WordBrain: classic word puzzle

4.6 (132.5K)
227.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
MAG Interactive
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for WordBrain: classic word puzzle

4.6 out of 5
132.5K Ratings
7 years ago, Gdubyall
Could Use a Tweak
I recently started playing this game upon a recommendation from a friend. For some reason, the game wouldn't come up in the App Store. My friend deleted her app to try to find it again and she couldn't. Happily we finally were able to locate it. So it would behoove someone to make it easier to find the app. The other suggestion/complaint I have is that the game explanation/rules should be clearer on being able to go back and "undo" the game when a word is solved but the resulting letters are arranged in such a way that making the remaining word is impossible; e.g. One or two of the remaining letters is disconnected from the rest and, therefore, impossible to form a word. I used a few hints before I finally realized what was happening. Other than that, I'm very happy with this game. It's a nice break from the frustration of 4-suit Spider Solitaire. 2017 update. If this game could move with new hardware, it would be perfect. I am up to a very high level in this game but got a new iPad and the game won’t transfer over. As a result, I have to begin all over again. Not fun. So now I have to keep the old iPad for the sole purpose of playing the game and not losing my position. There should be a better way. The Apple people don’t support this app.
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5 years ago, Ølivia🖤
my opinion...𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑𝑏𝑟𝑎𝑖𝑛
I have been playing wordbrain since November of 2017. It’s extremely addicting once you get to the harder levels. And when I say hard, I mean, hard. These levels have you racking your brain. So you may think, “oh. I guess I should use a hint.” Well, you don’t have many. Hints are expensive, and I’m not spending $5 on 15 hints. What I DO like is that every time you change brains, you get hints. Basically in this game you start off in a snail brain, and theres a number of levels in there. As you progress you get a mermaid brain, unicorn, and even alien. These all have levels in them. But once you progress from snail to frog, you get 7 or so hints. This makes the game easier and makes me want to level up more, knowing my hard work will pay off when I get to harder levels. Ads are a big thing in this game. I don’t like finishing a level and getting 2 ads. And they aren’t those 4 second ads, either. You get those rarely. The most common ads are the 25-30 second ones. And they are 1 or 2 after each level. And if you have been trying the level for a while, halfway though an ad pops up! But that’s my opinion on wordbrain. I hope a developer will respond because I’d love to discuss an issues I’ve been having where I watch a video for a hint and I do not receive it. Please fix this!!!
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3 years ago, JCGamer18
Please Continue with Current Puzzle Writer
I love this game especially the themed events except they were getting fairly formulated & clear that the puzzle writer was “phoning it in” - words in the same places & using limited vocabulary. However, about a month ago there was a very noticeable change to the themed puzzles - whoever is writing them is AWESOME! They’re now challenging with different configurations & an expanded vocabulary - it seems the writer also takes the time to put in letters that can spell different words (brush & shrub) to make it even more challenging! And there's a new “all letters for one word level” similar to the daily puzzle but again much more challenging! Please have this writer work on the daily puzzle too as it seems like after 75 days the “big word” starts repeating. Please keep going in the direction of the last month for ALL puzzles as the themed puzzles - they’ve been so much fun!
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3 years ago, PEHG
Too many bugs
Glitches abound, although if you can figure out how to contact them, they will fix them and give you your hints (that is usually the issue). You have to watch ads to get hints, which is a pain, but it’s even worse when you watch an ad and then don’t get your hint! That’s been happening a lot lately. They say you can remove ads with a one time buy in, but they don’t say how you get hints if you do. Or how many you can get, etc. I’m still playing in the upper levels that are really hard, so it takes some hints to get through the levels in a reasonable amount of time. I also don’t like the way they apply the hints. I waste a lot of hints just trying to get the next letter in the word I’m working on. They automatically apply the next hints one letter in each word in order, so you have to get a hint in every word until you get back to the word you’re working on. Most of the time I don’t need those. You might have to use 20 hints to get the help you need on a word you’re really stuck on. Then you have so many hints in your other words that they’re not even challenging. It gets frustrating, but I still play some. Not like I would if they fixed some problems…
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6 years ago, frustrated_by_ads
Constant ads killed this game
I have been a long time player of this game (over 2 years). It has helped pass the time on my relatively short train commute. However, the recent changes that give you a 30 second ad (i.e Angry Birds), that takes over the screen and audio after virtually every game action has rendered the game unplayable. I would play this game while listening to a podcast. After each 30 second video ad i would have to navigate over to the podcast to relaunch, then back to the game to solve a word, then have to sit through another 30 video ad for Angry Birds, then back to the podcast player to resume playback, then back to the game, and over and over again in a non-stop loop of back and forth between the game and podcast player. I get it that the game makers want you to pay them to make the ads go away but just keep this in mind when you decide to get started with this game. You may play for a while without the constant ad interruptions, but eventually you will be faced with only 2 options, either: a) pay them to make the ads go away temporarily, or b) quit the game entirely because the way it is now, with the constant ad interruptions, it is not an enjoyable way to pass the time.
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6 years ago, Highway35
Great game, but...
I started this game 2 years ago, and liked it instantly. I played it until I almost finished all the platforms and then an update occurred and I suddenly had more levels to complete. I finished all the levels and waited for another update so I could play it some more. But that’s when the game took a downturn for me. With the latest level there are so many ads you can’t enjoy the game. Every time I reset the puzzle, I get an ad of 15 to 30 seconds. Every time I let my screen go to sleep and wake it up, I get another ad. Even if I play constantly for a few minutes, my game will be interrupted by an ad. Some of the ads can be canceled at the end by clicking on an X in the upper corner, but sometimes there is no X and you have to figure out where to click to get out of the ad. And still another ad requires you to make a selection in the ad. Even though I really like the game and the improvements made to it, I will be deleting it and hope that when I receive additional levels of the game on Wordbrain 2, it does not have the increased number of ads in it.
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5 years ago, Mackenzie h r
Now unplayable. Nonstop ads and shady ad tactics.
This game was once our family obsession. Had beaten all the levels. Came back after two years, excited to play all the new levels and see all the updates, and it is essentially unplayable. So. Many. Ads. All the time. And with shady, money grubbing tactics. Overriding your mute settings, hidden or no x to close out the ad, misleading buttons in ads, longer ads than gameplay, ads popping up mid-play, just to name a few. At one point in time, I would have gladly paid for an ad-free version, but now there is no way I’m sending them any money. Their advertising tactics and the advertisers they work with are straight up the lowest of the low. So now, not only will I not support the advertisers, but I have no interest in supporting the developers because they have committed to this scammy revenue path. Deleting instead. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on this app. It’s everything that’s wrong with in-app advertising. You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing, and it wont take long to go from “I should pay for the ad-free pack” to “this is beyond making a living, this is advertising extortion and I refuse to support it.”
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1 year ago, C4BigNoise
Suggestions to improve
Like others, I treat my hints like gold and try not to use them. And I don’t want to pay for them. To watch a video and get a free hint is nice, but I feel like there is a problem with the “next hint available in xx minutes” message. It seems like the number of minutes elapsed jumps all over the place and doesn’t match the number im seeing. I’ve even seen it go higher even though time has elapsed. Maybe it’s a glitch? (I play on an iPad or iPhone.) Maybe there could also be other ways to earn hints besides watching ads. A big help (to me) and one that seems easy for developers to implement would be to put the letter count of the target words in the words. I’m thinking of something like placing a faint 5 in each of the five boxes of a 5-letter word. This, of course, would be most helpful for the really long words. I waste a lot of time counting them over and over. It’s not sufficient for it to be only in the first (left-most) box in case one applies a hint. One in the right-most box would be okay, but “the number in each box” seems better. For the adventure games, please put the level number of the game I’m currently playing on that game board. Am I in Level 8? 9? Thank you for your consideration!
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5 years ago, PianoSue
Fun game, but getting repetitive
I’m enjoying this game, but feel there could be a couple of improvements that would make it more fun and fulfilling. As the levels increase, I expected the hidden words to increase in difficulty, too, but they haven’t. They are still pretty basic vocabulary words, with quite a bit of repetition (I swear SLIPPERS is every 5th puzzle!) I think the scrambling has gotten more complex as levels have proceeded, but not the words themselves. The "star bonus" words are especially simple and repetitive (TIN is always an option if those letters are in the puzzle). What advantage is there to earning those stars, anyway? How about a free hint if a player finds all 10 words? I wish that players could skip to higher levels on their own and try those puzzles instead of working their way up, as sometimes 20 puzzles per level is too many. I wish the game would give a free hint after every 5 puzzles solved instead of 3 hints after solving 20.
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6 years ago, MsLCC
Addictive word game but update ruined
This is an addictive word game & great fun. But I got to the Minotaur level and with the last update I did on my IPhone with the 11.2.5 patch I could no longer see the puzzle. There were the blanks at the bottom but no letters. So I deleted it, reloaded it and started over from the beginning. Not happy. To add insult to injury the bonus hints wouldn’t accumulate beyond 10. No matter how many levels I go and how many hints it says I’ve added, the hint level stays at 10. I used 2 just to see if that made a difference and it doesn’t. It is stuck. Now I have 8 and they don’t accumulate. So bottom line is, the game is working but is still buggy. Not that the hints are needed at the levels I’m having to do over from the beginning but it’s disappointing. I don’t know if it’s the iPhone update or the app update but they are not compatible. Cannot speak for other devices or platforms.
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6 years ago, rondelagua
Suddenly too many ads
This is an engaging game, one that I play almost every day. All games/levels are solvable with increasing difficulty as levels are reached. At Minotaur level word difficulty and complexity increases dramatically. I don’t mind sitting through the ads to gain free hints. I’ve gathered well over 600 by doing so, even having made purchases from some of them. BUT...something changed a few weeks ago and now there are constant ads. Every time you form the first word (maybe second) of a level an ad pops up and I often see no way to skip it. Sometimes they’re short and you can close them out after a few seconds or so; while inconvenient to the rhythm, I can deal with that. But too often you’re stuck with a 30 second ad, often for something I have no interest in. And if you restart the game you have to go through the same crapola again and again. I had to watch some Empires and Galaxies ad or some such thing four times! in just a few minutes! Mid game even more of these unwanted ads pop up so there is constant interruption. This will make me stop playing the game. Which means I’ll no longer watch the ads I choose to for hints and won’t be looking at any of those products. Change this!!
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4 years ago, Polly5931
Problem with free hints
The App Store shows only reviews 1 yr, 2 yrs old. Why not recent reviews? No comments on the special Events or the Daily Challenges. Love this game, love the special Event easy puzzles that give free hints, love the daily challenge even if I lost my streak (2019) going to Europe and back. (I thought I had timed it right) I am piling up my hints for the upper levels for when I get there. I am so glad the problem with hints for ads got fixed. I now have over 1000 hints and am saving them up for the upper levels. I like that when I have solved a word, it stays there so I don’t have to rely on notes so much. (For the daily challenge I still need the notes until the day’s puzzle is solved. ) the daily challenge keeps me occupied so I seldom do anything on the “real” levels! The
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7 years ago, Hootive
You can get stranded with no recourse
While I've enjoyed playing this game and have gotten almost 2/3 of the way through the game, I got to a puzzle that literally defies the assertion in the help section of the game that "every level can be solved". I tried every combination possible to get a final word, but there was no way to configure the letters to spell the word "sphere", which I confirmed by spending six hints. I literally gave up and looked on line at a solutions site. Not only is my particular puzzle configured completely differently in the online version, "sphere" is not even one of the words for the solution to that level. I emailed the developer because they have made mistakes before and corrected them, according to the solutions site, but so far no response. And they don't even give you a chance to "buy" your way around a puzzle--surprising, given they can really run up the money when you pay for more hints. Oh well...
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4 months ago, tthisggameccheatss
Find Correct Words But Won’t Credit
Edit: All of a sudden there are no events to play. They usually come back after a few days after the last event ending but it’s been basically a week and no new event. I contacted support and they did not even attempt to answer my question. Where is the newest event??? For the past few months now I have been finding correct words that don’t show at the bottom as correct when I first do them. I thought it was just me, but it has happened so many times now I can tell it’s the game. I always swipe an “incorrect ” word more than once to make sure I really have it wrong. And then by the end of the puzzle, it’s the word that I was trying four or five times that it told me it was wrong. It gets incredibly infuriating and you need to fix this. I check the spelling in these cases just to make sure and the word is always spelled right, the game just keeps telling me I’m wrong until after I get a few other words.
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4 years ago, DDnOC
Fun game
It’s a fun game but ads are repetitive and annoying. Especially the sound. They are often loud and lately when I mute it the sounds keeps coming back on so I have to keep finding the mute that moves from corner to corner to press it. It’s a bit stupid to have to play along with this unwanted “game” for an ad I wasn’t interested in in the first place. **UPDATE: it also does not accurately track progress. It supposedly keeps a record of consecutive days the puzzle of the day is solved. There are times I know that I have solved the previous day but it doesn’t record it. **UPDATE TWO: lately they seem to be pushing a not-so-subtle political agenda by having words like republican and conservative in the puzzles. Inappropriate.
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12 months ago, TheShirl
Word brain fun?
I like doing word puzzles and especially like WordBrain. I really like the extra challenges of 5 .. I don’t like the limited number of free hints that I can earn watching ads and it often seems that the ads are broken. To explain, I’ll click to watch an ad for a free hint and get a message “Video available soon. I have to reboot my iPad in order to get back to the game- and there are no hints. After I’ve accumulated 5 or 6 ads, I can’t earn anymore. The other issue that I have with the game is that when I’ve used incorrect letters, and I click on the moving arrow to redo the word, everything goes back to the beginning and although the words are visible, I have to renter them. Right now I’m stuck on an advanced puzzle and can’t figure out how I get the words. Hints don’t help as it is an issue with the order of the words
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3 years ago, sdghrdnmcvjlg g
This app is very fun and addicting. There are many levels, and it’s very fun with the Events like the New Year Event and the Christmas Event; among others. It does seem like a lot of adds, but it doesn't bother me. You can buy more hints, but I do wish they were cheaper. Also, I’ve recently gotten to the harder levels, and I seemingly run out of hints, and I know other people who have the same problem. It would be great if you got a hint from the Puzzle of the Day, or every time you complete a regular puzzle instead of only getting them on Events. If would also be great if you had achievements, like 15 hints for getting a 50 day streak in Puzzle of the Day. All in all, it’s a great game. I also wish that on an iPad, the screen would be able to turn sideways. Please respond!
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2 years ago, NeneBee9
Super fun and challenging
Updatedeux: I purchased so no ads but now I'm annoyed by the animations after solving each puzzle. When will game creators realize that sometimes we just want to play and don't need cheesy animations🤯 Update: I hate that if the sound is off in settings, the ads still play w sound. There needs to be a way to keep ALL sounds off if you want it off! Also: TOO MANY ADS! We should be able to play at least 2 or three games before having to sit through an ad again- not EVERY GAME! I sometimes solve a puzzle in 30 seconds then sit through an ad as long as the game I just played👎 I actually lost friends playing Words with Friends because I always won. I love this game because I don't have to lose friends and it is still challenging and fun.
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6 years ago, Spikefromthepast
I just started playing and really enjoy this game. I wish you could earn more hints, as I find I need to use them more as the puzzles get bigger. I also wish you didn’t have to complete 20 games before getting some extra hints. Other than that I really enjoy playing. My one complaint is that when I first started playing you could get two free hints a day by playing a video. Those seem to have gone away, and Now you only get a hint by completely 20 levels, and as you progress further into the game if obviously gets much more challenging. I have bought hints once , when they were on sale, but I don’t normally spend money on games. Why did these free hints go away?
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5 years ago, rmreed98
Great game held back by a few major issues
I’ve played Wordbrain for years, it’s a very fun game overall and I do enjoy it. However, there are two issues with it that really frustrate me. Firstly, the ads are constant and intrusive, sometimes I won’t even be able to close an ad without having to quit and restart the app entirely. However, I understand that ads are just a part of games nowadays. My main issue with Wordbrain is that, as someone who often needs to take flights and move across timezones, I can’t hold a daily challenge streak without it resetting every time I go on a plane. It’s extremely frustrating to spend weeks on keeping up with the daily challenges, only for it to be reset to zero once I arrive in a new time zone. Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but it’s really killed my desire to keep up with the challenges.
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4 years ago, Tayjoy22
They still won’t let me watch a video for a free hint.
How petty can one get with their hints! I refrain from saying free hint because if you watch a video than you earned the hint; however, I tapped the free hint bar which again it flashed extremely fast but no video played. I continued to select the video bar but no response at all after the flash. Unbelievable! Both WordBrain and WordBrain 2 are about to launch another guessing puzzle game special in about three days I believe, and I am willing to bet you that the payout issue is NOT fixed on the WordBrain because in my recent write up just last week they responded that they know about the issue and is working on it but this issue has been going on FOREVER for as long as I can remember! I think I am going to put there SORRY AS__ in the clouds and just play WordBrain 2. I have yet to have any issues with the people behind WordBrain 2, they got it going on 👍🏽😊👏🏾! Kudos to the people behind WordBrain 2!
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5 years ago, Outatheshute
No Pressure
I can play this game at my own pace, like Boggle without a clock, or Scrabble without a score. No penalty for wrong words, as many tries as I want to solve each puzzle. Great interface with no need to type. Not addictive, yet, and a great way to spend time between naps😏 There are a lot more ads than when I initially started, but the quality of the puzzles are worth the wasted time in forced ad viewing. Without the free hint per 30-second ad view, I would probably put this baby down and do something else, but being able to accumulate hints for free has helped me to get all the way through Kraken, and I have hints left over, so I guess I’ll keep going.
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6 years ago, Psruggr
On it’s way to being a cash grab...
With the last couple of updates, ads and deal pop ups are being shoved in your face a lot. The game was no doubt 5 stars before this. Ads don’t just pop up b/t puzzles now, but also once you find the first word of a puzzle, you get an ad. As well, each puzzle you open, you get a deal pop up that covers up the blank words. You are forced to open it and see the deals on hint packages to be able to clear the pop up. But if you’re like me, you contact MAG. A few days later, I received this email: “Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We understand that you are getting Ads more frequently in the game. We have escalated this issue to our product team and they will surely fix it incoming updates. Meanwhile, if you want you can purchase any one of the hints pack available for sale in-game, this will convert your game to an Ad-free version. Additionally, if you have any other query regarding WordBrain, please let us know!” So there you go. Cash grab. I fully support those behind the game being able to make a living. However, backhanded cash grabbing is not ok. Just offer an ad free option for $3-$5. This is what ruined Angry Birds...and this game is one step closer to it.
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4 years ago, hamilfan_101
Lots of fun!
This is a really fun and educational app. Every once in a while, I run into a puzzle that I get stuck on but it improves your problem solving skills and after just taking a break from it, you can usually figure it out. I recommend getting it. The only issue I have run into is the hints. I ran out of hints and you can get more by buying them, watching videos, or suggesting the game to a friend. If you send the suggestion to a friend and they download the app, you are supposed to get 3 hints. Unfortunately, when i suggested the app, my friend got it but I never got my 3 hints. I haven't had any other issues though and that was the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Totally recommend though. That accident may have just been a flunk.
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2 years ago, ludicrous2
NEVER EVER go back to the beginning and punch any of the letters of the very first level because it locks you out of months worth of playing when you have accomplished high percentage of completion. I went back to show my Grandson how successful I had been and he started pushing the 4 letters word when I had accomplished many levels up to 13 or more letters to make one word. Of course, he is regretful and I am devastated. Up till tonight, I would have rated it a 10. It has been the best APP as far as a Word Challenge Game; but, to automatically lose where I had reached is ludicrous.
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5 years ago, Bftsplk
A good challenge, but....
I sometimes wish the game made use of a bigger, more erudite vocabulary. Secondly, if (for example) the word you were supposed to choose was “smile,” it would seem appropriate to reward the player if he/she instead chooses “miles,” or even “limes.” And to state the obvious, if I’ve already paid for the game at the App Store, why the hell should I have to pay an additional $5.00 just to remove the obnoxious advertisements that clutter up the screen? I resisted upgrading the game for years for fear of being deluged by unwanted ads. Now that I’ve upgraded it, I wish I could go back to the earlier, ad-free version. The internet already has WAY too many ads, and your company has copped out by including this junk along with its software. You blew it, period.
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2 years ago, eclectic mom
Fun but...
It's fun, challenging but you need a way to earn more free hints without paying for them. I sometimes need a starting letter to be able to get the words. The new update for February was supposed to have ways to earn free hints, but no way. I'm stuck, I've tried every word available and I have a good vocabulary, but I may have to delete it. Right now it's just taking up space. I also keep getting messages on my pad to collect my free hint but when I get on the game no free hint, no way to get one. I’m dropping my rating because I just had to use 4 hints because it didn’t give the sign that I could not spell the word in that configuration. I kept trying, and now I’ve wasted 4 hints because I knew that word but was depending on the game to work correctly. You can get a hint by watching a video now, but only one every 20 minutes.
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2 years ago, edsel's mom
Not working
I received a message requesting me to contact the developers through the app, however, the app will not stay open long enough to do anything. It literally opens and in a flash shuts down. I’d love to get this game back. I loved this game and the challenge it offered on a daily basis, but for the past month or so it stopped performing well. The free hints wouldn’t register after watching a video ad, and then suddenly the app began to just close in the middle of a puzzle. Now when I try to open it, it opens and then immediately closes so it’s not functional at all. I’m very disappointed.
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4 months ago, Deaninebell
Love the Game! Got a question
I’ve been playing the game for quite awhile. It’s great for killing time when waiting for an appointment or riding in the car . I tend to be a bit competitive, and I always look at the number of players who have completed the game I am on. I know I can’t go ahead and work puzzles, so I don’t understand why sometimes the numbers go up on the next level instead of down. I keep waiting to get to a number below 40,000 players, but when I start a new set of games, the numbers may be higher than the last game….how does this happen? Do love the game!
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7 years ago, Greasyrasta
Great game but a few problems...
I think this is a great educational game for children to get there brains going. But there are very few problems I need to discuss, which I think will effect your app greatly. 1. Innapropeat language. I have played some of the puzzles and realized there is innapropiate language used, such as sex, hell, devil, and cuss words. I think as a app for young children this needs to be fixed. 2. Too many adds! I don't understand why there is an add every time you complete a level. Every single time I have failed or completed a level, you will give me a 25 second add. I constantly get tired of this when I am trying to play a relaxing game that multiple adds come up every few minutes. 3. Glitches ALOT I think that if your trying to have a fun app where you can relax, this is good if you have a GOOD VERSION. My version in my IOS device glitches constantly and makes me start over levels. The reason I give this three stars is because i think it is a good app but of all the things I stated above. Sincerely, The congress or app ratings, Olivia Massad Lilara.
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7 years ago, #1Gamer83
Exercise Your Mind
This is a great game to mentally challenge yourself. You have to plan your words out because there is only one way to solve the puzzle. Although the app uses common, everyday words, it's amazing how challenging the levels can get. It is tempting to use your hints, but keep in mind that you only have so many of them. God sent his son, Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. If you would like to be saved from hell, you must admit that you are a sinner. Then, by faith, you must believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Next, it's a matter of confessing all your sins, asking Him to come into your heart, and making you a new creature.
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5 years ago, Edonc9147
Ads cover content
I gave 5 stars because I enjoy the game and think it deserves that rating. I do not enjoy the ads that cover the content. When I report those ads, with the hope that I can continue playing, Google removes the ad but the removal banner remains over the ad and then another ad pops up to take its place still covering the content. Petco is the ad currently intruding on my enjoyment of WordBrain. My only option to continue playing wordbrain is to close the game completely and reopen. It does not encourage me to run to petco to keep my pets happy. Can you stop ads that cover game content and hold me hostage to that intrusion?
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7 years ago, Michele Rosen
Pleasantly Addictive
Many addictive games are mindless, but this one is mind -stretching. It keeps testing my word skills yet is fun. I also like that there is no time limit so I can be stumped for a while yet come back later and succeed. Update Thanksgiving 2017: A terrible restriction has been resolved and I am very thankful. It used to be that I could only play on my iPhone and progress would be lost if I switched to another device or even if I bought a replacement phone. Well, today that is fixed! Progress can be saved using Facebook and synched across all devices. And I am free to buy a new phone. Thank you WordBrain Team.
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4 years ago, Shebs54
Terrific Tech Support
Aside from being a fun game to play and very challenging, Tech support is terrific! I was getting sick of all of the ads, and thought I had purchased an ad free version of the game. I wrote to tech support on Christmas Eve not expecting a speedy response, but received one quite promptly,instructing me to provide verification of purchase,which I didn’t know how to do so wrote to tech support again and received e-mail instructions on how to look up that info. That was above and beyond! As it turns out, I was mistaken and had not purchased an ad free version. Just completed that transaction and am now happily playing ad-free. Thank you!
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7 years ago, kherm1
Some disappointment
I love this game, however four new levels were added about a week ago (witch, pumpking, reaper, genie), and there’s a glitch somewhere. I’ve completed all of the WITCH level, got 3 hints for completing, and went on to PUMPKING. I’ve completed 7 or 8 of this level, and even though I get advanced to the next puzzle, if I close the game, and reopen it I’m taken back to the 20th puzzle in the previous level it won’t allow me to go where I was, and all my hints show up, but the puzzles don’t show up finished. I have to start at #1 again in the level. Retry annoying. I’ll wait until there’s an update.
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6 years ago, OP Senior
Love it, but!
The last few times I have gotten the icon for video, I clicked it on, watched the video until it was over and then hit the button to stop it; it goes away and I don't get my free hint! Very frustrating! Same thing just happened tonight. And it is happened like Saturday night as well. Extremely frustrating. I do not understand. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, but when I get back to the word brain page there is no hint!!! I would really like to know why. Once again, just now, when I hit the button to watch a video to get a free hint, it just goes right back to the game and does not let me watch a video or give me a chance to get a free hint.
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6 years ago, NURSEGAMALOT
Frustrating failures of your letter arrangements.
Your game has some frustrating flaws in the arrangements of the letters making it impossible to complete the spelling on level five with “melon” and “well” not being organized so you can spell out “WELL” at all. The W is in the middle left square, one of the L’s was in the lower left square (Just below the W) with the E to the right of the first L and the second L to the right of the E. The placement of the E diagonally to the lower left of the W means you have to choose one of the L’s, with the result that you lose access to the second L on the other side of the E. I ran back through it again with the same result. The arrangement of the letters does not allow you to spell WELL either before or after you spell out in MELON. Noticed some other reviews mentioning similar issues, but decided to try anyway. Too bad! Appeared promising. NURSEGAMALOT
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7 years ago, Psmythe
The words changed!
After this update the word changed! I was in the middle of Dinosaur 17 and installed the latest update. Now the words are different and I have to start over. I looked at Dino 16 and they've changed, too. Are they all changed? Do I start all over? Did you do this so the cheat sheets won't work? Update: per dev email, the changes are due to bug fixes and player feedback. Thanks for the reply! So I have feedback: can you move the hints button to the tope of the screen? I keep hitting it by accident. Or maybe add an "Are you sure" button so I can cancel after the accidental click. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Aprilcarma
Fixes to make game better
I love the game very much. What I don't like is the fact that I never get my free hints when I reach a level. It says I get 3, but never register. Also I don't like the fact they you try and force people to buy hints. I think if you did a daily spin where you could earn free hints like candy crush does would be a nice feature . I may have to delete your game do to the fact that I can't be buying hints all the time. I also think you should have the ability to pick where you want a clue. You have it designed to make you waste your hints.
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7 years ago, Lil Spunky 1
Challenging and fun, sometimes annoying
The only part I don't care for and have found it very annoying is when I find two words that fit the puzzle and complete it fully, same amount of letters, connected and works with the swipes and the game has very specific words that are predetermined. Of course, I just relook at it and find the ones that the game says is right but it's annoying when the game doesn't calculate for the possibility that there are other words that could also solve the puzzle according to the prerequisite of one 4 letter word and one 5 letter word. ie... bread vs beard... both 5 letters both usually attainable by letter connection.
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4 years ago, Ok ok ok ok ok ok I'll review!
Have enjoyed this game although, as others have mentioned, there are a ridiculous number of repetitive ads. But the biggest thing gripe I have is that the prompt to “undo” (the red arrow that appears if you’ve blocked yourself from making more words) has become inconsistent at the higher levels. Sometimes it doesn’t show up, even though there is no ability to make other words because of the order in which the first words were solved. This is obviously some kind of design error and, after encountering the problem several times, I’m thinking it is time to abandon the game. I regret having spent any money on the early stages of a game I now likely won’t continue.
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3 years ago, TGramm
I love this word game and the Challenge of it But I do Hate a few things about it!!! I Hate that you can't pick and choose which word you want a hint for. I Hate the fact if you get stuck you can't try another puzzle within the same category and go back later. I especially hate the price you have to,pay for hints. When I started playing Seven little Words, I think I paid like $5 for "Unlimited" hints. I love the game, but will not continue playing if I have to keep BUYING HINTS I also HATE a the fact that everyday I click to get a hint, watch the ad and then never get the hint, at least 5-10 times a day. I have contacted you and never gets fixed!!!
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1 year ago, Jog yoga
I was not happy when you went to 8 puzzles on your challenges. You will not be surprised when I am furious that you have gone to 10 puzzles. You know, lives do require many other obligations. Not enjoying level 8 today. Completely & feeling are driving me crazy. I am pretty close to hitting delete. Update : you have finally pushed me over the edge to delete. I have played this game for years, but three words have become so ubiquitous that I will finish this review & delete. Those three words? VIDEO AVAILABLE SOON. I don’t call 8 hours soon. There are a few other frustrations as well, but those 3 words are the main reason. Goodbye & good luck!
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6 years ago, 👼🏿👼🏿👼🏿👼🏿👼🏿
In love 😍 😝😝😝
I love this game so much but it is so hard maybe if they gave us daily hints it would be a little bit easier but other than that I completely love the game and I want more like it. I also want to recommend a really good app called Duolingo I love it so much it helps learn new languages and it is super fun and easy. I also love fishdom it is a really good game I love it so much. But I really love this game a lot and I hope to beat it. 🦀I am on crab right now. Pray for me please!!!!!i love playing and talking to the makers of the games I play. They are really nice. I live in Texas. Peace ✌🏼 out yall👩🏿‍💻🧜🏿‍♀️🧚🏿‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️
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5 years ago, 12shoestringer
Kinda Fun game. BUT......
Starts out very easy so you get use to how the game works. Than gets more complicated and tricky- that's the fun, However, no pay game has gotten VERY annoying with all the adds and they are constant and long. My iPad and iPhone for some reason aren't connected so I'm at two totally different levels depending upon which one I'm using. Added the daily challenge and "Hidden Words". But so what?!?You do them for nothing. I collect stars for what reason? And my daily challenge went two weeks and received nothing for it and the re-do is slower so you use hints for no reward. DO NoT use up hints on daily challenge it's a waste. I use to think this was a 5 or 6 star game, now it's 2 1/2.
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6 years ago, All the nicknames I wanted are taken
Addicting… but the ads —
EDIT: after the most recent update, I can’t even enjoy playing. I find a word, it plays an ad; I finish a level, it plays an ad; I switch to another app for five seconds and come right back, it plays an ad; I reset a level, it plays an ad. Almost NONE of these ads have the option to skip them, so for every step I take in the game, I have to sit through 20-30 seconds of advertisement. I understand having ads in a free game, but this is ridiculous!! Please fix it! I love word games, and after my husband asked my help on a level of this game, I decided to try it for myself. After downloading, I played for two hours straight before I realized it.
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6 years ago, jan stone
Good game
I really like playing this game because it makes me think quite a great deal. It can be frustrating sometimes however when you can’t find the words. But then that’s part of the game. The one thing that is A little more than frustrating is that it often doesn’t seem to give you clues when you have a right to have them. I have even had a few times when it has me watch an ad and then it doesn’t award me the clue which was to go along with watching the ad. It happened 11 times in a row actually at one time when I was playing Otherwise, I truly do really enjoy this game.
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1 month ago, DeerGran
One particularly annoying ad.
Like many others - too many ads, and they’re so long. You are held captive. But, there is one ad in particular that is making me think about quitting the game. Take 5 Oil Change. It’s so loud and obnoxious. It actually makes me jump when it comes on (and the person next to me). I’m so upset with how this ad disrupts the game that I would never go there for an oil change. Aren’t ads supposed to entice you to use their business? The other ads get tiring, but I put up with them. But, do you really have to disrupt the playing so often and make them so long and repetitive? I really am considering ending the game. I’ve been playing for many years, but the ads take the fun out of it. (especially the one I just mentioned)
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4 years ago, GoldwingGF
Next word can’t be made
I am tired of looking for a word for hours (off & on) when it can’t be obtained. I have found all the words except for the last one. The red circle spins letting me know that the next word is not obtainable. That’s good but when I clear the board to rearrange how I formed the words the first time, I get to the fourth word and it’s not obtainable because I changed how I made the previous words. Why doesn’t the red circle spin? It seems that it only spins on the last word. I wish that I could send you a screenshot of my puzzle. It clearly shows all the words in grey form, the first three word entered and the fourth worn not obtainable but no red circle spinning. If I didn’t know what the fourth word was I would be looking again for hours. I don’t like using the hints. Hope this helps someone.
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6 years ago, 123xoxo456
WAY TOO many ads now...
Use to enjoy but now there are a TON of ads. Yes, they need to make money. But, whereas ads used to appear between rounds, they now start with first moves of the game and then continue, often interrupting plays—multiple times. Also, I pity those who have difficulty with flashing elements; the lightbulb in upper right now flashes continuously, coaxing you to recommend friends. No chance with this present version. Coupled with flashing, hard-to-close ads, a once peaceful game is now distracting if not infuriating. Finally, a suggestion for developers: increase contrast between the close-out “x” and the backdrop. You’ve just ruled out an audience with vision/contrast difficulties as you try to redirect audiences to new products. Desperate developers don’t deserve customer loyalty. Time to find a new game!
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