WorldBox - God Sandbox

4.7 (57.7K)
268.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maxim Karpenko
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WorldBox - God Sandbox

4.74 out of 5
57.7K Ratings
4 years ago, dj nickell
Best sandbox god game on the market
This game takes the sandbox Genre into a whole new level between how beautiful the game is and the way that everything in racks you can definitely tell there’s a lot of time put into this app I’ve played several if not all of the other sand box games in the App Store and none of them really compared to the amount of satisfaction of this game gives youThere’s so many different things that you could potentially do between building civilizations just to watch some crumble or even setting up a 4 way rumble between races to see who would win and so many other things from turning all populations in the zombies making a thrive in civilization the options are so vast and with the right additions this game shouLd be on pc and console But...if there were things I would ask for would maybe be the option to advanceCivilizations technologically wise you know like cars planes boats or even like horseback stuff like this would help bring the immersion factor into the game may even make it to where they can slowly after many many years evolved into modern cities along with military and police medical I know it sounds like a lot but from what you’ve done you pretty much made the steppingstones for the simple upgrade I have no doubt that these things will be able to be added especially with the creativity that the developer has shown I think this could be the absolute best sand game ever add a few tweaks my dude your doing great so far . Thanks-
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3 years ago, GodsOfDeath
So my suggestions on what you could do.
So this is a great game, I’ve been using it to have fun on developing stories and lore of my own to share to my friend and it’s been great. The game is very well done and the ad for it is clean. But here are a few issues, first an undo button would be really helpful since there have been many times where I either destroyed my world or terrain because I had the wrong brush selected. I say this because you can’t possibly expect players to go back and save. So another suggestion is make the save button more easily accessible. There is also problems in which I purified the crap out of my world of plagues but couldn’t locate the final two people with the plague so that got annoying. I also like to suggest maybe each race being able to develop their own maybe siege weapons? And also maybe ad ship to ship combat or something like that (pirates as well). I also suggest adding more races as well, but I believe you guys are definitely going to do that in the future. Other than that, solid fun and it’s great to casually chill and watch the creatures of my world live and exist. Man I felt conflicted whether to help humanity or not as I watched them get wiped out by the superiors races. One last thing I’d like to add, please do allow us to name our own worlds. I feel slightly disappointed in unable of being able to name my own world. There’s also the case of not being allowed to have to option to expand a world size or maybe decreasing it.
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7 months ago, bubbagump279
The game is amazing but a couple things that would make it better
Overall and amazing game but if you could put a way to where they can progress through time. For example they start how the do and then build their ports, then they start researching their own new technologies per civilization based off how many recourses they have. If they can progress like that then you could have a more lively game and bring those civilizations through so many cool times. Second thing would be to make on of the others civilizations free instead of having to get premium for all of them. That would allow more diversity and possibly persuade people to pay for the premium. Third thing would be to all the player to control more politic aspects of the game like making alliances or moving capitals and making trade routes. Which brings me to my second to last thing. Make trading a thing. I don’t know if it is already in the game but if it is then show where the trade route goes and allow the player to be able to edit, create and destroy trade routes. To add to that you should put warehouses in the game to hold a civilizations recourses and if they are at war another place can try and take them. Overall a really fun game with great features but don’t know if I want to buy the premium or not. But if those features get added there will be a more lovely feeling to the game. Thanks for an amazing game and please implement these in the future.
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3 years ago, crabcrab30
Absolutely love this game!
This is a real 5/5 star game. It’s so cool to watch kingdoms from their humble beginnings build and expand. I’ve seen everything from empirical kingdoms taking over almost every other kingdom to a single dwarf breaking off to make his own village. A few things that I’d suggest after playing for a while is firstly making sea travel a lot easier. When kingdoms expand, they rarely get off of the island that they are on. If there were ships that carried groups of settlers to new islands to make villages, that would be so cool. Another point for sea travel is wars. It would be awesome to see, in time of war, kingdoms develop warships to have naval battles and carry troops to an opposing kingdoms to fight. A second thing I’d suggest is an alliance/trade system. Kingdoms often go to war at random times, but it would be cool to have kingdoms randomly make alliances that allowed them to trade resources between kingdoms and help allied kingdoms in a time of war. One third and final thing I’d like to see would be spawning animals. One that that would be great is if holding down would continually spawn animals. Trying to make a bunch of npcs to make a town can take a while when you’re just tapping. I’d also love to see some more animals like horses that maybe could be ridden for faster land transportation. This is a really solid game and I rarely pay for a game, but this game really is worth it. I’m excited to see where this game goes in the future!!
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3 years ago, syko kid474759
Amazing game and the best sandbox EVER
I’ve had this game for a solid year now. I love it, I play every day and watch kingdoms grow! When they reach their brink and cannot grow, I cast upon a mighty plague on them! I riddle them away and I have new people reinhabit the houses and buildings, either way I love it, if it’s the consistent updates, how you can literally play god, destroy worlds or create them, it’s amazing. I gotta say it really only needs two more things in my opinion! My kingdoms have trouble expanding their reign, say I put 7 humans on an island. They form a kingdom and a village. They make a dock farms and everything. But they don’t have room to expand. Ive had trouble having my people go to new islands and inhabit them, maybe add a new boat! An exploration boat! That has people to colonize new land! I really love world generation but I hate how people never move to new islands! So! Onto the second thing! Wars. Sometimes I get a world with two or three islands, I put a few people on each of them and start a three way war. It’s always a stale mate! They never sail to do naval invasions! One time I had a war between two kingdoms that lasted 1366 years! I got bored and blew up the world! Please make it so wars can be more interesting, especially between kingdoms that have great distance! Oh! One more thing! Worlds feel so small, if you could please take the time to add a vertical mode on IPhone for bigger maps. Well this is goodbye! Back to playing WorldBox!
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1 year ago, yellow marsh 27124
This is what you should add and stuff not to add
You should add Priest for the religions and churches. You should add these because the religions you need to be more realistic. This might be hard to add but I think it would be Worth it. You should also add bridges. Because it makes no sense that when it is like a very small distance away. This will make the game so much better. You should also add castles and horses. Castles might be very hard to make but you could make like a castle around the towns. And you could also add like siege towers and catapults and stuff like that to reached the castle walls. And about horses you should makes humans able to ride them for move around and for wars. You could also add some mee ocean things like shark to tack ships a whale more fish like ocean things. The last thing you should add is like the 1600, 1700, and 1800 hundreds like muskets some olden day factories. And some new it’s your uniforms new kind of house. Also like The priest and the churches you could have. Religious wars like the Crusades. Stuff you should not add is the modern weapons anything modern do not add. This would make the game not feel right you could make a WorldBox 2 and make that modern and well that is really it to not add just please do not add the modern age. I hope you read this and I hope you add some of the stuff I asked the two thing I really want you to add is like the 1600, 1700, and 1800 hundreds. Is every thing I said about religion.
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4 years ago, Master chief 118
A cool idea
This game has so far been really awesome and I can tell this game has the potential of having really cool things added to it. With the addition of boats this opens the door for awesome possibilities to come to the future but first I want to address an idea I came up with that would be cool for all aspects of the game. I know this idea I’m about to say will take a lot of time to make but I think would be overall really interesting and that is a learning system for the Ai. So for example a civilization is just created and at first they are really primitive and stupid but the more the people do the more the Ai learns so like say that civilization wants to attack another but a tactic isn’t working and they keep getting killed the Ai would think of an different plan of attack and maybe try a different angle, send more fighters, etc and the same idea can be implemented for a defensive stand point or really anything. After a lot of in game years have passed that one civilization will be very smart and wise and a hard opponent to defeat. I came up with this idea when one civilization kept attacking the other but the defending civilization would destroy the Attacking then right after they did that they would swim across the channel and do the same tactic as their enemy and they kept doing that back and forth for so long and without my intervention it would’ve stayed like that. Just a thought for the future I’m sure you have your hands full but something to think about!
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3 years ago, CM APOLLO
Some recommendations for more fun.
Personally I love this game but as I was playing, I started coming up with ideas which perhaps help the developers from developing their game more. One of those ideas would be to add walls around cities and certain towns. Giving a advanced vibe and creating a certain feel that this kingdom is more defended. Like a citadel, allowing for kingdoms to survive more and grow more. Another idea I had to counter walls is that it takes lots of resources to make them. They can also be broken by certain mages, or certain powers. Their main weakness can be a new unit that specializes in creating destruction. Which is a catapult unit. Alas there can be a new specialist building which units like soldiers to use, like horses, siege weapons, etc. my last idea is the ability for kingdoms to thrive in many environments with unique buildings. I noticed that if you start kingdoms in a desert or a wintery land, often times they don’t develop. Even when given resources they tend to just be stuck at stage 0. An optional idea to add in for the game is to allow weather conditions be automate, I know we have an option for that. But this option is to allow rain, even winter lands, or desert lands to have there own weather which only happens in there region. And to also maintain those lands as well. That’s all I had to write but thank you for creating this beautiful game. I hope you continue its legacy and development of it.
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7 months ago, Cookies;?
This game is absolutely amazing if I ever want to kill time this is the game I’ll play but I have some suggestions that I feel would add way more to the game one is the water I like the water but I feel like there are more types you could add like rocky sea where boats can crash and the rough seas where the waves are bigger and stronger and boats can maybe get another upgrade to withstand the waves in those two seas and then tropical waters where there is more fish and maybe coral reefs if that could be a thing and maybe like a mystery Sea where boats can mysteriously vanish or crash and the more species which don’t get me wrong love the four we have but I’m greedy and I want more and also maybe like an crossbreeding between species like if relationships are good between the two kingdoms people can travel between those cities or whatever and mate or whatever which brings me to traveling if the kingdom has something really special/unique about it it could turn it into a tourist attraction and make income and are the clan like the religion cause if so the temple they build I feel like should represent the clan most in the city and an update to building like add more types different and I think it would be neat if each race(omg that’s what I should be calling it oops) has a special build that could only be built if the have certain amount of certain materials and some form of education and hospitals
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3 years ago, Your Average American
Thank you so much for the awesome game!
This game honestly is one of the greater ones on the App Store. I got the game for free a while ago and shortly after I paid for premium. The game has me checking the App Store quite frequently looking for the next amazing update. World box is one of the games where it should be more known about. But honestly I just wanted to say I love this game and your brothers(?). I downloaded and paid for premium in Moon Box as well simply because I love THIS game so much. I must recommend both of these games to anyone looking to kill some time and civilizations >;]. I simply cannot wait for what you do with the game if you decide to continue it (which I sincerely hope you do!!). And to anyone who can’t or won’t pay premium, seriously, just watch a thirty second ad! Even though it may be annoying, watching those ad’s helps this game keep going. So does paying for premium! So anyways, like any good person I’ve got my friends to download the game and some of them got premium :] because they gave it a chance and enjoyed the game. Just so you know, I have no suggestions on updates because I would rather see what YOUR original mind can create out of this game than mine. I really hope you enjoyed making this beauty of a game and I plan to get it on steam as soon as it’s out! Thank you so much Mr. Maxim Karpenko! —An Adoring Fan
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4 years ago, random opinion#63725
Amazing game! So much potential!
This game is so much fun! It’s so entertaining to create worlds and destroy them, as well as giving life to many creatures. A key feature that would get me to give that last star would be boats. That would make this perfect. A few ideas to make the game even more enjoyable would be to add more races. For example, merfolk would set up buildings in oceans, can swim faster and attack in water, and can only last for a limited amount of time on land. The current races are great, but after a while they get boring. I think having more races with different attributes would make the game more interesting and give it a better replay value. Another thing that would be cool to add are more disasters. One example is a hurricane which could be a buffed up version of the tornado. It would be able to throw buildings rather than just destroy them for even more destruction. The last idea I have for a feature is more controlled monsters. One monster can be a controllable dragon or some other flying monster. Another could be a leviathan that swims in the water and jumps out to cause destruction. Those are just my takes though. Otherwise it’s an awesome game with tons to do! The very last thing I’d like to say is...... please add dogs. They could be tame able by humans and would have stats and a name when named. (I am aware that the devs and other people have come up with these ideas. I just wanted to show my examples and ideas of these potential features)
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2 years ago, ihatechristaincollie
Pretty Good Overall
This is an amazing game with one major flaw. For some reason the separate kingdoms in the game can’t declare wars by themselves, even though I have the world law that says they can on for quite a while now, and they used to be able to a few months back. Sure, you can use the spite mechanic to make kingdoms declare wars, but It’s a hassle to do so, and to pick out individual kingdoms to use it on is not very fun in my opinion. And there is also a high chance that the kingdom you use the spite mechanic on declares war on another kingdom that’s on the other side of the map or just doesn’t border it, so it just becomes a never ending stalemate until a peace treaty is signed. I don’t know if the problem is a bug or it’s on my end, or I haven’t been patient enough to wait for 5-10 minutes for a natural war to start because I haven’t read any recent reviews that point out what I have. But if other players are having the same problem as have, it needs to be fixed. If it’s not the game becomes pretty boring overall, but still playable at the end of the day. I’ve played this game for almost two years now, and I’m most likely never going to stop with all the new neat updates coming out. Overall, I give this game a 8.5/10. But if the issue gets fixed, it’d be bumped up to a solid 9.5/10. If you’ve made it this far in reading, thank you for reading this and have a great rest of your day!
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3 years ago, anyonomous335
Amazing game
I rarely make reviews but this game is awsome! I know the dev prob wont see this, but i would love if i could control a selected village. Me and my friends play war pertending they are ours by using the force war tool. This game is so much fun, Ive played for years and the updates keep coming. Just now playing the new update in housing love the randomization of houses and the new tools to show events! Maybe boats can fight other than just land troops? That would be nice, Overall I love this game, Thank you. 😄 Edit (2021) Ive played the game for a while and it is just amazing. The new update adds so many more things to do. One thing I would say though also stated in previous paragraph is usercontrol. I belive that to take this game to the next level it requires this. Soon you will run out of sandbox items to play with or will make too many making the game too complicated. User control could add a whole entite new twist to the game and bring in a whole new community. Almost all other big sandbox games incorporate this into there game. There is almost no way it could go wrong as you are not forced to play as a human, orc etc it should be an option once you pick the person. I know this would take excruiciating work, but once made a whole entire new community will come and plus, many more options for updates. Thanks, and love the game. Brady
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3 years ago, FloraDefrog
Please oh please add some tiny features
So, the game is great. No doubt about it. But, one thing is that, there’s just not enough features. And while all the elements are fine, it’s just about what’s only for people who bought premium. Take the multiple world save slots for example. You can only have one. And while I have found a trick to experiment with that world without messing up my successful parts, I get too bored with just one world to mess around with. And giving you the option to have AT LEAST three or four worlds, wouldn’t be too hard to just add to the free, non-premium version. (It’s not like your making EVERYTHING free, just two or three extra worlds for non premium people). There could also be fences, or gates to add realism to the farming and settlers aspect of the game. Even if the fences aren’t elaborate, they would still count. Maybe, if the creators do run out of money for the game, or aren’t making enough money off the premium, than maybe they could add more things for premium. But two tiny fixes and add ons, shouldn’t be a problem. To the creators; Please make something like this happen. I know your time is limited, but so is mine. It would take maybe a day to add these two things to the game. And I really do get that you have to make money but, adding three extra slots for a world, might actually make the game more satisfactory. Thank you for reading, and as always, stay safe.
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7 months ago, Epicbobtheking
Some ideas I got on my brain
I have one idea that could help like make the Kingdoms more realistic, Add a feature that have a book on it and the feature will takes you to the Constitution of the Kingdom and also you could also make your own custom one and put it in there or if you don't like what one of the articles, you can remove it and replace it with something else, and also Add like a building that is a Parliament and the king or the citizens could elect the members and the Parliament members can also elect the speaker and they could make laws and Laws like, Trade goods, What is prohibited and allowed to come in the kingdom, Pubilc order, Etc. And also you could also add a feature that allows Orcs, Dwarfs, Elfs, and Humans to come in each of their respective nations and also could live there or just stay there a bit before going back to their home country and also You should add a age of Discrimination toward any species that lives on a another species country and later The species that is getting discriminated will start to stand up and started speaking up and started protesting and encouraging the Species that they live on to allow everyone, no matter their species, to do whatever they would like to do without fearing to deal with discrimination. Anyways You game is amazing and I will always Support no matter what! Have a nice day!
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4 years ago, TheShlick
Love this game. Plain and simple. It has awesome features that no other game in the genre has. However, if it's possible, I'd love to see more things added to this game. Mainly just more powers/creatures/ect. I'd also love to see the whole colony system expanded on. Maybe add more features to that aspect specifically. Maybe some Heroes live in the colonies who go out and adventure or something. Animals should be able to breed so that you don't have a limited supply and have to spawn more of them. Also, it'd be cool to see some kind of automated spawner for hostile mobs. And maybe those hostile mobs also make little civilizations of their own, just to add another enemy for the races to fight. Imagine being able to spawn dragon eggs that start out as baby dragons who simply hunt for food, giving time for the humans to build up their defenses against the inevitable dragon attack as they grow and breed. It'd be cool if the humans could tame passive mobs like horses or dogs. Or for that matter, if they could tame dragons and fly around with them. Maybe nerf some of the hostile mobs so that spawning more than a few doesn't devestate an entire colony. Anyway, I understand the difficulty in making things like these so I'll cut this endless review short. Bottom line: the game is awesome and purchasing the extra content is definitely worth it. However even more content would be pristine. Great job dev(s)!
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2 years ago, 1# biggest fan
Best game I’ve seen so far (but…)
Okay, this is probably one of the best sim games I’ve seen if not then the best one, but I don’t like the premium thing. I mean yeah it’s good to make money but why not make the game when you get it, make it like 4 or five dollars and get rid of the premium bull? I mean it’s not fun having to know that you have about more than half of the stuff locked. I guess you can buy it but if you can’t do that then just make all races just free or just make the character trait thing free? And I just want to know if you thought through the premium thing thou, anyways now that the negative stuff is out of the way why not add a new undead creature UNLESS it’s already in the game, a ghost. Yes a ghost. So let’s say a human or whatever dies in one of those “scary” biomes or make one and when a person dies in that biome theres a chance they can come back as a ghost or zombie OR skeletons. And why not make a dragon tamer trait or something like that. And here’s another trait, a trait where it makes the thing have a memory lost thing where pretty much it just make there pathfinder messed up. And when can we get planes? Or maybe more modern times? OR maybe more races? OR maybe a mode where you can control a person? Idk it’s your choice… I had to get it all out… thank you. Just plz listen to my cry’s plz, thank you, :)
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5 years ago, Hikari To Kuro
Best zero player game ever.
I wish elves could be ranged with staff along with orb or bow, also be specialized with faster plant growth, this will counter the small land, but ability to artificially create land or destroy land with magic, instant construction only with magic, and spell creation and usage, dwarves would be highly skilled with faster construction, blacksmithing and mining along with construction with tools being a huge hammer which can be used for fighting or construction, orcs specialize in combat with bow and sword, I don’t know any more specialization for them, and human would be specialized in light magic which leads to 2 classes: Paladin if melee who can give off a defensive aura with sword and shield, healer if ranged heals and if high leveled could revive with staff and orb, same as orcs I don’t know any more specialization. Please add the magic and buildings related to specific race into the game along with classes, and traits that benefits them depending on race. To lessen the magic impact, you could add natural ability to create mana from the body which increases over time or a structure that creates it over time. Also make constructing more strategic I want to see more advanced house rather a house that didn’t get upgrade because of lack of space or farming area, I would be very happy if you choose to add all of it or some of it if you deem it too overpowered. Also is premium one time purchase or subscription.
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3 years ago, tacoblade idk
Very nice
When I got this game it looked fun and it was but I was disappointed with having to pay for the full game. But I get it since it’s free game and all. I love how I can build and name anything I want. I enjoy playing this game on long trips or in my spare time. I also have some recommendations to make this game even better. 1: Add some preset maps such as a map of the earth. 2: I know this is a lot but some background music would be nice you don’t have to if you don’t want to. 3: Can humans evolve over time into modern humans? That could make the game way more realistic. 4: More dragon types would be epic like an ice,lightning,water,earth, and plant dragon. 5: Is it possible to have a city that isn’t one species like dwarfs living in the same city’s as humans. Anyway thanks for the great game! My response to 0.9.0 : FINALLY a use for tumors! Tumors have been in the game for a while and where kinda useless. But now the can actually infect things easier and are just overall cool. Druids are pretty fun and so are the plague doctors. But I’m kinda concerned that there are no black humans just white and that kinda racist so please change that. Everything else about the update was crazy fun and game changing. I still want more Dragons though. Also I’m happy the dev reviews aren't given by bots and it’s NOT just the same fricken response on every review.
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9 months ago, 🍀Little Chunk of Hope🧧
Premium Is Worth It!
Normally, I never waste money in game unless it’s for skins. I can tolerate the ads for free gems/coins/etc. This game is the ONLY game where I recommend people to pay for premium content. The game is great, one of my favorites of all time and I’ve been playing video games for 18 years now, premium makes the game even better. You get access to lots of great stuff for your little peoples (like lightning bolts + damage shields, which means immortality for your favorite persons/animals/creatures). I bought premium months ago when I first started playing, and I’m still benefiting from it now! If you buy premium and delete the game worry not, if you redownload the game you still keep your premium without having to restore it plus it carries over meaning if they added new stuff to premium you get access to it even though it’s newer content! I love this game so much! Sometimes I make a world and spawn a single race, and then fall asleep with the game still on. I love seeing how they’ve progressed while I’m not watching. The only thing I could suggest adding is a feature to turn on/off idle play. Like if I’m at work, I’d love for them to keep going with their lives even if I’m not watching them, it would be interesting to see how quickly things could change for them when you aren’t looking!
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4 years ago, Weston Morrical
Please add boats
I love this game! You can do anything you want! Make worlds, spawn different types of people to make kingdoms, destroy the world in a multitude of different and fun ways, blow up places, and so much more! However I want to do one thing so badly: kill everyone with The plague. Now I know people that take randomly generated worlds and destroy them with the plague will be like: What do you mean?! I have no trouble getting the world infected with the plague you moron! I wish I could delete your vote! But, it’s really hard to get people to have the plague naturally spread across big oceans. You have to somehow pick them up or send them somehow to the place and you have to make sure they have the plague AND you have to make sure they don’t die AND you have to make sure that they infect someone AND you have to make sure they don’t go back to their home across the whole world. If one of those things I just listed goes wrong all of a sudden YOU FAILED. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO! So I want the developers of world box to make boats, so that way, people will not leave where they were sent, and you don’t have to manly bring them. I don’t know a lot of the features I just listed will take a long time to be fixed. But other than that I think this is the best game I’ve ever played, if we do get boats eventually, I will 100% give the 5-star rating. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
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4 years ago, suckedhard34563212478742146
Pls add doggos.
I love this game, and it’s lots of fun but a lot of stuff is blocked behind premium, like zombies and one other race(maybe the player chooses) . The aspect of watching a short ad to gain a power for some time is a good idea but it’s too random and maybe you could pick 3 things you want and it would increase your chance of getting them. Maybe there could be a “undo” button Incase you do something by accident. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked to place a bit of land with the big fat brush. These are all understandable things and you may not want to change them, however not adding dogs is a SIN. Pls add doggos. , and a noSpeaking of stats, there should be differences from human to human, wolf to wolf etc. also, why are all piranhas immortal? I’m genuinely confused. It’d be cool if there were normal fish and dolphins and stuff (more sea life) Also, there could be spell-casting as a trait that could only develop when the creature was a certain level, and wouldn’t always develop (maybe 1 in 10 for orcs, 2 in 10 for humans and 4 in 10 for elves). This could mean explosions, damage rays etc. if a humanoid didn’t have spell casting they could shoot a bow. 5 out of 5, MASSIVE potential. I get this is a lot, but the two biggest things are a) stat difference between creatures and b) dogs. thank you in advance! 5 out of 5
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1 year ago, Alexhollah
Phenomenal, in depth, and overall fun game!
My expectations for phone games are automatically at a very low point. Most games often are bombarded by ads, have a lack of value/content, or are downright unplayable. Even the better games out there require pay to play features and ad watching. Not this one! Yes there is a pay to play option (8$ to unlock every ability, it IS worth the chunk of change if you have it), however the “lite” or free version is so incredibly fun as is!! There are so many unique aspects to this game that simply blow me away. Currently, I have a world with a human civilization called the “Varmine”. Once their numbers got up to around 700, there was a few villages that decided to revolt and create their own kingdom. Now I have an awesome territorial war between two human races, with very realistic and exciting strategy used by the colonies. Thats just one of the MANY fun things you can do in this game. Its so time consuming if you can give it the time to be! This game reminds a lot of the unique fun that games like “Plague Inc.” brought to the app store, however this is just FAR more in depth than any others I have seen. I can’t wait to see more updates and progress made on such an incredibly fun game as is. Thank you for creating this, best of luck with the future, and much love! 💯
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3 years ago, jdthepug
I highly recommend this game + things I would like to see
It has been awhile since I got this, and at the start there wasn’t too much in this game nonetheless, It was still worth the 5$ bucks for the full game. and now that it has gotten updates adding TONS. of new and amazing items to play with the game, an has become one of the best mobile games and I highly recommend supporting the gaming company. I have been having fun putting two armies head to head with there traits and states as well as having unique weapons, or placing down zombies, and watching a horde grow bigger and bigger. I also would like to see more player control units like crabzilla, maybe a special unit for each race. preferably a knight in shiny armor to play as for the humans. a goblin shaman or ogre for the orc race, maybe a tree man with the elves. But that is my idea, maybe it’s cause I would like to be more directly into the combat, I still recommend such a masterpiece of a game making mobile gaming actually good. -from James- thank you. (Edit) this is my third time editing this, but last thing. would you the developer maybe add a donation to the game, I would definitely help out a bit if it means you will be able to continue your work on this game. Unless I am a idiot, and you can’t do that, but if you can I would really appreciate that.
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5 years ago, Meaty Reviews
Good game, but limited
This game is very fun when it comes to the construction, destruction, and RPG aspect. The construction is done well, with various ways to shape it with 4 varieties, a circle, square, diamond, and a weird jumble mix. The destruction in this game is great. Blowing people, animals, and just the world up feels great. The screen vibrates making it feel nice and powerful, you can also bandits which throw tnt and destroy the world for you. The RPG part of the game is fun, it can be worked on on the future. I like that when they grow barley or wheat, or whatever it may be, you can put rain on it to grow it faster. I also love how you can give them stone to make there wooden huts into stone houses. I don’t really see them use metals that much, unless you zoom in on them and they have like a metal sword. I would say my only problem with the game is that it cost 8$ for a full release build, the game is not that like phenomenal to cost that much, I would understand if it had more content, I recommend that they change the price to at least 3$ or 4$ and it would be fine. I also think they should let you use some more of the items in the game before you buy, like let you have elfs and zombies. Also they should give you lava in the beginning without having to buy. I say this game is worth while if you have a child through 8-10 so they can just absolutely go ham on the innocent people of WorldBox.
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8 months ago, susy(nicname)
Awesome game, but I noticed something today that ain’t normal
I was gonna start a new map today, but when I kept making worlds I kept redoing and reloading another one and a ad would pop up. And that never happens, I watch ads quite often in this game so I can get special powers and the time thing. But they never or Rarley ever popped up randomly, also I have a suggestion. Can you add a random world type of button, where you can go on the random world generator, where you can click it and edit it if you’d like to make it where there can be no mountains or mountains or random biomes and stuff like that and if you want it to be completely random then you can just click make world and it can generate a random but kinda detailed world and it ain’t to weird and ect like you know randomized. I would like for you to add that cause I have trouble making worlds and trying to choose a template that would work to generate a world cause I want it to be more randomized instead of being similar to what the name explains. I also wanna know if there’s any upcoming updates and why I was seeing more pop up ads to. Thankyou for reading this and I enjoy this game a lot. Keep up the good work, this is one of my favorite games to play when bored, I hope you have a good day and night and afternoon, and Seeya :D
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1 year ago, dinoxpert102
Suggestions for the near future
So, I’d like to start off by saying this game is absolutely amazing, definitely of the best quality available. Nothing to nitpick, and I just love the designs and feel of the game. I just thought that maybe I could give some perspective from a player that you could use to improve your game. First and most importantly, you should make it possible to make larger maps, which is one of, if not the biggest issues with the game right now. Maybe expanding the worlds rules and allowing more options for behaviors between npc units. Adding more advancements in culture and increasing the amount of ‘rare knowledge’ would be great too as the kingdoms feel limited after a point. Maybe adding new ores/metals wood be nice, as well as new types of weapons. On the topic of weapons I thought it would be nice if they were diverse between the four races, each having different weapon types and styles. Being able to make walls and gates for territories that can be destroyed after extensive damage would be nice, adding an additional aspect during wars. Lastly, I was thinking of adding more medieval inspired buildings and culture advancements. I really appreciate you guys, your time and effort, and the possible changes to come from this review. Thank you, Sincere Enjoyer of World Box
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4 years ago, 438438855 notabit
Imma write a short essay on why this games cool 1. Base game. The base game is very fun. Lots of things to do and has lots of room for experiments. It is great fun even without premium (see next) which is sadly not true for a lot of games. Also 100% free for base game 2. Premium. The only thing in the WHOLE GAME that costs money. it’s kind of sad that this is a selling point now, but this game is the opposite of a cash grab. All the premium powers are very fun and you can experiment like crazy with the hourglass and like a thousand save save slots. You can even get them for free if you watch a short ad. It basically doubles the game content of less then ten bucks. 3. Updates. I don’t know if I’ve had this game for more than a year, but it has had major content update after major content update through this time. Unlike almost all mobile games the promised updates and just patch fake bugs, these devs DO care about there game. 4. Devs. I can’t tell you how great these people are. they made a game, a mobile game at that, which I want to see thrive and expand. They are active on the subreddit, pranked is with loading boats, (curse you Maxim!) and are overall great. I want to see where this game goes and takes me. Now that my essay is over, I probably should write the real one due tomorrow. Cheers!
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Almost perfect but a few changes would put it there
Let me start by saying the warfare in the new updates is fantastic. It really feels like an actual war with actual goals when one occurs. The alliances are awesome. However, one thing in particular could add more variety to wars that would make this game nearly perfect and that is an improvement in rebellions and adding guerilla warfare. The way rebellions work now is a town “declares independence” and takes over that town’s government and military. However, most rebellions in reality are not at the government level and do not use regular military. Instead, they work underground and try to build up support among the population, attacking when the time is right and using the government’s atrocities against the rebels to build sympathy in the people for the cause. On the other hand, the government tries to slow down rebel momentum either through military and policing or by improving the lives of the people in order to increase support for the government. It would be fantastic to see a more realistic representation of insurgent and counter insurgent forces in rebellions in order to tell a different kind of story. I think the new plot/plan system would work really well for that. Other than that and maybe being able to save wars in order to see them after they are over, this game is amazing.
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1 year ago, riedkee,eiwiwi
Survival box
I love WorldBox and watching people grow, but what if you could be that person. I have the idea that maybe you can make a completely new game, but keep this one too. I think you should call it survival box, here is the scenario: you are a person, living in a kingdom, there are rebels and hole entire kingdoms fall. Your job is too work hard and live as long as you can. You can be a fighter, hunter, etc. However you must work to these goals, you can have a family, interact with them and grow, you will live a life of hard work, and if you get there you can become king. That is my scenario, I know it sounds like a lot of work, but all you need to do is make some changes, keep everything that includes the kingdom the same, make some new things and then you have survival box. This game will bring fun and will take time to get through, if you die then you will be reborn, if you manage to become the king, then you are now part of the bloodline. However if you don’t like living as the ruler, then you can abandon the kingdom. In this game you could even make your own kingdom, I think that this all would be down right cool. In conclusion I really think that the people working hard on this game should take action and make a game like this. -sincerely your fan
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5 years ago, me696942069
I absolutely love this game
Like the title suggest, I absolutely love this game. It’s fun, simple, easily accessible and lets my imagination run wild. A lot of people have a lot to say about want they want added to the game but I’m going to try to make my recommendations a little bit more reasonable. What a lot of the reviews seem to agree upon is that the civilization part of the game is what’s the most fun part, that’s how I feel too. So of course I’d like to see some mechanical deference’s between the races, not just the aesthetic. So maybe you could add variations to how they behave and their traits such as aggression, life span, total health, damage, hunger rate, building rate, population growth, etc. An even better idea, given that fact that we’re the god of this world, you could add some sections to the world laws tab that lets us edit each of those traits for the various races, including the creatures. As a god we could also maybe broker peace or initiate wars between various kingdoms and factions. If they’re at war maybe some cities will send some of its warriors to raze and sack nearby enemy villages. And of course you could add more creatures, plants, ores, buildings, etc. As of now this game is amazing but if you eventually add things like these people would most definitely be willing to buy it. I just want to see this game get better and better.
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8 months ago, Ffbvbhghvfgg
Good but I want to be able to control things
It’s really fun game and crabzilla is really cool but also crabzilla needs more abilities like maybe crush stuff with its claw spawn in hostile crab minions also I want more zillas like maybe spiderzilla also I want to add elemental abilities like rip parts of the ground up and then throw it also this is a really good idea golems You spawn it and depending on what it spawns on it has different abilities example if it spawns on infernal ground it can shoot fire also if it spawns on an ore the ore becomes part of its body also I want to control the golem also when it spawns it leaves a hole in the ground and when it dies it falls apart also if you don’t know what a golem is its a creature created by magic and materials also if it spawns on water just make it made of sea rock and coral also i want different sizes of golems medium ones only are made from the ground it spawns on large ones can have ores on them huge ones can have trees and ores and gigantic can have houses trees and ores and if someone is on the ground where and when a gigantic one spawns they are on top of it if it’s a smaller size they just get pushed away the gigantic ones crush stuff under them like crabzilla also when gigantic ones die the crushed everything underneath them
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3 years ago, izzyGuyNJ
Best Game Ever!
This game awesome! I love building a mighty civilization and then destroying it completely with a couple Tsar bombs. But I do agree with other people with the fact that it doesn’t go past like the Bronze Age I think. I hope that over time the kingdoms will go through like the medieval age, renaissance age, revolutionary/civil war time, modern day, and the future. I also hope that horse riding will be a thing soon. And little guns that the soldiers can hold. Also cars and flying cars (Trains would also be good). But my main thing is that I hope it goes past the Bronze Age. Oh and another thing I think you should add, Gun Ships! You have fishing boats, trading boats, and transportation boats. Bot I think you should either 1: Make a new type of boats that shoot cannon balls/arrows, or 2: Make the transportation boats shoot the cannon balls/arrows. Also can you make more world size options. And can you add new races. And I don’t like that when one race attacks another races city but just completely destroys it. I think you should add a feature where even if it’s another race it should be able to surrender and become apart of the other kingdom. Sorry if this seems like a lot but can you at least add 1 or 2 of them. Thank you for taking the time to read this (If you do).
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4 years ago, Marvel1354
Game suggestions
I really like this game gonna get a gift card to buy the premium power I also have some ideas for the game 1. More Civilizations I honestly don’t like only having 4 races because there are a lot more races I will really like the goblins are perfect enemy for the elves and the beastman can be like a neutral civilization I also will like the size of the maps to be bigger because I try to make continent’s but I can only make 1 because the map is small it will also be helpful to add some more animals like horses and foxes badgers any passive or neutral And that’s all I do have millions of other ideas but those are my main ideas I wanted to get out that’s all other than that great game edit 1 ok I have another suggestion how about we can take control of a unit or be able to be born in the world as a human orc dwarf or elf and we’re able to chop down trees make houses weapons\armor fight expand put out fires attack and mine usual stuff the civilizations do because we always look at them from above but we’re not actually with them I know we have crabzilla but I will really like this cause crabzilla is purely for destruction and I’m the type of person who usually does not destroy I usually let the kingdoms destroy each other and I wanna be apart of those wars not watching from above
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4 years ago, bobbyy155
Wish there was more monsters, not so much monsters that would destroy the lands but perhaps something like giant snakes that wonder like wolves and bears, perhaps more mythical creatures that don’t destroy the land, maybe giants too. Also wish there was more classes of humans and elves and humans classes like that wouldn’t go into war with each other right away and maybe have a trading system and wouldn’t expand an inf amount. Also maybe different classes like humans have archers and horses and axe men and siege equipment. Maybe classes can build a wall after they expand out so much indicating they are done expanding. Maybe orges can have wolve riders and goblins, perhaps elves can have archers and spear men. It would make the game more interesting adding all of that. Perhaps more classes too like maybe a more modern day class like marines and aliens that can build bases. Just ideas but I think it would be cool. :) pls tho, add more monsters both that destroy land and don’t, maybe a cyclops that attacks towns or rock giants. Could you also add a money system, like time played, you get money, or how ever long a kingdom lives for you get money, maybe how many ppl are killed you get money, something so you can unlock things without paying cash. Other than that it’s a great game. Great concept just wish there was more.
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7 months ago, 🍔🍭🥤
Update suggestion
Ok so i wannna sart by saying i absolutely love this game but i want to maybe suggest things you can add like first more powers like i was thinking the power to control people and i cant really think pf more but just more powers in general second is like animals and humans ect i think there could be more like a whale or shark maybe a lion tiger dinosaur also maybe theres a menu to travel to different time periods like prehistoric modern day ect speaking of modern day maybe you can male it so civilization can upgrade past level 5 maybe to like level 20 or something to and you can add like a disaster were the moon like falls on the earth also ive really been wanting mods so maybe you can add a in game mod menu that would be cool but other than that i think the game is awesome especially premium which I recommend getting it makes the game alot better So im making some additions to my review i just wanna say 5 stars still but you should make it so theres like spaceships and different planets to travel to and aliens and rovers and the sun and the option to make civilization on other planets with more resources and if it comes to it and INTERPLANETARY WAR. It would be so cool please take time to consider these options but otherwise I love this game so much
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1 year ago, RARE REVIEWS🫡
How Multiplayer work in this game, how can the game simply be radically implemented
Really love this game, but sometimes it does feel a little lonely, now i thought of a really good way of implementing multiplayer in the game. People could be allowed to host servers of their own, having the ability to personalize multiple aspects of the multiplayer gameplay such as the roll and permissions of those who join them, such as, will “(someones name)” be GOD or HUMAN, and when they play as humans they could make their own character and walk around like real people and live their life out, in case of death that may happen too often the person could have a killing timer between deaths or, servers are always private and it may only hold up two people, as a god, people could play as a god and do all the godly things and there should be sort of a blue and green kinda things going on so you can wherever the player clicks the screen! the player could also have their own npc to play with, one to interact with the other people npc in some way, i just feel like the player should feel more engaged while play, and it would be really amazing to fight in wars with little people, and whats not better than having fun god powers with your friends.
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1 year ago, 817397173199ww
An amazing game.
I’m writing this December 30th 2022. It’s typically abnormal for them to spend 5 months without updating the game. I know these people have lives outside of making video games but this is just out of the ordinary for them to do. They keep making teasers of an update but it hasn't come. Although this isn’t a review I’m just noting the fact of how amazing this game is. The game being updated inconsistently isn’t a reason to not play it, it’s addictive and a work of art. The commitment that went into this game is amazing. These people are so dedicated and passionate. In fact the original game was a flash beta all the way back from 2012. This is an amazing game overall and I highly recommend. Another thing to the people who complain about the price of premium. Maxim and his development team need to make money. It’s a really rare situation for a game like this with high quality and no third party content to not have ads. Ads help sponsor and make money so it’s a really easy way to bank off of a game. I’ve had my fare share of making games (Roblox) and the price of maintenance and taking care of the game is high in some cases. The fact that this game has no adds, definitely justifies them making a 7 dollar premium.
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2 years ago, I love this app 1002837271848
Legacies, passing down traits & revenge war?
I absolutely love this game, I can’t get enough of it. Though there are a few things that I would love to have to add to the gameplay. So, I often find myself getting attached to some of the little characters. I would love it if you could track blood lines and relatives. Like maybe you click on a tab and you can few the family tree. And then theirs revenge wars. It would be really fun if wars started because another kingdom killed the king or other members of the kingdom. Like say that a red kingdom is at war with a yellow kingdom. The red kingdom kings the yellow king. The player puts an end to this war because red is at war with a purple kingdom. The yellow kings child who has now ascended the throne is stalking by the reds border (even though they are currently at peace) and the armed all seem to gather near the king. After a couple seconds or minutes the yellow kingdom is at war with the red again. But instead of the yellow king fighting the first npcs they come across, the target the red king. And I also thought maybe if their was a way to pass down traits. Like from parent to child. So you might end up with a npc with deceitful because of the parents. These are just some of my ideas. But overall a really love this game.
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2 years ago, demoys
My review
So this game has to be the most high quality game I’ve seen ever in the App Store it’s fun as ?$&@ and it offers so much content I got premium in a matter of an hour or two, my cons, I like this game but they’re are so much potential in it I would love more updates and content. My ideas. So I’ve came up with a couple ideas so I was thinking about day and night to add to the dynamic of the game and it would allow access to more stuff, a new curse a werewolf curse so at night there’s were wolfs, and mabey a new creature so it moves into abandoned villages or houses its like a race, great statues they will work on gigantic statutes for there country if they’re really high level, new farms instead of normal farms they’re can be big rectangular farms, seasons, soon the years they’re will be seasons like autumn winter summer and spring and they’re can be like peace agreements in winter because of family and troops will recall to there homes and stuff, traveler roads kingdoms can make walls and gates for troops and travelers etc to travel they’re can be taverns and other tiny villages and yea, grave yards for royal people or something. That was my review I hope you read it and have a good day also I’m very impressed that this game was made by two people have a good day.
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4 years ago, I'm too lazy to name myself.
Tiny bit late on the re-review.
I was planning on this for months and now should be the time, since I think I didn’t provide enough for the review, also I’m doing this cause a few updates passed and I thought I should talk about them (p.s. I got the premium if you remember my review.) the first update I witnessed was the tutorial bear found it to be disappointing, the second added traits and inspiration which has a village turn into a kingdom of it’s own, which is used for a mechanic in the next update the diplomacy update which kinda was what I wanted from the start which can have other kingdoms attack if they are in war, and kings can be really useful btw. Also I’m the last update each race have stats and traits of their own I really like that, but back on track, the diplomacy update has problems of it’s own so I’ll go over a few of them, first off I want the area and distance penalties to be a bit minor 5-10 maybe a bit more since it had other kingdoms attack each other just for that and I was pretty annoyed. And old maps will probably be a tiny bit broken returning to them. The update is great but I had problems with it, so maybe a few fixes and balances in the diplomatic department and I may bump the rating up, the game improved believe me but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect in every aspect.
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5 years ago, RicoRojo321
Addicting but please add more next update
This is the perfect game Ive been looking for , i can build my own world, be a god and do what I want with it, and the best part is the civilization update, that’s what made my pay for the game lol I love watching to see how the countries progress and go to war PLEASE add MORE to that next time! like diplomacy so break offs of fallen countries or just occasional break offs from countries to new ones would be allies or maybe two weaker countries with less ppl ally against a bigger one and maybe a way to have a timeline that civilizations go thru like ancient, medieval , modern , and advanced the longer they survive and bigger the countries become so that you can see them progress from fighting with sticks to swords to muskets and cannons, to AK47s and tanks and start bombing each other on their own if they, let’s say, are both close to gold and are fighting over it. Also as the times progress the houses look more modern and turn to cities with skyscrapers too. This way you can make scenario maps like WW2 or 3 or pre made maps like a realistic Earth map for people that buy the full version Maybe even share created maps with people and play other people’s created maps too . This game has a lot of potential and I hope the devs read this!
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7 months ago, LeafShadow140
Very good, but a few things I have a problem with
So I’ve been playing the game for maybe three years and I’ve been completely hooked on it. It’s very good and idk why it’s not more popular. But there are two things that I have a bit of a problem with. The first is that there is a lot of lag in the game and it crashes a lot. Looking at the change log, y’all have been trying hard to fix it, and I do feel as if it’s gotten a little better, but it’s still kinda weird. The second thing is that in the list of world statistics, there is like a list of people that died of old age, were eaten, died of plague, died of hunger, and died of ‘other causes’. And almost always, about 6/7 people who die in my world die of ‘other causes’. If possible, could y’all specify that a bit more, to make keeping track of stuff easier? I recommend adding the death causes of ‘killed by God (killed via life eraser or infinity coin)’, ‘killed by bombs’, ‘burnt/killed by fire’ ‘killed in war (killed in a battle between the four races)’, and ‘killed by another intelligent creature (a creature not eaten or killed by a race but killed by, for example, a necromancer)’. If you can’t do it for some reason don’t stress about it, but if it’s not too much to ask it would make my gameplay a lot more fun.
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3 years ago, heywhhe
I LOVE LOVE THIS GAME, but just one little problem.
I have been playing this game since July of 2019, and let me tell you, this game has been a huge life changer to me and I have loved this game ever since. I have never deleted this game, and I had bought the premium before it became 5 bucks, well if it was 5 bucks at the time. This game is the best AI simulator games that I have ever played so far and it just gets better with every update. Like every day, I would check the App Store if it has updated, even if it just recently updated. Being able to make your own little world where your little creatures can just be able to live in it by your will, you can destroy them or just let them live, it’s all up to you and to the developers of this game, you guys had such a good idea making this game possible because this everything that I would have wanted. Like, I was literally searching for a god simulator type game like this and it makes me happy to be able to play something like this. But, the one problem that I have is that I believe in the new update, the paths or roads that the humans would make aren’t there anymore and I’m wondering what happened. But other than that, this game is a 10 out of 10 for me.
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1 year ago, okaySPOOL
I love the game and I really do like it but I feel like sometimes it’s gets boring and I saw a major update of land and seeds WELL I think it’s a good time for a water update 1. New creature Atlanteans a sea creature like a human that is faster and stronger in the water but can go on land but is weak and you can find them near coral reefs and it’s a 60% that there good to humans and Elf 🧝‍♀️ and dwarfs and orcs and they could be evil and have some army’s or something I think this will go perfect for more entertainment and now pirates will be on boats and they can be bandits so you really won’t have to add new pirates or something and there would be 4 type of boats skeleton boat where they just stay on the boat and shoot tiny explosions and arrows and the drop off boat that drops off like 4 skeletons and same for bandits that’s all suggested mobs now time for new biomes 1. Coral reefs should be added 2. Dead coral reefs That all for biomes in the water now for weapons 1. Trident 🔱 2. New armor and weapons that look good and blue Forgot to say could you add sea horses like small and large ones that the Atlanteans would ride on and some land horses for battle and stuff seahorse battles 2 😊 LOVE THE GAME THANKS FOR READING
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3 years ago, Kri5na13
Overall Solid Game
This is a very fun game, but you can tell that its a little unfinished. Overall, its a very fun game, there are many possibilities: designing a cool looking world, doing versus battles, pitting civilizations against eachother to have the strongest survive, expanding a race to cover a gigantic world & destroying it, set up a zombie world, have a peaceful pleasant world that all of a sudden turns violent, etc. Really, for a sandbox game (that doesnt also focus on action or adventure like minecraft) this game is pretty incredible, especially for a mobile game. One thing I would enjoy is more descriptive city resources, I have no idea what some of the stuff like jewels or leather do for a village, nor what determines maximum army size. I also think it would be nice if the races were more balanced, from my experience Orcs and Dwarves are really the strongest (though with the new culture update, if you give them longer to develop, elves are also pretty ok) and often Orcs end up winning because they always get the biggest army size. Also, the ability to bestow traits such as bloodlust or pacifism would be nice. They could also add a few more functions, someone on reddit thought slavery could be a new function, things like that are what would make it a little better. But overall, love the game.
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5 years ago, RichardCrainium
More town menus
I love the game great concept and seeing civilizations grow. I would love to see more intricate building and roadways but I know it’s hard to do in the pixel sandbox format. Major thing I would love to see though is diplomatic cities. Like say have random things come up like a human city stole another human cities sheep and give different options like go to war or settle peacefully. Also for conquering/merging civilizations such as if there is a massive city have it diplomatically by force take over other cities if the same race. Also let this be and option between races. Like a civilization pop up dwarf from Thor tun saves orc chief from rog gar towns are now peaceful with eachother. The orca from that town will now attack everyone still but not from that one dwarf town and they may set up a road as a trading route and possibly later on after that orc tribe befriends multiple dwarf cities that first one merged with it and the names combine to Thor Gar for example and the city become the the territory between both and they modify the architecture to incorporate both races. Also please make bigger maps so my civilizations can grow to have a good road system you have to flatten a good bit of the natural map. Like a map 4x bigger would be great
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2 years ago, Mikletimes
Hands down one of the if not THE best sims ive ever played and have been playing for a couple years now. Fun, stress relief, mindfulness whatever you wants to call it but it brings me great peace. In my exams i would study and then fall asleep playing worldbox. Bless the devs and i hope to see it keep getting better and better, more intuitive. If i could add anything i would say the addition of some land surface higher than a mountain? Such that the civs would have to tunnel through and make channels and pathways instead of climbing over at the cost of health maybe? Rest i feel the devs are doing a great job and adding very interesting features consistently keeps me coming back. Having the ai be a bit more aware of the player making global changes and becoming paranoid or pious based on that or maybe abilities that help interact more with the people or a system where each player has a box or prayer or the ability to change some of their stats other than traits and have them notice in some way? Idk these are all just recommendations from a fan who is loving the game and would like even more reasons to love it in the future. Lots of prayers for the devs. Jazaak Allah Khair
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12 months ago, Matayto
A Few Suggestions
Hey, the update was great! You added lots of good stuff, the best one honestly would be the Whisperer of War, instead of hoping a kingdom would declare war on the kingdom you want, you can just get what you with a taps on the screen. The reason why I’m replying right now is because of one a small problem that I’d suggest for another update, the ads. We all hate ads and even though it only lasts under a minute, it’s really annoying how often we see them, this also involves me often in the game too. Every time I wanna go fast forward time, I’m either watching an ad or buy premium. Recently, I’ve been watching ads and it sometimes stop playing and I never get the award. Buying premium… well, I don’t really wanna use my money. This also put people new to the game having a little less fun experience if not using your money. In conclusion, I’d think it be better for the player to enjoy the game by removing ads and not paying for premium, it may not be the best for the people getting money from others buying premium or companies advertising but it’ll be a more enjoyable game for people playing and may lead to more people playing the game. Remember, this is just a suggestion so you don’t have to do it.
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4 years ago, Brooksiscool
Best game ever on the App Store
I have owned this game since it has released, and have seen it progress SOOO much. I remember when this game was all 2d pixels and the houses were basic little brown pixel houses. To see this game keep updating and getting better with more content, it makes me happy that the developer still cares about his players and what they are playing, and makes sure to respond to reviews to see what his players want. This game deserves a 6 star review if I could give it. But even with this awesome game, I would like to see some new things, like a new era of evolution, like to the modern age or even future. I would also love to see a war mode, like have world war 2 type of things, like boats, guns, humans being able to drop bombs on the enemy, and some trench warfare maybe. I know what I’m asking is a whole lot and would take countless hours of work. But I would die over an update like this and to see things in the game like better warfare. But other than that, this game is my favorite out of all of my other games I have, and will continue to be my favorite no matter what. From your loyal player :Brooks J. P.S. please don’t give up on this game ever, keep up the awesome work bro, we all enjoy your content so much.
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