4.6 (726.9K)
244 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lion Studios Plus
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.5 or later
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User Reviews for Wordle!

4.58 out of 5
726.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Erin Good❤️
I love Wordle and word games
I love and have always enjoyed playing word games and Wordle I love learning new words but the ads are really annoying and Apple has gotten very greedy I really wish they could have ad removal for free because some people aren’t able to afford it or pay for it I really wish Apple could understand that some people playing this have disabilities or something that makes them unable to pay for the Xtra stuff it would be so much better with out the ads or at least remove them free I enjoy Wordle and all word games and learning new I have autism and these amazing word games helped me learn a new vocabulary it’s awesome!💕💕👏👏I always thank god for these amazing learning games!
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2 years ago, Pletched
So many ads and alarming amount of background activity
Very little of your time can be spent trying to play the actual game, with all the ads that pop up. And they’re timed ads, so there’s no way to click through them, even if you aren’t at all interested in what they’re selling or EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE WHAT THEY'RE SELLING. I would urge even the most patient and tolerant person not to download this ap, since, even if you don’t mind walking away for a bit while these constant ads play, it seems like there’s a lot of background activity taking place, even while playing the game, causing delays when you’re trying to type your guesses, with huge lags between letters, sometimes even seeming to freeze entirely. I’m not a developer, but I do wonder what is occupying so much of the app’s attention, after signing off on their user agreement and giving permission to god knows what information is being accessed. It’s so bad that it comes to a complete halt at times and crashes entirely. So bad, that I recommend deleting any app that appears to be associated with it, like the ones it advertises, one of which I had considered buying, but now most certainly will not. It the sign of a developer who lacks anything of value to offer, so survives on the sole project of extracting value from others by whatever means is necessary and however possible. tl/dr: this app is way too expensive — especially the free version. Don’t do it.
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2 months ago, 12yoyo
Fun game; insane ads getting worse; insults users
When it comes to just playing the game this is the best of 7 Wordle apps I tried. 2 daily games (5-letter and 6-letter) plus other varieties. Hard mode is fun and I like that you are told if your guess is a word before tapping “submit” which saves some time (because they often use some very obscure words that no human has ever used in their life - even the app can’t find a definition sometimes). That’s where the good ends. First, they think you are stupid. They charge $6/mo to play the 2 daily games without ads! Then they try to convince you to pay $4 to play just the last 3 days of the month ad free. Do people actually fall for this scam? Insulting. To play the classic game ad free is $6 once (no ads forever) - that is reasonable. Second, the ads are insane and getting worse. I expect ads for a free game, but they play ads way too often. Now they play ads even in the middle of a game! And starting May 2024 they play 30-second ads you cannot stop early (this is probably the straw that broke the camel’s back). “Insane” is the only word to describe the ads. I could write 1000 words on the ad problems. Just trust me and be ready to throw your phone against a wall after you are bombarded with ads. I’m ready to move on to another app since the ads are only getting worse each month.
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8 months ago, ItalianRoastYummmm
Game play is very fun. Frequency and length of ads is maddening
The good: I absolutely love the challenging game play. If I could suggest a change, it would be to show in classic mode how you compare to other players. Currently, they only show your results compared to the average in the daily/calendar play. The really bad: Players have to watch way, way too many ads. You watch ads after one or two guesses—not just after a puzzle is solved. Also, some of those ads are too long. For example, the Royal Match ads that play are multi-phased. You wait for the ad to time out, only to find that you have to wait through another phase of the ad. Usually , the first phase is quite long. The second phase is shorter, but together, they make for what seems like a never-ending ad. I understand that app developers need to get paid, just like the rest of us. When I get a free app, I expect to watch ads—which serves as payment. Still, the frequency with which ads appear as well as their length make me feel like we don’t have a reasonable exchange of ad time for plays happening. I am going to delete the app. I’m sure I can find something else out there that will challenge my brain without taxing my sanity.
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10 months ago, &Grins
Working again!!
If your purchase of this app is not working, just delete & down load app again. (May want to back up your data first. I didn’t & lost stats.) That solved the problem. Here’s the whole story…I wrote a complaining review about how when I purchased the app to get rid of constant commercials of that Whiney, needy king, that all commercials, including the option to see commercials for coins, just didn’t work or was not available. Contacted by developers to let them know thru app via support. Did this 3 times & included screen captures. Didn’t hear anything from them. Frustrating. So I did the only thing I could think of doing. Delete & reinstall. (Solution of other apps) That solved the total ban of ads. Did I keep my purchase? Not sure as yet. That can be resolved other ways. So if app doesn’t allow you to play any ads when you need the assist & you have purchased the app, try the delete & reinstall. So… Developers, delete & reinstall is the answer to my problem. Be a bit more responsive, too.
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1 year ago, YAY4TODAY
I PAID for the free version only to find out that it is in NO way free. My coins would disappear on me and it was never explained that you could use the same letter twice. Then the game starts using words that are like all vowels and repeating letters. If you need to pay to continue then you are not allowed to see what words you already guessed or what letters have been guessed. Don’t get me wrong, it started out easy. Too easy. Now that they can use the same letter more than once it’s so lame I’m expecting to see words like “weeee” or “sssss” because this game is basically created by a snake. Oh, and you get punished and are moved down a level of you actually have a LIFE outside of this game. I picked my daily prize and my prize was being told that I got put back down a level for not playing. ANNNND I was in a tournament and was in second place being only 30 points behind first place. I played until I beat the first place score, only to find that then someone else was now in first place and was beating me by over 300 points! So for 30 minutes I was in 2nd place, inching towards first place, then out of nowhere comes a score that high? You only get 4 points per game if you’re good so how is this possible? SCAMMERS
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6 months ago, AKchelsi907
I understand ads but it’s wayyy overkill
You get an ad every single time you do anything that isn’t part of the app. EVEN when you just swipe your control panel down on your screen while you’re still in the game to turn the brightness down on your phone! If you leave the app briefly to check a text it will open right to your game for a split second then a false message will pop up after you saw the screen loaded saying “you ‘may’ see an ad while we load” followed by an ad. No, it’s not loading for one, and, for two, you’re going to FOR SURE get an ad every time. And sometimes they’re 17+ seconds with no option to skip while others crash the app and make you restart. On top of getting an ad between rounds and multiple times DURING the round, it’s complete overkill. I know that I can buy the ad free version, but $10 is too high. Also, I bought my son the ad free version because we like to mirror to our TV and play together and he still gets ads (not just the opt in ones like they claim - but random ads between rounds).
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2 years ago, Tellum
Ads after 2 games.
Will be just to annoying to play with so many ads. UPDATING: I was contacted by Lion Studio Plus to update my review. After playing for free I wrote a review because after 2 games I was hit with an Ad. I paid for “No Ad,” however to claim coins after a winning game I get trapped in an Ad! There’s a timer on some of the Ads but even after it runs out I can’t find a way to X out of the Ad and end up just swiping out of the game to restart later…without my winning coins. Frustrating and annoying. Not sure why I paid a fee for that nonsense. I’ll give the game an added star because you do have the ability to compete with other Wordle players which can be fun if you want to play with friends. However, since you are also playing with coins (which can buy or win) it’s an unfair game. You can can buy difficult words to send or pay for multiple hints to win a game. Spend a few days on it, but I can’t get pass the trap Ads and playing against someone who may have more coins just seems silly. I can play free Quordle and NYT Wordle Ad free. That’s enough for me. Just like challenging myself.
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5 months ago, 2Karen H
Repetitive and costly
I’ve been playing over two years now and I’ve dispersed well over $100 (lost count long ago but probably around $200) to avoid ads and keep playing this addictive game. There are constant contests for which there is no way to decline participation and if one doesn’t play, you drop quickly back to novice level. That might not matter if you’re not competitive, but if you enjoy playing against others, you end up with less experienced players and that is not fair. Another irritating aspect of this app is their persistent use of words that can be difficult to discern (__a_e = flame, flake, blame etc. Or _i_er = biker, hiker, liner, nicer, ricer, etc. Or _o_er = cover, hover, lover, mover, rover, etc. And I do mean PERSISTENT!! Annoying because it basically FORCES you to buy « boosters » if you want to keep playing. If you don’t buy boosters to reveal a letter, the game is over for you. Period. I recently changed my player name to: Ready2Quit Update! Be careful putting card info into this app. I started getting charged for things I didn’t order. Best NOT to buy anything on this site! I now have quit playing this game.
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2 years ago, deathsquiggles
needs accessibility features
this is a fun concept, but it’s marred by a few glaring design oversights. the most major issue for me is the font- the stylized bubbly letters are very difficult to tell apart at times (particularly because they’re white letters on a pastel background) and that’s kind of a critical failure in a timed word-making game. it’s also intensely frustrating that you can’t reset your word by any means other than shaking the phone, which wastes a lot of time and is hit or miss in terms of whether or not it even works. you can also reset your word by completing it, but the letters don’t return to their original spots- they get placed in random spots. there is also a noticeable input lag, but that might be a result of my iphone 6S’s performance being crunched by apple as they breathe down my neck about upgrading, so i’d be curious to know if others with newer models encounter this issue. the last issue is the lackluster dictionary. many common words have been rejected and it makes for an incredibly frustrating play experience. overall, this game has a lot of potential, but in its current form, it’s not very fun.
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2 years ago, Nansee#2
Ads are ridiculous
Stop the long ads. Can’t squeeze in a round without watching 2 ads. And these ads are for games that tell you can win money. They are scam games. Shame on your company from allowing these ads to interrupt your great game. If you don’t believe me about those games that say you can win money, just read their reviews. anyway if this keeps up I’m going to delete this game. There’s plenty of other mind games out there that don’t make you watch several long ads. Edit: after reading many other reviews I see that the situation with these long ads after short play has been complained about since earlier this year at the least. And they have not changed it so I don’t think that they will. Sometimes the ads are longer than the play sessions. Going to delete. EDIT EDIT: thank you for replying. But I already deleted your game. I don’t think you need to bombard your players with the amount of ads that you allow. I am sure you are making enough money. Or maybe your expenses are too high. Budget better. Cut the chaff.
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2 years ago, Aaron Siegel
Calm down with the ads
This is a basic game where you have six attempts to guess a word, and I find it pretty fun. I want to rate it higher, but there is absolutely no reason there should be an advertisement after every two guesses! Not to mention, the sheer amount of ads makes it actually beneficial to close and reopen the game every time one pops up. I understand wanting an ad after each round maybe, but not three per round, that’s absolutely obscene. There’s been multiple times that I would forget a word I was gonna guess because an ad popped up and took 15 seconds to close, and other times where the game straight up crashed because it couldn’t load an ad. Yes, you’re offering the game for free and that comes with ads, I get that, but at some point it’s infuriating and incentivizes the average person to delete your app in exchange for another, and considering this is a fairly common game of which multiple apps exist to play, I see zero reason to use your app over any of the others.
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2 years ago, Karl Greeds
Would not recommend
I am a inspector of apps like these and I decided to go over the privacy policy and the guidelines, now when you download it the terms of services immediately pop up giving you no chance but to click it. Of course this is normal but it’s kind of a bad choice because it gets normal users to just click agree and it will never show up again. Now as any non-normal person would do like me I read all of the guidelines and they were fine. Until I got to the privacy policy, turns out that if you hit agree then you are giving access to the creators to take every bit of information that they can find. Even taking it to 3rd party websites, not only will they take your IP address they will force you to make an account so they have your email address, your name, and your Facebook friends. Of course some of these are opinions but still some people would not be caring enough to just fill it out. Also there are way too many ads, so many that it’s aggravating. But that is all there really is, be careful about what you download and I hope you found this helpful.
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1 year ago, briscobrown
So so
I paid for no ads, yet there are still ads, timed ads (30 seconds) that you have to let run to finish. There is a pig that can fill with 1500 coins if you pay $2.99, it should be an option on the main screen, not come up after every puzzle. There’s a wheel you can pay 150 coins to spin, but out of 9 slots there’s only 1 prize (250 coins) that’s worth more than what you spend, there’s no incentive🤷‍♀️ Before if you spent 150 coins to continue a puzzle, you’d earn points based on remaining guesses, now you get one point regardless of how many guesses remain, again, no incentive, you’re actually punished for spending coins in that aspect. It’s a game you can play for a few minutes, but because there’s no reward per se, it’s not a game that motivates you. Unless there’s something I’m not finding in game, you can only guess 5 letter words, minus the second play on daily puzzle, which is a 6 letter word. In short, it’s ok, but it’s very repetitive for no way to advance.
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2 years ago, Uck the coins
Could Have Been Fun
I decided to try Wordle to improve my “letter” thinking; I’m a terrible speller and scrabble player, so this seemed good for me. Unfortunately, the game uses a 15 second timer to control your gameplay. Not only are you supposed to use all three guesses within this time limit, ignoring how it rearranges the letters halfway through, the timer is a bright red/pink line that draws a close circle around the letters in the middle of the screen; you will notice it. In fact the timer doesn’t even seem to restart between words, with the clock simply jumping back a few seconds and continuing on. So, this game is, how many words can you accurately guess from a changing letter shuffle in 15 seconds? Also, not Wordle. Some people may enjoy this set up, but I do not and it is not the game advertised. Another problem to be aware of, no post-game ads that I have encountered have an “x” option; they are full screen and continuously refers you the app ads store purchase option. The only way to leave it is to reboot the app.
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2 years ago, carriblue
BETTER ENJOY WATCHING ADS. Game is fun but the ads are too numerous to deal with
ONE AD BETWEEN PUZZLES IS OK BUT THREE ? AND ALL OF THEM DOUBLE ADS? More time spent watching ads than playing game. I really like the word version of the old game mastermind but I am over whelmed by ads. You solve the word and you have to watch an ad before it congratulates you and offers you the prize. Then you click to claim the prize and have to watch another ad. No just to really slap you in the face and waste even more of your time when you select the next puzzle from the calendar you have to watch a THIRD AD before start I g the next puzzle.. I understand watching one but THREE??? Now to make matters even worse the ads are what I call double ads…. You watch the ad click the right top corner at the end and have to sit through a second page with 5e word GET in the middle of it for ani determinable amount of time befor a second X appears. SOMETIMES you just can’t get out and keep being sent to the Apple apps site. The only way to get out is to close WORDLE and reopen the app. SERIOUSLY ONE ADD IS ENOUGH BETWEEN-PUZZLES
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2 years ago, $$$ guy
To many for
This game is very fun for people who want to test and challenge your brain with word games. I would play any game with that description. Except you can’t find many of those games without ads. This game was great at first. My friend and I downloaded it and we challenged each other on who could guess the word first. It was great until the ads came. I would be guessing the word when a 30 second ad would just pop up and then let me back in the game just so the game could let me watch another ad 2 minutes later. This game is very fun except when you have to deal with the consecutive ads over and over again. I would play for 30 minutes and have to watch 15 ads. All I think is that you just need to have a game without ads for once(thank you Supercell). It is a good game if you don’t get too aggravated by ads every time you guess a word. Thanks for reading
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2 months ago, Nutmeg345
Game is okay; ads are irritating & horrendous.
The game is straightforward enough if you’re just interested in playing wordle-like games itself, with side challenges I don’t normally bother with. What’s irritating: the sheer number of ads they throw at you to try to get you to pay for the game. It’s constant bombardment, and the ads are loooong. What’s upsetting: the ad they show most is for Gossip Harbor (GH); and over the course of playing games on THIS app over the last couple months, the GH ads have gotten worse in terms of explicit domestic violence and abuse towards women and children as a “hook” to get you to okay the game and “save them” (I guess?!). When I download a game app, I’m usually quite devoted to it for months or years; I love my particular phone games. However for the first time ever, I will be taking a long and possibly permanent break from this app until they start screening (the content of) their ads better — because it’s all frankly outright disturbing and messed up, on top of (the frequency of ads) being constantly irritating. Not worth the game play imo.
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6 months ago, Dsims87
Way too many ads
I wasn’t sure how to rate this app. The game itself is fun and addictive. When I first downloaded it, I played nonstop. It’s a great challenge for your brain and a fun way to pass the time. After a few days, the ads started popping up. I usually don’t mind ads because that’s part of the free experience. The ads here though are obnoxious and incessant. When I open the app I have to watch an ad to get my daily coins. I can’t opt out. Before I can even see the game board, I have to watch another ad. After 1 to 2 guesses, there’s another ad. When I finally guess the word, another ad pops up. I’m sure I missed an ad in between there. Each ad lasts between 30 to 45 seconds. There is no way to skip the ads either. I was ending up spending more time watching the same boring Royal Match ads than actually playing the game. That wasn’t a good or engaging use of my time so I stopped playing. I gave it two stars instead of just one because the paid version might be better.
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2 years ago, gss823
The ads are ridiculous
I really loved this game but I am on the verge of deleting it. for some reason someone thought it was better to have an ad in between every guess than in between each game. I cannot make a guess without getting not only an ad, but a long one. even when I attempt to skip the ads, I have trouble because it won’t let me exit out. I get why games have ads and all of that, but at the same time you’re ruining a game by putting so many at the worse times. if you really want to have so many ads, why not make players watch ads to skip a round and/or get hints? the ads can also be placed before starting a round and at the end of one. based on the handful of reviews i’ve read, no one is asking for no ads they’re asking for less and better placement. it’s also ridiculous that so many reviews are complaining about the ads yet nothing is being done about them.
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2 years ago, LizzieUBME
Not enough ways to earn coins without having to buy them.
Fun game but requiring coins to go back and play previous days is discouraging play. There are ways to earn coins with tournaments and a daily prize. Bit, it’s not enough if you like to play the game a lot. Every hint requires 125 or 150 coins. Those go fast when you only earn a possible 100 coins a day. I played for hours in one tournament and placed first only to win 250 coins. I’ve made one purchase for coins and one purchase to eliminate ads (which I only do after I’ve used any app for a while to make sure I like it). Sure thought placing first in a tournament would earn me more than a measly 250 coins. I’m willing to watch ads to earn coins even though I purchased a no ad app. That’s the way a lot of apps do it. But, I’ll just not play that often if I have to buy coins regularly to play.
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2 years ago, Cambamp
This game is not the wordle that you see people play and hear them talk about. This app could be fun if you didn’t get an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME you do ANYTHING. I tried to play this for a little while and the fact that for every 15 seconds of gameplay, you get a 15-30 second ad for a terrible game nobody wants, makes me sick. The only reason people are downloading this is because they don’t know that the real wordle is a WEBSITE and not a MOBILE APP. At this point there are dozens and dozens of Wordle clones online that are 100x better than this freemium garbage. If you want to play normal wordle, but more than once a day, please go look up “Wordguessr” online (it’s fun with no ads.) There are other versions that are much more enjoyable such as tridle, absurdle, squirdle, and more that I play and love. Whoever put this absolutely disgusting monstrosity of a game on the App Store, needs a good ol’ slap in the face. Get off your high horse and just reduce the number of ads, or change the name to something along the lines of “waste of time”
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2 years ago, JoJoA
What’s all the hype for?
It’s basically hangman without the entertainment of seeing the stick man get closer to being hanged with each wrong guess. There’s a game called secret word that quickly gets old because it quickly repeats the same words so you’re just repeating the same game endlessly. You get a free gift every day but it’s the kind of app that instead of just resetting every day, it resets according to the first time you open the app that day. So if you don’t play it all day until 10 at night one day, you have to wait until 10 PM the next day before the gift reappears. Also they have that annoying feature where you fill a piggy bank with correct answers and then you can buy it for a few dollars. You can’t just win free coins, you have to buy them. It’s cheaper than the regular price but I still feel like it’s a ripoff to “earn” a full piggy bank and then have to pay for it. I really don’t get what all the fuss is about. Overrated
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2 years ago, Jfigz4
I’m honestly impressed by how greedy the dev is
This game came out 5 years ago is coincidentally named the same as the popular web game, but that’s were the similarities ended. The goal of this game was to quickly guess 4-6 letter words before the clock ran out. Pretty fun simple concept and a little stressful. I found myself playing it nonstop. Then the developer realized he had a chance to make a fortune based on people looking for the Wordle game that has gone viral. Under the guise of a “Bug fixes.” update, the app was changed overnight to an ad infested game. It was now a chore to play the game. Of course the developer added his own version of Wordle called “6 guesses” and now what made this game unique is lost. If you came here looking for gameplay similar to the online Wordle web app, you’ll find it, but be prepared to see an ad every 1-2 guesses. The only joy that this game provides is to the developer as I’m sure he’s making a killing. Congrats on winning the name lottery. For everyone else, stay away unless you love ads.
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2 years ago, Sorchakitty
Bad layout and too many ads
There’s a button in classic mode that solves your current puzzle for 200 coins, and apparently they decided the best place for it was directly below the backspace button, so it’s very easy to hit accidentally. Suddenly instead of clearing some letters you’ve just spent 200 of you hard won game currency to skip this puzzle and how the heck did they decide that was a smart place to put that? (Jk obviously they put it there so we’d unintentionally spend too much gold and would then want to replace it by purchasing some more). Ads are expected with a free game, so I thought I knew what I was signing up for. But it’s not just ads between games, it’s also ads every few guesses, ads if you have the app minimized for too long, ads to get extra coins, and oh look more ads. Many of them have fake exit buttons so instead of getting back to your game you’ve actually selected the ad and it’s opening some sketchy website in your browser.
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1 year ago, Mike292220
More ads than gameplay
Ads before games. Ads in between games. Ads before getting your prize. Did you back out of your game and are going back in? Ad. Did you accidentally let your phone sleep? Ad. Did you make a guess? Probably going to get an ad. I get that ads are helpful for keeping games free. And I don’t mind sitting through an ad or two when I can still spend a decent amount of time playing the game. But there’s absolutely no way this many ads are required for this game. They slow down what should be quick gameplay to a grinding halt. For comparison, I can play the Sudoku app and get one ad before starting, and one more in the middle of the puzzle, and maybe one at the of the puzzle. 10-20 minutes of gameplay with only 2 or 3 ads. So, there’s absolutely no reason I should be getting ads every few seconds with this game, even having them in between guesses of the same word. Obvious cash grab. Deleted the game after a few days.
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2 years ago, I like house of Anubis
This Enrages Me - Another Copycat App
I downloaded this a couple weeks ago when Wordle (where you guess a word in 6 tries) got popular. Deleted once I saw it was a completely different app and the Wordle I was looking for was a website lol. I didn’t care about this app until today when I got an app for something that looked exactly like Wordle, but with a different font. I realized this app just added a feature called “6 guesses” that’s just hopping onto the trend and exploiting the fact that the app and the popular game happen to have to the same name. Someone put actual work into Wordle and now these app developers are straight up copying them! And the app store is just letting them. Ugh. UPDATE: I redownloaded the app and noticed the “6 Guesses” is now the “Classic” mode. CLASSIC. This game originally has you make as many words as you can with the letters given: now the original purpose is called “Word Fever” and they’re pretending like they’ve ALWAYS been Wordle, the 5-letter word guessing app. UGH.
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2 years ago, Awesomesauce12305
Was great until update
This app was a lot of fun, with enough challenges and goals to keep you returning every day. Ad supported, so you knew you were going to get those unless you paid to remove ads. I don’t have a problem with that. You used to be able to replay a daily challenge by watching an ad, or continue your tournament streak by watching, as well. UNTIL NOW. Now, all the things you could do by watching an ad all cost 150 coins. I understand making money through ad sales. I also understand in-game currency as a business model. But now the developers want both. And it feels like a greedy cash-grab. A shame, because it was enjoyable enough to play daily before this new update. I’ll be deleting the game now. Oh, fyi - I’m the kind of player that DOES purchase something every month to help the developers on a game I enjoy and play daily. But this is just greedy. And no fun. Sad.
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2 years ago, bwake47
I am very disappointed in this game. I enjoy playing and it is challenging. However, I would look up at my coins and large amounts would have been removed. I hadn’t used them in any way. They would just suddenly disappear, leaving me with very little. I kept on playing thinking I wasn’t using them anyway. But, it stopped allowing me to click on “try again” and “Calendar Plus”. Instead it would take me to the page where you purchase coins. I purchased once so I could continue playing. But, I am not going to continue purchasing so them can remove them when they want. My sister and I play it together, and she hasn’t had any problems. I even deleted the game and reinstalled. It changed nothing. Took me right back where I left off. I don’t recommend this game and plan to look for another one.
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1 month ago, AlexJ1981
Sneaky In-App Purchases
The developers have intentionally placed the button to skip a word, which docks your token count by 200, directly underneath the delete button. The delete button is clicked repeatedly by users to remove letters they’ve typed and guess different ones. Everyone I’ve talked to that plays this game clicks the word skip button by accident all the time. There’s a confirmation on the same location as the button after it’s clicked once, but when you’re trying to click delete repeatedly you’re of course going to click it more than once. Why does the option to skip a word even exist but to dock tokens.? We’re playing this game alone - it’s not like we’re fooling anyone that we solved a word we didn’t. It would be a simple fix to move this button to a location that isn’t tapped repeatedly by users and they keep it by the delete button intentionally. Super shady and shouldn’t be allowed.
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7 months ago, rrockm
Great app, please remove plurals
This is *almost* perfect if you have an itch that the once-per-day NYT Wordle can’t scratch. It has its own daily puzzle, with an additional 6 letter daily if you’re feeling ambitious, plus an infinite classic mode. It also has a vs. mode which is pretty cool, but you can’t submit your own word for the other player to solve. Probably for good reason but that’d be fun. While this game is great, I really really hope the devs see this and agree that plurals should be removed from the word list. NYT doesn’t have plurals, because that’s basically adding all 4 letter words to the game. This isn’t NYT, but that’s a darn good reason to not have plurals. I also think that the power ups take away some integrity to the game and shouldn’t be allowed in VS mode or in daily puzzles.
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2 years ago, Mandmspenny
Was fun…but keeps crashing
The game was fun and then the crashes started. I can play in tournaments and sometimes it will go fine. A month ago I was in a tournament and it quit responding all together and of course I then lost and was demoted. I contacted support and, after several days, they told me to shut off my phone. This worked but the no adds I purchased quit and I was again inundated with ads. Way too many ads, all the time. I told support and they said I would need to provide a receipt or pay again. Today I was in fourth place, several hours to go. I was making correct guesses but not gaining points. I shut off my phone several times but still won’t move up in points. I am now losing my position because others are able to play and gain points. I am tired of bugs like this and support that won’t fix or help. It is fun if/when it works.
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2 years ago, Aiwa805
Ads ads ads ads. Where is the game?
All this app is designed to do is get revenue from Ads, and con people out of $5 to get rid of them The game is fun, when you get a chance to play. Anytime I try to play the daily challenge, I have to watch a 30 sec Ad first. There is also an Ad between every game… I might have paid the $5 to remove Ads if I could have at least SOME kind of uninterrupted time playing, before getting an Ad. As it is I play one game then manually shut down the app when the ad starts. I won’t pay the $5, to get rid of ads, because I simply can’t get a feel for the game with them there. The developers have no concept of gameplay/ad balance. Developers: No amount of contacting support is going to alter the ad/game ratio. I’m not going to give you my email to sell and/or send me even MORE ads for your ad infested products. That’s a greater waste of my time.
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2 years ago, PlzEnterNicknameLessThan30Long
Deleted everything
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game and I enjoy playing it except for a few things. But, first of all, THE ADS. It is uncalled for to have to watch an ad to do literally anything on the app. Want to start a new game? Ad. Want to take your third guess? Ad. Want to look at the leaderboard? Ad. It’s just absurd. Second of all, my app recently removed all of my progress. Every high score, every power up, all my coins, even every daily challenge I’ve done. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing because I’m pretty unhappy about losing everything I’ve done for the past month and a half. Oh, and I’m not going to go back to do all the daily challenges again because guess what? If you want to do a daily challenge that isn’t the one from that day, AD. I was enjoying this app at first, but the more I’ve played the more I’ve found some major problems with it.
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1 year ago, Bibipanya
Too buggy in the last 2 months
This game used to be terrific. Yes, there are a lot of ads, but I was willing to put up with it for the free game. They recently added a few really fun options, such as VS, where you can play against others. Unfortunately, the game has also become really buggy. Several times I lost rounds in VS because the system would hang & I had to close it to get it to work again. One time, this also caused me to lose all my data. I didn’t take it too seriously at the time, but system connection issues have been ongoing, when all my other apps work just fine, so I know this is not an internet issue. If these bugs don’t get fixed soon, I will delete the app. It simply isn’t worth the headache.
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5 months ago, Jaiwnskspskns
Fun but got tired of the ads
Overwhelming amount of ads, that are very long and impossible to skip. The actual game is very fun, I like the way it is designed and it’s satisfying to play, but you will spend 2/3 of the time waiting for an ad to end and it just ends up feeling like a waste of time. I’m used to playing free games with ads, but this one plays ads when it’s loading up, between games, during games, after a game, basically every single action you do, including simply opening the app, locks you into a 2 minute minimum ad. It’s just not worth the wasted time, I’ll play boggle instead. Edit: upon reading other reviews I see others have the same issues, as well as the paid version not actually releasing you for the ads, this whole thing is so greedy it’s really sad. But I’m sure they’re making BANK so it’ll never go away. I am telling you if you’re reading this DONT download it. It’s scammy as heck.
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2 years ago, BottledH2O
Too heavy on ads
This game lasted a lot longer than many of the games I've downloaded with as many ads. It's fun, if you like word games, but lately I've been getting hit with 3 unskippable ads just to play the 2 daily puzzles, and it's too much. Uninstalling. Edit: Purchasing the pro version does not eliminate the “optional” ads for the daily puzzles, as far as I know. I don’t mind ads, but 3 long ads for 2 little puzzles was more than I could bear. Take note you would have made more revenue off me with fewer ads. Removing a star for poor developer response in not recognizing these particular ads can’t be removed and that the issue was not that there are ads but that there are too many of them. I can’t see the cost right now because I uninstalled it, but I’m also pretty sure the “pro” version was more expensive than I was willing to pay, especially since it sounded like it didn’t include the daily puzzles.
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2 years ago, NinjaFoxPro
Wordle is great! There are not as much ads as the other reviews say and even if you don’t get the word you still get a coin. You get to play more than one time a day, though there is still the daily challenge puzzle. I am addicted. If you don’t know how to play, you type a word into the 5 boxes (a five letter word) and if it is gray, the final word doesn’t have that letter. If it is yellow, it is in the final word, but not in the right place. If it is green, it is in the right place for the final word. There is also instructions in the app. Back to the ads. There are almost no ads. I get an ad every 5-8 games. You can spend coins on hints. This version of Wordle is the best!
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9 months ago, wetaltaria
Borderline Unplayable
Alright, I get that hosting an app on the Apple app store is expensive for developers. I understand having advertisements to get some revenue and afford server costs and such. But I do not understand how people can play a game while being bombarded by advertisements like this. Lose? Have to watch an ad. Win? Your prize is an ad! Type any word in right or wrong? Ad! Open the quick menu to adjust your brightness? AD! Its unplayable. It would help if the ads also weren’t the bottom of the barrel, “come here play this other bad game it’s so addicting you won’t be able to sleep” etc etc crap. It feels like I’m watching the ads more than I’m playing the game. And no, I’m not going to pay to remove ads when I can just find a better free game out there. And before you say just put it in airplane mode, that doesn’t work either. I deleted the app, I’ll just use the New York Times version instead.
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2 years ago, Mango Mimosa
Too many plural words and double letters
I’ve been playing this app for about 2 weeks and even paid the $2.99 to stop the ads. To be fair, I only get ads now if I want more coins, otherwise, the games all run ad free so the $2.99 is definitely worth it to me. However, the powers that be need to work on their word lists. There are far too many plural words AND too many words with double letters such as loons (plural AND double vowel). It makes this a mere guessing game and not a true challenge. You can easily waste 2-3 word guesses and it’s just not fun. I’d much rather deduce a word like ‘hound’ or ‘globe’ than what I am getting with words like ‘doors’ or ‘moves’ or ‘moved’ (past tense). I have read the free ‘real’ version has yet to use plurals for this year 2022. Use challenging 5 letter words rather than plurals or verb tenses.
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3 weeks ago, lpz_saray
More ads than any game I’ve played
It’s already been said… and it’s such a shame because I love this game but am seriously considering deleting it because the ads are not only long, but come out way too often. I’ll get an ad once a game has ended, and two guesses into the next game I get another ad. The ads sometimes force you to interact even after watching 30 seconds. It’s also very finicky when you can finally exit, if you don’t press exit button extremely precisely, it’ll pop up the ‘download’ page. It’s extremely irritating and I’m not suggesting a free game with no ads, but they should at least let you exit quickly if you’re not interested, or at the very least make them less frequent because it is ruining my desire to play this game.
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1 year ago, Ckmamm
Too many ads
I love playing this game but I'm about to delete it because of the ads. I used to get them after I completed a game, then it became that I had to watch an ad before starting a game. Then if I closed the game and resumed it later I had to watch an ad. Now if I set my phone down (but leave the game open) and it the screen goes onto lock mode I have to watch an ad to resume. Now an add pops up while I am actively playing a game. And these aren’t quick ads either. They go on forever. I let it run until I get an X to close the ad and then there’s another part of the ad that sometimes runs for 30 seconds before I can close it out. Sometimes there are 3 levels to the ad that I have to sit through. It makes it not worth playing the game anymore.
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5 months ago, Am Proest
So many ads
The ads are unbearable and everything costs money. It feels like you get an ad every 15 seconds, every time you guess a word, before and after every level, and you’re constantly bombarded by starter packs that you pay for with real money. I even get ads when I open the game and while things are loading. I got 2 ads that were separated by literally 2 seconds. Both were unskippable and over a minute long. It feels like every button you click makes you watch an ad. This is a total cash grab game. I had this game for less than 10 minutes and even then it felt like I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. There’s even a “free offer” section and you have to pay money for to get these “free” items. All the ads make you want to pay to get no ads but it’s $10. I’ll never get this app again. It’s so irritating with all the ads
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1 year ago, LlamaGirl82828
I ❤️ Wordle
Omg this game is epic! I love it as much as I love a warm chocolate chip cookie! PS sorry if I just made you hungry! It is an amazing game to get your mind thinking. But there is just one problem. Some of the words are very hard(which I like)but not the kind of hard you are thinking of. The hard I mean is not understanding the meaning of the word hard. Have you ever really noticed that? And I am not trying to say that the word have to be something that I can understand. I am just saying that some words are harder to understand than others. Oh and one more thing, parents your kids under 12 years old are going to know how to do it if they can read and write. Thank you for reading this! I appreciate it! Have a super day! Bye!
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2 years ago, missymom1214
Not often…
Do I write reviews… but I started seeing a lot more people were playing an old game revived by New York Times. Anyways, I like the fact that you can continue to play instead of one puzzle a day. What I dislike is that you cant share your puzzle winnings on Facebook with the APP, yet the one a day website version you can share. Also, the ads are horrendous! If there is any way to cut back on them the game would be great, if and when they added on the other things I mentioned of course. I know there’s people out there dying and waiting for that 24 hour countdown. I can’t buy the premium version with no ads because I’m poor and still trying to pick up where the pandemic dropped me!! But hey I’ll take a $3 donation to my Apple ID!! 😂😂 - ☮️ and ❤️ God bless
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9 months ago, C Fo in MoCo
Ads ads & more ads!
I started playing this game in late 2022. (The free version.) Worked my way up & by early 2023 I was ranking in the top 20 nationwide. The ads were reasonable, understandably placed & I had no problem with them at all. At some point the game froze in the middle of a guess & would not let me proceed. When I closed the app & reopened it, I was back down to zero. Months of work gone. So I deleted the app. Well, I recently downloaded again & MY GAWD the ads are RIDICULOUS! Ads before the game, ads after EVERY guess, ads ads ads! I have NEVER played a game with so much solicitation! Needless to say I’ll be deleting again. The point of gaming is to unwind & enjoy a little escape. Watching never-ending commercials is not my idea of unwinding nor escape. Oh, btw, when people have to sit through these repetitive ads for various games, those games are the last games we want to download & play.
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2 years ago, B & R
Ok, could be better…
The reason for the OK rating is that the game is too easy and the game itself can be beat. First, five letter words are easily figured out. To make the game more challenging six or seven letter words, as an option, would help. Second, following the rules of the game itself, if you amass enough coins you can use the hints to simply reveal the word. And, it is easy to build up a huge pile of coins by playing the mini games. When you do this, you effectively beat the game itself. To fix this, the developers could limit the use of clues to once or maybe twice per word. As it stands right now, even without using the hints to “cheat” the game, it is not very challenging and after a few weeks of playing, I no longer open it.
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2 months ago, JH31267343
Way too many ads.
There’s an ad every time you enter a word after your first guess. None of them were skip-able. All of them were for the same old games, and one was approaching a minute long -Wordscapes. So the option is to spend $10 to remove the ads. Mind you, I’ve only played one round and the displayed ads took longer to watch than play that round. I already sub to the NYT and play Wordle once a day without interruption and have it analyze my choices. This game takes away the analysis and adds some gimmicks to my free option. I don’t have a problem spending $10 for a game. But I do have a problem, when trying to sample that game, before buying, and not being able to experience the feel of the game with constant interruptions. And the free version did a very poor job of presenting the gimmicky additions to the player - it didn’t. The option is to spend $10 sight unseen to play Worldle, or to sit through a large number of ads to see if you like the game enough to buy it. Bye bye Wordle. I don’t have the time to sit through to see if I like your game or not. I don't know about the music your playing - is it relaxing or not. I don’t know game functions, aside of the basic spell a five-letter word. I don’t have to time to see what you offer.
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2 years ago, Xwrdfnd
The constant ads pop ups interruption s make the app almost unusable and leave the user feeling aggravated and disgusted. Totally understand the authors / co behind the app want to secure revenue streams but when they get to the point that the user abandons the ridiculous effort it takes to play the game, something has gone off the rails. Just received a totally arrogant tone deaf reply to my initial review, which I am not changing. The reply suggests I purchase the remove ads feature. This is something I would do if the developers hadnt made the ads so obtrusive annoying and aggravating to the point I lose any motivation at all to reward them or use the app, on too of the fact they have obviously been given so much similar feedback in other reviews. Total disgust at their behavior. The app should be removed from the store In fact if I could lower it to zero stars I would
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2 years ago, Hello. ❤️❤️❤️
Freakish amount of ads
The game itself is fun, and I enjoy playing it. However, the amount of ads is so ridiculous I had to come write a review to warn people not to download. Now I understand the need to have ads to make revenue if you have people playing the game for free. There are ads before and after every game with optional rewards ads (and bottom of the screen ads). What really frustrates me is that anytime you swipe out of the game you get an ad. If you respond to a text message, swipe to change the brightness of your screen/to check the time, or even accidentally swipe to see all the apps you have open at once, the game will force another ad down your throat that you will be unable to skip. It’s driving me crazy, and this game is just unplayable even for the most patient of people.
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