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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for WordFinder by YourDictionary

4.77 out of 5
24.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Baht Emet
M Loucks
I’ve always enjoyed games with ‘words.’ The more advanced the games however, the more difficult it can be to determine some words; particularly after spending a great deal of time on them. That’s when I utilize “Word Finder.” It helps me figure it out sooner than later, and I can move forward in my games! The only drawback I have, is I have it open already, while I’m playing my game; and then when I need to use it, I will touch the screen, and it suddenly “restarts” all over again! It sometimes takes up to a minute or more! Frustrating, in the middle of a game! Other than that, I love Word Finder! 5 Stars
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3 years ago, CMZAustin
Pretty good, but...
Functionally, it works pretty well. I’ve not had it crash or fail. Generally, it gives me the word with the highest score available. However, it does struggle if I have more than one wildcard tile. If I put 5 letters and 2 “?”, it almost never comes up with the highest point word. This is also true with the screenshot feature. Also, I do use the free version, so I expect ads, however, some of these ads are too long. I see some reviewers complaining that you can’t exit the ads. You can, but you must wait until the end, and some are more than 30 seconds long. Sometimes, it shows me an ad to import the picture, and then another ad to unlock the best word. That’s fine, but if both ads are long, it means the ratio of time spent using the app to the amount of time watching ads is lopsided. It would be like watching a TV show that had 8 minutes of show and 22 minutes of commercials. The ads are long enough that I just look away and then come back to the app. If they were 10 or 15 seconds long, I would probably watch them.
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3 years ago, 31753754
FAR, FAR, FAR too many ads
I understand advertising keeps business afloat. But here’s what happens almost every time I use this app: 1) A timed ad must be viewed after deleting a screen shot, which then goes directly to another longer-timed ad that must be viewed in order to unlock the best word. 2) After looking at the definition of a couple words an ad breaks in, and from there, there’s no going back to the previous screen. If you haven’t yet chosen the word you want, you have to start all over again with a new screen shot, etc., etc., (see #1 above). 3) The only definition of most words that end in “s” or however the root word is pluralized is “Plural of (the root word).” Come on, really? If you take the time to look for the root word in the list of anagrams, you are guaranteed an ad or 6 before you find it. Like most people who write negative reviews, I too wish there was an option for no stars.
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3 years ago, Traderbuck
It runs nice on my iPad Pro 12.9” and my iPhone with no bugs. For me it is not really a cheat but rather a helper app. The strategy is left entirely intact and you still have to know where to place the unscrambled words it gives you. I look at it as a word unscrambler with some very handy tips as an extra. Word Finder has increased my points per letter average score from 15 points to 18 points. It has increased my vocabulary and even my articulation and spelling. Much more useful than a mere dictionary alone. I also found Word Finder to save me money even with the yearly service I subscribe to, with word games that charges you coins you have to buy or can earn, for hints when I get stuck on a puzzle. I find that even tho I win and lose about the same amount of games from before I used Word Finder, my stats have indeed gotten much better. Update: word finder has done many improvements in the form of updates which has made this app even easier to use. I likè the idea of separating the word unscambler tool from their other tools.
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3 years ago, HoniMeKulu
Inconvenient ads
Great app but ads pop up when u hit search and before u can get a word, making it useless when u are on a timed game. Ads are 30 plus seconds and by then your time is usually up on your game. Now they run ads after almost every search whereas it used to be every few searches. If not for that issue, I would give it 5 stars.
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8 months ago, EllenMarie55
Good Cheater
It’s quick, easy to use, and it accepts two question marks, yay. However, there’s no option to remove ads, unless you drop $3 a month. How about $10 for life? Or, you’re forced to watch three of the most inane, disgusting, disturbing ads ever, to then remove ads for thirty days. How is that reasonable? The whole point of removing ads, is to not have to watch ads. Also, the three evil ads reset every 24 hrs and 5 minutes. What’s with the extra minutes? I’m a happily retired person with nothing but time, but not enough time to watch ads. Consider your older consumer.
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8 months ago, The Original JR
Unlock Best Word by watching an ad?
This feature requires you to watch an ad to unlock best word. No problem and reasonable. Right? Right! After all, the app is free. Only now you are required to watch the same ad multiple times and/or watch multiple ads before the best word will be unlocked. Tried to report this to the developer but the customer service rep didn’t seem to understand the issue and offered no resolution. Also, video ads required to earn crowns are seldom available . Additionally, the app consistently misread the boards in solo challenge. Additionally, there are a few ads that have no video or audio and just lock up the app. The only way out is to close and reopen the app.
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4 years ago, Agent Bud
This IOS App versus the web based App
The advanced screen of the web app has an option to enter the length of the word. I find this useful as I do the starts with, ends with, and contains options in advanced search. Will you be adding this option to the app? At this time the ads on the web based tool are less annoying to me than the ios app. With the addition of the length option to the ios app I would use the ios app and pay for no adds since some of the ads on the Ios app completely take over the screen with demos of other apps.
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3 years ago, Rose921k
Hate the new version
I pay for the premium version and hate the new changes - sometimes the recommended word cannot even be found in the list of possible words, unlike before when you could just tap on the word and you would automatically be shown its placement on the board. I also find the new “pop-out” graphic irritating to my eyes. Would not pay for this app in its current condition.
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1 year ago, cxxxcccccccvv
Learn how to use your own app!
It is simply wrong that you use so many incorrect words! You are allowing words that have absolutely no definition whatsoever. The insult is that you make no effort to remove the words sent to you per you app for reporting same. To say I am disappointed is putting it mildly. And for the record your math isn’t any better. You score incorrectly as well. If your goal is to teach stupidity, then you are well on the way.
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2 years ago, Einsteinetts
Good app
I really appreciate this app. It functions the best of any I've checked But it's very slow coming up & is getting too many commercials. Update Feb 21, 2022 - so they've updated & taken it off my screen with no warning. Apparently I'd have to buy it to get it back now. Even tho I've had it for almost 3 years before. Not cool, so down to 2 stars from four.
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2 years ago, alindar
Changes Aren’t Always a Plus
As an update: This app has gone off the deep end now. I’ve given it the fewest stars possible. The ads are incessant and annoying. Yeah, I should find something else, but the field is narrow, so I’m not having much success in finding a replacement. As others have said, the ads are LONG. Sometimes double ads are part of the deal. The app can’t always read blanks in a screen shot. Highest score words are not always provided. I can work around stuff… Now, though, we get crowns so we don’t "HAVE" to watch an and we can earn crowns within each 24-hour cycle, depending on when you last received them. BUT, opting to sit through a long ad these days rewards me with - you guessed it - another long ad. And, the letters are wrong at least 50% of the time. It’s true: nothing in life is free. And these are definitely not earth shattering problems. But this app could be so much better, I’m sure.
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2 years ago, Kellydunwoody
Lots of ads that you can only exit by killing the app and restarting
Aside from the fact that the ads are too frequent and way too annoying (these “fashion game” apps are so bad and demeaning), half the time I can’t exit without closing down the whole app. Endless loop of exit/go back to App Store. I’d willingly pay once for an ad-free app, but the subscription is far too expensive to justify its purchase, as I only use it for hints on one game which I’ve paid for and don’t want to use coins for hints. I fortunately finally found another option. Give me a buy once option and I’m all in.
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1 year ago, Layla31+1
ads for free crowns no longer available
So disappointed that you have not been able fix the “watch a short video to earn free crowns” feature. I’ve reported 3 times in the last 2 weeks will still no fix. I’ve always been diligent to watch these ads and earn enough crowns in a month for an ad free month.
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4 years ago, Angelworld1
I do not like moving characters!
When there are moving characters at the bottom of the screen my eyes can’t focus properly so I cannot play the game. That is why I kept checking in and out of the game today to see if you would take that little man off the bottom of the screen that was running back-and-forth.
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11 months ago, barbaraauntjean
So helpful
I have been using Word Finder to help with word options for Words With Friends for a long time. I use it not only to find words in the 7 tiles, but to find other ways to make words from tiles already on the board. It’s a quick way to check other options. It helps me to think outside the box (the board!)
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3 years ago, Violetlover2
Love it, Great xtras, low ads
Ive had other simmilar apps. This one is the BEST!! & I wasnt offered reward to Rate/Review.. you choose which word game you r playing (as u know they all use varied dictionaries). You can put in letters & then add to letters with a Question Mark to symbolize your BLANK TILE & Then you can ADD to Search more letters the ones on board that youre trying to merge w/, like ENDS with “K”, & STARTs with “B” & CONTAINs “E” & it Lists in alphabetical & by 👉🏼Number of Letters👈🏼‼️ Its a Very Helpful App..!!
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2 years ago, deetothee
Rotate this App on iPad Pro!
Just bought the new iPad Pro 12.9 and I love it. However, this app is one of only 3 that I have that will not rotate to landscape on my new iPad. I have stuck with this app through all of the ads and crowns and other unnecessary new stuff—but the inability to switch to landscape is gonna make me leave. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Bueterfullady
I really like this app but
It just has way too many loooong ads. It’s very frustrating to be in the midst of using the app and to be interrupted by an ad that takes 4 pages to close. Also the ads are always for the same game that I know in ONE second that I don’t want or that I already have. Although I really like the app I have found 2 others that don’t kick me out for some lame ad. I do realize that you have to make money but forcing your players to buy crowns with real money to buy LIMITED no ads time is too expensive and not at all a good deal. Otherwise would give it more stars.
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4 years ago, keeper5689
Good app but issues with closing ads
I love the functionality of the app but the ads have increasingly become a problem. Many many times I use the app, I’m forced to crash the app and reload because there is no way to exit the ad (Candy Crush is the worst offender). I don’t mind sitting through the ads to keep the app free but please make sure the app/ads are optimized for any version of Apple device. The X’s to close the ads are often at the extreme edge of my screen on iPhone X.
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1 year ago, PsychoDoge
Wants to access ALL PHOTOS
What is privacy? I want to be the one to manually select the photos I choose to share. When I choose the option to use selected photos, I get a message stating that I need to instead allow access to ALL photos. What for? Mine someone else's data, or better respect the privacy choices of the person who owns the device your app is on. If you have a friend over for company, do they require access to ALL rooms, closets and drawers in your house as a contingency of the visit? No. The host can select where it is acceptable to socialize.
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2 years ago, Lolly65
Subscription has changed!
I have been using this app for years and have loved it. I subscribed to get rid of ads. However, when my subscription renewed this month, I am getting ads now and also have to use crowns to get the best word unlocked? WTH! I will not pay for another subscription of $18 for this crap! Developers need to change back and why I am getting ads!? What is the point of the subscription!?
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3 years ago, Angie the mom
Went from best to most annoying worst app I use
Currently, this app gets it wrong about half the time. I’m glad I don’t pay for “crowns”, used to get free tips. I just watch the videos. But lately, I have to import my screen shots 4-5 times, changing my tiles colors until they get it right. And watching multiple videos each time. Imagine if I actually paid for my free tips! I only use this app to cheat against the words2 computer, not against opponents, so it’s almost not worth it for me, just to win a few coins in words2. Please fix this guys! Thanks.
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1 year ago, MareeQ
Still 5 stars
For probably 10 years, Words with Friends has been part of my morning connection with my best friend. It’s fun and relaxing, and the chat feature lets me check in with my friend. My only wish—upgrade the dictionary. Otherwise, the game is perfect!
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3 years ago, Nurse Pudge
Great app, needs developer attention
Since updating to iOS 14.8, the board solver option in the app is not functional anymore. There no longer appears to be any way to “grant” the app access to the iPhone’s camera - rather, the app needs to “request” access. If the developers can please address this problem, that would be great. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Lucinda47
Way too many incorrect words
Overall this a decent app, but there are a lot of incorrect words that don’t exist in any dictionary but will be accepted by Words with Friends. If you’re not sure of a word, look it up before you hit send. If it says they’re working on a definition, don’t play the word... it’s not in the dictionary. Be nice to your opponent and find another word.
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4 years ago, KAMhomeandgardenart
Stay Covid safe with Words with Friends
This is a great game and useful tool to stimulate our brain power and remind us of words you might not think of often. I connect with family and friends by playing and competing against them while keeping 6 feet apart or 600 miles.
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2 years ago, TucsonSusan
Hard to use but better than word lists
This if advertised as a Wordle helper. Using the Wordle helper is possible but not easy (you need to keep your fingers under control, the lightest touch anywhere else but the Wordle controls will get you in a nasty ad loop). It also doesn't update the Wordle list of used words in a timely fashion, I have seen several solutions from the last month.
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4 years ago, Speaking from Experience
So So
Right half the time. Way too high or way too low half the time. Sometimes you get hard to combinations and other times you miss easy big scores. Never play your words without checking the bar graph first it’s never wrong.
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1 year ago, linnefaulk
I finally had to stop using this because of the ads
I would love to find an app that would allow me to purchase at a reasonable price. Instead I watch the ads. Lately, the Temu ad will not let me touch the x. The target must be too small and it takes me to their website. So I have to force quit the app and start over again. Since the happens every 3-4 times, it has become unbearable. I can’t do it anymore.
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1 month ago, wixomlaket
Deceptive Ads
This app has the most deceptive and misleading advertising I have ever seen. They hide the exit buttons and make it almost impossible to get out of the ad. They also show timers that supposedly tell you when ad is going to end only to have it rest to a new clock at the end. You now spend more time watching ads than you do using the application. I wish there were regulators I could find to report them to. ADS ARE FREQUENTLY OVER 1 MINUTE IN LENGTH AND ALMOST ALL ARE AT LEAST 30 SEVONDS!
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4 years ago, amoroso1984fl
It’s so useful
It’s amazing and useful. Some of the words are only good for words with friends. I use word wars. It’s given great words with good points. I would like if they categorized from the highest points to the lowest or give us the option to to either categorize it from highest to lowest points or alphabetical order. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, Dawna L Mc
Works off and on
This app worked at first but the ads drove me mad so I bought the no ad subscription. As soon as I bought the subscription the app started to act up off and on. Now when I take a screenshot like I’ve always done at first that worked no longer works. I’ve done nothing different but now it no longer accepts my screenshots….
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2 years ago, psychrn07
Decreased Number of Tokens in Daily Reward
I would have given this a 4 to 5 rating except for the fact that the Daily Reward Tokens have decreased significantly in the past day or so. Not sure of the reason but it impacted my rating on this app
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2 years ago, KoalaTwo
If you are at all like me you LOVE word games; any and all but especially the more difficult ones. Wordfinder and Scrabble Cheat app is a must-have for anyone who plays lots of word games and puzzles. Some might say, “I don’t cheat!” In this context “cheat” means help or assist. It doesn’t play any game for you but can help if you get stuck here and there. More importantly, it shares tips and ways to get more out of your favorite apps like “Wordscapes” (my personal favorite by far), or Scrabble for instance. Try it a few times and you will agree; WORDFINDER AND SCRABBLE APP is amazing!
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3 years ago, Gr8fl86
Was great until it wasn’t.
Everything was fine until- I would watch an ad in order to reveal an answer, and there was no way to click back and see the answer. The ad would end and then nothing. Nothing to click on to go back. In other words the only way to use the app is to pay for no ads, or only see the lowest scoring words you get to look at for free.
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5 months ago, LVFR87
Pointless without Landscape support
This is nice alternative to the website version that had far to many mentally scaring images from ads. Yet this app doesnt support landscape mode as iOS and iPadOs apps are meant to work in all sitautions. Please update the app to support landscape orientation. Lastly the “legnth” advanced serach option is missing. Thanks for making the app, this would really help make things a bit better.
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5 years ago, 6doit
Good and bad app
Is a very good app for finding words and definitions. Not user friendly in the sense that I like to listening to music or podcast while playing words with friends, but as soon as you open it it mutes or shuts off anything you’re listening to. Please fix this!
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5 years ago, Nesslar
Good but with mishaps
While the app is good and easy to use. I do find it annoying that it does not give you all the words possible. I had used the letterS “CRTEEPXT” and the app missed a simple word like “TREE” I have had to resort to the webpage many times which seems to have all the words available. The app is helpful but hasn’t reached its full potential yet.
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4 years ago, Jenngrz
So helpful!
I don’t usually write reviews, but this app is so great that I decided to write. I had been using WF online, but when I realized there was an app, I downloaded it, thinking it’d be similar to the online version. The app really surprised me - it is much better, easier, and has more features.
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7 months ago, Rattler698
Dropped letters
When you go to look at the new words you can use after it has taken a screenshot it doesn’t pick up the letters on the words that they say to play to make a word like a “W” from “wall” so it made a word from “ all “ and left off the “w” so you couldn’t use the word. It has happen for at least a month. It makes it useless to use this app. It needs to be fixed. Second time I have complained and still not fixed
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5 months ago, Deb Zuckerwise
Excellent App
Wonderful source to help you find words to play with. Besides that, it is a great tool to learn new words and find out their definition. If you enjoy playing words with friends 2, I highly recommend that you download WordFinder.
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4 months ago, Dave_flan
Functionality is fine - Ads are very annoying!
This is one of the most annoying apps I have. An ad pops up every other set of letters I put in. But what’s most annoying is that the ads take forever to sit through and you can’t ever click out of them. I end up closing the app after every single word search and reopening. I’m about ready to stop using it.
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2 years ago, Lord High Octane
Superb App!!
Kudos to the Dev team! I enjoy using this app very very much. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves playing word games. I just wish I could get credit(s) for all the missing words I’ve submitted over the past two years lol.
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3 years ago, Mad8owl
There are not as many solutions as there were before the last change.
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2 years ago, kbug7572
Too many ads
I like this app and I think it works well but over the years I’ve used it, the ads have become more and more tedious. Watch an ad to solve the board. Watch an ad to unlock the higher score results. Watch an ad because it doesn’t give you credit for the last ad you watched.
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4 years ago, Boobookittysmom
I try to email you for support and all you do is take me into the most INFURIATING CIRCLE asking me for the same password over and over again and then telling me it’s wrong and I never get ANYWHERE OR GET ANY HELP! Your board has MISPRINTS ON IT SO YOU MAKE WORDS ON THE WRONG LETTERS which is NO HELP AT ALL! Please fix the boards so they read the CORRECT LETTERS, not TYPOS!!! They are no help if they are inaccurate! It is SO frustrating! I love WWF and appreciate your offers to help but NOT IF THEY ARE INACCURATE!!! I’d rather have NO help than your infuriating, half baked “help” with typos! 🤬 Sue Long
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4 years ago, BadAssHoneyBadger
Fun game, but...
Game is fun for teams and meeting and chatting with people. iPhone/iPad users are disadvantaged because there are a lot of features that are not available such as name change and ways to increase scores and coins. Plus, there are a lot of words that are real words but will be denied and a lot of stupid words that are credited. Overall it’s fun, don’t have to pay to play. Good for your brain.
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11 months ago, Flyin_hooch
Ads ads ads
Yes, I know, this app is all about selling ad space. However, the bigger issue, other than the persistent ad bombardment, is that far too many of the video ads end with an X to close and get back to the app and solution. The X is so far in the upper right corner that I cannot select it in my iPhone 14 Pro. Therefore, I watch the ad but cannot get to the solution.
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2 years ago, wordwf
Daily Crowns Reduces
I’m very disappointed that the number of daily free crowns have been reduced so much. The ads in this app are so long, repetitive and annoying. I liked being able to use the crowns to turn them off for 30 days. I use the app more when they are turned off. May be time to find a new app.
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