WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game

4.4 (283.3K)
393.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game

4.41 out of 5
283.3K Ratings
1 month ago, MaGoo1315
Defies all laws of Statistical norms and Probability Theory
Okay if you want to play poker like you would play roulette or blackjack and you don’t mind spending money to do it. They may be forced by the gaming commission to certify that hands are randomly generated for their real money sites but that doesn’t mean that they apply that to the “free” game. It also doesn’t mean that the software isn’t engineered to generate specific hands during tournaments or events that generate bonuses based on the strength of a hand. Examples: (1) The frequency of split pots. Most common where multiple players have the same straight. Less common but still way outside the normal bell curve distribution are players having the same flush or full house. (2) Multiple full house hands (2 or 3) at the same 9 player table over the course of 5 to 12 hands. (3) A player winning 2 or 3 consecutive hands at a 9 Player table. (4) A player winning more than 1 pot with a full house at a 9 player table during a single round. (5) The proportion of hands won by players holding hole cards that professional players would not call or raise with (2,7; 3,8; 2,6, 4,9 etc)
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2 months ago, Brian326
Solid gameplay
The actual experience of actually playing poker is great. All of the points and gimmicks around it are mostly just annoying distractions. The club ranking system makes sense, and gives motivation for increasing rank, but pretty much every other thing the game throws at you feels pointless and irritating. Obviously it tries to find a way to get you to spend a few bucks every chance it gets, and that’s fine. But honestly, part of the whole appeal of the game is earning my chips. If I lose it all and I’m down to just a couple million, I want to win my way back. I don’t want to just pay $5 to get hundreds of millions of chips. One thing I would actually be happy to pay for would be if I could pay a few bucks to make the tournaments more likely to land on the huge jackpots. Every tournament starts with the jackpot spinner and it’s always 2x, very rarely 3x, or 4x, even though it does the dumb slot machine fakeout every time as if it was just about to land on a 10x before settling on a 2x (I really don’t like this stuff that tries to insult my intelligence). Here’s the thing: If I could pay $2-$3 to join a tournament with a 10x or 20x jackpot, I would. Let me pay for a chance to make my tournament win pay off in a huge way. Then I’d still feel like I was earning it. I’m just not compelled to spend money in any of the ways I’m currently invited to.
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2 years ago, no bingo allowed
Inconsistent and outrageously high daily quest requirements
The daily quest requirements are fine when at the lower levels such as jacks, queens, and kings but they shoot up to a much higher, more time consuming requirements even though the prizes for those quests are identical to the quest prizes for the lower level requirements. Even after not playing for a while in order to get back to the lower level of king, the quest requirements remained at the higher level. I compared the quest requirements for my two accounts and noticed that they were not consistent and one account’s requirements were much higher than the other account even though they were at the same kings level. My suggestion is to keep the quest requirements low and consistent so that more players will participate to complete those daily quests. I am also having problems with WSOP support at times. When I have messaged support in the past with issues and there are more than one question in the message, they have a bad habit of only answering one of the questions and then ignoring the other questions. I have also contacted support numerous times now because they still haven’t issued the additional followers for a promotion that required players to complete all daily quests for a certain period. The prize was to be issued on or before December 14th but I have yet to receive the prize or any notification. What is the point of running a promotion when the promoters don’t follow through to issue the prizes?
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4 years ago, CAJ#1
Very biased and unrealistic winnings. Also can’t log in.
First of all since switching to iPhone I can’t log in with Facebook and that’s been irritating. However, this is how it’s been for both my fiancé and I both, at first this was the best poker game on the play store and the App Store. More recently it’s become more biased towards the buyers of chip packages, card packages etc. long story short as long as you spend money on the game you’re destined to win, otherwise you’re gonna lose everything. They’ll let you win when you first make an account then you’ll over time lose chips and lose chips until you finally give in to buying and they’ll let you win some just to make you feel good about it. My biggest issue and complaint is I’ve had plenty of encounters with this huge flaw. It caters to the buyers and more frequent players, for example I’ve had a hand say 3 of a kind and win 90k out of a 800k pot and someone with a pair of 5’s takes the rest. That one happens all too often and that one really gets under my skin. This game is very biased and I can’t stand it. It’s not so much of a poker game as much as it is a randomized virtual lottery game with a poker twist to it at this point. Except you don’t win any actual money back they just take from you. Otherwise it’s still probably the best one on both app stores as far as gameplay aside front zynga, which is also very arcade like. I suggest poker stars on your PC or the app stores honestly haha
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5 years ago, fawnchi
Becoming unfair
This game has gotten out of hand, you have ppl playing at a table with a billion chips along with ppl who have only 100 million or only 10-20 million or less...on first call some raise at a decent raise level, however, the big chip holder person will raise an ungodly amount so if anyone wanted to meet it or raise they lose their whole chip amount playing with...if they lose...Should be rooms with limits on amount of chips owned! The game isn't poker anymore, it is who can or is able to raise high enough to win, no skill, just keep raising!!! It boils down to EAPoker wanting purchases of chips!!! Sad! I continue to play but with much fustration!! The clubs are horrid!!! I take my chips and play and win to advance in rank, however I can't alwAys play due to work, so you keep taking me back to lower ranks!! Take me back to level one of that particular suit but not all suits!! I earned it with money spent only to take it away!! Absurd!!! I do appreciate the free chips, the specials etc...I truly hope you read and absorb this writing...hope to hear from you. Cheryl M I still believe wsop has gotten out of hand, but I limit my spending and just feel sorry for the ppl that can't! Wsop could lessen the cost and still come out ahead!!!
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4 days ago, Rr221301
Like the site but chances to win doesn’t seem quite fair, can’t see losing 15 to 20 hands or spins in a row plus the bully’s at the tables to be fair to us who just want to enjoy and win some to , I know I can’t win every hand just would like a fair chance please hope this doesn’t find deaf ears thanks Doesn’t appear anyone really cares about the customer who pays but such is gambling could get some support and better chances at free chips to play on instead of giving all to dealer on Caribbean poker and win more of the multiplier thanks Still the same no real change No one seems to care about the customers All comments seem to fall on deaf ears so what is the point And no help from pit boss’s at all so far Review my correspondence with WSOP pit boss’s so far and you might understand When the game improves my rating will improve Still the same and no help from support at all. Pit boss’s will not honor pop ups No chance to win Why send a survey when you change nothing so don’t expect survey to change Hasn’t changed still not fair you have it rigged so we can’t win or get ahead and when we do you take it back, it’s no wonder you are losing players and will continue to unless you let players win some and get pit boss’s that do their job and not have the players do it for them You don’t give us a chance to get ahead so we can play without spending a fortune You don’t give me a chance to win or get ahead No fair chance to win or get ahead
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1 year ago, R€A££¥*
Cool variety of games and events
This is a good poker site with a great mix of table games, cash games, and tournaments. It also has a bunch of different promotions, events and variations of poker games such as using jokers and all in or fold. It’s fun to play as long as you curtail spending money. You’ll find when new promotions start, it seems easy to win or collect chips initially. Later the amount of chips won/collected keeps getting reduced, until these promotions are no longer worth playing. It’s one of the ways people get baited into large chip purchases. The other thing to realize is people play very defensively more than ever now, trying to not lose massive chips. Everyone wants to see the flop with min bets and then drop the hammer when they catch a winning hand. Most of the time when people bet large amounts, it’s because they flopped or turned the nuts. Bluffing occurs, but not all that often. I don’t think bad beats happen more often than in real life, but it does seem like so many hands go down to the river before it’s clearly a winning hand. So you can be leading in the hand and betting each street only to lose on the river. Many people do chase flushes and straights no matter how large people bet to try to get someone to stop chasing. That being said, there is plenty of games to play and they are fun!!! Good luck!!!!
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1 year ago, Lbarnett777
Avoid the bot games
In scrolling through the reviews I notice a lot of the same issues stated by other players. WSOP continues to defend their Random Generator leaning heavily on its Cert. Well here is a secret guys, all generators have patterns. Random or otherwise they can be manipulated. The one on one with bot games leans heavily towards the dealer. Don’t believe me WSOP then go back and look at my account. I won’t be spending anymore money with you until this is addressed and you stop giving a canned response. I enjoy the live table games and hope that our concerns are addressed. I spent a lot of money playing your app. While I still consider myself a novice I hold my own except when I am playing against the dealer. As to players reading this as long as the dealer can only qualify with 4’s, or better the dealer will always have the odds in her favor. I lost count of hands I lost because the dealer can’t qualify. That alone overrides your random generator. Again the odds are NOT equal for all players against the bot. The house will always win in prolonged play. Finally Spins and Rings. Does anyone who plays in these rooms think the wheel is fair and equal when “randomly” picking a prize to play for. I mean the wheel is just another random generator isn’t it? If this is so then why does the wheel give us same crappy prizes over and over. I submit that the spins and rings wheel is NOT a random generator and is rigged.
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6 years ago, Bluknght3
Best Texas Hold’em app, but...
I’ve tried all the popular poker apps and yes, this one is better than the others... but u still have the issues of extensive algorithm programming that interfere with fair gameplay. For example, they give new players “lucky” river cards to win n such. I noticed around lvls 30, 50, n 80 that my “beginners luck” was adjusted down a lil each time. N finally at around lvl 130 it must have been turned completely off. I went thru over 300million chips in almost 2weeks of play where I literally lost all but 15 hands played. It was then that I stopped playing for quite awhile. I started playing again to play with my friends. At this point I’ve played well over 40k+ hands now. Another irritating example of algorithm manipulation has been is how I’ll pay the blinds and play the hand only to lose, over n over again, hand after hand. Then wen u fold on crap cards (pre-flop), u suddenly realize u folded a winning hand. U would have won either thru making a low pair or by getting the 4 precise cards u would’ve needed. With a ratio of 100 (played n lost) to 3 (folded n would’ve won), if horribly obvious that things r being manipulated to encourage u to purchase chips. But, even with these flaws, I would recommend this poker app because, all the other apps I’ve tried “cheat” u out of ur chips way more bluntly n don’t seem as secure against hackers as WSOP. Also, they do give u plenty of ways to get free chips.
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5 years ago, dfherut91
Near Perfect
This is the best poker game out there and it is near perfect I just have a few things that I think could make this truly great. First, I would like some type of free roll tournament every week or month where people could enter for free and maybe earn some bit of real money. Second, I think it would also be nice if there was just a little bit more time to make a decision with hands unless I have missed something. Finally, it would be cool to have leagues of some sort both public and private where people could play like a season or something along those lines. Now to hit on a point that a lot of people bring up in their reviews about having to pay money. Depends on how good you are in all honesty and how well you understand poker and how the people who make games make money. If you aren’t good and you want the games bracelets/rings you are either going to have to be good and earn them the real way or pay lots of money. Poker is a game where 80% or more of people that play never turn a profit it would be stupid not to capitalize on this as a developer and they also have to make money to give us a great game. Like I said truly a great game just a lot of people not understanding how things work in their reviews.
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2 years ago, Kminnich
The most dishonest App ever!
This App deserves no stars but that is not an option. By far this is the worst game of Texas Holden! I won’t bore you by listing examples of all the absolutely ridiculous hands I have come across while playing this game—there are thousands of reviews that share the same results (I wish I had listened). What I will say is that this has to be the most dishonest game I have ever played on a computer! The developers of this game have absolutely no sense of integrity. They have come up with a scheme to rob their customers of as much money as they (the customer) are willing to give. They will steal the clothes right off your back if you let them. They prey on the addictive personality. It is beyond me as to why Apple and Microsoft allow such dishonesty in their stores. Read the negative reviews, not just here but on other App review sites. Most importantly, do not give any of your hard earned money to this App and it’s criminal developers. PLEASE stop using your “certificate” as an excuse to justify your dishonesty. I have been programming computers since 1985 and can come up with numerous ways to defeat a certification. I can also come up with so many ways to create thousands of players that work for the house (Platika LTD). The bottom line is that you are a group of dishonest people getting rich off of honest people who just want to play a good game of poker. What goes around comes around—your time will come. Enough said!
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4 years ago, Watchathink
Crooked game
I have played this game for some time now. What I have found through the years is that if you purchase their chips, it’s amazing how after a couple of hands you start winning. Then you will go on and win a number of games after that. After I noticed this after a couple of purchases I decided to keep a log. I am a conservative player, so I keep an eye on what cards I play. Generally the cards in my hand should be winning hands, but since I have not purchased chips for a number of days; I lose the hand and the game. I have been playing since Tuesday, and have yet to win one game and very few hands. The odds are definitely against me; I wonder why....With my information I have gathered, I can definitively confirm that this game is rigged!!! Now that I have decided to write a bad review, I may somehow lose all of my chips, which due to purchases and winning special rings is about 35 Billion. I will be surprised if I don’t. If they can rig the game as they do, they can surely make my chips disappear. I guess it’s time to find a new Texas Poker game. Oh BTW a lot of other players think as I do. If you can find the private group regarding this game, you will be surprised what you find out. Update: It’s amazing the “oops technical difficulties” you’ll experience when you try to get the Mega Bonus. Also interesting, if you look up their portfolio how much money per day they bring in. This game is rigged, and those of us who are long time players know this.
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8 months ago, Lewbowl
Fun & Free
The only things required to play and succeed are 75% good judgement and 50% luck. I’m aware those numbers don’t make 100 but poker math doesn’t make sense all the time.. As of Oct 2023, plenty of people are playing at all blind levels; Finding a mostly full table seems easy enough. I will say that some mini-games appear to be predetermined: I’ve gotten the Shutdown button two spaces up from the first lightning round on 13/17 occasions. The other daily involves actual thinking and has 11 levels, a max time of 30sec but a 1.5 second time period to initiate each level. The numbers don’t add up. Don’t ignore them, get your free chips from them, but don’t take them seriously as they’re just an attempt to advertise micro transactions. I also keep hearing about hands being rigged to benefit certain people at the table. Idk but I haven’t seen anything different to what I’ve experienced through online play for the last 15 years (mostly fulltilt in the 2000s - maybe fulltilt did the same thing?)… You’ll earn the purple gems, too, for the avatar so don’t buy that either.. Like I said: It IS fun for poker lovers and it IS free for those who understand how to be patient with your love of poker.
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6 years ago, Cdub013
Don’t believe it’s random
Great overall game play. App works with the only glitch I could tell is for some reason after two or three games if I lost it would gray out and I would have to force close the app to get functionality back. Weird but not major. Now...I do not believe the card play is random by any stretch of the imagination. We all have bad luck streaks. Not complaining about that but the creative ways you can lose is ridiculous. The number of games you can lose in a row is crazy. At one point I lost 25 or so games in a row. Again, could be bad luck. But then you look at it overall and there does seem to be a pattern. One of which is you go on long losing streaks where you never or barely win. Then the next thing you know you’re winning 2 of three games for days. Okay, let’s chalk that up to luck. How about when during play when someone gets down to their lay chips/hand, the number of times they win is staggering. It’s gotta be 90% or higher wins for them, me included. My strategy ended up being (1) never bet when there was someone on their last legs betting, they were gonna win and (2) if I was on my last legs I knew I was gonna win regardless of what I had. Again, worked about 90% of the time in my estimation. Got tired of the swings and last stand winners so I deleted. Not a sore loser. Had worked my way up to $17m by playing $300k games to win $1.5m. Even through streaks was able to maintain a decent amount of chips.
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2 months ago, illmindsgang
What you need…BUT!
Basically why you’re looking for when it comes to poker on your phone. Free in game currency, able to play with friends. Did I mention lots of free in game currency lol? Only real issue I’ll go into is the tables have no set limit on money, meaning if you were a level let’s say 250 w 250 million currency and you wanted to play on the first table w a stake of 5/10k. You could end up playing against brand new players w no money. And just max bet constantly and bully before even seeing a card. It’s sad and people do it a lot, and when they’re called on it they just don’t care and continue to do jt. This isn’t real life, there’s leveles to something like the obvious, so make it harder to just cross that line and mess w those that don’t have as much resources to play. Unreal how many times it happens tbh, I’ve come to learn poker in like 3 days due to this game. Come to love it, even spent 3 or $ for not money so much but the pass for more in game progression bonuses ig. Anyway, I like it and it’s great but there’s got to be a away to protect those who are lower and are playing lower stake tables. Like bro go play a different table with you’re 10 billion to my 30 million you know?
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2 years ago, Raxxis373
Poor service and very strong money grab
When you open the app, every time, you get to play the one free game they have!! Close the pop up ad!!! Prolly one of the best games on this app as you don’t have the computer give your one opponent 1 small thing that lets them win. And not just once and a while, 15 hands in a row. You get full house with pocket jacks, it gives your opponent one queen and then another on the river. Always one small point ahead of you, just so you lose it all and HAVE to buy. “Update”. The “random” dealing still happens. 3 people at the table. Get a king of clubs and random other card. 4 clubs dealt on the river. Opponent that is betting and adding a .000 ammount to the bid, (which never seen how to do that), bids me up. I keep going as I have the 4 on the river and the king in hand. Opponent gets the ace. Out of 3 people and all the cards, it gets the one that will beat me. Opponent never communicates, never chats, nothing. Sounds like a bot, playtika does nothing. So either it is their bot, or they do nothing to compensate for cheaters taking all the chips you had to buy to play. Change tables and there is always that one that goes all in with random cards when you have pocket kings or queens and they get a 3 of a kind and wipe you out. Luck like that doesn’t exist without help. And if their app can be hacked or cheated that easily, then why buy anything? But this is just my experience and opinion.
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2 days ago, nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbh
Not random
Fixed poker, bottom line. I’ve played this game for 3 decades and have never seen things like this. They take the same hands and rotate them around the table. I had the same hand twice in a row, followed by a different hand twice in a row, followed by a different hand 3 times in a row. I’ve had pocket 10s 5 out of 8 hands. Lost all but one of those btw. I’ve gone 26 hands in a row 4 suited cards in the flop with no flush by the River. I’ve had a royal flush and a strait flush within 15 hands. They put you on runs, good and bad, and make improbable things happen. Hey, a lot of that is just poker, but the way they do it is asinine. DON’T BUY CHIPS!!!!!!!! It’s a complete joke. It’s completely rigged. They say they have an e-cogra certificate. So what? That means nothing. They paid money to have them say it’s random. They are TOTALLY lying. They may have it, but don’t enable it. They also use “ bots” on the table. They are easy to spot when you’ve experienced this app for awhile. They put them out there to take back chips that you’ve amassed. You’ll pre flop raise pocket aces , maybe a 6 or 10 bet, and get called by 29 off suit. Watch the flop go 929. I know that happens, but not at the rate this game makes it happen. I was born at night, but not last night. I’ve been around way too long to be lied to about randomness. They are just trying to make money, and that’s ok, but you shouldn’t lie to the public about your game..
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2 years ago, rp19672022
Bot filled game
This game is loaded with bots that take your chips in order for you to buy them in the store. Some days you can get lucky and make a few chips however they are few and far in between. There are at least, but not limited to two stories where bots won the algorithm where as no player on earth would call. Most notably I had a q and a. bot had raised the pot so I played. We were the only two playing. The flop was a q 3. I raised a few billion chips and he shoves them all in. When his cards turned over I was blown away. He had j 5. All in with Jack high? What was his plan. The turn then flopped a j and then the river flopped a j. There is no way. This is how they take your chips when you build them up. The other best algorithm play with a bit was I was last to check playing with j j so I raised slightly. One guy call the raise and he actually re raises. Any player would figure he has queens or kings or aces. The flop happens 2 3 j. Nothing can beat me. I check to slow play him and he pushes a billion chips in and then I go all in. He calls and his cards flop over he has a 5 6 unsuited. Well what hits on the river but the four? Ya ok. No player on earth would raise it with a 56 to begin with. This game is rigged and bot filled. Multiple more stories but if you anticipate your opponent playing every hand on earth so they will hit these straights and flushes then you might only lose a smaller amount of chips.
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7 years ago, ID IN
Excellent but...
It's amazing and I respect to developers of this game... I can say it's one of the best poker games in the Google Play and App Store. It has great graphic, nice and enjoyable game play and a lot of good points. But I have a serious new protest! I invited more than 50 person of my Facebook friends so far and after each inviting, I got 2M dollars free chip, but now it's just 50K!!! WHY??????! Give me a logical answer because I'm shocked! I'm surprised! I'm playing this game for 1,5 years, I never didn't expect something like this! Are you looking for more purchase chips? So I spent almost 200 or 250 dollars to buy chips! And I'm sure a lot of players of this game purchase chips from this game and I think you have no problem like this... I invite almost 2-5 person each week in this game! Why I should see something like this? As I wrote, everything in this game and all games of your company is NICE and really attractive, but I'm very upset about decreasing free chips for inviting friends... Suddenly from 2M to 50K????! please convince me and write why you did that? I really need your answer and I think it is the question of a lot of players of this game... we're waiting for your respond. Good luck and I wish all the best for you.
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5 years ago, Bufb88
Give access to my gameplay...
After clearing up a ton of issues with payments, I’ve essentially been blackballed from this app from winning anything. I had a great “slot machine” win that was desperate using my last bit of $$$, but then I’ve lost so many straight up bets on the river you wouldn’t believe. Which is why i labeled this “give access to my gameplay”. Over the past 3 days I’ve taken screen shots & video of gameplay to determine IF I’m just unlucky but it’s hard to comprehend. Last time I posted my review below I received a response stating the algorithm was fair. I would love them to show my game play publicly to prove that. Like I said below; it’s the best platform by far for interactive gameplay but since I called out & received funds back; I’ve lost almost everything I’ve played. In most cases they were extraordinary purposes. “The algorithm is all over the place but somewhat consistent. You should know when to play & not play but in a game of chance you always end up with consistently bad or good cards at the wrong/right times. If this game was actual cash I can’t think of a better platform COMPARED to other poker apps. Had a major issue with payments & it showing up in my account & if you have this issue than be prepared not to have it handled by Playtika. Also since the missions follow your progress, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the app if you don’t plan on shoveling out some money.”
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4 months ago, Cheryl cp
Review for WSOP
I had never played this game on my computer before. Until I started watching my husband play. We aren’t gamblers, where we go to Casinos to gamble. We might go once a year for our birthdays. My son and daughter-in-law go at least once or twice a month. She doesn’t gamble, but my son loves it. He really enjoys the roulette wheel. She will sit at the bar and have a few drinks while he plays. He usually does pretty good, but she puts a limit of what he can spend. He just loves the adrenaline rush that you get when you win. Not so much when you lose!! Lol. Anyway to get back to me. After about a year of watching him play on his phone. I really started picking it up. I really do like it so much!! Plus, we spend no money!! Yeah 🥹 I just wanted whomever reads this post to just know that it really is something we do together, and it doesn’t cost us anything!!! I think that I am getting better than him, but that will be our secret 🤫!!! Thank you for the entertainment ❤️🍺🍷🥡🥢🏵️🎰💻📲🇺🇸, and we don’t spend any money 💰 💵💸💷💶💴🪪💳!!! It all goes into the bank 🏦 account!!!! Thank you so much for the fun that we have together!!! Cheryl Payne
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2 years ago, "Up/down"
You’re Kidding Me This Isn’t A Poker Game
A very poorly designed poker game. Never seen so many straights, flushes, full houses in same game. Mostly hit on last card on flop. You never see these kind of hands dealt in real poker. Must have designed by a novice. Only play this game if you don’t mind losing on the last card of the flop There is NO WAY this game is random dealing! I say again, this is a flawed computer designed game. It does not approach an actual WSOP dealt card game! This is such a poorly designed game, I will NEVER buy chips to play this game! Nothing has changed my opinion! Same message. Awful! I challenge you to compare your dealing of cards with a real WSOP game and you will see where you completely out of touch. Show me. Show me your game compares with a real WSOP game. Show me. You CANNOT! You’re obviously not paying attention. Don’t ask me to rate you again!No point. You don’t react! It’s no use! what’s the point! I will NEVER buy chips to play this game, so you can cancel me out anytime you want! What’s the point??? I will NEVER buy chips to play this farce of texas poker. “Get It”? Why do you have to program poker card dealing? Shuffle the deck and deal! What’s the point? Worst designed game ever. I will NEVER buy chips to play this game! WHAT’S THE POINT? U DON’T LISTEN! I REPEAT AGAIN. I will NEVER buy chips to play this crooked game! WHAT’S THE POINT! Reread all the above!🤬🤬you are NUTs!
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1 year ago, Sarb3892459
I just want to ad my two cents in on this poker site. I started playing last December and I was doing good I was winning cash games and alot of Tournaments. I even spent quite a bit of money. Then I noticed in tournaments at first I was winning quite a few then I noticed that I weren’t winning as much that’s when I started paying more attention and that’s when I noticed that the so called people I was playing started being what I call poker bullies. Those are people that look at your profile and see how much money you have the he takes a buddy with him and they start off slow playing then it starts one will start going all in 3 or 4 times in a row all the while is partner only Annie’s or fold 8 out of 10 times. When they noticed that I am not going to play there game then it’s like I will let me play like I have a good hand then and I even think I have a good hand so they will kinda string me alone I can have a full house say 3 kings and 2 nines and they will manage to have a full house to but it’s always one card higher 3 Aces and any other pairs it’s like they are always one step ahead of me. I even believe that alot of the players are Bots. I do think that half of the players are Bots. Well computers. Well I will probably get kicked off of this site if they powers to be see or someone tells them. Well it want be the first time I ruffled someone feathers.
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4 years ago, JohnOnIdolCT
Fun and Frustrating
I have been playing for years using the iPad app for free. I have never paid for a chip. I have had as much as 900 million chips, but I think I average 1 million. There are very effective ways of taking what you have and giving you more to keep playing. I absolutely Love playing the Daily Blitz every day. I absolutely hate having to click through all the promotions every time I leave a table to enter the Lobby. I am not an expert player, but like others, I feel there are forces at work. I go through long spells (defying the odds) where my pocket cards are crap and my only way to win is by bluffing. I also think there are Prop Players (players supplied by the game) at the tables driving up the ante and bets that are inconsistent with the odds of their hands. Lastly, more frequently than I see in real world games, many, many high stake hands are being decided at the River in favor of player with extremely low odds for winning. It’s humorous at times that players will pay high bets to stay in for the River. I lose most of my chips to low odds River cards. I accept it now as part of the fun. WSOP is fun, but a little frustrating. Is it the Poker Gods or is it WSOP?
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5 years ago, Etune07
Fun, but it’s quite a money drain.
WSOP is always fun, no question. Got hooked playing online back about 15-years a go when it was first on AOL (and tourney winners actually won a trip and buy-in to the real WSOP in Las Vegas). This app certainly works great like you’d want and expect for the brand, and keeps you entertained for sure. The real problem with it though, and unlike other game apps I’ve used, it nearly requires you to not only make in-app purchases, but to do so consistently....and they are not cheap for what you get. For example, $15 gets you about $75 Million in chips. Only enough to play 5 entries in the bottom level of the special tourneys they have....but along with that every pot you win they deduct 15% locking it away in your “piggy bank” which you have to pay to break and get your chips back. Basically theft in-app. So without putting more money in constantly you cannot keep playing the weekly games/tourneys as 99% of users will eventually run their chips dry. The same $15 that eventually runs dry on this app will get you several decent apps in the store, so not a great app for this reason alone. The value is simply lacking long term. Chips should be cheaper and much easier to earn in quantity to still take part in the weekly fun, even for those on a budget.
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1 year ago, Kdelano
Fun Game but manipulative app
The game seems to “allow” you to win an abundance of chips, get you hooked then deal you days of crappy hands to get you to purchase chips. The daily quests are fun to accomplish but as you rank up, it takes more winnings to accomplish the tasks and for example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been dealt pocket aces or kings and dealer wins with ONE higher card. It just seems manipulated. Or dealer will get a full house in the river with a 7/2 pocket offset. Just doesn’t jive. Then there are the tables. You can sit at a table commensurate with your chips and so can someone with 500B more, so they just buy the pot. And then sometimes insult you in the table chat. There is no way to report an a-hole. The app blanks out what it identifies as cuss words but has no problems letting a player bully another player. Fun game but needs some work. Graphics are great, challenges are interesting. I’ve also noticed I complete more challenges when I purchase something. Just seems like a colorful money grab. But there are no ads. At least that I’ve seen. I end up not playing for a few days to rank down (lose your higher rank) to be able to afford to play with a smaller amount of chips. Otherwise you just lose it all in three minutes. Anyway…. Good luck!
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2 years ago, Sumleniger
I play for hours every week
**Update** it’s been months since my last review and the same exact issues exist. Against my better judgement I’ve continued to purchase chips because I enjoy poker and your app (most of the time). Unfortunately this problem has caused me to lose many tournaments, thus causing me to purchase more chips with my hard earned real money. Developers, you can see how many hours I spend on this app. I wonder how many others this is happening to but remain silent suffers. I’ll play for one more week and if the issues persist then I’ll just find a new poker app. This game seems to freeze at the perfect moments that cause a loss. Frustrating, especially when I’m losing chips I paid for due to tech issues on your end. How are players like myself supposed to report issues like this? I’m 100% fine losing hands because that’s part of the game. But when they are lost due to the apps fault then you should hold yourselves accountable. I’m sitting right next to my router. I know my internet works great because I work for a top tech company and am on zoom video conferences all day. I won’t purchase anything else from your company. And I’m sure you won’t respond to my complaint. Fix your problem and don’t blame it on “you need to update the app everyday”
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5 years ago, quadarthecat
Poker STYLE app...
Do NOT expect to play proper poker here. There may only be 4 Aces in a deck, but somehow they manage to show up more than 60% of the time in the community cards, with a full 40% of it being on the river. The response is always some auto-generated “rest assured, the deals are random,” “check out our bogus auditing link,” “sorry,” etc. Of course, everyone complains, and many will take this as sour grapes or poor sportsmanship. Try it yourself and you’ll see. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING!! You will only be wasting your money for fake chips that will eventually be siphoned from you through programmed losing streaks. Just the sheer number of flushes (sometimes multiple ones by two different players on the same hand), full houses, and fours-of-a-kind should illustrate how far removed this app is from any real-world poker odds. Then there are the players themselves. Some of whom have ridiculous fold and raise percentages, but somehow always get the exact 4 or sometimes 5 cards to make their all-in-blind 8-2 hand win against your AA, AK, high pair, whatever. Oh, and if you complain? Good luck ever getting a winning hand again. There are too many racist, misogynist, ignorant trolls populating this game. Each time I’ve logged a report, I suddenly have another run of bad luck that lasts longer than the time before. I’ve just played my last-ever hand of fake and highly rigged “poker” with this app.
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4 years ago, jodiknowswhatsup
I never write negative reviews about anything but I am so frustrated with the glitches on this app! I’ll be playing and about every other time a golden card is dealt, the app kicks me out. And yes, I’m connected to a high speed Wi-Fi every single time with only me connected to it. And then there are other times, mostly when I’m about to win a hand, where it just goes black for no reason. By the time I reopen the app, of course, I’ve lost the hand! Also, on several occasions, I’ve paid to do the daily extreme challenge and it glitches and kicks me out in the middle of the game and I win nothing and still get charged. Then I have emailed customer support each time that’s happened and no response whatsoever. If this were a completely free app, I wouldn’t care, but people are spending money on this app and losing it for no reason and have no recourse of support when it happens! Maybe the app creators should try playing once in a while so you can see where the problems are! Is anyone running this app at all or are you too busy counting the money that your ripping off from people with no recourse. Please do something and fix the problems! I’m one glitch away from never playing again on this app! This is WSOP brand so please step up, get your act together and make a product that works all the time!
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2 years ago, Blahblahpoker
IT’S A SCAM. The app was bought by pro scammers, see sinking stock price
It is a corporate money grab, that is all. Bots, fake reviews and an algorithm that just suckers fools into buying chips. You would have to be a complete fool to fall for this scam. Wsop, facebook and apple together, of course they are selling all your data and scamming you, duh. Even says so on the page below. AGAIN, YOU ARE A COMPLETE TOOL IF YOU GIVE THIS SCAM MONEY. There is a reason playtika stock is tanking, no one buys their scam any more. Owners will milk as much money as they can until they go out of business which means even more blatant scams to sucker a fool into buying worthless chips. They take a rake for crying out loud, of fake chips, don’t get any more scammy than that. Playtika is a scam, run from a corrupt county, and is literally just an offshore scam. Only ones dumber than the low wage scammers running this hustle are the fools giving this soon-to-be bankrupt money grift miney. Playtika, WSOP, Facebook, Apple, etc, just want your data to manipulate those with weak minds. The real tools give them money to sell their data. Judging by the failing stock of playtika, only a few suckers must be left to give the grifters money and allow them to sell their data. IF YOU ARE A TOOL AND GAVE THE SCAMMERS MONEY, THERE WILL BE A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. although if you are dumb enough to give scammers money you are probably too dumb to get it on it.
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2 years ago, RangerVitt
Horrible all around...
1) TONS of stupid popups must be navigated any time you log in in a ploy to nickel and dime players to death - if you pay. 2) They don’t do blinds right... was recently big blind 3 hands in a row when new players kept joining table. 3) They don’t care about collusion at all 4) Pretty sure there are TONs of shills throughout with some crazy advantage: players who raise 60%(+-) percent of the time, call preflop 92%(+-) of the time and still win a ridiculous percentage of the time in Omaha... 5) 20% rake with no cap... 6) Update wiped out 422MM(+) chips on a guest account. 7) STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE runs. I just went on a several day run at various stakes/tables/etc. where my win percent was near ZERO on hands where my opponents were drawing DEAD to 5(-) outs with one card to come… losing to them every once in a while is to be expected. You want those kinds of calls, but losing 99% over dozens to 100s of hands when the chance of the opponent hitting is 10%(-) is ridiculous and statistically all but impossible! Similarly, you are unable to hit your hands where you have 15(+) outs with 2 cards to come(they should hit about 60%(+)of the time. The real WSOP should sue to prevent this company from profiting off its name because it’s OBVIOUS this app has no real connection with any legitimate poker based on their lack of poker protocols alone (#2 above)
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5 years ago, player117865
Rigged, Pop Up, Joke
I loaded the app and started playing, was winning like crazy and thought I’d try the larger stake tables. Realized there are many “couples” playing and thought nothing of it. Until I realized that those couples weren’t couples at all, but one person playing multiple accounts. Wsop also chooses the table you sit at, usually always adding someone who has a high raise frequency percentage causing more players to push more chips into the pot. Splits are ridiculously common in both holdem and omaha allowing wsop to rake chips. The pop ups are a complete joke. I start up the game and get 3-4 pop ups regarding any promotions or events. I leave a table from playing and get all the same pop ups before seeing the lobby. The pop ups are ridiculous, I feel like I spend more time closing pop ups than actually playing. Lastly, I entered into a Fall tournament that takes place over a 48hr period. The goal is to win as many Fall rings as possible before tournament ends to win prize pool. I had won 4 rings and was well in first place when tournament ended. I never received the prize pool winnings. This app is clearly designed to continually have players purchase chips. Buyer beware! To top it off I played the slots, I gambled 100,000,000 hit a 2x and was paid 40,000,000. Last time I checked 2 x 100,000,000 = 200,000,000 not 40,000,000. I took a screenshot to prove it’s rigged.
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5 years ago, Nick28791
Fun and Exciting. But fake poker.
This app is appealing to the eye. There’s fun mini games. There’s a lot going for this app but I don’t believe this to be real poker odds. I play other Texas Holdem games and the things that happen in this game rarely happen on the other apps I or software I use. However, on WSOP rare occurrence are a regular. For example, one time ( more than once ) I flopped a full house A and 7’s. The turn and the river were both 4’s. I lost to quads. Another example is almost every time you play a tournament every one is dealt pockets or high cards on the first hand. I believe if you play enough it gives you cards your likely to play and go all in. Very often if you fold say 2 and 7 of suit in middle position your sure to flop a full house or three of a kind. Conversely, if you change your strategy to limp in cause the previous example happens 90 % of the time, you lose all your chips and have to BUY more. This game is way more exciting than actual Holdem. It’s addictive. And seeks to take your real money. I don’t recommend if you are looking to be a better poker player. If you just looking for a fun guessing game to kill time by all means this a good app. Also, I’m sure someone from the app will write a rebuttal and claim that it’s true poker odds. I really truly believe it’s not. I retract my statement.
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1 year ago, ControlldDamage
Poker is poker, so the actual gameplay is just as you would expect from any poker game app. But what really makes this app unusable is just how many ads pop up for in game purchases. Every time I load up and just try to claim the daily free chips, I’m bombarded with message after message after message of “buy this” and “buy that” in their store. All of the “no thanks” buttons are placed in different areas so you can’t just get them all to go away easy. You actually have to view it, look for where the button is and close it, Just for 8 more to pop up. I get from their point of view, it’s about volume. Eventually someone will say yes to one of their “spectacular deals”. But if I say no to the first 8 I definitely don’t want the 9th offer. I’ve probably played 100 hours on this app over the years, and only 60 of those were actually at the table. The rest were spent fighting off the horde of messages blitzkrieging my screen. Downloaded this app again today to just get a few hands in, and I never even made it to the table. After about the 12th offer message, I simply deleted it again. This app could not possibly be any more infuriating as someone who doesn’t want to spend money on virtual currency that you’re probably just going to lose for nothing anyways.
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6 years ago, AdamLane081
Great fun but has issues
I have been playing this game for awhile and I have tons of fun at it but my problem with this app is that the algorithm is designed to equally distribute chips among everyone after so many hands . Tested theory thousands of times . Even with this being said I don’t mind because I still have fun playing with family and friends . My particular problem with this game is that I have made all appropriate measure to make sure in app purchases are turned on, but I’m still unable to purchase chips to continue playing . Took further measure to add money to my iTunes account for purchase to ensure it wasn’t a card or bank problem and it’s not . Money was added successfully. I get a constant loading error. And with this being said on multiple occasion of trying to purchase I’ve missed out over 200+ million chips during deals ! I think a business would take head in making sure that in app purchases would be available because without money it’s not a “business” . No reply to my emails reporting a problem. So I have yet to see if they honor all the chips I’ve missed as well .
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1 year ago, baldibrother
Baldi brother review
Need to offer more free points and offer different lower level games. More time for daily blitz You need to have a way to update frequently as internet connection seems to weaken or lose it signal as you play. I’m sitting right in front of my router so I know it’s coming from your end. Other then that, thank god we have World Series of Poker as a diversion during the covert virus!!!! Thanks Baldibrother I enjoy playing on your site. Most tables are friendly. Thanks Great when your winning! The daily blitz is impossible, you need more time! I only get to rate you when I win. Daily blitz is impossible, need more time!! Great fun, daily blitz impossible Fun when you win. Daily blitz impossible, give us more time! Fun, great fix for playing poker. Great fun, need more time for daily challenge Enjoy competition Your great Need more lower anti games Not enough low stake beat the house games. A fun pass time! Mega bonus always ends up on smallest amount. You keep trying to get players to buy chips. I’m so close to just deleting app👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 Every spinning wheel always end on lowest amounts. Other players feel WSOP is rigged to get players to buy points. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 This is the worst poker site on the internet. Rigged so you have to spend to get points. None of the spins land on the larger amounts.
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2 years ago, Shasari
I tapped on the part of the game that leads to ‘popping’ the guitar picks. Nothing happens in this other than one of the ‘picks’ animates for a few seconds. Now I can’t find a way back to playing holdem. I have tried all the obvious, and some less than obvious choices, such as delete & reinstall. After logging back in post reinstall it goes back to the same ‘pop’ minigame still stuck in that mode. It seems a little hinky to me that the game has no way to return back to the poker tables, and is doing spirits know what when you tap on something, it animates but nothing else happens, no prizes, no virtual coins… *EDIT* The developer says to “go back to the lobby” ignoring the fact that I said there’s no way to get back to the lobby, get back to playing poker etc. Perpetually stuck in the pop mini-game. For the record I’m an IT analyst / SQA manager / Cybersecurity analyst and have been in the IT world since 1996. The developer should fix their mini-game bug - I’m not the only one to note being stuck in it. Uninstalling and re-installing the game to my 2021 iPad Pro M1 running the latest iOS did NOT fix it. TLDR: if you use the balloon pop or guitar pic pop mini-game you’ll likely be stuck there with no way to return to being able to play poker. Really glad I didn’t buy any play chips with real money…
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3 weeks ago, boater1945
Great no cash online poker game
Since I rated this a five star game, it is deteriorated tremendously. problems were solved rapidly with the support department, they now may go ignored completely or for numerous days. Since starting I now have a VIP host. One would think this would be better, but it is not changed one bit. The host ignores requests and questions, fails to implement agreements, and in general, I get the feeling they are jerking my chain. To add onto this, I would have to say that despite the developers constant swearing that this is a fair playing field, I begged to differ. I can't tell you the number of players with pre flop fold percentages will under 20% winning trillions of chips - this is no wait logical by any statistical major. Also when you play the game with Olivia, when you see the number of hands that the dealer wins, numerous times gut shot straight on the river you just look at the numbers and know there is no way in the world this can be statistically accurate. Despite the shortcomings, I am finding the game fun, however it is extraordinarily expensive. The free is come on.
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1 year ago, Gsqui1
What can I say..? I like to play poker. Sometimes not as enjoyable as it can be. Considering pay yo play is throwing your money away; I feel like “sales” and the like could definitely be more generous and frequent. Especially knowing there is a lot out there to choose from.. maybe give people incentive to stick around. Oooooh and!!!! I totally hate it when it glitches and your money is taken. It does it all the time 🧐😒😡☹️ and imagine you work hard at min wage part time because of disability and you’d like to play the game.. you can’t because no amount of finagling will get you enough chips to play a decent game at least not fast enough to maintain a rank let alone progress. So you have the option to pay $25 for the min worthwhile package or feed your kid a couple nights. Get out the scales! Seriously not cool thinking you may have a gambling problem when your tempted by any of the dozen offers that are rapidly thrown at you in succession upon login. I just want to sit and play this game for 15 min bec that’s all I can muster for relaxation time. It shouldn’t cost two hours of work. C’mon C’mon. The profit is making it worth it and equally accessible to everyone. That sounds fun to me
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1 year ago, Dsddddddddddddddddddd
Card manipulated
The game is very high quality, but it is obviously not real random cards. In Omaha it is quite clear and recently it seems that the game is really trying to frustrate you so you buy chips to ‘show them’. It is really not poker and I will probably uninstall soon. Just counting how many times flash draw on the flop hits on the river shows that this is manipulated. I received an answer from the developers basically admitting this is not random. They said ‘the game gives equal opportunity to all players’ which might means for example, that every player that gets closer to zero chips will get special beats to encourage them to buy more. Or, that every players can be bad beaten illogically for a month, and then win illogically the next month. So yes, all players are equally …. screwed. So as suspected, it is not random, it is not poker, and they even said ‘this is not real money play so you should not care’. I do care and I assume anybody who plays real poker cares. Got another developer response now saying ‘the outcome of a hand is determined by a random generator’. Hmmmm, so unrelated to how anyone plays? Maybe the outcome of a tournament is determined by a random generator BEFORE the tournament starts? So dear developer, I have a yes/no question for you - are the cards dealt 100% randomly? Just yes or no please.
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1 year ago, Jarhd1965
I have over the years enjoyed many poker playing hours and I believe I have learned a bit above how WSOP works. I have enjoyed playing the tournaments offered in the past and didn’t mind wagering $120 million for the chance to win 5 to 1. Recent WSOP system changes have now eliminated even that replacing it with a series of tournaments that imply the potential of very high wins but the spin of the winners pot wheel never has never reached anything higher that 4 to one with most being 2 to 1. I have played many of the speciality games, like kings table or Caribbean poker, etc and as I have said in earlier reviews, while a surprise exception once in a blue moon, one can tell how they will lose a hand or in tournaments who is slated to win. It becomes more and more of “how else can we get folks to spend more money” than it is to offer a poker based gambling platform that most are willing to purchase some chips to play and can enjoy the competitive aspects of poker playing. I don’t play any form of poker game on the site where I don’t end up seeing a large share of players complaining about this being a rigged site. It wasn’t that way in the past but has Sadly gone downhill.
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2 years ago, pappy squatch
Poor game
Warning, the 4 worst starting hands to play From most worst to least worst #1. Pocket Aces.....99.9% loser #2. Pocket Kings...98.9% loser #3. Ace-King.........98.8% loser #4. Any hand you raise with pre flip Believe me, these hands never win if you are dealt them. They only win when another player has them. Isn’t that just like real poker! Also, when have you ever played real poker where at a 9 player table, at least 7 players call the big blind every hand! Never. You will never learn how to play real poker if you play this game. The absolute worst example of real poker. If you don’t believe me, play the game for a while. But never pay for chips. Never. That’s why you lose basically every hand you play. They want you to spend money for chips. If you don’t. You will learn what a bad beat is, every hand you play. Well I’m still getting taken to the cleaner. They just keep taking my chips in hands you are sure are winners. When you bet agressively, you will always suffer runner runner bad beats But if you check on strong hands right to showdown you have a chance to win small pots. All in all this game is like no poker I have ever seen on the tv tournaments. It’s a joke. I would like to see top pros play this game and love to hear their opinions of the reality of it. They would laugh their butts off.
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4 months ago, Bigker56
Fun but…
If I win regularly I will eventually get to masters level which inexplicably results in automatic punishment in the form of games designed to cost more and limits on what games I can play because those games are suddenly unaffordable. . The end result is always the same- the “fortune” is gone and I have to start over. But you do offer me plenty of options for purchase….. I have amassed a large overstuffed piggy bank but I’ll be damned if I will give you $20 to break it. You offer me a second spin or a second chance on numerous games, all for a hefty price. $10 to spin the wheel? Ha. Now if you offered those same options at $.99, l would probably buy one every day and by the end of the week you would have your cash anyway. I enter a tourney against two opponents and the wheel spins. What could I win? Usually it falls on a return of my money plus one more. This make no sense. I should AT THE LEAST win my money back plus that of my TWO opponents. How can winning be less that that? Stupid. Also, that wheel never ever lands on the largest amount advertised. I am convinced those odds are fixed.
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2 months ago, Jason Alex ander
Avoid this game
This game is designed to take money from gambling addicts in my opinion. Almost every hand someone gets a bad beat and the way they present their chip packages is you can buy your way out of your losing streak. It’s not the case. Please avoid this game. I am uninstalling it as we speak. This should not be allowed on any App Store anywhere. The style of game is like giving a junkie heroin and saying don’t take it. They do nothing to police themselves. They actually make the game more difficult so that people inevitably spend more money. Not fun this is not entertaining. The chip package prices are way too expensive and it’s just not worth your time. The game puts the onus on policing on you. it would be different if the prices were five dollars or less, but we are talking real money here I’ve seen people spend hundreds of dollars to play this game and it’s all for nothing have spent way too much money. I could have gotten better entertainment value for my time with the money I have spent here. This game is designed to frustrate you and that’s why I say they prey gambling attics. as a foreign instance, I lost over 200 billion in play chips today. And that is a regular occurrence to buy those chips back. Would cost me $750. No thanks I’d rather have a PS five and a bunch of games.
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6 years ago, ProlificReviewer
Pay to Win
You like pay to win games? Well this is the game for you. You’ll download the game, start playing, win a bunch of games so that you’re sitting on like 10mil in chips, and then think to yourself “all those 1 Star reviews were just sore losers.” Then the algorithm will kick in (assuming you haven’t spent any money) and suddenly you can’t win a hand to save your life. How do I know? Test my theory, don’t spend money and see how you do after a few days. You won’t have to watch any ads, that’s a then I wonder how they make money🤔. Here’s the secret, they’ll frustrate you to the point of spending money because they assume you’re too stupid to see through their sly little ruse 🤫. Guess what? You don’t have to accept kind of treatment. Recognize the dishonesty and punish the company by not giving them money, then let the economic chips fall where they may. The sneaky little buggers will be forced to restructure their revenue stream on a more honest foundation. To the developers: Did you ever consider that people might actually pay costs when they know what they are? Or that the cost of freeloading and exploitation shouldn’t be passed off to the consumer? No one wants to be strong-arm robbed, but that’s effectively what you’re doing, and you’re just using frustration as your weapon to force people to fork over their dough.
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1 year ago, " J-rin "
Interactive Global ….. I’m down
Yeah I always come back to WSOP. While frustrating at those coincidental times especially it seems when you are on that final stretch to qualify for a piece of the tourney or festival booty which also includes a shiny piece of WSOP virtual hardware to add to you’re profile trophy case but … ….. that is just it. Why I come back over other options out there. They keep it competitive and are continuously updating and or adding new games, challenges, festivals, tournaments and more all related to TH or gambling in general. They always have ways for you to score free chips usually through social media then if you want more you can purchase chip packages through the app’s store. ….. so …. If you like Texas Hold’em you should check it out. Will definitely get you’re competitive juices a flowing then when you need a little change of scenery you can compete in one of many other tournament options or seasonal themed special event or festival which can run over a week long. That is all I have to say about that ….. Good Luck & Be Cool.
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2 years ago, Seadesire
Simply put, statistical garbage
Playtika support claims that they use some random number generator (which of course you've never heard of) to ensure a cards are dealt in a way that mimics real life, but when you play long enough you will experience that statistically an individual person would not encounter what happens on this site. This means 20 hands in a row with no face cards or pocket face cards constantly being beaten by three of a kind in number cards is not what you experience in a physical casino. Nor is the number of times your winning hand gets beat on the river by a straight, flush or a full house. The configuration is a combination of rewarding you with the apps' free chip prizes and punishing you for getting free money, with long strings of hands they use to just take it away. So the random number generator (supposedly employed) is overpowered by the developers' coding to make you lose in order to get you to play more and/or buy chips with real money. Practice how you would try to play hands in real life, but realize since it's play money in an electronic environment they created, it will never be accurate to the human experience. Everything about the coding is designed to drive your behavior certain ways.
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6 years ago, Scales of Libra
My opinion!
I just finished reading the review from user “Cdub013” without the quotes that was posted on (May 15). And, I have to say that the review was spot on. This game as well as many other games (aka. App’s) that someone or group created for you to download on your phone is designed for you to lose. The ultimate objective in the creation and design of these games is to gain financial revenue in the end. The designer or designers have implemented various ways of fulfilling that goal. Such examples are free tokens when you sign-up, when you invite friends to join, etc. . . These gifts are not given out of love, they are given for one single purpose. That purpose being to make you desire more. Then they utilize very subtle methods of regaining all of their free gifts back in hopes that the initial gifts were enough to arouse your interest and have you craving for more. I often think of them as white collar drug dealers. There tactics are very similar in kind. Casino’s are designed in very much the same way that I have illustrated here today. They would not exist if the odds were equal for both parties involved. But, I will refrain from venturing to far down that road today. In conclusion, if you are seeking a life like experience; this game will not disappoint you. Mind exit, stage left.
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3 years ago, TexasHeathBar
Best Poker APP There Is!
WSOP is a lot of fun to play and the more friends you make in game, the more chips you can earn free! The APP always has contests and free ways for you to earn and get more chips free! Yes there are lots and lots of bad beats on the river, but you always have the option to fold too! It’s a great learning tool to get better at poker and always has ways to increase your bankroll! Be prepared to just collect chips all day long by setting a timer and collect as many free chips you can and play your best hands and just go have fun! Remember it’s just a game and be polite and not rude, because there are always rude players out there and don’t we already have enough problems in this world we can’t just be civilized and nice to each other and enjoy a nice game of poker? Not every hand a winner and A’s get busted all the time in the real game of poker in any casino so deal with like a grown up and be gracious and say “nice hand!” Like you should! Go have fun and enjoy the game of poker!! Remember it takes just minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master!
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3 years ago, Al with M
Slow down
Why! Why! Why is Poker going the way of “Speed Racer”? I can’t play very well at your “normal speed” and I have no chance of ever participating in what you call “fast” mode. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I play on my phone. It takes me time to notice which opponent bet, did he go All In or not, size my bet, find the series of keystrokes I need to make, and then perform my play accurately. On WSOP I’m constantly “Timing Out”. Often when I have the best hand. (Thank you for displaying the winning hand in the comments.) I’ve tried Zynga Poker and had too many technical issues. I’ve tried “Pay to Play” sites but most have such few players that a few a## holes ruin the experience. I no longer am able to work so even playing sites like ClubWPT is a challenge while trying to figure out how to navigate their site. Isn’t it possible to give me some help? At least in live games with time limits you get extension tokens. Why can’t you add them to your features? I admit that I’m not as good of a poker player as I was 30 or 40 years ago. MS has robbed me of my mental and physical acuity, but your site doesn’t have to place obstacles in the way of my enjoyment of the game I’ve loved for nearly 50 years.
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