Words With Friends 2 Word Game

4.6 (692.5K)
258.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Words With Friends 2 Word Game

4.58 out of 5
692.5K Ratings
2 years ago, MissPutz
Used to encourage all my friends to sign up & play this fun and challenging word game. What happed? Why would you take away all the fun challenges that made this game such a success? If you know anything about gaming, you should know, iits no fun if you force someone to watch ads right in the middle of a game, and the games that you’re advertising aren’t even in the same league. They are goofy games that don’t require a brain or strategy. Then you must assume we’re all idiots, by never stop pushing that upgrade for $9.99. I finally gave into it, and paid the upgrade price, thinking you would finally quit hounding me. But oh no, the so called upgrade lasted one week, and started hounding me once again, like I had never paid. All a scam. Do you really want to be thought as a scam game? I don’t get it??? Another thing, players compete to win, and expect to be fairly rewarded. Now, you are so stingy with rewards, and inconsistent, so player gets excited about the win, and you only give a couple points. That is the worst feeling not to receive a decent and fair return for a win. Thought you must have sold the game to another company who didn’t have a clue how to grow the business. You are running this game into the ground…it’s no fun anymore, and makes me sad. I guarantee if you don’t make some changes, and bring back the real Words with Friends challenge, you will lose. Al’s
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12 months ago, LaVaye31
Videos are consistently NOT working
Look, I have played this game since it was released. I continually play at max number of games. When I try to watch videos for trophies or for daily word play I am unable to watch videos. It says they are unavailable or something went wrong. I understand there will be times that everything doesn’t work as you plan for it to, however, I’m not sure how many people are reporting this, but this happens way too much. I paid for the game however many years ago then, I get the rewards pass every month or so whenever that happens, I just don’t think I should continue to spend my money on things that don’t function properly. Also, while I have your attention, I’ve worked in the medical field all my life. Why are medical words not options to play a word? I feel limited on what I can use. This is the only game that I have played for this amount of time. Everything else I get bored with, and push it off to another page, or just delete it. Along with the fact that I do pay for the rewards pass, I do really enjoy this game and I don’t want to stop playing it but I want it to work. Please fix the video problem and ask your people what needs to be done to add some medical words. Also, could you please tell me what the secret is to guessing the word for the daily club puzzle? Thank you for your time and please get back with me. That would be great. Blessings, Stacey 💕🐾
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5 years ago, Nica1980
I love this game but...
I have been playing this game for a few years now but I did take a break because of the overwhelming amount of men trying to pick you up. I play Everyday and sometimes for a couple of hours at a time. I enjoy most of the features and hope it just keeps getting better. I really wanted to give it four stars some things are nerve wracking with this game. The first is that when I go to watch a 30 second video to accumulate coins half the time it doesn’t work and keeps saying that it’s loading for a whole day. Please fix that. I also wish these videos gave at least 5 coins at a time but that’s not a big deal and is just my opinion. The other thing is that I continue to get game requests from men with a fake profiles. As stated in so many other reviews if you don’t chat and go to hangouts or other dating like websites they stop playing. Then that game will take up a game spot for 10+ days unless I resign which then messes up my stats. There has to be a way to work around this. Overall I love this game it’s my favorite of all time. I hope that it keeps improving and look forward to any new features. P.S I played a player a few days ago that had rainbow tiles. I asked her several times how she had the option for that style but she completely ignored me. I’m wondering is that something you would have to buy cause I would LOVE that.
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4 years ago, Starcourt Mall
This is a great game but....
So I only gave this 3 stars because the app has a few problems. Otherwise it’s a pretty good game! I love that you can play games with tons of different people and that there are the solo challenges! But there are a few problems that get in the way. 1) There are ads after EVERY SINGLE TURN YOU TAKE. There is only one exception of this: the solo challenges. 2) sometimes I don’t even get my games when it’s my turn! I’ve had to lose countless games because it never came up that it was my turn! That i found was very annoying, and the only way that I’ve figured out how to find those games is if you log out and then log back in again. And every time you log out, even if it’s just for a second, you get all of these new player notifications, like it didn’t even realize you had been gone for a second. 3) sometimes, it says it’s my turn and then I can’t even play. It won’t let me click on games sometimes, I’ve tried reloading my app several times, and it never worked! And finally 4) the time limit on games. I think personally this is pretty annoying, you have like 10-12 days or something to play your turn, or you lose! I’m not trying to spend every day on this app! I’ve got other things to do, and sometimes I won’t come on the app for a week or more! But overall I do like the concept, but if those few things could get fixed, then I definitely would highly recommend this game. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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4 years ago, StephanieS1227
Delays and catfish
I play this game often and I enjoy it, but I have been noticing that when I play the lightning rounds with groups, I get an overwhelming amount of men sending me 1:1 games. I know for certain that some of them are Nigerian catfish masquerading as U.S. servicemen and surgeons who are working for the UN and on assignment overseas. I am extremely resourceful when it comes to investigating and can say without any uncertainty that the men are catfish. If anyone from WWF ops wants to discuss, I would be happy to reveal my sources. Also, when I play QuickPlay, my game lags - majorly. My board will still be loading and the opponent has 50 points before I can even look at my letters. Then, in between words, the board will load and load and by the time it finally does, the game is over and I have lost. Other times, it will say it’s searching for an opponent and I will close out of the game to restart and try again and a game is in progress and I’m about to lose, which wastes a turn. There are a lot of glitches and the catfishing needs to be addressed. For the time being, I have changed my photo to one of my dog to deter weirdos from sending me games. I have still received quite a few and I’m thinking I may need to be a bit of a catfish myself and change my photo to a sumo wrestler and my name to “Butch” or something of the like to play unscathed.
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3 years ago, Duchess Jo
Great game improvement suggestion
I’ve played reg WWF til it disappeared but glad to have this back. I am bombarded with scammers every single day though band messages flashing are so annoying. I don’t mind having little chats with people but I run their pics on google and it’s crazy how many scammer/ impersonators of innocent people there are playing. I’m avoiding nice people as well now. When I see a message I can’t read it unless I let them in. Then they persist. How to weed them out I’m not sure but I hate seeing platforms for these people to take advantage of others. Can we separate new players from contacting people for a time period where they might give up using this platform they aren't here to play they only use three or four letter words then hound people. After one turn. What if you block new players from chat saying “chat isn’t available able at this time” snd keep them off chatting until they have stuck it out . If they are average people they won’t quit the game if scammers they will quit immediately when there’s no contact with others . They won’t take time to play because playing isn’t their goal.
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3 years ago, BNM3228
I have played Words With Friends for 10 years as of this month. It is a game I have spent thousands of hours playing and enjoyed very much. During the past several months, however, for me at least, the game has become very glitchy. While I like most of the new features, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the game freezing up, and often not navigating from one page to another. When this happens, the screen either goes entirely black, or black with a perpetually spinning yellow W tile. After waiting for some time, I get tired and exit the game. If I try to return in 5 to 10 minutes, it still has not fixed itself. Occasionally, if I am impatient to return to the game, I shut my phone off for a couple of minutes, then turn it back on to resume play. I keep my phone updated with Apple software updates and Words With Friends updates; however, these problems do not resolve. I encounter these problems every single time I play this app, and consequently am playing it less often than previously, although usually at least one time every day. Before the glitches became so persistent, I used to return to the game multiple times in one day. I would love for the game to function as smoothly as it once did. If that happens, I will bump my rating back up to 5 stars as it is a game I love to play.
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7 months ago, Tclp123528
UPDATED Latest Update the Worst
The latest update is the worst. The playing screen is now smaller and the dictionary isn’t synched to the game you’re playing, or any game you’ve recently played. It runs much slower and update doesn’t seem to have added much of anything to the game but some sounds and screen motions that aren’t necessary for the true Words player. Please put the screen size back to what it was instead of splitting it in half for a dictionary that is now distracting, especially for people that may be visually challenged. Another thing the game notifications of waiting games is way off. Today it indicated I had 28 games waiting to play, and there were none. Sometimes I have 56 games waiting but don’t know that because no games are indicated. Does anyone do quality checks or testing before these updates are sent out? Adding to this earlier review. Recent update has not corrrected any of the earlier gaming issues reported by many. Still stalls and requires restarting game. Also the new $9.99 Fall Reward (right, what was I thinking buying it) is missing the portion to use the tokens you win so what’s the point of offering them if the only final reward is the one from previous contest that’s already concluded. They also put an unlock icon for coin cost right under the area to claim rewards making it confusing if you need to click both so they can get more coins from you. This used to be a fun game, but no more.
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2 years ago, KAlex2022
Really Good, but Needs More Customer Consideration to be Great!
I adore playing this game. It’s so much fun and enables me to enjoy leisurely entertainment. Unfortunately, I have some concerns. The first issue is that some of the ads lock up the game and I have to restart my I-phone just to get out of an ad. For example, the new Range Rover ad’s exit button is so far to the left lower part of the screen that you cannot even tap it to exit. Another issue is that the ads often don’t close when you hit the close button. Sometimes you have to hit the close button multiple times only for it to take you to the ad for the app being sold or the button is non-responsive. I don’t mind having ads. My concern is that I’m they are not responsive to being closed and they lock up my phone. The second (lesser) issue is that the game provides less and less rewards as you increase the amount of games you play. It makes it less fun. Keep the fun going….. Lastly, and of great concern, is that some of the ads are for companies that are scams. I’ve received quite a bit of ads for products, but when I’ve checked BBB, they were scams. WWF2 should vet some of these companies before providing them access to its customer database. Yes, I’m advocating for customer consideration and responsibility. I’m hopeful that the owners of WWF2 will consider these concerns.
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3 years ago, Wendy1222
Scammers Abound
I started playing this game in 2011 and play daily now. I play the Lightning Round on a regular basis, which seems to bring the scammers out in full force. These are the ones who immediately chat and call me “dear friend” at once. Then they start asking personal questions about my marital status, how old I am, what do I do for a living, where I live, etc. It’s apparent from the grammar and spelling they are not in the US (we don’t spell “colour” with a “u” and asking me how the weather is “over there” are dead giveaways. They’re either on an oil rig somewhere or in the military overseas and involved in world peace. Most immediately volunteer where they were born and where they now live, like I give a flying flip about that. All are widowers with one child. They almost immediately ask me to chat on Hangouts to get to know me better (I flat out refuse), and if I state that I don’t chat or I change my profile picture or name to NO CHAT, they resign immediately. I’ve tested that theory repeatedly and it always happens, although they do their best to convince me they’re not like the rest and how could I not want to be friends. The internet is full of stories about these morons but I see no effort by WWF admin to kick them out. It’s freaking annoying, even women do it, and I’m disappointed you don’t protect your players better from these idiots.
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2 years ago, Ragdoll418
So Frustrating
I've been a player for probably 8-10 years. This has gone from a 5 star game for me, to a one star...I'm just hanging on deciding if I want to try to wait for things to get better. I no longer earn power-ups in the game, even though I play daily, and most of the time, multiple times a day. I can play all of the mini-games and weekly challenges and still, it's extremely hard to make progress. The newer word flip mini games... again...playing all day (I usually have at least 20-25 games going) I can't finish all of them because I can't earn enough tokens for them. Everyhing seems so out of reach now. The weekly solo challenges - I used to be able to work hard and eventually beat them. Not anymore. Please hear me developers...it has to be at least somewhat satisfying to play...a player likes to feel like they are getting ahead at least sometimes...or where's the fun? Also, I frequently have game after game where even though I'm playing the highest possible scoring words...I can't win the game. All kind of discouraging. Real life can be frustrating...I play games to take a break from that. The way everything in this game is set up currently...it's a lesson in futility. Hope you hear the pleas through these reviews and make it better again. (Thanks for reading.) (p.s. People will still purchase power-ups if you make them easier to attain...I used to. But I don't have the desire to anymore since it's impossible to earn them as well.)
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2 weeks ago, MHCounselor
Love it and the clubs
I’m only giving 4 stars because there are a few tweaks that would really help out with the club feature. As a Leader of a club, I have found a need to posts updates on how to play for a club when new people join that aren’t familiar with the team/club features. 1. A copy and paste feature would be awesome, or a separate area where leaders can post this information. 2. Also, an edit feature. It is a bit embarrassing to post something and see glaring typos 🤦🏼‍♀️. Most applications now give you an opportunity to edit what you wrote. You have predictive text, so adding an edit feature hopefully isn’t too difficult. 3. Nice to have feature would be where a teammate can send a pm to the leader(s) without having to be in a game with them. This would allow a teammate to communicate any problems or concerns about another member on the team without having it post in the club chat. On other note: I have one teammate, that has been receiving matches from players that are able to have there information change right in front of your eyes. Since they are a personal friend, she has sent me videos of this happening… have no idea how this is possible. To wrap it up, Love the game, and have been playing since 2011. These added features would be very helpful to the clubs. 😊
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3 years ago, Taohuakaile
Ads With Friends 2 Many!
Nov 2021: even a few moves without no ads, they will make you wait even longer than ads with their own stuffs; Oct 2021: a wonderful ads downloader! And , My iPhone 7 can last long hours until I play this game. Sep 2021: make my iPhone 7 really slow, and my phone is so hot every time I run this game. How come this game rated so high points? I doubt, please anybody look into the reviews. This game has been renamed: Ads With Friends 2: Many! It’s absolutely a Ads app where you can play a bit game. Add more comments: Meanwhile you can play another game: Spot how many ads you can find, FOR EVERY MOVE. Below wrote years ago: Recently I see lot of ads many last 15 secs even without even a mute button and certainly cannot stop before time running out. You already have user to watch (actually download) a video FOR EVERY MOVE, and now you even put some 15 secs ads which is like an humiliation to free user while I think free users is a very important base from that you can have paid users and the paid user can find more users easily. I put a pic on my icon saying 'newer a version, longer the ads'. I love this game while I do agree ads is reasonable thing, I just cannot accept that much, sorry I'm quiting. Next time if you have a reasonable ads version, put it on the 1st line of 'what's new' column so that I can see as I won't try them any more and test if ads are little bit less (after all sessions completed from now). The game itself is great indeed.
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3 years ago, DelBeesu
There is waaaaaay too much going on in this app. When you open it up, you are bombarded with messages about treasure hunts and mini games and contests, ads, and then when you finally get to the main menu there are always like 3 games that you didn’t agree to play with random strangers that you have to actively go into to tell it to decline in order to remove it. Underneath that there are suggestions for random strangers for you to play. There have been times where I missed that it was my turn in the one game I’m playing for over a day because there’s so much going on that I just couldn’t see our game in the menu and see that it was my turn. Then there are “tips” where the app wants you to know about a feature. Sometimes it’s hints, or a new thing that you can earn points for for whatever, but they are impossible to exit out of without agreeing to do the thing, which is really obnoxious. There have also been times where I’ve been forced to go into some new section of the app that I’m not interested and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the main screen, and has to just close the app and reopen it. This has got to be one of the most overwhelming, obnoxious apps I’ve ever used. The only reason I didn’t delete it immediately is because my friend who I never get to see really wanted to play scrabble, and we used to play in this app when it was new and less insane. I may delete it after this game though.
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2 years ago, Golumbki
Words 2 Is A Disaster
I’ve deleted the Words With Friends 2 app after sending the review shown below. I waited until I received a response which was of no help. The app is a disaster and I read reviews and saw that many players feel the same way. It doesn’t deserve even a one star rating. Nothing but ads that freeze requiring me to power off to get back to the game, lightning round games that disappear during the game, all the additional games, having to purchase coins, etc. It’s ridiculous and I’m glad I deleted it. I wish I never downloaded Words 2 but was forced into it because chat was disabled on Words With Friends and the only way to enable it was by downloading Words 2 which I think is a ridiculous way to deal with people. Since downloading Words 2 the game constantly freezes up. I cannot click on games to get to the games I’m playing. I have to click on Events first. When I play a word and ads appear, more times than not the ad does not allow me to exit or delete it. I have to power off in order to return to the game. This is a disaster and disabling chat then telling me that a solution is to download Words 2 is a ridiculous way of forcing people into downloading a different version of the game which I had no desire to do. Not a fair way to deal with people. I deleted the Words 2 app. Games were always dropping or freezing. Too many annoyances with all the other things going on. It was impossible to just enjoy playing the game.
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2 years ago, farts are awesome
Quick play games steal your tickets
I recently started to play the quick play games, there are many issues with them. Sometimes they just freeze up and other times there are glitches. For example, you play the quick game to 150 points, then you start to play a second game and the results from the first game pop up and take your ticket for the second game. The only way to play again is to buy tickets so this lines the pockets of the game owners. You only get one ticket every two hours so if the game doesn’t work right you lose your ticket. I have complained multiple times about this and sometimes they give me some coins or something but I would prefer that the game would just work right. I just waited two hours for my free ticket and the game froze up, lost my ticket AGAIN. This happens to me like once a day and I have great internet speed. Post script, subsequent to my initial review, the app allowed for up to five tickets presumably because the game performance was so terrible. I am talking about the Quickplay to 150 points. Just this week, they scaled back and now they only give you ONLY TWO tickets every two hours that is the max, so ridiculously cheap it’s not even funny. I guess this is all about money. I lost two tickets today and when I wrote to customer service they refunded those tickets however since it only allows two tickets maximum and I was about to get a ticket I really lost that ticket so I got screwed again.
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1 year ago, ysabeau47
Fun game but a couple of requests
I wrote the review below but did not post. I’m updating it now and you lost another star. I’ve played this game for many years. Love/hate the game. Originally I was going to say thank you for restoring the ability for us to use our coins any way we wish, whenever we wish. Unfortunately, you apparently snatched that option away again. We play to earn the coins and you regulate our maximum earnings to 1500 and now you want to regulate how and when we spend the coins. So once we reach 1500 and we aren’t allowed to spend them on multiple Power Ups, we are basically losing coins. This feels like WWF is practicing government overreach. There’s too much of that in real life for us to also have to suffer from it in what should be a fun game. This is ridiculous. Please fix it. Set your people free. Also, requests —Request 1: please give the option to hide the Wordmasters, Quick Play, and Word Play from our main page. I don’t play those and they clog up my page and occasionally I accidentally hit one and then get stuck in a game I don’t want to be in. Request 2: In Word Wheel, the easy puzzles are so ridiculously simple and it seems to be the same puzzles over and over. I just want to get through them so I can get to one that is actually a challenge. I would think that a majority of players are past the three- and four-letter word stage and would enjoy more challenging puzzles from the start. There you go
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1 year ago, DeederWeeder
A bit annoyed
I’ve been playing this game since 2014 and I loved it .. however when I watch ads to get tokens, I am rarely getting the full 30 coins allocated per day. I never had issues before but everyday now for the last 4 months I received 18 out of 30 each day because of 2 ads ( Fishdom and Gardenscapes) which btw take more than 3 minutes just trying to exit . It’s completely frustrating and time consuming and shouldn’t take longer than the average 5 minutes it takes to watch all 10 ads. It’s even more frustrating especially since I’ve contacted zynga numerous times begging them to fix it or contact the 3rd parties explaining that their ads are not giving any rewards for watching. Sometimes zynga support will give me a credit back but I shouldn’t have to write them daily and I find this completely unnecessary and annoying. This is time away from playing the game and my precious time watching the same ads over and over for nothing . I’m at the point of not wanting to play anymore. If you are new I suggest don’t even bother playing this game if you don’t have money to spend to get tokens like I don’t being on disability, then you’re going to go insane trying to get support from their automated computer response before you possibly reach a real person. Who may or may not give you the coins you earned. I’m finally fed up and giving this complete thumbs down . 👎 Fix this WORDS WITH FRIENDS 👎👎👎👎
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2 years ago, Mister8tch
It’s all about the money
As this wonderful game continues to evolve, the creators want only one thing. To get you to a monthly subscription that is WAY too expensive. To get good players to sign on, they make it harder with every update to collect coins. They now won’t let you cash out your coins at their store until you are completely out. They raise the price of premiums. It was once a simple game. Now it’s all about getting you frustrated enough to pay that first 13 dollars to get you to the next step. The creators would do well to have you pay for the app, then discard the unbelievable number of ads you have to endure. The updates, over the years, have not been generous enough to demand a monthly stipend. Yet that is where Words has landed. I’m a great believer in capitalism, but this group of techies is playing Mickey Mouse. Resist the urge to upgrade. They continue to play games with powerups. The most recent update goes back to forcing you to use them before you can buy more. They started this several months ago, but then pulled it when the reaction was so negative. But it seems they just can’t resist the urge to force you to buy their upgrade packages (which only allow a 30 day ad free window, so basically they are looking for you to pay the 13 bucks a month to play). It’s all so obvious. Given that they already manipulate how letters are meted out, I’d say it’s about time for hard core fans to boycott this app for a while.
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5 years ago, Kat€B
Look, I know you all want us to purchase the ad free version. Sorry, but I don’t play enough to make that happen. So I use the ad version and there is a big problem with this. I often play while waiting in a waiting room or while watching TV with other people. I have my phone on silent. But , some of your ad refuse to be silent! All of a sudden there is a blast of noise from an ad that refuses to shut up! I go into a high anxiety panic trying to silence this ad that I didn’t even want to see! Also, suddenly all the ads are 30 seconds long and you can’t get past them. It gets where we see the same ad over and over and it is frustrating. There are a couple of games that I have seen the ads for about 1,000,000,000 times. I have begun to absolutely hate them. I will never download those games just because I have seen the ads far too much. Okay, done with the rant about the ads. The game itself is good. The badges are a nice touch and they make you want to get more points. The other little games in the game such as collecting things to get a new box is also fun. The dictionary is good and helpful. But, the dictionary often has words that it says it cannot define. Also, some foreign words are accepted but some aren’t. The game itself has done well with no glitches. I have enjoyed it a lot.
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2 months ago, ajgibson91012
Slow and drains battery
I have been playing this game for over 12 years, and it has consistently gotten slower over the years. The battery drain is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know exactly what it's doing in the background, but I'm sure more of it has to do with all the data collection going on rather than just running the game itself, since Zynga has one of the worst "privacy" policies of all the apps and much more complex apps don't drain the battery like this one does. This morning I went in to play on 3 tables. It sucked out 19% of my battery life and took me almost 30 minutes. The battery reduced by 7% just to load the app, and less than 10 minutes was me actually taking my turns. The rest was closing down all of the feature pop-ups, waiting for the game animations to run their course, and trying to collect the rewards. I've had games running with the same person for all these years, and I'm committed to keeping that going, just for this person. I now refuse to start new games with anyone else because of this problem. Once she and I find a different game to play together, WWF2 will be off my phone quicker than lightning. It used to be a really fun and addictive game but all the things Zynga tries to do to get more playtime actually interrupt the enjoyment process. Streamline the app and you'll have more players. Truly, less is more!
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5 years ago, Ari_Z12
Good App, But Uneven Support Outside of English
This is my favorite Scrabble-type mobile game and is popular with everyone I know for providing a quality experience. One feature I particularly liked was the ability to see the definition and a link to a dictionary entry for most words played when the game is set to English. This feature is something that sets the app apart from playing the traditional board game, and when combined with other gameplay improvements, it definitely makes the app better than the tediousness that sometimes is experienced when playing Scrabble by hand. What keeps this from being 5 stars for me is that not all words when the game is set to English have an associated definition or dictionary entry (will say something like “definition unavailable”), which makes it confusing how the developers chose what words make the cut for being playable. It also takes away from the learning aspect the app provides in being able to expand your vocabulary when an unusual word with no definition is played (e.g. Qi). I play equally in two languages, and the dictionary feature is absent altogether in the second language I play in (Portuguese). I would imagine it probably is only present in English, and would be glad to see it improved and expanded to other languages in the future.
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4 months ago, Frankie1054
Really irritated with WWF
I’ve been playing this game with family members for years, but it’s getting so bad! 1. Tells me it’s opponents’ turn when it’s really my turn 2. In spite of making settings as private as possible, regular game invitations by men being inappropriate. I changed my profile photo to my (male!) dog, that seems to help. 3. Slower and slower response times. VERY irritating 4. Increasing complication in use, for example how to get rewards. I just want to play scrabble (let’s face it) with ZERO bells and whistles. I refuse to play the real Scrabble because of all the childish Interference in the game, will I soon have to give up WWF? 5. I just spent some time reading developer responses to user complaints. Eeeeeeooooo! Get a more intelligent, mature, articulate person to respond, if that’s a person writing “have a nice day”... I’m repelled. 6. I don’t really like the Word Police. Bad words are words too, and having WWF police what words are unacceptable for use in a “private” game makes me feel Big Brother is firmly in control. Please WWF, just stop it. Simple is good. Update: game keeps getting slower as more rubbish is added, I have to close it if I want it to realize days pass, occasionally it has a funny glitch with an enlarged tile freezing…… but I still play it, every day.
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2 years ago, Kc007:)
Love this game - butttt
I do love this game. However, changed to 3 starts because there are so many issues now that it’s frustrating playing the game. If things are being offered then they should be working. Let’s start with the achievements, I’m stuck on level 27 because it no longer tally’s my achievements. I was like halfway done but It just says 0/0. And will not change. Then the store the little red bubble just always says 6. Don’t know why because nothing is needing my attention. Then the collections…. all my collections groups have disappeared except for two of them. Which the last one, Spring collection, says complete because yes it ended. And now it’s supposed to be the “renaissance fair” but it’s not even showing that one in my collections area. It does show it however on the screen where it shows all the games. But when I earn the tokens they aren’t being added because it’s like that part isn’t really there. It’s like it never fully downloaded. Yes, I’ve forced closed. Yes, I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Yes, I’ve shut my phone off. I’ve done everything and still nothing. Please fix so I can continue to play and be happy. My other players are passing me up in all the levels and I don’t like that. Hopefully this will get resolved!! Thank you… from a loyal player
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2 years ago, ZenJim
The game has become too annoying to play anymore
When words with friends started it was fun to play and a nice way to interact with family that are scattered around the world. But that’s no longer the case. Zynga kept adding more and more annoying crap to the point where I’ve had enough. I’ve logged out and will never play another zynga game. Update: zynga sends the same form reply they always send. Empty promises yet again. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Update 2: zynga sends reworded b.s. sorry zynga but your track record shows that you have no intention of making the game more fun. For years you have been making the game more and more annoying and less enjoyable. Look at recent reviews. Do the 1 and 2 star reviews give you a clue? Probably not since you have years of experience ignoring your customer base. Zynga thinks adding more and more to the game makes it more enjoyable. Wrong. It’s gotten to where you get some kind of award for almost everything you do. Open the game get an award. Play 5 letters get an award. Get out of bed get an award. Get annoyed with the game get an award. 🤦🏻‍♂️ hey zynga, sometimes people just want a nice easy game without all the b.s. get a clue. Update 3: zynga sends another reply saying to contact support if I have any game related issues. Guess what zynga?! I have. Time and time again for a very long time. And guess what I received each and every time? The same canned response and no action on your part.
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4 years ago, terrrifffica
Words with Friends
I love to play this game to relax; however, this game frustrate me instead. The achievement system is not reliable. I finished level 20 and should have to 21. In my profile still shows me as level 20. I am now working to earn level 22. It’s very frustrating when one works hard to achieve a level and your system takes away. In different device it’s shows correct level 21, but in this device I am using it shows level 20. I delete the app and reloaded the app and is still showing my image with a 20. Also, there are too many words that are allowed which aren’t really words. When I look for definition there is none. This game allows foreign language words when I am playing in English. I understand that there are some foreign words that have been adopted and integrated into English language and are acceptable to use, but the words I see are definable not in common use. I wish the developers would take the time to read the reviews. I read a few and they all have the same issues in common. Please read the reviews! You ask for a rating, but you don’t read the reviews. This a great game to play, but you need to fix all the glitches. We are all telling you the problems. Listen to us .
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3 years ago, zerokool23
Don’t waste money on coins.
I’ve been playing since 2011 and noticed some things along the way. I’m finally irked enough to write a review. First off, most apps on here have a sole purpose and that is to make money for the developer and it seems to me like they use clever algorithms in order to achieve this with WWF. I always end up with all consonants or all vowels and then use a free swap that I’ve earned (you can purchase them as well) and then get more of the same essentially wasting your free swap. You might say that can happen in real life, but if you’ve played long enough you can almost predict it. I also know there are some games that I will statistically have no chance to win when all of the high value tiles go to your opponent. Again, just a pattern I’ve notice. I’ve also noticed that in the tile bag they always try to keep the consonants and vowels fairly even so I know it’s not random. Then in Quick Play where you need to have a ticket to play I would get glitches that to me seem like they are on purpose. For instance I started a game and could see my opponent already racking up points before the screen finished loading my screen to play. Sometimes I would use a ticket and it would take me back to the beginning screen and I would lose my ticket. I refuse to spend money on this app because I know it’s like playing Vegas. The odds are never in your favor. I still play it, but just know you won’t have a chance it certain games.
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2 years ago, browndog1026
Long time player
I have played this game for at least 12 years, since before I even had a smartphone and played on an iPod touch (remember those?). The concept is wonderful and the actual game is fun. HOWEVER- two main things: 1)All the new things going on are so distracting and annoying to have to click through just to be able to play. For example, the daily play streak, goals, the different challenges, the solo (bot) players…etc. There should be an option to turn toggle those things off, one by one. I love the tile styles and being able to earn those but almost everything else is pointless and irritating. 2) The random people/scammers who start games and then quit when you won’t chat with them or move to Hangouts. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was to read the reviews and see that I’m not the only one (by far!!) who deals with this. They’re right- always some middle-aged-looking white dude in the photo, who says he’s a widower with one child, and gets offended if you won’t chat with them and share personal info. Such a distraction. It’s annoying and gross. Isn’t there some way to start disabling logins for players who constantly begin games and then quit after a few moves? It seems like they do this all the time and it shouldn’t be too hard to find them.
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4 years ago, Mimidddddvvvvvv123123123
Apple Pencil with iOS14 Update
I always play Words with Friends 2 with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I use it to scroll through the game and move tiles. However, With the new update to iOS 14, the app will not allow me to use the pencil to grab tiles once I open a game. Instead, now the pencil just scribbles all over the game board and there is no option to turn this off. I don’t need to scribble on a scrabble game board, it’s not a coloring page. It is pointless. So far, all other apps I’ve opened work fine with the pencil. Please fix to still allow the pencil to also be used to play the game by scrolling and grabbing tiles, not just as a drawing tool. Other issues I have is if you use a Word Radar and then leave that board, when you return the game closes the “radar” and then makes you “buy” another radar. They didn’t use to do this and it seems petty. Also, I like that that they allow you to change the game tile within each individual game. However, in one of my games it keeps reverting to this one game tile that I hate. Even though I have changed both my universal default tile and the individual game tile, every time I open the individual game it reverts back to this other tile that I can’t stand. It is annoying. I love WWF but constant little glitches happen enough to where I felt I needed to say something here.
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7 months ago, DailyUser1234
**Downgraded to 2 stars** The annoying in-your-face attention-seeking animations and notifications are just too much. I’m ready to leave the app altogether. Please listen to your users!! Edited review; same issues: FIX THE NOTIFICATIONS THAT WON’T GO AWAY!!!! I’ve used this app daily for nearly a decade. I love playing games with my friends and I periodically enjoy the solo challenges and other games. But you HAVE to stop over-engineering things. I don’t need a 3-second animation for every action. It’s like your design team is addicted to “bling” - and this is not a thing to aspire to. Go back to the basics. People want to play words games. That’s it. And you HAVE TO FIX the issue with notifications. I currently show 8 badge notifications, with no way to clear them. OH, and I have all notifications turned off except for moves from my friends. This is an ongoing issue with with this app - notifications that don’t actually notify me of anything useful. I’ve seen several other reviews that mention this and I’ve submitted a ticket to your support team (which was way more difficult than it should have been, by the way). Finally, my settings ask for NOT allowing solo challengers to start games with me; and yet without exception… games are started with me. Why do you have settings options if you’re just going to ignore them?
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4 years ago, jokael2
Fun game, but full of scammers
There has to be some way to vet out these scammers who begin unsolicited conversations with women. They are relentless and annoying, and they have the same script. I don’t believe most of them are native English speakers based on their canned conversations and poor game-playing. After I accepted several challenges (I hoped they were due to being ‘smart matched’ with someone), 3 different men all started similar conversations with me ‘hello dear’ or using my name in another one. Then in 2 of them it led almost immediately to ‘where are you from’ and in one straight to ‘so, are you married?’ In one where I didn’t answer his repeated ‘hellos’, he finally said ‘so you don’t chat?’ I answered that and told him hello, but I was leery of chatting due to being asked those questions. He said he understood. Then next question was ‘so, where are you from?’ That’s when I looked up words with friends trolls, and found that this is a thing where ppl have actually been scammed. I don’t know what the answer is except to never say yes to a game or maybe just never open conversations with people I don’t know, but in the past I was able to say ‘good game’ or ‘nice word’ without worrying someone was going to try to solicit money from me. I love the game itself, so this stinks.
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3 months ago, HOllyKl62
Not a 5 star on an iPad
Folks, fix your iPad app. The rewards pass goals are no longer available on the iPad. I see them on the iPhone but that’s not where I play on a daily basis. Also, the display can get wonky when in landscape mode on the iPad. It seems like you only test everything on the phone and then cross your fingers and hope it all works on the iPad, too. I’ve played for years on an iPad with no issues but in the last year it’s been consistently annoying. Always something not functioning quite right. Fix it. Edit: Forgot to mention the algorithm that consistently and constantly gives hands that are all vowels with maybe one consonant or all consonants with maybe one vowel. That’s been going on for a while. Obviously a ploy to get you to spend money on swaps. And now there’s a hint that appears blatantly suggesting you buy a swap if “too many vowels” or “two many consonants”. Sheesh! You really think we’re not smart enough to understand that 5 or 6 hands of all vowels in a row happening all the time is clearly an algorithmic manipulation. Down to one star — I would delete the app except I've been playing with my sister for years and would hate to lose that. Otherwise too many things keep going wrong and there’s no way to report legitimate bugs with the app, deliberately so I think. I’ll play some classic games with people I know but I’m done with the rest of it.
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4 years ago, Alikat747
Greedy. Now, they’re censoring private conversations!
I’ve been playing this game with ONE friend for the last 11 years. It started out great and was a ton of fun until the last year. They’ve initiated lots of not very user friendly changes, reduced the amount of coins etc one can win, raised weekly goals to such high levels it becomes work to achieve them. Haven’t fixed an issue that lets you delete old Practice games for over 6 months. Raised the “price” to purchase PowerUps. Raised the “price” to play Solo Challenge if you don’t want to wait hours for the next game. And, the kicker, they are monitoring/censoring PRIVATE conversations! I’m not talking about censoring swear words - although that’s bad enough, but as an example, today they censored the word concerning!! Seriously! It showed up as c*ncerning in the convo box! First, they absolutely should NOT be monitoring private conversations that nobody else can see (or shouldn’t see), but censoring words like “concerning”? There Big Brother tactics aren’t just too creepy! I’m waiting for a response to my complaints - it will be generic and sent from a bot - before cancelling. But, if this doesn’t change, or there response is less than satisfactory, I have zero issue canceling.
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1 year ago, TheStoners
Don’t play the solo challenges
The solo challenges are a waste of time. The emails are annoying too. It’s also the same game every time. Too many E’s and I’s. How about a version with wait for it less vowels and oh my goodness 2 J’s and 2 Z’s. I just love when my letters are O-O-I-I-I-U-K. Back to the solo challenges whoever is playing for Zynga is really good. I mean if they need an S an X or a Q they always have it they never have to swap their letters. I mean I always have multiple Es Rs and Is and have to swap. So I had over 20 swaps and all of a sudden if you can believe it my letters actually got worse. Do yourself a favor don’t ever have more than 10 swaps. I have never had more moves where all I have is vowels. New update new problems. Games disappear and comeback then disappear then comeback. So after the last Update the games won’t load. So years ago I paid a couple of dollars to go ad free but I keep getting these pop ups to upgrade for $9.99 and I get all this stuff. Isn’t that an add? I paid money not to get ads but I get ads to upgrade all the time. I would love it if there was a way I could opt out of seeing your ads as I have paid for the ad free version. It’s extremely annoying and I am not going to link to my Facebook account and I am not buying what you are selling. I am just not sure why I am still seeing adds. I paid to not see adds but I am still getting adds.
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2 years ago, dot2dot
UPDATE 3/22: This issue is getting worse, especially in solo challenge. Just rejected PIEHOLE and AZON. Rejected AMIGO yesterday. Every day there are common words being rejected. What’s up with that? Solo can play obscure words but I can’t? Please fix. Another issue others have mentioned. The game seems rigged toward having to buy coins after swapping. I get all vowels or no vowels or letters that don’t make a word. Thereby forcing me to spend more money on coins. Please fix this. Update 2/21 Getting ridiculous. Everyday now in both Classic and Solo words entered are not accepted. I check every single word that’s rejected to see if I’m not spelling correctly (not a chance) and every single word is in the dictionary. Please fix. This started about a week or 2 ago. Super frustrating playing Solo Challenge lately. Nearly everyday I have an issue with SC not accepting valid words accepted in Classic. Please do something to update dictionary. Doesn’t seem to be the same in Solo as Classic. Just rejected 2 words in a row. Half of my opponents’ faces are missing. Also, Bonus games for Word Wheel keep disappearing and end of games for that cycle. Please fix. I enjoy word wheel. FREEZES Answer if you can’t get Zynga to fix. Double-click home button and wipe it off your screen. Starts back not frozen.
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3 months ago, Don't want a nickname, either
New version blocks you from playing
Both my friend and I updated to the newest version and now our games with one another refuse to connect. I had multiple open games with her, but they have disappeared from her games list. (Or they say it’s my turn - I’m not 100% sure… in the screenshot she sent me of her games, my name isn’t on her list, but it’s possible the games show up at the bottom if she scrolls, but in the waiting for the other player to move section…) The games ARE still in my list, waiting for her to play. I “ nudged” her in every game with no result. Fine - so I started a new game with her instead. She never received the game invite. She tried to start a game with me - same thing. Neither of us can interact with the other. I use this app to connect with her in particular since she’s out of state and it’s something we can do together and still chat casually… oh! I tried to send her a chat to ask why she hadn’t played for over a week, too. She never got the chat. I was so concerned by her lack of play/reply that I called her after a week for a well-being check! I looked it up, and it seems that you “sunsetted” the previous version on March 14th, which is the last time we were able to connect. She says she was required to update at that time. I updated a week later after she told me she had, and it hasn’t fixed the disconnect. What am I missing?
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5 years ago, Caltagm
Progressively worse
This game used to be fun. Scrabble is fun. Just by itself. But apparently the geniuses behind WWF2 thought they could make it even better. So they destroyed it. The game is now so crowded with awards and levels and challenges and a ton of crap that it makes playing the game a tedious disaster. There is so much extraneous garbage that it takes 10-20 seconds to load the board every time I switch to the game. I’m not talking about opening it from closed. I’m talking about switching from my email or messaging to the game that is already in progress. Now it even bogs down when I play a word. The whole screen will freeze up for 10-15 seconds before eventually moving on. The game locks up for 15 seconds if my opponent sends me a chat message while I’m playing! And when the game is over and you try to start a new game, you can’t tell if it’s working because there is no response to touching the new game button. So you hit it a couple times and the stupid thing eventually opens four or five new games. It’s frustrating and ridiculous. There should be a way to opt out of all those absurd “gaming” levels and challenges and crap. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It wasn’t and now you’ve broken it. So this time it’s up to you to go make it right. Oh and there should be some way to provide feedback to the developer beyond writing a review.
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8 months ago, DurhamMusicLover
Less than perfect
I love this game, but it’s incredibly annoying that you keep taking away turns in Daily Word Play. When I first downloaded the game, we had five chances to get to the 192 points score. At some point, that dropped four chances which did make it more challenging, but I could still on occasion succeed in getting that score without having to watch an ad. now in this latest version, you were giving us only three choices. That pretty much guarantees, I will be forced to watch an ad, since I would need to average more than 60 points in each word to hit that goal in three moves. I am still playing it, but only long enough to get my 45 points for my daily goal. I have given up on playing the entire game because I’m sick of being forced to watch the ads. In addition, this latest version seems to have a number of bugs. If I’m playing music on my Bluetooth speaker, when I open this game, the music turns off. When I am playing solo challenge games, it is not uncommon for the game to get stuck and just show a spinning circle on the challenger’s move. I have to exit the game and go back into it to get it “unstuck”. Fix these bugs and give me back a fourth attempt in Daily Wordplay, and I’ll go back to rating this game five stars!
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2 years ago, AUD-29178
I’m bored so ima review this. Honestly how the heck is this app 4+, no four year old is playing this. The only ppl playing this is gen X and early boomers. This is a game I only had cuz my parents played it. Also If there was a four year old playing this, than that four year old is pretentious with a capital P. Another thing is when I did have this game I would get SOOOOOOO many emails. So what did I do? Block the email address? Nope. I deleted the app! If your wondering I still. Get. The. Dumb. Emails. Like broskis STOP EMAILING ME!!!!! I guess I should block it. When my mom goes anywhere and sees a person she kinda knows, she and the other person talk abt words with friends. For example my mom will be like “your move on words with friends game” and the other mom will be like “oh I don’t even want to look at the score of that game” dude, you say I have trouble communicating with people my age. Ha, look in the mirror mom. My dad on the other hand is a absolute no cap BEAST at it. He can wipe out any person he challenges. Lol I’m making it sounds like wrestling. But my point is this game is for parents. No one in my age group is like “OOO whO WanTs To PlaY woRdS WitH FrieNds WiTh Me” and I mean no one. (Edited 5 minutes later): ALSO WHY DOES THIS APP HAVE TO TRACK YOU?!?! Like it’s a word app… oR iS iT? Anyways I just think that’s slightly creepy…ok a lot creepy. This is the end of my review. Byeeeeeee L 🐋💨
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3 years ago, Kathleen BB
Great game improvement over regular WWF ,more fun, interesting and challenging. Buggy! Buggy! Buggy! Buggy‼️ I play daily both on my iPhone and iPad. When I started playing WWF2, there were a few incidents per month, where I had to re-boot my iPhone10. Whenever they come out with a new update, the game will crash consistently 2-4 x’s per week prior; progressively worsening to daily until you update. Then crashing is less, but still somewhat buggy after. I updated to the Winter Wonderland last week on my iPad. The first day it crashed completely and would not clear with re-booting,(times 6). I had to completely re-install the game and lost all my stored credits, history and advancements. Understandably, I have been dragging my feet about updating my iphone10 to this Winter Wonderland version, yet the game crashes several times daily and yesterday I was cheated out of 18 coins from the watch the ads binge they offer you when you claim the daily bonus! There is no avenue to contact them to report problems. Most of the problems occur when the ads play, the screen can freeze, turn dark, or the logo just spins. Hint, hint, ever pushing for you to pay for the no-ad upgrade which is expensive.
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4 years ago, Lapcat4
I love the App but I found there are men trying to pick up women and more likely scam them for money. But last week I had a new type of scammer. It was a lady who said she just moved and wanted to make new friends. I decided to chat with her and she asked if we could chat on Google Hangouts. I am not connected to that form of social media so I told her I was on Instagram. It just got weirder and weirder. She said she knew Ellen and if I would like to appear on her show. I asked a few more questions to see where she was going with this and she actually had pictures of her with Ellen. She said she could raise 5000 for my transportation. I said I wasn’t traveling now because of the virus. The next day she asked for my SS number, Address, Email, and phone number. She was persistent and her flow of conversation would change calling me Miss and friend etc. I told her I don’t give out my SS number and blocked her on Instagram and WWF. I would have never thought this type of scam would happen on WWF so just a word of warning. I told her and the men who have appeared that I am 75 years old so that would turn some of them off! I now hope that my age would give me some wisdom.
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4 years ago, ;lkkj;lkj
“Oops something went wrong”
I’ve had this message a couple of times, usually when trying to start a practice game. There is no way get rid of this open game, that you cannot play, that counts as one of your open practice games AND there is no way to contact the developer, outside of writing a review for the game itself, to help get rid of it. The last time this happened, they were responsive and got rid of the game for me. This time, however, not so much. I have had a practice game open, that I cannot play, for 189 days. I play the game every day. And other reviewers are indeed correct - the number of trollers has increased 10 fold over the past year or so. Now before I ever accept a game, I look up their profile to see when they became a member. If they’re new, I decline the game. I got tired of them holding up games for 10 days because I chose not to chat with them. A few are decent and will resign the game right away, but most are not. They will wait until the game resigns itself. I have put my settings so as NOT to be the daily match person, but they still find me. I sure with the developers could do something about this! And, I wish they’d close this practice game that’s been open for 189 days for me!
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3 years ago, Bring back the old look
Love to Play WWF
I have been playing this game for many years and enjoy it immensely. I do have a bone to pick, however, with the latest change, which is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. The change that I am unhappy with concerns the Daily Word Play. It used to be very easy to access Daily Word Play as it was displayed in more than one area of the game board. The previous Points Goal for Daily Word Play was 167, and you had 4 tries to get to that score and when you did not reach it in 4 tries you could watch a video for 4 additional tries. Once you reached 167 points you received a Mystery Box. I was fine with watching a short ad for the 4 additional tries, and I always did so to complete the 167 point goal. Now the goal is 930 for a Mystery Box with unlimited tries and no ads, and the only way to access it is through the Goals box. The issue is if you want to stop before 930 points (because that score takes a bit of time to achieve) and go back to Daily Word Play later, there is no longer a way to access it again. Please fix this issue, as I am sure that other players like to put down the game and go back to Daily Word Play later when they are not playing other opponents.
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3 years ago, Lady11927
Good game but bugs are costly and weird strangers
The game in itself is good. I’ve been playing it for almost 10 years in and off. However, I recommend you don’t spend money on it. I recently bought the rewards pass and have missed out on getting a lot of the rewards because the app keeps bugging out and removing the pass altogether. I tried to contact support, did what they told me, and still got no fix or refund. There are a lot of glitches that cause you to have to spend coins twice. Through several updates, the issue has not been resolved. I spent money on the game because I love it but it’s just not worth the bugs. On top of that, there’s a scam issue when you play with male strangers. There are hundreds of fake profiles run by a bot. They try to talk to you excessively, hit on you, etc. They draw you in and later on ask for money. I only know all of that because I’ve read about it, but at first I had no idea why I was being hit on by creepy strange men. I don’t mind playing games with random users but there has to be some way WWF can weed out the bots.... the bots immediately resign games if you don’t continue chatting with them because they know they won’t get any scam money. Zynga pleeeeaaaassssseeeee fix these issues. They’re killing an otherwise great game.
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3 months ago, kjh 24
Spammy nonsense
Recently forced to switch from WWF and the game experience has become miserable due to the amount of spam packed in. Loading the app (if it doesn’t crash first) takes longer than any other on my phone due to bloat of banners and promotions included. Simply navigating to my 8-year standing game with my friend is a challenge with the page constantly shifting as the promotional games load. Misclicks are common because of the above causing lag. The word strength feature is neat but it is essentially cheating. If I want to play a competitive game, I must remember to manually turn word strength off every time I open the game. Not having a lasting toggle for this is poor design. There is a banner that appears after each move in a game. After playing a move, I would tap above this banner to clear it, then exit the app by pushing my iPhone’s home button. WWF reconfigured the banner to include an in-app purchase option of “coins” just above the old banner’s height. So after playing a move, I accidentally tapped on the coin purchase, then hit my phone’s home button which confirmed my $10 purchase. I had to dispute this charge through Apple lol. I must admit I was impressed by this scam but feel I should warn other users that WWF is shameless about trying to extract your money. I turned off in-app purchases to prevent that happening again
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4 years ago, Freaquent user
Honestly not the best
It has a lot of problems. There are weird challenges that you HAVE to participate in no matter what. Once, I decided to start a practice game and it glitched out so now I have no way of accessing it which means I can’t resign to fix the problem and I can’t make a new practice game either. Another time, I decided to play a game with a random person and for some reason, they added them to my friends list. But I didn’t search for their user name. I used the create game and pressed smart match. This would theoretically be in my game list, and I would have one match with them, and never see them again. There is no way to fix this that I know of. That’s another thing. It is very difficult to navigate the app, and you often can’t remember how to get to a certain place. Things can be glitchy at times, and in general, the app is missing a lot of thing that should be accessible through settings in the app. I’m sorry if this review was hard to read, I wrote it in five minutes and there is probably tons of mistakes. tl;dr Don’t get the app unless you really really need too. It really needs to be worked on. I don’t use the app any more, and don’t want to any time soon. Save your self time, confusion, and possibly anger, by not downloading it.
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2 years ago, Toonz Muse
Unresponsive Customer Service
In response to a one-star rating I gave them over a technical issue which caused me not to advance up the ladder in a game which was a month of playing and spending money on diamonds to play the game, their response was, “I hate to say this but further responses regarding this concern may be treated as spam and may get deleted by the system. “. This is their response to a VIP player, their term not mine, after closing out a customer service question and then immediately sending me a “how we doing” text and asking me to rate them one to five stars with a space for comments. I rated them one star and gave comments. I never asked them to send me the rating text and then they have the temerity to say in response that I’m spamming them is outrageous. FYI: most of my 200 friends around the world are removing this game from their devices based on your user-unfriendly customer service who view customers as a source of spam for making inquiries. I encourage others to follow suit as, I feel, this company has a habit of ignoring even the most loyal customer and then insulting them when they have a technical issue that Scopely claims they can’t change the outcome even though their glitch was the source of loss of advancing in a game which equals time and money spent by same customer. My experience, make your own choices.
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3 years ago, Schpinkle
You are punished for buying Coins
Not sure what the developers are thinking when they make a poor move like this......As you all know, everyday you earn free coins throughout the game which allows you to ‘buy’ certain playing tools for a more strategic game. You can either collect a daily allotment or watch an advertisement for which you receive 3 coins. You can also buy coins since it can take awhile to earn coins. For awhile I played the games with the earned coins cause I didn’t want to spend money on coins. I got addicted to having coins and when I ran out I spent $20 to buy a bunch of them. I have done this multiple times. I’ve never spent money inside any other app. And what did Words developers decide was a smart idea? When you now buy coins they eliminate your ability to earn coins by watching an advertisement! The chance to earn was what got me to finally buy coins in the first place!! My sister refuses to buy anything from the app in response to this ridiculous move. I just joined her, since my recent purchase earned me the inability to earn coins by watching advertisements. I feel like they slapped my hand for giving them my money. Well guess what....? The game itself is great but the 3 stars is for that ridiculous move.
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6 years ago, Picotek
Step in the WRONG direction
This new version is so ugly. With the previous version I started getting dropped games even after I would make my move. Then read online that the fix was to delete and reinstall the app. Upon looking at for it in the App Store, now it's called Words With Friends 2? First of all, what a stupid name to change it to. But I reinstalled it and now I see my dropped games, but the look, colors, the size of everything is so obnoxious. Whoever redesigned the UI needs to go back to middle school. Actually, that's what it looks like; it looks like an obnoxious elementary crappy textbook with stuff all bright and obnoxiously big. Anyway, wish the developers gave an option to view stuff zoomed out or in a classic mode; where I used to be able to see like 7 games on the screen, now I see like two or maybe three and then have to scroll. Unnecessary. And totally ugly UI. And also, stuff like giving me a super light blue (almost white) background and then putting white text on top of that??? Who thought that would be a good design choice idea, that's terrible layout and design; I could barely read it. But finally when I did read it, it was to say that my app is ad-free. Ad-free or not it looks like crap and it's a step in the WRONG direction. Make things simple-looking and easy to read, not obnoxious and bloated. This update offers ZERO improvement to the enjoyment of the game.
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1 year ago, mamawarrior1016!!
I’ve been playing this game for over 12 years now. It was so much fun for many years, however as they continue to update every time you turn around it’s become a headache to play. They first took away the fast play games, then they made it where you can only purchase power ups with the coins you’ve earned after you have completely run out. You can only earn up to 1500 coins after that any you should earn you don’t receive because of the 1500 limit. When I contacted zynga support I received a rude response saying they have responded in as much detail as they could and will no longer respond to any more messages concerning the issue. They claim they are trying to update and make the game a more enjoyable experience but they aren’t. Seems all they want is for you to keep paying $9.99 to upgrade, I bought this game in the very beginning to avoid ads and will never spend another dime on this game. Now they have taken the lightening games away, everything I enjoyed playing is gone. If it weren’t for the few same players I’ve played with since the beginning I would go ahead and delete this game, which just may be sooner than later. It’s no longer enjoyable when every time you turn around they’ve changed something and not for the better! If I could give 0 stars I would!!
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