Wright-Patt CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (29.5K)
41.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wright-Patt Credit Union, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wright-Patt CU Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Zackjmcgmm
Was happy. Now annoyed.
I used this app for many years when I had only my personal accounts. It worked great. We recently got married so now we have joint accounts. The problem is that WPCU only gives you one user name per account. This becomes an issue when I try to log in and it will send the two factor authentication text to my wife’s phone since it’s “her” user name. If you individual accounts and joint accounts each user should be able to log in independently and see accounts they are joint in and accounts they are separate on. At the very best this current system is inconvenient, at worst it is a giant security risk because it forces people to share log in information.
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2 years ago, 'Disillusioned'
Manipulating my credit score.
My understanding is that financial institutions can also influence credit scores. I have an outstanding debt that was sent to a collection agency a few years ago. I have refused to pay it, and they have not pursued it, because we both know it was a result of an unethical and manipulative act on the part of the creditor. I have never heard back from the debt collector. Several months ago this ‘blemish’ was not affecting the improvement of my credit score. My practice has always been to pay my balance within 24 hours of a transaction. I am using my CC specifically for the purpose of improving my score in case I ever need credit. I otherwise would just continue to use my debit card exclusively. Now, someone? (WPCU or the credit score entities) is using this ‘entry’ on my report as an excuse to lower my score back down to ‘poor’ despite my efforts to pay my balance always within 24 hours. I don’t know whether it is WPCU who has chosen to alter their perceptions of my ‘credit worthiness’ or it is one or more of the credit score entities, but I will eventually test the waters by moving on to a different bank or credit union.
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5 years ago, Zimukusa
Ads and no longer real-time
This app used to be one of my favorite for my financial institutions, but now I’m daily getting ads about money-back offers with no option to mark them as read or delete them. Tons of irrelevant “offers” (e.g. cash back on auto parts...I don’t own a car) that I tried to swipe to see if there was a delete option but somehow that activated it. Now I have these dang offers on my account and no idea what havoc it’s causing to my account history. And there’s no way to remove these from my account so I literally have to sit getting more notifications each day. Fed up. Also getting extra annoyed that WPCU isn’t keeping real-time anymore. Funds in account but for some reason shows them three days later. Standing payments made but delaying issuing of my funds. Watching both this app and WPCU transactions carefully because if this keeps up I’m leaving WPCU at the end of the year.
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10 months ago, K.E.G1985
Lock/unlock feature
Here recently on the app and the website it has not been letting you unlock cards. I’ve use this feature a lot because I’ve had a lot of problems with identity theft, all of my credit cards and my debit cards that have a lock feature. I use them to lock my carts when they are not in use. But here on WPCU website and app this feature has been malfunctioning and when I need to get into my account, I cannot because I am fighting with the website and the mobile app to unlock my card and it won’t. It typically will take 30 minutes to an hour for it to unlock. This has greatly made me want to switch credit unions, because if I cannot use the feature the way that it is intended to be used for my safety and why I have it. Many banks are now doing this feature, and also credit unions. Those banks and credit unions are looking a lot better right now.
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10 months ago, KP The Game Changer
Member Services
I really appreciate the excellent service that I received from my Wright Patt. The customer service is so very helpful in many ways, the employees are always courteous respectful and helpful. I always recommend Wright Patt credit union to friends and family, even a couple of strangers that I have heard complaining about their banking institutions. I just simply say try Wright Patt credit union!! I appreciate Ray Pat working with me as I learn to better budget myself with such a small income. Thank you very much Wright Patt credit union for your courteous service and professionalism. Respectfully, Karen D Pettus
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3 years ago, Nikeya S
Review from a 10+ year customer!
I love WPCU. It was the first credit union I ever had. I started banking with WPCU as a freshman in college at Wright State University. I have always been treated so nicely and with respect. I haven’t lived in Dayton or near a main branch in about 5 years and still use it as my primary banking. Online Banking has been a breeze! Everything is so easy to manage through the mobile app. Even if I need to call in, the customer service representatives are always so quick and efficient! I love WPCU and will be a member for life!!
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4 years ago, NightOwlCat
Mobile Deposit Does Not Work
I have tried several times the last couple years to use Mobile Deposit. I think I’ve had it work once. Latest attempt was a US Treasury check, and it was rejected. Ran into errors with the numbers it couldn’t read, check not the same size front and back, and finally after getting past all the errors, and waiting a day, it was rejected because there was black space around the check (the case for my iPad that I put the check on for contrast) I took the check to the ATM instead. (Coved-19 shutdown) Checking my account balances works well, transfers work well. Have not used Bill Pay or other functions.
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6 years ago, ReRe0205
User Friendly Banking App
I’ve had this app for at least two years now and I like it a lot! It’s very easy to use. But like another review stated, it would be nice to see the names to the linked accounts when transferring. I’ve basically had to try to memorize which person is which. Granted, before the transfer is complete it shows the name of the person you are transferring to, but there was a time where I thought I selected the right person and ended up transferring money into a wrong account.
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3 years ago, Marcy H.
I started banking with WP a few years ago. It doesn’t matter if I’ve have to call or go into one of their locations, I have NEVER come across a sassy employee. I have always been greeted with respect and they have always been so nice. A couple of months ago I had to take out a loan and Nicole Hall and Alyssa Langer went above and beyond for me. They called me when they said they were going to. I really appreciated them during the whole process.
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4 years ago, Aragorn fan
One small improvement
Our experience has been great it one small improvement would make it better. Offering cash back on all credit card purchases. Most other credit cards offer this on all purchases but not WPCU. (They only offer this when purchasing from some specific businesses) Again, so grateful for all the other services and customer care but if that one area was improved it would make it even better. Thank you WPCU.
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3 years ago, Nel Sturg
WPCU have always been there for me!
I love this bank, They’ve always been there for me. What can I say they’ve helped me with checking account loans, and credit cards. They are a good bank, other than having trouble with Covid getting inside dealing with complications of transactions, Just like every other bank I’ve never had any problems they’ve always helps with anything and I need.
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5 years ago, trichinator
Great app and Convenient!
Works great! Convenient and I don’t have many problems. Bill path is great, transferring between accounts is easy, transaction history is easy. I occasionally have difficultly with cashing checks with the app, hence 4 stars instead of 5 - if there are lines on the check, it can’t distinguish where the check borders are. In the worst case, I had to lay the check on a larger paper and trace it with a thick sharpie, and that worked.
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5 years ago, Alan's WHYphone
Won’t log in
For the last two weeks my wife and I have both had issues with the app. Enter our login info and it just sits there spinning. We close, restart try again. Close restart, try again... sometimes it will fire right up, other times (most times) it won’t pull up my accounts at all. Frustrating. iPhone X running latest available IOS update.
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2 years ago, ASC429
Really enjoy this app, one downfall
I've loved using this app as it is so easy to view my balance, make transfers, and deposit checks (until recently). The mobile check deposit is my favorite feature but recently it has not been working. When I click to scan my check, it displays a message that says "rotate device," but when I do, nothing happens. The camer does not appear and therefore I cannot make any deposits from my phone which is very bothersome and this app used to work perfectly! Are there any fixes for this problem?
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3 years ago, seriouslyq
Routing number
It would me most helpful if you would just list the routing number in the app instead of linking out to a web page. How hard can that be? Also including the routing number within the account details inside of the web app and the mobile app would also be extremely helpful for users when copying and pasting account information for external purposes. Having to log out or bring up another web page just to get the routing number is insane. Very very very poor user experience.
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4 years ago, Nelson\\Alexander
Good app
I love the WPCU app for making my payments for my platinum card and my auto loan. However, I wish for the app and online services in general that when you make a partial payment it comes off the minimum due amount. This is extremely confusing when I think I still have to pay the full payment. When I actually already paid half of the amount.
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6 years ago, Andy356
Overall pleased.
One minor thing I would like to see: when transferring to a linked account it would be nice to see the account owner name when selecting the account to transfer to. Right now it only shows the last digits of the account number. I have 4 accounts linked but do not remember the numbers. The account owner does not display until after you make the selection. If it is wrong you have to start again.
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12 months ago, Nord/dude
Long time customer.
I have used the online services for each of my WPCA accounts for as long as they have been offered and have enjoyed nearly flawless results. The fact that I am easily able to transfer funds back and for with a another account holder has been a huge plus.
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6 years ago, 100%wpcu user
Great app just missing one very important feature
I love the app it works perfectly the only thing it's missing and can be a hassle especially when on the go is being able to transfer externally. I transfer money every time I get paid to my wife's bank account and she's not with Wright Patt. It would be great to have the ability to transfer externally.
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3 years ago, Kubloc
Recent Issues
I’ve used the WPCU mobile app for a few years now & haven’t had any issues with it until recently. Almost every time I go to login, I get an error saying “we are unable to display your information at this time. Please try again later”. Which is extremely frustrating at times if I don’t have cash & need to transfer money or if I want to check on the status of my deposits.
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4 years ago, Kuhlbrick
User friendly
The usual tasks you need from a banking app are there and are all very intuitive. The added features of being able to check the status of external loans, credit, securities, and retirement accounts is just outstanding. Also the money management features are well thought out and very helpful.
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8 years ago, neal_fan
Mobile Deposit broken under iOS 10 on some devices
Overall, very pleased with the app until iOS 10 — mobile deposit fails on devices without image stabilization in the camera: iPhone or iPad, at the camera portion of the mobile deposit process; on a 6s Plus, however, mobile deposit works flawlessly. C'mon WPCU, iOS 10 beta was available in June… why is this a problem with months to test and fix? On a positive note, Touch ID works great and Bill Pay does, too.
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2 years ago, pcmjimmy
It works for many things but it is difficult to do somethings
I use this app daily it saves me time and money. Very friendly. They are a willing Notary Service and a Community Partner. Easy to work with. Being linked with other Credit Unions you have no cost ATM service when you travel out of State.
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8 years ago, StandUpForJesus
Much better
The WPCU app has improved immensely since I first downloaded it. I banked at both WP and 53rd the 53 app was better and more streamlined, however the WPCU app is now just as good. The only improvement I still want to see is real time transaction feedback. The 53 app notifies the user instantly of a transaction where as the WP app takes a few hours, though this has improved as well (before it took a day) its still not instant.
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3 years ago, jrit90
I love the WPCU app
I love the WPCU app. I do wish it would let you apply for a credit card easier than sending you online and stuff, and the sending to other people I wish they used zelle or something more legit for sending to other non wpcu members but other than that for a credit union it exceeds expectations.
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2 months ago, M’town
Very easy to use. Content is well organized and instructions for moving around the app are easy to follow. I appreciate being able to access the details of my transactions. Face ID is a big plus. Information is accessible, and it’s easy to navigate the app. Availability of Face ID is a big plus.
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5 years ago, Veaties
Advance Auto Parts Notification Badge
It’s concerning to continue receiving an annoying badge notification for Advance Auto Parts every day. Please, can we remove Advance Auto Parts from this app? The badge makes me think of a change in my accounts - but instead it’s a bothersome ad for a store I never shop.
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1 year ago, Fred Cox II
Wright Patt Credit Union has always been there for me and my family since 1982 as a junior in high school. I am as equally proud to say that I have always maintained the equal handshake as well. Several of my family members are proud Wright Patt Credit Union members? Thank you for your service, Wright Patterson Credit Union.
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5 years ago, shinethelight088
Check Deposit Nightmare
Within the last few updates depositing checks through the app has become a nightmare. It constantly says that the checks have not been endorsed when they have. I can clearly see the endorsement in the image but the app will not allow me to proceed because a computer program can’t “see” the obvious. Otherwise a 5 star app but since the mobile deposit feature used to save me the most time and now it can’t be used, I give this app 1 star. I’ve begun making trips to the bank again. What a shame.
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5 years ago, benji leidecker
Beware !!
This bank puts a ridiculously long hold on deposited checks (7 business days) I deposited my money on a Friday night so my money is getting held hostage for 12 actual days. This is the second time in 2 months this happened for no reason. I have never bounced a check in or out. The first time it happened I called and got the run around for a few days. I’m not doing it this time, just going to wait it out then close all accounts. This bank has changed direction and has become more of a dis service than anything.
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10 months ago, Ucanstopbmart
This app makes it beyond difficult to connect your other bank accounts for bill payment. I have a auto loan with this company and I’m trying to set up payments from my personal bank. I don’t want to open an account with them just to pay my car note. However they make it so difficult to link your other account so I may have to. This app isn’t user friendly and works like a abandoned website. I wish I could give it zero stars.
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6 years ago, SinisterExaggerator
Mobile check deposit
The mobile check deposit feature is awful. Every time I use it I spend 15 minutes minimum trying to get it to accept the picture of the back of the check. It randomly cuts off the top, bottom or a side of the picture, won’t accept it as the same size as the front of the check... eventually I give up and take my check to the bank for deposit. It ends up saving much more time and no headache!
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7 years ago, Ohana3ps
Solid app, for a smaller banking institution
I'm sure more features would be nice, so I am giving a solid 4 star review. So, there is room for improvement... but over-all, I am personally satisfied with it's functionality and reliability. Thanks for being integrated with fingerprint security! You have put emphasis where it matters!
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3 years ago, Hammer, 1944
What I think
I do like the app, but I do not like the way w p does bus. You ask a simple question can’t never get a straight answer, and with the COVID that’s a whole mother thing refused to send paper billing to folks afraid you to spend A little money and keep folks safe, but I do love the app.
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11 months ago, Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn2
Mobile check deposit does not work
The app is fine, except that the mobile check deposit (which is my main reason for using it) straight-up does not work. I have never had problems with this at previous credit unions or banks but the mobile deposit feature fails to produce a workable picture every time. It is beyond frustrating and baffling how it’s so bad!
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4 months ago, Arnie2toy
Great app
I have enjoyed this app especially for my Bill Paying!!! I like the ability to quickly look at my balances as well as deposit check directly from my phone. I highly recommend it to anyone!!!!
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11 months ago, jdutvdgd
Love this bank
When no other bank wanted to give me a chance on a decent sized loan even with decent credit. This bank came through and helped me out and with a fair APR. Easy online banking makes it fast and painless to make payments.
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4 years ago, jerblue42!
This bank has done nothing but been so helpful with everything I’ve ever needed. I highly recommend this credit union and the resourceful people that work for this company! Thank you for everything that everyone does!!!
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3 years ago, Tarzen Ape
The card
Love the card but when we go out of state, half the time it does not work and gets embarrassing. We call and they say ok. Then nothing. We call again, same issue. Now we just use them mostly in Ohio! Thats sad!
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6 years ago, Shaded_Red
Good app overall
This app is pretty good overall. The biggest issue that I have with it is with mobile deposits. Most of mine end up in review because the picture of the check looks like a hand drawn picture instead of a clear snapshot of the actual check. There are so many other banking apps that work great in this regard. I will update to five stars if/when the app is improved.
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5 years ago, Hate "crash"
Update Needs Fixed
This App worked great till this last update, now i get non stop message alerts for the special offers you can add to your bank card. I have tried everything from turning off the special deals, which by the way you can’t? I have uninstalled the App and added it back, nothing has fixed the NON STOP message light for the special offers.
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1 year ago, ohio 73
The app helps me transfer money to my kids in college. Along with monitor our daily balances!
The app is very easy to follow and seek out your accounts when needed. Helps with transferring cash to college kids. Quick and easy.
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6 months ago, -Vickster-
Touch ID Not Working on iPad
I set up Touch ID but the app forgets the settings and will only let me login with password. Once I have logged into the app, I go to the settings and switch Touch ID on but app still forgets the setting. I looked thru the comments and I didn’t see anyone else with this problem. I have the app on my phone and it works fine.
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3 years ago, mbme36
Happy with WPCU
WPCU - I am so pleased with them they assist in any way possible, they contact you when you have unusual withdrawals, they have classes to teach you how to fix or repair your credit, the staff try to know your name and call you by name when possible.
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6 years ago, Mr.Tibbles
Easy transactions
This app makes it so easy to transfer money to my teenagers when they need it to pick up groceries or go out with a friend… It has also made transfers easy for our kids to pay us for their phone or car payments.
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6 years ago, TbnNinja
I miss my credit union
I love this app. I moved to Texas and wanted to keep my wright patt account so the app allows me to do basically everything remotely from depositing checks to paying bills to moving money around, everything short of depositing cash. The app is fluid and easy to use. I miss you WPCU!!!!
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7 years ago, RED61
Edit Feature
I would have given this a 5 Star review if there was a way to edit you bill pay date or amount instead of having to cancel it completely and start over. Hopefully this feature will be added in the next update😀
Show more
8 years ago, JesusWasSatanic
Great but one thing.
I highly recommend this app, and has tremendously improved since being launched. But every other update, it messes up and every time I try to transfer money it'll say application error. Only happens at the worst possible time though, and only happens on occasions. Idk if it's just me, but other than that it's a wonderful app and is greatly improved
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7 years ago, nusyamb
Great app.
Easy to transfer money to any accounts and convenient for everyday use. There are limitations for how many transfers can be made, which was confusing at first but when it is explained it is simple. User friendly and good customer service.
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6 years ago, Keith in Germantown
Love it!!!
This app is a HUGE timesaver for me. I have several rental properties and get lots of checks and money orders monthly and I don’t live near a branch, so the mobile deposit feature saves me many trips to the bank. Also a huge fan of WPCU in general - love the web site and Bill Pay.
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