Worms 2: Armageddon

3.7 (133)
505.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Team17 Digital Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Worms 2: Armageddon

3.69 out of 5
133 Ratings
5 years ago, Calvin grover
This is childhood for me
I used to play this when I was young. It brings back some old memories. This version is a little different. The controls are hard to get used to, and the bots on the campaign are insane! I cannot get past level 22 because they have like targeting systems that land the grenade right next to you. It’s useless to resist. Still fun to play with friends, but they seriously need to nerf the bots.
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6 years ago, Mr Invisible
Controls are utterly frustrating
First of all, I love this game. I’ve loved it since N64 and cannot begin to count the number of hilarious memories I have from Friday and Saturday nights with my mates after the pub. BUT. This version has almost caused me to fling my phone across the room about 50 times already. Luckily, my clearer headed self has kicked in beforehand and I’ve thrown something unbreakable instead. First of all, the computer teams are more accurate with grenades, shotguns, and bazookas than a military smart bomb; often firing them across the entire map, through the tiniest crack in the landscape, whilst perfectly factoring in wind speed, elevation, and shot strength. Secondly, the touchscreen controls will leave you seething with anger after your worm leaps straight in to the water instead of performing a backflip. This is guaranteed to happen when you have almost completed a match, rather than at the beginning where it wouldn’t bother you so much. I’m wondering if a Bluetooth controller would work better, so I may give that a try. I want to enjoy this game so badly, but the controls make me want to smash stuff.
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7 years ago, Calmman42
Classic worms, what true worms fans really want
I've been playing this game for years and it's a great game. It's classic Worms, which is what everybody wants. The newer games are just kind of weird, I don't know why Team17 can't just make a new version of this game, except better. Just make this exact game with more classic weapons and more customizable multiplayer and I and many other fans will gladly give you our money. Latest update seems to have fixed everything. Good job guys.
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6 years ago, Roswell051881
Nostalgic but clumsy
I used to love playing this game on the computer. But on the iPhone it’s just straight up clumsy. The controls are extremely inconsistent as are the physics. Sometime when you go to hold left or right to move left or right it jumps, or moves the aim of the weapon. It would be nice if there were virtual buttons for controls rather than just holding left or right or tapping the worm etc. I’ve given up on two different versions of this game now because I keep dying by my own hand due to clumsy controls
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6 years ago, Umomma1234567890
Solid investment
Just like the original minus some weapons and controls. The controls can be hard to use compared to the computer game because of small keys and restrictions but otherwise a great game.
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5 years ago, Mikeharvie
Best. Ever.
Games like this are rare these days, you pay a small fee up front and can play all day everyday without blooming ads. Have played this for years on Amiga when i was a kid and now I play on the iPad with my boy, living our best lives! Minor criticism is the network game is buggy but rarely need to use it
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5 years ago, SkeeterLubidowicz
One of the very few games I rate this highly
Always among the favorites I come back to over and over again. Wonderful game, challenging campaign, and highly replayable. The “best time” is a particularly smart feature as I am always happy to try and break my old record. Well done, Team17!
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7 years ago, Yfbchc
Fantastic. Only needs one thing
The only thing this game needs is a more active online multiplayer community. I'm not sure if the game is like global multiplayer or just on the same network. Offer incentives for playing multiplayer
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1 year ago, Pglicky
I want to play it. I want to love it. But…
The controls are beyond my comprehension. I spent a whole turn trying to do a simple jump. And another trying to figure out homing missile mechanics. Thankfully now with Worms 4 you’ve made it easy, but it’s a shame i can’t enjoy this nostalgia successfully. If you add an onscreen dpad and more buttons, i think it might get a lot better.
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3 years ago, ❤❤❤😍😍😍
Needs work
Decent game. Controls need work. You spend 20 minutes working a campaign map and then your character jumps when you didn’t touch anywhere near it. Right into the water. Also it’s impossible to exit the app quickly. Could be great, but needs work.
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5 years ago, WHFiveOH
Great game
This is game maybe similar to the first one but it does have the opportunity for me to create my own game schemes while the first one was so confusing to make your own game schemes this one is great as the first one though
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3 years ago, GuessImASlowReader
Horrendous Controls
Cool graphics and quite nostalgic, however the gameplay on an iPad will cause you nothing but painstaking frustration. When attempting to utilize jump and movement controls, simply close your eyes and hope for the best. Having any expectations beyond that should be left to those who are emotionally masochistic.
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3 years ago, ihatehowitforcesyoutogivename
AI ruins the campaign
The Ai makes the game no fun. I quit out of pure frustration. It’s not challenging, it’s impossible. It would be so easy to fix which makes it more frustrating, just put a +\- 10 or 20% variability on each shot. Done. Fixed. The game would be playable again. I loved playing this back in the day against my friends but the single player campaign basically took all that love right back.
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7 years ago, Alucart1994
My friend and I bought this for something to play while I'm on the road only to find that I can't use my LTE connection to play multi-player. I certainly wasn't buying it for the average single player expertise, I feel like I wasted my money.
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7 years ago, Sclali
Almost perfect
Classic game, brings back fond memories. Good replay value, but fine controls could use some tweaking. In particular, the “jump” action often triggers accidentally, with catastrophic results. (4.5 out of 5 stars)
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5 years ago, Teddy Song
Great game!
I love this game, it really is like the 1999 classic, only problem, I cannot restore my purchases!!!!
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7 years ago, Ruined update
I remember playing worms 3D on my dads computer and I notice these games are on the phone so I think of buying the 3D game, till I realized that the worms 3D game wasn't out in the App Store, in all seriousness, worms is the best game franchise EVER
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7 months ago, Tristan_xXx
The campaign is way too hard. Not only are the odds against you and the maps trash, but the AI are way too OP. They don’t miss. There’s no way to customize match weapons or powers like the OG version. Multiplayer is equally unbalanced.
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9 months ago, Uisge beatha
Was fun on a computer but...
This was a great game on a computer hut the controls were difficult on iphone 13. Plus it hasn't been optimized to use the full size of an iphone 13 screen. Unfortunately in ios 17 the app crashes. I just bought the game so Im putting in for a refund.
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5 months ago, Scorpionzbar
Can’t start new games
I’ve played this game for years! It’s awesome. However, in the past few days, I became unable to invite friends to 1 v 1 games. That’s literally the entire point for me. Please fix!
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6 years ago, frankie moroyo
Problems with local multiplayer
I am trying to play local multiplayer with WiFi and it doesn’t show any games we create games make it public and try to join and were on the same WiFi but the game doesn’t show up
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7 years ago, Drewman5000
Thank You!
I remember this game from years ago! Thanks for bringing it back!!
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6 years ago, R_Dubs90
Please update
Make the screen fit the new iPhone X
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6 years ago, Jmanley86
I buy the full version and it don’t even allow me to play, it goes to load, I get to the menu click on one thing and then it closes the game and give me a message “ error unable to load game “ I want a refund on this crap!
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7 years ago, tapehead1
Truly amazing port
Bringing back a lot of memories and still such a good game and a great fit for mobile gaming
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5 years ago, JAFmonster
Terrible controls
I used to love this game. This version just makes me angry. The controls are ridiculous, and there aren’t even clear instructions on how to navigate the game. If you’re looking for some 90s nostalgia gameplay, look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Rising K Ranch
Total Bull ****
Somehow the computer, even on the easiest mode, has perfect aim even including wind conditions etc. plus, the controls are **** so you end up accidentally jumping into the water right when you’re about to win. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GARBAGE GAME
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6 years ago, Tk1997
Best mobile worms game, frustrating controls at time, overpowered AI in campaign.
This is the best worms game you can get on mobile. I tried worms 3 while it was free, and I wasn’t a fan of it one bit. I haven’t played worms 4, but from the similar looks of worms 3, I highly doubt it went back to the worms 2 formula. The animations, looks, and feel of the successors changed, but not to the better imo. It gave me the bang for my bucks, because it already provided me with hours of fun through both its single player and local multiplayer. The gameplay heavily emphasize strategic planning, but at the same time, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The worms tend to give funny one-line remarks and reactions throughout the round. Team customizations are plenty, and the weapons in the game are hilarious, ranging from exploding sheeps to the infamous holy grenade. The controls leave more to be desired, as I sometimes find myself accidentally jumping off a cliff when I didn’t mean so, or the grenades don’t function properly, as they do not show me the throw range when I hold down the trigger button, yet it immediately falls in front of me as soon as I pull my finger from the trigger. It doesn’t happen too often, but it happened enough to become a nuisance. Despite its age, the game looks gorgeous, and some maps provide a really cool soundtrack. It’s a shame that there is no online multiplayer. The only way we’re able to play with others is either through pass and play or through devices connected to a local network. My biggest grudge, however, is the campaign itself. Beating the levels at the beginning is easy and do-able. I was able to finish four out of six stages in the campaign, but now I’ve been stuck on the last levels of stage 5. The game is extremely unfair to the player by then. They give us just 2 worms against 10 enemy worms with godlike accuracy. The AI is simply OP, there’s no way around it. Some rounds they’ll go full stupid, shooting their shotgun or bazooka on a wall; the next round, they’ll shoot a bazooka that passes through the narrowest of places, factoring in wind effect, delivering a hit with pinpoint accuracy that either deals enough damage to kill your worm or throw your worm off to a nearby mine or water to finish it off. And just to add salt to the injury, the game shamefully plugs in their in-app purchase to buy their golden donkey statue after you lose, which literally states in its description that it's there to help you beat levels that you’re stuck on. To me, this comes off as a, blatant, cheap, cash grab, taking into account that I already PAID for this game, and I already PAID for those extra map packs that were somehow NOT included with the game (which I PAID for); and yet here I am, facing a dilemma of whether or not I should pay for the THIRD time to circumvent their unfairly, handicapped, matches in the late stages of their campaign. I’m all with helping out developers that offer me great products for my wallet, but this is not it.
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3 years ago, ftsacs
Bad on iOS
I bought 1,2,and 3 trying to find a version that actually works all the way. CANNOT get custom game settings to actually take place in game! Save your money. DL on pc and save your money here
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6 years ago, 102937384940484748933003
The bonus castle fort is bugged
Please fix
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5 years ago, chaksel
Not a fan of this version
Impossible to control
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4 years ago, J. Hillyer
Horrible controls
Controls are horrible and this is not the Worms Armageddon from the past
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6 years ago, Jduba001
5 minutes of disappointment
I remember loving this game of PC years ago, but 5 minutes of struggling with the touch screen controls made me want to smash my iPad. Hugely disappointing.
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6 years ago, YDGYENJDV
Controls don’t react the way they should and instead of realistic gameplay the opposing team just magically makes every shot perfect. Waste of money.
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5 years ago, Ozan92
Keeps crashing on multiplayer
This game would be great if it didn't crash and act up every game. Any attempts at a new version or update?
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5 years ago, StanesTaters
I like it but...
Heavily favors CPU’s and weapons seem to randomly do less damage at times.
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7 years ago, Yep u know ghost
DO NOT BUY NOT WORTH jk really good for a quick game or just a pro
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7 years ago, monkdaddy xxx
The Best Turn by Turn Game ever made.
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5 years ago, Corpscaptain
Waste money
Cannot play multiple players ...waste money
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14 years ago, Frustrated2121212121
Great Work
Really appreciate you guys releasing this on iOS. Not quite as good as the original from way back when. But, coming a close second to it is nothing to cry about. The only thing holding this gem back from my five stars is the tweaks needed in mulitplayer. I fully understand their is only so much optimization that can be done when 3g connections are involved. That being said try and make it so the "waiting for players" dialog show up as little as possible. It is ok if it takes some to figure out, I will wait. Plus chat at least in the lobby if not in the game as well is a MUST. It would make it much easier on those trying to find connections with say other iPad players over wi-fi. Or to avoid playing with people on 3g connections if one so desires. Moreover though the chat would just make the experience an easier one for everyone for what I hope is obvious reasons. So, work on better real-time internet play and chat. Thanks for a great game guys and not letting us languish with just your first worms iOS entry. GREAT WORK. Oh, forgot, see if you can make custom styles possible outside of private games. Thanks!
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3 years ago, CCKerem
Not working
The game keeps throwing, cant even start the game right know. Awfull :(
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5 years ago, noho_Hank
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13 years ago, theplothole
There is room for improvement...
I've been a fan of the Worms franchise since the classic "Worms 2" released in 1998. And while this incarnation is still quite enjoyable, two things drag down the experience for me... First and foremost the controls feel rather cumbersome on an iPad. Basically you move your worms left or right by holding your digit down on the left/right two-thirds of the screen, jump by tapping on your worm, set trajectory by dragging the reticule up and down, select a weapon by tapping on the bottom-left icon and then on your choice from the pop-up menu, and fire with the button in the bottom right. You also can move the camera by dragging two digits across the screen. While I suppose this setup works well enough on the smaller iPhone/iPod touch, since everything is in immediate reach, it demands frequently adjusting your grip over the much larger tablet. Had this been an iPhone-only app then I wouldn't complain. But since it's designed for both I wish an alternative control scheme was available that kept everything within reach on the iPad. The second issue for me is level of control you are given over the game. While there is still quite a lot that can be customized, it isn't remotely as flexible as earlier incarnations. My biggest gripe here is that you can't change the number of worms per team; you only get four.
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11 years ago, Rivalsan
Solid title, but get the new one instead
I've bought copies of Worms for PC, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, Xbox Live arcade, and now iOS. One thing that buying games from Team 17 has taught me, is that they don't do a great job on the first version of any Worm game they bring to that system (for example the first version of Worms for the DS, Xbox Live, and iOS were not good - but their sequels were very solid). Worms 2 is in that same vein. However, Worms 3 just came out and I'll probably get it since it is supposed to be designed specifically for touch screen. This version is solid, but has some annoyances that are grating (ex. You can only play on the device that the game is started from (bad for those who own iPhones and iPads), and very finicky touch screen controls). Overall, it is a good game, though. But if you are looking to pick up a Worms game for your Apple device, now is the time to pick up Worms 3.
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10 years ago, Tuaji
Mixed impressions
I have loved worms since I irst played it in 2004. I still love it today but I am a little disappointed with its latest mobile app because there are many bugs in the system- from the rifle being off from the guidance system, jet packs malfunctioning, the homing missiles irregular in its trajectory even when there's no wind involved, etc. in the hard category, it's ok for them to make those unbelievanle shots defying the laws of physics sometimes, but what is frustrating is when you make a very careful, well-calculated shot and then the program turns it into a lousy, inaccurate shot. The first version is actually more accurate than this latest version. The reason I first fell in love with this game is that in the beginnin, the app allows tou to coose the settings you like from what language (american, british, scottish accent) to use, the weapons are all accessible. the new version only lets you use the ordinary ones. the special ones I think you need to buy. All in all, I still love playing it. Just wish the player has more options and coices.
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12 years ago, bamazap
Best iPad Game
Worms was my favorite game for the iPod touch. Worms 2 is my favorite game for the iPad. Single player is just alright. The AI isn't very smart, but it has a high accuracy with the bazooka, the weapon it uses most of the time. The challenges can keep one playing for a long time, although it is a bit annoying when the AI can't get harder so you lose a worm. There is a way to close the app to get re-do on that turn, which really ought to be fixed, even though many times it was the only way I could beat some of the harder challenges. Where this game shines is multiplayer. The iPad is the perfect platform for pass-n-play and Worms is a great game to do it with. In addition, Worms 2 features turn-based multiplayer through game center. In addition to online multiplayer, Worms 2 added custom formats, a feature left out of its predecessor. My only complaint is that the HP bars don't disappear like they did on the first game. Oh, and having to unlock weapons was stupid, but it was done quickly enough. There are plenty of extra weapons to keep you busy, and power distribution seems pretty fair up to the concrete donkey which you never really use. All in all, this is a great buy for anyone with an iPhone 4+ or iPad 2+. I would recommend the less-memory-intensive Worms to anyone with an older system, but if you have a more recent one Worms 2 is the way to go.
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12 years ago, Lindy jester
Decent but needs work
First of all, to the people who are complaining about the lack of instructions, spend 2 minutes starting from the start screen going through the menus and I promise you'll find the How To Play instructions. I just bought the game and played it a couple times already, and read the gameplay instructions. Some of the controls are intuitive and some are not or have precision issues. I can't seem to jump or backflip when I want to. I would recommend a special jump button along the bottom and expand the left/right movement regions. The scrolling content boxes are barely usable, especially in the gameplay instructions where only 2 lines of text show at a time. They look in-style of the game, but it feels like usability was sacrificed for design. I don't remember all the weapons and I haven't found a way to see the name or how-to-use for the weapons during gameplay, which I find mildly frustrating. Considering this is a port of an old game, I'm not terribly disappointed in the lack of new stuff, but I don't feel they quite got the game in sync with the medium. They definitely need to do some testing on average users and make some fixes. However, this was one of the best Worms games and I'm glad that I can play it again without having to dust off my Pentium 3 tower.
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13 years ago, Comander352
Love It!
I love Worms! This is a great game, people complain about easy difficulty NPC's making impossible shots, its true but once you get far enough in the game you learn to beat them, without doing your own impossible shots! And really the controls aren't bad either, although they take a little getting used to. It is a hard game, but it has lots of weapons and plenty of different strategies to use, if you arent ready for some difficult challanges then dont buy the game, but i love this game. I have an ipod 4g and the game runs fine for me, so if u have a 4g and your ready for a challenging fun game then dont hesitate to buy for 1$! EDIT: oh and there actually is a pass and play mode, but it looks like some people are having trouble finding it :P
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13 years ago, sekazi
Not there yet
I love worm games but this one is just not there yet. 1. Unresponsive controls. When you press a button it should press. But in this game every once in awhile you cannot move or fire and it gets really annoying especially when you are in the middle of an attack. Another thing I really hate is when you end up jumping to your death when just trying to move. 2. Glitchy terrain. When can you shoot or throw things though terrain? I have lost I cannot count how many matches this way by either the enemy shooting though the terrain or my grenade going right though it. 3. Glitchy and missing sounds. Not all sound effects play in this game. When you do something and it is dead silent it just ruins the experience. Also certian weapons appear to missing sound effects like the holy grenade. 4. Extremely repetitive voices. Can we get more varienty. It appears half or more of the voices were left out. 5. Please add a restart level option in the main menu. I hate having to exit all the way back to the main menu then load up again. 6. These are annoying but not as important as above. Compression for the game so it does not take so much space. Faster loading times. Please change the horrendous app Icon. Add volume levels for the sound.
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12 years ago, swehrli
Asynchronous play is a joke!
Wow, I've been a loyal fan buying every version of worms since the beginning and lately its been nothing but disappointment after disappointment. Waited soooo long for Asynchronous play, but as it turns out its just another cheap ploy to milk us for more money. Once again released prematurely. Was bearing through the fact that their are 0 options and only works for 1 on 1 games. Still convinced like 5 people to buy it so we could play, only to discover you can't finish a single game without it getting out of sync!! How hard could it possibly be to send over matching data when its not even realtime. It always worked fine for the DS version (worms peak). So not only to you lure people in with features that don't work, but every time I open the game (that I paid you money for), I get the same ads over and over. Even after I bought worms golf (boring) I still get asked to buy it over and over again. What happened Team 17?
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