4.1 (30K)
168.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oleksandr Godoba
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for wormate.io

4.06 out of 5
30K Ratings
3 years ago, uhhhhflnjnhf
Amazing app but it is glitches to much
I have been playing for a while and itAlex is way too much how do I ever stop it this is too crazy I can’t it won’t stop I hardly can talk right now and it’s just crazy and I just it’s so hard just really writing a review is so hard now you need to neglect those glitches out when I hate him I like pause it kind of sort of like the tablet turned off and then I I put it back on and then I’ll do Sunday school and then I just go and hit somebody and it’s just not good and it’s too hard and I don’t know what you’re lucky I didn’t leave the game it’s still pretty fun but that’s why I didn’t do all five stars and four you’re really lucky I didn’t delete the game you need to fix the glitches Rocky and I think it has way too much glitches so that’s why and I know I’m doing a really long one but yeah I really need to tell you and then it’s really hard and I just don’t know what to do 😍😭
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4 years ago, emmydaisy
Glitches and ads
This game is so awesome. It only has a couple ads. It gets kind of frustrating because you die when you hit somebody. You can get your warm really fat from eating candies. Also it glitches a lot when not in a good area with no internet connection. This game as a lot of online People but they’re only playing on the game not saying bad stuff at you, people sometimes write bad words on the name tag for your worm but not all the time. I usually play as a guest which a lot of people do but there is 560 people playing online even more. So if you don’t want people playing with you don’t get this game! This game is really popular because a lot of people play at a time. there is a button that you can do arena game which means there are two teams blue and red that is also kinda better because your on teams so if you hit a red worm and your red you don’t die you just go right through them it’s the same with the blue. So this game is really fun If you get to know it and play it for a while! I hope you like it!
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3 years ago, Amony101
ممتازه لكن
اللعبه جميله جداً لكن فيها اخطاء اولاً . تحتاج الى انترنت قوي وهذا مشكله في الدول التي تعاني من سوء الانترنت يجب تزويدها بمحركات تستقبل الانترنت الضعيف ثانياً . التحكم فيها صعب وليس فيه توضيح عن اساسيات اللعبه وكيف يتم لعبها يجب وضع كتيب في داخل اللعبه لشرحها ووضع تحكم اسهل ثالثاً . اقترح وضع مايك داخل اللعبه للتحدث مع بقية الاعبين رابعاً . اقترح وضع جميع اعلام الدول خامساً . اقترح وضع الفريق على بقية الثعابين سادساً . اقترح وضع نقاط عالميه او كؤؤس سابعاً . اقترح وضع مواسم فيه اشكال وحركات واصوات للثعبان مع بقاء نقود الموسم الذي اشتريته لشراء الموسم الذي يليه The game is very beautiful, but it has errors First. You need a strong internet, and this suffers from a problem in countries that suffer from a poor lack of supply with engines that receive the weak countries Follow. Controlling it is difficult and there is no explanation about the basics of the game and how it is played. Putting a booklet into the game to explain it and downloading it is easier Third. I suggest putting Mike in game to talk to other players Fourthly. I suggest placing all country flags Fifthly. He suggested putting the team on the rest of the snakes Sixthly. I suggest putting global points or trophies Seventh. I suggest putting in seasons with snake shapes, movements, and sounds while keeping the money for the season you bought the following season
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5 years ago, Paige DiCaprio
Randomized glitching
I’ve been playing the game for about a week to a week and a half or so, and I’ve been experiencing unordinary issues. I would like to emphasize the concern I am addressing toward all mobile users in regards to playing the application. I unfortunately grown to a large mass, but was unable to fulfill my expectations because the game either didn’t allow me to roam around with the joystick, or was disallowing me to freely move around. This was one of the only times I experienced this issue, nor did I want to make a comment to complain about my personal troubles. Scrolling through the other reviews, I have seen that you’re (the majority of you) experienced a nearly similar occurrence. The game could be better — at least updates bimonthly or changes from the Valentine’s Day skin pack. Well done!
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4 years ago, guy bilzarian
Lost data
So this is a good app but one day i had come back to losing all of my skins and outfits. I had also spent money to get coins but it was like i never even bought them. And i tried to sign is again but it kept on going back saying the same thing. Also there are a lot of adds and glitches like when I’m close to another player my game would glitch to the one side or not even let me turn out of the way of the other player. I was very infuriated with this and then it got even worse. Every time i clicked to play the game it started to log me out immediately. If someone could please tell me what is going on that would be GREAT. Oh and if you think I’m stupid and your like “it probably your WiFi” well if you would like to know THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY WiFi! So i would like someone to explain and maybe there was something wrong with the coding in the game and your brain. No harsh feelings i was just so mad so please excuse me and get to work on fixing the game too please.
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7 years ago, MSilva7
Love the game but...
Ever sense your new update the game was great but now in your new update that happened there are some problems on my IOS IPAD the first problem is that when on a mobile device and you spawn in it starts glitching and the screen stops and goes stops and goes then your were sorta teleported from one side of the map to the other side also the game is getting very laggy on mobile device and the last problem is that the controls they were big and now they turned very tiny and that makes it a bit hard to control i know i said that the control problem was the last one but this is the last one sometimes on mobile device when you spawn in the boost button stays on but doesn’t go off i found a way to stop it you change your controls to a different one and switch back to the one you were using Thank you for reading this i planned for one hour on what to write.
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2 years ago, redzy wazp (maxawasp)
Awesome game but some glitches
This is an amazing and fun game but I have three issues with it. First, it keeps asking to review the game after I pressed “don’t ask again.” Doesn’t that literally mean to not ask again? Second, when I’m playing sometimes the worm accelerates in one direction and does not respond to the controls for like two seconds. I have died from that a few times as a small worm but thankfully never as a big worm. Third, sometimes the app randomly exits to Home Screen. Once I was in eight place and then the game started glitching and then exited the app. Then when I put the app again it’s like nothing ever happened! Anyways, I hope those few glitches get fixed. But besides those glitches, it’s a fun game!
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2 years ago, Ohana=emac
It’s fun but glitchy
I have been playing more so and I have noticed the glitching happens more. It’s addicting to play because if you die, then you want to go back and just eat everything lol But I will say when I’m in first place and the biggest one in there…. It’s amazing until it glitches me to my death. It’s odd because sometimes it happens at random times. Sometimes I have to delete the app in order to bring it back. When I first started out it was fine but now it either glitches me to my death or it kicks me out of the game completely. I would say you will have fun playing it and it’s a good time waster, but the more you play the more it glitches….
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2 years ago, nichole Alana
So Much Lag!
So at first I loved this game, I could not stop playing it! But, of course once I finally got on the leaderboard my game lagged SO BAD. I was just playing it I was getting pretty big and had the best spawn! But of course it started lagging and I got kicked out of the game. It’s not like I don’t have Wi-Fi, I’m connected to Wi-Fi through all of this. However if you are not connected to Wi-Fi but still have like 5G or something, your in for a surprise because apparently this game don’t care if you still got internet it will freeze the screen make you snake/worm literally decapitated and, slide your snake/worms body across the screen. Like don’t get me wrong I like the game it’s good game, it’s just not very fun with all of this lag. Thank for reading this I hope that this helps you.
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3 years ago, Davidmaxbaker123
Rate Wormate Don’t Ask Me Again
I’ve played this game for over 2 years, and I’ve been asked hundreds of times to rate the game. The options for the prompt are: Rate now! Later Don’t ask again I’ve done all three options. Mostly, I choose “Don’t ask me again”. Doesn’t “No” mean “No”? Doesn’t “Don’t ask me again” mean “Don’t ask me again”? This prompt never goes away! It’s like herpes, timeshares, and the clap! So, this is why the game is getting a new rating of “one star” from me. Most recent update early 2021 has made major changes which affect play and worm navigation. The radar is bigger, that’s fine, but there are some new bugs which impair worm control. Steering of the worm is glitchy and often times your worm will lock into one direction or double speed and the only way to unlock that glitch is to release you finger and re-position your finger on the screen. That split second is usually just enough to cause you to crash into another worm and die. The player roster heads-up display in the upper right is larger and easier to read, that’s good, but the overall zoom of the playing field has increased, so you can’t see as much, even after you begin to grow, plus there is a new pointer arrow which is just an annoyance and really serves no better purpose than the old dOt. I Hate updates!
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5 months ago, Micmc44
So much fun! Just some glitches!
This game is so fun and I love to play it all the time! My only negatives are that this game does glitch a lot… while you are playing so that isn’t the best because while you are trying to run away from someone, it will glitch and then you die! Also, after every game or every other game, the app will freeze on me and won’t let me continue to start a new game after I die. I have to close out the app and start all over again… accept the agreement and accept a no internet access button?! Other than these complaints, I love playing this game. I just wish these bugs weren’t issues any more!!
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3 years ago, Armstrongap
Predictive text
This game has a great game on the iPad so it’s just like it just a few seconds before it starts crashing on my iPod touch screen lol I have a game at the night and it’s the best day to get it to me and my fave game ever lol I love the more than I miss it so much more lol lol oh yeah lol lol oh lol I think I just like that one more than a few more than that but it’s not like it was like the other day I was just a few lol I think it’s a great idea to have it but it’s like it’s just a little like that it’s like it’s just like the other day it’s just a little lol oh my goodness it’s just a great thing I don’t like that I just don’t know 🤣😂
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1 year ago, Ffgdydtgdujdy
Fun but so laggy
I really like this game, but I find myself just so frustrated all the time because of how much it lags and glitches. It happens in most of my game and often causes me to lose because my worm isn’t responding to my turning fast enough, or it complete glitches out with my worm floating across the map and the segments break apart. I know I have great internet connection since I have no issue playing live video games with people across the globe just fine. This game can be fun, and I’d love an update that fixes these bugs.
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4 months ago, Nicole Heath
Glitches a lot
I like the game. It’s fun and something to do to get your mind off stuff. But the glitching is ridiculous. You HAVE to have perfect signal to even play at all, and even when you do, it still glitches somewhat. Sometimes it lags, and sometimes it’s just random glitches that everyone experiences at the same time and you die. Since my boyfriend will both experience the same glitches at the same time, it’s a internal gaming glitch that really needs to be fixed as there is another review from 3 years ago saying the same thing and that frustrating they haven’t fixed the glitch in 3 years. Guess we will have to move on to another game.
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2 years ago, ㄗЯΔΞ┼ΩЯÏΔł\ł 死神
Fun but needs work
Although the game is fun and somewhat addicting it could use some work. Server lag does seem to be an issue at times. The controller needs a sensitivity control. It’s far too sensitive. Although it’s nice to have your finger off to the side of the screen, small movments cause your worm to be unmanageable. There should be more skins available for mobile platform. A custom skin setting like PC would be nice. I can’t justify buying coins to get the skins they have. And I understand the need for ads so the game is free, but there’s an ad after every game! An ad free version would be worth paying for. Overall it’s a fun game worth 3 stars but could be a 5 star game with some development.
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3 years ago, Missyswan
Not working anymore for me
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months on my iPhone 8, and enjoying playing to de-stress but lately every time I open the app it kicks me right out. Even after several weeks of not having the app on my iPhone since I removed it and then today I re-download the app it’s still doing the same thing. It’s updated and all too but all I get is kicked out every time! :( I really want to play this game again on my phone but I don’t know how to get it to work again or if it’s just something up with the app or company.
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2 years ago, Slim Shadys son
Approved ✅
The game is really fun me and my Dad like to play it theres so many skins to select from that cost coins but you can earn coins by leveling up and collecting them in the game or you can buy them with real money 💰 Over all There are a few things I don’t like with one of them being not being able to login to my apple account on My Windows 11 laptop on the game. I can only login to my Google account on My laptop or a face book account. Overall I would rate this a 4 star game but I’ll be nice and rate it a 5 Star!
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9 months ago, iCuLKN@me
This game was so fun and fun and it made my heart so full
The first time you were able and you had to do something about the situation you had with your mom was to tell me to come home because you didn’t wanna go back home because I didn’t know you had a job that was not going well with you I didn’t want you going to work with your dad I don’t want to go to school and you didn’t have a choice so you had a good day to work and I don’t wanna be around anybody I didn’t wanna work and I didn’t want to work with you I don’t want to work and I don’t want to do that you have a bad attitude you know that you’re a horrible friend
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2 months ago, Cute mate Niantic
Cute but laggy
I love this game and I have been playing it since I was 6 or 7 years old this is my favorite game but I would say this game probably won’t be your favorite as there is so much lag and when you are a few million or more points if you are hit at the neck you will die and my dad played and he got to 3 million but it seemed like a snake with only 10 points went over his neck and crushed him despite that snake being 300,000 times smaller. Small snakes can be deadly and also the lag is too.
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1 year ago, lIvyy_LOVE!!
Love it, but there is something that needs fixing
Though I love this game, there is a minor inconvenience. As I am 5 or 6 million, and sometimes at the top of the leader board, a small worm spawns into the game and instantly kills me. If that could be fixed then people wouldn’t have to worry about that happening. I hope that this could be fixed in the future, anyway, I do really like this game. It is great for when you are bored and have nothing to do. Hope this helps!!
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8 months ago, Dan J M
Latest updates cause glitches
This game is a favorite. I didn’t give it five stars because resent updates has caused glitches where suddenly you lose control of your worm and then the worm drifts apart into many pieces. When the program recovers, often it’s too late and the worm has already ran into another worm. I would guess it has to do with the server not handling request from the client app quick enough. I’m on a very reliable high-speed connection (Comcast), so it’s got to be something with the server.
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2 years ago, Beate Ioanide-Culi
game is great but crashes often
I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and I’ve found it super addictive and fun! Though I have one issue, which damages my rating for this game. The game crashes very often. (To Mobile players) Every time I get to about top 20, the game starts to lag and glitch, eventually ending with the game crashing back to the home screen. It is really frustrating because it obstructs people from getting a higher score or getting top ten on the leaderboard. I really hope that the devs can make a fix to this issue because it is highly annoying because of how frequent the crashing occurs. I rate this game four stars because of how fun it is, though I took one star away because of the frequent crashes. I hope people have found this helpful.
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2 years ago, Uhkathleen
I play this game a ton
I love this game, and you never gets ads during gameplay just randomly after you die. I see a lot of people saying it’s so glitchy it’s unplayable but I haven’t found that to be the case. Sure I get the occasional glitch, but I’ve never died because of one so I find it to be fine. My only suggestion is let me pay to get rid of ads I would gladly do it. I play this game so much that it would be completely worth it to me.
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2 years ago, Blondilove143
Fun game… when it’s not crashing
I’ve been playing this game for about an hour and have been having a great time. They need to work on the app crashing though. It’s extremely frustrating when you have gotten into the leaderboard and the app suddenly crashes. Glitching is also an issue. One game I was collecting lots of points but it wasn’t being reflected in the score. This game has great potential, but is still lacking at this point in development. I’ll check back in a couple of months to see if they’ve gotten it ironed out.
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8 months ago, ShellaK 13
Updates lag movements
So this new update FINALLY! New skins, but the Lag on movements and also Less extras like quick turns and x2,x5,x10 are very minimal anymore since the updates. The developers don’t do really anything nor listen to us and our only way to contact them through reviews. They don’t care to hear our pleas one bit. Also two months ago all log in info we were kicked out. Many had to restart levels and collection again of the many skins. Those of us who play on IOS/Androids (quite possible also)
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3 years ago, Butty is not hood
the game is amazing but the map is inaccurate. I had a small session and i was the only snake, i was on one side of the map and it said i was on the other side. the orange dot was on the left and the rest of the line was on the right. It goes for other snakes, i usually use the map a lot to find other players but the sides are flipped. i am on one side with the grey shades and nobody’s there. but on the other side there’s nothing there but all the worms are there. please help
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2 years ago, Jstoned72
Needs QoL updates
This could be one of the best games of its category if they did something about the glitchy mess and added controller support. On PC it doesn’t have these issues with glitching, but controller support should be a must as some touch screens do mess up on inputs with multiple touches (using boost and turning) I’d like to see controller support over anything as the glitches/lag spikes are “bearable”. But until it has mobile controller support it’s going to have to stay at a one star review. (It’s also be the only iOS version with controller support if it had it which would put it further in the tier list, further on the tier list = more players playing.
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2 years ago, Gentle Gen
Used to crash every time I got in top 10-20. After turning off the haptics this has not happened a single time. As far as ads go, I used to have to watch them all the way through but now after like five seconds you can hit the double arrow (often in the top left) and then it will play for another 5ish seconds and you can hit the x in the top right corner. Hope this helps!!!
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2 years ago, nopekash
I love the game but only gave it three stars because it glitches so much: it’s been twice now where I’m in first place and the game just simply exits the altogether. I didn’t hit anyone nor was I even close to doing so… the app just stopped running. Also, when in game, sometimes it’ll glitch to where I have no more control of my snake. It’ll break into little pieces and the next thing I know is I’m dead ran into another snake. It’s really frustrating especially since I spent so much time and was so careful to get as big as I was.
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2 years ago, Mesmurr Galaxy
Fun but crashes
The game is really fun! I'll admit that! But it gets extremely frustrating to me that I have a limited amount of playtime before the app simply crashes on it. Especially when I grow to a longer worm size. I've gotten top 5 before, and then boom, the app closes on me. It's also incredibly glitchy and will lag badly if I'm set in an area far away or if I lack a perfect wifi connection. Please, fix the crashing when worms get big. It's frustrating. I have a three month old iphone 13 with the latest IOS. There should be no reason this game randomly crashes.
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2 years ago, snm76
Fun but annoying
Somewhat difficult to play on a mobile device. Much easier on a desktop. Mobile app shuts down randomly after about 10 minutes of play. Wish the random map candy collecting advanced you a little faster than having to pop other worms to grow. An anti wrap defense power up would be a cool upgrade to pop an aggressive worm trying to pop you. Worth playing.
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2 years ago, Mmooogga
Kind of a bad game
I preface this by saying I Play on different WiFi sources in locations, so it’s not my connection. But I die more from lag than anything else on this game. When I boost and turn my worm will drift around the corner like a fast & furious movie. It’s pretty pathetic when my worm separates into individual dots. Update: still to glitchy Update: going to leave a review about how glitchy this game is from now on every single time the game asks me if I want to rate it. Apparently “don’t ask again” means ask again Update: still glitchy Update: ^ update: Still glitchy in a different state this time update: Yep still glitchy (before anyone asks, I’m still playing because I have no life and get board easy, begone demon!) Update: glitchy and also found out it won’t work on my iPad. Click to play and immediately closes Your friendly neighborhood update: still glitchy after months of not playing. Go figure.
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2 years ago, Wanderingjoe
Useless unless you are on a rock solid connection
Because of travel, I often have to use hotel WiFi. This game does not like that it seems. Then again, I can’t even use my phone signal without it lagging into unplayability. App seems to be a huge resource hog for no reason. The ads however load with amazing speed and some also get stuck and require restarting the app. Loads of fun.
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2 years ago, Syrcatgrl
Cute App But …
This is a nice change of pace from slither. You get to eat fruit, snacks, coins and power ups and, of course, worms. You can use the coins to change skins and add hats and things. However, it has many issues. 1. It says Happy Valentine’s Day and it’s July. 2. It doesn’t tell you what the power ups are, some you can guess, others, I have no idea. 3. When you get big, it gets kinda glitchy and slows down to a crawl. So, they should definitely make some improvements if they want to make any money off of this.
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2 years ago, Cavdon81
Seems like there is a glitch or something wrong with the app. I have deleted it re-download it multiple times. Just in order to start the game because the game will not start once it’s download it. I have to download it and re-download it in order even get the game to start. I don’t know if it’s my phone or what it is but if there’s any insight you can give me that would be greatly appreciated thank you.. also it seems like once I get to be pretty good size it will shut down and crash..
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2 years ago, id hit it again.
Once you play for more than 3 min it will shut off
iPhone 11, updated app, now whenever I play longer than 3-5 min the app force closes and shuts down. It’s really crappy to finally get a play and become a 5 million size snake, and doing good, just to have the app close a min later. Had no other apps open in backround… and then every time you die there’s a 30 second ad…. Oh and it will ask you 300 times if you want to rate the game, even if you hit don’t ask again. Fix the game. It is not even worth playing when you lose your progress every 3 min and have to watch 100 ads. Fix the game
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2 years ago, Killson
Fun but with issues
This game is addicting and I continue to play it even though I know that when I make it to the top 30 or so on leaderboard it will randomly crash. It has happened numerous times when I reach the top five. Aside from that there appears to be no rhyme or reason why some worms kill me while running into my side behind my head. Could be lag and their screen shows a legit head shot I don’t know. But I continue to play it so well done on making a fun playing game when it’s glitch free
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2 years ago, Ajluvbug
Why hasn’t it worked the last few days?
The game closed out of the app when I would get too high of a score and now it closes before even leaving the first black screen. Please repair it, it’s been days. Update: now I can play it once after a fresh download, but if you close it you’ll need to uninstall it, reinstall it to be able to use next time. Update again weeks later: still can’t close the app or else you need to uninstall and reinstall. It’s so glitchy and will close you out randomly. What the heck happened? This is my favorite game and it’s dang near in playable please please fix this!!!
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2 years ago, M116788
Fun but riddled w/Ads & glitches
This game is addicting but if you’re playing it on your phone it constantly crashes sending your worm flying & there’s a lag in real time so it’s usually a death sentence. I also play the free version & it’s ridiculous how many ads you have to watch just to play another round esp when there’s short game duration. It’s 30% play 70% watching obnoxious ads. I’ve been playing other versions of this game & am starting to like them better considering graphics & game crashing.
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2 years ago, Nighth0rSE
I keep trying to play this game because I’ve seen gameplay videos on Facebook. My guess is that it must be for the computer, because my iPhone keeps glitching and I get booted out when my points are high, VERY Frustrating. I’ve tried giving it a chance by redownloading multiple times, but it does the same. I can play it a few times before the app glitches and doesn’t even go to the main page. Just a black screen. Giving it two stars because I like the game, but the constant glitches are annoying.
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2 years ago, brown bowl 69
Why y’all ask me to rate you everytime it glitches out and loses the game?
This is a fun game keeps you on your toes but once every three plays it glitches out and kills you. Also not really a complaint cause idk how y’all would fix it cause it’s probably just my certain phone system but I have to choose between accidentally swiping out of the game or not being able to see the screen at all cause of my hand and that’s a tad annoying but not a deal breaker I still like the game lol
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4 years ago, ShayUnicorns
The problems
When I turn for some reason I go really fast witch mess me up and die and another thing is after I die I have to wait 15 to 20 second looking at the place I died and there are a lot of ads and when I’m in my worm someone went throw me and killed me sometimes I go really fast and can go throw worms I think they should update it and how do you get pretty skins because for some reason I can’t maybe you can see are the problems with other people and fix it. 😕And another thing is that when I get big It’s really gitching .
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3 years ago, udbcbdv
Ad should always be optional.
Fun game but def not gonna have ads shoved in my face every other time I die. Make the an optional feature that reward your with coins or something. Will increase your apps use. Glitch’s are kinda dumb, if I can run big games no problem then a simple worm game has no excuse to have problems like this. Personally the “headshot” I’m assuming is a close call/quick turn to get a kill but seems like head to head hits it just flips a coin on who dies regardless of who turned away more.
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11 months ago, Iteachjim
Great Game Regardless
This is an awesome game regardless of the glitches that happen. Sometimes my worm will fall apart and fly around the screen. I’ve never been able to login to my Google Account on my devices (iPad/iPhone) and it only occasionally works on my MacBook. Regardless of those issues it’s still a lot of fun to play and have even got my two daughters (5 & 10) interested in the game. If those few issues could get fixed this would be 5 star all day long from me.
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3 years ago, the fixer problem
Fun but annoying
This game is awesome but the problem is that the flag skins are way to much and the bots are very annoying I've been trying to kill big worms but little bit annoy me with makes me dead and raging cause I was close to kill one before it the flags were a little bit cheaper and the bots gone I would give this game a 5 star but I'mma give it a 4 star but I'll make 5 star it those 2 things come true
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2 years ago, Naohmz
Super fun, but too many glitches
This game is fun, but I get booted after reaching a certain point. It’s really frustrating. I’ve probably deleted this game 4 times already because I get fed up with being booted. I only download it again because my kids want to compete and see who can get the biggest. I wish they would fix the glitches.
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3 years ago, pionex311
Glitchy and laggy
Fun game but quite glitchy. Earlier today I was at eight place on my way to seventh when the game app inexplicably closed and I had to restart. It has done it a total of four times in the three days I have owned it. The lag is another issue, which I get if the servers are full. The lag, however, is extremely volatile and will send you flying through the stage onto other snakes or the perimeter. Might end up deleting the app if there are no fixes in the future.
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1 year ago, sal604
Controls are terrible for phone!
The game is good. Although I recommend you play it on a computer because the controls for the phone don’t really work I could have my thumb going left and this thing still turning right! I get you need the quick turn to turn fast but even then the game is set up to play on pc not phone. Secondly everybody moves faster than me even if I have the boost for speed somehow they still manage to move! Game is fun but the control settings for the phone are terrible.
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2 years ago, Tuppiee
Second grader homework with too many ads
It’s like a little kid did this for homework and got bored half way thru. So very glitchy ruins the game play, seriously who wants to be in first and the the game close for no reason?!?! Also it is freaking June and it still says Happy Valentine’s Day (why I say they quit halfway thru). They clearly don’t care about making this game better or keeping up with it. The plays an ad after EVERY play, you play for 5 seconds, here is a 30 second ad. Finally they are way too obsessed with cats when clearly dogs are superior but there are no dog skins.
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2 years ago, Huge FF fan
This is by far the best worm/slither game out there. One colossal problem though, the controls. All other worm games offer multiple options for controlling your worm that do not require you to block the screen with your hand. If you play with a mouse, it’s fine…but for those of us that want to play on a phone with our hands it is simply unplayable. You will find yourself so annoyed with the controls you will rage delete the game. Please please offer the ability to control from the corner and this game will be a 5 star masterpiece. As it stands now, it is a 1 star irritation.
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