Wordmeister Solo Word Puzzle

2.7 (92)
25 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wordmeister Solo Word Puzzle

2.7 out of 5
92 Ratings
5 years ago, MommaMeah
Needs work
The program doesn’t recognize some of the Scrabble words or even words in Webster’s dictionary. The program also makes up words that are not in either. It is fast to catch errors on double words I play but makes those same errors when it is playing a word next to another word. I would give this a five star rating if not for those issues.
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3 years ago, whaco buffalo
I enjoy this game and appreciate its’ availability. Game moves well and can be challenging. I am a little disappointed in the acceptance of proper names, incorrect spelling, and non acceptance of both scrabble and/or dictionary listed words. Compound words seem to be accepted or rejected without pattern. I still enjoy this game and rate it 5 of games I have played. Thanks for making it available…I love word games😊😊👍👍 Not sure this is going to you…. Love the game….really tired of same things happening as listed in prior comments. Love words, love your basic game, cannot accept what the game does to vocabulary, correct word application, proper word usage, and failure to change the game relative to reviews sent. Thanks and goodbye… I am done with this game.
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3 years ago, apfeed
Doesn’t save- screen a challenge- not smart
The game takes up screen so it’s hard to navigate to other activities such as answering a text- . Also hard to slide tiles down on iPhone as it picked up iPhone slide of other content. Machine player plays 2 letter words often and Ruins board. And worst of all it doesn’t save games Amd 2x now I was close to end or game and lost all my work Also doesn’t recognize real words
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2 months ago, Cipsimos
Needs work
I’m so frustrated with Words with Friends (played for years but it’s changed) and tried this. It doesn’t seem to have any incentives to earn any points or to achieve higher levels. Pretty disappointing.
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4 years ago, Jimxlxv
Nobody likes a cheater
I like the game a lot but the program always scores it's own words correctly but under scores my words at least three to four times a game. Does not recognize previous laid tiles or multiple scoring squares. I also have to get use to the fact that abbreviations are allowed.
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4 years ago, nettejj
Inconsistency in allowable words
Allows words that aren’t words and when I check on a valid word it isn’t a valid word, also a few times I played a valid word but was given a zero score go figure. I like not having to play a real person, so I can multi task and take my time. A few times the computer was thinking for a long time and never made a word . Game needs work
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2 years ago, D011yAngel
A bit random
The opposing player almost always comes up with obscure words—cark, ephor, they wrote eevn (why not even)? They play illegally, don’t use triple word score tiles (but often block them), and they always lose by a mile. The game also miscalculates scores.
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6 years ago, Winsbins1
Made up words
I’ve already done a review but forgot to add that the computer player makes up words that don’t exist! Not in a scrabble book or dictionary. Game needs work and then I would even pay for it.
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3 years ago, Arr/D
This is one of my favorite games and I’ve played it for ages. Recently installed it on another tablet, but this new version makes me manually move the letters. This is too tedious and time consuming! A fun and challenging game!
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2 years ago, dinglehooch
Too long thinking
Challengers take WAY too long to think move on to another game save yourself a headache from this one Also it says words are not valid when they are actually words also at edges of board you put in a valid word and it thinks there are played tiles below which you can’t see Poor version of scrabble
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4 years ago, Ocaoivorew
No different, worse really: made up words not in dictionary
Made up words. Player gets lousy letters. I traded mine in twice in one game: once no vowels, and after three rounds getting only “i’s” and “u”s for vowels. I had some words in my hand but they clog up everything with two letter words, like en. In a space a good word could go to make the game more fun. I’m not 5, I want to make a word over 4 letters Moups, etc.
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6 years ago, RonBette
Love the game But
It keeps locking up when the other person is thinking. Always close to the end of game and you can't make it get back to you. Have no choice but to end game.
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11 months ago, angelaspasta
Words not in dictionary
Words not in dictionary that the computer opponent uses such as rewth , Bhuts. We speak English . What is this all about?
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5 days ago, 79885354
Could be better
The computer players (I assume) stop playing at the end of a game when I am way ahead. It just says “Luke is thinking,” and stays there. Really annoys me. Why not pass and let me play?
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2 years ago, Ms.Firefly
This game has the potential to be a very good game but, it allows none words to be played by the computer or the opposition player while not allowing the same words to be played by me. The words it allows are not in any dictionary.
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2 years ago, CWalru$$
This app makes up non- existent words and disallows many bonified standard Scrabble words. I enjoy playing but this program needs some serious adjustments to make it credible.
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11 months ago, artiserus
enjoy playing but the bot cheats
I enjoy playing this game but the bot cheats repeatedly and gets away with it. Numerous words are used that are not in Webster's. Please correct your algorithm as you are almost there.
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1 year ago, seemseveryNameIsTaken
There are some bugs
Sometimes your opponent is thinking…and thinking and thinking…there is no way to get unstuck. Usually, it is close to the end of the game.
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2 years ago, ec4stx
I want to love this game, but it needs work. It doesn’t recognize approved Scrabble words used by me…but offers great liberties to the other party’s words. Sometimes I have to quit because it’s like the game is “cheating” for the other side.
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10 months ago, Ellie1omie2
Proper nouns
Game just used a proper noun Cruve, so I tried (on purpose) the proper noun Faye: not accepted!? Fair is fair. This happens often!! It is beginning to spoil the game for me!!!!!
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5 years ago, V B -LEX
Needs Editing
I like being able to play the game offline. It needs more avatars of color. It’s worse offense, is using/playing words that are not legit! Runproof is not legitimate.
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4 years ago, DeeNice56
Fun but....
Don’t freak when your legit words aren’t recognized and the competition uses nonsensical BS unwords you can’t dispute.
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2 weeks ago, Tweenk2
Not good!
Opponent is allowed to make up words. Your legitimate words are rejected. Opponent doesn’t play in a timely fashion. Scoring is inaccurate. All in all, a very poor app.
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2 years ago, fdahfoiew ief sjnfjsd
The computer you play against has the vocabulary of a 1st grader including made up words.
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5 years ago, Law4her
Need different level
Fun game but need more advanced level
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2 years ago, merckite
Accept non-scrabble words
“DB” is NOT a scrabble word. Doesn’t happen often, but annoying when it does.
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2 years ago, Seeking anteeks
Crap program. Where do they get their words?
They use words not in the dictionary- like miid and tiyin. Deleting this stupid game.
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2 years ago, Gailab
The app keeps stopping before the game is finished
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2 years ago, margo741
iPad version not as good as android version
I enjoyed playing this much more on the android tablet I used to have. Now I have a brand new IPad and I have to choose what player I want to be each time I start a game and I can not accumulate points to buy new characters and backgrounds. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, nova-A
Invalid words
This game is totally invalid. The words are from outer space NOT Webster’s. OMG
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