numbers on the spins! Let’s win a free word on the sound more often!!!!! Angry one minute because the spins stink yet so addicting and fun! Does anyone really read these????? The whole spin the wheel thing is a scam. Even when you DO get three spins it is often three 2’s!!! It seems that now that I am so far along in the game that it’s not always functioning correctly... I will watch a video for my 10 points and I won’t always get ten points!!! Hello!? Where do these comments go? Too many times when you spin you get a two.
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5 years ago, The707Kid
Decent game
This is a good game that actually requires some skill. I have played it for about two weeks now and although I mostly enjoy it, there are some criticisms. Some reviews mentioned spinning the wheel is rigged, and I totally agree. I have spun it about 600 times, never got the puzzle bomb thing. I don’t even know what it does. Also, when I watch the videos to get free coins, sometimes they want me to play a quick demo of a game, and then I can’t exit out of that, meaning I have to close and restart the game. And can we please have more than one track for music? And last of all, wisdom scores are useless. There’s not even a leaderboard for them. But at the end of the day I really enjoy this game as it makes you think other than rely on luck like candy crush. Most of my criticisms are minor really. I would definitely give it a try!
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4 months ago, Squeep007
Ceiling on earning coins?
I was not aware that there was a ceiling on the amount of gold coins a player could earn in the game. I got up to 59,999 gold coins and from that point on I could not earn any coins in the contests I won, I could not earn the 30 coins given for emptying my backpack, and I could not even get the 3 coins for each individual game I finished. What exactly is going on here? I gave you my money and did the add free version of the game. I enjoy playing the game very much but this apparent limit on how much coins a player can earn greatly reduces the enjoyment of playing. I see on the screen that I am supposed to spend some of my coins in order to earn more. Why can't I just continue to earn coins if I do not have a particular need to spend any? I'm very disappointed and am considering just deleting the game at this point. I would appreciate hearing from the developer about this issue. Thank you.
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2 years ago, I feed the squirrels.
Word Trip
Always fun-doesn’t get old or boring. Still fun and challenging. I still feel the same. Months continue to pass, and this game is still challenging, fun and aducational. After months and months this game is still educational and stimulating. My vocabulary has grown during Covid. I still give this game 5 stars! Still 5 stars. Still challenging. Still play almost every day. This game is still challenging and relaxing. It doesn’t bombard you with adds. It throws in some odd words, but that just keeps you from getting lazy. I still enjoy Word Trip, but sometimes the words are not in the dictionary and have no definition. That becomes frustrating. It didn’t used o do that.
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1 year ago, Peterschuyler
Could use a better dictionary
I really like this game. I play it a lot. But I periodically swear I’m going to stop playing, because it has such an idiosyncratic vocabulary. There are so many common words it doesn’t recognize, yet so many obscure words (or prefixes that aren’t words on their own, or non-English words) that the player is expected to find. It can be frustrating. But so far, I have forgiven the app every time and gone back to playing. We’ll see if that lasts! Update: I kept playing the game, pretty much daily, until the words no longer appeared in alphabetical order. That finally drove me away. The process of finding words is much more dependent on luck or sheer doggedness if you can’t apply alphabetical order as a tool. So, I’m off in search of a new word game.
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3 years ago, Miss.UpdateSucks
Game is alright but lots of cons
The game is ok and helps me kill time but there are a lot of glitches and cons . 1) game tends to freeze, lag, and shut down 2) it causes my phone to heat up after a few minutes of playing 3) they need to insert more words and they also use a lot of words that are rarely used 4)sometimes I feel like they’re cheating so that we can use our coins or buy the coins for the hints and special stuff for example, I would type in a word once or twice and they would not accept it and when I finally decide to use the hint button the word ends up being the one I tried earlier 😑 5) I find it stupid how one level they accept a certain word and the next level they don’t. For example they would accept “pee” in level 124 but in level 129 they wouldn’t accept. Dumb but the main issue for me is 1, the game lags too much.
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6 years ago, Daughter of Apollo___
Listen to the rest of the comments, try Word Cookies
Honestly, I’m only still playing this game to get LP on sims. Otherwise, I would delete it immediately. Half of the words I try are rejected, even though most of them make more sense than the words they want you to find. Also, what are the quests? Whenever I click the quest button, it says “your quests aren’t ready yet.” ...well then when will they be ready? Because the one and only time I got to push the button, the screen wouldn’t load and I had to close out of the app. My other big complaint is the wheel. Why bother having different sections if the wheel only lands on 2 coins, 4 coins, or re-spin? I don’t think that the creators of this game even bothered to think of what the other two sections mean, they just put them there to try and trick people into thinking that there are more options. This game is so bad, I might quit it without getting LP.
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2 years ago, lkb4jsd
Fun.…but bugs 🐞 🕷 🐛 🐜
I am addicted to this app. I have had this app for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time and now it is December 2021 on my iPhone 13 iOS 15.1.1. I had to delete and reinstall this app several times. It had many spam ads about this weight loss keto medication and I deleted it. I thought deleting it and reinstalling it would help fix this which was true. It did! After I deleted WordTrip the weight loss keto ads lessened but much more issues appeared. Issue number one, it made me change my Facebook password many times just for reinstalling it. After doing that the second issue showed up. The app rewards stopped functioning properly. Thirdly, the notifications option never came back. Lastly, the rewards stopped collecting, growing in number and renewing. Sadly, I am not paying $15 for more coins so I’m gone for good.
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4 years ago, POUNDED BALLs
Inconsistency of legitimate words
My friends and I thoroughly enjoy this game, however, we are constantly frustrated and angered by the fact that you do not accept scrabble words, biased slang, and many other legitimate words in the English language. We are baffled by some of the odd diction you do accept and do not accept. We find it inconsistent in every manner! And we constantly question our reasoning for continuing to play. Your selective process appears to be arbitrary and capricious, at best. We’ve resorted to maintaining a notebook with words you do not deem acceptable and words you reject and penalize us for. We are aware of many of the bonus words acceptable and words that are worked into the puzzle, however, how do you explain what you do and do not find valid under bonus words. And it’s ludicrous that you accept plural words of singular words you do not take! Also my mother and boyfriend NEVER sent me a request to join war games which is an outright deception!! Amanda Lee
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6 months ago, JazandKebb
Inconsistent But Entertaining
It’s challenging and fun as long as you get the opportunity to score a lot of points with lengthy words or a lot of letters to form many words. The game is inconsistent. One moment you have 7 letters and about 30 or more words to form aside from bonus words that go in the backpack. Then when it’s inconvenient you have 5 or 6 letters and only 6 or 12 words to form which earns a fraction of the points you would earn and yes this happens even when maintaining Emerald status, so it is not the best way to win when competing in Gold Rush nor to maintain Emerald status. This inconsistency makes it difficult to maintain Emerald status. In stead of earning 100 or more points per round you end up earning as little as 16 points per round. Truly awful, but still very stimulating for the brain.
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2 weeks ago, Sophiedog2
Word trip
I've enjoyed playing against others and it really is challenging. I think it's wrong to expect someone to pay to get their own coins out of their own piggy bank. I absolutely refuse to pay. I will collect my own coins the hard way. That's only fair when you're in a tournament. I like to see my own honest progression. Not cheating against my opponents. Also your instructions. Are horrible. I have had to learn the hard way of how to get more points for my words. One more thing, I did get to #1 spot but never got recognition on my board. I have a photo that I took to prove it. All in all the game is fast and challenging. I feel like it’s really helping my mind.
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1 year ago, hellopar
Word Trip
This is one of my favorite word games. I play it everyday. It entertains, it prevents me from thinking about things that are bothering me, It is one of the games i open up as soon as i can and it is about the last one i play before i can go to sleep. And that is the truth! It is certainly true. Word trip is excellent to forget problems that have no solution. Your mind is entertained and it has a calming effect on anxiety. Thank you!!! What has been said about Word Trip game is true and more. Relieves anxiety, entertains, interesting and distracts your mind from ongoing problems. Thank you so much. Ah, and i can play it in both my phones, one with internet svc and another without!
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5 months ago, NbDawn
Inappropriate ads
I like the game but there are a bunch of dieting ads about Oprah approved gummies that supposedly help you lose more than 60 pounds in a few weeks without diet or exercise. Not even someone starving themselves could do that. Even if it were possible, losing that much weight in that short of a time would pose tremendous health risks. And Oprah DOES NOT endorse these gummies. It’s false advertising at best and a health risk at worst. The game says it wants you to report inappropriate and scam ads but it doesn’t give you an easy way to do that. I managed to message them on Facebook but have received no response. Also, the spinner cheats. I can see it stop on a good one and it jumps to another at the last moment. Also, some of the words are slang.
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2 years ago, Dro_Trebor
Works better than most. Great tournaments too
I downloaded this one because it looked like it might do things a bit better than some of the others like it. There are SO MANY, but this one just works well. I like the design features like the use of common words in the puzzles but points for extra words you get outside the puzzle. Good implementation. The alphabetically listed puzzle target words is a help, unlike some that make you use hints too often. The tournaments are fun, but not any different from regular play, so you aren’t pulled off from just progressing through levels anyway. I like that. Overall, this is just the best-designed of these games.
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3 weeks ago, GC-2018
Fun game but buggy!
My wife and I love the challenge of this word game! However over the past few months the sound and and voice overs cannot be heard any longer. We tried several things, like ensuring the volume is turned up, turning off the iPad, removing and reinstalling the app to no avail (the latter resulted in having to restart all of our previous achievements, which obviously was a big nuisance). Also considering that the sound of ALL other apps we have on our iPad works just fine, it is obvious there is a bug in the game algorithm that prevents the sound from being delivered. In addition, lately, we noticed several words are not in alphabetical order anymore, making it weird to play, to say the least. So we may decide to switch to other word games, which is sad since we liked this one a lot.
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4 months ago, myopictopic888
What happened?
This morning I had over 4000 points and was #2 in the Gold Rush tournament. Somehow, today, 3,000 points disappeared, and I fell to #11. I bought a gold piggy bank today. I would not have done it if I had no chance to win the tournament. At times yesterday, I was #1. I spent a lot of time and money playing, and I don’t understand what happened. Can you explain it? Maybe I should move on to other games. This happened a while ago now. I keep playing, but I don’t understand it when you say that words that are not words are acceptable. If a word is not in the dictionary and no one other than you finds it acceptable, how is that fair? Can I make up my own words? I hate all of the ads. I should not have to pay money every month to not have to see them.
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6 years ago, Where the hell are my clams!
Why are the rules different for different players?
Several members of my family play this game. We’re all on Facebook, and it lists us as game friends but we can’t send or receive coins from each other. It will let you play ads for coins or hints but then not give them to you. Some members of my family get credit for “bonus words”, some don’t. Some of us can spin for coins, some can’t. And we all installed within a week or two of each other. Some words are obscure and valid sometimes and not others. Some words are not valid. Case in point. Tea bag, which was the six letter word in a puzzle is NOT one word in any gaming dictionary. Stupid mistakes. Fix it.
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2 years ago, Scramble Preferred
It’s amazing how many words can be formed from one word. It really gets you thinking! Gotta be good for those brain cells! I feel very cheated. I play this game every day. I played yesterday for a couple of hours. I believe that I played into the mid-afternoon. I came back to it and should have had one more chest (or whatever you want to call it) left before getting to the super prize and I got zonked with “time expired”! That’s bull! This ways the third time this was done to me! I love playing this because it really makes you think, but it’s totally unfair when you get to near the end, and get knocked right out of getting the super prize. So I’m taking back two stars because, like I said, I feel very cheated!
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2 months ago, Lampotron
Ads are blocking game activity
I used to love this game. And I understand the need for ads to pay for the app. I am 100% OK with ads. But lately, the ads are doing this thing where you click the X and it sends you to the download page, which is where you obviously did not want to go. Then when you click done on the download page of the app they’re trying to get you to download, it sends you right back to the ad. Rinse and repeat about four or five times. Meanwhile, you can hear the game going on behind the ad. You can’t see where the points are being applied from your previous puzzle and added to your total. You can’t see your previous rank and don’t know how well you did moving up the ranks. It’s infuriating. I gave two stars out of nostalgia. I’ve had this game for years. Uninstalled.
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3 years ago, Zolemica
About to delete this
Word Trip is fun and helps to sharpen your brain. However, I’m seriously thinking of deleting it for a number of reasons. WT has a daily spelling bee in which you used to be able to earn extra points in lieu of having to purchase them. That’s no longer the case. If you wanted to watch an ad to earn 10 points, you could do so. And you were told exactly how many minutes to wait. Now I’m constantly told there are no videos available so try again later. And still later. The daily ticket once had extra points or spins; now it’s mostly pithy yet silly affirmations or quotes. Finally, I should not have to restart my phone after I’ve watched a video to earn 10 points; which has happened several times.
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2 years ago, fraukesdad
Mixed bag
I have played nearly 7000 games, so I have a good feel for the game. I also am well educated with a large vocabulary, so that’s why I have played this game so much. I have a couple of problems with this game. The first is that the dictionary is HORRIBLE. It appears to be a random collection of words that appealed to a drunk person. I would guess that I have generated over 10,000 words that I know exist—but that this horrible dictionary does not recognize as real words. It is very, very frustrating. They need to link to a real dictionary. Another problem involves the ads. I realize that these folks make money by selling ads. I get it. However, we went from getting 10 coins for a 5- or 10-second ad. Then, over time, that has gone to 2 ads for 10 coins. Now, they have gone to 3 stinkin’ ads for 10 coins! I probably will stop playing this game as a result.
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5 years ago, 1234321adret
Thank you but...
Thank you very much but I think when you go to the spinner you only have one thing that gives you a free hint and so many that are coins. You should put an even hints and even coins because there is a 2% of getting a hint and a 98% of getting coins. You should have a 50% of getting a hint and 50% of getting coins see how the hint are even with the coins when I did it the second way and the first one wasn’t even close to each other see. But thank you I be this wonderful app it is so cool bye. 🙂🙂🙂😄😃. Ps. This is what I look like ->. 🙋🏾‍♀️ I have glasses on me because I can’t see far away 🕶 this is as close to glasses as I got. Bye😃 girl/boy.
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9 months ago, AZ in Tucson
Ads far too long. I’m talking WAY TOO Long
As I got further into the game, the ads started appearing after 1 or 2games. Very annoying as I had to watch it for a very long time before I could get out of it. This review I’m writing kicks me out as I’m writing like they don’t want my full review. Due to the ad issues, I gave it 2 stars. But it put it as 3 star. Weird. I know ads help pay for the game usage if you don’t pay for no ads. That doesn’t bother me but to show one for a very long time before offering me the option to close the ad is enough for to remove the game completely. I have few other games on device but nothing like this. It is annoying as heck. Goodbye game.
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1 month ago, Velhelmii
Fantastic Game to Expand Your Vocabulary!
This is a GREAT game to expand your knowledge, understanding, pronunciation, and/or dialect. My only suggestion would be for a greater delay between the “rounds” ending and the start of the ads to allow time to “Tap” the final word. For me the last word is generally the most difficult because of my own unfamiliarity and it would be nice to get the definition from the game, rather than having to go to another site. Outside of that, the levels throughout the game are challenging enough for me to have continued to play. I’ve found they can be extremely easy or rather difficult based on your level of experience with the English language.
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5 months ago, WhatAJoy85
Addicting but…!
I get that mobile games will do whatever they can to get you to pay for them instead of using the game for free, I get that free games typically have ads (the creators of the games need to make money too.) My only issue in this particular circumstance is how frequently they inflict the ads on you, the ads are often VERY loud, VERY long and while I personally have no real problem with this some out there might but many of the ads are for gambling games (real money gambling games.) So, I’m including that here just as a heads up to parents or people who may not appreciate that particular ad experience. Otherwise it’s an addicting great little time waster game.
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2 years ago, T-Dog 46
Gets my brain when I wake up
I really enjoy playing this game, as I lay in bed, waking up each morning. It gets my brain moving. The daily games are not a challenge, but are a lovely break when I start to get frustrated with the main game. Thank you for those. My reason for not giving a higher rating is that I’m continually stymied by the ads that freeze on my screen. The ads for Royal Match do this this most. At least twice I’ve gotten to 60+ days in a row of playing the game, then an ad freezes the screen long enough to actually skip a day of play, bringing me back to day one. Very frustrating. I’m not complaining about the number of ads, just the ones that freeze the screen & do not let me get back to the game.
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1 year ago, Sill...
Enjoy game , But…
I enjoy this game, but it’s frustrating when a perfectly good word does not get accepted, goes to the top left instead, or just don’t work. Also, the complimenting voice is both too loud and too often. I tried the choice of giving information about myself once, but it was just too intrusive. I’ll go along with earning points by watching, but I wish that the music was not too loud, and my watching time so long, and could see more easily how to get back to the game afterwards. I also wish that I would earn more than 3 points for watching. Hope this helps.
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8 months ago, PrincessLavette
Could be better…
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (2-1/2 rounded up) Wouldn’t allow me to select a rating so I did it manually. It’s okay for what it’s worth. They lie on the initial ad and have you thinking that there will be full in the space puzzles that come up. That NEVER happens. It’s just a revolving door of unscrambling. To top that off, there is an ad after EACH puzzle! Why?! I understand there needs to be some money made, but I would honestly rather have the option to buy than be harassed by the same same sameee ad over and over again. Really takes away from the experience. I’ll be looking for another game to supplement. Something with a little variety.
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1 year ago, Paralegal-Paul
Great Fun!
I play every morning while having my coffee to wake up and get my mind working. I am home bound due to Cancer and this is a challenging yet relaxing game app to play. Be safe, be happy, have fun! I purchased the annual package but didn’t receive the 3,000 coins as advertised. I was told that it can only be purchased once but I argued that if that’s the case it shouldn’t be made available for purchase after a player makes the first purchase. They finally agreed and I was given the coins. If you’re not sure about a purchase then ask before you place an order or you may have a problem getting it corrected. I lowered my 5 Star rating to a 4.
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4 years ago, Flawed answers
This game is fun and challenging when it is working correctly. However that is rarely the case. When I play on my iPad it freezes up when I am trying to solve words. For example you are trying to drag your finger across from one letter to the next and it doesn't even move for 10 or 20 seconds, sometimes even longer. That is bad but I will tell you is even worse. When I am solving words and have almost all of them finished and the game just abruptly ends and I have start over from scratch. I have also had it go back to a level - puzzle that I had already completed. I have less than 100 levels to go, seriously I just hope to finish the all and move on to something else.i think my problems all to do with me iPad be about 10 years old as it only has O/S of 9.3
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4 months ago, My2Toys
I really like this game but the ads are ridiculous! In order to get one letter, you have to watch 3 minimum (often times as many as 6) each lasting 30 to 60 seconds and often times 2-3 in a row! Being retired and on a fixed income, I can’t afford to buy packages and spins. The ads are too long and I get frustrated lose interest after a dozen or more. You need to offer a one time, reasonable price to buy the game AD FREE! As much as I enjoy the game I am deleting it. The LONG and NUMEROUS ADS drain the battery and heat the phone. It’s truly a shame that game developers are so greedy. You used to be able to buy games for a few dollars and be ad free and play for hours without interruption. No more. One round, two minutes of ads. It makes me sad to have to delete this but I’ll keep looking for a game that’s more user friendly.
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2 years ago, farbeyondme
Fun game!
Yes, there is literally an ad in between every level. But, half of them let you skip them and some are for games I actually downloaded and enjoyed. The game itself is deceptively simple. I’m somewhere around the 21st country. There are now 6 letter words, but still 3s. The words aren’t hard… they’re words I am familiar with. But training your eye to see words you use less frequently or just training your eye to unsee a pattern you found can be challenging! Multiple generations in my family now play this game and all love it equally. Kind of fun to keep up with where you are against them. But the ads, my dudes! It’d be a 5 star if there were fewer.
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