Wordie - Word Finder Game

4.7 (163)
148.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wordie - Word Finder Game

4.68 out of 5
163 Ratings
4 years ago, Blu 3
Skillz Games
Funny how I started off with just playing 21 Blitz I was about once a day... my best friend was already playing the game and Super good at it!! I caught three Skillz fever and haven’t stopped since... here by Skillz games for money you don’t need money to play.. you earn tickets every two hours for free and the more tickets you’ve gotten you can bet those tickets to win / lose... which ever you prefer!! You Are actually matched up with your same Skill set.. the better you become the harder it is to best or opponent... that is fine by computer not by human!! Now I play over 15 different Skillz games abd enjoy every single one of them... you always can play anytime nite or day!! It’s a great mind gymnastics and calisthenics for every brain particle... no matter how dusty!! For me the newest challenge is the trivia game called Question Cube!! You get to choose the order you answer them careful tho 3 strikes abd or outta tzrre
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7 months ago, Gina Baby
What’s going on?
I absolutely love this game but I haven’t been able to play it in a couple days because when I click on the app, it’s saying there’s a new version available for download, but it won’t let me download it. Help!!!
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2 years ago, vjwelch
Horrible changes
I have been playing Wordie for years!! It used to be a great game…different ways to win, and different rewards. The contests ran for about 2 days or so. The top finishers could win extra money—-like $8 to $12 dollars on occasion, and would pay out the top places, perhaps 6 or 7 places and the winners were lower for the other finishers, but normally was about 6.00 for the top spot. They have gotten greedy. They still have like 30-35 people per game or more, but now they pay the top few finishers a dollar a piece. And the red tickets??? Used to be that you could cash them in to be able to play more games. Again-they have gotten greedy. You need a huge amount of tickets to win a junk prize!! And you cannot cash the tickets in for additional play. I had 16 people tgat started playing years ago when I told them it was a good opportunity. Most have left in the last 6 months. If you are. We to this, STOP now. Not worth it at all!!
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5 years ago, AnnaMcnicol
Good game play for virtual tokens or real money
So I’m really addicted to this game it’s fun and you don’t need to bet with real money if you dont want to. There’s only a few smal things I would change. I think it would be fun if you could click on a user and “challenge them”. I also would like to see the bracket competition available for real cash prizes instead of just tokens. I also have a few other skillz gambling apps and I have to say they are all pretty decent.
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10 months ago, gypsygeronimo
Love it! Lose more than I earn though…
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4 years ago, darleneg20
Hangs up!
I would give 5 stars but every so often game hangs up. Counter keeps counting down but it just holds onto the letter I was playing and won’t let me do anything. Just have to wait for it to end and lose. That’s why I haven’t played for real money yet.
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4 years ago, SadieSky28
Crashes and doesn’t refund money
I would’ve gave this game 5 stars, but I’m tired of it crashing in the middle of the game, causing me to lose my money. After it crashes I don’t get a refund it basically just takes my money. Smh.
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6 months ago, DeCarloFamily
Please update
Several of your games, including this one as of 3 days ago say update is needed, but there is no update available. These games can’t be played without an update. Please update your games.
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3 years ago, DimpleD724
Fun way to pass the time
Love this app! Played many free games and then jumped on the cash prizes side. Love the perks on both free and cash plays.
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2 years ago, ivysteele
Pause button
Fun game. Is there a pause button I’m missing? If not, could use one.
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4 years ago, kimmysalive
These are my very favorite games or shall I say my ONLY games I play like 6 of them almost every day
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5 years ago, ttttaaaammmmm
Great word game!
Hours spent creating words is addicting but so valuable to exercising the brain!
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5 years ago, susieeisus
Fun game to pass time when you get some!
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5 years ago, Thewickedq01app
Good game
The game itself is good. The sound is annoying when you open the game.
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5 years ago, Ammy Am
I can’t stop playing this game!
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5 years ago, abethlove1980
It’s fun but not as easy as it seems to make money.
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5 years ago, mta82amw
No cash play
Currently you can’t “play for cash”. Also you can’t win more than 1 ticket in practice mode, which means good luck trying to win ANY prizes. Was really fun until the cash play got disabled.
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2 years ago, MrsPbs
Great game ! Don’t like new version
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7 months ago, WMarine9498
We should be able to click on a player’s name to few their stats. Why can’t we?
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5 years ago, snswfe
My very favorite
My favorite word game
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5 years ago, Dee14dailey
Like the game but takes a while to build up any $$$
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5 years ago, True Italiano
Tons of fun with a multiplayer word race
Challenging and fast paced.
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5 years ago, Tteick
Crashing during pro games
Multiple money games crash the app mid way through.
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5 years ago, ASKit8
Super fun!
Played for hours
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5 years ago, Can gamer
Crazy addictive
Love this game it’s boggle with a competitive twist
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10 months ago, Wickedwitch78
Great game just like boggle.
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5 years ago, Local girl 23
I love this game... Thank you😊
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3 years ago, dontfallfoittttt
This game is rigid!!!! It will steal all your money!!!
There are free word games out there!! This game is fun at first!!!! But this is a rigid game! Do not play this game!!!!!! I repeat!!! Do not play this game!!!
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5 years ago, COYI !!
Great game
Love this game ! So addictive!
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4 years ago, Thefuturemrsduncan
Great app
Great word game
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5 years ago, Pookielittles5566
Great game
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5 years ago, Jbirmin693
So fun!!!
I love this game!
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2 years ago, bowler1969
Great app. Love it
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2 years ago, Nychurrally
Pretty good word game
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5 years ago, kg4vjy62
Fun to play
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5 years ago, Allpros32
Love the game
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5 years ago, htgfhigf
Awesome game
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11 months ago, THEOLOTTO
Rx for eternal life ?
= John 3:16.
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2 years ago, Andup64
Fun game
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10 months ago, Tamek p
Love it
Show more
5 years ago, 12Clan
I’m addicted 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Show more
4 years ago, The MOOOSE
Show more
5 years ago, Brrat1069
I like it!!
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5 years ago, Angelia59
Fun fun fun
Game is Fun
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