4.7 (4.2K)
66.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bluebear Technologies Ltd.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wordly™

4.74 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
5 years ago, shakurav1
Very responsive Developer
Updated 23 Oct 3019 They fixed the scoring issue within 48 hours! These guys are the best. Any who likes this game, but isn’t willing to pay $6 a year to support the developer is nuts. Or spoiled rotten. Five stars! Updated 19 Oct 2019 Removing one star: when returing to game while it's still open in multitasking, it doesn't save the score, but behaves as if whatever words you find are the first ones (even if you already have dozens). Will add a star back when this is fixed. And I should also point out, that while the developer has been very responsive, the website contact page is broken. But they may be also responding to email. Original review (after previous update): As of the latest update, I find this app to be back to the reasons I used it for so long (at least three years now). They fixed the non-saving problem while still open. They also notified me that they were doing it. I see that they now have some kind of subscription model. And while I can certainly understand that, it should have been more clear in the update info. But it's worth the annual subscription for me to play this. And I need to add that I had downgraded my rating to three stars, due to a new crash when replay option was used. The developer fixed that within 24 hours! This was the second time they responded to a compaint with a quick update. Five stars. Recommended for those who like acrostic hidden word games.
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2 years ago, phd test-taker
Terrific verbal brain exercise!
Your WORDLY app is excellent brain exercise. It runs very smoothly without glitches or freezing, which allows for good concentration. It helps your brain to move quickly and fluidly. If you practice, you can quickly see that you are improving , which not only is intrinsically rewarding , but compels you to try harder! I think one of the best aspects of your app is the feedback it gives informationally. When you finish a game it gives you a score, the number of words you have produced, and what percentage of all available words that represents. Best of all, it shows you a list of all the possible words that were available to be composed from the letter grid. If you spend a few minutes studying this list each time, you will find that the words available in your mind and on each successive look at a new game grid enlarges! Of the various word games I have tried in app form, this is the absolute best! MRM PS: And the fact that it can be played in just a few minutes allows a person, who wants to challenge themselves and exercise their brain, to use it frequently …even if, as we all do, they have a busy life.
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3 years ago, Care&seek
Fun and could use a more interactive dictionary
Not sure if it’d be too complicated to do, but sometimes when looking at their dictionary, the definition refers to another word that I have no idea of the definition. It’d be great if that word could be linked to its definition too. Example: ‘seti’ is an alternate spelling for suttee. That’s all. What’s ‘suttee’ mean? Of course I can get online to look it up. But I would love to be able to not have to do that several times during my play. Overall a very fun game though! Addition: I would very much like to be able to see all the words I made, not just the ones that were on your list. Example: just did a game where I made the words ‘lotion’, and ‘grouting’, but didn’t get credit for them because they’re not on your list. Whatever dictionary you’re using is odd…has some proper nouns but completely skips other words that are in common usage.
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6 years ago, AK10R
My most used game
I have been looking for a game that would occupy some down time. I have never looked at this type of game, I don't like crossword puzzles and am a bad speller. Yet this word puzzle is my go to game on my iPhone. It has improved my spelling. I can do it with not WiFi or data connection. If you can't find all the words in one sitting you can minimize the app without Force closing it and your game remains. I also like that one may turn off the timer. Thanks
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5 years ago, behind the mask
Fun game with MAJOR flaws
I love word-search games, but this developer lacks attention to detail, hasn't offered a *meaningful* update in years, and the game has serious issues: 1. Game progress isn't saved. When I leave the game and later return, everything is lost, and I'm forced to start a new game. This is simply inexcusable. 2. Game uses a very bizarre dictionary, including archaic words and even acronyms like "emf," which aren't words at all (and should be capitalized as "EMF"). Yet—common acronyms like "EMT" are rejected! Acronyms are not words and should be disallowed all together. But be consistent: Either allow ALL acronyms (problematic) or disallow all. Which is it? 3. No way to *alphabetize* words we've found, which would make it easier to review the list. 4. Display hasn't been updated for larger iPhones, so there's ugly, blank space above and below the game. What's it been now? 4 years? 5. Outdated user interface still uses buttons from iOS 3 or 4, which have been passé for years. 6. Can't access settings without clearing the game. 7. Can't save a game to replay another time. 8. There are two buttons for sending feedback, which is redundant, and the buttons have different icons. (A minor issue, but untidy.) I would LOVE to see this game become what it could be, and I hope the developer will take the time to improve it. :-)
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4 years ago, Johnny-Coffee
Partner Game?
I’ve tried a lot of these boggle type games since classic boggle was discontinued. This one is the most graphically enjoyable version by far. Excellent for one person. But I’d love a partner option (like the one called “Bogl”) where two people sitting next to each other take turns with the same board (NOT an online competition) and there is a winner. Classic boggle also had a way they listed the words at the end to see which player found which words. With a two person option, this game would easily get 5 stars. Even six.
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2 years ago, Daddy T Gizmo
Good game word
Great game word easy to use. Could be designed better to help with vocabulary of words. Please insert into the dictionary a function of speaking the words. And perhaps an example of how old are used in a sentence. If you want as I play it I could help in the development if you want. I’m 72 years old but has an engineer never read much and I wish I had a better vocabulary maybe this will help.
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3 years ago, Emkarma
Better Than Stupid Boggle with Friends
I wanted to play a Boggle like game and saw Boggle with Friends first. It is full of ads and gimmicks. I just wanted a good old fashioned way to play Boggle on my phone when I’m bored. This is much better. Not ads. Tells you the words you missed. I enjoy it. Thank you for not trying to spam us with ads. ❤️
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3 years ago, BobcatALR
Restore purchases should have...
Vendor said that my purchase of the game before their new subscription service is still valid- just restore purchases. I see no means to restore purchases within the app. Only the means to subscribe. So much for that advice... And no response from the developer. I get it that you wish to make a living this, but switching horses mid race as you have done is flatly unethical if not fraudulent. Haha! Unfair review! How about unfair practices? I purchased the game with the expectation of no ads. Then you changed to a subscription model rendering that purchase moot. I purchased in good faith- faith that was poorly placed. Who’s been unfair? By the way, and repeating: I CAN FIND NO MEANS TO RESTORE PURCHASES IN YOUR APP AS YOU SUGGESTED I DO...
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3 months ago, mandimae95
good, but
I LOVE the haptics on this one that I can't find on any other competitors. however, I do NOT love that the list of words usually contains either non-words or words that certainly no one has heard of. one example I remember: it listed "aas" as a word I missed. google it, that's not a word. for that reason, I tend to play the other options more often – but I miss the haptic response on this one.
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2 years ago, Derbiscuit
Update - Fun Game
Update: originally gave 5 stars, because it was a no ads (too good to be true) game. Then after I rated it 5 stars and played about 2 more games- there came the ads. And much like some other apps I’ve tried - the spam emails started almost immediately after I engaged with the app. Original: Great to play, especially easy to learn - tough to master. Chance to improve your scores, learn new words, and challenge yourself. Am a fan of, and play a lot of, word games. This is one of my new faves!
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2 years ago, RootOnTheOne
Nice little game. Which it had a spin feature
I like how uncluttered it is compared to some word games. You just play without a lot of gamification rules that feel so controlling. Wish it had a spin or rotate feature so I could rotate the board during a game. That would be a huge feature to make it more playable. Also wish I could take turns playing with a friend.
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7 years ago, lindalu435
Can't save game
I enjoy the challenge but in order to complete finding all the possible words, it takes time. Hard to complete in one non stop play. Hard to believe it does not save your game. I find this a big negative. I have discovered that my iPod touch saves the game indefinitely when I return to it but will not save on my IPad. Strange. I continue playing the game anyway because I do love it. I have bumped the game to 4 stars from 3.
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5 years ago, DuckOfPrey
Begging for 5 stars?
LOL. You were asking for 5 star reviews on a game where progress was not saved? Asking for 5 stars and subscriptions so you can further develop the game? No, you add features to EARN higher reviews. You develop the game to EARN higher reviews. OK, now you add progress saving while backgrounded. NOT good enough. Darn near every game out there saves progress when the game is “off” and not loaded/backgrounded. Add THAT and you’ll get a subscription and 5 stars from me. Until then it’s 3 stars.
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3 years ago, Tess61452
LOVE this game + 2 suggestions
I’ve already subscribed! Love the design and interface! Can you add a circular arrow in the corner so we can turn the board by quarter turns in order to see possible words from different directions...and, can you please add the option for landscape orientation for us iPad users :)
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2 years ago, Jenadolph
Needs better dictionary
I download this game since I love boggle. Great challenges and perfect time limits. However I find frequently common words not in the dictionary preventing use. For example: zen, June, July. Whereas there are many “words” allowed not in the English dictionary or are acronyms for tech items. I love the concept of this game, but please add a function to allow submission of suggested words to be added.
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2 years ago, Librarianangie
Nonsense words, inconsistent dictionary
I like the format, but their dictionary kills me. 2 masters degrees, 10 years as a librarian, and yet I look through the list of “words” that I missed, and it’s full of things I’ve never once heard or seen. And sometimes Spanish words, but not all, and not in any pattern I can see. I enjoy looking through the list to see what I missed, and feel like “oh, hey, I overlooked that, oops!” not “of course I missed that gibberish.”
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2 years ago, mspbaker
I love how this game makes me think and rethink. What I didn’t love is the ads that appear after EACH game. It’s annoying and intrusive, particularly when you click on skip ad and it keeps going….or starts over. Forget about playing at bedtime. Even with setting to sound off the ads play sound loud and clear. I just deleted. Love the game, not the frustration of my time being forcibly invaded so frequently.
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7 months ago, niashhh
i love how it challenges you and has absolutely NO ads!!
maybe a little calming music would really calm our brain and get some words faster but i love this app over all this review isnt as big as others but im just so obsessed im at a lost of words
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6 years ago, Howlsthunder
Broken dictionary
I’m a long-time Boggle player, which this game mimicks very well. I find the game functions well, looks good, and it’s nice that you can change the timer length. However, my biggest complaint is that more than half of the words in the official word count list are not real words at all so unless you spend time trying random gibberish you can never get a perfect or high score.
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4 years ago, Dkay44
Simplistic, uncomplicated and clean!
Thank you for this app! A few years ago the old boggle app turned into boggle with friends and is way too over the top and confusing to play. I’ve been looking for an app to fill my word find void. I enjoy the solo games. This app is perfect and uncomplicated!! Thank you.
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1 year ago, Flying queen 2
Had my reservations but I like it!
Sometimes you download a game and think this will be fun then you are deleting the game before you know it. This game is fun and relaxing and I highly recommend you try it at least.
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2 years ago, Squidward<3
5 star worthy
This game has become my every day usual, I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to play. I go to school every day and this game helps with vocabulary and teaching kids new words and Adults too
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4 years ago, Tori1743
Amazing Game!
This game is an awesome game it helps people too spell. Its very fun too, it has alit of words too fill. But it is an awesome game some words are hard too find but this game is one of the most awesome games ever! It has a aesthetic feeling when its in cursive, ty for letting me review! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
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7 years ago, CrossontheLake
All of a sudden game won't save
I haven't had a problem in the past working on a puzzle, going back to it for several consecutive days, until I reach a point where I decide to start a new game. Now it won't save past a day maybe two if I'm lucky. Been loving it up until now. Please fix so that I don't get frustrated to the point of deleting the game.
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6 years ago, Doc Ron222
You can't win.
I have a more than average sized vocabulary in American English, a good knowledge of British, lots of words in french, spanish, german and latin, and music terms in italian. This dictionary seems to have words in no known language! On the non-timed mode, not possible to get all of the seemingly random word fragments. Even so, I like the game, much like boggle, spending way too much time with it. Thanks, I think!
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9 months ago, coolkayaker1
Repeating Puzzles
Before paying, i suggest you play three days of Wordly. You’ll discover in that short time thst this is not a random puzzle generator, but rather a collection of screens in the memory of the game. This is important because you will soon (3-4 days) discover that the puzzles repeat. All of them.
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2 years ago, surfpurplegerbil
Wonderful design wish it were more difficult
Really like the design with hand written letters and lines that show up. I wish it had a greater level of difficulty such as a 5 x 5 square or maybe 6 x 6. Very nice game though.
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1 year ago, Weesh90
Dark mode
I would give 5 stars if there were a dark mode. I have insomnia and like to use games like this to tire me out but have migraines that can be triggered by the bright white. I love the game, have played for a long time. Definitely recommend.
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1 year ago, im4msu2000
Pretty Good
As close to the good ole Boggle as I have found. Would consider the monthly plan but it's missing two crucial elements... 1) The ability to rotate the screen. 2) Not putting a "u" automatically with the "Q". It would be nice to be able to shake your phone, to mix up the cubes, to start each game too.
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3 years ago, T-Mart71
Refreshingly simple and fun
Most apps are designed to get your attention and then get your money. This has no gated content, no energy mechanism, no pay to win element. This is just boggle. Sweet!
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1 year ago, Wheel Lyfe
Too many ads
This game used to be great when it had no ads and I would have gladly paid to buy it prior to installing it. After having it on my phone for a while they performed and update that put ads in after every single game. I don’t mind supporting devs but hate bait and switch tactics. Uninstalling the game right after I post this review. I wish devs would be honest.
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5 years ago, (SB')
Enjoy, but drawbacks
I really enjoy playing this game, but it gets frustrating when it doesn’t recognize some words as actual words. I look them up in the dictionary to make sure I’m not misspelling them. It happens a lot.
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3 years ago, HeadMoose
Gouging their users
As a person who paid them already for their odd “dictionary”, I resent their recent move to grab yet more money from me for a “monthly subscription”, threatening me with ads unless I pay AGAIN! I used to like this app; now I have deleted it rather than allow myself to be ripped off. CAVEAT, y’all. These guys have elected to dump on their loyal customers and I will not just go along.
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2 years ago, annparsons
Easy and fast
You get to see all possible words and it calculates a percent of words found
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6 months ago, Wdbfs18876543
I started on the original boggle app which is no longer available. I just discovered this
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2 years ago, theuglybarnacle99
Good! But One improvement would be great!
Hi, love the game so far. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to rotate the board 90 degrees.
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5 years ago, Bemused Librarian
Disapponting Changes
Wordly now had ads that are pervasive and annoying. In addition, I used to be able to suspend the play and go back to it. Now, the app puts me into a new game without warning or throws me into a space to purchase other games. For an annual $10 fee, supposedly there will be no ads; will I be able to finish a game without losing the original game? My conclusion: I am finished with Wordly.
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2 years ago, Savsheas
Ripped off by no-ad feature
I was enjoying this game except for the ads. Then a pop-up appeared saying I could pay a one-time fee for no ads forever. That was last week. I paid it, and now I have ads again. The game is telling me I have to subscribe to the premium edition to get no ads. This was a rip-off. I deserve a refund! DO NOT FALL FOR THE NO-ADS POP-UP!!
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1 year ago, LanguiDude
Stellar but for subscription plan???
This is a great boggle app. But I don’t understand why it needs a subscription plan and not a one-time purchase. Ah well. Seems like other people like it, though, so they’re clearly motivated to keep it.
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2 years ago, ghhbuvklm
Could be fun, but its not
The annoying font used forthe completed words makes the game more difficult , as does the huge size of the letters in the blocks. Word Blitz has a better set up However, I do like the running list of words found, and the fact that games can be replayed
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3 years ago, Gabby Hunter
I love the challenge and it is highly addictive but hate I am struggling to get over 80 percent. More fun than boggle since not on timeframe
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2 years ago, im im im monkey
Good app
It is a really good app because it teaches word at has not been said for a while I’m so good at reading now
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5 years ago, Mustang67gt350
Good, but the dictionary
What’s up with omitting words like “anal”? Come on. It’s a medical term. Also, I’d like a button that says, “doubt” for some of the crazy so-called words that the app’s dictionary uses. Still like the game, though.
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2 months ago, Sarajoe
It’s just boggle
No extra fancy settings, no playing with “friends.” Just boggle.
Show more
5 years ago, mommyreut
I really enjoy the game. I am thankful for the end button. Often there are too many odd letters on the board and I dislike it. Try to put more frequently used letters. People like to score!!!
Show more
7 months ago, unicornlover1278648
Immediately get
Love this game, first off there is no ads and it is just so fun
Show more
2 years ago, lifalobr
Great Game
I look forward each day to play
Show more
4 years ago, maranuna
Yes on getting rid of them. The game is WORDly, not ACRONYMly. I do not enjoy all the non-words being included. I’ve stopped playing the game very often because of all the non words that are included.
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12 months ago, Sick_of_the_bugs_in_this_app!!
Crash and the puzzle is lost
This game keeps resetting, forcing you to start a new game. This is super frustrating. Please fix.
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