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User Reviews for Wordmaster⁣

4 out of 5
339 Ratings
1 year ago, kpkp1616
Love it, but seems to be a glitch with ad buy-out option
I love this game. It’s super relaxing and when the ads started, it made playing the game no longer relaxing. It was amazing they did the ad buy-out, but my subscription expired and I can no longer auto-renew. I try to press the remove ads button and a pop up says the subscription price, but when I press continue, nothing happens. I hope this is something that can be fixed because I only really kept playing it so much because the ads were gone. Aside from this, it is a nice simple game and is exactly like the anagrams you can send back and forth via imessage, but it’s nice because I don’t have to wait for someone to play me back or spam them to play a lot of games!
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1 year ago, Btan11
Love this game, too many ads
I love this game, I like learning new words. I play it every night before bed. It’s a great way to exercise your brain, or just reset during the day. TOO many ads now!! A huge influx of advertising in this game. I wish they offered a way to buy out of ads. None of them apply to me, they are just random and interrupt the flow of the game. It didn’t used to be this many, and now after each round an annoying ad pops up and lingers until you exit out.
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7 months ago, Coco99<3
Best app ever BUT I have some suggestions!!
I LOVE this game and have been playing for years- I swear I have the worlds highest score lol. It’s like the anagram iMessage game but you get to play by yourself! That’s what brought me to this game. It is beyond relaxing and I’m absolutely addicted. I only have two small complaints, I never write reviews but I felt I really need to being that this is my favorite App ever!! I would love more options of letters, I feel as tho I get the same ones a lot!! It can feel a bit repetitive! And you guessed it.. the ADS. I totally understand that they need ads for revenue, good for them, but I have never in my life experienced ads like this. I get a 45 second ad after every single round, it’s absolutely overkill. It’s gotten to the point I turn on airplane mode every single time I open the app so that I don’t get ads. There has to be a better compromise for these ads, less often, shorter in length, ads that are more relèvent, anything!! Thank you for the app it truly is my favorite.
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1 year ago, k wordmaster
Disappointed with ads
I have played this game for many years and LOVE it until 3 days ago after the recent updates. There’s always been banner ads at the bottom and that’s fine, but now after each round you have to watch a video. Completely ruins this game. I go through rounds so fast and now I spend way more time waiting for the ad to finish then I get to play. So frustrating and disappointing!!! I always play this quick game while waiting for appointments or standing in line but now the stupid ads come on and I have to silence the volume on my phone then forget to turn it back on and miss phone calls. My high score is over 16 million and I’m probably going to delete this game now because it’s no fun with the ad videos.
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1 year ago, SnailEyez
Intrusive and Jarring Ads Ruining the Game
I used to love playing this as a relaxing game before bed. I liked that the ads were not intrusive, they used to be visible, but just a simple banner at the bottom of my screen. I could look at them and they weren’t obnoxious. Now, the ads pop up with no warning, blinding me with video ads that are not interesting to me in the least for cringey, awful phone games that I would NEVER play. I hate it! Please change it back to how it used to be. I would rather have the constant banner at the bottom rather than the sudden, blinding and jarring ads that take over the whole screen without warning, interrupting the game. PLEASE!!!
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4 years ago, xyz and me
Good, but needs improvement
I purchased this because Word Warp has gone rogue with their noisy ads. I like this game; however, the timing is too short, the red letters and timing minutes are impossible to read against the purple background with gold dots, and they are allowing foreign language words like “bonito” as a winning word. If you change anything about the app, please allow for user-adjustable timing; say 2-6 minutes. Two minutes to complete a list of so many words is unreasonable. This is especially true since the letters stay in one position the entire time. You have use up precious time to retype a whole word across all the letters just to add its plural version.
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3 years ago, DeekDunks41
This was the first game I had on my first smart phone. I couldn’t stop playing then & I still can’t stop now. The only 2 things I would change is that I would like to see a “previous” button which puts the last thing you spelled back up again. That would cut down on some typing time. The other thing is I would make sure it doesn’t repeat itself anymore. Otherwise, it’s great. Easily my favorite Word Game.
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1 month ago, J kina
Game keeps resetting
Hello, I was wanting help with my word master game. I have trouble with this game and don’t want to lose my place. It reset my current game at level 187 and this is the second time it has done this. While i was in the middle of a game it erased all the words i found back to none and i only have 1 second left. This will cause me to lose the level since i didn’t find over 50% of the words and start me back at level one. Can someone help me fix this pls. I had the same issue few months ago but i was at level 467. I don’t want to start over again. I will just delete the game if it happens this time. Can someone help me?
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2 years ago, Pickmehen
Solutions too repetitive
I really like playing this game, but the individual games are too repetitive. I see too many of the same word solutions over and over. It’s disappointing. Needs more new games. Also I would love it if they had an option to choose a game with few solutions vs many solutions. Number of solutions changes the speed of play. A 2 solution game is entirely different feel from a 45 solution game. I prefer the many solution game and just skip through until I get one. But I keep getting the same games 😕
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7 years ago, Tupelobound
I've been enjoying this app.. sort of... for a few years now, but sometimes I find it frustrating. My main complaint about it is the feel. Considering that there is a timer in this game, it can be frustrating because there seems to be a lack of sensitivity to touch sometimes. (It's definitely not my phone.) Many times the letters that you tap don't always go into place and you find yourself going back to correct. In short – it's sluggish compared to other games. It simply lacks that snap. Also it's a little buggy. Many times I set it to have a minimum of four letter words only, and then when I turn the game back on it will reverts back to three. What gives? And I've never gotten a reply from anyone in support when I've submitted a word that I believe was incorrect. It seems nobody is home here. Overall, not a bad game but it could be tightened up.
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2 months ago, slc71RN
Fun word game!!
I’ve played several different unscramble word games and this one is very very good. This game allows me to continue playing if I solve the master word or if find at least 50% of the words- - and I can shut down my phone without losing my place. Then when I return to the game, I’m where I left off it. I like that for a small fee, I don’t have to see all those distracting ads.
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2 years ago, mia810
Needs Serious Updates, PLEASE!
I love this app. I use it almost daily, and have for several years. I use it for calming, distracting, and word practice. I love the look and interface. Very easy to use. Unfortunately, there have been no legitimate updates in a long, long time. Maybe ever, to my knowledge. I’m not talking bug fixes, I want a real update. New words, more options, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same words, some just a few round apart. Please, please update this app! Give us more! -Round 1070
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6 years ago, Aegishyde
The Ads!!!
I've been playing this game daily for a few months and starting this morning a video ad plays about every 20 seconds as I'm playing a game. It's so distracting, if I'm in the middle of typing a word I sometimes forget what I was typing, because the ad popping up is so jarring. I also find it annoying that the time doesn't change depending on the # of possible words, but I can deal with that. The ads have just got to go... I don't care if I have to watch an ad between levels, but popping up mid game is too much. And yes, I'm sure I'm not tapping the ad by accident. Right now I'm going to seek out another anagram app, because these ads have been such a nuisance.
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7 months ago, Ednonymous
I’m happy that the game permits a “win” if the player identifies a majority of words. While I frequently solve 100%, there are many times I can’t get the last (often ridiculously obscure) word or two. The one feature that annoys me is that it accepts some words and not others. Examples: some Greek letter names and not others. Some foreign words and not others. Some proper nouns and not others.
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11 months ago, somename to aend this
Amazing buuuuttt
This game is really fun. But something I noticed is that when I put a word in and it denies its a word, when the round is finished, its right there. For example: i type in tom. It says its not a word. Ok, i keep playing. But when the game ends, tom is right on the list saying i didnt type it when i did! Like huh? So hopefully that can be fixed up please! Its kind of annoying! 🖤
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6 years ago, pscates
I enjoy the game, but...
...a few things need improving. The background image and the coloring for the post-game missed words isn’t very legible. That should be an easy fix. Secondly, I wish the app tied into the various Scrabble acceptable-word dictionaries. There are tons of words Scrabble uses/accepts but this app simply doesn’t. Even simple things like “DEBS” and “BIOS” (simple plurals to words the app does accept) get rejected, along with many others. Overall a fun, relaxing game. Just needs a bit of visual and under-the-hood tweaking to be one of my favorites!
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1 year ago, Cantorina
I have been playing this game for at least three years. I paid the subscription price to get rid of the bombardment of ads. For the last few days I’ve seen ads again, asked to restore purchases & the ads keep coming back! I’m happy to pay the subscription, but I shouldn’t need to restore purchases. Please fix this!
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9 months ago, Haunted American Girl Doll
Just needs a harder mode
Great game design, nice color scheme that’s easy on the eyes, but just too easy to get much out of; if there were modes of greater difficulty (i.e. 7- or 8-letter word modes) I’d consider playing this more and possibly purchase an ad-free version. (Also, not sure if it’s an issue with just my phone, but I’d love to be able to rotate the phone sideways to play this!)
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5 years ago, rightrev4544
Save Scores
It would get 5 stars if there was a way to register an account that could then be transferred to another device. Great game! I play this more than any other game....I would just like to be able to save my score when changing phones, for instance.
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1 year ago, mjwellman
Better version now
I loved this app for a couple of years. Maybe a year ago they added commercials to it which were obnoxious long and took away the fun. However, they recently revised how they are doing the commercial ads and it’s reasonable now
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4 years ago, ShortyKaren22
This app is like no other. I really hate the adds that pop up after ever game, but this game doesn’t have that. It’s really calming and a great way to pass the time! I love playing it while listening to my music(especially since there are no ads to interrupt my music) and I’ve been playing for years
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2 years ago, lengjaihk
Free but with intrusive ads
If you use the dictionary, the website's videos will autorun forever and will continually pop up during a timed game (and the clock runs down while the video plays!). Please fix this. Only way to stop it is to pause and quit. In general it has a nice style but I think the sounds are strange. Would be nice to have options for different sounds.
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3 months ago, Fanboys two
Fun but needs some adjusting
I love word games, like text twist but I like to know what I got wrong. These ones will tell you the words you missed. And even though I found the words in the dictionary. They are terrible words I never heard of. So I have a love and hate with this game. It’s fun, but make the words everyday words. Not some word most have never heard of.
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11 months ago, SierraLC4444
Needs to adjust word settings
I am on the easiest setting and they consistently have difficult long words like “rachis”… I tried the hard setting, it is the exact same. It would also be nice to have different time settings. Sometimes I don’t want to rush. So hard to find a good word game.
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1 year ago, psalmistlou
Video ads have ruined this game.
Used to love this game. It helped me fall asleep at night. Now a video ad plays after every round which is utterly ridiculous. On top of that, there’s no way to close out of the ads unless you completely close the app and reopen it. Tried to contact support via the website but I was unable to even send a message in. Video ads have ruined this game.
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1 year ago, 2sillytodo2016
Loved this game until the ads got out of hand and totally interfered with the enjoyment of the game. If there was a way to buy out of the ads, I’d definitely come back. Otherwise I’m afraid you’ve lost a long time fan.
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3 months ago, 636087417383179795
Was great till they added adds between rounds
This was my go to time killer that was so soothing and relaxing. I knew a game would take max 2 minutes and now there's adds between the rounds which pull me right out of the groove. Such a shame they ruined a great thing and now you have to pay to get rid of them
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2 years ago, 61Skidoo!
Don’t bother. It’s infuriating!
Used to be my favorite word game. I haven’t played in about a year, though, and I won’t again! Every other word I input causes an ad to pop up, over and over and over. Tonight I played 4 levels and saw the same add interrupt play 23 times! And I don’t play the free version. I paid NOT to have ads! What happened? Nowhere to recall purchase. Really disappointing.
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1 year ago, MollyMiMi
Too many ads
Love the game, play it every day, is my "go to". Keeps my mind sharp throughout chemotherapy. But frequency of ads has increased and becomes quite irritating. Such a great game! Please pull back on the ads.
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3 years ago, Mswilk1
Hard to see
I do like the app, but wish I could change the colors. The red on purple background is hard to see. Poor color combo.
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3 years ago, Csunshine1908
More words, change color
Thank you for updating. The solid purple color is better but the red font for missed words is very hard to read and I have perfect vision. Also, can you add more new words to mix it up? Thank you!
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3 years ago, byuluv6
I loved the game. I really missed my original Text Twist on my old Nokia phone. I found it on the Microsoft site, geez I miss it. Your games was the closest games to it. Thanks
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1 year ago, Hammsterr
Love the game but became too pricy
Love this game and unfortunately had to delete it. It used to be ad free now it’s unplayable and at $1.99 a month to remove ads, not worth the hassle Offer an annual amount for a price break and I might be back
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6 years ago, JeffAwther
Keeps crashing
I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years on different phones. Over the past few months it has crashed many times and the frequency of crashes is increasing. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it with no improvement.
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7 years ago, Wja design
Great game but...
Love the game. Addictive. One issue. I was down to one word and about to finish level 4 when the program crashed and sent me completely out of the game. I re-entered and lost all inputs. Darn. Great game though, except for that bug. Just got bumped off after getting to round 300+. Back to round one. NOT. Just deleted the crap app. Don't waste your time with this flawed piece of crap.
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1 year ago, Slotcats
Way too many ads
I love this game and play it every day, however, suddenly there are way too many ads. There are ads after every round and it is beyond annoying. Unfortunately that’s the end of this game for me.
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1 year ago, Flyboy RV’r
Wordmaster is still a good way keep yourself occupied while waiting for other items to happen.
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1 year ago, Lora104
Too many ads
You can only play a few rounds without an ad for a game appearing. This started a few weeks ago and there is no way to stop it. Sometimes it causes the game to freeze. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Idontlikeliars
I enjoy this particular game to the absolute fullest because as a Senior Citizen I am able to keep my spelling skills Sharpened while learning new words. “AND ITS FREE😀 I am ELATED!!! P.S. Hopefully in the very near future you will add similar games. Sincerely; Ms. D
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1 year ago, J4A’s
Love but repeats words
I love this game but it gives the same word several times!! Needs to give new words as you keep advancing!
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3 years ago, suzensez
Compelling but flawed
I find this game very addictive, somehow due in part to the fact that there’s no score, no history even. But I hate the crazy random vocabulary.
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3 years ago, 432west
Disruptive pop up ads!
When did you allow “The Free Dictionary by Farlex” to repeatedly interrupt the game??? Extremely annoying and when I contacted Farlex they said “Wordmaster “ wasn’t their app so they couldn’t do anything about it. Can you help me before I have to dispose of your app for another. Please help. Thanks
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1 year ago, v7master
I love this game!
Well-designed. Flawlessly accurate. Should be fun for anyone who likes word games.
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3 years ago, BigStar303
I have deleted this app from my phone
…due to pop-up ads that repeatedly interrupt games in progress. The sheer idiocy of this (you can’t at least wait till the game is complete?) makes me want to have nothing to do with developers who are actually this real-life stupid.
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5 years ago, ebj3251
I love this game
It gets my brain going in the morning it helps distract me thru the day then I wind down with it before I go to sleep
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1 year ago, rossworks777
Extremely annoying adds
I used to play this daily, but now that they have updated with ads, the app will be deleted …. Not worth playing anymore!
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5 years ago, carmelshelley
More setting adjustments needed
1. Offer more time choices for length of each round. 2. Make it possible to reload the previous word to make it faster to change it...ie: dance, reload>dances
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4 years ago, Debmarw
Love it!
Love this app! It’s so easy to use & grateful to be able to see any of the words I’ve missed.
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3 years ago, SerendibJourney
Perfect for Wordsmiths
Simple. No childish graphics, music or other annoyances. Solid execution, and yes addictive.
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1 year ago, WordPlayer500
Very poor dictionary
Often doesn’t take common words and has the most obscure word for maximum letters instead of more common words for the same letters - 👎
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