Word Wars - Word Game

4.1 (7.3K)
240.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Wars - Word Game

4.07 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Catoucate
Enjoy it but problems need addressing
Can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed this game! Totally didn’t expect it. There are PROBLEMS though. The boost icons are in the way and are unintentionally used. People you are actively playing a game with are listed with people requesting matches. Problem here is your scrolling through people’s requests to find active games and accidentally starting tons of games with others! Very frustrating! There is no way to cancel the game without forfeiting and counting those unintentional games as a loss😡. The active games need to stay at the top of the lists but we should be given a cancel option if nothing is played. These games hang out in for days before being timed out! A lot of time the games seem to bog down with ads freezing up with no options to exit. This happens a lot. Also there’s a offensive sexual ad that’s unbelievable! Can’t skip it. Beware if your letting kids on here!!! Really hope they make some refining changes soon bc I love the game.
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6 months ago, FeLeLee
Many coins nowhere to spend
I have never written a review for a game but felt the need to do so this time! I use to play this game daily, I like this game but there are several issues that make it problematic to continue playing. 1. I have over 10K coins and nowhere to spend them!! The store use to have an option to buy power ups but has disappeared. Now I have plenty coins and no use for them whatsoever. There are many options to continue to get coins but what for I can’t spend them! I would be extremely angry if I chose to buy coins and had nowhere to spend them! 2. The ridiculous amount of ads on this game is crazy! After every play you have to watch an ad, every time you make any move there’s an ad it’s crazy! Some of the ads are redundant! I shouldn’t have to watch ads for games I already have! 3. The game glitches way too often! I’ll try to open the game it shuts down! I try to play a move it shuts down! The letters sometimes are hidden under other letters! Sometimes you are watching an ad for a power up and you never received the power up so you’ve wasted time doing that! People wait forever to play their turn like days then they play one move in order to not time out! There should be an option to stop the game without penalty for these players! It wastes peoples time! I could go on and on about the problems but I would end up writing a book! The many issues need to be fixed then it would make this a great game!
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3 years ago, Abbie_Cannolli
100% the best game ever, you’re crazy not to download and play this fun game!
I think it’s a great game. I like how many games you can play at a time, you don’t have to finish a game right away, just play when you have time. It’s super relaxing, I do like the feature that you can tap on a word and figure out the meaning. Something that found really interesting is you can challenge a player if you believe that their word isn’t valid. I’m a big lover of the game scrabble but I never play on the board cause I lose all the pieces, I enjoy not having to worry about that with an online game like this. There’s also another thing that I truly appreciate about this game, you don’t need to spend real money to enjoy this game, “prices” so to speak for hints, or other game bonuses are reasonable and it isn’t really difficult to earn money in this game. I love it! I highly recommend this game! No complaints what so ever. So much fun! Would recommend to literally anyone, you could be 6 years old to like 90+ years old and love this game. I’m addicted to this game, and have already recommended this amazing game to many of my coworkers and friends. Download it! So much fun, no pressure, easy to play, self explanatory, and just overall an anxiety free and relaxing game.
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3 months ago, JMELAW3000
Game glitch issues, and no customer support icon
I installed Word Wars in January and then uninstalled the app so I could reinstall it later. Big mistake. i’m like other iPhone games, reinstalling WordWars does, in fact, cause all data to be lost. I lost my friends, coins, everything. Then I couldn’t locate my friends to re-invite them. So that was problem number one. Problem number two was a big one. That began about three weeks ago. My game started glitching badly. First I stopped receiving invitations to new games, and only found out that someone else had started game when I received a “you timed out” notice. Then I had to start manually checking each game to find out if it was my turn to play. The game did not automatically register that the other person had played his or her turn. That is a huge issue. Two days ago I found out that people are not receiving my game invitations. Another big problem. Finally, the game does not appear to have any way to contact in-game customer support. Not that customer support is always helpful in other games, but at least there is a customer support icon to click. Not in Word Wars. Bottom line is that a decently, enjoyable game developed big problems. Hopefully, the developers will see this review, and get to work. Also, having a customer support icon, and an actual customer support team, is crucial.
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2 years ago, vdgshd
Too Many Ads! Too Many Glitches!
This game is very addicting. I liked both the daily challenges that play fast and the challenges against other players. I actually lost myself in the play for the weekend. However, I just deleted the game because of too many ads and too many glitches. You have to watch a long ad every other play. I don’t mind some ads. I don’t mind watching them if I earn something for them. But to have to watch an add every other play is ridiculous. It does not start out that way. Your first few games don’t have so many ads. Once you have won a few games, the ads are everywhere. Also, the ads glitch. You watch a thirty second ad and then you have to watch it 5 more seconds. And then you have to go to the App Store screen so they can force you to look at it. Often, the ads glitch. You have to shut down and restart and then watch another ad. Also, the game glitches. It freezes up. When you shut down and start over, your game disappears. I just had a great game going where I had 143 points on a triple word score and the game froze. When I started over, my game was gone. If you want to pay money to play ad free, you can do so for $50 a year, but you would still have to deal with all the glitches. So not worth it.
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3 years ago, Thankful1199
Game won’t work anymore
For a week I haven’t been able to play. The game partially loads and then cuts off. I restarted, deleted everything else, updated and did everything I could. I made sure my device has plenty of room, the game just won’t load. I’d hate to have to delete this game altogether. I noticed there were problems before this crash happened. It used to take a mi Ute just to move one tile. Then the definitions would pop up and I ne er requested the definition. The ads take such a long time which would make one turn last very long. But I was willing to overlook that. Now it doesn’t play at all. So disappointing. Update: I’ve had to delete the game at least once a day and download again. It was the only way it would work. This has been going on now for a week. So tonight I had to delete it again and I tried several times to download and play. The game crashes immediately. It was frustrating trying to place letters and definitions would pop up. I haven’t heard from any of the creators of the game. Nobody has reached out with any explanation or tried to help solve this problem. I will be giving it a final delete and look for a different game to play.
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6 months ago, Islasunflower
Great fun BUT …
The main issue I have with this game is that there’s this list of challengers at the top which supposedly you have started games with BUT you didn’t. Sometimes they’re just there and sometimes you accidentally touched the screen going though to find the people that you really are in games with - and then the people who you aren’t playing with but the game says you are start sending you rude messages: “ play your move already “ etc. and I’m not even playing them ! I don’t know why they’re in such a hurry for me to beat them anyway and I always do. Do these people do nothing but play the game all day and night? What’s the point of them putting you in games that you didn’t start? I don’t know. The game encourages chat, I don’t know why. They should just put the games/opponents that you are playing and have chosen on the top and all the other options underneath. Drop the messaging. Otherwise it’s a great game.
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9 months ago, Dawcey01
Ad abuse..
I like this game but like so many other apps they bombard you with ads and what’s worse they show you games that have NO ads.. I get that they want you to pay for a paid version of this app but this is totally over the top. If you play your turn you are immediately forced to watch an ad - every single time you put a word down you’re going to be forced to watch an ad. It distracts from game play and the constant interruptions extend the game and sometimes have you put your phone down. I’ve actually forgotten to take my turn because I have put my phone down and waited to get through the entire ad and then had something take me away from the game. I can see an Ad playing every 5 or 6 turns but this is really outrageous. I have never written a review complaining but this has gotten so annoying just thinking about it as I am writing this has me thinking I should just delete the app and move on. What is wrong with all of these companies charging so much for an app, a game, on a phone? This is pure greed!
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2 years ago, Tinkerers
Fun game spoiled by ads
I love playing this game, but there are some glitches. First of all, there are lots of ads and often times you cannot turn off the audio or volume during the ad. There are ads for other games that say there are no ads whatsoever in that game like royal match but I already have the game and don’t want to watch the annoying ads. I paid the $9.99 for one month and although I didn’t get ads while I was playing against opponents, there were ads popping up frequently during the daily showdown games. I canceled my subscription quickly after I realized they were indeed ads even though I paid. There are also glitches during the daily show down. It is hard to keep track of when your points are used (this is also true for the regular games against opponents other than the computer) and the letters often change when you go to play them and not as they appeared in the tray. I like to play this game to relax, but not to meet or chat with other people.
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2 years ago, T-R-I-C-I-A
Great Game!
This is my favorite game for sure! There are a lot of ads but I love the strategy required offensively and defensively. Unfortunately, fairly often the game uses my boosts when I did not intend to use them because in dragging the letters onto screen, it comes close to the option. Oh well, I guess I can always use them later even though it was not my intent. Also, the boost that looks like a light bulb that will reveal a word that can be played is almost always much fewer points than words I can find. I guess it is meant for use only if you have no options whatsoever. If I’m using points, I’d like it to benefit me and at least reveal a reasonable word with reasonable points. I also wish players would keep chat focused primarily on the game being played and not ask personal questions. All of this said, it is LOTS of fun, most players are challenging and respectful. It’s a great way to unwind and keep your brain sharp. 😊👍👍
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2 years ago, Lady Southetn
Site shuts down; computer players
After playing the ad for Candy Crush, the app totally goes black for at least four minutes! Something is wrong here! This occurs even when watching the ad through. Also, several folks constantly use the computer to fight vs their opponents simply to score a win. This should not be allowed! Free competition is great, but if one wants to play with the computer doing all, if not most of the moves, what’s the point- to show brilliance where there is none simply because they can afford to purchase coins in order to constantly win? Such actions take away from the joy of the game! I enjoy Scrabble very much, play vs the bots every day to keep sharp, but do not enjoy a constant deluge of opponents using the computer simply to fill the board with unheard of words and higher than earned scores simply to “win” a game they, themselves, did not truly play.
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12 months ago, TraciMomof9
Like a dating site? Lots of creeps
The game is fun. BUT after just about every word play is an ad to watch. It allows you to chat with other players. I get a lot of chat requests from men who ask me where I live, what the weather is like, what I am wearing right now, and if I will give them my google chat app information so I can chat with them. It’s more like a dating site for creeps. And if you don’t want to talk to them on another app, don’t want to tell them what you’re wearing right now - they won’t continue playing the game. The game will just time out and it ends up being a waste of your time. There’s no way of reporting a player or their conversations, you only have a way to mute them. So again, they won’t continue playing the game and it’s a waste of time. So obviously I stopped accepting play requests from men because there are SO MANY creeps on here. But then the women do the same thing. I’m sure the chat feature was put on to make the game fun but it’s really just a way for weird creepy men trying to chat.
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7 months ago, mesgsnnnnn
I have played this game for the last 6+ months, and I have loooooved it….and have sadly spent too much money on coins lol… HOWEVER… you can also earn coins and get them from other people. I have watched ads before to be able to “restart” collecting more… but there have been at least 20 times in the last month that the app just crashes and closes out… losing those coins. That is 20 “swaps” - a lottttt. It crashes randomly even when you’re just playing. When I’ve been trying to buy coins, it shows it was successful, gives me the coins sometimes, the crashes and I coke back to no coins. Yet I’m charged??? I pay monthly to skip ads as well but this game has gotten so ridiculous with not working that I’ll be switching back to words w friends. They did sent a msg the other day about it being reported and being fixed now… it is not. No change whatsoever and a complete waste of the money I’ve spent playing. *eta I have only gotten a generic/auto response from them when I notified. So. I guess I have just bought a bunch of coins I don’t get.
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2 years ago, Bdtgvsthjhcerghg
Be Aware of Fake Profiles
I enjoy the up, but people need to be aware of fake accounts. They pretend to be players, but their interest is to engage in a false online relationship to eventually, asks for money!! They’re very street smart, so be careful!! Always look at their profiles and check their scores. They typically, have way more losses than winnings!! There’re fake men as well as fake women… they look very pretty, but most of their pictures are stolen!! I’d wish there was a way to prevent these people to access the app. This review is mostly about this issue. I’ve played with women who have told me of falling into these men! It breaks my heart when innocent people deal with this situation!! Other than that, it’s a great way to spend time and work out brains!! There’re glitches here and there , so update the app often!!
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2 years ago, Karhut
Best and worse game !
This is the first review I have ever written! If I could give this game a 10+ stars, I would! It ranks as one of the top 3 games I have ever found here! And if I could give this game a -10 stars, it would get that rating too!!! And the reason is because it has the most ads I have ever encountered in a game. Yes,I know ads are needed,but, this is overkill! After you play your first game of the day you get not just one, but two or even three ads! And then after almost every other game it starts that many ads again! It breaks concentration and really takes any fun away from playing. And to make it even worse, a lot of the ads are repetitive…and they are sexy, misogyny filled ads, with terrible pics of women wearing or doing bizarre things! There are reasons some of us don’t play certain games like those, or even war games…terrible! I haven’t played this game in several days now which is unusual for me…and I think I will have to delete this game…and that is sad, since it could be so great! Thanks for listening !
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2 years ago, +Desi77+
A just-okay experience
This is a good game. It does what is asked of it, to have online scrabble games. It’s fun. Overall, the gameplay is good. But I’m here to complain about my experience. This game has a pretty awful experience. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about the AMOUNT OF ADS. I know I sound really generic complaining about ads, but this game has way too many, to put it simply! Every couple moves, there is an ad! That doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s awful! Especially when you have multiple games going at once! I found out that it’s faster to just close the game and restart it rather than to watch a full ad. That is abosutely awful. Nobody wants to do that. This DRASTICALLY makes the game less fun because I constantly have to be closing the app. And let me tell you, NOBODY is going to pay MONTHLY subscription so they can play this game uninterrupted. This would have been a four, or five star review if it weren’t for this awfulness, but now it’s a two star review.
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4 years ago, yelhsAanaeerB
It is fun...
With that being said, I do have some complaints: (1) The ads play with the volume on. It’s very jarring and annoying and kind of a violation tbh. We know you’re a free game which means you need ads, but it’s truly infuriating that they randomly play with the sound on even if your phone’s on silent. Plus, often, you’re not given the option to mute it once it’s already playing. (2) While the feature to play with all sorts of people is fun, there should be a limit to how long you have to wait for your opponent to take their turn. Sure people are living in different time zones, but if you start a game you should be responsible to finish it. I have games that have sat idle for two days and I can’t just quit them or it’ll count as a loss. Also, it seems like some people are holding people hostage, if you will, not playing their turn so they can try to talk to you, whatever their motives might be.
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2 months ago, Nawoc7
Word Wars
Loved the game , someone needs to tell the scammers typing from the Exact same script .. who are all “ independent contractors “… who live in a specific Capital of a state .,but work overseas .Who are all divorced, or widowed , have custody of 1-2 children , they all ,because of their job need to Chat privately because they can’t always play the game . Duh chatting to a phone App is the same as chatting in the game .The question of … How is the weather over there ? When you don’t know where over here is , and no matter what you say …. It’s always a nice place .Most people after the second chat know you are scammers …… go somewhere else and aggravate people who actually play the game ….. And for heaven sake … stop saying Brilliant move , when a person makes a 3 point move .
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2 years ago, TLE416
Very glitchy .. game stop lot
Really fun game! (Played 2 days so far) Game does abruptly stops way too often. First I thought it was my Internet and then I noticed it only happens when I play this game. Lots of glitches with score and percentage too. It’s not a smooth running program. One other disappointment is the extremely often advertisements breaks IN the game .. not after or before game. (I like playing Scrabble with speed) that will not happen with this game. Every word you play advertisement follows… and don’t accidentally hit the very top or bottom of your screen you have more advertisements. Seconds turns into many minutes of advertisement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m OK with the advertisement because I have purchased quite a few games that away but, to offer $9.99 to be advertisement free is a little steep. I just read past reviews.. issues have been going on for years..no developers change/update .. not gonna get hooked on this game so I’m deleting today!
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4 years ago, Traderbuck
No time for whining
A real good time with a spin off of the board scrabble game but on a great mobile format which matches you up with opponents from all over the world. They have incentives which I enjoy as personal goal challenges. You can see your achievements on your personal profile page which others see only a limited portion of if they are playing you. They do have a chat window which I use only to chat about the game at hand. I love the game and really want to improve my English diction but some players use the chat window for their own reasons and you soon learn how to find the players who love the game as much as you do so you both can enjoy the game the way it was developed to be. Just wish the chat window hat a controllable spell check feature. A bug-free environment for my iPad and iPhone is a reasonably priced game for its in-app purchases so that you may use the word radar and super swap feature. You do not have to spend a penny if you do not want to because the game really is free. The only thing I can strongly advise is parental control with young children. They do offer a profanity filter, but for young children, I feel from my experiences, the filter alone is not enough.
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4 months ago, doobiewha
Crashes and kicks me off frequently
I love the game but it simply kicks me off the board in the middle of a play. Also when I buy the power ups they have been disappearing . Just so many tech issues . It’s not a very smooth playing game either . The tiles stick and sometimes they even change the letter as I’m placing them on the board. Somebody get to work on these bugs. It could look a bit nicer too. Kinda dull. I still enjoy the play tho. So after several days of this game crashing and then not even opening so you can play .. I’ve decided to delete it . It’s just too risky to have this kind of app in my phone .others on the game are messaging me about the same issue . I guess it’s ok for the IT people to just ignore the issues . Words with friends is a good option. I’ll be playing there from now on.
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1 week ago, Trecey B
Love the game but it has issues
I've had to delete and re-download this game due to glitches. Often I can't see game requests from others, I keep losing to timeout games that I can't see, and I'm having issues collecting my coins from game players. It will say that someone sent me help but when I click on the button to retrieve the coins it doesn't show the people who sent it to me. It shows how many I can collect from but no way for me to accept the coins! Also the app often closes while I'm playing and I can't go back to the person I was playing. It's like I lose my turn with the player. Please fix these issues. I really enjoy playing this game but the glitches are getting to be too much.
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1 year ago, Lisa from Pittsburgh
Too many ads, robot players and glitches
This game plays an ad with every turn, (ridiculous) and no other games do this! It’s maddening. Also they want to charge some crazy monthly fee to get rid of ads. This is the way to bully you into paying (driving you nuts with ads). Also there are too many robot players. Most of the time you are not playing real people. You can be in the middle of a game with someone and they are requesting another game. I would say no to 3 requests and constantly get 3 more requests. (Over and over again). Some people (robots) are available to play constantly. The boosts are located in such a way that you inadvertently use them when you don’t want to, which spends your coins. I am quitting this game because the creators apparently have no idea what they’re doing. This is NOT what people want. You can’t creat a fun game then harass people.
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10 months ago, ScrabbleMom2
Glitchy and cluttered
Not as relaxing as it could be because there is so much clutter accompanying this game. There are too many potential games and players presented at once and in multiple ways, too many options at once, too many random purchases and many more ads than other games. The worst glitches though are in the most important feature: your random letters. Sometimes the value of the letters is off, changes in the game. Even worse, on multiple occasions I’ve noticed letters just disappearing from sight, leaving me one short when my turn comes around. For instance, I planned the word “gravy” but when the board switched to my turn the V was gone! Sometimes shuffling fixes the problem; mostly not. This time the letter did not reappear until after I played a different word.😩Not relaxing! I still play because I love scrabble games.
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7 months ago, TawnyLeo
A a really Fun Game…but
I’ve been playing this game for a few months. I like the chat and the fast pace and I can have 30 games going at once. There are functional glitches, but most games have some. I would like to be able to find specific players, especially ones I have played before. In the past month there have been audio ads in addition to the audio/visual regular ads. I hate them! They are loud and pop up randomly while you are thinking or playing, interrupting the play and the pace. As soon as one starts, I exit that screen and avoid it. If I could not avoid the audio ads, I would quit this game. They are that annoying. Overall it is easy to navigate and fun.
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4 years ago, ?)(2464
Old timer
The game is awesome, its the people who come on here to chat that mess things up. You can choose to ignore them, and when you do they just do not play with you anymore they do not finish the game and so you are automatically the winner. There are a-lot of players that are amazing, that challenge you and some that are not that good, but in the end, the game is addicting. Just ignore those players that want to chat and you will be just fine. I only wish that the games in which the chatter leaves because you do not want to chat, that those players are penalized somehow, like if they do that 3 or more times they are blocked from the game. This is not an online dating site, its a game. A darn good one too. Don't mess it up.
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1 year ago, eeysh112131
Deleting but sad about it
I love this game and got so addicted to it. It’s been fun playing with strangers who don’t know each others skill. I like that you can hold on the word and the definition will pop up. You can start small games with people or long ones. And you can play with a robot if you’re waiting on other players. It was pretty great. The ads got to be waaaay too much. Sometimes you could close out if it early and other times you’d have to watch the whole thing. They started popping up after every play of a word. It glitches and slows down my phone. Worst of all it heats up my phone INSTANTLY. I will open the game and not even be 5 minutes in before I have to take off my phone case to cool down my phone. It seems too ridiculous to be taking my case off every time I want to play. So I’m deleting it. So sad 💔💔💔
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4 years ago, GC_Pwr_Guy
Suggested Tweaks
My #1 issue with the app is: The CHAT WINDOW- Only allowing you to see ONE LINE as you type, but allows you to continue typing BLINDLY. This only creates the necessity to send corrections, often multiple times........because the keyboard is very outdated too! Speech to text would be very expedient! Also, using SOME emojis can totally lock-up the app causing me to come very close to deleting my otherwise favorite place to spend hours. The rest of these suggestions are more or less me venting: Would be nice to have: single tap remove previously placed letters in reverse order and hold the remove button to pull them all off. Also, would be nice to have chat open for a few moments following each game..... for congratulations and to discuss continuing or meeting back later, etc. I have always, even with Scrabble, thought the game would be better with another row of “plain” squares bordering the entire board.......as it is, there just isn’t enough room for very many longer words. Of course, the ads are always there... but after a person has seen the same ones twenty+ times, or more, it seems, they could make more sales elsewhere!
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2 months ago, Frustr8ed24!
Overwhelming at times
I actually love playing this game but the number of invites I get to play gets overwhelming so I stop playing altogether. I cannot possibly play 10 or more games at once. While I do know I have the option to decline, I don’t like doing that. I like accepting invites. I just wish sometimes I could turn accepting invites off or set a limit. The moment I get all the games cleared out here comes 10 more invites. I don’t know if they are making me player of the day and that’s why I get so many at once. Maybe there should be an option to opt in or out of being player of the day, I don’t know. There are glitches and a ton of ads that I live through but other than that, good game.
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3 years ago, bugt
Great word puzzle. Feb. 16, 2020
I do have a problem. You have ads and I accept this but there’s one in particular I’d like you to check. It’s for Pyramid Solitaire. When the ad is finished I’m not able to get back to the game. The ad won’t disappear. I’ve even downloaded it the game but there’s still no fixing the problem. Please check into this. WordWhiz is great. I especially love that when I got further into the map there are tournaments. The lengths of time varies. Some go for a few days. TRY WORD WHIZ. YOU’LL LOVE IT! Ok, now I’ve got another problem. You just changed the icon for Super Swap and when you did I lost 20 that I’d saved up. Where are they? I want them back!
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7 months ago, Amandy13 Leigh
Word wars game completely stopped working.
I play this game every day and it suddenly stopped working. I’ve tried everything possible even getting a new phone. I was do. You can hit the icon it try’s to open but immediately shuts down. Sometimes it it lets the k ing for friend but doesn’t circle and shuts Don. Sometime the game will omen by as soon as I start to play it shuts down. There is a small blur on the game screen and I’ve seen it before and it will shut down but starts right up. I hope you can fix it. I tried a factory reset but it did nothing. It’s been going on for 15 hours. I love this game and play over 50 regular players. I hope it starts working. Thank you, Amanda. C
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4 years ago, Cc28601
Like the Game But Improvements Suggested
I am in agreement with many others that I don’t like men trying to connect with me during this game. I am here to play it not to find a mate. I have one. I don’t dislike the chat feature totally just that part of it. Secondly since the last update my iPhone 11 has been very temperamental about moving the letters around when I’m attempting to find a good fit. Maybe you can look into that. Lastly I’ve had words that were actually words but weren’t accepted, how or where can we submit those for consideration? I do think there should be a limit on how many days the game is left open maybe three at most. Right now I’m seeing about five.
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1 year ago, cinderellatutu
Caution !!
The reason I say caution is the amount of people that you play with that are just there to try to hook up with someone. You can not trust these people. First they want to know where you are playing from. Then are married or single. Then what is your profession. Then if you answer, USA, single, good occupation they want you to talk to them on let’s say google chat. I have never gotten beyond that point. You cannot believe anything they say. Look at their profile. If they resign or lose at a high rate you know that they are not there to play the game. There should be a way to filter out people who show that they are doing this. The developers of this game must know this is going on and do not even warn people not to share personal info. Sad.
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3 years ago, bfsatiojg
Has potential but…
First off, most of the ads are 30 seconds (some you can fast forward through) BUT they come ALL THE TIME. Your opponent makes a move, go to ad. You look up a word in dictionary and up pops an ad. I understand that you have to have ads, but if you are doing them as often a you are, they either need to be shorter or more should be able to be skipped after 5 seconds or so. The other really annoying thing is being from the U.S. I am used to scrabble rules and I can’t believe what qualifies as word in this game! Especially when you play a bot and they are throwing out Japanese, Latin, archaic, and all kinds of words I have never heard of. This makes for a HUGE disadvantage and I can’t seem to find a way to “turn off” playing with all the wierd words and other languages. For that reason, I will be uninstalling this game.
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1 year ago, LarkInTheMorn
A fun game, but …
There are some glitches, such as people you are actually playing being listed among those requesting. Also, there are an inordinate number of men who use the chat either as a pick-up forum or information mining, or both; I’m not sure which. I just know that they all say about the same things, in bad English that doesn’t seem to match their skill in the game, and they all “want to be my good friend” and “get to know [me] better.” They invariably end up asking for my personal email so they can “chat” without having to worry about playing the game. Needless to say, I do not oblige. It is a pain. I wish the game had an easy way to report them.
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12 months ago, JulJess
I have had this game for quite awhile and have always enjoyed it. Unfortunately there have been recent changes that took the fun out of playing. Coins are offered to purchase and you can play different games and challenges to receive more coins but there is no longer a place to exchange your coins for ANYTHING! You previously could collect enough coins to use to purchase power ups as exchanging tiles, or receiving optional plays. Now you can have thousands of coins but absolutely nothing to do with them. It makes no sense and took the thrill of getting coins away. Probably going to have to find another similar game that stays on top of glitches such as this. I have sent several messages to tech support to no avail.☹️
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2 years ago, AustinGramma
I like Scrabble, and I enjoyed the ONE game of WordWars I just played. However, I’m totally confused. You don’t provide enough information for new players. I was down to my last two letters and it was the other player’s turn. He didn’t play. After a while I tried to play, and the game told me to wait my turn. So I waited, and the other player didn’t play. Again I tried to play, and got told it was not my turn. Eventually I gave up. I have no idea if I won or lost. I don’t believe the other player is actually a person, so I can’t imagine why the “other person/computer” didn’t play. It would have been a lot more helpful to give me some real information instead of telling me repeatedly that it wasn’t my turn.
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3 years ago, CharleyQuinn77
I absolutely love this game the concept all the elements to it make it fun for me if there was a spin on being able to switch up letters by buying power ups. However this is the only game I have on my phone it freezes every couple of turns the pop-up to come up each time and when it gets to the pump up it freezes and stays there I have to repeatedly close the app and start all over again it’s bad enough to deal with the pop-ups but I understand it’s a revenue for the creators, but it crashing and freezing really stinks I have the updated version. End it does this to me on two separate phones I don’t know if it doesn’t like me or is it good you guys can fix I hope it gets better cause I’m on the verge of quitting even though I love it
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3 years ago, Emeraldjoy
I like this game because it gives you the option to exchange your tiles and not loose your turn or have to buy them. But one of the things among a few other things that really bugs me, is that they pester you to death to invite your friends and family to play. But when you do, you can’t find them for some reason. They evidently keep no competent records of people who have registered, that you can access and look up people you know and want to play. Forget about that stupid web address they send you, because it doesn’t work. Maybe one day they will wise up and correct that problem. If they do, more people would probably play this word game instead of the other popular word game 🤔.
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2 years ago, Gcon5
Missing Tiles
I really enjoyed playing the game until I started noticing that occasionally it was absolutely impossible to beat some opponents because of the letter tiles I was getting. So at the start of each new game I would look at the letter tiles I received. To my surprise the letters Q and X were missing. Some times it would be the Z or J. My point is those are high scoring letters. You can’t make too many high scoring words using 1 , 2 and 3 point words. I don’t like playing when the playing isn’t fair for both sides. I’ve noticed people I’m playing have the same problem. So is this a glitch or is the game rigged so it makes one side win or loose?
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5 months ago, Kerry McCombs
Game continues to crash
UPDATE. I got a message from the developer to write to them from inside the game so they can “fix” it . I can’t do that because the game crashes before I can even start. If I could give this game 0 stars I would. I have enjoyed playing this game for several years. It’s a lot of fun when the game works properly. They have made “improvements under the hood”….Not from my point of view. The game has become unplayable. It crashes and closes after every move. Sometimes you don’t even get to make a move before it crashes and you have to restart only to have it crash again. Something is wrong with this game. Not the first game from this developer that has done this. I deleted another “word” game by this developer for the same reason. If you can’t play why keep it? DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP! Up
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12 months ago, Grandma jul
Purpose of winning coins
I have been playing this game for more than a year and I truly like it. I liked that on occasion I would buy the word reveal wor whatever it's called using the light bulb. For 150 coins you could buy 3 chances. But just recently the game changed without explanation. Apparently now you have to pay real money. Then what's the purpose of winning any coins. At least have the courtesy to let us know of changes made. Very disappointed with the changes made. Or let us know how any new changes affect our playing. We could also buy other items using our coins. But those too have disappeared. Cause it clearly doesn't give us an option. Except not playing anymore.
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2 years ago, tired of nudging
Like this but . . .
Timing out takes too long. After 2 days of no moves from someone should be long enough. I have several games going and no one wants to play. I understand there are other things to do. And we may be in different time zones. I understand that, but after a couple of days, they should time out. Now it takes 7 days. People don’t want to quit a game because it counts as a loss. It’s very frustrating! You can only earn three tickets to play the fast track short game. Meanwhile, players are waiting for a new short game to start and are losing out on tickets while they are playing the main game. I don’t think there should be a limit or either up it to 5 or 10.
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2 weeks ago, Sbelzitryte
GLITCHY! And super manipulative.
I used to play lots of games until I realized 75% of “people” starting games with me are BOTS. You have to check stats to find a real person. Bots usually have pretty bad stats. When you go to click on an active game, the app quickly feeds a bunch of bot games right in place of your active game so you accidentally activate the wrong game. I got so annoyed about all the above that I started only playing against my husband. That was pretty fun until the app started to not tell us when the other had played. Now it has progressed to full-on HIDING our game from one or the other of us until it times-out! Is it punishing us for only playing with each other?! We’re both fed up. We downloaded Scrabble Go and are uninstalling Word Wars. Buh-BYE.
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1 year ago, Instagramdoesntwork
I enjoy the game but
I really enjoy this game. It really helps me with my anxiety and depression. But the app is CONSTANTLY GLITCHING, the app is force closing itself as soon as I go to play a person, it doesn’t load correctly, it shows words the other person didn’t even play, etc. Also when i click the X button to leave an advertisement it always opens the dang thing so it takes me out of the game!!! I HATE THAT. Please fix these bugs and issues so we can have a much more seamless experience! It shouldn’t be so hard to just play the game for a little while to de-stress. It makes it worse when we get annoyed by the issues. I would rate the game 5 stars if you just fix the messes.
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10 months ago, Kshar35202
Here is the deal…
First of all I love this game, I could totally get used to the ungodly amount of ads if the other issue was not so bad. To the developers!!!!!!!…..give us a no chat option. There are so many predators on this game that want to know every single thing about you and if you don’t answer them they leave your score hanging….also they ask for money from you and they actually get mad at you if you tell them to shove off. You telling people to be respectful does not work. Nor do any of the scammers listen to your rules. The game would be more enjoyable if we could just turn off chat. Not to mention it would be a better place for those of us who actually want to play the game. If you let your daughters play…….good luck!
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6 months ago, AlphaTK
Fun game but…
UPDATE THE DICTIONARY!! Several words I’ve tried to use aren’t recognized. It has LOTS of problems, is confusing to navigate and has a ridiculous amount of ads. The ads you may want to watch (i.e. to reset gifting) are frequently “not available”, so I have to sit there and continually tap until one finally pops up. Their obviously limited dictionary often doesn’t recognize words that are actual true words in every other standardized dictionary. Any theme other than Default doesn’t stay applied when I exit the app even for a couple minutes; it reverts back to Default every single time. I spent mucho coins on the new xmas theme, too, and it would be nice for it to remain applied until I choose something else. Oh, and there is ZERO app support! No email, phone or online contact form.
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3 years ago, JeanMLoganJ
Good game but……….
Reading other reviews I see others complain about the men who want to chat and if you don’t they generally resign. I don’t believe they are trying to use this as a dating app, more that they are trying to get information to rip people off, asking where you are can they call you will you give them a phone number all while using fake flattery, it is annoying I don’t believe any of the profiles are real. If the creators could somehow see these guys that resign all the time maybe they could be blocked. For other players I recommend not chatting and definitely don’t give them any personal information! Other than that I really like the game.
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2 years ago, Mitzzu
Great game but too many technical issues
I loved the game itself but had to delete it. Instead of glitches being fixed it became increasingly frustrating to try to play. The game crashes, doesn’t function properly (you can’t move letters onto the board AND the ads are ridiculously frequent, long and problematic- you can’t close them or the screen goes black or white so you have to continuously shut down the game and restart it. Ads are needed to keep the game free, I get it, but these ads are over the top. Maybe if the price for ad free were more reasonable I’d consider it but I’d be afraid the functionality would still be problematic. I definitely wouldn’t pay nearly $50 for one game. Too bad it doesn’t work right. It’s a great game and I’ll miss playing it but won’t miss the aggravation.
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3 years ago, Alex Eli Ed
Great App
I love this app so much! I am encountering some issues that are not being fixed in the updates. They have to do with the advertisements after submitting a word...many adds have no volume button to turn off sound. The ad plays loudly despite having my ringer off and sound all the way down. Also, some ads never go away or don’t ever have a “close” icon “X.” The only way for me to continue playing is by closing out the app and restarting. It happens all the time with one ad in particular (football scratch off). Other times I have no choice but to click on the ad and it takes me to the App Store, then I have to close out again and reopen. It’s getting old. Please fix these issues in updates!
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