WordWhizzle Search

4.5 (60K)
106.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WordWhizzle Search

4.54 out of 5
60K Ratings
7 years ago, Joannahhh
Please add more levels!!
Very fun & addictive game, great for stress relief. Early levels are excellent for kids starting around age 6 but eventually get too hard, but that’s great because I was able to enjoy it with my kid at first and then went on to solve all of the rest of the puzzles on my own. I am currently two words away from solving the last word search. The most recent update that added new levels seemed to be A LOT easier than previous levels were, they should get more difficult as they go up (like they used to). Also, I recognized old puzzles that were added as new levels, which is just lazy (and almost makes me want to take away a star, but I won’t because I’ve enjoyed this app so much). I really don’t want to delete it but I’ll have to if new levels aren’t added soon. A few a week would be better than nothing or waiting months and months for a bigger update. I really hope some kind of update comes out soon as I love doing these word puzzles to wind down before I go to sleep & the daily puzzles are great for that although sometimes I need or want a bit more.
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2 years ago, gamegalgal27482
Amazing game!!
I’ve been searching for the perfect word search/puzzle game for the longest time and I feel like I finally found it. I’ve been playing this nonstop for around a week and have fallen in love with this game. The puzzles increase in difficulty and become bigger in themselves as you go on which I found to be the perfect balance of being challenging but still solvable to the normal person. Even though I dislike the ads, they do provide lots of opportunities to pay to remove them at a discount, that also comes with additional hints to use. Another feature I like about this game is there is no unnecessary filler play and the only way to spend the coins earned is on hints to solve the puzzles. Great game overall.
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6 years ago, Dawnsglows
Easy at first and gently growing in difficulty/ has tech issues
Although my initial rating was high for an fun and enjoyable game I have misgivings to add. I have repeatedly played short videos of advertisements to keep my cost low or $0 spent on games online or that I decide to download. With this game I am often told that I must watch the entire add. No problem accept I have repeatedly “Watched the entire advertisement and counted to 15 before pressing the “x” button to get my free points to use for hints, etc. I’m down to only 3.8% of users who get that far in their word puzzles to solve in their game starting at 100%. If others like myself have gotten this far only to delete this game app and quite, it has not been because the puzzles stumped them. If like myself, they wished to save money then it is because they too tired of watching the same advertisement ALL the way through only to be told they did not and had no way in settings to contact the games tech support staff at all, if they exist. I used to think this was a relaxing Fun challenge to relax with like a crossword puzzle, but the letters are right in front of you. Fun perhaps and worth a try. If you don’t mind tech issues without help available then it is worth your time.
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6 years ago, Mim2Three
Decent for free
There are a ton of things that can be done to improve this game, however there are quite a large number of things that I wouldn't change.... For example, a few things that I would change you could be allowed to put in your age or take a test so you don't have to go through the mundane, boring and/or overly easy levels; make someway adults are able to bypass the first 25 levels or so. However, the reason I wouldn't change anything about the game is because my 6 & 9 year old children love the early levels they are right up their ally and they both love to play the game. Only improvement I would make for my children is more levels that are easier for them. So that's why I gave it 3 stars because it has both good and bad things about the game... It's in the middle, I let my children play the lower levels and once it gets WAY too challenging for them, I take over and teach as well as enjoy the game myself. So, in conclusion; there is room for improvement however, it's a nice game that not only allows me to teach my children but also allows my young children and I to compete without them getting disappointed, or overly upset over a loss.
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6 years ago, reviews1527
It is great!
In my opinion no game is perfect and that is why I gave this game only four stars. I have been playing this game for several years and as a weekly, sometimes even daily, player I have been satisfied with the game and it’s quality! There is hardly anything negative to say about this game and I find that it has created a fun game that my family and me both enjoy! I have played through all the updates and all the changes, but the game quality and the fun of the game have never decrease. As I said before there really isn’t anything negative to say about this game, accept the fact that it does get extremely difficult. I am not at all saying that this game is impossible or it shouldn’t be difficult when you get to the harder levels, I am just stating that some of the levels need to be made just the slightest bit easier. Then again, this is just my opinion. Other than that this game is fun, addictive, and a great game for all ages. On top of that there aren’t tons of ads, like most games! I love the game and I will definitely continue to play!!!!!!!!!!👍🏻
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7 years ago, CarieFitzi
Fun game but...
...this is yet another app with annoying ads. I understand that developers deserve to make money on their apps/games, and often content doesn't actually generate revenue. But when annoying ads impede a player's enjoyment of an app/game, that's a problem. Obviously, some players opt to buy the app/game to continue their enjoyment of the content despite annoying ads but that marketing ploy doesn't work for everyone. It's a shame, truly, because this app/game is actually a lot of fun. The format/concept is unique and helps players think creatively - which is always a good thing. This app/game is definitely a good tool for fellow wordsmiths and those who enjoy word games will likely find this to be a fun distraction. Levels can be completed at your own pace; there's no countdown or stress-inducing clocks. ;) In fact, the worst part of this app/game is the advertising. So, if you don't mind annoying ads, or if you don't mind ultimately paying for this app/game in order to enjoy the content as long as you'd like (rather than piecemeal between what amounts to commercial breaks), then this app/game is worth a try, especially if you're a word-lover. :D
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6 years ago, BigABFan
Fun game, but...
Update: 08July2018 I did eventually download WordBlob and completed it to continue with WordWhizzle, but my current issue involves your ads. I arrived to a meeting early and decided to pass the few minutes before it started by playing your game. I always put my phone on vibrate before attending meetings, but imagine my embarrassment when one of your ads began playing LOUDLY regardless of my phone setting. There wasn’t even the option to mute the ad like I’ve seen on other ads. I now only trust playing your game when I’m alone so as not to disturb anyone with your annoying ads. Disappointed 😔 ======================== Do I really have to download and finish another game, just to continue with this one? Apparently the next level after level 36 is called WordBlob and it has to be downloaded before you can proceed to level 37 in WordWhizzle. Are you guys that desperate to get your other games downloaded that you have to hold the current game hostage? **Lame**😕
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6 years ago, Stellyin
Fun! But culturally skewed
Fun as a game, but the categories are very heavily reliant on the United States White majority cultural perspective. For instance, bowling is in general an activity that seems to be predominantly participated by White Americans, and so the terms related to bowling may be less familiar to other English speaking citizen groups (non-white Americans) as well as people of other cultural backgrounds such as naturalized immigrants. The presumption of the game seems to be that players are either White American or should necessarily be familiar with White American culture. That in itself is not bad, but the game’s description should probably reflect that so the players know what to expect. Some words become very difficult when they are very culturally specific, and having the expectation that the game is predominantly for United States majority culture would be helpful to set expectations. Thank you for a fun game.
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7 years ago, jenn llll
Fun, it...
I do think this game is fun, and I like that they use categories instead of just seeing how many words you can come up with. However, I found that some of the categories and words are repetitive, which makes it less exciting after a bit. Also, like others have said, the amount of ads is just ridiculous. I understand having some ads but when there is a 30 second ad after only doing 2 or 3 puzzles that take maybe a minute each, it loses its appeal quickly. Maybe that’s why I found it to become less exciting..the time I spent watching ads was probably equivalent to how long I was actually playing. I feel like they are really trying to push their ad-free version here by inundating you with constant ads and then asking you afterwards to pay for no ads. All in all it’s a good game, but I removed 1 star for each issue I had.
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7 years ago, CeeGeeOne
WordWhizzle Search
I always thought it a little underhanded to bribe players into giving a good review. Or maybe even illegal? People want the truth when they read reviews, or at least I know I hope it's the truth when I read reviews. I've only played 5-6 easy levels so far, not nearly enough to give a proper review. Oh, and they promised me a free hint for giving this review. But in all honesty I can't give a good review of a poorly designed, run-of-the-mill game. Graphics are minimal and childish. And the game play is boring. I do NOT recommend this game. It wouldn't let me give less then one star...
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7 years ago, Cookkoo
Needs update BADLY
Well it's a good game but why pay money? My mom won't let me ever get any money so why do you have to pay all of this money!!!!! And the ads I understand you get hints by ads but it just takes forever like if you have 1 hint why do you have to wait? And if you ever need a hint it just keeps on LOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just needs an update. So much ads why does there need to be so much ads!! Oh and each level to me is just to hard or two easy or even BOTH!!!!! The game needs an update very soon. Anyone agree? I mean the game is fine it's just all of what I said and more. I had bugs on this game and it actually deleted its self so I lost everything and yeah it's just hard. At least I got past a much higher level!!!! But I would not download this if you don't like bugs or anything I said. Ok love you guys!!!! 😘❤️😉
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6 years ago, By1969
Keeps wanting you to purchase things even after paying 5 dollars for the no ad version!!!
Wow! I enjoyed the game enough to purchase the ad free version (4.99 which also came with coins as that was the cheapest pack I could find) but imagine how ripped off I felt when I won a spin that got me 500 coins only to find that to claim all the coins I had to spend another $4.99 to buy a larger purse or I only got 200 of the coins plus a BUNCH of pop ups telling me to buy the larger purse or lose the other 300 coins. The coins aren’t the point of my review (or loss of them). And I know these games cost money to create. What really frosts my weenie is the fact that I already paid 5 bucks to buy your ad free version and yet I get hit up for MORE money if I want to get to keep things I win while playing the game. Seems a really crappy way to treat customers who already shelled out money to stop the bazillion ads that already popped up constantly.
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6 years ago, So Philly Sopranos
Fun but flaws
I enjoy this app. It is a simple stress reliever. I am only giving it a 3 because of a few things. 1) I always take at least a star off for apps that have meaningless gimmicks. In this case it is coins. Earning them. Getting gifts. They serve no purpose and thus are just a waste of time. 2) ads - I think developers deserve money and I would buy the ad free version, but the many reviews saying it is not truly ad free are discouraging and I am afraid I would be wasting money. The free version has ads too frequently and too long. 3) hints - this does not bother me, but I am amazed by the people who say they have to wait an hour because they need a hint. I never need or use hints. Since there are no time limits and no limit on attempts, I can systematically cover the board to find a missing word. Even a 3 letter word in a 9x9 board can be scanned in a few minutes.
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5 years ago, #flippinbottles
Good, 2 cons.
The game is a very entertaining game and I could play on it for hours, but I don’t because of these two reasons. The first is... the adds are very inappropriate, some even including sex and gunshot. I don’t know why they would rate it for 4+. The second is... I agree with everyone else when they say the finger that helps you with the words gets annoying. I don’t want something showing me the word I am looking for if I take just 2 seconds or more to look. Other than that and the in App purchases this is a very decent and controllable game, I would recommend it but I don’t think I would if I knew that person is the type of person who gets annoyed a lot at little things like the two things I just listed. I just hope that you guys read this before buying the game. :) :)
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7 years ago, It'sMeMel
Was loving the game until........
Was loving this app until I got to a higher level and it won't let you go any further unless you get another app they're promoting. It's set up within the levels of the game. Level 35 or something, then what should be the next level to tap on is an ad to "get it" (the other app which takes you straight to the App Store), I tapped on it hoping it would go away allowing me to move on with this game, but it won't go away until you install the app they're trying to get you to download. So I'm now deleting this app. Shameful. The ads after nearly every level on this app were bad enough, but acceptable for a free app, however when they won't let a person move up levels if you don't get the other app, one I don't want, which they're trying to sell.......as I said......shameful. 😡Wasted my time trying to move up in levels with this one. Otherwise it's a great word game. Seriously though?! 👎🏼🙄☹️
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6 years ago, Manba2020
Word Whizzle Search
This game was great until the update. Before the update, free hints were available by watching a 30 second video and 96 coins (enough for one hint) would be added to the pot. After the updates, the free hint was changed. Now, a player must watch 2,3, or 4, 15 to 45 second videos, because each video now adds only 30-35 coins to your pot. Furthermore, the videos you may watch for a free hint are limited, i.e., if you need a hint you don’t always get a chance to watch a video to receive one.A red alert pops on the screen saying, “uh oh, unable to find a video, please try . . . I am upset because I was 1st on the Leader Board (3of us keep going back and forth from 1st to 3rd places). We are at level 1500 and it’s becoming more difficult and the site will not allow me to receive free hints. I am a disabled, 75 year old single parent, with 10&19 year old boys at home. I could really use the free hints. ELH
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6 years ago, SupermomG
Word wizard search
Just started playing and think it is a lot of fun, however we will see how expensive it gets to play it, because so many games start out free or very little out of pocket and then get so expensive I have to quit playing. Was enjoying your game a lot, it did not out me very much to play and I could play for hours. I know you were trying to improve your game and I like the new changes except for the flashes of good job, great, etc that flash when you get the right answer, I find this extremely distracting and would like you to rethink this. It breaks my concentration and I have to refocus after each answer, maybe too annoying to continue playing. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, artgal7
Ad Laden to the Max!
I'm really sorry to have to rate this app so low. I love rewarding developers of free apps with glowing reviews. Unfortunately, this is the first time I've ever been inclined to rate an app so low. The game itself is a lot of fun and can keep you entertained. Sadly, I get so bombed with ads and nags to buy hints & coins that I spend more time trying to close the annoying pop ups than I do playing the game. This is supposed to be a free version but there's nothing free about it. You are nagged to buy tokens or watch ad videos in order to stop the madness and finally get the game to begin. Over the top and way too much hassle. I suppose that's point. Nag 'em till they pay? Sorry to say but this gal is deleting the app. I hope future versions will lighten up on the $Pop$Ups$. If so, I'd love to give it another chance. In all fairness, those who prefer to pay for ad removal will enjoy the game.
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7 years ago, RustysRx
Hints purchased just sitting there no more levels
There was no indication that there weren't going to be any more levels after number 40 batch and even though that is true you still get the pop up offer to buy more even when there are no more levels to play Your choices are to replay all the old levels or just wait for an update to offer more levels or use them up on the daily I rate their Customer Service high because they responded quickly to my email about not being able to use the purchased hints as all the levels were completed and when I asked if there were going to be more levels soon or what else I can do with my purchased hints Was told there is no way to transfer the 450 hints purchased to another one of their games Was told eventually they may add more levels to this one but it could be months etc if at all Make sure to check there are more levels to play before you buy more hints because the prompt to purchase will pop up even when there are no more levels to play I like this game better than the other WordWhizzle
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7 years ago, Scrabble 1
Love the game but
the constant interruptions by ads makes enjoying the game to its fullest, extremely frustrating. I get that ads are necessary to generate revenue and although there is an out by purchasing the no ad app but I feel I shouldn't have to. I take offense to anything that makes me feel obligated to do something, especially when it comes to spending money unnecessarily. I'm an avid lover of word games, and I find this one to be a nice relaxing distraction from day to day activities but I'm more inclined to switch to another game to actually distract me from this one. Having said that, I do like that there is no pressure with timed play.
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7 years ago, Bilbo47
For several months now I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Word Whizzle. As of today, I have encountered a subject that, to me, does not meet the standard to which I’ve become accustomed and which I have so enjoyed. The subject, Characters on the Simpsons, hardly seems to compare with the general knowledge challenges I normally anticipate. I have never watched The Simpsons and have no plans to. Unless I can find a way to navigate around it, I will choose to abandon the game I have grown to love. I encourage you to continue the tradition of wider interest puzzles that have proven so enjoyable.
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6 years ago, Dr.Norm
Getting Too Many Ads
When I first started, the game had a good balance between levels and ads but now there are too many ads. Do the simple daily puzzle, which takes less than a minute, get a 30 second full screen ad. Complete a level, get a 30 second full screen ad. This is in addition to the persistent ads at the bottom of the levels. So I used to spend time in the game but now I just play and then exit when the first ad starts, which ends up being after the first puzzle. This has caused me to progressively lose interest in the game and now I only play for 5-10 minutes a month. Have enjoyed it in the past so haven't deleted it yet but getting close to making it go away.
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6 years ago, LacyDee6385
New Levels!!!
I’m so so so excited to see that there are some new levels! I always do my daily puzzle and spin my daily spin, so I just racked up my coins hoping that there would actually be some new levels at some point, but honestly, I think I’d actually given up. But now they’re HERE!!! This is my favorite word search app and I play it daily - it actually what I play when I can’t sleep in bed and it always helps. It’s almost soothing, in a way. Thank you for the new material!! Keep them coming, because I imagine I’ll be done with them soon!!!
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6 years ago, Squeaky5912
Ads and cost
There is too many ads on the game and also why do all of the games want you to pay for gems and hints and things of that nature why not figure out a way for people to earn some by doing something other than reviews. Some of us are disabled, bed ridden on a fixed income and can not afford to purchase gems and things etc. Please take everyones situation into consideration because most of your game players are retired, disabled and on a fixed income and not only that this is most of the players fun thing to do.
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6 years ago, Flintymom
Almost perfect
I love the way the challenge increases. But word games are a dime a dozen and this one isn’t interesting enough to want to spend money just to get rid of the ads. For me the ads were annoying (maybe not for everyone) but specifically because I get into the mental zone with word games and the ads feel like they are interrupting my train of thought. $3 doesn’t seem like much to pay to never see ads again but since this game won’t be that interesting in a few weeks, it’s really not worth it. Maybe .99 would entice me, but it’s not brilliant or different enough for $3.
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6 years ago, Robynrae52
Robyn Terry LRN
This app is not only educational but is great time for me to play with my grandchildren. They are Home Schooled and get Credit for the time spent. It teaches them better spelling, helps with reading and using the correct words and adds new words to their vocabulary. My 5 year old grand is now reading on a second grad level and about to go higher. This app also makes learning fun for them and so are eager to get on with their school work. Their confidence increases when they feel a sense of accomplishment . Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, w.w yaaaaaas queen
When I tap the watch a video to get free coins, it only gives me like 15 coins like yea, ten more of those and I’ll get a hint. Another thing is since I got the app, anytime I will spin to get a “reward” EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve gotten only 25 coins. Also every 30 coins should be another hint for the claim hints thing bc it takes sooo many coins to get another hint. Last thing, you should have multiple daily puzzles because when I am done with the daily puzzle and I get 1 hint I go back to my regular level and I need help with the puzzle I’m on, I don’t have WiFi or any hints, and not enough to claim hints so I think there should be multiple so I have more hints. Like, aren’t they there for a reason? Thank you
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6 years ago, CieloSol
Ads Galore
I’ve never played a game where ads are right on the screen, blocking the view, as you are trying to play! It was near impossible to complete the level with this annoying ad right on the middle of the screen covering part of the letters. Finally finished the level, to proceed to a 30 second ad, to the next level where low and behold, the same ad right on the middle of the screen! There was no x, nothing you could do to remove it, except pay of course. I’d get constantly prompted to buy their ad remover so that ad could be removed. No thanks! You spend more time dealing with their influx of ads than enjoying the game. Too many great games out there to spend your time with this one. Needless to say, this one got deleted.
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4 years ago, Rock_monster
Fantastic with one flaw
The game has a ton of levels and a great word search with a huge variety of esoteric topics. The ability to earn hints really helps with some of them. Weekly and daily challenges add to the fun! Now the flaw. If you don’t buy the game, you have to watch ads. No big deal, hopefully the developers get money per ad-watched. The advertising services has ads that cannot be closed. They also have ads on timers, with a timer on the “commercial” part and a timer on the “static game screen” part. This is a weakness on the advertiser, not the game developer.
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7 years ago, WhzjicvnxBbccvvvg
i was having a lot of fun with this game, i’d bounce on my boys d and find words all day, i was having so much fun i almost traded my marriage for more hints! Then one day i got to level 70 “on a hamburger” a HAMBURGER! and one of the answers was CHEESE. last time i checked a hamburger only has HAM on it. NOT CHEESE. THAT IS A CHEESEBURGER! i am fuming with outrage that i put myself into debt over a FRAUDULENT game like this one. helen if you see this please come back, i’ve talked to cps and they said we can have the kids back if we put cameras in every room to “document abuse” and i promise to be softer with my punches TED CRUZ EATS BABY DICKS
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7 years ago, JealousGull
Love it!
I love word games, but, usually I am not a big fan of these types of games. I figured it was going to get difficult rather quickly. Instead it has been pretty easy. The only thing I don't really like is how they push you to spend money to stop the ads. When I first started playing within 5 mins I had already watched at least 4 ads. I understand having to promote other games and using the ads...it's go a bit overboard fast. Other then that, I enjoy the game!
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3 years ago, RB123🥳
Good game :)
When I downloaded this game I just couldn’t stop playing it. I was ADDICTED. I’m that person who LOVES words and word games so this game was great! But after a while the levels got super hard even for a word nerd like me. So i deleted the game and found myself downloading it a year later. I guess I was just stubborn or whatever but I think it gets a little too hard. Though it’s super fun in the beginning! I like a little challenge but not that much. If your not patient tho, I don’t recommend it. Overall a good game worth downloading!
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4 years ago, Gamelvr
Was great, now opens to blank screen
Loved this game & played it for several years, but since the last update, after I pass a level it opens to a blank orange screen for days & days. I’ve tried exiting completely, rebooting phone, etc to no avail. As near as I can tell, a great game was ruined by an update. UPDATE: found a workaround that works! (Thanks, Mdwychoff.) Turn off WI-FI & cellular data, open the app & it works. Then immediately go back & re-enable Wi-Fi & cellular data. Irritating as heck, but at least it works. I upped from 1 star to 2 based on another player figuring out the workaround. Given the number of people reporting this issue, really surprised it hasn’t been fixed by now.
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6 years ago, veejay9876
Annoying text reminders
I really like this game but I don’t need you to keep telling me to get back to my game. If I have stopped playing in the middle of a game it is because I have other things to do. Please quit sending text reminders. One other critique on the top of the screen where you state the subject for the game, if it is a long subject please tint make it so small that it is hard to read it. Some of us play on our phone and that already is small. Have a minimum font size that is larger than you currently allow for long titles. Thanks
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6 years ago, Patito-13
To many ads
So before I used to get free hints every 30 minutes by just watching a 30 second video but now I have to watch a few videos since it only ads 30-40 coins at it time and a hint is 100 coins.. every other time I pass one an ad comes on and also before the update the daily puzzle would give a hint now an ad comes one after I finish it and it doesn’t have and “x” to stop it meaning I have to watch the video to get the hint because I tried getting off the app when the video comes on and it freezes on the video so I have to restart it but it won’t add the hint. :/
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6 years ago, Secfbfan67
Fun game! Addictive!
This is a great game. I love that the words to search for aren’t shown, just the amount of letters are shown. LOVE THAT!!! It’d be great if you could add some more levels. I’ve completed all the puzzles, so I’m at a stand still, unless I start replaying them. Lol. Have not found another search game like this one. Where you don’t know the words. I really love that about this game. Built up over 400 hints, but I don’t really use them, cause I love the challenge. Thank you! More levels please!
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7 years ago, shood
I like the app but have a few issues. The biggest one is how frequent ads come up. Seems like every other round. Very frequent. Not only that but they take you out of the game and to the App Store to get you to directly download the game they just advertised. Lastly, it's too easy for far too long. Quite boring until you get in a good 80 or 90 rounds. I am an app developer myself and have many apps up here in the store so I am considering given my experience with this app and so many of the other reviews that maybe I should make a competing app that doesn't have all of these issues.
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7 years ago, Margot3162
It's pretty good... I guess
This is a good game. It is very addictive and fun. However, there are two things that aren't great about it. The first thing is the amount of ads that they play. You can pay to get rid of them, but who wants to do that? The second thing is that the hint packs are very expensive and the game can get hard so you will probably be using hints. However, they do offer you free hints that you can get by watching videos, and writing a good review about the game. (I wrote this for a hint, but this is completely honest review.) Overall, it's a pretty good game.
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5 years ago, review wirter
To creater
I think this game is awesome but one bug 🐜 is that when I get to level eight teen it glitches and freezes I also what more levels I’m done with it and it boring going back and doing the little kid ones and not the adult hard ones and I thing that when you should make another game because I love love LOVE THIS GAAME and I wish I could or wold NEVER STOP and my family has this and was disappointed because it ENDED AND WE HAD TO DO IT AGAIN like all over like we starting again and that the thing I want fixed and done Thanks so much you very own, Queen D
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6 years ago, Koloth the Great
Fun game but flawed
Game is extremely enjoyable and I would have given 5 stars but some of the puzzles are flawed. For instance, the one puzzle asked for any references to “toys”. In it “ball” was listed and accepted as a word; however “bat” was also in the puzzle but no taken as an accepted word. Second instance was a puzzle for all “coffee” references, in the puzzle “joe” was clearly seen but again not an accepted word. These may seem minor, but in a game that is having you guess the hidden referenced words, it becomes frustrating and could have been done better. Hopefully, future levels will have these “glitches” weeded out.
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7 years ago, Froggy Kristi
Awesome game
This game is super fun and keeps your brain sharp. They say that if you play brain games once a day for 7-10 minutes it's supposed to keep you from getting Alzheimer's or another brain diseases. The only thing that I do not like this all the commercials and advertisements that pop up that is quite annoying. And if you want to get rid of the advertisements to have to pay a whole bunch of money to get rid of them. Some of us don't have that money to spend I'm just in every ties meant app you have on your phone thanks bye G
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5 years ago, RosemaryAK
Initially loved this game
I really enjoyed this game in the beginning. I play it every day but now only to do the daily puzzles. The puzzles now are abstruse and need hints to find which means you have to watch videos to get a hint. The videos are long and are the same repeated. After watching the videos I click off them only to be told I didn’t watch the whole video and no points awarded. The worst thing for me is the constant nudges to play the game. You can’t turn them off and they come through about every five minutes. It’s a shame because this used to be my very favorite game.
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6 years ago, RagingTea
New update deleted all of my progress
This game is super amazing and is constantly allowing me to utilise my brain for stimulating word finds. Major down side: with the new update I lost all of my progress from before. I made it past the 200s levels and came back to kill some time since the update and found I got sent all the way back to the beginning. All my hints that I have purchased were gone as well. Extremely disappointed with the turn of events as I was a major lover of the game. Might have to uninstall since I lost a lot of money invested and time spent on the game.
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7 years ago, Shorty8251
I love this app and others like it that cause you to have to think what the answer is. It uses your brain and keeps it active. All too often we want to get away from problem or puzzle solving and just like your body you have to do a certain amount of exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. The same applies to your brain it has to be worked or it gets lazy from lack of use. Please create more of this type of app.
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6 years ago, Robertojperez
Very fun and great game, pretty great to stressed out and relax your mind. Another thing that is really great of this game is that doesn't have to many ads like other games so is something great too, very interesting and a great way to put work your brain and if you’re are trying to learn another different languages cans helps you to learns new words too. Is completely free, easy to play and really will helps you to shake the stress and clear your mind...
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5 years ago, happydayz2000
The game is very hard but it is kind of Easy. If you like hard games that go hard all the way this would be the game for you!🙂 If you download this game good luck 🍀👍. I hope you have fun on this game The things it pops up on the screen you have to find the thing related to it like if it said “Disneyland “ you would have to find words related to Disneyland like “roller coaster “ or “disney”. I gave this game a four cause some of them are REAlly HARD!!!!!!:) But I would suggest this game to anyone I think it helps your brain grow ALOTT!
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6 years ago, DisneyHasMyMoney
New version too busy, too small, too annoying
I have been playing this game for a a while and had really liked it. I don't like the new version. I don't need any cheerleading by popping up "neat" every time I get a word. I'm not a 10 year old. It's very annoying. I won't be asking a friend so it would be nice to have the option to remove that … because it takes up valuable screen real estate. That leads me to my next point… the actual board is so tiny now it is hard to see once you are up in the upper levels. In the previous version it wasn't like that. Please fix these problems in future versions!!!
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7 years ago, ChloeCTheeGymnast
Ads aren't great but the game is
Hello!! I'm one of the people who play this app and I have given this fun and addictive game a rate of 4 out of 5 stars because of the ads, but no games have just no ads. You usually have to pay for no ads like in this app. Now I can talk about the positives such as the game can help spelling and help with what food, animal, etc goes in which category by the level topics on the top of the screen. I hope you take my opinion into consideration of no ads or payment for no ads.
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6 years ago, cmarkn
Latest update ruined it
This was a great game. You could easily read and touch the letters in the “find the word” grid. The games were challenging and fun, and getting it to do what you wanted was easy. I rated that game 5*s. The latest update, however, pointlessly introduced coins and a weekly bonus game in addition to the old daily bonus game. They also changed the graphics, making the playing grid too small and hard to read and hard to touch the right spot. With so many games in the App Store, I can’t recommend this one any more.
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6 years ago, Pinnywiz24/7
Great little game
It’s a great little game when you have a little time to kill and don’t need to get to involved in something. However, the “do you want notifications” box keeps coming up and the only option I see is “do it” I don’t see an X to close it. I have to close the whole app and restart. Doing that once was not a big deal but dang it you need to either make the box stop popping up or give me an X to close it or even better how about a “don’t do it” or a “no thanks”. I paid for no ads because I didn’t want the interruptions. PLEASE FIX.
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