Words of Wonders: Crossword

4.9 (642.5K)
328.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Words of Wonders: Crossword

4.9 out of 5
642.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Nevanate's TuTu
Love game but has glitch that steals credits
I really love this game. The puzzles are simple enough to be relaxing rather than frustrating. I also love the fact that you earn 25 jewels every time you tally up 25 words that weren’t in the puzzles. However, once you have 25 words, you get the option to watch an ad to double the jewels to 50. Unfortunately, approximately 2 out of every 5 times, you watch the add and the 25 never turns to 50. I feel like I got ripped off every time because I pay for no ads but watch them to earn jewels which I often never get. Sometimes it also crashes just at the moment the jewels are going to be added and when you reboot—no added jewels at all. I get so frustrated by this so of course I tried to “contact” them as instructed but the email address is bogus and does not work (just leads to an error message). If this gets fixed, I will keep playing but if not I will probably delete the app. There are about 10,000 crossword puzzle apps out there and I just don’t want to feel ripped off.
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1 year ago, Mountairy
Un-Responsive Customer Service
Why do you keep responding to these reviews with the same response that answers nothing? Your answer never specifically addresses the specific problem. It is always a bland response to everyone! One star because 1- it was NOT at all the game advertised and I hate it when developers mislead potential players with false ads and when developers IGNORE the player who questions this by refusing to address this underhanded advertising and 2- no one has responded to my help request….not one word! I had several concerns/ questions for the development team so I contacted them through “help” in the game. I have tried three times to get a response to no avail. Their silence speaks volumes. I have played just under 200 levels with just one ad, but I am sure they are coming. I cannot fully review without experiencing how they professionally use ads….how many, how long, how interrupting and last, but certainly not least, content. If they try to explain away ads as the responsibility of a third party, I won’t buy into the excuse. I have seen signs of this in some reviews and always always the money-grab offer to buy an ad-free version, which we all know will not be ad free. The developer cannot pass off bad advertising on someone else. It is ultimately their app, their brand, their name, and so the responsibility for what happens under that name falls to them.
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1 year ago, kfdjvstdk. feklj rsg
Rigged Money Scam
I love the game, I love the challenges and the competing against other people, and I absolutely love ❤️ the daily puzzles, but unfortunately, the game is a rigged money scam🤯😤. So you have like a limit of times you can spin the daily wheel 🛞, I think it’s like 7 or something. But anyway, the numbers go up each time you spin, so say I get 15, after I get it, it resets and turns into 45, so I spun the wheel enough times to where all the numbers are at like 100 and something, but after that, I spin it again and it takes me to a different, special wheel, but you need $3 to spin it, even though it has higher rewards, who’s parents buy that for them? So if I get the wheel and I don’t pay the $3 to spin it, they give me another chance to spin to supposedly get something different, mind you, it gave me that same $3 wheel 5 TIMES IN A ROW, so I just keep getting another chance, and they’re doing that so that you get so annoyed that you just keep getting that same wheel, it makes you buy it, even as an adult, if you like stimulating word games, I advise you, get this game, just be very careful spinning the wheel so you don’t fall in that spiral of a money scam.
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5 months ago, As a😴
How and why I love this game
I love this game. It is so fun. It is so challenging. I love this game because it has so many words that you wouldn’t think of well you might not think of and the only thing I do not like is so many ads but you can get a thing for $10 with no adds for the rest of the game. My mom had it on her phone and she’s on level like 300 and I am only on like 18 out of like I don’t know a bunch. but I just wanted to say if you like challenging and fun and word games to find you can get wow it is the game that I have and Is so cool in a fun way to learn words and all different stuff and I just wanted to say how fun it was and I like writing reviews on games because I like it and the games are so fun so there is a movie that y’all can have for people to see because they might want the game and they read the reviews they’re
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10 months ago, Disgusted4567
Won’t even publish this review!!!! Worthless!!!Not worth it
Enjoyable game BUT…even after paying to play ad free, there are still too many ads to get any points. The “spins” require watching ads to get points. The spins are also rigged to landing on another spin slot that requires payment. Even if you hit a slot that doesn’t require payment, the points are minuscule. It’s impossible to get enough points to use for one or two games. Then you’re stuck watching ads if you’re in a time frame that allows you to spin again. Could be a good game but the hoops you have to go through to get anything make worthless. Not worth the hassle. Additional complaint about this worthless app. Yet another way the game is rigged. What’s the point of having a final reward if you make it so completing EVERY daily PUZZLE still doesn’t give reward???!!!!!!???? That’s WRONG!!!! You don’t allow a player to use those points on the next month. Worthless game that is rigged in so many different ways. It’s enjoyable but the way you’ve rigged it makes it frustrating and extremely disappointing to play. As much as I like the puzzles, I’ll delete this game because of the way it’s rigged. Also, your “response” to my first review was as worthless as this game so don’t even bother!!!
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2 years ago, poppyslady
This is not right!
I love this game. However, I just discovered as I did today’s puzzle, three days worth 9/17, 17 and 18 were taken away as if I didn’t play them. So now I have to buy more coins in order to get the credits that I previously won. This is ridiculous and not right! It’s just a way to get more money from me! Also, as I am playing a game, if I click on a hint for 100 points, sometimes they will take 200 points instead. I have been playing for a few months now and luckily have amassed over 20,000 points. Is this a way to make me spend more money because since I have that amount, I don’t have to buy more. I would definitely like an explanation. I would also like to have those three daily games restored or at least give me the coins necessary to play them again. I would love to have written a wonderful review, but if you set my account right I will give a 5 star review when it is corrected. So I just went back to the game and find that four more coins were taken away and now I have only three coins left instead of the seven I had before I wrote this review!!
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2 years ago, Nerdsn2
Love WOW but….
I play games a lot. This was one of my top games until I ran out of sapphires the first month. I have been playing 4 months, now. So, if I miss one day on the daily challenge, I cannot go back to it, even if it’s in the same month. I even played the wrong puzzle rushing one night and skipped a day. I started to do an in game purchase but decided to wait to see how the sapphire replacement occurs for free. Once, I realized there is no way to renew them for free. I decided to just spend my time on the game on the daily challenge. Initially, I was hooked. To me, it stimulates my thought processes, lol. But once I figured out, I have to spend money not because I want to but because that is the only way to complete the missed daily challenges (in the same month), it became easier for me minimize game time. I am not able to get sapphires when I spin, in prizes or daily rewards. FYI: I don’t mind spending money in games. The creators have to get paid too; however, I like to make it feel like I want to not have to.
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3 years ago, 9kbarbii
How amazing is this?
Hello, this app is great for kids and adults and it also teaches people new words that those people didn’t know! I have known that for weeks and it takes patient to learn and get it right and that’s a list of good things patient, learning, and new words! But we know we have some request. I would love to have a lot of request but this is a perfect game I would not want to change that I’d my opinion, this is the game that sharpens your minds for words I might not know that much because I’m 8 but I know this really helps because, I was in trouble a lot for not doing good in school but this helps me a lot with reading and writing not math and stuff because this is a word game but anyways, this is a great game you guys should like it in my defense! Bye bye.
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3 months ago, frustratedannieb
The more loyal you are, the worse they treat you
I’m at level 1479 so I’ve been playing awhile. But the ads are out of control and SOOOOOOO long. Now that I have played such a long time, they “thank me” by putting 4 to 5 LOOONG ads between each level. None of the “ad free” buttons, where you could pay $10 to bypass ads, work. I wrote to them and told them that I would gladly pay twice that to avoid ads. They acted clueless about the buttons not working and told me to restart my phone and delete then re-download the game (and erase my progress?) instead of the obvious answer - which would be for them to fix the buttons. Obviously they make a lot more than $10 off the ads so they don’t want me to bypass them. I have no problem with them making money, but it almost feels like abuse to be forced to watch ads for 4-5 minutes between levels, which only take 2-3 minutes to solve. My suggestion? Don’t get hooked on this game. You’ll regret it. I guess I’ll go back to solitaire and sudoku.
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9 months ago, ontheappstorecusimbored
Gem thief’s / customer support who???
I never write reviews but I feel the need to warn others about this app. It’s a fun app, but there are too many others out there that do the same thing you should look into that have better support, and don’t intentionally rip you off. In this game, you get a daily “free” spin to win gems and then you can watch commercials to earn extra gems, which I like to do. I’ve noticed if you land on the lightening bolt (which strikes two numbers on the wheel), it does not add to your gem bank. I’ve noticed it several times and last week, it did it twice on me in the same day. I contacted support, not so much for the gems, but to report that there seemed to be a bug. They responded immediately and asked for screenshots, of which I sent back immediately. Since then, I haven’t heard a thing, even though I’ve reached back out because of the same issue. Today I literally got all lightening bolts totaling 395 gems and nothing was added to my total. I’m done, ridiculous!!
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3 months ago, MissKayKay21
Ads, Ads, and more Ads—ENOUGH!!!
I have had enough of the ads between games! Often there are 2 or 3 that play in a row before you get back to the game—ridiculous!!! It used to be only 1 ad, then back to the game (even though it would flip to 3 screens and start the countdown over again—which is also ridiculous!). This only began about 1 month ago, and sometimes the game just shuts off or freezes and I have to restart the phone and the game—it’s annoying! I used to enjoy this game—I even got my husband into playing and we try to see who can do the daily game and get the best score. I went to the App Store and noticed there was an update, so I did the update. I certainly hope this fixes the problem, because if it doesn’t we will both be deleting this game (not fun anymore); and I’ve been playing a long time—I am past the 4500 game. Hope you fix YOUR mistakes! And I am not taking any more time to send screenshots or a message. You just need to fix this problem!
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1 year ago, tekknokat
Great Game, Ad Is Stuck Forcing Me to Exit Game
Hello fugo devs who make Words of Wonder game. I am almost to giving this game 5 stars, but one of the ads is problematic. I just forgot the name of the game in the ad, every time the ad is shown, when it is complete an X is displayed, which usually allows a player to exit the ad and return to game play. Every time I see this ad which features grammar choices to complete sentences, like the user is asked if the word “then” or “than” is the correct word to complete the sample sentence, because they sound the same, but have different meanings. There is more than one game advertised that has this type of gameplay, but the one I am unable to exit is Word Connect 2023. One must exit the game and relaunch this game to return to game play. I searched for another contact method, will change my rating and review when it is fixed, the game is otherwise good.
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5 months ago, CTYDM
Too many pop ups
I have been playing this game for over a year and most recently happening a lot is ads popping up while I’m in the middle of playing. These do not go away it’s getting to the point I’m ready to remove the app. The only way to get it to clear is to continuously shut my phone off I may get one or two games in and does it all over again. It’s bad enough there are more ads in this game than on tv but I will not pay $5.99 to remove that is ridiculous. Something has to be done with ads popping up while in the middle of playing or when an ad is done you click the X and it takes you to a website I’m also getting to the point with that as well to remove the app.
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3 years ago, JSL1234
Having trouble wit WOW APP,
I have found multiple freezes when I am playing WOW. I have to close the app and delete it from the background. Then I recall the app to continue playing. This being said, today I was playing with multiple freezes. When I came back on the app was sating I needed to update the Solitaire 1 app. I don’t use that app! I was in the middle of the game in the mid 700’s. I rebooted about 4 times to get it to go away. It didn’t. On the next reboot it came up with anew game which broke my winning streak? At least that is my assumption. I know there is no pot of gold at the end of time. I happen to be very competitive even with myself. Can anything be done about this? One other issue is that the ads for this miraculous weight loss pill is abusive, and I believe is false. I wonder how many bottles this company has sold or ‘given away’ to unsuspecting and vulnerable people looking for a quick cure. I’m speaking from many years of experience. I don’t have the choice to speak to someone at Fugo but was given this option. I hope to hear from someone at Fugo and/or Apple. Thank you Ronnie Weiss ronnieweiss@verizon,net
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11 months ago, CATSARENUMBER1!
So I got this game 5 minutes ago and I’m already disappointed. In an add, I saw “If you’re not happy you’re- - -“ and I thought I would like it. But when I downloaded it, I only got like level 6 before I started this review. I agree with a review I saw, this is a BIG KNOCKOFF OF WORD SCAPES. I am VERY disappointed. Either make this game like the adds, or make the adds go like the game. Thanks for your time 😊 Edit- Ok I’m confused now. First of all,thanks for your response. In th we add I talked about, I realized that the add I saw for Words Of Wonder, the video of it was for the Guru version. And I’m positive that when I clicked the add to download it, it said the regular version. So can you please make sure your adds are for the correct app? I’m sorry if you have a hard time understanding what I’m writing, I’m having a hard time describing it. Thank you for your time😊
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2 years ago, MsTee4Him
Kind of over it
This game crashes a lot, esp when extended play. Also there are times it just won’t load (like now). The last time it wouldn’t load was because of an update so I came to check to see if that was the case but nope. The ads are also pretty invasive. After each solved puzzle and when you close it they actually open. So you have to close out of the App Store app to get back to your game. The only reason I put up with it so long is because of how much I’ve accomplished but I think it time to call it a wrap. It’s been a long time coming. When it’s more problems than payoff…it’s not a game I would recommend. Update: So I received a comment from the developers asking me to send info about the game that won’t load. But as a back up I saw the email from another customer response so I emailed them the day I posted my review….nice follow up. Still no answers. I am removing another star. An comment to the review but not the email.
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1 month ago, H_Maria 51
Superb Tactics
This game lures you into solving the puzzle as you fill the blank boxes to complete the spelling of a word. The games uses psychological tactics. As you fill out the blank boxes to make a word, you engages you to look for words and the spelling. You’re literally being exposed to words and how to spell them. This practice keeps it exciting because to win, you can not give up, but you must find the word. This keeps the player engaged in resolving the puzzle, keeping the player searching for new words and the exposure expands the player’s vocabulary. It’s better than PS5 and XBOX It’s perfect for children and adults with learning disabilities. 💯👍🏽👌🏽😁
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2 years ago, ssytss
Game is addicting, ads are annoying, app is currently not opening.
To the developers… since your January 8 upgrade, I have been unable to load your app on my iPhone 11. It never moves past the “loading” screen and it’s been a week. My review is based solely off of game status prior to this inconvenience. Overall a fun and highly addicting game, clarity of graphics is great, I haven’t run into any issues with unidentified English vocabulary. One star off because the ads are the worst… they’re long and repetitive. It’s actually faster to close and reopen the app than it is to sit through a 30-second ad, then click the little “x” to close, only to be redirected to the download screen for the advertised app. The price to remove ads is too steep.
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2 years ago, JBinLJ
Not what was advertised
Don’t understand this at all. Was playing Word Cookies and this game came up as an ad. Looked challenging (hate games that are too easy) so I clicked on the ad and downloaded the free version right away. Game is not AT ALL what was advertised. Just the usual “crossword” type games that are readily available. At least the ads aren’t toooo onerous in the free version (have tried others where they show you a new ad after pretty much every level). Quickly went through 50 levels and just too easy. The “travel” aspect ads a bit of interest vs the usual crossword game, but I’ll probably delete as this is NOT what was advertised. (Ad showed letters on “cards” laid out in multiple rows/ columns. You supposedly drag the showing cards off to form words, revealing new cards and you’re supposed to try to clear the board. That looked fun. Wish this was that.)
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5 months ago, Speedball69
Most frustratingly bad function
I llove solving the puzzles. If the game worked as it was supposed to. To begin with you can play the game in Airplane mode thus avoiding the ads in between games. Just recently the game started preventing me from doing the daily word in Airplane Mode - after a few days of that the game stopped functioning in A mode at all - the ads would not allow resumption of the game at all. That was the final straw. Before the final straw tho for the last year or more after 6600+ levels I had 51 accumulated points - my lightbulbs & hammers came and went inconsistently! I got as high as 2000 pts. and then the score would decrease as I played. The score would reduce or go away while I was playing games - solving puzzles - and my score would drop - I tried deleting the game to do a restart & the iPhone would not delete the game from the App library - so after attempting deleting & rebooting the game would come back with the old data and poor function. I know it is incorrectly functioning because my wife plays the same game daily and she has over 200,000 pts. hundreds of (728) lightbulbs and 129 hammers - If I could start over I would !
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5 years ago, Notagain:(
5 star Potential Except..Battery Hog & Sound Goes In/Out..
..but still addicted to this game. 1. Game DOES NOT GO TO SLEEP MODE on either my iPhone or iPad, thus the battery problem. You must manually close game or screen, or the screen will stay on constantly if you happen to walk away for extended period. 2. Sound constantly goes in and out, seems to be when ad pops up at bottom of screen. It’s confusing when sound drops because game gives audio signals for board-accepted words, previously used words either in bank or on the board, or for unrecognized letter combinations. So when sound goes out, does it mean it’s previously used or I inadvertently fat fingered an unacceptable letter combination..so I repeat the process. If these 2 problems could be addressed and fixed, this game could potentially be a 5 star game. As I said.. ‘addictive’.
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7 months ago, AzuraSkye
Not Good with Recent Download…
I’ve been on this app for quite some time and have amassed many points although just recently I had to delete it due to glitches and download it again. Upon downloading, it wiped out all of my record and points and I have to start from scratch. Therefore, this wasn’t okay at all. In addition, I have paid for removal of ads but this new download was asking for payment again. Thanks a lot, this was a complete scam. Also, with this new download I’ve also noticed how they made it much more harder to gain hammer and lightbulb freebies and replacing it with giving you more points. This was a definite way to keep one using and playing their app more and much longer. Stop scamming users. Your app used to be good. And oh, thanks for wiping out my entire activity. This was a complete waste of time.
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4 months ago, Lisabee43
Criteria for excluding word is baffling
I enjoy this word game. Beautiful graphics with amazing photography. I didn’t give the developers 5 stars because words like ‘darn’ are unusable. Look it up in the dictionary people. It is not a slang/swear word. Darning socks may not be done any more, but it was during the Depression, and ever since needles and thread were invented. I detest foul language, but to darn something means to repair fabric with a needle and thread. Use a dictionary for something other than a coaster. Perhaps AI develops the puzzles? ATTENTION: in puzzle 7716 the word erect was not allowed. Why? Used as an adjective it means rigid or upright. An example: The soldiers stood erect with their arms at their side. Also the word is used as a verb…It should take over a year to erect the monument. Get your minds out of the gutter. This word is not offensive.
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5 years ago, Green ti
Terrible ads on a decent game
This game is pretty typical of the letters in a round style games that are everywhere right now. I like the “travel” concept for the levels of play, and that you get points for all the MANY words you can make that are not in the puzzle. It is strange how many words you can make that are not in the puzzle. Maybe a theme for each game which connects which words are used would be clever (hint hint). On the other hand, ads interrupt ever second or third round and they are TERRIBLE!!! Truly the worst ads I have ever experienced!!! My game is actually frozen on an ad that won’t go away right now. It takes about THIRTY SECONDS for the way to clear the ad to pop up, and sometimes you need to hit the little x 3-4 times to make the ad go away. I will start hunting for a different game today that isn’t so ridiculous about this because the ads have ruined all the fun. Loss of all 4 stars is because of ads
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2 years ago, Kc007:)
Love the game but please respond
However, directions would be nice. Like the blue coins what are they for and how do I win more? The gift that comes up in the righthand corner with a timer then it disappears Then comes back with the word free… when do I click on it? The daily spin wheel… what is it for? It lands on the bolt more times than not so you don’t win anything. I’ve stopped playing it. Until it gets better to play. Keeps freezing… I thought the words were going to get harder??? The game uses the same words over and over. Unless I’m doing something wrong or it didn’t download the full game?? Thanks for listening!!!
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4 years ago, Toys64
WOW Game
I have enjoyed very much the WOW game for a long time. My phone broke suddenly in the middle of the day so by then it had not been backup, so I lost everything I had completed (almost 1,000 games!). Now I am starting again since the beginning. One thing that I wanted to suggest ( I think it needs it) is that the moment one finishes the last word, one should be able to see the complete puzzle! It goes so fast that one cannot see the completed game! Please consider waiting at least thirty seconds to be able to see it all! Thank you for your attention. Blanca Moreno P.S. I have recommended the game to almost all my family and friends!
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1 year ago, haleytree
Limited vocabulary used in puzzle
I like this game will probably delete it soon because it isn’t quite what I wanted. I wanted a fun brain teaser (like the NYT spelling bee), but unfortunately 1- it takes too long to complete enough levels to have the puzzles be remotely challenging. I wish you could place up faster to get a challenge (3 letter words are still sometimes allowed in my games - and I think I’m on level 100?). 2- the vocab is inconsistent and limited. I’ve seen “June” as a possible word, even though it is a proper noun, but “moth” not included in the puzzle. Again, I download this app to expand my vocab and work on spelling words from a subset of letters, and I find it very lame when half the words I find aren’t included in the puzzle, AND I have to find 3 letter words. Plus putting up with more time spend on adds than doing puzzles, deleting this app.
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2 years ago, lily75220
Words of Wonders
This game drains my battery faster than it can charge. It frequently freezes the screen. No response to touch for several minutes to several hours-sometimes frozen overnight. I got a new phone and these problems persist. But when it freezes now it only freezes this game. My phone can still be used for calls and texting. With the old phone (same model) the entire phone was frozen; nothing would respond until I did a reset- mores than turning the phone off & on. I’m going to remove it. Can’t figure out all the icons. There’s a blue circle with a “W” embossed on it. Started with 3 then suddenly have 1. Pressing it only allows me to purchase more of other icons. Same with the fireworks. Can buy more icons. Haven’t figured out the races. As a college graduate I think I should be able to figure out a few games.
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5 months ago, Little Baby Seamus
Same as all the other games now
Well it’s really too bad all of the games are like this now. This one’s pretty good, it allows you to play 16 levels before it adds a commercial every other level. you think you actually found a good honest game but you didn’t, they’re gonna ad you to death after they trick you into thinking they won’t. $9.99 for this game is far too steep. If you want $2.99 for the game fine. they also encourage you to review it prior to level 16 so I’m sure many of these reviews saying there are no ads just didn’t get that far yet. I would never pay 10 bucks for this remedial game. unfortunately where these people have it wrong is that they’re absolutely insane if they think I’m going to start paying $50 a month on game apps. I lived my life before these games and I will live my life without them. Deleted.
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5 months ago, wryterjccc
Keep Playing
At first, I thought the words were too easy and repetitive, but I kept playing. I haven’t watched a single ad and have have spent no real money. You can now buy hammers, bulbs and other items with gems. I have played over 10,000 games, and words are much more difficult (up to seven letters). In addition to the spin wheel, which usually lands on five gems for me. I never spin the wheel after the first spin. You now get 50 free gems each day. I think it’s one of the best games I have played in a long time. And yes, I’m retired and have an hour or so each day to play the game.
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3 months ago, Hazel Scoobs
Royal match
I have really enjoyed playing the words of wonders crossword game, but lately, since Royal match ads have come up, I can’t seem to get off of the ad screen and get back to the puzzle!!!! With anything else that comes up you get the App Store that says done and then you get to the actual ad and it has a little X and of course you can just click on it and get back to playing the game with. Not so with Royal match the ad is too long anyway and I have to completely reboot my whole phone to try to get back to the game. This is very annoying and frustrating and I’m thinking about just giving up the game altogether. Isn’t there, something you guys could do on your end???????
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8 months ago, Lilpudn
A favorite excellent game!
Update: AWESOME! You can now use the green jewels to get the sapphires and use them to play previous daily games or to get a cool avatar. I’ll now be playing this game often. Thank you so much for the upgrade! Previous review: I enjoy this game but have over 29,000 gems and have no idea what you can use them for. I’m talking about the green ones not the blue ones. Got your answer that you can use them to buy powerups which is great. Where do you do this? Looked all through the game. The things I see in the store can only be bought with money?
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2 years ago, numbekrsnutz
Basically good game but. . . .
I would have given this game 5 stars but I am tired of having to repeatedly enter the same word 3 or 4 times before the game registers it. I did opt for the paid version just to not to be bugged by the stupid and lying ads and so far I have not had a problem with any ads showing up where they are not supposed to be and this includes the daily spinner. Only if I want to spin more than once do I have to sit through an unwanted ad. Only wish they had some more difficult words but I am at level 500 something so I am assuming that the higher levels are about the same as where I am now.
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1 year ago, 6of575
fun concept
i like the idea of this, & i don't mind watching ads or vids since i am usually doing multiple things at once & can just let it run itself out & carry on, & sometimes the ads are even kinda entertaining, if weird but my big issue is that the ads come increasingly frequently til it's after every lvl AND the ads themself seem to eventually lack any way to exit out (no X button, just an arrow >> for downloading) this leaves me stuck with no way to return to the game screen, thus literally unplayable after a little while by lvl 20 & not even a reload helping, i got bored & i gave up maybe it's just user error, or maybe also consider less holding users hostage for downloads/ads p.s. i did like that you could earn the premium blue coin & green diamond currency if slowly; there's just not much to spend on? & also zero explanation of what the green diamond currency is even for i also liked all the background cards & collecting those as i advanced in lvl; i wish more of that kinda thing in games was a thing anyway thanks have a good day
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3 weeks ago, Hedge da g was t no
There huh you know I am a big boy and you don’t have any friends I just wanna be a girl every single day I want to thow ugly and dirty and ugly but you don’t have a boyfriend so I’m just a boy I am a little girl I am a baby and a boy I want a baby girl and I’m not sure if I can do anything about that because I’m just not that girl y know what I’m talking about I’m sorry I’m just really not a baby I’m not I’m a little boy I’m not I’m just I’m not I’m wt this guy is so dumb he can’t read and comprehend what the tweet is about but he has way too little brain cells and a lot to say wttuuu he has no clue about the meaning.
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1 year ago, Frameguy53
Small Issue
I’ve been playing this game for many months and really am enjoying it. This is kind of a strange issue, but I want to purchase the game and can’t find a way to do this. The only way I’ve found is to buy a subscription for $3.99/week which gives you zero adds, plus others benefits, but I don’t do subscriptions. I would end up spending over $150 per year which is insane for a simple game. I am willing to to pay the advertised fee of $5.99 to removed ads, but there is no way to do this. Im just tried of all the ads, but I do put up with them as I truly enjoy the game.
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11 months ago, MichelleBRS
Word games
This happens all the time to me. I see an ad that looks interesting, and it turns out the game is nothing like the ad. I don’t wanna play just another crossword. In the ad, there was a whole rows and rows of letters that you couldn’t see, only the bottom row was visible, and the point was to make words with these letters and clear all the letters in all the rows. Of course coming here to get the game, I find it’s nothing like that. You really have to check. It is extremely rare that an ad that I have seen, and then downloaded, that the game is anything like the ad. It’s a waste of time. Some of the games are good. So why don’t you just advertise them for what they are instead of some crazy game that we are never ever gonna see? Please stop wasting my time with games that don’t exist. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Aquilia23
Too many adds
I will say that there are not as many adds as I have seen in other places. So at first it wasnt bad HOWEVER the interactive adds are atrocious you can skip them with a >>> sign BUT it takes you to a “get the app” page where you have to wait for the “x” button to load. And then when you click that the add pop up will appear. Also there are pop up ads too!! Its just too much and is a pain. I enjoy the prize wheel for daily prizes BUT i landed on two spaces which did jot reward me but instead informed me about opportunities to join the app’s club. Most disappointing was the golden wheel spin which I landed on took me to a different prize wheel which underneath the spin button said “for 2.99 USD” I understand needing to make money but this is in poor taste. The user should have to pay to spin on what they landed after watching an add for a free spin in the first place. As for the game itself it is enjoyable and the travel aspect brings an interesting vibe. overall i gave this a three star because of the obnoxious adds.
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12 months ago, Mandalorian🌌
Super relaxing game
I love this game because when ever I’m stressed like when me and my sister were fighting and then I asked my mom if I could go on my phone and she said yes and I started playing this game and like in30 seconds I was relaxed but, I think you or anybody who made this game I think like you know how we change backgrounds I think we should choose our backgrounds and whoever you are And whoever you are you are perfect 🤩 and smart and if somebody says something bad about you don’t listen to them and listen to your self and go your path 🥰😊😍😘❤️
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3 years ago, LKoalaLvr
Satisfied customer, but…
I love this game and the new updates that I got on my new iPad. I am on my fourth tour because it’s the only game I play. There is just one thing I wish you would fix with these updates and that is to keep the level graphs on the same level that I last did instead of it starting over to catch up to the next level. It gets confusing when I'm trying to go to the next level when it reaches the end of the graphs. I would truly appreciate it if you could do this.
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12 months ago, Mooned1
Very expensive kids game
I thought it was for adults too but apparently not. Too simple for them. All these collection of jewels is childish but, fine, maybe people like it. But all purchases are much more more expensive than in other game apps. And there is constant pressure to buy things. The wheel that you spin to start the game every day to acquire jewels or gems will not give you more than 20, even though the wheel carries at least 2 sections of 25, 40, 50 or 100. I’ve played for 2 months and get 5, 10, 15, only rarely 20. Never more. Probability doesn’t work that way. If you miss playing a day, you have to buy the privilege of playing the missed day even though you paid $6 initially to buy the game. This game is too simple and way too expensive.
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2 years ago, Vito_Fishes
I’ve been playing for a while and I’m over 3600 levels in. This is an updated second review. My main issue is when I get a butterfly and the timer is running, any butterfly gained after is a waste. Butterflies should stack and offer larger prizes instead of being wasted while the timer is running. The timers are a bit long to begin with and having to wait or spend money to get them faster is lame. Secondly, I’d like the feature where you’d get extra stars each level depending how well you did to come back. At this point in the game it takes 28 levels to get 28 stars to get a punny prize. I’d like that to come back
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2 years ago, Tvpenguin
Fun and addicting
After getting through the far too easy 3 letter word rounds, I found that this is relaxing and fun. I love word scramble games. I liked it enough to purchase the ad free option. In game purchases are offered, but not necessary to enjoy playing. I wish it had some kind of help file to explain what the fireworks do. They automatically deploy when you have one, and I have tried to watch what happens but I can’t figure it out. Maybe the game told me in those early rounds and I missed it?
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1 year ago, Whatever69420
It’s ok
Given the number of poorly designed games this is ok. But the issues I have found are the following 1. Too many ads , however they give an option to purchase the game ads free so that’s reasonable 2. Drains my battery within a couple hrs of playing 3. Not very challenging I’m on level 314 maybe it gets harder when you hit level 1000? 4. I’m collecting some stuff I can use like emeralds and light bulbs which is fine. But the rockets are automatically activated when collected which just makes it less challenging. And what are the airplanes for I collect those but can’t find anything they are useful for. 5. The daily challenge is not a challenge all it requires is for you to pay money to play missed days (ex. I started end of second week of January, so once those tokens were used up can’t make those games up without paying) which is fine but calling it a challenge is misleading. Anyway uninstalled due to the above for me others may be fine with it though
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2 years ago, dogluver9
Really fun; a little misleading though
So I am always looking for games that work your brain. I saw an add for this game one day and decided to download it because it looked fun. The thing is though is that on the adds it shows the game consisting of little squares with 4 letters in each and you are supposed to make a word out of it. Completely different game when you actually get on though. It is still really fun thought and I appreciate that there are very few adds. I suggest that you change your adds because the game is nothing like what I saw on the adds.
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2 years ago, HooRayDar
Update setbacks. Prizes disappear, freezing, etc.
Play daily, approaching 2,000 games. Generally relaxing, but frustrating when the Butterfly awards require the player to wait as long as 15-30 minutes to collect prize OR pay to collect without any wait. Then, during the wait time, if you open another app, receive a call, or answer a text, the prize disappears when you return! That's not fair. Also, the sticker collection process is a little vague. No explanation about strategy, and duplicate stickers are collected many many times. Seems very random.
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2 years ago, Icky 1
Words words words
Thought this was a different word game. It’s advertising is misleading in that you build words from a square of four letters etc till all squares are gone… I was very much looking forward to it as I’m already playing an app called Calm Word where you put a jumble of letters s together to form words in a crossword puzzle. Apparently you must reach a high level before you can even play it. Will continue to play as I like word games, but disappointed in how you’re drawn into play.
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1 year ago, Ajsnsn
I downloaded this game when it barely came out, I played for a long time and in the end I deleted it because it always uses the same words, they don't add new words and you end up getting bored, many years passed and I downloaded it again thinking that it had changed (by the way I lost my progress on facebook and I don't know why) Well, it turns out that it's still just as boring, same words, they still haven't added new words and therefore I had to do this review, the game is good but it's a shame that in years only a few things have changed but The most important thing is not the words. finally I will have to delete it again
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1 year ago, Sgalloup
The game is fun, not to challenging to the point where it makes you frustrated. What I really enjoy about this game is earning the rocket booster so that it puts letters in when you start a new puzzle, what I would enjoy even more would be that the game didn’t lock up on the next ad, almost every time, then you have to get out of the game to unlock it! It’s really great to earn a reward and then have it yanked out from underneath you! Could you have your IT team look into possibly having this happen in other areas as well!
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1 year ago, Royal Montgomery
Not as advertised
I downloaded this from an ad on disney tsum tsum because it was promoted as a set of blocks of four letters each that you found the word within and then as you found the word the block would disappear. I was looking forward to it, but this is NOT that game and it's super disappointing because this is like every other word game i see ads for. boring. i'm going to delete it. It's also discouraging to see the same responses from the developer team that never address the concerns that people give, they're just stock replies to people who are justifiably annoyed that they downloaded something that was not as advertised, so no, I'm not staying tuned and I'm not altering my review because you gave me some rote response.
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