4.8 (808.7K)
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Current version
PeopleFun, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wordscapes

4.81 out of 5
808.7K Ratings
2 years ago, KoalaTwo
Great test for spelling nuts, best word fun app out there
I don’t write many reviews but I just had to let other spelling geeks out there know about this game. I don’t know why anyone would give this less than five stars unless they found it to hard. Me? I search for games that will test me, push me, make me really think. If you love scrabble, words with friends or any of those games out there that require you to have a good knowledge of spelling, this game is for you. It doesn’t matter what age you are you will enjoy it. One of the things I liked best is that you don’t have to spend weeks getting through the easy levels to get to the good stuff. You can join a team (to compete in tournaments where all team members scores are combined, or where individual play is rewarded) you can chat with your team members from all over the world, and there are many games within games as well as progressively harder levels to challenge your brain. I happen to be an English Teacher for advanced students in Elementary school and many of my kids play this game. We can even keep track of each other. I know, geeky right? Geeks rule the world my friend! Not high school or early school maybe but the REAL world. You need this game, download it today!
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4 months ago, aeradux
Great game, but…
I have been playing Wordscapes for 5+ years now and it’s been my favorite go-to game to pass time while still using my brain. It’s been great watching this game grow into what it have become, from the pet system, to earning pfps, the mount rush, all of it, I really like it. However, there are certain things that really take away from the motivation to play and enjoyability. One being the incessant number of ads in the game. I purchased the no-ads feature, but the sheer number of ads you get for completing a level or tapping out of the game for a quick second are ridiculous. I get that everyone has their money to make but come on you guys. My other issue with this game is that it seems like it is intentionally keeping you from earning top grade rewards. I do the Wednesday-Thursday challenge of earning profile pictures and the drop rates for certain pictures are way too low. There are two sections I’ve been grinding for over a year now because I am only missing one part for the picture and it won’t drop. I just went through 35 boxes, and it would not drop that one missing picture and that is frustrating. I have the same issue with mount rush, but I won’t get into that. Other than that, the game is fantastic. As a long time player, I hope you guys see this review and really take it into consideration. Thank you!
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4 months ago, 🤍💗🤍💗🤍💗🤍💗🤍💗🤍
Well… 😬
First of all, the ADS! What the heck? Literally every second, you get an ad that ranges from 15-30 seconds long. And don’t even try skipping it, because the x button is tiny, you’ll get skyrocketed to safari, urging you to get that dumb 💩 they advertise. I mean, I get yall need ads to get money, but still. And removing ads is $9.99, which seems a bit much to just be able to play the game. Second, what is wrong with these ads!? Most of them are fine, but some of them make me very uncomfortable. Like when they showed bra ads nonstop! I don’t wanna see that! Lately they’ve been showing workout videos. As if I wanna look at someone’s 🍑 for 30 seconds! No thank you! This is a huge complaint. Coins. They are so expensive and you only get a couple coins a level! And whenever I do play a hint or whatever, it shows the most obvious answer! Like, duh. And if you try avoiding the ad that comes every 2 second, you don’t get those 3 coins you spent days working for! Now, you could go speak to someone on their support team about this, or hope for a response, right? They’re pretty good at listening to what their players want, right? Well, from what I’ve seen on reviews, their developer responses look pretty copy&pasted. I understand they’re busy adding more ads and making things more expensive on their game and all, but if they actually read their reviews that might actually help them, and more people will want to play. Ever thought of that, development?
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2 years ago, HeartWool
Great game, but…
I’ve been playing Wordscapes for a few years now, so I admit to being slightly addicted! But over time, some flaws do show that lead to some frustration and annoyance. Some puzzle words can be repeated 2-3 times over a few hours of play, yet others may not be seen/played for weeks at a time. I wish I could remember the exact words, but it’s happened multiple times for different words. Another issue I have is with the Portrait events that allow you to collect sets of portraits that can be used as your personal portraits if you’d like. The events give you a special portrait if you collect all of the sets in the particular event — my issue is that, after playing some of these events for years, I cannot seem to collect all the portraits — there are always one or two that never see so the collection can’t be completed. And when I say years, I am not kidding! I’ve been unable to complete the Halloween portrait event for the past two years. Working on the Christmas event now and collected approximately 60 ‘gifts’ that revealed no new portraits over the past 24 hours. Looks like I won’t finish this event either unless I find time to play 20 hours a day to maybe collect these elusive portraits.
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4 months ago, Mattylobes
NEVER DELETE THE APP!! For years it was 5 stars but…
I want to give it 5 stars my wife and me over being boyfriend and girlfriend into fiancés into marriage for our entire relationship this game was our nightly routine and we LOVED it even all the additions of the animals etc became inside jokes and fun for us…. But thanks to apple out dating my phone I couldn’t take pictures on our honeymoon not enough space so I erased all my apps thinking I’ll just re download them after our trip… after doing so everything is gone… we lost all of our coins gems portraits animals hints rockets bullseyes bees EVERYTHING back to level one. There is no way to link and access everything again I’ve tried. Messaged support multiple times and had one response that said they might be able to help us yet days later I haven’t gotten a response again… from being our favorite app as it became a core memory for us to now not even wanting to open it again I think I need to just accept and delete it cause now it’s just sad and disappointing since we were easily past 1k in levels etc.. if you never delete it this app was 5 stars enjoy it. But if you lose it all it’s not worth going back after playing for years.
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4 years ago, Unsafe Means of Transfer
Old Version Better/Coin Issue
I’ve played this game for a few years now and noticed a disappointing new feature with the coins. In order to use them now you must purchase them. This was not a requirement with the old version and makes me consider deleting the game daily as the use of the coins used to provide you with helpful features like; revealing one letter of your choice for a difficult word, etc. It’s a bit illogical to continue to show us coins that we’ve earned through finding additional letters or for reaching a certain level, yet we have no access to them unless we purchase them??? It feels like a design flaw as you play and really makes me wish I hadn’t updated to this newest version. Other than that I would have given 5 stars but it’s such a nuisance I have to grade much lower despite truly enjoying playing the game. Suggestion: Get rid of the option to pay for coins per player's choice if you decide to keep the paid “earned coins” version of this game as most people are never going to bother purchasing anyway it’s like having a commercial running in the upper right corner of your television screen while you’re watching your favorite TV show. It cheapens the look and feel of the game. It feels like the game creators are begging for money as opposed to a real game which would never have a running advert in the corner. Otherwise the game is perfect.
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1 year ago, Quadplyr
Ads are out of control
I play this game all the time. Or I should say I used to. I understand ads help pay the bills. Programmers need to eat, too. However, ads have gotten more and more instrusive as time goes on. They are now on a timer. Regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a puzzle or not. Forming your last word to complete the level? Ad. Trying to get that extra couple of stars by beating the timer? Ad. Close and reset the game? 10 second in….ad. Finish a puzzle? Ad. Start a puzzle? Ad. They were tolerable being before or after a puzzle. I could at least close and restart the game getting me back to the puzzles quicker. But during a puzzle with no warning? No hint at all that it’s coming? Intrusive and frustrating. Making ads not last so long (5 seconds at MOST) and NOT HAVING TO SIT/TAP-CLOSE THROUGH 3 LAYERS OF THEM would have been better. Some ads even force open the App store or Safari (regardless of if you close them or not) opening up all kinds of channels for viruses, spam hacks, or accidental purchases. How am I supposed to know this “advertiser’s” website is trustworthy? I’ve played this game for a couole years now as a form of relaxing and zoning out but not anymore. I can’t even do THAT without getting begged and hounded for money at every single turn. I’m not giving my money to a company who resorts to these kinds of measures, even if that means paying removes the ads. Ridiculous. I can’t recommend this game to anyone. Deleted.
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2 years ago, Twitch The Mouse
What happened
This game is great to relax to and play because of so few adds. The game play is mainly smooth some slowness here and there. I love how you also don’t get 100 and per minute! The add time I think is great and their not after every level too. My BIGGEST problem is that randomly out of no where my screen will freeze and I can’t do anything! I can turn it off, get calls or texts, or go to the home page! My phone won’t even turn off! The screen just gets dim. You will still hear that someone is calling texting but it won’t show up. I’ve tried all the tips and tricks to when your phone screen freezes, but they won’t help. It’s best to not do anything and wait patently for your phone to die. It’s happens out of no where usually when you are going to a next level or you’ve been in one for a while. This has happened twice and you can’t do anything until your phone dies. This has only happened within this app and no where else on my phone! This should really be checked out. Like I said, there’s nothing you can really do when this happens. It’s supper annoying and frustrating. Other than that this game is great! Hopefully this hasn’t happened to anyone else while playing! I was really getting into the game when this started to happen and I had to delete the game. Someone fix this please!
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8 months ago, wowthisnicknamestuffisbs
Good game - needs improvement
I've had this game for over a year & have become a little invested. I have family/friends that like to do the tournaments; they find them fun. It's creative, has good graphics, cool animals and interesting puzzle combinations. It's a great time filler when you just want to play a quick game to relieve stress or change the pace. However, there is some room for improvement. Many of the puzzles have too many repetitive words; for me that gets annoying. Secondly, you can tell that these are young developers who came up with the words for the puzzles, because they allow many new words and omit some of the other common/old words from the dictionary. It almost seems random how they decide on the words in/out of a puzzle. Thirdly, there are too many ads even without paying for them to be removed. If you pay, that will get rid of most of them but you still have to deal with them somewhat. There are also a lot of glitches. You may enter a word into a puzzle and it will appear not to be there, but then try to enter the word later into the same puzzle and it will populate. It's weird! Or like bonus gifts where you watch a video, it may glitch or doesn't play, or reward you properly at the end. There's definitely room for some improvements but overall, the game is entertaining.
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2 months ago, KittiesMama
Weird pop ups are getting problematic
5/3/24 I think after a bit, we did buy the game because the ads were too much and we really liked the game. So everything‘s been fine for a long time but recently we’ve been getting ads that interrupt our Wordscapes and open up in a browser screen. They mostly say they’re scanning our computer. That really freaked me out originally until I looked that up and people were saying that’s a scam. But it’s a really annoying scam and I don’t even know if the developer knows this is happening. Usually it just happens once in a while, but today within a half hour. It’s interrupted my gameplay about five times so far. Please stop this!! Original review Just downloaded yesterday afternoon and I’m now up to level 69. I’m working hard to get to 400 coins so I can use them to stop the super annoying ads. You can pay $2.99 for this, but I refuse to spend money on games. I have my husband and a friend playing this now as well. Love figuring out the many word combinations. I get stuck now and then, but then it’s so obvious, I can’t believe I missed it!!
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4 months ago, AmySueGames
“Support” is laughable and infuriating!
I have played Wordscapes for years and am a team leader of a successful, always full team. In recent weeks the game glitches have been out of control. This week, the tournament was completely unavailable to me. Just never appeared on my phone. I first sent a support request here through the App Store and was told I had to do that through the game settings. I then did so. After about 12 hours I received a response saying they had been noticing some issues with the tournament but it was all fixed now. It was not. The tournament was as absent from my game as it had been all weekend. I sent a new request explaining this, and after another 12 hours received a different response asking if I had tried restarting my phone. I replied that of course I had tried that, and restarting the app, everything I could think of. All of the ridiculously obvious potential fixes I could apply from my end, I tried. I sent a third request and just received a response from a third person who clearly had never bothered to read the first two requests I sent and he insultingly told me I couldn’t enter the tournament under 9 hours before it ended and that I should have played a round so it would count and enter me in the tournament. As if I didn’t know this as a years long player and team leader. How was I supposed to do that, however, with no tournament to enter. It’s just laughable and insulting.
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3 years ago, Winddreamer22
Long time player disappointed
Been playing casually for years. Only recently begun to take an interest in the tourney feature. The team feature is fun playing with other players. And hearing their gripes about the game. About how some players seem to be under testing with new game features. The latest was Star Rush. Which I don’t really see the point of with getting bonus points if you complete a level within 3 mins. I think most players can complete a level within that period. So no real change from the regular play. Unless you take your time and those players are at a disadvantage. Or something comes up and you forget to close out of your screen. So lose bonus points accrued unless you pay coins to not lose them. Days when there is not a tourney you have theme feature to collect portraits. For instance was the ‘Trick or Treat’ theme. Where you collect portraits with a Halloween theme. And what I heard from other players, it’s nearly impossible to obtain all the portrait from the set. The only feature I’m able to complete a collection are the butterflies but most regular players can complete collections. And really the only I was able to complete. I’ve yet to complete any portrait sets. I know players with millions in brilliance and they haven’t competed a set. So they doesn’t bode well for players like me. I still play but mostly for the tourneys and the team I joined.
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2 months ago, Praying Monk
Like the game, but annoying bugs persist
I really enjoy this word game. It is fast paced, challenging, and fun diversion when you have a few extra minutes available. But, although been through numerous updates, a persistent bug that is very annoying continues to latch itself onto the application. Bug is this. You input a word spelled correctly once, assume that the word has posted, and move on. Later, even though you might’ve input that same word combination numerous times, say, for example, the word DEAR, the application leaves you with four spaces. After you have exhausted all other work possibilities you can put in the word DEAR again only to find that this time it posts. Even though you had input that same word before in the rush to speed through all possible letter combinations, it simply does not recognize the input on your first and sometimes second or third attempts. When you are blazing through this, you are not really checking to make sure every single input word is posted. You simply assume it has posted because frankly, you do not want to take time away from the input to verify. This is pretty annoying, especially when you’re trying to beat the clock and improve your ranking. Otherwise really fun game.
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3 years ago, DGBAuthor
Great way to chill if you can handle it’s foibles
I find this an almost addicting daily indulgence. I’ve been playing this for well over a year and when dealing with their standard puzzles, the game can be quite entertaining. Where it falls down is with its vocabulary and it’s other options, like tournaments and daily puzzles. By far the most frustrating is the Daily Puzzle, in which earn points for guessing the correct word, guess them correctly and you’ll earn up to 3 points for one of the four challenges which in turn rewards you with stars for your account. However, there is neither rhyme nor reason to their method. Say you need a 3-letter word with “O” in the middle. With your letter selections it could be NOT, TON, LOT, HOT or TOY. Guess them in the wrong order and your chance of earning all 3 stars that round may be lost. I don’t know why they don’t put the words in alphabetical order. Next is vocabulary. I can’t say how many times I’ve tried a word and it’s not accepted (example: EWER or TOM.) Then there are the words like AAH and AHA or non-words like LITE. Finally there’s the tournaments (where one minute you’re rated #5, you’ll finish a game and drop to 20. Oh, and you better have a cell or network connection, otherwise you’ll play through a round of 16 games and get credit for none of them.
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4 years ago, Courtney4367732
Can’t Sync Between Devices
The concept of the game is easy enough... and if you have a decent vocabulary, the game itself is too easy. I’m nearly to level 300 and have barely had to pause to think about it. Definitely not challenging so far. My biggest issue is I can’t sync between my phone and iPad. I contacted customer support and was initially pleased by the quick response. Unfortunately, they keep forwarding my responses to another person, so I’ve spoken to 4 different people even though person 2 explained they’d just do a manual reset or something that never happened. Person 4 goes “Are you trying to sync them to the same FB account?” What??? Why would I be confused about it not going to the correct level if it wasn’t even the same account I was syncing them to?? I finally said never mind because no one from their support team has helped me over the past week and apparently they can’t bother to even read what my complaint was in the first place. Yes, they answer the same day, but every day it’s a new person and you’ll be explaining your problem over and over! And it’s emails! They can’t communicate? So all in all, pretty easy game and decent time killer... just can’t get the game to sync between my phone and iPad. 2 stars because the last two emails I got from them are utterly ridiculous. I paid to remove ads and regret the fact their company got my few dollars.
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2 years ago, TJ Rotten
Animal update was final straw
In spite of overly aggressive ads, I kept the game. But this latest update with animals is not Wordscapes or even a word game. Also, the update zeroed out my coin stash (had about 2300 couns) and my other collected bonus items (rockets, targets, and such). Basically it started me over on a game I had no desire to play (animals). Not wanting to start over is the only reason I keep the game. Now I have no reason to keep the game, I finally deleted it. Actually feel pretty good about it. Previous review: Aggressive Ads kill game Ads load when game loads and sometimes game freezes and never finishes loading. Ads load in background while playing and game freezes multiple times for several seconds each. Ads load at end of round and transitions between round to ad or ad to round freezes. And the whole time, my phone heats up and battery drains very, very fast. Sometimes it’s so bad, I double press my home button (iPhone 7) to swipe close the game and nothing happens. I have to do it a couple times before it will open the screen to swipe close. It’s like the processor is busy in a loop and can’t escape. If you go into airplane mode, none of this happens and the game is entirely playable and enjoyable. To be clear, I don’t mind ads for a free app but they should not try to take over my phone and kill my battery.
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1 year ago, JAM1966
Almost perfect
To the developers: PLEASE provide a way to choose a different event. For example, I’ve got all the butterflies for the butterfly event that has been coming up for the past several weeks. I don’t have as much incentive to play during the event. But if I defaulted into the current event when it starts, but could change to one of the butterfly events I still need to collect things for, I’d be playing more! Previous review: This game is nearly perfect. I play this one every single day. The tournaments are fun. I’m on a team of great people I would have never “met” without this game. All the little extras that keep getting added keep things interesting. However, there is one VERY annoying thing that needs to be fixed. If it was I’d give this 5 stars. I don’t know if the developers read these or not, but PLEASE put a “Do you want to use the firework” pop up before using it! I cannot tell the number of times I have accidentally flicked my finger over the firework and have it get used. 99% of the time when I DON’T need it, like I am down to my last word and I’m about to spell it. Or at least put it as an option to do this, and if people don’t want it then they can turn it off. Thanks.
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6 days ago, yeyeyeyeye123456789
S T O P.
So, first of all, the app is absolutely amazing. It’s fun, hard, and relaxing too. I just started playing this game about a few days or weeks ago. It’s been fun. I like playing with my teammates and stuff. It’s fun to see who’ll get first place! Now onto the worst part. The ads. I absolutely hate it so much. They are long, infuriating, and boring. If you put THAT many ads in a game, at least make them interesting. I keep seeing this stupid and idiotic “Drama box” ad. It’s so annoying. I would’ve given this game five starts if there wasn’t so many ads. This game is fun, especially the pets. The pets are so cute and fun. If the pets weren’t there, I probably would’ve given this app two stars. But, still ads are terrible. I get them when I exit the game for like, one second. And at the end of every single level. AND THE AD PLASTERED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN?! LIKE, ALL THE OTHERS ADS WERE ENOUGH BUT THAT IS JUST SUCKY AND CHEAP. I know the ads are for the money making, but, when I turn off the wifi, I get cut off of many things. It’s kinda sad to be honest. But, overall, this game is phenomenal! But, please reduce the amount of ads. Because if you don’t, nobody will play your game; because, who likes games full of ads? Yeah. Please read this developer. You need this for you AND your company.
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2 years ago, Tinarobin
Updated review. I no longer even like this game.
3/3/22 - I used to love this game, but things have changed to the point where I no longer want to play. As you can see from my previous review, the ads were not frequent, so I was ok with them because the devs deserve to be paid for their time. Since then, the ads have become more frequent over time until they’re now after every puzzle and it’s usually 2 ads. Plus, they have a button where you can watch more ads for extra rewards, so the frequent ads are ridiculous to have to put up with. The mini contests are no longer any fun at all because of the ads. My 5 star review is changing to a 2 because it’s so irritating to play now. The only reason I’m giving them a 2 is because of the quality of the graphics. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t give them any stars. Most game apps like this either bore me with using the same words repeatedly or else they suffocate me with billions of ads every few seconds. This game does neither. The words are varied, even though I disagree with some they buzz on, but it’s probably the fact that I am 60 and use older words than the devs or from wherever they obtain their list. While there are ads, they are not super frequent and they are not horrible. I have not had any issues with this game at all.
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11 months ago, Nikcname Taken64
This game is a great game except for the fact that they continually have a bug they can’t seem to fix. I have been playing for several year. The ongoing issue is with their daily puzzle. You play a daily puzzle and you earn points everyday. At the end of the month you have the opportunity to complete 4 squares, each with a picture. The problem is, you only have 30 days to complete the puzzle and it depends on how many points you earn. The bug they continually have issues with does not give you your points. If you earn all three points for the day, the game may only give you one point, maybe two, you never know. This affects your final points, so although you completed the puzzle and earned the points, you don’t get the credit, resulting in an incomplete puzzle at the end of the month. You can send a report to the “Team” but that doesn’t do much good. You get the same response every time. “We are aware of the problem and we will fix it in a future update.” Unfortunately, it’s an ongoing problem. Like this month, July 2023, it’s been the whole month. It was doing the same thing in June. If they could actually squash that bug, it would be great. If your going to spend your time playing their game, they should at least make sure it’s working correctly.
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2 years ago, MEEMOSS77
some suggestions for the developers
I really enjoy playing this game and I have a team which I am the leader of. I have a few suggestions that I have to help out the leaders of the teams. First it would be great to be able to go into my team member list and be able to see which members are currently online and which ones are idle. You could put beside their name where it would say online or idle with how long, for example it would say idle 3 minutes or idle 1 week. This way we as leaders will know who is an active player and who isn’t. Another suggestion is to give us the ability to promote players of our choosing to become coleaders where they can have the ability to kick/ban people from the team or if the team is set to invite only they can accept a player to join the team when the leader is absent. It would also be nice to see like a separate team message board where the leaders can post team rules and expectations or other notes to the team so the players will know what to expect by reading them and that the leader doesn’t have to keep typing it over and over again. I really hope you guys put these ideas into the game to help out the teams and the leaders.
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2 months ago, Val cag
Worst word game I have ever played
How in the world this thing has such a good star rating is beyond me. They have to be fake. This game has advertisements after finishing ever level (after you get passed the entry-leveled ones which is done within 3-5 of the game), the advertisements are 30-60 seconds each, half the time the advertisements make you “participate” with it or it will just sit on your screen and will not go back to the word game, the words in the word game are easy (my 12 was able to figure most of them out with ease. Note I stopped at level 94 before quitting this horrible game), and the game has glitches. The last 10 levels I played it wasn’t adding my coins that I had earned from the previous level. I would watch the stupid ad only for it to bring me back to the game ready to play the next level WITHOUT adding the coins I had earned from the previous level I had just completed. I have played a handful of different word games throughout the years and this one by far is the worse one I have ever been on. You spend more time watching the crappy advertisements then actually playing the game, words are more suitable for a middle schooler, and the “theme” of the game is like so many others out there. I really wanted to like this game, but the maker is apparently more concerned about making a quick buck then keeping its players long term.
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11 months ago, BellalinaBallerina
I really appreciate this game a lot
I love this game and play it often to relax and feel like I am improving my spelling and vocabulary. My favorite part is the beautiful artwork and photos. I genuinely appreciate how it functions in low Wi-Fi environments. This game made waiting in doctors offices so much more bearable. My only complaint are the ads are really annoying and I genuinely hate several of the games that have scenes that can be rather triggering of traumatic events in people’s lives. Worse still is that this isn’t representative of the actual game play. I appreciate the ads that are just simple, short and easy to exit. Many ads are nearly impossible to X out of or the have multiple X (close) on the screen and you have to figure out which one is real. And then there’s the ads that are counting down to hold you hostage. Why do they think that will make me want to support their business? I understand the ads fund the game designers and programmers and I genuinely appreciate them, but I really don’t want to deal with abusive ads and be asked to pay for hints… but the hints are always helpful!
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8 months ago, Howa1078
Not acceptable
Love the game, been playing several years. Recently the game stopped allowing me to watch videos to get prizes i.e. butterflies, coins, game helps, etc. i waited almost two weeks, thinking is would get fixed. When it didn’t i contacted support, Jeremiah responded “ Hi there! This is Jeremiah with PeopleFun. Sorry, you are having an issue. Free coins for videos and surveys may be limited depending on demand. A person's region, device, and inventory are all factors. During high-demand times, you may not get a prompt or get a message that a video isn’t available. Thanks for playing!” To which i responded “ So Jeremiah, are you saying ‘high demand’ has been going on for two weeks? Sorry, but that is B.S. i am in the same region, on the same device for several years. I play several games (some others of yours) and none of the other games have this (or any) issue. So if you cant fix it, maybe you can ask someone else, or i can give you a review stating your company will not fix my issue”. Then i got this response from Kenny “We reported the bug to the team. They are looking into it. We appreciate you making us aware. Thanks for your patience. We reported the bug to the team. They are looking into it. We appreciate you making us aware. Thanks for your patience.”
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2 years ago, tresvick
Review going down
I love this game. It’s the only game I play. I love the tournaments BUT the game always freezes. It is especially frustrating when you are in first place in a tournament. I almost didn’t play third weekend because I was worried the game would freeze and it did not disappoint. It froze after I had maintained first place for about an hour. Apparently the makers of this game can create it but can’t keep it functioning so it can be played for any amount of time. Despite my many complaints and complaints from other players this remains a problem. My initial review was five stars. This is an ongoing problem so I have finally lowered my review to three stars. Update: This game doesn’t seem to freeze as much, but now my complaint is that you can enter a word correctly and it will be rejected. This happens quite a bit and so you waste time looking for a word that isn’t there, only to enter the rejected word again and have it be the correct word. I entered one seven letter word ten times before it was accepted as the right words. This is still the best word game out there, at least for me.
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12 months ago, xkgzivdjzigd
It’s a good game but…
I love the game. It really makes you think but sometimes it make you think a little to hard. Even on the easier level some words are just really hard to get although the bigger problem lies within the hints, bullseyes, etc. They cost a LOT of coins. By which I mean that the cheapest one (hints) is 100 coins when, per level, you only get a couple based on the amount of bonus words you find. So it’s incredibly frustrating when I don’t have enough coins but can’t get through a level. Now I know that you can watch an ad for a prize but very rarely is a good one. The prize I get the most is 15 coins… and I have to sit through 45-50 second ads (mind you they are mostly Royal Match ads, so it’s watching the same one over and over again) that I don’t get much out of. So your really just watching a bunch of ads. Although that is a frustrating part of this game, the test of it is pretty good. That is the only problem that I can think of right now (and I was just playing this game not 5 minutes ago). I love the way the game works (besides the ads obviously 🤪). I just wish that the helpers would cost much less.
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3 years ago, Orange 59
Weekend Tournament Concerns
I’m a team leader on a team that has played several months in tournaments. I have played this word game for 18 months. Of late in the Tournament there are teams that are getting hard to believe high scores. This leaves me to believe we may have some bits in the system that are making this unfair for us human players. These teams need to be automatically disqualified from playing in these tournaments. Our team is feeling like why should we play if there is so much rampant cheating by other teams. I also think it would be wise to add incentives and rewarding those who have reached high levels in this game. Perhaps giving 100 coins for each 16 games you complete. They definitely become more challenging as you go up higher in levels. The game is fun snd I have made many new friends in my team. I’m always amazed at the number of legitimate words that are not accepted in puzzles or as bonus words. I’m also a little baffled at the editing of communications between team members. There are certain words that are starred out and those words are not offensive or slang words. Thank you for all you do and I hope all of these issues can be resolved or at least addressed so that all can enjoy this game!!
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1 week ago, Three o’s
Happy birthday, Wordscapes and how I love it❤️‍🔥❤️😍🥳🎂🥳
Happy birthday Wordscapes happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Wordscapes happy birthday to you after the review so I will love Wordscapes and my brother loves it and it’s fun. We play it almost every day. It’s so fun, so if you’re reading my love you, but I am and you and you haven’t downloaded Wordscapes you need to. It’s so fine and I love how you can like spell things and it’s kind of like getting things ready for kindergarten but like it’s amazing her my brother because he’s going to kindergarten and I’m gonna kick your grade this year so this is amazing practice spelling which is really good because my mom and dad to talking to someone like educational games This is an amazing one play. This is one of our favorite games when we saw it it was we just randomly download it and once we started playing it, it was so fun and it’s and it’s good to talk and a hard but I still kind it is I love how you can get route presence and like it’s so cool so if you haven’t gotten this game. You need it right now because it’s so fun.
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3 years ago, calwyn408
Fun and intriguing…if you have some spare dollars
I really like this game, and even though I’ve only had it for a few days I can’t stop playing it. As someone with ADHD this is a really good focus her, and gets my brain working. There have been some words that I didn’t know where words, and there’s also a lot of things that should be counted as words like the names of countries, so that is a bit annoying. Plus you earn coins by completing the daily puzzles and crossword’s, but you can’t use those coins to buy things in the store that will help you out. You can use them to buy a helper thing when you are playing the game, but if you save up a lot of them you just have to do that rather than using them to buy spelling bees or some thing.I also don’t like that every time you complete a level, 25 coins go into a piggy bank that you then have to spend $1.99 on to get the coins when you reach the 1440 Mark. I feel like this game won’t be very fun if you aren’t willing to spend a few dollars, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five. But overall it’s a fun game that doesn’t get old and also challenges you to think.
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5 years ago, Foggyhat
It’s okay...
It is an okay app so far. Starts off WAY to easy, but I guess that’s probably so that anyone can play, even young kids. It has far too many 3 letter words for my liking. It probably gets harder eventually, but till that point, it is a bit boring for me. I have two other qualms. The first is that there are legal words that the game doesn’t accept. If you do come up with a word that was not chosen for the crossword, it counts as a “bonus word” (which adds to your total to be able to later use for hints, which is a good idea). However, there are valid words that the game doesn’t accept. I can’t remember all of them right now, but some are “alee” and “luged”. They accepted “luge” just fine, so I have no idea why the past tense in “luged” would be an issue. The other main issue that annoys me is the frequency of the ads. I’ve played other games that have ads before, and I understand that’s how free games supplement their income in order to give us the content in the game. However, the frequency of the ads is the issue in this game. By far the most frequent ads I’ve ever seen. Sometimes have to deal with an ad every two minutes or less, if I finish the crossword quickly, which is ridiculous. At least you can X out of the ads fairly quickly. Still, having ads that often is annoying.
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6 years ago, Passnthru
Fun game
Great game challenging, fun and addictive. I would give it more stars but feel it’s not evenly played. My wife has been playing for months and her hints are 50 coins, I’ve been playing a couple months and enjoy the game but the hints on mine are 100 coins,the target hints 200 and rocket blast 300 totally bogus pricing. Before you say she’s at higher score(she is) I have a daughter, granddaughter and soninlaw that all signed up after I did and 2 of them at my recommendation and wait for it...... their hints are 50,100,150 coins. I’m not the only one this has happened to in the support section there are other complaints of the same thing. I sent an email to them with questions about this and I will say they answered rather quickly but with a crazy response of “we’re trying different pricing to see which we decide on.” What I got out of the answer was we think we can gouge some folks on the pricing so when they buy coins they get less benefit for the money they pay. I started with 2 stars but as I wrote this I down graded it go 1. Get your act together and I’ll revisit this review!!!!! Have talked to them thru emails 3 different times and each time it’s the same, ”we’re trying different pricing to see where it levels out, hmmm I wonder if they’ll refund the folks that bought hints and removed ads at the higher prices when they level out, hmmm NOT!!!!!
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1 year ago, ConeShane
The only reason I’m leaving a 1-star review is because of a glitch that happens around the 8.8 million brilliance point mark. Our top player was up to that level. She was signed in with Facebook, and the app would kick her off as soon as she opened it. I tried to contact support for her, but they said they needed to deal with her directly. She couldn’t contact support because the app kept kicking her off! I did some research, and it turns out there have been quite a few people that have been dealing with the same issue. Many of them started over completely. I can’t imagine having to start over after investing that much time. The people I’ve seen that have been dealing with the same thing have been dealing with it for OVER A YEAR. The game is enjoyable. It’s a good way to join a team and forge friendships, but what good is it if you’re dead in the water once you hit a certain level? If this issue has been around for over a year and has yet to be fixed, that’s a red flag. You’re going to lose people. People that have been very loyal to the game for a very long time. They’re fairly good at fixing other issues. I’ll give them credit for that, but this one is a deal breaker. If this issue weren’t still here after over a year, this would easily be a 5-star review.
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5 years ago, Paultrgeist
So, in this post-fact world the advert says you’ll learn to read faster and improve your vocabulary. I haven’t seen any evidence that spelling words from a collection of letters helps one read faster. Logic tells me it doesn’t. Perhaps they could cite some studies. My bigger issue is that it’ll improve my vocabulary. That’s hogwash. Central to ALL vocabulary instruction, starting in kindergarten, is definitions. This game does nothing to promote improvement in my usage of the words contained in it. Moreover, the game is all about building words from letters THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW. How does recalling words I’ve seen and used many times before, then provide no definition or context in which said word is used, help my vocabulary skills? I’ve waisted too much time playing this thing, hoping that I’d eventually get to the “lexicon” level which would grant me the amazing fluency and word knowledge advertised. But alas, the game doesn’t appear to have that...it’s basically Boggle that can be played at a banana slug pace. This would be a four star review if they’d at least provide definitions (maybe they do with the paid upgrades?) and actually allow me to practice speed reading. Throw in the parts of speech and you’d have five star reviews all day long.
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12 months ago, Skipper08021952
Beware of fraudulent, scamming ads!!!
The game can be fun if you don't mind being inundated by ads. In the past, I had an ad from the game designers, PeopleFun, Inc., asking for input about different game enhancements. A few days ago, I got another ad asking me to take a survey about Wordscapes with an incentive to receive a free gift. Having experienced a legitimate survey from Wordscapes in the past, I completed this new survey and requested a particular free(?) gift. I had to pay $6.95 S&H with my credit card. However, the confirmation email indicated that my free gift was actually an EBook, not the 11-piece cookware set that was promoted. I, of course, did not click the link to download the Ebook. Less than five minutes later, I received a fraud alert from my credit card company as my card had been used to make a fraudulent purchase. I had to cancel the card. Since PeopleFun, Inc. had obviously not restricted that ad, probably because they don’t preview their ads, I consider them complicit in promoting fraudulent ads just to collect the revenue, even at the expense of stealing a customer’s credit card information. I have written several communications to PeopleFun, Inc. and received lame, defensive replies. Shame on them! I'll NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN and highly recommend users exercise the highest level of caution.
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2 years ago, poppyseedmuffins
Great word game!
Edit: Unfortunately I need to rescind my comments about not having PG-13 words. Starting in the 200’s levels, there are words I hope most children under ten years old would not know. Not curse words, but nouns and verbs that are more adult in content. Disappointing as it could be a great game for elementary and middle school kids to help with spelling and vocabulary. -——————————————————— Great word game. Gets progressively harder over time but not each more than the last, so there are little respites of easier ones between the hard ones. Uses everyday as well as more obscure words. I like that you can see definitions and uses for words by tapping on them. I also like that you get bonus points for words that you make that aren’t on that particular puzzle. I have more respect for this game compared to others because they don’t ever put PG-13 words in the puzzle, so it’s appropriate for kiddos or tweens too. The tournaments and challenges are fun to have if you’re into that, but also not too in your face if you’re not. The ads are the only bummer, but not unbearable. Overall really happy with this word game!
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4 weeks ago, The FanWing WoF
All I Expected and More
So I’ve been playing for around one year. It’s been sort of on and off, like I play one day and not the other. But that’s only because I don’t have time. I really like the fact that it’s one of those games that are REALLY playable, without watching a truckload of ads. It’s just like in the ads, where you connect the letters in the bottom of your screen to make words. The ads are an option, and so far, they are very controlled and don’t just pop up randomly. To people who like relaxing music and something to think about, this game is perfect. And I can’t guarantee that you will 100% enjoy it because everyone has different personalities, but when I am in serious “trauma” and need a distraction, then this is the first app I would go to. There are also other word games by the developer(s) PeopleFun, so if you enjoy this game then I would definitely recommend them to you. Try downloading this game first, and I hope you enjoy it as much as me! Always give good games a chance! God bless all of you and Peace!!
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1 year ago, lksundance
Was great to begin with…
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now. It was fun and challenging without being extremely difficult to advance in levels. I even won a few “tournaments”. But after tech support’s latest response, I will be deleting the game. As people have frequently mentioned, the ads are a pain. They pop up immediately after every level and (more frequently lately) prevent a player from receiving stars earned for completing a puzzle. This has happened to me several times now and the only response I get from tech support is a scripted response saying they’re aware of the bug and are working on it. What I find interesting is that players have been complaining about this “bug” for a year! Is the hired help so incompetent that the issue is still not resolved after all this time?!!! I’ve even asked for my earned stars to be rewarded while they work on the problem. I didn’t ask for money to be refunded…just to receive the stars earned for completing a puzzle. All I get is the same scripted response. What is the point of playing a game when you most likely will not get the earned reward! Because tech support has ignored the issue this long and due to their unwillingness to compensate earned stars, I DO NOT recommend downloading this game.
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6 years ago, Ms_Marine09
Kill Time, It’s fun minus a few things
It’s a great word game to play, between this and Ruzzle (my favorite), I think the game is pretty fun. I enjoy learning new words and expanding my vocabulary so this helps. The game allows you to guess words without a limit or consequence no matter how many incorrect tries. It also has a built in dictionary so you can look up the definitions of any of the words you find. Cons: You don’t rack up many coins, so you have to be good at guessing or pay for more coins. The hints are so expensive for a game that doesn’t allow you to rake up many coins per round. To earn coins you have to play 16 round to get at most 75 coins. Each round you can earn coins by guessing words that aren’t in the puzzle using the letters given. You get one coin per word; ripoff. I guess it’s a money thing. The hints cost 100, 200, and 300 coins so be mindful of how often you ask for hints, unless you don’t mind buying coins. Some words that are real words, aren’t recognized by the system. Some words you’ve probably never heard of, are definitely a part of the game. So with all that being said, I recommend the game, but it could be better.
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3 years ago, Multiple Device Playing
Don’t play this game using multiple devices!
I’m just so fed up with the errors in this game! Why can’t they figure out how to keep the coins and helps consistent across devices like other games are able to do? It’s been so frustrating since I had to delete the game from my iPad and reinstall it. Support was actually very good initially in helping me get my stuff back, but when they tried to correct it for me, that’s when it went haywire on me. They gave me too much, so I was being nice and honest by asking them to correct it, but then they ended up deducting from the wrong device, leaving me with a measly 17 coins while the other device had over 2M coins! Does that even make sense?!? I’ve been asking them to fix it, even shutting off my phone every night, but now suddenly, they’ve gone all silent on me and not responded to a single one of my requests! The guy Kenny told me he had to hurry up and fix it for me since he could only do a minimum amount of adjustments, but is it my fault he messed it up so badly? It’s so frustrating, so I don’t even want to play anymore, except to help out my team because they’re a great group of people. I would highly recommend NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ON MULTIPLE DEVICES AND DEFINITELY DON’T DELETE IT WITHOUT TAKING A PIC OF WHAT YOU HAD. So frustrating!
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6 years ago, Pikachublue21
Very fun, but one thing I want to give advice about...
So far, this was the best word game I ever played. You can make words to complete puzzles, get coins, or just fiddle around with the letters until you make some words. You can also use the video on the Earn Free Coins section to get 25 coins per vid if u get stuck, but there's one thing I want to advice about.....whatever you do, DO NOT use the surveys to get free coins. When I checked it out I found out that whoever runs this survey thing is really just trying to get a hold of your personal information. Even the 15 question survey is trying to get personal info from people. That's why I did not even complete the 15 question survey and I'm glad I did not summit it. If you want to get free coins, I would recommend you just do the videos for coins and not mess with the offers or the surveys. I don't know what company runs this game but they might have someone like hackers running this survey thing so don't use the survey thing whatever you do or they may get your personal information. Otherwise, this is a really great game.
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10 months ago, Mopishfool
Drains battery and loaded with ads
I’ve been playing Wordscapes for a while now and it has been one of the most Christina experiences I’ve had on a free-to-play mobile game. While the core game is fun and very addicting, all of the extra materials and timed events create clutter that distracts the player and makes it hard to navigate at points. It may also be a reason why the game drains your phone’s battery very quickly. An average of 30 minutes playing this game can drain your battery from 100% to about 42%. (I’ve played this game on other phones to verify this.) The game is also riddled with ads everywhere you go. After every level, there is an annoying pop up ad that is usually hard to skip or exploits the user. There’s no way you should pay $10 to remove the ads, nor do any of the micro transactions (of which there are plenty of) are worthwhile for a common user and also create a problem with clutter. If the core game was perhaps simply available for $1.99 with no ads or any additional bells and whistles, it would probably be a fun time, even if it might still drain your phone’s battery. Fun game, bad experience.
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3 years ago, Tayislit
It’s Okay…
So, let’s start with the good. Wordscapes is a fun way to challenge your brain and learn new words. Also, you can guess wrong and/or incorrect words all the time. But, for me, that’s where the positives end. I know lots of people say this, but I’m going to it again. The game uses words over and over and over again. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve gotten the word “emu” in this game. This doesn’t add to my vocabulary, if I have seen it over and over again. In the game, the “hints” are 100 coins, and bull’s-eyes are 200 COINS!? Like, for ONE letter it cost the same amount of TWO letters? You might as well save up for the “rocket” option at this point. My other complaint is the chat systems of the teams. I was once on a team and inappropriate things were said, and SEVERAL people reported the messages and had them removed, yet that person was never kicked or removed from the team? Like, they should be removed at the FIRST report, wether the team leader reported them or not. TLTR: Great idea, but the repeated words, having to spend to many coins on hint, bull’s-eyes, rockets, and the chat systems, it just not okay. Overall, a game I would not recommend. 😐
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7 months ago, Extensibility
I loved this game for many years (5 stars) but the last two months are changing my perspective. Since the beginning of October the app has crashed 3 times. All of my data is expunged (even after being backed up on Apple). Repeat, no data is saved. Fortunately, I take frequent screenshots. However, Support never gives you back your complete progress (screenshots) and is pleased to offer you close (a hundred thousand or more less). It takes about a week of communication to even get back in the game. There must not be much of a human response because they do not respond to screenshots, etc., but need to confer frequently with the team. That is what they say and it takes an additional two days each time to do so. Once again, great game to begin with. I am suspicious that they have over extended themselves with too many other games because they are now constantly being advertised. I have noticed many “ghost players”. There are not actively playing any longer. Like me they are still listed but can’t play. I see my score, but… Amazingly, this past week I observed another player trying to pass her old score. Wordscapes needs to consider why anyone should spend money or time in an app if it can all so easily be lost?
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7 years ago, Staticandbanal
Elegant and fun but could stand to be more rewarding
Very lovely uncluttered layouts and short puzzle times make this a great app for de-stressing and passing time on short bus rides, standing in line, etc. My kids also love it and will beg to "help" me find words if they catch me playing it. A few critiques: you have to do seemingly endless easy puzzles before getting to any remotely challenging ones; I wish they increased the difficulty sooner, maybe based on your solve time. Also not sure what the "brilliance" is about, and there's nothing to use the coins for either. I finished with over 3700 coins, but when I press "shop" the only option is to buy even MORE coins using real money. It's also kind of annoying that it won't accept certain real words for no apparent reason (e.g. girt, purl, cote, hod, coir, trice, creel, cant... and the list goes on). Yet it DOES use a bunch of slang words like blog, pic, toon, etc. What dictionary are they using?! Overall an excellent app, I'll probably go back and redo the upper levels from time to time (fortunately it unsolves them again after you finish).
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3 years ago, ChristianL1979
The Rampant Cheating in Tournament Needs to End
Wordscapes is a fun well-designed game aside from one thing. The cheating in tournaments. I don’t care if you have an IQ of 180 the likelihood of finishing each level in 10 seconds flat and having 20x the amount of stars than 2nd place makes you m Not even want to try. There is such an easy solution to this that in over 2 years no one has implemented and it’s frankly embarrassing that for as good as the game is and the clever the design that no one has come up with yet continuing to update it. When a tournament begins in the current form of the game your tourney begins on the level you left off on. The problem with this? Every level is on a website that gives you all the answers. Why don’t you design several thousand “tournament only” levels and never reuse them again. If they cheaters can’t just sit on the answer site mindlessly completing 10 levels in the same time it take people who do it right what is the point. Yes I’m so sure these people aren’t cheating, they play 24/7 for 48 hours and never lose any sharpness whatsover. If you want to hold a fair and funny tournament the cheaters need to be chopped off at the knees and have all their acquisitions taken away. They didn’t earn them.
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5 years ago, Lauraaapieee
Missed Credits on Daily Challenges
I haven’t seen any other reviews on this so I’m not sure if I’m one of a few that has this problem. I love this game but the problem is with the daily challenges. I’ve played this game for months (possibly a couple years) and always, always do the daily challenges. It’s a ritual I do while eating breakfast. For every so many days you complete, you can get coins and it goes up in increments so that you should (on the months that have 31 days) be able to get the big prize of 500 coins. The problem is there are usually about 2 or 3 days out of the month that it doesn’t give me credit for that therefore insuring I will not get the 500 coins. It always happens!!! It goes to the next screen after I complete the challenge and goes through the sounds and motions but my number/count doesn’t go up one. Super annoying and it’s almost like it does it on purpose so that no one can get the 500 coins so we will be forced to pay for hints since they cost an exorbitant amount to begin with and always run out of money. It’s been bothering me for months so just wanted to complain.
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5 years ago, McHellarose
Tournaments are a joke
I love this game and play regularly and I had doubts when I read some reviews that said that the tournaments were mainly done by bots, but now I have clearly seen it first hand and those reviews are right!!! I decided to take about a 15-20 minute break from it to go to the store and relax my eyes. When I went back on to play, 2 people had passed me and one of them suddenly had over 2300 points. In the 15-20 minutes I was away from it, someone who wasn’t even in the top ten of players had passed us all with that many points. Now I play this game a lot and I would like to think I am pretty good, but this is complete crap and takes all of the competitive fun out of the game! I even paid to stop the ads and there is no way I could put up 2000 points in 15 minutes. I will not ever spend another dime on this game and feel this is cheating and just downright cheap to do to people that really want to compete and have fun. Not to mention that when you get to higher levels it becomes repetitive. I have done some of the same puzzles 4 times. Did they run out of words?!? Maybe the bots could come up with some to help the developers out! Complete joke competing in the tournaments... don’t even waste your time!
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1 year ago, Lion_94
Like this game but…
I like Wordscapes, but I have multiple complaints about the midweek events such as the Butterfly event and the Portrait event. It is literally impossible to collect a full set of portraits and I know many people on my tournament team who have the same issue. You will consistently get duplicate portraits no matter how much you play and eventually get stuck at around 90% completion. Why spend so much effort on something that has extremely little reward? Also, the Butterfly event is extremely glitchy and sometimes the cocoons you collect in a level don’t count towards your total, sometimes it takes 20 levels just to get one butterfly, and sometimes the event just doesn’t work at all. There are other mainly useless features that they have added like the wildlife feature that no one asked for while the regular weekly events never get improved or updated despite numerous complaints to support. Support just tells you “we’ll look into it” when you bring up glitches but they are never actually resolved or improved. This game needs a new support/IT team to overhaul the entire game.
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4 months ago, Garbage GPS
Internet Service (Update)
I do love playing this game. My wife and I are on a cruise at this moment. We bought the Premium Internet package just to be able to play while onboard. I’ve emailed support about our internet connection. All other apps on our tables and phones work find. This app indicates no internet. The cruise ship requires us to turn cellular service off when using their internet to avoid incurring data charges outside of the US. With Cell data turned off and internet working fine this app still indicates no internet. You cannot fully enjoy the game without internet. if other apps work then this app should as well. I’ve already sent support a second ticket with no response. Our cruise will be long over by the time anyone even thinks about this issue. Cruise ship internet is not cheap and I’m disappointed that the program is not functioning at this time. We’re home from our cruise and once I finally get the app to work. All of my animals are gone! I haven’t been playing long however a player at level 272 should not have only 2 animals (Fox and Blue Jay). Also, the app forced me to use what little hearts I had to get a third animal. No answer from the developer so I’ve down graded my rating from 2 stars to 1.
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5 years ago, Maria (please consider)
Umm...? Somethings not safe here...
This game is great!!!! I love it! It would totally be a 10/10 but... Something just is not quite right, if I need coins for a hint... and I don’t have any, I have to pay real money for the coins right? Makes TOTAL sense! But if you decide... “nah I’m not spending my money” the you tap the button to get out of the thingy because you don’t REALLY need coins blah blah blah! Anyway so the a thing pops up every time (just how the game works) and it list three was you can get more coins for FREE!!!!! Well... this is ware the UNSAFE business happens... the 3 ways you can get coins for free that are listed is, 1. Video (totally safe that’s no big deal) 2. Offers (just more videos, or downloading games witch is totally fine) And 3. surveys!!!!! DO NOT TAKE THE SURVEY!!!! It asked me for my age, name, and some other personal info!!! I stoped immediately and made sure it did not go through. Now I’m not saying don’t buy the game!!! It’s a GREAT game!!! The survey is the only bad thing about it. I’m just saying... it might not be bad... but I personally don’t trust that kinda stuff. Anyway this is a amazing game and I can’t stop playing!!! Thank you to anybody that has actually bothered to read this 😂😂😂
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