WormsZone.io - Hungry Snake

4.5 (33.8K)
208.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Azur Interactive Games Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WormsZone.io - Hungry Snake

4.52 out of 5
33.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Rightara
Players on this game don’t let anyone else participate.
I was enjoying this game, until I realized that the other players only attack me, not each other. They’re is a group and they really don’t want new comers to play. So, if the developers are wondering why they’re game never gets any players, it’s because as soon as your on the game, every player immediately attacks you and only you. Because of that I won’t be playing. They won’t be either for very long. It takes new players to keep a game going. So now a bunch of selfish players will eventually lose they’re game too.
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2 years ago, biglouldcrashes
Why is it that I used to kill with a head on all the time you know smaller worms now I die every time I try it why did you guys take that away from me? Why are you guys dropping worms in front of me all the time I’m battling just seems like you do this with one intention and that’s too get me killed. That seems like dirty pool for the provider of a GAME to do. When I play I like to run wide open as fast as I can go so I see a lot of the GAME and truly feel that I am being treated unfairly by you the GAME provider I would go a hard and delete the GAME but I really liked playing when it was fair too me ! Here’s one more thing I have noticed the gold long site bottles are not giving me the full time that I have worked really hard to get why is this happening? I need the long site to run fast the way I like so it is quite a bad thing to do to player ! All I am asking for is a fair playing field you know to not be single out and treated badly. You cheated you cheat you are not far you are not a good game provider you have not fulfilled your end you cheat in a hard the other guy always gets the kill and they only have to come near me and I am dead not far the rules should be the same for all players you are not doing this I can tell by game play the rules are not apply equally you cheat because I good and you don’t like it so you cheat well I will not let you cheat me anymore
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1 year ago, Bingcdionida
Daily bonus game
The game is fun. I’ll give it that. I only play this and Little Big Snake. I’ve deleted all the other snake/worm games. The problem I have is they have a bonus wheel. Where after you die or stop, you play the ad and the wheel spins and gives you 3X, 5x, up to 10x. The issue is. I’m playing and I started my last worm with 24 minutes left on the clock. By the time I died, I reached 10m lbs. when I went to play the ad and collect from the bonus wheel. It was over and I reached 10million for nothing. I expected to either get the wheel from whenever the time ran out, or when I finally died because I started before the time ended. Waste of my time and i don’t appreciate being forced to watch the SAME AD over 100 times a day and boy being able to win a reward.
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1 year ago, MsSxilla
I hate this update
I know for sure I had written a review but it magically disappeared 🤔 so going back to my original review I had an issue about reviving my self and then there was an update and everything was great but now this new update it’s the same thing smh don’t get me wrong I love the new layout and the way the food looks and idk about anyone else but I love being super competitive in this game and I love that this game allows me to do so. So when my time is up, my body shouldn’t dissolve and food is left behind for the idiots that are trying to steal my kills smh 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ not sure if anyone feels the same way? But that’s the one and only most important concern FOR ME!!
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4 years ago, GorgeousMe3
ADDICTED!!! And rightfully so lol 😍👍🏼💋💗
Does anyone know what the GREEN CIRCLE potion is for???? I've been glued to the game the second i DL it, and even gotten friends and family stuck on it! There is a couple annoying things though. Like it doesn't matter how high your score is, the points to level up don't roll over so you have to keep killing yourself for the points to count 😣. I can live with that but what really makes me crazy is YOU GUYS NEED TO PUT IN A PAUSE BUTTON!! I played for 5 1/2 hours once and had to keep asking for help playing if I needed to get up to do something! Fix those things and I'll give it 5 stars!! Some extra faces, skins and ability to customize the special skins would be awesome too!!
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4 years ago, flower wisher
Great! But 2 problems...
Ok, so the game is great bit there are a few problems that i think is not the best for the game..... so when you die and theres a video to watch then when its over you go back to the game and it doesn't give you back the size you were when you died... and when you have to pay 250 coins to be in the game, it STILL doesn't give back the size you were when you died. Ok, second of all when you get REALLY big you go really slow and for me is kind of annoying. Thank you for reading this message i hope that you will make an update on this so that i will play it more and maybe get more people to play it more to! Have a GREAT day 😉
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4 years ago, Cole3478
5 stars but...
I think, I KNOW this game is 5 stars, but there is one small problem that if fixed, wouldn’t make me think twice about rating 5 stars. Sometimes when I’m in the leaderboard like 1st or 2nd place and I’m not dying to other snakes, the game just glitches me out and kills me FOR NO REASON. I don’t know if this is a glitch or a really small snake spawning in front of me, but either way find a way to fix it. Now I’m not saying this happens to often, but I’m saying it happens when your really big and when you’ve been playing for a while in the top of the leaderboard. Other than that great game!
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3 years ago, Wesley David Stech
Worm zone MASTERS
Hi I am a worm Zone Master so I’m the one you want to talk today I will be teaching my special trick the first trick I do in Worm Zone so the first trick is to get the worms attention then you keep on circling the worm over and over again to the point that you can be able to circle the worm completely ok so try it out and see if it works out for you I will be happy if you leave a few comments on the bottom of the page I will let you know more about the tricks I can do in worm Zone tomorrow see you soon.
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1 year ago, B_h87
No longer fun… game is whack…
The game used to be fun, easy to grasp. Now there is either a glitch where people can stay alive when supposed to die or the developers are charging for a perks I don’t see an option to acquire… Either way, I’m done playing. I am 87BruceH in the game and literally everybody in the game will chase me when they see me. I am always the biggest snake in the lobby but over time I truly seems the developers are creating new stipulations that cater to to other players. What is the point if random player get 3 lives, they are able to somehow not die and go straight through me. WHACK… this game is whack.
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2 months ago, zdaydreams
Why isn't the no ads deal not working?
As long as I see that the no ads I payed money for keeps giving me ads I'm not changing this in fact I'll spam rate one star every month because you wanna use the no ads as a scam that shows I can't buy anything else from y'all if your ads blocker I payed for keeps giving me ads at this point I think your from the other worm game I was on that scams me with no more ads payment what even is the point of adding that if your not even gonna stop giving me ads? I was gonna buy a few more things but never mind you guys must not want money or to make more money because why isn't it working no other explanation but a scams? If no please fix it I don't enjoy waisting money
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5 months ago, Animaniacs123
So fun and addicting I could play all day.
Amazing game! It's good if you're looking for a game that's simple and fun, or one to dominate the game while becoming bigger. I love it and my only thing I don't like is there's no pause button. I would be sad if it was deleted. I love this game, please continue updating for all of your players! I also love how it's simple and doesnt have to click that much buttons. You just move it using your finger, easy and fun.
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4 years ago, one priblem
Teeny tiny problem
This game is really addicting and amazing but there is one problem. If you want me to live this game really really well, then you guys have to do something. Ok, so the problem is that whenever you get really really big or just plain ginormous, then you go really really slow, like your barely moving. Other than that, this game is the absolute best game ever. I would be really thankful if you fixed this problem.😊😊😊😊🥳🥳
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4 years ago, Briwel
Addicting, needs small update
It’s fun and addicting, challenging yourself to do better each time. One disappointment is customizing the skin - if you create and buy the custom color scheme, it can’t be returned to. Meaning, if I create a second custom scheme, it will charge me for that, obviously, but then if I want to go back to the one I previously created, I need to buy it again. It needs to have slots to store your customizations or some way to save when you buy that color or something. Also, I wish it was live MMO, not A.I., but I know that’s a big hurdle.
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7 months ago, you don’t need to know! :)
I am obsessed 😳
I love this game and it is so satisfying and fun! Simple game, but I like it that way. 👍 super cool game and all ages can play it! One recommendation is I don’t know how to join the server thingys that my friends are in? Maybe you could put a little button to join your friends servers! But wether or not you did it’s so fun! I definitely recommend for everyone who is bored and looking for a game to play! 💗💗💗
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3 years ago, Sommerbrez
Best Game Ever
I play this game on a daily for hours, glad to see they updated and really keep up on there game, I just want better skins, I play on Facebook and in game I notice sone worms with cute faces and skins, I saw they also give skins during recent holidays such as Halloween, l missed out on that, but where can I get different skins, then the ones that come in game? Either way this game is addicting and I love it...
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3 years ago, Beatriix Kiddo
Great game
I do enjoy playing this game. It is very fun and it’s great for pass time. Two things would make this game outstanding would be- Not having players spawn in the middle of your worm guaranteeing you dying and not move a turtles pace when your worm gets large. Both of things aren’t fair when you’re playing and it’s makes it less enjoyable.
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4 years ago, greybush1976
I saw this game being played online by some guy and immediately was interested. The simplicity of the game and the graphics were the initial lure. Instantly hooked. I believe the game could use a few more power ups and in game bonuses. Maybe a few more ways to customize the skins. All suggestions that could easily be added in the next version.
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1 year ago, Tashdeed Rahman
Amazing Game
This game is amazing! It’s really cool but it has settings, events, and more! But it takes 4.6 ratings and I have 5 ratings. I’ll take a rate about 10/10! So I will be biggest worm in the world! I will not touch the players because if I touch the players, I will die! So. Thank you so much for reading this!
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4 years ago, Celticskye51
Ads freeze and I cannot X out of them so have to start over!
I get to be number 1 worm and get an ad that has no clocking and will not stop. So I have to start over again. This is really annoying and will have to find another similar game shortly if this glitch is not addressed. This game is sinking. Too bad as I really enjoyed it when you would just view an ad Nd carry on. Now it makes you exit the program and restart. Bad news indeed.
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1 year ago, jorrible game
D d
Horrible game, did a autistic child make this and the cording as well cause it seems like they put any creativity into this, for example your controls are dog crap while having ai everywhere no real players, horrible but funny game since none especially the female who made this game is very idiotic
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3 years ago, ashjdkc
i absolutely love this app,it is very nice to play & your worm can grow till your the biggest. But one problem is that when you are too big, you can dye easily because it is harder for you to turn and move. another is that your speed is changing over time. When you’re large your speed is not working so we’ll because you slow down. Another is that once I purchased to get coins or diamonds (I think) but It did not give me any thing. I was really mad but I kept playing anyway. The others was pretty good and the ads were just the right amount even without getting purchased on no ads.
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3 years ago, Dorohedoro +
Ad Glitches
Ad glitches are too common and take away some of the enjoyment of gameplay. Ads freeze or screen goes black once ad is over and these glitches often erase game progress. A fun, addictive game I’d rate higher if not for the aforementioned issues.
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1 year ago, Tala Netherland
this game is sooo fun!
Hello! Sometimes i cant stop moving when i take my finger off the screen so it makes me bump into worms easily, And i get to top 10 many times and i only got first place for one time :/ and in the background screen its cute that the worm is running in circles!
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4 years ago, my pics are perfect
Good game
This would be an even better game if you could stop other worms from killing you while your eating a worm you just killed. Every time I kill a worm I never get to finish eating because 100 worms come out of nowhere and I get killed trying to eat the worm that ran into me. Please see if this can somehow be fixed. I only play it to see how big I can get. I don’t bother anyone. If another worm kills another worm I leave them alone.
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4 years ago, yendor1966
Add one update
I have found that you can’t always sit there and play for hours on end. But if you simply minimize the game on you phone you can come back and pick up where you left off.....until recently now sometimes when I do that it starts the game over. We would love it if you would allow to pause and come back later Ty
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4 years ago, LCoff231
I love it so much
It is like a popsicle that is attached to u that u just want to get so much idk who dose this game but it’s the best game to play just saying and like I love how u haven’t to get money and buy the skins and the should have seasons litterly but I mean it’s still good so yea every one should play this just saying that’s it I love u all and bye
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4 years ago, IndianIrishDancer
YOU HAD TO GO AND FLUFF THINGS UP. GAME COIN changes must be tweaked. 250 coins was nice. Why are you giving us less coins but still making us pay 250 to have another chance FIX THE COIN PROBLEM and the stupid lag. PLEASE TAKE THE REVIEWS and SUGGESTIONS INTO CONSIDERATION. MAKE MORE OPTIONS FOR SKINS AND THINGS. All the other snake games are SO MUCH MORE CUSTOMIZABLE. MAKE MORE CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS PLEASE. People are taking the time to tell you how to improve the game. I don't think its wise to disregard the suggestions made by the fans. THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION WITH THE GAME MAKER IS TRULY DISAPPOINTING.
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3 years ago, Samoxo
Not Multiple player, just bots.
This is not a multiplayer game, all you are playing against are bots. At first i thought it was multiple player bit then noticed that I could ALWAYS make it to #1 with ease. Wondered why other worms would just randomly run into me. This game could be fun and challenging against other ppl but the way it is, well not a real challenge to beat bots.
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2 years ago, Latashanoel19"()$
Add a couple controls
Let me start off with saying this. I really have fun time playing this game. But there needs to be more controls so we can see the layout of the game. I’m only giving you five starts is because I love this game.
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1 year ago, 145 speed
More to includ
Lovely game I would give it 5 stars because it’s a fun game that I love and play every single minute of my day. But it needs some more events and also make the wheel appear more but every thing else is 5 stars
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4 years ago, say what😳
The controls
This game is very addictive and fun but on multiple occasions I’ve been in a situation where I try to go left and I go right or just straight. My highest score is about 2,200,000. But when I got that big I literally needed space to turn. I’m playing on my iPhone not sure about everyone else. I see others playing being able to maneuver better then me. What gives?? It says the highest score is around 16,000,000. How??? Is anyone experiencing this?? Let me know. :)
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11 months ago, Shot by police
Hi my name is cutie I would like to be nice here and please don’t download this game
Hey creator if you’re nice enough to remove the ad and bugs because I hate them so much and I want you to remove them I keep screaming because I had to watch an ad and the bugs keep killing me so I have a mother that is sleeping right now and I don’t want to disturb her all right creator could you please do this for my mom I’m sick and tired of this I don’t want any bugs pleeeeeeease I am sick of this I’m gonna cry so much.
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3 years ago, stopbeingmean
I am just in love
This is the THE BEST APP EVER!! Me and my bro are addicted to the game we challenge each other and we are so good. There is a little problem, I always die when I am really big but don't hit anything with my head. But that is all!! So I try not to get to big! Tysm for reading!!! 😍😊🥰😁🤗🙂😎😏😄😃🙃😋
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3 years ago, JF Shadow 120
Stopped working
Bought the no ads. It worked for a week and a half and now it’s not. No updates on it, my phone up to date also but it randomly stopped working. The games still plays but I have no leader board, map or anything else on the screen. Very hard to keep playing if you never know where the edge of the screen is especially if the wall kills you if you touch it. Sad loved this game
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1 year ago, Dolly Syrah
Why worm zone is so fun.
I love worm zone because it’s so fun and it’s like I don’t know why it’s so fun it is probably the best thing in the world on the game score it is so much fun I just wanna play it whenever I am bored and yeah, I just like it so much😋💯💯💯💯💯💯🎈💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🎈💯💯💯🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈💯💯😍👌😀😍😘🥰😍🤩🥳
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4 years ago, Jmacnd
Almost 5 stars
I’d give this 5 stars, but I think the worms are just AI. I’d rather play against real people. I closed out of the app, went somewhere and started the game up 30 minutes later... and the same exact worms were in the same exact position! Kills my satisfaction factor a little bit :).
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3 years ago, bubble bubble butt cheek
Play zones
It’s a good game overall but it says you run into people when you have missed them completely. maybe the developers can take this little note and fix the fact that if you’re an inch away from somebody and you’re not touching them don’t say that they killed you when you were nowhere near touching them.
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4 years ago, hotjtjpojuuyg
I did a million
Kkhurfhrujr will the man will call you call call me and call call me call you call me and call me call call me call call me and call me call call me and you are call call me and call call my man I call ff I call call good man tcall and l did a million of I killed a lot of worms in zone.
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1 week ago, Pusheen 😼
Ads and loads..
I do like the game but can you don’t make the load so long? Every time I die I get an ad and when I kill a snake a random snake eats almost the whole body. They jumpscare me by speeding to make me die. Anyways can you make the load more faster even though I’m in a different country/state.
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4 years ago, NarutoBoruto🍜🍥
Not very good...
My sister told me to play this game, so I did. But then I realized that one, you need a Facebook account to get an account on the game, two, that the purpose of the game is to gain weight, three, everyone was just attacking ME, and in that process killed each other. I told my sister that it was just a rip-off of Slither io, but she didn’t believe me. I am NEVER EVER EVER playing it again, might as well delete it.
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4 years ago, Mr.RollTide
Fake Multiplayer
The game is fun, if only it were multiplayer. The names at the top left of the screen are fake, and the AI are just too predictable; They’ll follow you wherever your head is facing. You can literally get them to move straight and then turn your head so they turn into your body. The concept is great, it would be better if I could play against other people or friends.
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4 years ago, Unbeatable one
About an update
We are supposed to make the game play with ur online friends, with friend do we know each other i dont like always playing with computer please make an update
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1 year ago, My opinion no harsh
What do think about this game
It is cool but when you die can you not do the extra stuff I do not like it but besides that It was s amazing
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2 years ago, Bennynielsen
All the other “players” are fake
You are not playing against anyone else. You can test this by putting your phone on airplane mode and still play. If you don’t have a signal but can still play, then that proves it’s all computers playing against you. That why all the other worms only attack you. They also seemingly know exactly how to turn at the exact time you turn. FAKE!
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4 years ago, CMooreButz
Addicting game but needs work
Very fun and addicting game but some of the advertisements freeze up and you can’t close them after 30 seconds. I’ve had to close the app and reopen, very frustrating because I loose all my progress!
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4 years ago, my last try at a nickname
Needs work
No consistency when moving next to a giant worm - working one time, moving in close again for second time to exact same distance, or even a little further away, and then suddenly you are killed?? No way to “ambush” the other worms as all are AI: every single one makes the exact same avoidance move everytime you get close to the head. Not fun at all. Bye-bye until you can improve!
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4 years ago, Ace2021
Great! But could be better.
At the end of a round it would be cool to see how many kills you had, how many power ups you collected how much food you ate etc. it would also be good to see your highest scores. Love the game but I think this could add a lot to it.
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3 years ago, Bigpappa_88
The game is wicked fun but the ads are so annoying. I have to force close the app every time I die or I’d have ten minutes of game play out of an hour because of all the ads. I understand you want folks Money but it’s excessive. I generally don’t leave reviews but this one annoyed me enough to do it cause it is a wicked fun game.
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3 years ago, AkLaBec
Dislike this one since it was updated. I take care of my 92 year old mom and help with 4 grandkids. I used to be able to pause and come back but no more! Every single time l have to start over. I enjoyed playing this game and relaxing but am seriously thinking of deleting it!
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4 years ago, JacobeC
This could be the beat worm game out there but do to the limited vision it is not. When you get bigger you get more range on vision. However starting out the computer just quick zooms in front of you to many times and with your limited vision there is nothing you can do but die. Since the computer vision is ultimately limitless it’s a pretty bad flaw.
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