Wordplay: Search Word Puzzle

4.5 (1.4K)
168.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
G5 Entertainment AB
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wordplay: Search Word Puzzle

4.47 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, lostclaire
Good game, don’t like the update
I like all aspects of Wordplay….making words, achieving levels, the tournaments and stand alone events. The update this week is awful as far as bookmarking where I was. Since I’ve already achieved the highest level, the game ‘assumes’ I want to play the Bonus puzzles. I’m actually replaying old levels to earn the puzzle pieces and assemblers. What does the update do when I earn a puzzle piece in level 2300? Pops me all the way up to level 6000 bonus puzzles. I have to keep referring to the map to see where I need to be for the next puzzle piece. Please put it back the way it was to advance 1 level when one is completed. This back and forth and having to continually find my place will inevitably result in deleting the game.
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1 year ago, janieblue
One of the best designed games around
I’ve been playing this game daily for a couple of years and have passed 150k points with a ton of bonuses saved up. I have reached level 6000 and have been playing again from level 3000 until they add some more levels, although the bonus levels have made the game really interesting (and going through the old games unnecessary, although they’re fun, too). So obviously, I get a lot out of playing this game. I still think the design of this game is one of the best around. I am updating my review since those minute-long ads have disappeared. (THANK YOU!!) I thought I had pretty much played this one out, but with the new bonus levels, and the significant reduction in advertising, you guys pulled me right back in. Credit where it’s due. A brilliant game design, giving yourself hints by filling in the crossword puzzle by pulling words from the letters offered. Thanks for continuing to work on it.
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3 years ago, stevaura
Wordplay G5 mixed feelings
I like word games and this is fun if all you want to do is figure out words from scrambled letters. I like the extra twist with winning puzzle pieces when you figure out a 'starred' word at each level. However, it gets difficult to win the puzzle pieces as you level up -unless you spend money, of course. Also, the game rewards you with many of same puzzle pieces instead of the ones you need to complete the puzzle. Therefore, I'm losing interest with the puzzle challenges because I can't spend money on such frivolous things. Another thing I find hard is adding friends in order to receive/send gifts. I've sent requests to G5 friends who play this game and request new friends too, but have never received any gifts even though I send gifts out. Compared to the other G5 game I play, that is not the case- it's much easier to connect with other players than with this game. Bottom line: Wordplay is just okay for me.
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3 years ago, Life outside of wordplay
Tournament Levels
I recently started joining the weekend tournaments that are played Friday through Sunday. My thoughts are as follows. I enjoy playing in the tournaments but have a lot going on in my life and do not have 72 hours to continuously play the game. Seems like the winners are those who play the longest amount of time, not those who can complete word searches quickly and accumulate points. Is there a way to give bonus points to those folks who complete the word searches quickly as opposed to having to play hour after hour against people who apparently have nothing better to do on the weekends? I will play in one league and not have to devote my weekend to play and then WordSearch moves me up a level. I do not have time to accumulate 8000 points as I am busy enjoying the outdoors, friends, and family. Just a thought about maybe trying to reward people for actually playing the game quickly as opposed to just spending more time on it.
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4 years ago, Razmire
Was a good game yesterday, then the update ruined it
As the review title states, the newest update has made some negative changes to the game. Specifically the bonus words portion of the game. Before the update, it used to be that you would get a star for every bonus word that you found. Now what you have to do is find enough bonus words to complete a small circle to get a star, and the number of required bonus words to fill the circle increases every time. Meaning that you get a lot less star points than you used to. If that wasn’t bad enough, then every time you complete the circle the game makes you wait to give you the single star point that you’ve earned, thus slowing down your progress by a decent amount of time. If the creators of this are reading this, could you please return the game (or at least the bonus words portion) to how it was before this newest update? Please?
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4 years ago, Anatiru
Fun game!
This is a fun and relaxing game. The background music is pleasant and the pictures, that are used, for the different countries—simply beautiful! I didn’t give it 5 stars, because of two small issues. One: I’ve had difficulty with some words not being accurate. One example, out of a few, (and this is not a huge deal, by the way,) the game should have recognized that “tarts” is a word, it is the plural of “tart”. Like I said, not a huge deal, because it is, all in all, a nice game. Two: the levels seem to repeat. For example, the same letters will be used after ten or so levels. Not a huge deal, but it does tend to get a tad repetitive.
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4 years ago, LovesCandyBars
Bring Back the Points
I have enjoyed the app for a few months now and it is the reason for the four star rating. However some recent changes have made the game less enjoyable to play. New bonus word point changes cause points to increase at a diminished rate and there are more incentives to purchase tools instead of using points you have earned. Part of the fun was watching those points increase quickly when you found a lot of bonus words. The increase in number of ads popping up, especially with the addition of video ads, has gone overboard. Maybe on purpose so you start paying monthly to hide them? As a marketing person I understand the reasoning, it just feels like too much. One last note is that frequently plurals are not recognized in the main game or timed challenges. In the challenges you can lose a try instead of the word counting as a bonus if the word is not part of the puzzle or is not an accepted bonus plural. Overall a fun game!
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4 years ago, Goldenmom
The English language has so many words but there are some that do not occur often in everyday speech. This word game forces us to use our heads to come up with every possible word using only the letters provided. This is a thinking person’s game. I pretty much can rest assured that once I pass level 50, the words will really become difficult to figure out. Wordplay is an electronic dictionary, a fun place to be. In only 2 days, I have made it to level 32 with only a couple of necessary “bailouts”. Great game, I look forward to at least 500 levels.
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1 month ago, Scubamax
Just let us play!
I don’t care if other people want to sign up, save their results, get extra prizes, buy points, but I’m NOT one of them. Why do you (and lots of other games) insist on constantly telling people to log in and give you more information. Make the offer, for those who want to, leave a link to do that, but don’t keep harping on it! Also, don’t constantly ask for reviews. I guarantee if you make all that a clear choice (a button to click) those that like leaving reviews and forking over their personal information & money will do so. The rest of us, who just want to play a while, will really appreciate being left alone.
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4 years ago, BookishKatKins
A Good Game
Love this game. Tho a bit of a challenge at times, it’s very relaxing, including the music. Only one small issue, in one game of an early level, two word boxes didn’t show, so I didn’t know why the game didn’t move forward when I thought I’d completed the puzzle. I tried more words & when I found them, then the game moved forward. To be fair, I haven’t notified the game maker yet as I just got the game yesterday. I’m only noting it here so people won’t give up, thinking there’s no way to the next level.
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4 years ago, Ummie19971
Easy Game (so far)
I got this word game because I enjoy finding hidden words. I understand that this type of game is going to start very simple but I feel that it’s a bit slow increasing the difficulty. I’m sure that it will become more challenging soon. I’m also somewhat confused as one time an abbreviation is not accepted and on another level it will not only be acceptable but it’s actually what they are looking for. Not a big deal but it could be addressed by the developer.
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4 years ago, Sheenabutte
New and challenging!
I’m impressed, even though it’s my second day. Great stress reliever as well as terrific brain exercise. I’m turning 71 next week, I have always done crosswords, word search and trivia based things all my life. No one told me but I knew I needed to keep my brain active. Finally an application that isn’t a game but an enjoyable experience for me and great fun while keeping my brain active. Something TV isn’t good at these days. I look forward to each new day in this application.
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4 years ago, Scooterjuice
Great game 🤓
Just started to play and I’m impressed. It “really challenges” your brain and some of the words you come up with that are not part of the puzzle goes into a bonus word and believe me when I say that some of these words you would never think were real actually are. (There is a dictionary that gives you the meaning). I am on level 38 and have not spent 1 dime to play, so it is possible to get through it without 💵.
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4 years ago, CJ&Bj
WHY do ads play now between levels?
I love this game - but with limited data, ads between levels means I can't. Bad enough invites don't go away unless you play the ad, but forcing it without an opt-out is horrid. I'll check back every so often to see if it's fixed. Review will go back to 5 stars if it is. Really upset about this latest "addition".
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2 years ago, JoJoWyro
Used to be fun
My husband and I loved this game and have been playing for a very long time. Recently, in the past month, they have upped the ads to the point that after every level there are ads. Not just an ad you can exit out of but now they are videos that you have to watch to the end before continuing. The X is often hard to find and even when you do press it it takes you to the advertisements. It is a severe drain on the battery. I for one am removing this app which is a shame because we really enjoyed it.
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3 years ago, Aakf10
Love it!
My daughter and I play this together and love it. It gets harder the longer you play. It definitely makes you think. It’s a good game for kiddos who are in elementary school because it gives definitions of words as a hint option, and of course they have to know how to spell the words too. This game will drive you nuts in a good way and is pretty addicting as well. Try it!!
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4 years ago, Samantha75
Game sync
I have two iPads and this game is on both of them. I play the game on one sometimes and on the other when the first one is charging or in another room. Yet, the games are not in sync with one another. Why? I am the same person. I have tried doing your log in to get them to sync, but to no avail. I would consider this as a serious screw up. One game level is 1259 and this game level is 1120 something? REALLY??? Need to fix this. Update: the issue above, never got resolved. New problem: on one iPad, I at level 1680 on the game and it is stuck or something because, I enter the words and it tries to cycle to level 1681, but it loses the image and goes back to level 1680, with the same clues/words to fill in. I do that and boom, it keeps recycling??? FIX THE BUGS, PLEASE. Newest issue: my "words not in puzzle" which should ADD to my stars is no longer adding??? Why can't you FIX these bugs?
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4 years ago, Sue_notantsoup
Great game!
I'm enjoying this game quite a lot. The rate at which the levels get harder seems just right, and I particularly like that you get credit for words you find that aren't in the puzzle. I'd like to see the dictionary for found words expand some, as I've found some pretty basic ones that aren't recognized. Otherwise it's a very enjoyable app!
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4 years ago, rosebud6666
Wordplay exercise your brain
I like this game so far n it’s bit of a challenge for me n that’s good bc it helps me to figure out how to get the words done but I wish that u could get gifts from other players that would help a whole lot instead of buying it all the time bc I can’t afford to buy every time I get stuck just saying
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4 years ago, awebweaver2
Excellent game
I’m always playing word games and trying to con my mom into playing them as well since she is the one who made us play them since we was young. I installed the game and was already at level 38 before I stopped playing and told her it was her turn to down load it lolol she did and stop at game 50 .....
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4 years ago, bucky thumper
Like it but having issues
The game is fun love the two day challenges but when I am thru with a puzzle in the two day challenge and hit the play button it kicks me out of the whole app when I return to it I have to keep repeating the same level. I’m using an iPad and have checked all updates on it and for the game please look into it
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4 years ago, Prdrew116
Wordplay Addicted!
Since the outbreak of this pandemic, like so many others shut in their homes, most of us have resorted to playing word games on our smart phones. I play this game every single day and I’m so high up in the wordplay food chain that the words are beginning to not have a meaning, have crazy spellings (lol)! I love it!
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4 years ago, i only have one
I like this game because I know a lot of words but am not a good speller. Playing helps me a little with my spelling. I’d give 5 stars, but sometimes the game is a little prejudice and doesn’t give credit for certain words that are in the dictionary which seems odd because it includes colloquial words from other countries.
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2 years ago, Disappointed21979
It’s a very addictive game and I do enjoy playing it. I have a suggestion regarding the ongoing game with the puzzle pieces. Give us some idea what I’m trying to accomplish or obtain. I keep completing pictures, different ones but it still says I’ve only found 4 of 5. What 5?
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4 years ago, wittwattward
Keeps me entertained!!
Wordplay, along with other G5 games, has kept me entertained, challenged (but not so much that I give up), and sane during all the days of house arrest due to the coronavirus. Even when I am paroled, and hopefully still healthy, I will still be playing!! Thank you for these games and PLEASE keep creating more!!
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2 years ago, Zippy..bing
Word Play
HELP…..Love the game. I have been playing it for years, BUT some how the app has gotten into a loop with the words climber, payable and harshly. Every time I try to play these words come up and then the app closes. I have tried all the obvious methods to fix it but I can’t fix it, Apple made some suggestions which I tried but they didn’t fix it. So I am appealing to you to fix your problem or tell me how to.
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4 years ago, mogny
Pretty Good!
It’s not over complicated. The games are not mind breaking and enjoyable. What I would like to see is some type trade up in either points or gifts for unexpected words. In one game I found 13 words that were not a part of the puzzle. It would have been nice to trade those words for stars.
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3 years ago, backhaul
Great game
My Mom(79yrs young) and myself play this every night, it is so much fun and keeps her mind sharp. We are on level 224 and sometimes it takes both of us together to solve them and we have so much fun guessing at the answers.
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4 years ago, Deeaxel
Great Game
I love word games, and this one is no exception. I really like that each puzzle does not use all possible words so you have an opportunity to earn bonus stars. I also like the calming music and backgrounds. Overall, a relaxing word game I spend hours playing.
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4 years ago, Snowlight1
I love this game so I give it 5 stars. One problem just started this morning. Mid game it crashes and starts over. Erases the game that was going and starts a new one. I checked to see if an update was available but the game is up to date.
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4 years ago, Hilal'sG
Enjoying the potential
I have recently begun playing and am liking the puzzles. I tend to play for my skill level rather than by purchasing much within games so I’m curious to see whether enough stars and rewards will be given to proceed far in this game. We’ll see!
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12 months ago, Mkmayo
Great game but the ads are so annoying
I have played this game for quite awhile but since the latest update the ads have become so annoying it interrupts tournament play and makes it almost impossible to play! If you can stand ads every 2 minutes then play on. Also, there isn’t even an option to go ad free.
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4 years ago, Jomaher49
Word Play
I am deleting this game because you keep penalizing men for skipping a day when I didn’t miss a day! You do it to me all the time on Hidden Society! You should do it for a week not a day anyway! I lost playing time a few times when I was sick!
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10 months ago, Lora226
Wordplay review
I love the game. It’s challenging and addictive. My husband and I play all the time and will swap iPads to finish each other’s puzzles on occasion. I even have my grandsons playing to help them with their reading and letter recognition. L. Whitehouse
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4 years ago, SunflowerLucas
I find this game easy and challenging at the same time. Sometimes it is hard to see all the words because they are in a circle which makes it fun and sometimes you’re like oh duh why couldn’t I see that word.
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2 years ago, ShelbyWordPro
Surprisingly satisfying
Actually better than another word game I deleted because the ads became ridiculous. I like the dictionary clue. Not too easy or too hard.
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4 years ago, raevenna777
Fun but cannot play
Lately there is a window that pops up about participating in the latest "challenge". No matter what I do, that window will not go away. If I restart the game, it repeats the "daily reward", and "give us feedback" screens, then up pops (and stays) that challenge window. Frustrating, as it is a pleasant game when I can actually play.
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4 years ago, Hali;)
Word games.
I love the word games, but I found that I am having to spend too much money buying coins stars and what ever it requires to proceed with the game, so I will stop when I run out and delete the games. I love playing but the cost is too much. Marie Engel.
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4 years ago, ⓛⓐⓓⓨ ⓚⓔⓨⓔ
I have been playing this game for a few weeks. It’s helpful for me to push my cognitive skills. Dementia runs in my family’s on both my fathers and my mother side . I really hate when these online games make you pay for stuff
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4 years ago, cjflowers
I love the game!!!! But I have just ran into a problem. Once I hit around level 2000 the same 7-8 words just keep repeating. Until that is fixed I can’t continue playing. That get boring. If that gets fixed, I will give this a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, Words1!@
Enjoyable, but...
Enjoy the game. However, there are multiple aspects that could be improved. For example, I win all these stars that I can’t buy anything with them. The one competitive event is limited to one every couple of days against yourself. They use to have a community competition but that stopped.
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2 years ago, hdjsksbfbdkxjdkdjggkshfhg
Some people cheat
Maybe if you created it a little bit harder because some people like search up the letters so yeah maybe don’t know I want to do that
Show more
3 years ago, triple cc rider
But us be able to move the letters instead of connect them
Do it so you don’t have to match the letters and you can mix the letters up so just show the letters jumbled and let us move them as we wish instead of having to connect to them.
Show more
4 years ago, Lucindarella Gamer
Plural words!!!!
I would like this game a LOT more if plural words were recognized more regularly!!! It’s hit and miss; mostly miss! I will recommend you go into the dictionary and accept plural words. It is very frustrating; especially when there is a limit on the bonus game for how many words you can miss. Think about it!
Show more
3 years ago, julesgocats
Instructions for dummies needed
I’m new at this and I don’t think you give enough explanation about everything. Sometimes I get points for names and other times I don’t. Some words I know are words and I’m spelling them correctly don’t get counted as words! It’s frustrating!
Show more
4 years ago, BaxieB
Fun but grammar is out the window...
I have enjoyed playing this relaxing game for a while...even with its haphazard acceptance of plural spellings. The recent update, however, is irritating me to no end! I do like the jigsaw puzzle idea they added but just can’t take the congratulations of “You catched a butterfly”! I keep yelling back that I didn’t “catched” a butterfly, I “CAUGHT” a butterfly!!!
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4 years ago, dlpederson
Fun game
How about a version you simply pay for rather than needing to purchase items to keep playing. This should let you start over from time to time.
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4 years ago, Paradise 11818
This is a good game. Had me almost stumped a couple of times but I figured it out. In having me stumped sometimes it is 1 or 2 of the last words to finish a puzzle stump me and I have to work on it for a while!
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4 years ago, thmkpocseawq
Make a decision on plural words
Please make a determination on how you are using plural words and stop penalizing us in using them in the challenges. It’s frustrating when you use one in the puzzle but when a different word is used plural, you lose a chance. Otherwise good game. Love the new challenge added recently.
Show more
4 years ago, Epicure65
Go at your own pace fun
Another fun game by G5E. I appreciate the fact that there is no timer and I can go at my own pace. I also like that I can stop in the middle of a level and come back to it whenever.
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