Workers CU

4.8 (4.5K)
58.1 MB
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Workers' Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Workers CU

4.75 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
3 years ago, LBuddington
Workers is the best
I have used WCU for over 25 years. They are fantastic about giving you ways to make your money work for you. Their mortgages interest rates are consistently lower than anyone else. They have amazingly high interest rates for checking accounts. Plus they have the give back program where they give back money to all members each year.
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2 years ago, Jessicat1214
Financial Department
I do not like how they treat their customers. I was told my car was out for repo for a demand letter that was not satisfied (I never received a letter) I had a payment arrangement. I paid my November payment and I was going to pay a double payment in January…. But apparently there was a demand letter that was suppose to be satisfied by the end of December that I didn’t know about. I rushed to the bank to pay December (couldn’t deposit money) to pay my bill. A lady had to do an override just so I could pay my payment and she told me my car was not out for repo. Yet, the lady I was dealing with on the phone told me she was putting the repo on hold and charging me $125 for a repo fee. I am not happy with this bank or how they treat their customers. The pandemic has made things hard but I have still paid all my payments in the last 3 years, and when times get tough Workers Credit Union makes things worse for families. I’m very disappointed in this bank.
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5 years ago, Dml1
Frustrated with bill pay
New to the bank but not to bill pay. I set up a payment due on the 18th of the month. Payment was sent on the 11th and out of my account on the 15th so why did the payment reach my credit card on the 22nd and I received a $25 late fee? Not a happy customer!!!
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2 years ago, So easy, great quality!
Nothing but issues.
I have had issues from poor guidance and misinformation with my business account, constant authorization problems or failure to authorize “contact your bank” messages (not declined messages). Poor customer service both in person and on the phone - put on hold for 59 minutes to find out why my card was not authorized for an $8 prescription only to be told they couldn’t figure it out. You don’t even have tellers in Chelmsford. Workers has been one gigantic headache for both my business and personal. Ready to move on.
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2 years ago, TechnoWhizz
Mobile Check Deposit Broken!
The current app version doesn’t work with iOS 16. You cannot deposit a check using your iPhone. When it asks for pictures of the check, it goes into landscape mode, tells you to rotate the device, and hangs. You have to kill the app to get out of it. The app is of no use to me without this feature. Please fix ASAP! Also, with the recent upgrade to their systems (second week of October 2022), you can no longer see the interest rate for your account from the details section. Pretty unethical.
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3 years ago, maxatonic
Add this
Would line to see check imagine... when you sent out a check and the image shows when it is cashed
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2 years ago, jgmce
Fix the check deposit bug please
Everything works great - but the check deposit is glitchy - the screen goes fuzzy and asks me to rotate, with no directions as to which way to rotate it or why- there is also no option to go back or close out of the capture photo screen - this then means you have to hard restart the app. It’s a pretty basic function of any mobile banking app -
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11 months ago, pilosa11
Posted transactions delay
Unfortunately, the transactions take longer to be posted inside the application. So it’s frustrating when I want to check my statement and nothing shows up until two or three days later.
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5 years ago, Ticktack
Mobile deposits some time does work
Grr module deposits doesn’t always work! !! Says not enough lighting needs better background and the check mark on the back of you check depositing doesn’t scanner. ! Needs improvement!
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4 years ago, etnkt
Great bank
We have been members for a couple of years and have nothing but good things to say about the staff and service.
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6 years ago, Kandiee102107
Love this app, but
Why can I not transfer money from my savings to my checking? It only says “transfer from checking” but I can’t do it from my savings.
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6 years ago, Henriquez81
Easy to use
This app is so easy to use I like how is updated constantly and is up to speed with all the technology changes
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1 year ago, Jackbenimble1234
Photo of check for mobile deposits does not work with new iPhones
6 weeks and several phone calls. Tried every fix they gave me. Still can’t photograph checks with iPhone 14 WCU continually blames Apple. I disagreed this is on WCU I will be going to a different bank. They have gone downhill this last year or so. Too big for their britches
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2 years ago, raul423
Not sure how I really feel being taxed for saving my money in a bank
I think I’m changing banks
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2 years ago, *geekmaster*
Mobile check deposit doesn’t work on iOS 16
The latest version was just updated for iOS 15 compatibility, but that’s been out a year. PLEASE fix the app for iOS 16, because mobile check deposit no longer works and that is the main reason I have this app on my phone.
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5 years ago, zavi n anthonys mom
Thumbs up
I love this app it’s so convenient for me it’s so fast and helpful and it’s always accurate and the customer service is great
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2 years ago, JMP@213
Electronic deposit
App is good expect for since the upgrade I can’t deposit a check via the app which is frustrating. Assumed they would have a fix by now.
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2 years ago, Britt52299
Check Deposit Not Working
Everything else is great but for over a month the check deposit won’t work. I enter the amount and when the canners goes to load it says to flip my phone but it never actually works no matter what I try. I’ve even uninstalled.
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2 years ago, Coolness986
Mobile Deposit Broken in IOS 16
The Mobile App Deposit feature is broken in IOS 16, the ATM machines won’t read handwritten checks and the drive-thru ATMs won’t take a deposit any longer! This app us the only way to deposit checks during non-business hours, please fix asap!
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4 years ago, knd456789
Pending transactions!
Bring them back!
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3 years ago, grab4
The reason I came to WCU was for the service. I am not a fan of the computer tellers. There is no privacy and I like to deal with a person not one on a monitor. The personal touch is gone. Why fix something that wasn't broke?
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5 years ago, Jabsbo03
Check deposit difficult
It seems like they wrote the check deposit to pick one possible problem with each check. It even throws errors on printed (non handwritten) checks. It make depositing checks a huge pain.
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3 years ago, Jesus is faithful
Five ⭐️ star review
I love my bank. Sharon is Amazing. Sharon is always helping me to make the best choices for my banking needs. Rebecca
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5 years ago, elpingui13
Great app very convenient
Wcu app makes everything fast and easy works great with XR !!
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2 years ago, Steamie Ray Vaughan
Due to glitches, the app will not allow you to deposit checks. It has been a consistent issue for months, despite customer service saying a fix is on the way.
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2 years ago, L3mz
Mobile Deposit broke
Depositing checks through the app is broken. I talked to someone about this back in September and told me they were working on it. It’s now December and it’s still broken. Pretty useless app without check deposit. Not happy.
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2 years ago, jv9999
Used to be good
WCU has really gone down hill since 2020. The app doesn’t work to deposit a checks. It keeps telling me to rotate my device, but no orientation works. Also transfers are broken and the tellers are gone. Need to find another bank.
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2 years ago, craigontap
Useful app missing key feature
Where are online statements in the app? It’s 2022, come on!
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1 year ago, deez machined nutz
Check deposit won’t rotate camera
Check deposit won’t rotate camera. Bank ATMS are withdraw only. Can’t get money into my account without leaving work early to get to a branch since They all close early. Horrendous
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2 years ago, James_Daniel_S
Mobile deposit is broken.
The app tells you to rotate your phone, no matter how hard you try it doesn’t change off that screen.
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1 year ago, sns enjkkkm ccdfgnn
No stars should be an option.
Horrible. Filed a complaint months ago regarding your WCU employee that gave out my personal information (my AOR), and I still haven’t heard a thing about this intrusion of my privacy.
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1 year ago, #moving to anothet provider
Poor customer service
I have requested a payoff statement (today being the 3rd) for over a month now. With NO response. Seriously, if I stop paying my note you’ll respond. Very annoyed!
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2 years ago, Donatello.J
Can’t make mortgage payment from external account
App is useless to me if I can’t use it to pay my mortgage. This is pretty basic functionality that should really be there.
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2 years ago, mknis
Check deposit not working
Please fix the check deposit feature. The camera is blurry. This has been ongoing since September/October.
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4 years ago, johnnyhb2020
I think the app is really good but I would like to if there were pending transactions
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3 years ago, jennytempo
Testing the review feature
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4 years ago, tydro 1
I really like workers credit union
Really good people! I have liked this place for 4 years counting!
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1 year ago, Jason1222
Won’t let you deposit checks via mobile
What year are we? This is sadly why credit unions coming compete.
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4 years ago, N1yvlmike
Nice app easy to use
Nice app easy to use
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6 years ago, lm111965
Love this app!
This app is easy to use and very handy! Love it!
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1 year ago, Sad customer support
Rating the WCU app
It doesn’t always work. Sometimes there are days where you can access it and it’s a blank screen.
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3 years ago, JP0613
App works great
No issues here!
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7 years ago, Meems1976
Not working
App doesn’t work since last update. Can’t log in. But when it does work it’s great, easy to use.
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4 years ago, D.J.P. From NH
Works great, I am addicted to it!
Workers' is the best and this ap is great,
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1 year ago, Polywig
Good app
The app is convenient
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4 years ago, barrelracer09
Pending Transactions
Super frustrating not being able to see pending transactions anymore! Bring them back!!!
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3 years ago, Bsanchez170
The bank is very sketchy, the app never works. I get late fees, online people say this bank does fraud as well. I wish I knew before opening this bank.
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4 years ago, grouchy grumpy
Grouchy grumpy
Excellent service
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3 years ago, Mikesacarguy
Very Happy with Workers Credit Union
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4 years ago, frustrated guy127
Can’t log in
Got a new phone, tells me there’s an application error every time. No FAQ available either.
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