WorldRemit Money Transfer

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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WorldRemit Money Transfer

4.78 out of 5
185.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Licidieci
If they close your account don’t get off the phone until you get a supervisor
If you are sending to West Africa they umm close your account immediately without explanation. They had no problem taking the money out of my account and then immediately sending me an email saying that they cancelled my transaction because they determined it was a risk. When I called them for more information they told me they disabled my account (that I literally just opened) and they not only refused to give me an explanation but refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I asked to wait to speak to a supervisor and they told me they didn’t know how many hours I would be waiting and that no one could give me any information. After giving them my bank info, name, address and phone number along with my husbands account info, they took the money from my account and then refused to answer any questions. I told them I was certain the account was closed because I was sending to West Africa and they refused to answer me. I had to threaten to call my lawyer and specifically request for an appeal twice and explain to them that I was happy to give them my photo ID. They just never asked me for it. Finally a supervisor came on the phone after an hour and listed to me, spoke to their risk department, asked me normal questions to ensure I wasn’t making a fraudulent transaction and they finally reopened my account. So be ware, if they tell you there is nothing you can do they are lying.
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Unreliable Be Ware
I have it with World Remit! For the past 6 months each time I initiate a transaction to someone in Tanzania, I have to call and babysit the transaction, because there is always an issue where my receiver is not paid in a timely manner. Furthermore there is always misinformation and vague excuses as to why my client did not receive their bank transfer deposit. This time around I sent a bank transfer deposit on Thursday, and when I checked on Saturday I saw that my client had not been paid, so I called them per usual and they told me that their local partner locked the transaction. They said they will email them to release the funds that day. When I asked why the partner locked the transaction they could not give me an answer, typical! Now a breach has been created between my client and I because their partner locked a transaction without informing them. Here it is Monday and I’m still waiting for my client to receive the transfer. This company is not reliable for bank transfers at this juncture. Do not use bank to bank transfers.
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2 weeks ago, Mdesouz
Suddenly went bad
I have been using them for a good couple of years to transfer money from the US to Canada. Usually goes well, but last month the transaction kept having problems (which they notified me of via email). I tried to chat and call, but the wait times were horrendous. Eventually it went through so I expected there was just some glitch in the transfer system that had worked itself out. Now the next month it is showing that my transfer was delivered on July 1, but my recipient has not received any funds and their bank does not see any pending activity 4 days later. Tried to chat but was told it was a 45 minute wait! I called and they told me the call wait time was 14 minutes. I have been on hold for 19 minutes so far, and the wait time has now gone up to 18 minutes still remaining. The most frustrating thing is that they claim that the chat wait time is 0 seconds, but as soon as I try to use the chat it tells me the wait time is 45 minutes still. Their service used to be great, but having my money disappear for almost a week is not acceptable especially when they have no customer service to speak of. When I eventually get them on the line, I am fully expecting them not to be able to help me, but at least I can then file a dispute with my bank and say that I tried to get them to resolve my issue but they could not. Really too bad because it was a good service, but I am certainly not ever going to trust my money to them again.
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4 months ago, Gbaby4live
Customer Support number and customer support chat feature
WorldRemit really need to work on their contact us features because you can only contact the customer care representatives only if you have a reference number or reference ID. My account was deactivated for no reason when I was setting up Apple face login option with my phone and I couldn’t get in touch with a real customer support because the customer care support number will only connect you to a representative if you have a reference ID, where in this case I don’t have it because the app just randomly deactivate my account. So, fixing their customer care number to allow for people whose account are deactivated to talk to a customer support will definitely help and also the chat feature that the app provides need to be available if someone logged out of the account because you can only use the chat features if you’re logged in only which to me doesn’t help those who are logged out of their account already due to WorldRemit technical issues. The team need to figure out how to solve this issue because I’ve already gave up on WorldRemit because all efforts to resolve the technical issues with my account wasn’t successful whereas am using another money transfer service now and I hope they can fix this issue or else many of their customers will just be moving to another money transfer service.
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8 months ago, Toookyo_
I’m out here on vacation in logos Nigeria Africa and I wasn’t able to use my initial cards from the US so I had to make transfers to use my money while I’m down here with my five year old to eat and to travel to different places because we did not have a rental car out here so I’ve only been using the app for a couple of days it was going fine until they started to cancel my payments for no reason saying that it was not approved because of their criteria which I have only been sending to my mom‘s husband, who lives out here I have not sent to any other account or person when they cancel the transaction it would say that it would be refunded 3 to 7 business days after They said my account was still active but the next day when trying to use it when we went to the beach, they canceled it permanently leaving me and my five year old stuck at a beach in the cold I got a hold of them they were telling me they couldn’t do anything about it When speaking to the supervisor, they told me the same thing that they couldn’t help very insensitive to the fact that we are in a whole different country not able to get back home they said they were going to appeal it but my phone died in the mist of talking to one of the supervisors then I called hours later and they said that it had permanently been deactivated and I wasn’t able to use the app again or appeal ! They are terrible.
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12 months ago, BoomerInReno
Deceptive reviews
This app gets high reviews because it is easy to use and the transfer is fast… except when it isn’t! That is when this app fails completely. I waited hours for a routine transaction that have done dozens of times to the same recipient’s bank account. All the app would tell me was that the transfer was “processing”. The app makes it very difficult to get help. Clicking on the “help” link sends you to the logon screen, even though you are already logged on. After I did this multiple times I finally stumbled on a list of phone numbers. Since I am in the USA I clicked on that number. After I entered my transaction number the automated system informed me that I was put in a queue and the waiting time would be 5 to 10 minutes. Then I got the loudest and most annoying “hold” music I’ve ever heard. Then every 3 minutes a recording came on thanking me for my call telling me how important my call was… but never telling me how much longer I had to wait. This continued for over an hour until I finally gave up. This app pretends to offer human support but that is a lie. The app is designed to make human contact impossible, and there is no way to complain or provide feedback. The app is good when a transfer goes through, but it is worthless if there is a problem. Know this up front and use at your peril. I can’t resolve my problem because this app offers no means to do so.
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8 months ago, ulmadeo
The most unprofessional app
If I was able to give them zero star I will. The most unprofessional financial app I ever used. Do not send money trough them cause since a while now when I tried to send money it’s never go through successfully, it’s all write in progress. This isn’t the first time they did this to me . And what make me more angry is that when you want your money back since they are unable to satisfied the transaction they will not resend you your money right away. You should wait for days before get your money that they didn’t take days to cash it out. The worst of the worst happen today. It’s an emergency transaction I should do for hospitalization for someone in Benin and that money is needed rapidly and immediately . It’s the only money I have on me but because it’s a serious issue that money should be send. And they did again the same thing. I made that around 7:58pm until now 11:51 pm still in progress why? They don’t even explain nothing. Before when I started using them not even 5 minutes, the transaction is complete but now it makes days and you should cancel it and wait days before get your money back. A human is in hospital right now needed this money that I worked for today. This is the last time I’m using this application and I will inform all my friends to never use this app in their life. I NEED MY MONEY BACK TODAY!!!
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2 years ago, The Building
Improper Expectations
Sadly, I have used this service three times. Each time, there has been an issue. I currently have $130 in limbo for almost two weeks. The World Remit team has told me a different story each and every time I’ve inquired about this transaction. These interactions are entirely devoid of information and empathy. One rep literally didn’t know SOP for a regular money transfer when I asked her to walk me through it. WR called my intended recipient, said they never did so, and will now not return his calls. Where is my money and what on earth is the holdup? I’m not sending it to a new recipient, either. Very frustrating the first two times, now, on the third, it’s absolutely a pattern. Update; The WorldRemit team lied to me, stating the bank was having technical issues (for two weeks). Little did they know I have contacts at said bank who said things were working perfectly. They just canceled my transaction; the one thing I asked them not to do. This has real-life impacts. My friend needed that money. I will be telling anyone who will listen to avoid WR at nearly all costs. I hate being lied to. Take responsibility, WorldRemit. Your team was supposed to help but in my multiple contacts to CS you just lied and made excuses. I am waiting another 7 working days apparently to get my money back. Crazy - you took it out of my account in 7 seconds. Awful.
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1 year ago, Nyala10
Impossible to contact
I have an issue with my card being rejected (after years of sending every month) and it's impossible to get any answers. I called the number provided and was told that number is basically useless and couldn't leave a messsge. A person will not be available to speak to and you must go to the website if you want answers. Of course if you've already been looking and still don't have answers then tough luck. Before, they used to have an interactive online chat option but not anymore. I’m thinking of switching to another company that will be available when i have issues. The person I’m sending money to needs money for medications and now they can't get it. Not good, WR. Update: still no luck. They sent me to the same page i had been looking for answers on several times already. No, i do not have a transaction number because they don't display it if the money doesn't go through! Please tell me then where to find a transaction number when there's actually no transaction. Thanks. 2nd update: they do not have customer service at all and of course never an actual human. I can't get hold of them. Alas, I've had to switch to another company. So sorry WR. You were convenient and then not. You don't seem to have the will to fix it. Hasta manana. Goodbye 👋
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2 years ago, SkyEditor
Buggy app
Update: They must have improved their app's responsiveness. My only frustration is the hurdles you must still run to get inside the app... You must get past 2 different Welcome screens and then input a PIN # twice... But it's fast once you get it going and it's reliable, trustworthy. I've used them for about 20 years (their competitors are scary bad). I've had good customer service, trying their best, they just don't know how to correct their app. And I think they're doing their best in an insane world. (Note to developers: I certainly won't leave pvt info like my WorldRemit ID here, don't ask.) Really can't recommend this iPhone app. Perhaps depending on a very good, very reliable internet connection, but app continually crashes midway through a transaction. Had it double-send (!) once when it crashed during my transaction and so I re-sent, unable to verify whether it had worked. Note, the service is reliable and fast going through a browser on desktop. I've used them weekly for many years, but really can't recommend their iPhone app. Of course I've dumped the app and re-downloaded it again many times; it's just buggy.
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1 year ago, loyal customer xxx
Closed account after 8+ years!
I have used WR for more than 8 YEARS, multiple times EVERY WEEK to the SAME receiver for over EIGHT YEARS, OVER 700 transactions and I’m about to send my support for their rent in Ghana and it says my account is closed?! It said to check my email and the email gives a DISCONNECTED phone number!! It was a toll free number ending in 777X and it’s disconnected, eventually I found a number online & called. They see my account has been open over 8 years withOUT ever having a single problem and they REFUSE to “allow any appeal” and they refuse to tell me anything other than it’s a “security issue”! They refused to help in anyway and refused to give any information or explanation and refuse to review their decision or allow appeal and just say they cannot see anything on my account except “closed permanently for security reasons”?! After 8 years I am disgusted by this and now I’m seeing a lot of posts saying that customers accounts are being closed in the same way, without recourse and without explanation. Do yourself and your loved ones you support a favor and try another service, a different service because World Remit certainly does NOT care about its customers and shows NO RESPECT for a customer that’s sends support multiple times every week for more than 8 years. Beware!!
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7 years ago, mike1mus
Be careful
Be careful. The rates are low and the user interface is nicely done. However, if you make frequent transactions or a large transaction - be prepared for problems. Your transaction will be stalled - with no notice to you for hours (days) and no explanation. You have to call or email. If you email, expect to wait at least 6 hours for a response. If you call, prepare to wait on hold for 15 minutes or so. They will request information - copies of your ID, bank statements - over and over again. I’ve supplied the same information three times within the past month alone. I guess you get what you pay for. Western Union, Xoom and MoneyGram cost more, but generally you have much less hassle. The first few transactions will be fine. But once you become a regular user, be prepared. It’s a strange business model to penalize/hassle your best customers. I want to see WorldRemit succeed, but lately I’ve only been annoyed by my usage. Initially i was a fan. Not anymore. That’s a shame, but the marketplace will vote with their dollars. I am.
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3 weeks ago, Mydoublelife1067
New update messed up my app
I just downloaded the newest updated version of this app, and now when I login. It shows a purple screen with a “W” in the middle. I tried deleting and downloading the app to see if it can reset itself, but it still shows the same issue. I can’t see or choose anything. PLEASE fix the bug and update the app. Also I went to your website and there is no option to login on the website as a temporary use while the app is down. Instead the website directs me to download the app and it’s not working. PLEASE setup a login on your website so everyone can use your service while issues like this happen on your app and also so we can chat online to a representative so this issue can be addressed. I’ve also been waiting to speak to an agent via the USA numbers provided and the wait time to chat with someone keeps increasing. This is frustrating. I love using this app but when an issue like this occurs it is frustrating to try to get a hold of someone if the app doesn’t work. I still give a high rating start but please fix this bug issue.
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6 months ago, Anwar abdelkadir
World remit fraud
They told me that they transfer the money to my mom but they lied to me omg also when I send the money I choose EVC Hormuud and they told me it delays 3 days that lies becoise they get network with premier bank so every one send money USA to somali then they force to make premier wallet but remember when u send the money they don’t force you they beg you like please use this transfer evc Sahal Juba but lies all that because since they said we paid your money it’s been 6 days and still my mom she didn’t get any money and also I request refund and they said no refund we paid the money omg what a lies and they know that money still in the bank that they send and is using like their money and my mom she go back forward every day the branch and no one paid her I am sorry this is not where you can send money your loved ones becosue they are fraud they said we paid but lies and at the end they said she must have premier bank and my mom she don’t want that bank and no one can force her and also she went Juba branch that they referred to me but also they just wast time and they said we don’t have on the system omg how I just send my mom money how she can’t get 6 days and the app says we paid that shows me there is a fraud any way get lost I am done world remit
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3 years ago, Cece_x
Avoid like a plague
First time sending money was ok… just asked for a few documents which I submitted promptly. I made two transactions on the same day and without an explanation, they disabled my account. The first thing you’d say is “call customer service” right? WRONG! Their customer service never answers calls… you’ll be on hold for more than an hour listening to elevator music :/ I left a call back number, no one called me. So I decided to use that online chat feature (that’s your best shot talking to someone by the way), I asked why my account was disabled and apparently “they can’t disclose.” You’d also think if they disable your account they automatically refund you? Haha you thought wrong… another bad encounter with customer service! No confirmation of a cancellation of transaction via email/text no nothing… you apparently just have to trust that they will refund. At least that’s what I’m doing now, waiting!! I requested a cancellation of my pending transactions since I couldn’t do it through the app because they disabled my account and I haven’t received a confirmation other than the word of a customer service agent. This app is frustrating is all I can say :( If you want something reliable for frequent use, this is just not it!)
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1 year ago, JLBthe3rd
Fast, easy & inexpensive…the way it should be
My husband spends most of his time in Colombia, and not everyone accepts a credit card there so cash becomes essential from time to time. At first I tried a few other services, and it seemed like everything was slow and unnecessarily expensive. Then I found WorldRemit. It’s perfect for us. So fast, in fact, that I will get back confirmation that he has the funds in about 1 minute, and my husband can immediately do what he needs to with the money. Use your debit card and most times you pay $0. Plus, they do give a good exchange rate. My only minor hiccup is when my husband’s bank account initially had a low limit for what he could receive, so some funds I sent went into limbo. They immediately asked if I wanted the funds back, and of course said yes, but that process seems to take a bit longer…I wish that process was just as rapid, so my advice is make sure you know the account limits…the rest is easy after that.
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2 years ago, Cindy0892
Local Partner Has Technical Issues
So when I first sent money to the Philippines through my recipients bank account, the transaction was fast. After a few minutes that I authorize the transaction, I checked the bank account and voila, the transfer was there! Here's the funny thing though, 3 days after, I sent another amount using the EXACTLY THE SAME information and the status says FAILED to transfer. I waited for 24 hours and I received a text message that says, something is wrong with my recipients bank information. I checked several times and the information was just the same with the first one. I sent the customer service the screenshots of 2 transfers and they just told me "oh, it's the local partner" that has a problem without even attempting to re-send the transfer but instead told me that they will just cancel the transaction. So, I have to wait for 3-7 days to have my money back again after dealing with them for 2 days. It was so frustrating! I sent the money again using another money remittance app, and my bank received it right away. I will never use this app again. I just used it twice using the same information. The first one went through and the second one didn't. Lol!
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2 years ago, dandanz_x
Convenient and highly recommended!
I was honestly skeptical at first, as I had never heard about WorldRemit, but I really needed to find an app other than PayPal that would be able to transfer my funds internationally. I initially deposited 5 USD in order to make sure the transaction was successful and that there were no red flags. The $5 went through with no issues, and reflected in my overseas account within 2 working days (overseas time). I then proceeded to post a second higher amount, and my account was immediately disabled. I phoned the customer care line and within a few mins I got a response from a young gentleman that assured me it might have been an accident and that he would be right on it. Within the space of an hour, my account was reactivated, and the funds were transferred securely. I am honestly very happy with this app, it is super detailed and easy to use, and my concerns were quickly sorted out by the customer care team. Thank you.
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4 years ago, TanzinaE
Do Not Use & Worst Customer Service
I started of with a small amount to test if it worked and it did. Then I took chance with a larger amount and first there was notification that it was delayed, which is fine. One day of radio silence and then they text saying it will be credited the next day. The next day they say recipient has been notified that funds are waiting. Recipient did not get funds and app tracker kept saying processing. A couple more hours later the app tracker says failed transaction. I emailed them twice and their response was we can’t reply look at FAQ. I check back on app again for tracker it has reverted back to processing. Is this a sham? The money was for charity during Ramadan. There is no option to cancel this. Update- called customer service and they were most unhelpful and frustrating. They said there is a technical glitch with the local partner and they do not know when it will be fixed. Could not provide a timeline or issue a refund. The agent kept repeating we cant do anything 10 times when asked for a resolve or to speak to someone else. For some reason it is not their responsibility if there is an issue with their local partner. Then why provide this service at all if you will not provide end to end service???
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2 years ago, customer reveiw
Poor Responses
So I had my account for months and sent multiple transactions. All was fine until a few weeks ago. Was ask to prove my identity. After sending my passport photo and giving them my address and other information multiple times. My account was canceled. They would never let me speak to the supervisors higher than anyone on the team in Phillipines. No matter what time of day. They will never transfer you to the main office in Denver. They could never give me the specific reason they canceled my account. They would only say that due to the rules they had to cancel it. No explanation or anything. At least tell the customers why you canceled the account so they never have that problem again. Also when they say something is under review. It takes a long time. Not to mention they give you the run around and never tell you that the reviews team only work from Monday thru Friday. So in all the money transactions were good and worked at first but after verification of identity all got worse with no explanation and account closure. Not good service.
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3 years ago, StvnAL12
A few days weeks ago, my account was disabled for an unknown reason. I have contacted world remit via live chat everyday for the past few days, about a week. Every time, they said that they were going to send me an email to reactivate my account and they also said that they were going to manually reactivate my account, within 24 hours. It’s been more than a week and I still have not received a reactivation email. The account is still disabled and every time I contact, they said to wait for the reactivation email or to contact my bank. I have contacted my bank many times but they had no idea what I was talking about. Since reactivating the account was taking soo long, I just told them to terminate the account so that I can make a new one with the same email. The representative sent a request to the support department to terminate my account and they said that it was going to take 24 hours but disabled, not terminated. HORRIBLE customer service and EXTREMELY unreliable!!!! I had to send money to a friend in India who is battling COVID but the could not reactivate the account or help in anyway. I would recommend using a different money transfer platform!!!!!!!!
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2 months ago, JohaOsorio10
I love the app!
I love world remit, personally 97% of the time have had an excellent experience sending myself or family money in Colombia. I do think they can work on their communication.. on very few occasions my transactions have been cancelled and I don’t get a reason or some time of way to contact someone in respects to the transaction and then have to wait for them to refund me, which sometimes is a big inconvenience. I also was wondering, for a while they were putting a disclaimer they would be ending international transactions in April 2024, but I am still able to send to Colombia. So yes, better communication would be a huge plus! However overall, I love this app… I have tried a few and this one is the easiest, user friendly, and fast! the fact that your money is usually available immediately (within a few minutes) weather its day or night, weekday or weekend! I recommend this app 100% 🙂
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5 years ago, Monna Mo'
These people took my money
Giving this company a negative zero is an understatement, however , I wish I could. I sent money to a friend and for whatever reason he cannot receive the funds. I put in for A refund and to this date hasn’t received it yet. They told me they sent a transaction to me via email, which they did for my bank to use and look for the funds. My bank refused and I don’t blame them bc they felt as I did, that it was a way to hack into accounts. I have never heard of such bs in my life. In all of my years of dealing with banks, if you have to be refunded it goes back to the account and no bank has to look up anything. They took my money and I won’t be using this crappy company again. I went in to unlink my card but got a message saying no cards saved when clearly I used the card to send the funds. I hate this company. This seems as a scam but they won’t TAKE anything else from me bc I won’t use them again! I pray that there is a better way to send and receive for the people that has had bad experiences with them. For the ones of you that’s satisfied, I’m happy for you. Sending money was fine, my friend received in minutes. Giving back was when all hell broke loose.
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2 years ago, Lorypear
Such a nice app
I was using PayPal before to repay someone in Canada, because they don’t have ApplePay or Venmo! But the fees were just ridiculous and recently got even worse. Then I found out it took him 10 days for the money to even clear! Wish we would’ve switched earlier. WorldRemit just charges a flat $3 and it gets there in about 3 days. We tested it out sending $1 first to make sure it went to the right place; it kept notifying that it got caught up somewhere the first day or two, probably his bank verifying details, but they sorted it out without us even having to do anything and every transfer after that has been smooth sailing. Night and day difference and makes life so much easier. Love the updates too, we feel comfortable sending larger amounts of money back and forth, which is great for planning trips or things like that. The UI is clean as well. Highly recommend!
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4 months ago, KristineInNYC101
My account was disabled
The same story of the west african woman here except I wasnt given a chance to speak to them only on emails and social media. They disabled my account without any explanations. I am working as a nurse and all I want is to honestly send money to the Philippines as they are being promoted nicely on our country yet, they disabled me when I started to send money to my family. I am sending money frequently because I am paying for my mother’s retirement home and for my family medical bills but I wasn't given a chance to explain all this. They can ask for my id, tax or property but nope. Nothing, they just disabled your account without any explanations. Even I am willing to provide all of this. With my annual income as a nurse of course I have means of money to spare. So I don't understand still why they disabled my account. It was awful and misleading. All of these promotions, I was extremely disappointed and mind you, i’ve had world remit account since they started this app. So for them to do this to me it was extremely a disappointment. I want to be transparent with them and honest but nope they didn't even give me a chance.
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2 years ago, BaddyBaddyTwoShoes
Great app, bad customer service
I had been sending money successfully for a while, and then I suddenly started getting an error message when I attempted a transaction. If you call their customer service number, you get “The call will end after this announcement.” If you email, you get “please note this email is no longer in service.” If you use the chat feature while logged into your account, you get “There are no messages for you:” And I guarantee the reply to this review will include a link that directs you to everything I have just pointed out.” It’s all a dead end and I am fed up and frustrated. Edit: I have changed my one star to a four star because the app itself is great for sending money. Fast and easy to use (The error message I was getting turned out to be a problem on my card’s end). The missing star is for what I said above; customer service is a joke. Unless you have a transaction number, you cannot talk to a human.
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2 years ago, #My life time shows
World Remit needs work.
You send your money to family that needs it asap. You get a “transfer failed “ message after a couple of hours, you’re instructed to update receivers details but don’t tell you what to update. And you the sender don’t know what to update since you use same details to send thru other money transfer services. Try canceling your transaction, you get a circular run around with no way to cancel on the App. You reach customer service, after getting your details, now you have to wait for an agent. After waiting for an agent, she asks you for your transaction # but you only have one transfer that failed, trying to retrieve the transaction #, you lose the agent. Please Gina a better way and save the aggravation. And, there is no guarantee, you will get your money back. A one star is sufficient for World Remit.
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2 weeks ago, SugarShane1111
Excellent Service!
I used other remittance apps/companies to send money to other countries and I have always eventually had issues with delays. World remittance has been great, no issues and the receiver has always gotten the money fast! Thank you for that! Update: I’ve changed to one start because I have been needing to send funds ASAP. When I open the app, I get a message screen that says the app needs to be updated to use. I go to the App Store , press update and the update freezes right before finishing. Done this multiple times now. I try and open the app again and still stuck on the update screen but I can see my account screen in the background. Advice, don’t make mandatory updates, let users know that there is an update available and then give them a certain amount of time to update. I just sent funds 2 weeks ago. Now I need to send funds again and can’t. And these are funds for my wife and child needed immediately!! My original review I have 5 stars because no issues. Now every time I open the app there are issues all the time. Stop updating leave it alone.
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3 years ago, Gigi27394
Every time I use them, I Always have problems
A few years ago I used world remit to send money to a friend in another country. I have an organization and we send money monthly to an orphanage. Two years ago they put me through extensive questioning and then abruptly shut down my account without any further explanation. A few weeks ago I attempted to use world remit again because I needed to get money over quickly and it allowed me to create an account and when I went to send a portion of money that my friend needed in order to keep our children enrolled in school, they took five days to even process the transaction and then I had to call and figure out what was going on. The lady told me that they would push my case to the top of priority. The very next day day they put the money back in my account like nothing had ever happened. Complete waste of time and resources. You are better off sending money through your bank account. They claim that they are making sure fraudulent activity isn’t going through, but I reached out, I called and asked questions, never did I get an email explaining what was going on or a phone call.
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6 months ago, lenitakwall
Your app has lots of flaws.
When I try to resend a transaction, the app will not let me up in my payment method. There is no place on the app - at least that is anywhere near findable- to update a credit card. The chat support is worse than awful. Their solution to everything is to uninstall the app and wait 40 minutes and try again or call the no. Calling is worse than awful also because you can’t get help unless to have a transaction number. What if I need help setting up or entering a new payment method or a list of other things? The English comprehension of the chat folks is extremely low. Even a basic question is not answered except a copy and paste type of generic answer. It’s sad this company would try to use someone like that to help their customers. I just about totally quite this company this time. If it happens again I will. I have gotten many others to use this company and will discourage them to use it further if there is a repeat of this experience. I will also take it to social media and all the online rating systems. Companies need to do better
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1 year ago, Jamesudontiii
Can Not get customer care personnel to talk to. Very Annoying
I tried several times to use my bank master card which is a debit card to send money but it got declined several times. FYI, I have used the same card for transactions that were successful before now. Then after the frustrations, I tried using my other bank card that’s a Visa card and it went successful. So I want to call the customer care but I can’t find the number on the app. I googled it and got both the number and the email. I called the number several times, it never connected me to any person to talk to. It always tells me to go to the app and find every answer I needed and when I go to the app, I can’t find anything that concerns my issue. I sent email to the email address I got on google, but the email did not go through because it’s not an active email. This is ridiculous for a company like this that handles people money. Anyway, can you people answer me here. I want to know if WorldRemit is having issues with Master Card that makes any transaction that’s done with it to be declined? Thanks
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10 months ago, LunaAmelie.
Information is not true and accurate, money is still in limbo.
Sent money friday until now it hasnt kicked in to the usual recipient. Talked to 2 different people was told everything is okay and she will push it through to credit it on the bank, waited for a long time still hasnt credited. I opened chat and waited for almost 2 hours and guess what Im at queue 300. Pretty sure all those people has the same complaints, talked to a person named sophia was told the only reason why it wasnt credited is because they only operate mondays through fridays. If its more than 50k php in philippines it will take 1 business days and because it fall on their weekend they cannot do it till monday. So yea sure i will wait and GUESS what again? received an email says THEY ARE HAVING TECHNICAL ISSUES thats why I have not received it. They took my money out of my bank FEW seconds after I requested it. IT IS MY MONEY and for some reason they are playing around with their clients and holding the money without telling you what is really going on. THEY LIE TO YOU. STILL WAITING FOR THE MONEY TO BE CREDITED ON MY BANK!!!!!!!!!!
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10 months ago, Zizziness
Well, let me say, WR has worked well for us over the past few years with a few glitches. One that really put us in a bind. However, we are back to another glitch today. I sent a transfer 3 days ago. Family still hasn’t received it! Called WR the day of the transfer because they emailed me asking for yet another copy of my ID. They confirmed that they already had a current copy of my passport and the money would be “released” within 30 minutes. Guess what? I get another email this morning saying to “please upload a copy of my ID” so that the transfer can take place! Here we go again! Now, on the phone waiting to speak to them where the estimated wait time has gone from an original 18 minutes to now 20 minutes! Whose wait times go up instead of down?! I’ll tell you who… a company that’s having glitches left and right and on the phone with their customers trying to handle it all. Sigh. Get it together, World Remit. May have to consider Remitly after this again.
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7 months ago, Somaliexcellent
Improve transaction time
I just recently started using this app, I am rating early, however I sent money through Mpesa and it reaches my recipient in minutes , I attempted to send money to Somalia and they say it takes few days! Didn’t send through the app, because that money was needed right now, was afraid it gets delayed. Just have quick worldwide agreement to all the financial institutions of your customers, instead of delaying transactions delay registering and make sure you are through with all your partners that your customers use, by asking them the necessary questions and gathering the required information for smoother transactions. I read some of your reviews and there is a lot of complaints about transactions being delayed. Other than that wonderful and am proud of the owners of world Remit. Masha Allah
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4 years ago, Earlymen
Sending money to Africa
I received a message that I would be credited within a few minutes , but no response instead the transaction was placed on hold for two days now , first dey say waiting for authorization for over 24 hours and later say on hold, y’all advertise on instant transfers to African countries, so after all ID verifications and photo clarifications is it then reasonable for y’all to place on hold a transaction? I thought the reason for all the ID and photo verification is to make sure it’s legal, and when a call goes through they direct you to an office which takes hours to call back with no reasonable solutions to it ,it’s very poor and bad things like this keep happening, this is the second time I’m getting issues like this , no good . I have recommended this to several people and they give same complain . Please fix this cause y’all have a great service it would be bad to ruin y’all reputation with all of this happening. We are customers please we love fast, instant and reliable services and i believe that’s not much to ask for . From Kelly
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10 months ago, mamajou
Fast, easy and cheap
The struggle was real when it came to supporting family overseas. At a local store doing money transfert, after two transfers regardless of how little the amount, you can’t do anymore transfer for a while. With WorldRemit, I can do as many a day as I wish. There is no minimum and the maximum is very high. I send even 30$ sometimes to cousins needing food or something very important. As soon as you click on “submit”, the money is already in their mobile account in another continent, and all of that from the comfort of your home, car…as long as you have internet/data . The convenience is just incredibly awesome. If you make a mistake and the money can’t be sent, they refund you without you having to be on the phone for days. Great great Job to you ! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND WORLREMIT!
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1 year ago, beefcake panty_hose
Took my money and then cancelled the transaction
I tried to use this company to send myself money while I was in Peru. They made it seem easy to set up and complete but went I submitted the transaction, they took $1000 USD from me and then immediately canceled the transaction due to risk. Then they said it can take 7 days to get my money back from them. I am not in the position to just give $1000 to some crappy company to hold on to for at least a week so I obviously called them using my data on my American cell phone plan which is terribly expensive in Peru. I had to wait on hold listening to terrible scratchy static for over 40 mins before I could speak with someone. It was all for nothing. The customer service rep, if you could call her that, basically sad, “too bad”. Then she said, “ why don’t you try again but send the money to someone else besides yourself.” Sure let me send another $1000 to try and see if World Remit doesn’t take that as well. I’m sorry I ever learned about this company because all World Remit has done for me is drain me of money.
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4 years ago, Shanika1109
Terrible service
I was sending money to the UK and they ‘disabled’ my account without warning or explanation AFTER they had already taken the money from my account. I called and was told they could not give me an explanation as to why this had happened, that they had already canceled the transaction so that if my account were to be reopened I’d have to essentially start again and wait up to 7 days for the money to even be refunded. After reading other reviews, I see that this is a regular occurrence. Even the fact that I was also told there’s nothing anyone can do about it and that there’s no supervisor I could speak to, after my own persistence this was found to be untrue and I eventually spoke to someone else about it. I had read through their terms and conditions intently and could see no reason as to why this would have happened. This is essentially a joke of a company that I would not recommend anyone using. However, I have since tried transferwise who actually transfer the money abroad quicker and cheaper fees. That is what I’d recommend to anyone still looking
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5 years ago, Mishi888
Cheap, Fast, secure & easy!
So much better than WU! I do this all thru my iPhone. But there is one thing I hate: I’m constantly having to provide copies of my bank statements and/or justifications why I’m sending the money. The reason this is a problem is because the email is easily missed & you only get 2 days to respond. And this request happens quite often (more often than not). This wouldn’t be an issue if they’d send me a text saying an email was sent needing something from me, but they don’t so I constantly miss their email. They send texts when the money is ready & when it’s been picked up, but no text when there is an issue...I get hundreds of emails & don’t usually sift thru them often so their emails are often missed and my transaction is cancelled! Meanwhile the money was yanked from my account so I’m having to double check if the money was returned. And the reason is the same every time!
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4 years ago, Khadija4
Best International Money Transfer!!
I just want to say that I’m a bit new to sending funds internationally but a very good friend of mine recommended this app and so far so good!! It is very quick and efficient! Way way better than Western Union, that is such a joke! The transfers only take about 20 minutes to process and a couple of times when I’ve had a delay it was pretty easy to get someone on the phone that I could understand. They are based out of Colorado but it’s so easy to send money anywhere! The only thing I don’t like is not being able to send direct to bank account transfers since the changes in Nigerian banks. Mine was stuck in mid transfer for a few days while we tried to figure out the hold up. Over all good service though. Very cool! I highly recommend World Remit!!
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1 year ago, ChrisGonzie
App, Chat, and Phone Number are a JOKE!
The app chat does not work 90% of the time specially when you need them due to technical issues. Of course, if chat and Q&A don’t work you opt to call. But guess what even the call option is useless. Their automated Karen gives you option 3 for something else, after you hit 3 the options they give you before a “real” human being takes your call are the same as the main menu. Okay look Mr. CEO or OWNER of Remitly, let me ask you this - if our issue is because we couldn’t get a transaction to go through thus not having a transaction number to begin with, how in the world can we ever get a hold of your customer service if that is the ONLY option your automated Karen is giving us before we could ever get a hold of a real person!!!!!!! Overall everything is dumb and does not make sense!!
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2 years ago, keli_gaby
Please don’t download!!
I sent money to my friend. And (normal) they requested my ID’s, so I sent them, a day after the ID’s were “processing”. I wrote to them and they answered that my ID was denied and that they needed another ID (I was already angry because at the app even tho they said they were denied, they still showed up as “processing”. I immediately requested a refund and that’s when all really started, I wrote to them and they said the refund could take 3 days, that same day the refund was in my bank account (thank God I didn’t resend it through another app to my friend) because then it was charged again and WR took the money again. It has been 5 days and still no money all it shows up in my bank account is that they charged the money again. I contacted my bank and they even want to cancel my card it seems like WorldRemit is not that safe after all, but I’m scared to cancel because I saw another review that someone cancelled their card and now WR won’t refund because there is no linked card. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
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5 years ago, jhftvhxsunth
World remit is fraudulent and discriminatory, take your business somewhere else
If you have never heard of world remit there is a reason why. I was in Ghana, West Africa and just tried to set an account to pay someone for catering for a dinner party. After several hours trying to open an account and completing several verification checks, I was emailed to be told that I need to submit a photo ID and a selfie! I thought that was an unprofessional and shady way of doing business but I provided that anyways. Then I get an email saying on review my account has been closed! Closed with no reason. I’m quite sure the reason is because I’m sending money to someone from GHana. My account was closed and I was not given any valid reason as to why it should be closed, the rep was not very helpful and ended up hanging up on me. They may take your selfie and use it to scam someone, the whole thing is a very shady and fraudulent way of doing business. Take your money somewhere else, preferably to a company that doesn’t discriminate on the color of a man’s skin or where they live!
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4 years ago, hdjsjag
Garbage, possibly fraudulent.
I have a family member in Kenya that I have been doing some fundraising for and he suggested we try world remit to send money back and forth due to lower fees and since he doesn’t have the ability to use Venmo at the moment. I opened an account, got his information, and tried to send him some money to test it out. He never got the money, but they took it out of my account no problem. Moments later I was kicked out of my account saying it was disabled later receiving an email saying that I was essentially banned from using the service. I contacted their customer support and they were of absolutely no help. They said they couldn’t tell me the nature of the cancellation of my account even though it was MY information concerning MY bank account?? They did refund the money but after reading review after review of fraudulent/awful experiences similar to mine I’m uncomfortable knowing they have mine and my family member’s financial account information. Do not use world remit. Stick to western union or something like it.
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3 months ago, QueenJade777
Incompetent and unprofessional
I wanted to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the recent experience I had with your service. On April 14th, I initiated a transaction which failed to go through, leaving my recipient in urgent need of the funds. Despite reaching out to your customer service team twice, I received unhelpful responses instructing me to wait. To my dismay, after four days of waiting, I was informed of a cancellation request, which I never initiated. Despite my protests, the cancellation was processed, leaving me no choice but to initiate another transaction. Today, six days after the initial transaction, I received a notification that the previous transaction had been paid. This level of incompetence and disregard for customer needs is unacceptable. Furthermore, my interaction with one of your representatives, Jiem, was incredibly disappointing. Despite my efforts to communicate the issue, he displayed a lack of empathy and professionalism, abruptly ending the chat without addressing my concerns. As a loyal customer who has been using your services for three years, I am deeply disappointed by the lack of care and consideration shown towards customers. This experience has compelled me to seek alternative platforms for my money transfer needs. I urge you to take immediate action to improve your customer service and transaction processing procedures to prevent other customers from enduring similar frustrations in the future.
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5 years ago, Bostonian 84
Beware of the “other” charges
I have to say that the app and the whole process is very good, simple yet effective. Just remember to upload your license so transfers can take place in minutes. Unlike other (better known) services, this one doesn’t keep your money for days and provides good customer service). That said, WR charges a fee for their service (1.3% in my case) which I find fair and reasonable. However, I found out the hard way that the credit card I used to settle with WR charges an additional transaction fee of 5% !!!!! This is an outrageous amount for doing absolutely nothing. The problem is that the credit card transactions come to Bank of America as a “cash advance” for which banks still charge much more than they charge merchants and must be a great source of profits. In any event, I am disappointed that WR would let the transaction be processed in this fashion. I thought WR was a reasonable alternative to (the horrendous) WU but now I think the search must continue.
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3 years ago, ChiCa309
World remit is an unreliable remittance service. They come up with multiple reasons why your remittances are delayed but the truth is it’s a problem on their part. A problem on their local partners is a problem on their part. They don’t have accountability. They’re very quick in getting your money from your account even though it takes forever for it to actually be transferred to the destination/receiver. It may be charging cheap transfer fee compared to other providers but the quality of service is reflective of it’s cheap fees. Their customer service both on the phone and virtual chat are also unreliable. They said they will call back but they didn’t. The chat room was a blank white whenever you try to connect. This happens when you actually need the money transferred asap for whatever personal reason. But it is during these times when they don’t deliver. Very disappointing and such an inconvenience. No amount of free fees can restore my trust for world remit.
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7 months ago, CatherineSir
Unhelpful run
I’ve been sending money with world remit for years but mind you, do not ever want to cancel a transfer then that’s when you’ll know that they are no help. I recently sent money and it’s been pending for 3 days, a transaction that was supposed to be completed in minutes is now taking days. Contacted them and they complained about technical difficulties, I initiated a cancellation and it’s been over 24hrs and the transaction is yet to cancel. They are not to be used for emergencies as you’ll regret it. I need my money asap or I’m calling my financial institution. Before I forget, to speak to an agent both on phone or via chat is almost impossible. I’ve used so many money transfer agencies for example western union, sendwave, remitly etc and they value your time and answer your call on time as they value their customers. World remit does not value their customers nor their customer’s time and money as they are always unreachable both via phone and chat. Disgusting company
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1 year ago, Dr Navis
Not fast, not dependable, not transparent
If you use this app to transfer money for a time-sensitive matter in an underdeveloped country, be warned that you are taking a high risk. I used the service to pay a hotel bill in Argentina with funds from the US, ready to have to wait a couple of days given the state of the economy of that country. While the funds were taken from my account in a matter of seconds, the transfer stayed in limbo (‘processing state’) for more than one week, supposedly the funds being processed by the “local partner.” The two times I tried to reach customer service, I had to wait more than 1 hour on the phone before getting a representative, who wouln’t have any real information and wouldn’t be able to reach any resolution. After 8 days with my money in limbo and no useful information from the service, I had to cancel so I could settle the bill with the hotel by other means, my money not yet availble in my account. Sounds like a horror story?
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2 years ago, Nadege O.
Useless app. They closed my account without any explanation
I wanted to try using their services to transfer some money to contribute to the funeral fees of a deceased friend to my colleague in Uganda office from USA. As I never used this service before I tried downloading the app configuring my profile and then the profile of the recipient. Then I tried sending a small amount to check if this works at all. My transaction was cancelled, my account deactivated and when I contacted customer support to check what would be the reason or what I needed to do to make it work they initially responded that they would try helping and will check and then I received an e-mail that my case was closed as well as the account…after additional verification, still not providing any reason. I found this app useless and customer support non supportive … what is the most frustrating is that they did not even provide a reason … very disappointing and badly organized service. Not to be recommended.
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