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User Reviews for WordPress – Website Builder

4.62 out of 5
21.9K Ratings
4 years ago, kailcleo
Recent updates are amazing
Thank you for the recent updates!!! I actually think it’s easier to use than the website- which is great but I hope the website also gets better and Wordpress doesn’t become an app only thing...for longer posts I love to use my laptop and the web version because it easier to type a long post, but right now id rather type it on a google doc or something and copy and paste on my phone using the app. It’s very user friendly and the interface has been updated so much- it’s finally worthy of using and enjoying it. Before, the app looked so outdated and had limited capabilities- it’s finally been updated so you can virtually do anything you can online using your phone. I had some trouble uploading images but I believe this was an issue with a plugin and it was fixed. Sometimes the publish button doesn’t work properly and I have to save as a draft and go to my computer to publish, but I’m confident that has been fixed with the newest update (just downloaded so fingers crossed). Thank you sooo much for finally giving the app the attention it deserves!! Especially for the many creatives who use Wordpress, it’s important to be able to create and update our pages and posts on the go when we are inspired. So many times I have ideas that get written down in my phone notes and they never get turned into posts like i planned to- now I can open it up and make sure it gets done the minute I’m inspired. Thanks again!
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2 years ago, kp3783
Life Changing
Wordpress has changed my life. It has helped me on a whim; to write my feelings out and get the thoughts. All of the thoughts. A tornado….picking up trucks and cows along its path. Get them out. Momentarily anyway. The more time I make to write, the little more I start to heal. I won’t be silenced. Many have told me to stop writing. Don’t be so….what. True? Raw? Almost unbearable to read? These are my truths. My memories. My trauma. My love. I want and feel the innate urge to tell my story. I know people will listen. If I can help just one person. I’ll have done what I have been put on this earth to do. Help people. Love all of loving, warm, cozy, dopamine filled feelings that this life can give. Thank you. Thank you. I just need a more aesthetically appealing site!!! 🤣🥰✏️📝 Respectfully, Kerry P
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5 years ago, honogica
Limited functionality
Yes, it’s a mobile app, and ten years ago that would have justified its limited functionality and beta-like business, but not any more. The phone I use today has twice the computing power of the desktop computer I had when I first used WordPress. There’s simply no reason a Mobile app doesn’t have the same options I can get access to through a desktop computer. Add to that it’s inability to communicate properly with the desktop site (like how it almost never recognizes posts started, scheduled, or even published from the desktop) and it’s annoying built in bugs (it’s actually designed to pick up already used tags only after you type at least two letters (really? If I have to remember at least the first two letters then I’m actually forced to memorize them all... so what’s the point?). I suggest the top brass as WordPress use only this app for all their publishing needs for the next month. I’m certain we’d see some improvements. Until then I’ll just fumble through this as best I can going back and forth between app and desktop because, frankly, the website isn’t exactly mobile friendly. But then, neither is the mobile app.
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4 years ago, Joslotplayer
New to blogging but wish things left alone
In general i dont like apps. It’s the icon god to a program. But forced into some things. I’d prefer if all companies took their time, made sure all changes through apps to iPads to software updates to those were all compatible. Why make tiny update to things to accidentally leave something off every few weeks? Then have to have a million bug fixes? So for ipad I cannot see some of my pics to edit them. But can see on the post. And i have looked at all things to turn off and on. I no longer have ability as of few months ago to edit or add other features. Like main picture. Add to my headings pages etc. They no longer exist in any menu?? In new blog or edit blog. The page itself has were these categories exist but now while creating or editing a blog. I am using a free version though. Oddly to get the “visual” view to show I also ave to turn it to http to force it to flip to visual by clicking it back. If I dont do that toggle off and on, all is shaded. It’s not a choice. It’s just gray until I got back and forth to get it to be not gray?? Thats dumb.
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2 years ago, verily_yea
App reverts your draft posts to older versions without asking.
It’s a NOPE for me. I needed to review some draft posts written by a member on my team, and the only time I had to do so was before bed, so I used the Wordpress app on my phone to look at the posts. I’d been told these posts were essentially ready to go, and I just needed to give them a quick once over. When I opened them they appeared unfinished and were missing entire paragraphs. Upon questioning, my team member told me it was probably just the app, and to look in a browser instead. I opened Chrome on my phone only to see the same unfinished posts. Horrified, he went back through the versions on his windows machine in Chrome, and was able to rescue his hours and hours of work. Apparently since I hadn’t used the iOS app in a while, it opened the three-months ago versions of these posts instead of the updates he wrote today. Not only that it made those the latest versions. Why an app would be set up to do that instead of fetching the latest content makes no sense. Wordpress in general is great as a platform. But the iOS phone app - HELLA NO. Deleting this foul app and will never use it again.
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3 years ago, David McElroy
Slow and unresponsive
I can live with the limited features, because I primarily want something to quickly check stats at random times. But the recent versions are painfully slow fetching updated information — and going back and forth between screens seems glacial compared to how quickly you can get the info on a web browser. The fact that you have to click on a “more” link after only about half a dozen posts (on the stats page) is frustrating. Then when you go one level deeper and come back, the numbers have reverted to a report from earlier in the day, not the one you just saw. I’m not technically astute enough to know what causes these frustrations, but it reminds me of the old days of the Facebook app, when it was just a wrapper around a web app. Also, it’s useful on the desktop browser version that it tells me what time these stats are from (for easily knowing how many hits I’ve had since that time), and it’s inexplicable that this simple feature was removed from the app a few years back. I realize the app is free — so it costs me nothing — but I think it’s borderline unusable in its current state.
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5 years ago, Fawfulfan
Lacking features from the full site
I use this app for work because I'm frequently on the go and away from a computer, and for whatever reason accessing the site from iOS Safari makes it impossible to save anything into the body text form. While this app is a lifesaver and easy to use for the most part, I'm continually frustrated by how many features from the main site are missing. For instance, there doesn't seem to be any way to assign authorship to a blog post in the app, and nor does there seem to be any way to edit metadata in the media library. I can live with the fact that embedded social media cards and iframes don't display properly in the text form while writing, but it would be nice if posting a raw url in the app's text form automatically converted it into an html embed. Another problem with the app is that it seems to have caching issues. Tons of drafts that have already been published stay visible in drafts, and keep accumulating the longer I use the app without deleting it. I hope solutions to these things are in the pipeline.
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2 years ago, mangasector
Great site to make your website but..
I previously used this app before and it was a great app was easy to use with plenty of ways to customize your website to your liking. Especially with the plethora of plugins to further customize it!! Now I would give this a 5 star if they added the monthly subscription again. Yes there was a monthly subscription for the plans instead of yearly. For the business plan was around $33 which I think it’s $15 now but it doesn’t show the option to opt for monthly anymore. Now I had to stop my subscription before due to life n stuff. Was trying to get back at it again especially saw that the stuff I had made before with the business plan can still be used if I continue the subscription!! Well anyway hopefully the monthly option gets added again. And yes I checked my billing history and clearly shows I was billed for $33 monthly.
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1 year ago, ReadysetPAUSE
the post editor is SO CLUNKY
I’m not sure if it’s because my post is really long and contains a lot of pictures, but the editor literally spazzes out when i go from trying to edit captions in a gallery, to other word blocks - the focused block keeps jumping around (even if I’m not typing or touching the screen at all)! I either end up having to try to force update the post, or killing the app all together. Given that I’m writing a photo-heavy post, I end up having to do this every 10-20 minutes, which makes the editor almost unusable!!! Super frustrating :( Also, if I want to change the layout of a set of blocks, it’s not very intuitive at all (at least on ipad) and if I want to convert a ‘media + text’ block back into just an image block, or text blocks, i either have to pick “convert to image” in which case all of the text disappears, or “convert to text” in which case the image disappears. I kinda wish Wordpress didn’t migrate to this weird block-based notion-like interface.
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5 years ago, DNBoswell
Erases progress, does not sync with desktop site, saves without prompting
I used this app yesterday to edit my blog. Later that evening I did more writing and a editing on my desktop as I have done reliably for years. I loaded the app today to pick up where I left off. Not only did this app NOT load the most recent version of this page as saved via my desktop and instead loaded only the page as last used on this app the previous day, but also immediately saved the page as this outdated version without prompting, thus erasing all progress made on my desktop the previous evening. When I looked up the page edit history to revert this app’s mistake, it loaded only the edit history up to the date and time when I first used this app. The desktop version was nowhere to be found. It did however show up in the edit history when I logged into the desktop again just now, proving that it did in fact save, so this error was entirely the fault of this app and thus rendering it entirely useless with no redeemable qualities whatsoever. Deleted.
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6 years ago, Packerbacker_1977
Just another social media site
I’m making this brief (short memo, pun intended because it is a writing app) because if I had been asked to write a review 3 months ago I would have given it 3 stars. However, upon closing out and deleting my account over a week ago, now I’m receiving spam from one of their 3rd party partners or at least I hope it’s spam, otherwise, the alternative is Wordpress has a security breach and my data has been compromised. In case you are wondering, TrustPilot sent me an email to the email address in Wordpress’ possession thanking me for a recent purchase (good luck with the payment as the debit card used was prepaid and now has $0 value) and asking me to review Wordpress’ based on a ‘free’ gift they were mailing me. How could I receive a gift since I have deleted the account and if I hadn’t deleted the account why did it take 3 months before I was told of the free gift but if there an honest to god free gift, ever, then why is Wordpress partnering with a party just to solicit a response by offering a made up item. You can’t really trust any of these social media sites.
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2 years ago, mchelles
Nice App, Missing Markdown Support, Custom Post Types + Custom Blocks
I’ve been developing WP sites since 2005 and decided to try the app. The app makes it pretty easy to add new posts on the fly from anywhere + works well with iCloud Drive. One thing that is strangely missing is being able to write posts in Markdown. I’ve been writing on my phone long before this app, so I am used to writing in Markdown for things like headings, lists, separators, etc that I would later copy + paste into the WP editor when back at my computer. Even on my computer I use markdown while writing posts because it saves on time. Alas, typing ## and the return key does not turn my block into an H2. My custom post types also don’t show up in the app, nor do any post types or blocks created by plugins. I’m hoping support for these things come soon - this app would be perfect if it did!
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3 months ago, archerthepedidoc
WordPress could be a lot better
WordPress could be a lot better. This new Gutenberg editor is a loser. My gosh, you can’t even indent a sentence without going through contortions. Clearly, WordPress needs to improve its editor so that it works for regular people, not just professional programmers. Our money is just as good as a professional, programmer’s money. I also do not like the user unfriendly clinical look that Wordpress displays. I don’t like the blue and black color to the administrative tools. Why not something a little more cheerful? At times, it is difficult to find the right tool you need in order to edit things. The right tools are often buried in a sub menu. I feel like I am finding the right tools that I need by trial and error every single time that I look for them. I suspect that the person in charge of the design is a programmer or a mathematician, who has no concept of design whatsoever..
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5 years ago, @smaedli
Loss of faith in the product
Once again I’ve had an offline draft trashed by the app, which resulted in losing about 4 hours of writing and editing. I no longer trust the Wordpress app as it doesn’t fail safe — it fails with data loss. If you author posts offline (say on long flight without WiFi), AVOID using this app and compose in anything else. It is a shame, really, that the Wordpress app can’t function on the level of the most rudimentary iOS text editor. Loss of a star, loss of faith... — (Edit: It is great to hear that a number of the issues I’ve mentioned below are on the roadmap and that the app is not in maintenance mode. Thank you, Automattic, +1 for paying attention and raising hope for something better) — Aesthetics and ancient UI aside, I’m disappointed in its utter lack of any reasonable offline editing support (it kinda works, but one wrong tap and you’ve lost the draft you’ve been working on) as well as its inability to render basic HTML. Don’t believe me? It can’t render definition/description lists, a common staple of formatting for literally decades. Author a DL and it shows as simply “[DL]”. DLs aren’t exactly cutting edge and new... This app rises to the top only because the others out there only aspire to be as good as this product (which is a very low bar). I expect more from the top blogging platform on the planet, but it is what it is: an app for maintaining your Wordpress blog and little else.
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3 years ago, MissLaurenNicole
Options for pride?
At the risk of being attacked, I’d like to say that I don’t appreciate the app logo being turned into a rainbow for pride. While it is great for some, it goes against religious/personal beliefs of others. If you’d like to show your support, please make it where app users can opt in rather than force everyone to have a rainbow. Forcing the issue is just as insensitive and offensive as doing the opposite. Rather than automatically updating the app face, again, just let people choose for themselves. I’m quite disappointed that, for a platform that is designed to be personalized to suit and encompass a person, this isn’t customizable in this regard. This is a big issue right now. Please be more aware that without giving options, we are recreating the same problems with a different spotlight on it. I hope you read and take this into consideration. 🕊
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3 years ago, Danny_SanDiego
Amazing app! Could be better...
I love this app! Super useful. I really enjoy the new updates and features. I would definitely use this and will recommend it to friends. It is possibly the easiest and most convenient way to make a website. However, I do think that some improvements could be made. For example, I often get unwanted suggestions and remarks that are not necessary. Also, when I go onto my site, the recent changes that I have made don’t appear. I do refresh the page, but find it doesn’t show up until the next day. This was a huge problem, especially, when I posted a link that led nowhere. When I tried to update it, it didn’t show up until the next day. Please check this out, and if you can, update the site more often! Love the new changes, and overall think this app deserves a 4 star review.
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4 months ago, Deitschgirl
Slow loadingPosts
I have been very happy with Wordpress over the years but recently I have been having a lot of trouble loading Posts. This afternoon I had to literally restart the computer and re-open the program to get the posts page to open so I could work. Again this evening, sloooooow to open the posts page. Also having trouble loading to add a page and then trouble opening the menu page. I know you just did an update two days ago, but I think it created this glitch. Update, it’s been two days since I made this review and whatever the glitch was appears to have been corrected. Thanks very much. I truly enjoy working on this platform. And the response has always been stellar.
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6 years ago, ThatDamnHoney
Perfect for blogging on the go, but...
Being that I tend to work on my iPad and not a laptop like most bloggers I know of, having this app really makes it easy for me to do just that. I do have a couple of suggestions. While I realise not everything that can be done on the browser can be possible on an app, I’m still suggesting: 1) Please integrate Gutenberg into the app. It’s been a bit messy going back and forth from browser to app without the integration. 2) Please integrate a way to adjust the uploaded photo size. Not just the display size but the actual image size. Sometimes, it can only be downloaded into one giant resolution that isn’t necessary for the size of blog content and it could help with storage and bandwidth issues. Thanks! Truly enjoy WordPress.
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3 years ago, Fklgslandm
Thank You for Making It What It Should have Been
So glad you added editing tools! So much easier than the web builder for me. Although I have barely begun to use it, just browsing through the app I’m in awe. The old app was little more than an analytics tool and way to work with comments, which for me were few. It never solved my problems, but it looks like this will. I was literally about to jump ship to another builder with better mobile tools (ahem, Universe or Wix…) but I couldn’t justify the move when I already have so much content and widgets setup. It would have been a major process, and not likely to maintain all the features I’m using. I only work on my iPad—no desktop/laptop in my house—but find the web builder clunky and slow. I got used to it, but at the same time it drained my creative flow and I stopped wanting to work on my site… NOW I CAN GET BACK TO IT! Without the painful transfer out of Wordpress. Thank you! I hope you keep improving it. (Universe’s builder is beautiful visually, maybe take a cue. 😉)
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6 years ago, savagegenius
Could be better.
I think that the app has gotten a lot cleaner in recent months, and there are some features present that previously weren’t unless you were on the desktop site. Despite that, I still am experiencing some issues with the app. My first and main issue is that it’s EXTREMELY difficult or impossible to manipulate the HTML in the iPad app. For instance, resizing photos with HTML does not work in-app. If I try to do so, then publish my post, all the formatting I did will disappear. My other problem is with text formatting. There is some bug (for lack of a better word) that occurs when using bold or italics. If I change my text to bold, then enter for a new paragraph and am still using bold, it will publish in such a way that all of the bold text is mashed together into one giant bold paragraph. There are also some huge bugs with ordered and unordered lists. Typically, the first item in my list will “jump” to the previous paragraph after I publish the post or save it as a draft. There seems to be no way to fix this, (either in HTML or Rich Text mode), unless I’m in the desktop site. Besides bugs, another feature that would be nice to have in the app is the ability to mosaic multiple photos like you can in the desktop site.
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5 years ago, kelz's
When I Thought I was getting a good deal it was all good. But I see now it’s a trick. I signed up for the premium service. Which I thought it said, they would build the website and I would have help with the building of it, I thought it said that it would be like having them sitting next to me. But that wasn’t the case what so ever. When I went to the support site (after I was emailed a link to get right back to my account) I had to login Every time. That alone was a great big pain in the rear. And everything I wanted to add while I tried to build it? Which I don’t know how to use this program. Everyone says it’s so easy to use has experience in building websites. I do not have any experience. And now when I login to my account it says to upgrade to premium? WTH?? I have receipts to prove that is what I paid for to begin with!! Disappointed Discouraged!
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6 years ago, chandlerashley
Loving it but struggling...
I just joined a couple of weeks ago. I’m new to blogging completely. I’m trying to set my site up the way I want to do it. But there are so many posts out there that it’s hard to decipher through them to see what I’m trying to find. I wish finding help with setting it up were easier and free. The site is a little hard to use to me in that for me all settings should be together. But you have to go to different places to edit different things, which in a sense I understand but it makes it confusing for newbies!! I’m sure over time I’ll get the hang of it and will figure out how to set up my site. Trying to figure out how to make page look better and what the different things are right now.
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7 years ago, GaryWD
Does not work! Seriously...DOES NOT WORK!
This is the classic “I wish I could give it a zero star rating”- I am sorry, but this thing has always been very buggy and never syncs properly. Finally, I was given advice from a tech support friend at another company who was familiar with this problem: he agreed the app is no good and told me that it was easier to just bookmark your web page on your phone and go directly to it. He was right— I put an icon on my home screen that I hit when I want to use/edit/check up on comments etc., and it works so much better than this dumb app which has only resulted in me wasting an hour or two of my life trying to get it to work properly. Don’t like to give negative reviews but my irritation level is too high to just delete it and forget it, so a parting shot before I delete it is warranted to keep future potential users from wasting time on it. You have been warned!
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6 years ago, Berevetti
Better Blogging and Content Distribution
Whomever writes your update diaries: Kudos to you! Been an avid user for close to two years. Increased functionality of phone app is much appreciated. Start blogging on iPad and resume edits on phone, synchronized same in browser. It's efficient, it's enjoyable and is effective. Keep up the good work, WordPress gang. One request: make it this easy to integrate Anchor, Podbean or some other podcasting app. I have a content host, but being able to post to WordPress from a podcast app or vis. versa would be awesome. Partner with one of those app crews if you need to, maybe. That's my suggestion for improving WordPress.
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1 year ago, mybestwifelife.com
Missing options and poor experience uploading photos
I can’t link a bulleted item. Why? I can’t add a carousel photo gallery. Why? Adding photos to my blog posts using the app is a nightmare. For EACH photo, I must: 1. Add photo block 2. Upload photo from my device (iPhone camera role) 3. Wait for photo to “fail to upload” 4. Delete the photo block 5. Add a new photo block 6. Add photo from the Wordpress media gallery (instead of my device as it’s now sitting in the media area from when I attempted to upload it from my device in step 2). 7. Publish post 8. Wait for the blog post to fail 9. Go to the media, cancel all photos that are in the process of uploaded (doubles) 10. Publish again (results in publishing successfully with all photos published) If I have to upload all photos to Wordpress media to use them without all this hassle, then why is there an option to upload from “my device” when adding a photo block?? It took me years to figure out how to post photos to my blog site by following those 10 steps when using the app. I opened a couple of tickets and no one could help me. Please do better, Wordpress! I need to do everything on my phone that I can do on the desktop version and uploading photos should not be a 10 step process.
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4 years ago, jeflebol
Ambitious but buggy app
This is a very ambitious app in its scope— it is trying to replicate all of the features of WP web experience. Unfortunately, the feature set is so large and the scope footprint is very complicated for Wordpress. As a result, while this app has some great features and is easy to navigate, it is some extordinarily annoying bugs, especially when using it on my iPad with an external keyboard. The sections don’t expand as I type, puting my cursor into “invisible space.” It can be very difficult to touch-select my cursor to the right spot. It has strange glitches and gets into strange states where it needs to be restarted. If it didn’t have these bugs, I’d give it a 5. I’d really like to see it stay in the App store and improve but for the time being it is a sub-par experience to working on the WP web on my laptop, so this app is not for me for that reason.
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6 years ago, Honeybunnyxo
Fashion Blogsite
I enjoy the website. I just wish I had more freedom with the layout even though I am not good at coding. I also wish that placing pages within pages were made a little easier. Instead of grouping all blog post together for me that I had the option to choose which post goes under which menu item. I have the personal website which is nice for me for now but eventually I will upgrade to a business one. I also wish that the mobile app was updated to the same ability as the actual website. I cannot change the font color on the mobile app so when I update blogs it automatically changes my font color black even though on my laptop I have the font as pink.
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2 years ago, Ecology80
Creating Resentment, not love
PLEASE STOP USING A PLATFORM THATS MEANT TO BE “PROFESSIONAL” TO PUSH YOUR POLITICS! You might think you are helping the community you are trying to show support for but anyone with a background in clinical psychology will tell you you are actually doing the opposite. This is common sense but apparently it’s news for you… most people around the world and definitely most Americans have no problem with the people in this community you are advocating for. When compassion is voluntary and born out of the individuals initiative, it creates a sense of gratitude in the one receiving it and a sense of charity in the one giving it. It is truly a beautiful process and what creates lasting change! Unfortunately, when globalist companies (like Automatic) think they know best and try to force compassion on people by over politicizing everything. Then the community you are actually trying to help begins to feel entitled and a large portion of the rest of the world develops resentment. This is exactly what we’re seeing now in various cultures around the world that have been bombarded with political advocacy. My hats off to you for trying but don’t follow these other companies and be a leader and do it the right way that will create lasting change in people.
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4 years ago, Frostylocks
Was Freezing When Updating Now Works
I deleted the app, reloaded it and it’s working. I recommend updating/saving often in case the below happens to you. I’ve upgraded my rating from a 1 to a 3. *** It is frustrating when I spend a good amount of time editing a post only to have the app freeze while updating. This results in losing all my corrections. I did a final edit on ten blogs last night and the app worked wonderfully. I was excited to have an easy way to update my work. My final edits are light and mostly entail changes to text and links. However, today I spent a half hour editing a blog and it froze when I tried to update it. I tried a couple more times by restarting my phone. It still froze. I checked my internet and signal connection they were top notch. Like iMovie and other programs that I never use anymore that crash and cost me valuable time, I will need to find another way to edit my WP blogs on the go. It would be awesome if it worked as I am a traveling musician. I have an iPhone 6s Plus should this make a difference.
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4 years ago, Tania N. Arpa
It's pretty much unusable
I've had this app on my iPad pro (it's about a little over a year old) and I've never been able to upload a draft post or publish a post to any of my WordPress websites. I see stats, I see published posts, I see drafts I've saved from where I wrote them on a browser. But every time I try to publish a post or even save the draft it keeps giving me an error message. No matter how many times I delete and reinstall the app, it never works. it's pretty much just junk taking up space in my iPad. (Yes my os is always up to date)
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3 years ago, BangSplat
Be wary!
Update April 2021. These days, I only use this app to upload photos to my self-hosted WP site from my phone. But it makes my site unavailable. The hosting service pulled the logs and the app opens so many connections that the server thinks it’s a DOS attack and blocks my IP address! I’ve gone to uploading just one photo at a time, but sometimes it still looks like an attack to the server! So frustrating! I deleted two old "local" drafts from the app and the app also deleted the more recent published versions!! Gone! Several hours of unrecoverable work lost forever. Super unhappy. Update, Jan. 2018. This app also has issues synchronizing properly. I edit an existing draft at work on a browser, later open my iPad app at home, write more, then notice that my "at work" writings were missing and are now—unfortunately—overwritten and lost since the draft saved from the app. It seems the app assumes whatever version of a draft it has in still memory is current—BAD ASSUMPTION! Proper synchronization is major issue with this app. I'd recommend only editing from a browser and not using this app. I think I may just delete it off my iPad, it causes more headaches than it solves.
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5 years ago, dodisview
I use this to upload photos from my phone and have discovered that it’s best to upload the photo but do not place it in your post from the app. Last week I uploaded 10 photos and put them straight into my blog then published it. It looked great from my phone. However, 2 days later I pulled it up on my desktop and ALL the photos were sideways. I ended up having to delete it all from the post and redo all the photos, descriptions, everything from my desktop. As others have also noted the app seems to keep draft posts. In fact I had a draft still showing up that I had published from my desktop. When I deleted the draft, guess what? My post was gone too ...so be careful.
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5 years ago, 46makun
Makes blogging feel natural
I love this app because it makes it so easy to compose blog posts as soon as they come to mind. The layout is pretty simple and there are some things you can do in-browser that can’t be done in the mobile app, but I actually prefer it that way to keep it streamlined. Some bugs come up now and then, but the development I’ve seen on the WordPress platform over time (I’ve been using WP for 5+ years) always trends to the positive. This app meets my needs perfectly by adding a mobile supplement to the more intense admin on the site—it’s perfect for blogging on the fly.
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6 years ago, @Magnuson
Terribly designed, poor features
Want to post a couple photos with a bit of text to your Wordpress blog? Well too bad, you can’t do that with the Wordpress app. Any photos taken with your phone and uploaded using the Wordpress app appear with an incorrect rotation. If you took your photo in portrait, the Wordpress app uploads it in landscape. Additionally, the Wordpress app makes it extraordinarily difficult to make images link to their media file so that when readers click the image it shows them the full size image. Instead, you have to navigate through countless screens and pop up menus in order to copy the media’s URL from the media page and then go all the way back into the blog post to edit the image. I do not know how someone at Wordpress thought this app was going to be useful to people. This app is useless.
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6 years ago, Raisinet
Pretty good
At first I did not understand WordPress, I mainly posted from Go Daddy I think, but now since I am posting from WP I am learning more and how great WP is. People say it is expensive but I see that it offers a lot of potentials I am basically self taught. The plugin that I use would be the issue and I thought it was WordPress. I am a work in progress and I am still learning. I never really used WP that much because I was intimidated by it but I am getting better. I am still confused by Go Daddy. WordPress the function of each was explained but I know I will get even a better understanding of each role each play, but for now I think my recipes and blogging is coming along.
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4 years ago, Rebecca Ruano
Getting better all the time
This app is leaps and bounds more useful than just 4 months ago when I uninstalled. I’m glad to see the leader in website creation is catching up in their app. My first complaint is that it is way too easy to accidentally delete what I’m writing by simply trying to scroll and I can’t find an undo option. My second complaint is that I can’t go to the next line, they call it ‘enter’ on PC. I can’t get the hang of ‘return’; it does not just go to the beginning of the next line. How do I do that, go to the beginning of the next line? It’s probably very simple. Thank you for the recent updates!
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6 years ago, CSReinmiller
I wish it worked better!
I love the idea of the Wordpress app, and this one has the potential to be so amazing. I love being able to draft posts, reply to comments and check my stats. The app tends to be unreliable most of the time though. I have to copy my work often and save to my iPhone Notes because so many times I have drafted a post, hit ‘update’ and I’ll get an error and lose EVERYTHING. A lot of times it won’t let you upload pictures. There is an error stating the max allowed for a photo is “zero KB” which is pretty frustrating. In today’s world, people like to do everything from their phones, but this app DEFINITELY does not replace the computer experience. It’s unfortunate. 😔
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4 years ago, LittleMaster
Perfect but!
App is perfect to manage your WP website, just couple of issues which I am sure Devs can fix easily. 1- When a contributor log in to app the app show Publish button as well which is not possible for a contributor to publish, they can only save as a draft, so now I have to tell each of my contributors to not press publish (because when they do app show an error failed to publish, and no reason) and I have to guild them through how to Save. 2- Same when a contributor logs in and goes to pages the app keep on saying fetching pages. Please fix these issues and this app will be perfect 😊 thanks
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4 years ago, Eglantine9
I can’t believe how bad it is
For an website used by so many people, I honestly can’t believe how horrible this app is. I have an eye condition that makes using my laptop bothersome, so I thought I could try using the app. Boy, was I wrong! First, it didn’t recognize any of my drafts and acted like I had none. I thought I was logged into one of my beta sites for a moment (I wasn’t). I finally found the draft in a different location, but when I started editing the post it kept freezing and glitching. I sat there and watched my screen jump frantically from section to section like someone was remotely using the app and going crazy... then it wouldn’t save, and it keeps cutting my blocks off visually. I turned my phone to landscape to see it better but it’s cut off by the keyboard and won’t move. It’s... awful.
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7 years ago, Primiumpoop
Should be zero stars
This app has locked itself from functioning. It’s so buggy and broken that it’s asking me to log in (had some sort of error so needs me to confirm my password) except! Won’t let me press next to actually submit my password for verification. If I try to press cancel to log back in fully the app warns me “you’ll lose all your data on this device” what the hell Wordpress. I even tried updating my password to see if the app would fix itself. No lock I’m just going to have to use my browser. The developer has contacted me, but showed they have little understanding of the issue. I can not access the app at all (only says enter in your password and won’t let me press next at all) and yet the developer wants me to use the help and support feature within the app.
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4 years ago, Daveysprite
It just won't. Stop. FREEZING.
I rarely go to make a negative review but since this is an app I have to keep using I felt like I needed to say something. I usually have to switch between using my browser and the app because when typing a rather simple blog the app will continuously freeze and make me wait for it to load words. It'll let me type like 5 at a time and then freeze again and again. I would use only the browser version (on my phone) but it doesn't always want to function correctly when it comes to formatting. So I usually end up having to use the browser to type paragraphs and then format them in the app. It just seems like it should have better optimization than this.
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5 years ago, Ryerye81
Wasted my money when I can’t do anything!
Ok I’m fed up with this and I’ve been patient! When I’m on my web page to view as I just started building it, I get an Error message when I click on Menus saying”The operation couldn’t be completed. ( NSURLError Domain error -999.)So every time I log in and go to Dashboard in red it tells me “Please configure your Google Analytics settings so I click the link and license key shows up under Monster insights and general. I scroll down to google Authentication and tap the connect Monster Insights and I get 403. Error: disallowed _useragent. When I click learn more I get anotherError: The password you entered for the email address is incorrect. I’m very new to this so I’m not savvy so I would have given a better review if I could get some help and maybe make a web page😡👈🏻
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4 years ago, SophomoreHS
App is glitchy yet but somewhat functional
Downloaded this because I have long commutes and figured I might as well be productive and work on some posts. At first glance, this app seems to have all the features of the web version. however, once you begin to use it you’ll find it’s very glitchy, with the keyboard jolting up and down, buttons becoming unpressable, the scroll zooming to different parts of the page, and even deleting paragraph blocks! I lost an entire 1000 words for no reason but I was able to recover it in the history. I have an iPhone 6, but I’ve never experienced glitches like this on other apps so I wouldn’t chalk it up to that. Also, it absolutely kills the battery life. Don’t open the app on 20% because you’ll only have a few minutes. I haven’t tried wordpress on safari but it might be better than this; I’ll have to see. however, the app is functional if you’re doing nothing for a long period of time and don’t have access to a computer. Use at your own risk!
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5 years ago, Proph.Chaos
User Interface
This is a problematic app if it isn’t user friendly. I’m trying to create subpages for categories of my blog but once the parent page is established, the subpages just copy whatever is in the parent page. This is unacceptable. Subcategories are the foundation of organization. Without them, every subtopic is lost in the sea of excess main topics. They shouldn’t be main topics. Please fix this. If not, there is no reason to stay with this app. Am I missing something? Are there simple tutorials clearing this up and I’m an idiot? Can someone who has mastered this app show me how it works? I just deleted an important page just to put a link in that erased the content and luckily I took a screenshot before losing it all to the cyber graveyard...
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6 years ago, Uzique
Drafts disappear without warning
Don’t ever write direct to your blog, at least on iPad. I’ve had two draft posts suddenly disappear as I was typing. That’s enough for me to want to never return. I don’t post frequently and had forgotten my last bad experience. Now I posted a short entry reminding myself about the problem. Both times I’d been writing for about 20 or 30 minutes. I know others have had the same issue and I learned that while searching for a fix. Be careful out there. AFTER I submitted the above review I received a response that I can’t use. Apple says “Automattic responded to your review of WordPress Automattic "Hi! So sorry to hear about the lost drafts. If you have a moment, please go to "Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us" so we can note which editor you were using during the losses and any details that may help us locate the problem to fix it. BUT I can’t find Help & Support. According to the WP site it’s supposed to be a little ? question mark in the lower left corner but I don’t see that. If there is a Help & Support it would be better if it were findable. Very annoying app, at least on the iPad. Works great on a PC.
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5 months ago, Daniel Ortiz
Please make the website as easy to use as this app.
I was able to locate pages for the demo template and delete as needed when the desktop version still displayed them even after deleting from the “all pages” tab. I cannot figure out how to edit my first post on the desktop version with so many options page settings, archive settings, post settings, menus, widgets, etc. the app makes this simple tap to edit or create new post. Please make the desktop as user friendly. Thank you Wordpress. New to web design.
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7 years ago, EmmyBee333
Great App!
This app is extremely useful! I hadn’t thought about how easy it would be to use an app to blog. I had always thought I needed to type on the computer, thus never writing on my blog! Ha! With the app, I have written two posts. I love that I don’t have to keep sending myself pictures to add to my posts, I can just do that through the app! The only thing that is frustrating, is how many times it freezes. The good news is, it saves my posts without having to save it prior. It’s happened to me during both posts, just thankful it saved! Thank you for developing a great app!
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7 years ago, Revelation2134
Great app—having trouble with edit features
The app is user friendly and convenient. The only issue I have run into is that some of the features such as add a Portfoilo post don’t show up on my phone. Likewise, a friend I referred to Wordpress has similar issues. We logged onto her site from our phones and each saw different My Site options. She has deleted and reloaded the latest version of the app several times. It’s not a show stopper, so we haven’t called support, but it would be nice if desktop and mobile features were more consistent across devices.
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10 months ago, NoPlaceForReaders-202308
Better for programmers than for writers
Signing in to Wordpress always presents challenges. You have to use the right version of the correct web browser (with all updates!) Unless you have the app on your phone. In that case, no effort to use the browser will succeed. Once the app finally lets you in, you get a “Switch to our new software with a different name” advertisement (more of a mandate or presidential proclamation) which forces you to load still more app package software … all to write a comment about a nice article you read… I refuse. I will recommend to my group via email that Wordpress and it’s associated Klingons be banished in lieu of something which doesn’t confound the readers and writers ability to communicate.
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5 years ago, Amyshore
I have had difficulty with this app. I wouldn’t rate it 5 stars for being user friendly. As outdated as Blogger was it still was easier to use than this. I’ve got a message in to help center, so let’s hope they can help. It created a clone site (or I inadvertently did—how could that happen?) that will not publish or preview. Now I realize why I had so much trouble posting. I’ve used it successfully for a while but recently I’ve realized that the info pages I’ve created show up instead of my current post. Anyway it works but I can’t say I’m thrilled, especially lately. Perhaps it got more sophisticated and I didn’t?
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