4.2 (553)
64.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Colin Lane Games AB
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8 or later
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User Reviews for Wrassling

4.25 out of 5
553 Ratings
5 years ago, a guy who sent a message
Best Pixel fighting game but...
The game is very cool and funny...kinda reminds me of sumotori dreams...but there is a glitch in the music where durning a fight the music will start...but then at a random part in the song it will just stay at that part and play it over and over again each second...it gets very annoying...but still a fun game...maybe add more game modes like an “all boss mode” where there is only bosses...and your also a boss...or maybe a “sandbox mode” where you can spawn whoever when ever...change characters to different sizes including yourself...and change gravity...so basically music bug fix...and ideas...keep up the good work
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12 months ago, NMCed
Best pixel wrestling game
This is the best pixel wrestling of all time. I used to play this all the time on Poki which is an online app that has a lot of fun games like Crazy Games. The only two problem I have with this game is that sometimes when I load in the game my hats are gone and it resets my progress but it is still a really fun game. Also the hats come off pretty easily. For example, there are quests that wants you to do things with hats on. Like beat a boss with a hat on or score 5 points with a hat on and it’s pretty hard completing the challenges. Other than that it is a pretty nostalgic game and I love it. Keep up the good work devs. But they never update..
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2 years ago, rlajdhehje
So I’m on the iPhone 12 and I’ve played the game before so I wanted to come back to it and play again but when I try getting into the game it just puts me on a purple screan with dialog and then kicks me out
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2 years ago, yethplth
No longer working
I used to really enjoy this game. Me and my friends back in high school used to sit around at lunchtime messing with it. However, it unfortunately is no longer working for me. Whenever I open it, it immediately crashes. I think it’s likely because the last bug fix was 4 years ago and the developers no longer pay any attention to this game, which is understandable. Still a 5 star rating, for the nostalgia. RIP Wrassling, you will be missed lol
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8 years ago, Mottaty
A Suggestion
New update: minor bug fixes I guess that means completely revamping the jump physics? Personally, I've grown to love the old physics (but not the old old). I think the less-jump mechanic makes the game more controlled, which can take away a lot of the fun. If you like this jump style a lot though, maybe make an option to toggle how the jump physics work? I'm sure I'm not the only one to want it. Other than that, still my favorite app (along with Dunkers), keep up the good work :)
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7 years ago, Wizard 101 for mobile please
I love this game it's hilarious and fun AF. I love the weird physics that make the stuff look funny . You finally made a game that is a high score game with tons of replay ability always different way to keep you entertained. this game has made my day. This also has screen recording which is a plus and no BS with the in app purchases. You sir deserve a high five man. I don't know if there are ads because of my ad blocker. This game deserves more attention with its quality.
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6 years ago, woosher27
Great but could have more
I love this game and it’s really funny but I think think I could do with more features like a 2 player boss mode and a really big one like when you fall instead of just dying if you fall of with someone the. You have a midair fight but other than that this is a great game and really fun and I recommend downloading it
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5 years ago, sammy6363
Fix the bugs
This is a really fun game. I play this with my brother everyday and he thinks it’s very funny. Personally I love the player vs player mode but here is a bug, when one of the players get to 3 points the game crashes. Please fix this, I will change it too a 5 star once fixed Update: fixed!
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6 years ago, Stikbot goodie
Get the bug spray.
There’s a bug where after a round is over and an ad plays, it takes you to the normal screen, and you can’t click anything! This happens every other round. This makes me have to restart the app every other round. Annoying. Speaking of ads, ALL THE ADS. There are so many ads, I think one plays almost every round. But aside from that, it’s fun.
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6 months ago, Darius is famous
Best game
This is my favorite game. This game was my childhood, I convinced all my friends to download it, and we would play it every day I’ve completed everything In the game and I still play it to this day 2000% worth it
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6 months ago, Mr. Mcfunnelz
Not really working
Whenever I try to go in the game it doesn’t let me go in the game it glitches and immediately puts me back on my Home Screen but it still is a good game
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1 year ago, Ilikemechanisms
The game keeps on crashing
I’ve played the game on my computer but it keeps crashing before I get to the main menu on my phone
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8 months ago, abdirahman the reviewer
Great but..
So I was playing this since 2016 so when it was closed and I couldn’t get in so since I can’t get in I just really hope that this game gets fixed
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2 years ago, shepherd hughes
This game is awsome in every way. you can be a boss and 2 player mode is just as fun! i would like to see a only boss mode and a 2 player boss mode! other than that five stars! plus dunkers 1 is fun too!
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7 years ago, Bennyboo561
Best game ever
I been looking for good games cause I got bored playing my old games. So I decided to go to the App Store then I see this I saw it and I was like woah. I downloaded It and now I am playing it this game is very fun and I recommend it to everyone it is for all ages
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2 months ago, chris_money1
Audio Problem
Where is the sound?
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6 years ago, SawyerMac102
Awsome but...
I love this game it is fun unlocking hats but one thing that will make the game a big hit outfits that go with the hats it wound be amazing if you do! I love this game so please make That update soon and maybe a second one?well any ease thank you for makeing this amazeing game!
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4 years ago, Yoda da jedi
It’s... ok..
This game is supa hard.. and I thought you wuld just be able to fight without anything bothering you. But no. You need to complete tasks.. and I can barely eliminate ANYONE. Pretty much the only reason I get points is because I am teaming with someone to get them out. This game is.. fun. But I think it’s really hard.... plz make the game easier.
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3 years ago, Sadapp28
Childhood game
I’m very disappointed to see this game has hardly any reviews because I used to play this game all the time! I truly love the game and recommend
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2 years ago, O lava o
You need to se this
Even though I'm a girl I like this app so much and if there's any girls out there who like wrestling this would be would be a good app for you
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12 months ago, poplup_2
Doesn’t work.
Played this game a whole lot back then. It’s a shame it no longer works.
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7 years ago, Vega_32
Love it
Awesome game, keeps me entertained. Tablets are good for 2 players, but phones are cramped for 2 players, if you could play with a friend with 2 phones that would be better. (Wireless 2-Player)
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6 years ago, kanjijonathan
This game is an amazing recreate of an originally amazing game! The funny controls and the great graphics makes this game superb!! What’s even better? The fact that it doesn’t require internet!!
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7 years ago, Isai Hernández Díaz
Amazing game !
This is a Funny game, But i want you to add more rings,bosses and punch icon Bosses: Green Yellow Pink Boss rings or attack Green: Fast, comes dircetly at you. Yellow: big ring, biggest boss. Pink: Small ring, no fence. Punch attack: If you hit a guy 10 times he is out Outs: If you are down and somebody is stepping on you, you should stand up and you have 3 seconds to get up or you are out That are all of the ideas i have, please add some of these
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3 years ago, Sir El Buddy
This is the best mobile game ever made
It kept me occupied for hours when my pc was being repaired
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7 years ago, Concezio Grim
For such a basic game it's highly entertaining and hilarious. had small issue of freezing but can't wait for a sequel
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7 years ago, ajfarrar
My friend told me about this game and I was skeptical about it. It didn't look that fun. But I got it and I love it!!! It's so stupid and addicting but it's so fun. Makes my friends laugh every round so fun. GET THIS GAME PEOPLE! APPLE NEEDS TO RECOGNIZE THIS!!!
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4 months ago, poopyaundies
This keep me entertained all day
Really good game you can play as a boss character which i think is awesome really good game
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2 years ago, paddywaddy🤑🤩😎
No longer working
You guys need to fix this game. It keeps kicking me off the app and I haven’t even gotten in to one match with anyone. I’ve downloaded it 3 times and it’s still not working. I use to play this game with my friends and brother and in middle school when I get bored. Please fix this game
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2 years ago, bidu bidu pappa
I used to love this game
I loved this game but i found out it crashes when i try to play it on iphone 12 :(
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6 years ago, -shadow75-
Arm glitch
I love this game although on certain colors of wrestlers the arm will get huge. The only two colors I seen there arm get bigger is gray and white. Plz fix this glitch.
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6 years ago, jaypea4
Lots of fun
Updated review: Just a good ‘old slobber knocker of a game! Game used to crash about every 3rd match, but seems to be fine now.
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1 year ago, Happy Wheels Shine
Fix your game please
Fix your game please I really want to play this game again
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5 years ago, buv2011
I really don’t understand
When I first got this game is sounded like a fun little game to get. I was mistaken. There were no instructions, just tap to play. All of a sudden I was in a ring with other people. The whole time I had no idea which one I was. I couldn’t get anyone in or out of the ring, then out of nowhere. It was game over. NEVER GET THIS.
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7 years ago, little kid 8
I fell like it would be fun and all but the controls are hard to control and I can't even pick up a thing, and if I do pick it up then I just get thrown out of the ring. What I'm going at is it would be fun for a 5 year old who has no idea what there doing
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4 years ago, LastPlace09
Insane action
I love the insanity of this “real wrestling” game. The music is hot hot hot and the action tickles my pickle. It always brings a smile to my face when I load this game up.
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8 years ago, Jjcoolismynamebro
This app has truly made my day. I am really addicted to it, every time I get flung off the map, I laugh so hard.
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6 years ago, read me!!!123
Read this
Stick to the sports physics it makes your games unique and fun Also please please please do a soccer physics game
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1 year ago, Cotterdamerung
I can’t play on IOS due to it crashing every time. Please fix the game I want to play it.
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2 years ago, 836494
I love it
I like how it’s old and cool sounds when you hit the enemy and the walking is funny 😆
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6 years ago, Sydneyann7
Too many ads
I understand that ads support the creator, but the ads are long and often. I spend more time on ads than I do playing the game
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7 years ago, Jake Mccrite
Best ever
This is the best he funny physics and the difficulty is awesome I love it made my day and I just bought it best wrestling game on the phone and iPad
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6 years ago, JustLevi34
Good game but...
This would be the best game I have ever played only if it would stop with the pop up ads. FOR REAL I DONT WANT FREAKING STAR WARS OR RISE UP!!😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤯😵! But besides that it is the best. Please reply
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2 years ago, randomguy1387
good game
Game just crashes when I open it it’s a fun game
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3 years ago, mr. phelan
Wrestling error
I won’t let me play this
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1 year ago, farrah100
RIP wrastling
It was such a good game. It was fun and challenging with a cool gimmick. Its nostalgic to me and has a little place in my heart. RIP Wrastling, I will miss you.
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2 months ago, Jakwnbe
It won’t let me play
I load into the game but it kicks me out as soon as I try to play. Can u guys fix this please?
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3 years ago, Heydarkhan
Good game
This game is great me and my brother love it. It’s a good way to pass time on a road trip!!!! Would recommend
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8 years ago, Protospartan
Too Hardcore
This game is too intense if you're a fan of dark souls you'll definitely love this nightmare fueling intense game. 👌🏻
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2 years ago, yeeeeeeet25
cant even open the app
I downloaded this on my phone and was very excited to play but every single time I tried to open it, it would crash. please fix this
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