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WSFS Bank Mobile
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for WSFS Bank

4.8 out of 5
28.4K Ratings
4 years ago, shellie06
Lots of bugs
This app has a lot of bugs that need to be addressed. It asks you for your passcode to sign in and out but when signing out it still doesn’t sign out, it brings you back to your acct summary. It says you can do Face ID to sign in but it doesn’t work & never prompts you for that even though you selected it. To pay bills or go to another option you have to enter your full password again even though you’re already in the app. And if you make a mistake the little X doesn’t erase the password, you have to delete every character to start over. The beneficial app was very well designed so to have it switched to this it’s very disappointing.
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4 years ago, I JUST GOT STUCK UP
When beneficial merged with WSFS I admit I was a bit apprehensive, but figured I would give it a chance. Big mistake. It all started with paying my bills. Payed them like I did when it was beneficial, with confidence on the due date with any issues. Evidently not the case with WSFS. They were being delivered late which as as a result being changed $39/each account attempted to pay for months until I noticed credit card balances were going up and not down. When reached out to WSFS they were quick to state in many words that it was my fault for not reading there policy on bill paying procedures. I can see how that be true, but when u are reassured that nothing will change due to the merging of the two institutions and that it would be business as usual and normal I didn’t think think to check of any indifferent procedures. Their responses I summed it up basically was that there was no excuse for ignorance and they were not responsible and was not going to try to correct the situation and left me with hundreds of dollars in late fees, which ruined my impeccable standing with credit card companies and watch my excellent credit drop for late payments. Now I am left trying to find a new banking institution because I no longer feel safe with WSFS.
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3 years ago, hardycr
Bloated Toad
I like WSFS as a bank, but this app has gone from decent to lousy. Specifically: . Takes waaaaaay too long to load. Regardless of whether I’m on LTE or my fast Wi-Fi it can take 20-40 seconds to load!!!! This is totally unacceptable! Even logging off takes a few seconds. . Every time a new update is applied my FaceID is lost and I need to reenter my password. I don’t know of any other app that forces this. . Every time a new version is applied it directs you to a set of “what’s new” pages. This would be ok if there was actually something new but it’s always the same features that might have been new a year ago. And, it continues to make you skip these pages for the next few logins. I have accounts at several online banks and this app isn’t anything special but if WSFS paid some attention to it it would at least be competent. Today it’s not even adequate.
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5 years ago, IvChurch
I was a Beneficial Bank customer and was very pleased. This WSFS Bank is the worse when it comes to your balance. The pending transactions continue to show in your available balance so even if you’re out shopping you better be writing down and balancing your account. I’ve always had enough in my account so I didn’t overdraft but everyone doesn’t have that story. Every two weeks they deposit my salary twice and then have to come back to withdraw one of the deposits. Never seen anything like it. I’m taking my money and running to a competent bank.
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2 years ago, Bjlayla
Awesome Banking!
Always convenient which is appreciated in this age of Covid-19! If I ever have difficulty (like on the occasion my account was compromised), it was taken care of immediately. Also, the online banking customer service representatives are ALWAYS very efficient and kind!! Customer service at some institutions can be lacking courtesy but not at WSFS - hence, why I’ve stayed with this bank since it was Farmer’s & Mechanic’s Bank!!! While I also patronize another bank, I’ve had my same account number with WSFS for over 20 years despite the bank’s changing of hands!! THANK you!
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4 years ago, closing sav acct
Savings acct fee
I have a direct payroll deposit going but weekly in my savings acct, I received notice that I would still get a service fee as the source of the deposit is not my checking account. I am planning to redirect my savings account payroll direct deposit to my savings account at another bank and close my WSFS Savungs account. I feel all direct deposits should to qualify for savings account fee waiver. I am VERY unhappy about this, I may also decide to move my checking account. Please contact me.
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3 years ago, HappyTDancer
Need to improve user-friendly control over lost visa banking card
When I lost my bank card there was no way that I can stop the payment on the card it was nothing I could do to stop anyone from using the card fraudulently. So in this case the bank needs to immediately implement a program that many other banks have, which is allowing the owner of the card to go online to the online banking site and immediately freeze any purchases that could be made on the card… Especially on weekends and hours when the bank is not open! Thank you
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2 years ago, Annoyed with the AI
Aggrevations with App
My bank, that didn’t have these headaches while using THEIR phone app, got bought out by WSFS. A week ago, I tried to make a Snap Deposit to my secondary checking account. WSFS wouldn’t even Give me that option. I called & explained the problem & was told it would be fixed. A week later, I still have the Same Issue AND a really cranky auto reader function for check photos that made me photo shoot my check FIVE times & change lighting & location just to deposit One check!!! Argh !!! Never had these issues with my Old Bank!!!
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3 years ago, Sadened Banker
Have been a long time bank customer since bank was previously Farmers & Mechanics. Wish they kept their banking ethics. Wire fees are $45! Bank app is too slow or freezes. Balances are not actual amounts available, not to mention their bank hours really! Also can someone explain why they closed up all the original bank branch offices when they took over? I have to drive 3 towns and 21 miles away just to get to the only branch available. Worst bank ever! If it wasn’t for the the free checking account & no minimum balance required on existing accounts I would have taken my account to another bank. But new checking accounts have the same requirements or no physical branch office which I don’t like. Can’t win.👎
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4 years ago, wsfs customer over 10 years
It works after you learn it
The app isn’t very intuitive. Who would think that you would have to press the same button twice when taking a picture of a check to deposit it. Certainly the app could prompt for what you need to do after taking the picture. What is the purpose of sending two emails quickly to tell me that I made a deposit and that it was approved? What I’d like to know is that it was received, and later that there was no problem collecting from the other bank. Using Zelle works nicely. If you have a limit on the transfer amount why don’t you list it?
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5 years ago, 33yearcustomer
Not thrilled with the change
Once online bill pay changed from Beneficial to WSFS, in order for payments to be paid by the requested due date, WSFS takes the money out of the account 2-3 days BEFORE the payment is made. If a check were to be written, the money would come out the day the check is cashed. Why is it necessary to remove funds 2-3 days before the payment is credited???
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4 years ago, rosemanie
My complaint abt my checking account.
I am very displeased right now! My checking account keep showing an available balance that is really there which keep leading me to have negative balance. Someone told me each time I need to call to get my real balance. You are mismanaging my money. I’m so disappointed and worried now I can’t use my card bcz the online balance does not reflect my true balance. If this problem is not solved WSFS will loose a lot of customers in my areas bcz bcz we never had this issue with Beneficial Bank
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1 year ago, CarryOn 41
Worst Bank App Ever
I really don’t understand the 4.8 out of 5.0 rating on this app, that absolutely must be fixed. I have been with this bank for several years and this app has been nothing but a headache. I am constantly asked to change my password because the app claims my current password is not valid, although I now keep a record of my constantly changing password on my phone because it happens so frequently. I was just asked to change my password two days ago and now again today. I have accounts at several other banks and this is the only bank app that is so glitchy and annoying.
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4 years ago, smithfam21
Half the time it works half the time it doesn’t it’s hit or miss with this app. It’s so frustrating. The whole purpose of the app is connivence; last week I couldn’t get in for a whole week had to wait for the weekend to go into the bank to move money. I called customer service all they could tell me is that there were aware of this issue and that it had been reported. I went away on vacation recent and couldn’t get in the app to see my account. Ba hum bug!
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4 years ago, Nicole W 122 19805
Fraud alert system is terrible
New text fraud alert system randomly declines purchases way too frequently. The system should only flag suspicious activity, not local places we frequent like the grocery store next to our house where the card with the chip is present and PIN number is used. Or my business ordering that we perform more than once a week!
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4 years ago, frank-iii
Quick Access settings reset just about every day 🤨
Quick Access (eg. Touch ID) gets wiped out just about every day, making the term “quick access” a bit of a misnomer. It seems to happen every time there’s a “here’s something available for you that you’ve dismissed a dozen times already” notification after logging in (using username/password of course). Quite frustrating - just about to the point where the inconvenience is forcing me to think about another institution...
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4 years ago, Its Brooklyn
Wonderful experience. Thank you
I have not used this app for a while. I had to call and get assistance from the most pleasant young man. He had the patience of Job. I tell you after 60 years of age we need all the help we can get with technology and he was wonderful. I’m back on track. That’s so very much WSFS staff. Sandra Castro Dawson
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4 years ago, RuffledJersey
Poorly Designed App
Depositing a check takes too many steps - why can’t it automatically find the check borders and take a photo as you can do with other banking apps. Don’t understand why there are both a “More” button and a “+” button. They mean the same thing to the average user. It’s not clear how they decided what functions go under each button and difficult to remember. Seems very random and not a well designed or well tested UI.
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2 years ago, Nanab42
Bugs galore
Before and after the merger with Bryn Mawr I experience rudeness and issue to get to the point where someone figured out why I couldn’t sign into my accounts. They had the home number and cell numbers mixed. I am still have pop up bill paying issues and today an out of state telephone number on my profile. Presenting this is met with the nastiest employees. I read where they are known to have rude women and do they ever!
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4 years ago, Unrealsoul84
Worst bank I’ve had so far
The app doesn’t accurately keep track of your spending. You have to pay for checks for a checking account, which is kind of the point of me opening my checking account. I was going to need checks. Fees on atm’s that aren’t for the bank. Oh they’re nice over the phone and for their customer support. Nothing wrong there. Just don’t be surprised if you have less than you see on your account balance and you’ll need another app to use as a balance ledger. Looks like I’ll be switching my bank again.
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5 years ago, Cantarellideli
The app is terrible. The Beneficial Bank app reflected the pending charges in your available balance displayed. The WSFS app displays inaccurate balances and the bank tellers at my local branch were telling me about the amount of complaints they’ve received since the re-branding on the app. I was told that if I want a true balance displayed to use the desktop website...which defeats the purpose of having a mobile app. Also I have used the desktop and that too displays incorrect information. This bank has been such a headache since the merger. Kind of ironic due to their namesake.
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2 years ago, mMitchell23
Improved over time!
I have been with my bank through 3 different mergers and each one improves over time! WSFS did not have online services when it bought out the last bank and I have to say I’m glad it caught up with the times. I do enjoy the online services especially the ability to deposit checks!
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4 years ago, Cableclipper
Constantly adding password
I continue to activate the biometric thumbprint access to my account and have to continue telling the app to save my password that it asks for manually. Not sure if it’s after an app update but pretty frustrating. Other than that great to use.
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5 years ago, Arelys87
App takes to many days to refresh!
I hate the fact that I have to wait from 3-5 days for my new balance to show. It shouldn’t take so long for the app to show me my new balance, I should be able to see it the same day regardless of the day of the week it is. Other than that, I love the new features!
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5 years ago, mikaek1987
Subpar app
I rarely going to the bank. I like being able to bank via mobile. This application is horrible. I was originally a beneficial bank customer but they merged I don’t understand why they couldnt keep the layout and functions of the beneficial bank at which gave you a accurate update of your balance including pending transactions. I’ve had my card declined a few times before realizing that that The application does not show you your true and up-to-date balance. If this isn’t fixed I will be going to another bank. Thank you
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4 years ago, CustomerK
Best bank. Superior service.
I absolutely love banking with WSFS. The customer service truly sets this bank apart! From the lobby, counter, to the 800 customer service, mobile banking experience, and now the myWSFS personal banker service...just amazing. I have been supported with information, financial planning, and soo much more. Always an excellent and critically productive encounter.
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6 months ago, HTMM
Long time customer
I would never switch banks as long as I live you have been a great thing for me and I would recommend you to anyone large enough to do the job and small enough to be personal. We love you guys thank you for everything.
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1 year ago, Tekkamae
Too Many Tries
I really haven’t been having a problem with the app until recently. I have to keep taking the picture of the check until it approves. The app needs an update because it has a lot of bugs.
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5 years ago, Jefferson Zeus
No Many Times It Doesn’t Process my Request.
On Many Occassion's, I have Attempted to Make a Transfer & I Continually Get a Message that The System is Busy & to Try Again, This has Happened on Numerous Occasions, And It is Very Frustrating to Me, This had Happened on Many Occasions and it has Upset Me not to be Able to Make these Transactions .....
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7 months ago, joeevere
Great Effort
They work on it all the time and getting it right too! I appreciate the convenience especially for the online banking feature! My mother opened a account for me and my siblings when I was about 8 and I never considered any change ever to my banking!
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2 years ago, Dhvh31
Great and easy but could be easier
I would have the deposit option at the bottom of the screen. It took me several tries to find it, even the “help” didn’t explain where it was.
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12 months ago, Samford28
Actual amount
I would like to see a feature where it has the actual amount after the account is used Sometimes the account is lagged and it makes fincacial planning difficult at times because what I think is in the account actually isn’t. My other banks do this and I’d like to see wsfs incorporate something like this as well.
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1 year ago, sadbanker3
They rave about how convenient the app is for paying your credit card. since before Christmas whenever I click on “pay card” the app instantly crashes. It’s been over two months and this problem isn’t fixed. I can’t make it to the bank to make my payments because they got rid of extended hour branches. They also do not report when you pay down your credit but instantly report that you’re carrying a balance ..
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2 years ago, someonetryingtobank
Does Not Work
I tried signing up for this app but it just wont work it wont let me sign up and when You hit “sign up” it takes you to this page where you cant zoom out and cant hit the “continue” button.
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5 years ago, BigDog162
Horrible App
WSFS should have just copied Beneficial’s mobile banking app. At least that one worked. The WSFS app is glitchy. Randomly comes up with errors while logging in. I’ve been offered to check out the same features every time I log in, despite declining and accepting (just to see if that cleared it out). Facial recognition works when it wants to. And it takes forever for lending charges to update, especially weekend charges. The same charges updated a heck of lot faster with Beneficial. Bottom line... the app is garbage.
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5 years ago, beneficialmelon
I would give a 0 star rating as this app has not worked in two weeks. Users have not received any communication from WSFS about this issue or any semblance of urgency to resolve it. I prefer to check my mobile banking app everyday, which was possible when I was with Beneficial Bank.
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2 years ago, FreddieL23
Used to work great
When depositing in the App it used to be amazing. I never had a problem with it for a full year. Now my last three checks haven’t been able to read by the App. Very frustrating
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5 years ago, Momsafantoo
Ugh..Beneficial I miss you!
This bank app is horrible. Plenty of funds displayed as available balance but transactions decline. Transfer more funds, transaction goes through?! Why isn’t the avail balance accurate? What’s the point of having an app if I have to track balance manually—might as well get my checkbook register out. Also, every time I open the app I get a “data network busy try again” BS error. Takes several tries to get app to open. Might be time for a new bank. How could you do this Beneficial Bank?!
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4 years ago, #renewedbythebeach
Overall easy to use app. Just wish I could see my balance after each transaction is subtracted. I bank with another institution as well that has this feature and it is very convenient.
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3 years ago, Adiós Juan
It make is so easy to move funds and automatically pay bills. Screens and font size makes it easy to see the information on my smartphone. Stopped using my computer to do banking.
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4 years ago, Getting Kicked Out
I am being forced to use this awful app because WSFS took over Beneficial Bank - which I loved. It never gives an accurate balance and the transactions appear and then disappear and then appear again. The only reason I gave it an extra star is because it has the exact same format and look as the Beneficial Bank app, so at least I don’t have to deal with everything being new and messed up. Definitely not happy!
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1 month ago, adele 55
All the tellers are really great soon as I call they know who I am and help me without any issues whatsoever and I really love the financial advisor Perry he’s amazing also. The only thing I wish is that you had some branches over where I live in Gloucester Township
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4 years ago, banermanerman
They are the worst at posting “pending” transactions!
I have had enough. They never get it right. You never know what your correct balance it. You have to keep track of it yourself. I am inclined to believe they want you to go over so they can charge fees. I am switching banks.
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4 years ago, Number 1 Grandma
Happy WSFS Customer
Have been using WSFS Bank for about 20 years. They are friendly, professional and always willing to “go the extra mile” if need be. They have never let us down and we have had a variety of services over the years.
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5 years ago, Totally80sgirlmary
Grrrrrr NOT happy!
Ever since my bank, Beneficial, merged into yours, I have had nothing but problems with accessing my money via my debit card. I can’t tell you how many times I try to use my debit card and it keeps getting declined and I go out to my car and I log into my account and there’s my money, right there right where it should be and there’s zero reason for my card to be getting declined. It’s really embarrassing. I never had this problem with Beneficial. I’m seriously considering leaving the bank now.
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8 months ago, WSFS lover
WFSF is the best
WSFS has been a partner of mine for many years. Customer service is number one being the best I have ever dealt with. Never a wait time and their employees are always working so hard to keep me happy. Thank you for the past 5 years WSFS!!!
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4 years ago, Sssddddddf
When WSFS over Beneficial I was told there would be no changes only to find out that isn’t the case. First thing within 3 months lowered the interest rate. I could deal with that although unhappy. Then a month ago they upgraded this APP and it is no longer able to be linked with my Mint account and the app requires multiple logins to work. Now I need to find another financial institution for myself and my 90 year old mother. Customer service is not what this company is about.
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2 years ago, KenE.G
Brandywine Hundred Electric
My small part-time electrical business would be impossible without the outstanding services I receive daily from WSFS, all of it’s branches & especially the people who work at the bank.
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4 years ago, TheRealJamesS
Mobile deposits
This is average at best. 1. The scanner should be able to read and insert the amount to be deposited. 2. It should auto scan and accept when it finds a clear, acceptable picture. 3. I shouldn’t have to enter my email address to have it sent a notification. 4. I shouldn’t have to wait 30 days to use mobile deposit. As much as I don’t like PNC, they have a very good mobile deposit process.
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9 months ago, Rmhs527
Like much of the bank’s technology, this app is terrible. I used to login using a PIN. I switched to that because half the time the Touch ID didn’t work and I was repeatedly locked out. I just upgraded my phone and now the only feature is entering my password every time. It’s complicated so I have to write it down and save it to my phone if I want to access my account. How absurd is this? I think it’s time for a new bank.
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