Would You Rather? Adult

4.6 (10.3K)
19.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Boris Mikic
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Would You Rather? Adult

4.64 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
4 years ago, #1tocalifefan
Fun Game! 👍
I find this as a very fun game for young and older people. The questions are very hard, but that’s what makes them fun! I have read from the other reviews that if you say that you would not like to write a review, the dog cries. Personally, I, and a lot of other people do not like when the dog cries. Please fix this problem so that the people that don’t want to write a review don’t have to see a crying dog. Overall, this is s very good game for parties or just yourself. (Or a group of friends) Pretty much everybody!
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3 years ago, LeRod8916
Some problematic and insensitive scenarios
I played this game earlier with friends and enjoyed some of the thought provoking “would you rather” scenarios. However, there were a few that were highly problematic and irresponsible considering the climate of today’s culture. These specifically dealt with suicide, violence, and mental health. By using these in your prompts, you give people not only ideas but possibly push individuals over the edge who have contemplated or tried to carry out the act of suicide. This is not okay and your team should definitely take a look at reviewing some of these options.
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3 years ago, Sojan8
Poor doggy
I felt bad when I clicked X and puppy cried and I nearly did too, next time it came, I reviewed which is this time. Anyways, good game, definitely recommend! And very amusing!
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2 years ago, Soundwave12
They Will Charge You Without Your Permission!
I liked the overall presentation of this app and the questions looked fun, so I decided to give the "free" seven day trial a go. After deciding to uninstall this app, I cancelled my subscription after only two days. Fast-forward a week and I get an email saying I've been billed for another week of use for this app, even though I had unsubscribed. I contacted Apple and they agreed that I had unsubscribed and I should not have been billed. Immediate 1 star for shady business practices. AVOID THIS APP! TL;DR - Avoid this app and it'a "free trial". They will bill you even if you have unsubscribed and you will have to contact Apple to unsubscribe.
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2 years ago, reader, writer, winner
good with some not great stuff
This game is very fun but it can be boring sometimes. I often get and get rid of games but I have had this for a while and it is a great way to pass the time. I highly recommend if you sometimes just need to do something. Thanks for your time
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3 years ago, NickEhret
Pretty Good
This game is one that I just got and it’s pretty fun. One of the hardest is giving up your birthday or Christmas, I picked birthday. Man, it’s pretty good though tbh and I don’t like some of the questions because I’m 11 and I don’t understand some but yeah pretty good game👍
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3 years ago, jjfad2000
I dig it!!!
So far, I really like this game!! My friends and I think some of the questions are hilarious🤣!! One thing I wish it had was a “skip” option if u don’t like a particular question. Otherwise, it’s a good time🤗.
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5 years ago, HonkieMagoo
Sad doggy
I wasn’t going to write a review but that seemed to make the animated dog sad. Anyway, I don’t really know if this can be considered a “game” but it is entertaining and I used it on a date I had from OKCupid and we laughed a lot.
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2 years ago, cantonlowlife78
Would you rather
It's a great app can't wait to see what I can unlock kudos to developers seems very well
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1 year ago, Jesse Byrne
Amazing game
Awesome and fun game I love it It has questions that are hard to answer. And I’m on a long car ride so this is very fun to pass the time. Very good game, 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Alyssaivey12
Too expensive
Lousy choices at times but overall a fun game to fill time
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5 years ago, allison shea kehoe
Would you rather
I gave it 5 stars because it’s fun for little kids and older people it’s a very fun game that you should try it’s even free to download
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4 years ago, 🩸🧴
You should play this game
Well it’s a fun game to play but it’s kind of weird at the same time but I like it so I would recommend playing this.
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5 years ago, haliebrookee
The little crying dog hurt my heart
I’m only reviewing this game because the little dog asked me to and cried when I said I didn’t want to. Games tight though, no issues from me. Don’t say no to the dog.
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1 year ago, Ehren 75
Do it!
A great game for all to enjoy, and also very easy to use with no extra nonsense like other apps… Good job!
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3 years ago, Sara1867
I like it
So far I like it the questions could still be for kids so I don’t know why it’s 17 plus but I like it
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2 years ago, Jacobible
Game is great but I wish you didn’t have to buy most of the things
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5 years ago, Enas Rawashdeh
The game is what is says it is
It’s a would you rather with some questions that really make you think.
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1 year ago, GOD Blessed Me 💪🏽
Road Trip!!
Very good for road trip when things go silent. Getting to know you!!
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4 years ago, popboy2333
Best thing ever
Love playing with friends and getting into debates at 2 am. Would recommend if you are done to debate and get drunk.
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6 years ago, gOneaWAytoTheCOunTry
Great Game
It’s a great game to play with friends and has really good questions. I really like the dog hat ask you to rate the game. It’s really cute. It would be good if there was a percentage
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4 years ago, Starvelle
Amazing work
I love how you put stuff right at you that you don’t even know
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4 years ago, Almayasaalhajri
My baby
I didnt want to write a review but when i said no to the animated dog it made me feel upset soo here i am with my baby
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2 years ago, RockOn2011
It’s okay to pass the time. The options do get funnier as you go. Wish it would show the percentage of what others chose.
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6 years ago, AngelTChristophe
I would rather...
I would rather be able to fly, and be alone!:-)
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2 years ago, ccarlitaa
It’s a trap
I only did the review cause the doggy got said when I said no
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10 months ago, Shannie92
$10 a week?!
This game looked like something I could play with a certain friend, but I can’t even get to more questions without the premium subscription for $10 a week. That is beyond insanity! That’s $40 a month or $480 a year!!!
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3 years ago, zaneburdine
I can be on this app all day and make me laugh
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4 years ago, Gnjulis
Best game
Best would you rather game I’ve downloaded 10/10 recommend
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6 years ago, MLGN8TION
Good game but...
Overall it’s a great game but when you answer a question it should tell you the percent of people that answered the questions.
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2 years ago, darkshusi
It’s fun as heck
It’s fun for adults but the other cards u have to buy
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5 years ago, TBundicus
Fun game, good questions
Thought they were all gonna be basic but there’s a few really silly ones in here.
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6 years ago, hebrrhebdhjdn
Good but needs work
I like this app my cuz and I are having fun on it but needs work
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4 years ago, afeeyuh123
It’s nice
Its a fun game to play when your bored and the questions are interesting
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4 years ago, The First Firmament
It’s exactly what you think it is, a would you rather
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1 year ago, wjxjsjdosks
Ummmmm it’s not what I thought it would be and I really don’t like the graphics but other than that it’s alright I guess
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3 years ago, Wannabefitstayfit
Fun car ride game
Without the drinking of course!
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2 years ago, offensive and violent
Offensive and violent
Some of these questions are highly violent. Questions about would you rather kill a baby, would you rather kill someone, would you rather see someone die. Not okay!! Very offensive.
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2 years ago, sgsjvhjdydhsushchdyfcyd
I just like the dog I don’t want it to be sad good game though
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3 years ago, pineapple111111101101
It a fun game
Not mention for little kids
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3 years ago, jaysontatum00000000000000000
Would you rather
Very fun to do with friends
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4 years ago, SieneC
Great app🥺
Only have to say one thing the dog made me do it😭but overall it’s a really fun game.
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3 years ago, Beyoncwe/Andy✨👑
Idk wat to put💀😭
I felt bad for making the dog sad so now im writing a review about it💀
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4 years ago, brielle whitmire
Amazing game
So much fun to play with friends and family or by yourself
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4 years ago, awesome fluffy cat meow
This game is really fun
It is kinda inappropriate so I like that it says it’s for adults.
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4 years ago, M ä d š
I love this so much! It’s fun and I hope others do too It’s also amazing
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4 years ago, redhead1241
I just had a would you rather question that stated,” Be born a red head OR have $100 stolen from you”. Being a person who is red headed I find this extremely offensive. What will it be next? Would you rather be male or female? Caucasian or African Americn? Where will the micro aggression end?!
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1 year ago, Lllllllllllpppppooooo
like to good
Omg too good I am living like a 100 year old
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5 years ago, beierjj
Not too bad
Not horrible, but I would prefer if it was a little more kid friendly
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4 years ago, i love it 2007
I don’t understand how to play two player it’s supposed to be two player I thought
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