World Quiz: Learn Geography

4.8 (14.3K)
22.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michal Majewski
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for World Quiz: Learn Geography

4.79 out of 5
14.3K Ratings
5 months ago, 4221959
Old Dogs Can Learn!
I’m 64 and have been embarrassed for years I don’t have a clue where most countries are on a world map. I tried out several apps before finding this one. I’m slowly learning where countries are on every continent. The app makes it fun, once I got through the first few lessons when I missed every answer! I’m also astonished at the size of some countries….who knew Ukraine was so huge compared to Vietnam? And Japan is so tiny. I’m well educated (three masters and two bachelors) and consider myself a lifetime learner, so I’m glad for this opportunity to continue learning at home all by myself.
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1 year ago, Lexi Drexler
I’m able to label a blank map and name all capitals!
I have never reviewed an app before, but I just have to write this one… I am so impressed by my new ability to name all country capitals and even locate them on a blank map! I don’t know how this app does it, but it’s highly successful. For 12 whole months, there hasn’t been a week where I haven’t opened this app. I love improving and practicing my geographical knowledge with it. It truly is incredible; I cannot recommend it enough! Before finding this app, I downloaded dozens to see which style of testing I like best, this one beat them all. 5 stars!
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2 years ago, amaya098766
Learning the Flags
I’m enjoying learning the world flags through this app. I tried serval different ones and their ad placement was to frequent to be an enjoyable learning experience. This app places a short video, that you can skip in 3-5 seconds, after the end of every round (once you see your score sheet); therefore, it isn’t intrusive. I haven’t played around with the other features yet, but as far as the flag flash card experience, it is well organized and throws in new countries once you’ve leveled up. Very enjoyable.
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8 years ago, TinkerBelle4381
Africa update
I use this app almost everyday for school. we are learning to label all of the countries and capitals of the world. I love this app it is so helpful I would probably be failing without it. But I have noticed it needs to be updated. Africa has changed. Marocco split and is now also Western Sahara. And a few have changed names. So if you guys could update this app that would be amazing. I don't know what I would do without this app. But it really needs an update for me to keep using it. I recommend this app to all of my friends and classmates but I can't do that if it is not up to date. So I will not be recommending this until you update it. Please and thank you!
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3 years ago, tuktuk21713
Great App, Potential Feature
I enjoy this app and it is generally very good but I would like a feature where you could review most commonly missed locations. It seems that there is only a single developer and you are probably busy with other projects but I have some free time and have experience doing contract work for multiple companies. If you gave me the repo I’d be willing to sign whatever and develop the feature completely free of charge because I would love to see it.
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3 months ago, CamTheMan42711
Good Learning Game
By playing this game, I was able to improve my knowledge while challenging myself at the same time. I also like this game because it gives you different choices of what types of quizzes you want to choose so you can test yourself on everything. There are adds but for me its not a big deal because there only like 5 seconds long and then you can skip it pretty fast. Its a very well-rounded game overall so nice job creaters.
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1 year ago, Sweemour Toddbourn
Worth going ad-free
The ads are definitely obnoxious, but it’s a reasonable one-time fee to make them disappear and once they’re gone I have no complaints. A great tool for learning geography, flags, and capitols. I like how you can start with the multiple choice and then graduate to typing in the answers. I’ve only had it about a week and I already feel like my knowledge is much improved.
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4 years ago, artlitlove
UPDATE Remove ads buttons not working
Update: developer response to my review was very quick! Thank you!! Really like this app but the length and quantity of ads is annoying. I tried clicking the “remove ads” button to get the paid version and remove the ads, but none of the remove ads buttons throughout the whole game are working for me. It just refreshes the screen and nothing happens.
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8 months ago, Edoubles
Just what I was looking for
I realized my map knowledge was woefully lacking so I wanted something that would expand and test that knowledge. Once I get good with the flags I’m moving on to capitals! I expect a great return in the form of bar trivia wins or at least a wider appreciation for this great big world. I’ve only had it for a few days but I paid for the ad free version and that was also well worth it
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3 years ago, Codester456
Would like the ability to review what I got wrong
Loving this app! I am trying to learn the world map better. I would appreciate the ability to review the countries I got wrong on the world map, and maybe see the countries around it? For example, if I labeled South Korea wrong, showing South Korea on the map with all of the countries surrounding it labeled correctly. Thanks, I hope that this feedback is helpful! Appreciate all your hard work.
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3 years ago, Spitting on your onion rings
Good but has room for improvement
I like this app but the lack of sounds and music kinda makes it feel empty, though its an easy fix if you have any music apps. The ads can get annoying but it's understandable because they need to make a profit. Otherwise, the app is great. I personally did not play much yet, but I will update it if anything significant comes up.
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2 years ago, have a wonderful day 😘
To many adds and not enough levels or leaning about the rest of the world
I would like it if you could remove the adds and add more levels and learn about other parts of the world thank you for taking your time out of the day to read this please get back to me as soon as possible have a wonderful rest of the day and the year.
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9 months ago, HeathTV
This is a good game
I like how it does not include the territories because some territories are difficult . It doesn’t need WiFi and it includes US states and capitals . This game can really get you into geography and learn about it to . It can kind of get you to remember country’s I recommend geography lovers to play this game . Now there is not that much to talk about the game now
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7 months ago, BudLee the Great
Great Fun!! Highly recommended!!!
I mainly use to learn the flags, and I have learned a lot, gotten very good at identifying flags. But there are lots of other ways to play and learn about different countries. I tried at least 5 other flag/country apps, but this was by far the best!! Great quality images, easy, clean, and simple user interface. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, qtqueenk
Could be better
I spend more time on this app watching ads than actually taking the quizzes. The ads are really excessive. I also wish you could do a whole continent at once and/or focus on the ones you’re struggling with instead of 10 random countries at a time (and then 40 seconds of ads). I’ve never once missed Egypt; I don’t need to spend time pointing it out over and over when what I really need to focus on is sub-Saharan Africa!
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10 years ago, Nooneinparticular987
Very good app! One suggestion.
I really enjoy this app. I especially like that you don't have to spell the name exactly right for it to recognize the country/state you are trying to name. My one suggestion is that a write-in state capital quiz be added. Either like the others where you just have to name them all or where a state name pops up and you write in that state's capital.
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2 years ago, Antonia357
BEST, fastest way to learn countries & states
Loved this app! It was well worth the price so I bought it. With World Quiz and an online world map (called World Map), I learned all the countries and US states in no time. It must be something about the multiple choice quiz format that makes it fun and fast. Now I know exactly where the news is happening in the world. Excellent app!
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4 years ago, JLWC19
Fantastic but..
I LOVE this app. I like that it only wanted me to unlock the no ad version rather than asking me to pay for unlocking other areas of the app (worth it). I only wish you had removed the names of the states and countries from their flags. I don’t feel like I’m getting very good at recognizing flags because I know the name is on there somewhere.
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1 year ago, Leeshann
I love puzzles
After I burned out on crossword, find the missing whatever and brain teasers, I thought why not why not learn something real? This game has lots of ways of doing just that. I like doing deeper dives into places I’ve never been. It’s been a lot of fun learning. Sometimes sad but I want to know what is out there. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, PoisonTG
Achievements fix
I really love this game and I downloaded it a couple days ago because I love geography. Whether it’s countries, history, or just states or provinces of another country, I love geography how it is. How ever the point is I’m an achievement hunter and most of the achievements have titles but I’m just don’t understand how to do them or what to do. I’m asking for you to add descriptions to the achievements so I can have a better understanding what to actually do.
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1 year ago, Cheaunce
Great Geography App
For a free app there is plenty of content to learn geography. There’s locations, capitals, flags, and statistics such as population and surface area to understand density. I didn’t think I’d purchase anything but the 6 sec ad between instances was annoying enough to pay $3 because I’m getting so much use out of this app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, alliefunkymonkey
It's just fine while you're playing, I want to like it! And ads are to be expected. But in this app, ads pop up at the end of each round and every so often it's a full 30 second video type ad, and every time you get one of those, you're trapped. The aspect ratio is poorly configured so the little X button is underneath the battery/wifi icons and you literally can't press it. I have nimble fingers, my screen isn't broken, that's just how it's made. So every 2-3 rounds you just have to close out and restart the app.
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3 years ago, ANickUnchosen
App crashes
Used the app for a while and enjoyed it, but now when I try to open the app, it starts to open and just disappears. It is still open, but the app doesn’t run properly. If you try to switch to the app, it shows the blue background for a moment and then disappears again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, but that hasn’t helped.
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2 years ago, Olat4
I typically don’t write app reviews, and I definitely don’t write them when the app begs me to. I came back to the App Store, searched up this game and I’m writing this review because the app deserves it. Amazing amazing amazing app. If you’re into geography or need to learn more geography for some reason, this app will get you there.
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1 year ago, go J D Jeff go F
I love it ❤!
This game is great to test your knowledge about the different types of countries and states! It also allows you to compare the population of different countries, their land mass, and also allows you to test your knowledge of flags around the world! I highly recommend that you get this app!
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5 months ago, PennyHoarder
1. I’ve retaken the write-in quiz by continents multiple times over. Some countries never show up even though I have retaken it 10x. 2. Agree with other reviews that there should just be a quiz option to name all of them (at least, in a specific continent). 3. Wish there was some kind of educational b it where it at least shows countries/capitals/flags/names first so you can actually learn if you’re new. The app is called “learn”, not just straight “quiz”.
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1 year ago, Legoboy16548
Great for learning but one suggestion
There needs to be a setting where you can check off countries,etc. that you already know and it won’t quiz you on them so you aren’t wasting valuable time answering places that you already know.
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4 months ago, 62k cm^3 of Human
Pretty great
The only complaint I have is that you can only take quizzes of 15 questions at a time. It would be nice if you could adjust the number of questions asked during a quiz. Ideally, a quiz would go through every country. But that’s just me.
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2 months ago, question_everythinq
I’m obsessed.
I’m a 32 year old stay at home mom. While reading the news recently I realized that I remembered embarrassingly little about geography. I downloaded World Quiz and within a week I could identify which countries belonged to what continent. The app is efficient, fun, and effective. I love it.
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2 years ago, justWannaMakeAGif
A very good, very fun game :)
I find this game very enjoyable! It’s very simple because it doesn’t need to be really complex, I like that a lot. I also enjoy the variety of creative modes you can play. There are no micro transactions of any kind. Just a nice fun game that tests your geography skills :)
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2 years ago, A in Columbia
Wish it would show country with capital at the end
I like the app overall but wish it would show the country with the correct capital at the end rather than the city guessed and the correct city with no country name there. Would just make learning it much easier than seeing an incorrect answer again.
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2 months ago, Hamdi 147
This is countries
This is cool you need to try this right now it’ll change your iPhone and deleting every game that you play on your Ihone please everyone it will change everyone and every baby you have to!!!
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5 years ago, ST3LL4_P1CKL3S
This app is amazing! Before I got this app I was a struggling eighth grader trying to memorize the Europe and Africa countries, but after I used this app, I got straight A’s on our quizzes. Along with the memorization skills it gives you facts about the country too. This is truly an amazing app and I was completely satisfied! 😊
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3 years ago, tristandddd
Great but could be better.
I’ve been learning the countries and this is easily the best mobile option. I would prefer if there was a way to take a test on all countries at once that only ends when you go through them all. Now you can only do 15 at a time on the map quiz.
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1 year ago, Mr flago
Great learning !
I have been easily starting to learn about the geography and he name of flags. It also doesn’t have any ads and it is amazing if you don’t know the flags of all the he places in the world!
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5 months ago, Recursus
No island nations
No Oceania or Caribbean nations? I thought maybe it would start throwing them in as I advanced through the hard mode, but after getting Luxembourg the 5th time, I think they’re not coming. It seems like it bounces between continents (eg when centred on Egypt, only African countries can be seen and there’s a void to the NE) and perhaps island nations aren’t part of a continent in the way it’s set up.
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4 years ago, columbiafire
Great app, but I tried removing ads and it didn’t work. Suddenly a screen popped up asking for $1.99, so I paid it. I’m still seeing ads. Kinda wondering if I got ripped off or hacked or something.
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9 months ago, basicange
feels empty
I wish you could see a map of the world snd click on different countries to see facts about it. I dont feel like im remembering the information from just guessing and hoping im clicking the right one. Also what even is the “write race” feature?? it doesnt explain what that is
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2 years ago, ProfessorShotgun
Wrong information
So this is one of those apps that deliver false information to the masses and completely misinforms whomever plays it. On my first run for nation capitols I ran into too much misinformation, one being the Dutch capitol question and nowhere in the answers provided was Den Haag. Amsterdam is not the capitol of the Netherlands contrary to many believe it to be, just like Istanbul is not the capitol of Turkey, or St. Petersburg of Russia, or New York of the United States. Poor app, very poorly made app... 👎🏻
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3 years ago, theDV8
Family sharing doesn’t work
Even though the app page says this app supports family sharing, it doesn’t appear to work. I paid to remove ads so my daughter could use without sitting through the mandatory ads, and it’s removed the ads on my device, but on my daughters iPad the ads still appear. Family sharing is enabled for her and I’ve tried restoring purchases, but the ads still show up.
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4 years ago, agsjskdidnems
Good but too many ads
This app rad but after literally everything you do you have to watch a 30 second ad... kinda ruins the entire thang.
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1 year ago, Sarah Tyrone3
Best leap in knowledge
I have not had this level of enjoyment also, while learning the world around me and putting pieces of the puzzle of the worlds map together. I absolutely love this app.
Show more
2 years ago, me1554
This app is soooo good! You learn in a really fun way, it’s really helpful and the ads are only about 5 seconds each. Definitely using this a lot it’s my new favorite game! 👍👍
Show more
5 years ago, its_meee_414
So amazing!
This app is super fun! If you’re bored, you can just hop on it. It’s really addictive too. Once I go on it, I cannot stop! This is a great way to learn flags, capitals, and more! I really recommend this app. What are you waiting for? Download now!
Show more
2 years ago, WallyTheTrooper
A good little way to increase your geology skills
I thought that this was a good way to learn country names and places but it also does flags, capital’s, extra.
Show more
12 months ago, Casey Freeland
Actually Fun Learning the Countries
I play a game called Worldle (not Wordle) where you get the shape of a country and guess it. This app has made me an expert at it. It’s fun and the games are quick. Definite download.
Show more
1 year ago, Mike Hawk 45124688
My sister and I play this and we’re very good but I think there should be an option to do all 197 instead of just 15
Show more
6 years ago, Jessieroseful
I HEART THIS APP!!! Many thanks to Michal who redesigned it and was considerate enough to send me an email notification about the updated version now available. This app is a great enrichment to my cultural knowledge! The quizzes have been developed to challenge the brain. THANK U!!!!
Show more
9 months ago, Joeysmithjrs
Great game.. needs improvement
I love geography games and this one is one of my favorites. My only problems are the following: - Islands are not included in the map games - On the ABCD quiz when you play map -> country, the options should be surrounding countries only and not random ones on other continents/different areas - On the compare quiz, especially on hard mode, the country surface area / population should be those closer in values (i.e. not comparing Tuvalu to Malaysia)
Show more
4 weeks ago, Liam Dietel
Great game but needs to change the Minnesota flag in the new update
Great game for anyone interested into Geography and country and state flags. Too much ads. But when the new update releases, change the Minnesota flag to the new one please!!!
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